Urgent! Kapi Dhvaja 8th December 2022

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Hare Krishna, Dear Gurudeva!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and All glories to you.

Please accept our humble obeisances. (PAOHO)


As of every two weeks:

* Bulletin is now upload on Facebook (English & Spanish), it is also in Google Groups (English & Spanish) as listed at: http://www.jayarama.us/hello.htm

Hare Krishna. How are U?

HpS - Thank you! We just made a post Titled: BellyButton Service which tells all!

Basically just like you!

We hope all the projects are going well. We follow all your posts on twitter.

Our sadhana this year was ok, but we would like to be more fixed. We are keeping 16R, 4AM, 4P (new diet is going well). We sent our report in the Blog... We made a mistake...Thanks for the quick response. You are right. I need to know a little bit about protein from beans and natural oils.

This week will be the last days of classes at school.

I will probably travel to Argentina in February for a Waldorf Pedagogy Seminar.

HpS/ASA - Super. I hope you can visit Bernardo Nantes Fundacion para Vocacion Ser Humano and the other university programs affiliated. Ambarisa Das and also Artd, have some contact with him.

To us he is like Maitreya Muni.

Thanks a lot for everything

EDT (Patrak das & Antuanette)

HpS - Thanks a lot to Srila Prabhupada for:


Krsna! 🐒

Kapi Dhvaja 221208

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K A P I  D H V A J A

2022 December 08

(keZava pUrnIma)

  • Periodical of the Anjana Suta Academy (www.JayaRama.US), a pioneering branch of ISKCON, Founder Acharya Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupada.
  • GBC Secretary - His Grace Vira bahu Das.
  • Branch Head - H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami.
  • Editors - T. Brown, B. White et al.



Paoho & bw.

Brown and White here.

🦍 🐷

The Sun is at Thursday, 8 December, 20022, 9.56 AM, Radha-kunda, Mathura District, India

🌻🌴 🌻



Brother Ass is feeling bite of cold on his shirtless skin. He does not wear shirts or pants because they are too difficult to wash.

Now he just wears Choddar, Shawl, Blanket.

In Radha-kunda the shop keepers are starting to display nice selection of winter Choddars.


HpS thinks Brother Ass may have cancer of the:

  • Bellybutton.
  • Cheek.
  • Nose.
  • Stomach.

May be true. This may be the last Kapi Dhvaja.

HK//HR - 16 + 50/108-rounds.

  1. Who am I? I am constant chanter - HK//HR, SKC//PN..., Haraye namah//Gopala govinda Rama at the lotus feet of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Srila Prabhupada, author of the book KRSNA - The Supreme Personality of Godhead in the temple of our heart.
  2. Who are we? - You are Friends and Members (and Intelligent Enemies) of the ASA. 😕
  3. 🐵
  4. 🐷
  5. 👾
  6. 🐄
  7. 🐮
  8. 🐀
  9. 🐍
  10. What's the Plan? - Carry Sri Rama's ring to Sita etc!
  11. What Tools do we Need? - Uncle Gismo will inform us (Except we always need gross and subtle bodies; shorts, shirt and sandals; a book bag, a blanket, bucket and beads).

Lettuce deadiKate [Ha! Ha! Hare! Translaters] this KDh and next fortnight to

  1. Krsna, Hare, Rama,
  2. Pancha-tattva et.
  3. Swami Pablo,
  4. NgD,
  5. Ranchoor/Govinda, RK Neighbors,

10.32 AM - Now we pause here, pack our bags, and head to THE KUNDA for regular Thursday Monkey Medley at Gopal-mandir.

. . .

1.42PM, Next day, Friday - We had such an intense stomach ache after Gopal program that we could not work on this KDh. Maybe is from the nasty antibiotics that we are taking for our infected bellybutton (BBD = Belly Button Das).

We studied chanting in that debilitated state and then the FEP pulled us together.

FMP today. Took Lord Nrsmhadeva's diet into out own hands for the first time since we have been here and prepared peas porridge for him.

Still some stow mack-ayk but little better sense control.



for this fortnight was pretty good. It shows that every day we make a little material adjustment to improve our service. Eg. One day we pushed our massive Indian bed back four inches to the wall and that allows us to sit up straighter. Is this all 'punja punya krti', accumulating eternal pious credit so that one day ... we will play with Krsna!

We really have the DTC-USA editing going now. Pablo has like 78% of the editing script and we've identified precisely which other shots we have to record.

One day Krsna-loka Das took us around to some nice places next to the Kunda and we recorded the narrative for the USA movie.

After focusing on the editing, our next aim is consolidating the vision and practice of NIOS and it's relation with the Bhaktivedanta Research Center in Kolkata.

We have a strong tradition for every Thursday of 11am-12.30PM at BSDM Gopala Temple, and Saturday at www.GoTomeeting (737 859 341) at 6.30pm with Upendra Das and HpS. Very satisfying, stimulating, programs.

Our whole goal is to become qualified Sankirtan men.

Raktaka's whole family of 10-people came from Punjab and found us. It was intense relating to them, remembering visiting their homes.

We initiated Mr. G. Gunamani Sharma of Manipur as Goswami Bhatta Gopal Das in Gopal-mandir during H. H. B. S. Damodara Maharaja's Vyasapuja.

Another INTENSE 😬 program. Day.

We go to the Kunda daily if not twice a day.

Now so many people are arriving who will stay for Guru puja. It will be up to two weeks of Sadhu sanga, parikrama, administrative talks and formal programs starting 19th December.

After that we will basically be packing and then off to Delhi, Mumbai, Imphal, Silchar, Agartala, Delhi, Madrid (with Dhruva Das, Subhadra-mayi Devi Dasi).

We're working on the details of the Calendar and will post them in the Blog as they develop.

That seems to be about it.

Dr. Arun Chakraborty is our neighbor, very nice person and monitoring our BellyButton.


The 1,000 copies of Tava-pache-pache are printed by Sri Hari, Subhadra-mayi Devi Dasi etal. Now we distribute them and put them to use.

We Tweeted (huber_robinson) the links for the Ministry of Education symposium.

We speak Sunday at 6.35AM.


Mostly above and in the Blog. Seems we can only do Upendra Das' Saturday classes on Dec. 17, 31 and Jan. 7th.

Will join Radha-Natabara programs as much as possible.


We get 16-rounds done by 6AM. Read from TLC. Follow four principles.

AGAIN! 🤔 Annual Disciple Reports must be submitted in the Blog under the REPORT button. Maybe 30-reports have already be filed and we responded!


Hoping to do some Science and the Vedas presentations on the Delhi, Mumbai tour. Bachelor Beans, bramachari's cooking for Krsna, has advanced a lot. We can really see why Srila Prabhupada traveled with a cook. So, so, so difficult to eat properly while traveling. Can die a rapid death.

Main thing is that whatever technique and tools we develop in Krsna's service, nehabikramo naso sti, have eternal facility.

Indu-leka and Citra-leka are both famous for their writing!


Will Swami Harsh take initiation in Vyasapuja?

Is this the last Kapi Dhvaja?

Old age is a good friend for a devotee. It pushes you off the mental platform and onto the intellectual platform.

See you in the Blog: www.MonkeyWarrior.com


🦍🐒 🐷 🤖

Conference in BHU

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Hare Krsna Maharaj,


As ordered in the online chat, here we write.

We have established communication with Sumantra Rupa Pr from BRC. He and me are planning / thinking to have conference on the topic of " Management from Vedic/Indian Perspective" (yes there is big difference). We are not sure of Venue as of now.

HpS - AgtSP! "Political Science and a Vedic Perspective - Going Beyond European Colonial Thought"?

However, as BHU as place to [with a] lot of scholars, I think we can have event/seminar/ talk organised in Ancient History Department of BHU. I think it will be very easy just as Asiatic Society.


HpS///ASA - Gopher it! (Go for it!)

You can even invite international participation.

Urgent! Kapi Dhvaja 23rd November 2022

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Hare Krishna, Dear Gurudeva!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you.

Please accept our humble obeisances. (PAOHO)


As of every two weeks:

* Bulletin is now upload on Facebook (English & Spanish), it is also in Google Groups (English & Spanish) as listed at: http://www.jayarama.us/hello.htm

Hare Krishna. We hope you are ok.

We are doing much better.

HpS - We keep trying to improve also! Guru helps us walk until we learn to walk by our selves.

Our sadhana is good, at least we don't feel this like a burden. 16R, 4AM, 4P (almost 1 month with a new diet). In 2 months I will have new blood tests, then I will know if this new diet worked.

HpS/ASA - When you will take Sannyasa?

SB everyday

ASA - Does this help: http://www.jayarama.us/archives/pdp-csg.docx?

Ptrk - YES!!!! It is very useful... We studied once before, now we are valuing these notes more.

HpS - Do you chant all your Japa on beads at one time?

Ptrk - I get up at 4:30 am and chant 10 rounds, then I get ready for work. I work 2 hours far from my house. The other rounds I chant them on the way to school.

HpS -Do you chant while you are doing other things?

Ptrk - I have to be honest. I do it sometimes but it feels different. so instead we listening to mantras.

Thanks a lot for everything

EDT (Patrak das & Antuanette)

HpS - Thank you, Tio Patrak! Let us go on Parikrama of Radha Kunda. It is educational experience every time we do it.

NIOS = (ASA) Sankirtan

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"Mahārāja, I do have one question for the board: How we are going to advertise our film?"

HpS - Jagad guru Das is our Sankirtan leader! He does modern media marketing as a profession for a globally appreciated company.


So far we've introduced Jagat guru Das to Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC), President and Secretar of NIOS to BRC, NIOS Scientists, Scholars and Artists to BRC.

Now we are working on introducing Prof. Miguel Polo and NIOS Ravi M. Gupta to BRC.


Vidylaya link

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Two presentations on noi/tpp.

"Hare Kṛṣṇa! Dandavats Praṇams. Thank you, Mahārāja, for selflessly sharing your realizations and knowledge with the devotees at the ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya. They would like to invite you again before you leave. 

Below are the links to the YouTube recordings. Due to a technical issue, there is no audio during the first four minutes of the lecture on day one.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkwxlGVJp-E](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkwxlGVJp-E) (day one)

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g2VbI5WptQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g2VbI5WptQ) (day two) "