Houston Cine Kirtan

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M. Guru-bhakti Devi Dasi texted:

"Hare Krishna Maharaja & obeisances!


The dates you mentioned are open & I'm blocking them for you."

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP... paoho.... Thank you so much.

We talked with Sananga Th. D. again about the general Sankirtan program we really hope to develop during this visit, and then he suggested that we certainly talk with your good selves, co-ordinating super successful event.

We arrive 21st June and leave for Madrid 20th July.

We are fixing that Mr. Pablo Rivasplata will also be with us during that time from Peru.

He is the Director of Photography for the movies we are doing.

[The first one is 99.999% finished and very good.]

He is totally profession person, trained in Hollywood, worked for 15-years in Minnesota, director of photography for best television channel in Peru and stayed with us in our Peru Ashrama for several weeks to shoot there.

With him we will be editing work we are shooting now in the USA, and very excellent material from Peru.

During this month we hope to shoot a lot more stuff about the people, history, festivals and buildings in NMD: Temple, Restaurant, Farm, School... !

We will use part of that for our current movie but... ... we were thnking that we can do maybe three more videos about NMD of television broadcast size. Let us say 24" each.

What do you think?


The work would be first class quality.

Other thing that we can do is offer "Beginners to Masters Class in Sankirtan Cinema Production".

Of course, Sriman Pablo can do direct training one weekend and say two weeks later the students could come back with projects they have done.

We might have Yadubara Prabhu on line etc.

It might become an annual event for NMD.

Could screen movies every night(?). We have ours and then others may have theirs.


Fees, limited registrations?

So, that is a summary of our thoughts.

S A N K I R T A N !

Perspective from you all? The Sarva???

🌴 🌴🦆🌴


Coordinating with Abhirama Thakura Das about editing the manuscript to 6x9 for Amazon and he said he will get back to us with the manuscript in a week to 10 days. He is working on a homage to an important historian from Peru.


[Jaya Rama] Service in your films

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Maharaj i would really like to participate in your films. But I somehow couldn’t find the information you were referring to on Jayarama.us. I’m really looking forward to contributing with my humble abilities in your amazing project!

Your aspiring servant,

Yajnaseni DD

HpS - ASA -- Your participation is important! We are struggling to understand the project personally and then to communicate that understanding is a second challenge. One basic way we are doing it is in the Kapi Dhvaja each fortnight. Look in the News at the web page and there must be something there.

Have you read Memories, Dreams and Reflections by Carl Jung? If no, the get it and read it. You will find it interesting, useful for your service, in art, and also help you in your mental health.

Thank you!!!

Make your life a great adventure.

Advice on doing Bhakti Vaibhava

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, PAMHO, AGTSP

Your trip to Richmond, VA surcharged our sprits and we immensely enjoyed your association. The whole home is feeling empty and taking time to readjust. Some how trying to engage more in Krishna activites and part of that I would like to take "Bhakti Vaibhava" class.

Kindly advice, suggest some ideas, where can I do ? Are there any in US to follow?

HpS -Jaya!!! There is no substitute for reading, studying, srila prabhupada's book with just the intention of getting his intimate association.

beyond that different systematic studies are there.

Divya nama Das said the Temple was looking at starting a program around janmastami time.

houston might be starting about the same time or sooner.

then you can look for the vidyapitha in the govardhana eco village.


Hare Krishna Gurudeva.


-Subala Sakha Das

Disciples list

Hare Krishna Maharaj

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you

Thank you so much for replying to my letter


I made a mistake in mentioning the date of initiation Maharaj

Please forgive me

Below are the correct details

Divya Sri Devi Dasi

1st initiation - 26th December 2019

2nd initiation - 17th September 2021

Secular Name - Divya Iyer

HpS - Okay. Our Chinese bureaucrats will begin working on the changes and you should see it done within this lifetime.


Your Black and Orange Krsna painting is the center of our room, after our Japa beads.

Srinatha Krishna Das

2nd Initiation - 26th December 2019

Yours Servant

Divya Sri Devi Dasi

Urgent! Kapi dhvaja 16th March 2022

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Hare Krishna, Dear Guru Maharaja!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada & All glories to you.

Please accept our humble obeisances. (PAOHO)


As of every two weeks:

* Bulletin is now upload on Facebook (English & Spanish), it is also in Google Groups (English & Spanish) as listed at: http://www.jayarama.us/hello.htm

Hare Krishna.

We are still alive. By the mercy of Guru and Gauranga

Our sadhana is sane, online FMP. We are reading SB at school, just before classes.

Health is pretty good. Almost 90% of diet in mode of goodness.

Family is doing well.

Due to the situation in the country, we had to do virtual classes to protect children. After one week we are back to school. Today we celebrate Easter holiday. Next week i will be on vacation, but just for 10 days.

I would like to ask you if I can get your permission to perform fire sacrifices (homa) at home... They will be very simple and simplified.

Thanks a lot for your infinite mercy

EDT (Patrak das & Antuanette)

ASA/HpS - Thanks Pataka, Antuanette. Your reports make us ashamed of not being stronger in our Sadhana. We are improving.

Kapi Dhvaja is essential to our ASA...

We made a note to write our thoughts on fire sacrifices and saligrama/govardhana sile worship. We will send you a link.

O.K. Here we go to Gaura arati.

Thank you.

Best wishes for your students.

ISKCON devotees in Lima can put their kids in your schiool.