Update on His Holiness Bhakti Charu Maharaja's Health

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Hare Krishna!

Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

As many of you know, HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj has tested positive with Corona Virus and has been in ICU since June 18th, 2020.

Below is the latest update on his health...

Update - 28 June - 9.15 AM US EDT 

Dear devotees, 

The medical team has reviewed Maharaj’s progress for last 12 hours. 

Maharaj is on the ventilator and his condition is stable. 

His blood pressure and parameters are stable. Maharaj’s infection is being very closely monitored. 

We humbly request to please continue to pray intensely with intent as we desperately want to see our dear Maharaj coming out of the ICU with his lovely smiling face. 

Humbly in service, 

HH BCS medical care team.

KPDC, Father s day

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Hare Krsna Maharaja,


Al, glories to yous mission of sankirtan!

Recently Krsna give me the opportunity of write. I hope your health remains stable.

ASA - BG, janma mrtya jara vyadhi!!! Disease is the opposite of health. In there is no material body without disease/health. If we did not have these things we could not recognize each other and talk in the material world, no? But we relate them to KRSNA.

Today here is celebrated the father s day,for me you are one of my parents. You ,my spiritual master and Srila Prabhupada represent the sommum bonum of the mercy.

HpS - Bh. Bhusana Swami, Ki Jai.

You are always helping not only your siksa disciples but whoever approaches you for good advice or help. You help me to find my svadharma and I will be eternally gratefuḷ. The development of bhakti in my heart, the conviction to serve the devotee bhagavata and to embrace Srimad bhagavatam is thanks to you.There is no doubt that Krsna exists, there is no doubt that Krsna's mercy is without cause.

Now I find myself trying to deepen my relationship with Krsna and improve my service. You once said that bhakti yoga is broad and deep and those words are always present in my mind; for this I am in a battle to clean anarthas of my heartḥ.

HpS - https://vedabase.io/es/library/noi/8/#bb6004 !!!!!

Brief news: Please you do not throw the Kapi Dhvaja into the fire, I read it and others more too.

HpS - It was cold and T. Brown and B. White tried to burn it but the fire just died and smoked!

My spiritual master SSBS is improving although the doctor has recommended that him can no longer be under any stress. (I know that you are helping in the administration, please take care of this is very exhausting more when in the administration the passion may prevail).

Family are good, the girls you are growing and understanding Krsna consciousness better, they keeping chanting their japa, Sarasvati chant 12 rounds and Rajani 11 roundṣ.

HpS - Who knows what challenges they will face in life: Gandhari, Kunti, Draupadi, Mandodhari, Sita, Radha.

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

with affection and grateful

ys and spiritual nice

Isvari dd

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

HpS - We sent His foto by Twitter. He is a very good Friend. Even if we abuse His friendship He does not give up on us!!!!!

[KDPC] Bhaktivinoda Thakur Saragrahi Vaishnava Poetry (and other matters)

Hare Krishna Maharaja!


(June 20 Saturday 2020)

In response to our previous communication (https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/11242/) I'm so glad to know that allergy is under control and you are with good energy, I can note it listening your online programs. Related with this, thank you very much for your answer this morning, I said to you that I think the economy is the heart of society and not the education, but after your reply I understood that this modern society is, then, a deformed body. So, is Education (or must to be) the heart of every activity in a healthy and harmonic society?

ASA - AGTSP!!! What is education? Acquire information? Learn to reason about our information? Wake up our relationship with Krsna!!! The heart of every society is congregational chanting of the glories of the Lord.

I talked with Rodrigo's mother a few minutes ago and told her that you asked to me about them. She still sad missing her son. They are afraid about the virus, the Kiosko sells less, but they still working with protections. She said "please, tell Hare Krishna to the Guru and thanks so much to Him".

ASA - Same to her!

Thank you very much, thank you so much, for every single reply you wrote to me in the previous letter, I felt (and I feel because I read it again any time I need inspiration) my heart melts. I don't know how to explain it, because I don't know the proper way to share so intimate feelings, but my chest is into a warm and expansive feeling, with a certainty deep thought that is just because of your mercy.

ASA - Maybe is symptom of a new pandemic disease!

A few hours ago, Iván Santandreu left the body. He is the owner and founder of "Mundo Nuevo" Magazine, one of the most important alternative media in Chile, probably the main one. He was 58 years old. I don't know the circumstances at all. He is a great soul. This last years he was fighting, fighting really hard, using scientific bases and medical references from all over the world through his mass medias against vaccines, transgenics, pharmacy and alimentary industry, corruption... He has got 22 years of successful trajectory and his influence is growing day by day here in Chile, at least 1 million monthly followers, readers and users. He was a real master in his area. His wife is an Iskcon devotee and so are their children, but they all walked away after rape and corruption cases were uncovered.

ASA - In ISKCON???? I know that some devotees had made formal complaints to the GBC. Formed a committee, but it was hard to help them completely because of the language barrier, and they stopped moving forward through the institutional system. I told them to go on and write to me in simple, clear English and I will help what I can.

In the KDh we were posting results of our suggestions to GBC about reorganizing management in CHile. After three months (who can work faster!) GBC said that they were making changes in the structure. Vice President learning to become President. President moving to Zonal Supervisor.

Did that happen?

A few years ago I found him playing Karatalas in some kirtans in the temple, but he always kept low profile, he didn't like to let other devotees to know who he was. He helped us in 2018 with " The Art and The Sacred", we published in his magazine your interview we made in chilean government palace and we bought in a low price a quarter of page into the paper magazine promoting the day with you and Dr. File. He was very nice with us even I asked for all those things to him just upon the deadline to enter to the printing. Last year he published Lord Jagannath in the cover page of the magazine! I think he comes back to the Spiritual World... My Eternal Lord, Krishna, please, take him come back Home...

ASA - Preacher or anyone who helps the preacher will find the path of spiritual life open!


Since the last day of the Iskcon Education International Seminary, I keeped fascinated with extracts from a mystical Bhaktivinoda Thakur's poetry that an older devotee shared in his exposition. So, I search it on the web and I found an english version, but I don't know if is the original one, I mean, I don't know if Bhaktivinoda Thakur wrote it in english or bengalí. And I found a spanish version, but I really didn't like at all, so I decided to write a translation by my own. It tooks me all this week and I already finished just before to start writing this letter. I want to offer this translation to you, Maharaja, in this day that is special for all of us, Bhaktivinoda Thakura appearance day. Please, Maharaja, accept this offering as a humble effort from a dumb fallen one who is trying to do things right just to be your servant some day. I tried to connect with the original feeling of the poetry and also try to keep the rhymes in spanish, but I could not accomplish it at all. Of course, is not necessary you read the spanish version, is so long, but I send it at the end of this letter anyway. It is such a pretty wonderful and beautiful poetry.

ASA - Yes! Was Engish. Very, very, nice poem. I memorized once. Still know parts of it.


I just don't know how to express the gratitude that I deeply feel towards you... all glories to Srila Prabhupada! all glories to Bhaktivinoda Thakura!

Your aspiring servant,


HpS - Save copy of the poem. Maybe work on the translation more. You can also write another poem in Spanish based upon the ideas.

Saragrahi Vaishnava – por Bhaktivinoda Thakur

1. ¡Ay de aquellos que pasan sus días

En alegría festiva y alborozo!

Las deslumbrantes formas líquidas mortales 

Ocupan para siempre sus corazones.

2. Las botellas que brillan hechizan el mirar

De aquellos a quienes atrae y abrazan del corazón;

Los esclavos del vino nunca se pueden levantar

De lo que nosotros llamamos desgracia y deshonor.

3. ¿Estaba el hombre destinado a ser

Un bruto en su actuar y en su corazón?

¿Debería el hombre, que señor de todo lo que le rodea es,

Apartarse del sentido común?

4. La gloria del hombre es, en sentido común,

Dictarnos la gracia,

El hombre está hecho para vivir y amar

El hermoso abrazo del Cielo.

5. La carne es nuestra desgracia,

El marco mortal que encadena;

El alma por antiguos errores confinada

Debe intentar levantarse de nuevo.

6. ¿Por qué entonces este juego infantil

En lo que no puede ser nuestro,

Que cae dentro de cien años

Como si una rosa se hubiera volado?

7. Nuestra vida no es más que un rosado matiz

Ir antes de tiempo por nada;

El alma sola estaría por siempre

Con el bien o el mal a cuestas.

8. ¡Cuán profundo es el pensamiento de los tiempos!

¡Qué grave se ve su aspecto!

Y envueltos en asombro divino, oh, nosotros,

Los libros de la Naturaleza leyendo.

9. La vida del hombre un problema oscuro es para él, 

Una cortina a la izquierda y a la derecha;

Ninguna alma ha venido a decirnos 

Qué existe más allá de nuestra vista.

10. Y entonces una voz, tan suave y profunda, 

Dentro de nuestro propio interior es sentida;

¡Hombre! ¡Hombre! ¡Eres un alma inmortal!

La muerte nunca te puede disolver.

11. Para ti, tu Señor en lo alto ha mantenido

Una reserva de felicidad, allá arriba,

Hasta el fin de los tiempos, ¡tú eres Oh! 

El que quiere más puro amor.

¡Oh amor! Tu poder y hechizo benignos

Ahora derriten mi alma ante Dios;

¿Cómo pueden mis palabras terrenales describir

Tan suave y expansivo sentimiento?

12. Disfrute, tristeza, 

¿Qué más de lo que la carne es heredera?

El alma que duerme 

Solo concluye que de ellos participa.

13. Y entonces, amigos míos, no más disfrute

Ni lamentarse por todos los demás;

Las mujeres, el vino y la carne de las bestias,

No hay amor alguno que esto otorgue.

14. Lo tuyo es amar a tu hermano

Y entregarte a Dios.

Y Dios sabe que tu esfuerzo es bueno

Este hecho es cierto y claro.

15. Olvida el pasado que duerme

y con el futuro no sueñes jamás.

Actúa siempre en el tiempo en el que estás

y el avance llamarás.

16. Pero no me digas en un frío razonamiento 

Que el alma es creada solo

Por las inertes reglas mecánicas de la Tierra

Y que será destruida.

17. Solo mi Dios que nos dio la vida y todo

El alma puede extinguir,

O darle todos los placeres elevados

Para Su promesa cumplir.

18. Así que empuja tu marcha hacia adelante, oh alma,

Contra todo acto malvado 

Que se levante con los soldados Odio y Lujuria;

Sé un héroe de verdad.

19. Mantén tu posición en el mundo espiritual

Tan firmemente como puedas, 

Nunca dejes que la materia te empuje

¡Oh, aguanta hombre heroico!

20. Oh alma del Śaragrāhi Vaiṣṇava,

Tú eres un ángel hermoso;

Guía, guíame a Vrindavan

Y el poder del espíritu anuncia.

21. Allí, libre de la materia descansa mi alma

Sobre los brazos de mi amante.

Paz eterna y amor espiritual

Son la magia de mi cantar.

Solaris Editor

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Hare Krsna, esteemed Hanumatpresaka Swami,


Thank you so much for your kind attention to the proposal I sent. I carbon-copied P. Abhirama Thakura dasa the letter and files. I don't have the email address of Prof. Miguel Polo, your Chief Editor, but I trust P. Abhirama Thakura dasa, who already has the proposal, will pass it on to him.

I look forward to hear from Prof. Polo and P. Abhirama Thakura dasa if they found it useful.

Your servant,

Gopa-swami dasa

HpS - Thank you. This Blog is like the people who come up to the speaker's Asana after the Sunday Feast lecture to discuss things in more detail.

I understand that First we have to have our passions, duties, clear. Who am I? At least to a practical level.

Then we can start to discuss Sankirtan with other people who have also done #1. Who are we.

Then, on that basis, who am I, who are we, we make plans.

Once we have plans based upon human character, determination and spit, we decide what resources we need.

1, 2, 3, 4.

What was your idea about the name: Solar Es...?

It is aimed at being and academic periodical.

We get so manly letters that unless they have the Kapi Dhvaja Priority Code (KDPC) in the Title field our simian mail clerks will probably miss it.

So include it in your merciful posts here.

It is in the Letters to the Editor section of our fortnightly ASA periodical, Kapi Dhvaja. http://www.jayarama.us/news.htm

Thank you!! All success to your Sankirtan!!! A Nuevo Mexico!

Bh. Sastri from ASA

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On Monday, June 15, 2020, 12:55:50 AM CDT, Ramananda ACBSP


Since you are in one place and not traveling, would you consider switching from simply doing a Bhag verse on Thursdays to do a bhakti-sastri course instead? If anyone is expert in bhakti-sastri it’s you. Do you think that would be possible?

Your servant,

Ramananda dasa

HpS - ASA --- AGTSP! paoho... Sorry it took some time to answer, which I think in itself is an answer to both of us.

We don't have the mental strength to do it.

We are good for giving advice and strategy now. Maybe intellectual strength.

Who wants to learn Bh Sastri there???

Solaris Editor

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On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 06:37:07 PM CDT, Gopa-swami dasa <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Hanumatpresaka Swami maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I trust this will find you well and under the care of Krsna.

My name is Gopa-swami dasa, disciple of H. H. Guru Prasad Swami. Thanks to the service rendered by your disciples in Mexico—especially of M. Asta Sakhi devi dasi—I learned you were writing some books and about your *Solaris* journal, both addressed to the academic public; i. e., researchers, teaching staff, and graduate/undergraduate students.

I studied Architecture, Biblical Sciences and Religion Philosophy, and I’m an experienced editor and orthotypographer (orthotypography is the “orthography” of the composition of all typographic elements and the space). I got in contact with M. Asta Sakhi devi dasi to humbly offer you my small abilities to serve your print preaching works.

P. Abhirama Thakura dasa sent me a WhatsApp message last week. After having a telephone conversation, he kindly sent me some files for *Solaris* to work with.

I worked during the past days in developing an editorial design proposal—please see the attached files. The service he has done is immense! I found several opportunity areas. Following is my proposal. (I am copying P. Abhirama Thakura dasa for his knowledge and consideration too.)


Every publication requires the language to be in tune with the message. In the same way, graphical elements and illustration must have the appropriate mood (“talante,” in Spanish). An inadequate mood result in a feeling or perception of imposture: “Hmm, this does not seem to be what it claims to be.” In this regard, I’m suggesting a more sober logo with an articulated message (please see “Solaris proposal - cover.pdf”). Additionally, the proposed design has the intention to be read as a predicate:

(a) “Solar is Intercultural journal.”

(b) “Solar is Contributions for a new culture.”

(c) “Solar is Revista intercultural.”

(d) “Solar is Contribuciones para una nueva cultura.”

“Solar is” are not two words; it is only one, Solaris, but very subtly separated by a thin space and a different colour tone. The current issue number has also been added to stand out for quick identification.

To have a cleanly articulated message, other texts have been placed at the bottom, where the information can be unobtrusively consulted.

I also suggest the Spanish word “aportes” to be substituted with “contribuciones”, because:

(a) it is used only in the region (“aportaciones” is more common internationally);

(b) but “contribuciones” is a more direct and proper word for “contributions,” and to describe what the reader will find inside: contributions, papers, opinion articles.

(The image in the cover serves as an example. It is a diagram out of many by Ramon Llull, elaborated in the Middle Ages for helping memorize theological and philosophical concepts. The “S” in the center is in perfect tune with the journal mood.)


1. General design

(a) Every article would have its own cover. It is common practice photocopying articles. Therefore, the following pages also show in its feet relevant data of article, author, and source, even if it is only partially copied. (Please see “Solaris proposal - content a.pdf” and “Solaris proposal - content b.pdf”, in two pages view.)

(b) A Creative Commons notice has also been added, to specify that the article can be shared but not commercially, always mentioning authorship.

(c) Good layout practices establish incremental margins—instead of constant—following the order inside-upper-outside-bottom.

(d) The first page of the article—always on ODD number page—should present the abstract and keywords in both Spanish and English, as well as the Creative Commons Copyright.

2. Colour

I would not suggest using four inks for interiors: it is more expensive and it is not justified. In my opinion, it is even detrimental to the mood of the journal to add photos at the beginning of each article—often with no reference to its content. For just a few four-colour pages, the whole sheet must be printed in four colours! ($$$).

To reduce costs and improve the overall appearance, I would suggest instead:

(a) using just two colours for interiors: black (in different shadings) for the main text, and sepia to emphasize citations and to pleasantly distinguish them from the body text (see attached files).

(b) avoiding illustrations other than those offered or required by the contributor, one colour or duotones.

3. Fonts and size

I would strongly suggest using only one font for the articles and in the same size. I suggest to use the font “Noto,” both in its serif and sans-serif type faces, because:

(a) It has an excellent readability.

(b) It is a professional font, with an amazing range of typographical characteristics and glyphs. It can render all diacritics needed to transliterate Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, and every language of the world.

(c) It has an unparalleled range of weights: from “very thin” to “extra black,” which should address any typographical need. (Please see a small sample of the Noto font in “Solaris proposal - lettering.pdf”)

(d) It is FREE. I have no knowledge of another font so complete and well designed.

There are of course, many other details that should be specified to produce orthotypographically correct publishings, but I would like to hear first if this proposal is acceptable to you and the editorial committee, so I could proceed to elaborate editorial guidelines.

I would also feel greatly blessed if I could elaborate one of your books. My spiritual master, H. H. Guru Prasad Swami, often asks us, His disciples, to participate with preaching spirit in keeping in its highest potency the work of Srila Prabhupada.

Additionally, I could also contribute with theological and hermeneutical essays.

Please consider if these editorial suggestions may be useful, and let me know how to proceed.

Your humble servant,

Gopa-swami dasa [GPS]

HpS - ASA - Most of these suggestions you have to work out with Abhirama thakura Das and Prof. Miguel Polo who is our general editor. They are of course super experienced in academic publications as you also.

Please write to our Blog. We cannot handle Yahoo mail. We were getting 500/month, but now that we post in the Blog others can read and don't write. Thank you so much.  Solaris