God on Trial movie

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asa[e] - media resources, cinema.

Hare Krishna, Gurumaharaj

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

As per your instruction, I would like to share the link to an interesting movie. 'God on Trial', the plot of the movie is based on a true story during the Holocaust.

It depicts the need to understand why we suffer.

The theology of suffering of a group of Jewish people who, the night before their already announced death (Gas chambers), full of fear and despair, questioned and debated God's promises of protection.

It is an attempt to rationalize and understand the suffering and the imminent death that is imposed on them (like we all are in some way).

How to reconcile their faith in God's loving plan and the excruciating pain and suffering that they are exposed to.

In my humble understanding, it is an invitation to question our beliefs, and go deeper in our relationship with God.

If someone is interested, here is the link


Hope this will be useful to somebody like it is to me.

Thank you.


Madhumanjari dd

HpS/ASA - super! SUPER! . . S-U-P-E-R! ! !

We will watch.

Thank you.

What about Dinner with a Perfect Stranger and the other one about her daughter?


Anyone else recommend Media Resources?

This is Sankirtan: K.C. view point on modern media.

FULL MORNING SERVICE - Current Kirtan Leader Schedule

Hare Krishna, Gurudeva 🙏🏻

Please, accept my humble obeisances!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

This is the current schedule of devotees for leading kirtan on Full Morning Service:

● MONDAY: H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami.

● TUESDAY: Govardhana das, Mitravinda devi dasi.

● WEDNESDAY: Yugala Kishora dasi, Jagad Guru das.

● THURSDAY: Tarangaksi devi dasi, Caturatma das.

● FRIDAY: Abhinanda das, Deva Vrata das.

● SATURDAY: Isvari Radha devi dasi, Karuna Sakti devi dasi.

● SUNDAY: Candramukhi devi dasi, Parasurama Avatara das.

Gurudeva, remembering what we talked with you and Jagad Guru prabhu here in Perú (Santa Eulalia) about FMS..

I've been asking if some devotees that regularly participate in the program wanted to lead the kirtan. Some of them are interested in doing it.

That being said, there could be three devotees (instead of two) per week day, rotating during the month.

We could then have a renewed list of leaders, so there's more diversity and giving the opportunity to others, without excluding devotees that had been already participating a long time ago.

What do you think, Gurudeva?

Thank you.

Your aspiring servant:

Mitravinda dd.

HpS - AgtSP! Thank you! Again, we are slow in responding to the Blog. Radha ramana Swami visiting. So, nice. DTC deadlines. Reduced capacity to write on screen with our aged donkey.

Today we went to the optomatrist for annual check-up and he dialated our eyes, and they are still distorted after seven hours.


The rotation sounds great, but they should be devotees who are keeping a regular Brahma muhurta program, joining our program regularly and can pronounce the Gurvastaka with meaning.


Subhadra mayi Devi Dasi and Sankirtan Programs

Dear Maharaj,


Maharaj please don’t apologize for replying late 🙏, we are very grateful you think of us.

We are learning stick fighting sequences here, long stick and short stick.

Then they will teach fighting with metal weapons (sword, short, medium, flexible, javalin), then finally fighting with bare hands.

We have learnt many variations of fighting positions (elephant, lion, boar, snake, fish, cat, cock etc).

It’s intense (my vit D levels dropped and I developed lower back pain, and a bad tooth filling popped from clenching/ joined 2 Yr diploma 5-6hrs/day).

Now I’m recovering and reduced few classes until my body understands what to do.

The calls for all the movements are in Malayali, as this artform originated from Kerala.

We are making meticulous notes for future students. I’m constantly wondering which choreographies can be made with these fight sequences. Quite professional.

We were working on the film for you with Yogi from Houston, but got a bit stuck feeling inadequate. Have to learn more about filmmaking.

HpS - ASA - AgtSP!!!! Paoho.... thank you for writing us, ASA. Which Yogi???

In a few weeks I go to Mandi IIT to teach 3 credit course. 14 days, 4hrs/day intensive. 1.5hrs yoga/pranayama/yoga Nidra, 1 hr Odissi, 0.5hrs theory, some HW.

We are trying to design a before and after psychological evaluation for students to fill to understand the therapeutic properties of oriental practices.

HpS - Jaya! Bet it reduces Parkison's Disease.

In the meantime I’ve been applying to PhD programs, emailing professors in US (Harvard/Stanford/MIT etc) interested in research psychotherapeutic benefits of oriental practices to see if my proposal will click. Also applying to AFI, USC, NYU. Wherever Krsna gives scholarship and admission, we will go 🙏.

I've been reading SB daily, need to improve hearing. Morning chanting a little disturbed due to early classes here (but strive for 16rnds before breakfast). Trying to figure out a schedule our body can cope with mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. For this week I’m going to skip morning class so I can chant in Brahms muhurta.



HpS - Thank you so much. I'm sure a lot of people take good perspective on their own service and Sankirtan from your news.

How about your family?

Poppa, Momma, BIG BROTHER et al?

Any Yatra friends and associates?

Where are you camped specifically? In Vraja?

Thank you!

I'm sure Krsna will give you more and more guidance from directly within your heart!!!

Thank you!

Calendar - R. K. Das [Nila Madhava Dhama]

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Hare Krishna, Maharaj.

At the moment I am visiting my mother.

ASA - Singapore

I will be back in Houston mid-September. Thereafter, I will be there until December or January, I am thinking of going to Seattle but things have a way of changing. 🙏

ASA/HpS - Super. We may come to Houston mid-November. Hope to be involved with you in many ways.


Kapi Dhvaja

HK Dear Maharaja, TgaSSGN . TGASP.

 After the morning program we find ourselves with the ordinary demands of the world... which for a person like one, far from face-to-face associations with devotees, cost. However... in one way or another everything possible is done to remember Krisna at every step... humbly: -putting into practice the instructions of the BG.

Usually with my two children we distribute fruit salads with Greek yogurt around the city, vegetarian milanesas and stuffed breads.

Of course, these preparations are offered on our altar, but since said activity implies the demand for our livelihood. It is hard for us to say without blushing that -we distribute prasadam-

There are always unforeseen events and sometimes this activity is interrupted for some reason, there is always something left that allows you to resume the action.

-Karabhajana Muni addresses King Nimi and tells him – "As the Lord is situated within the devotee's heart, He takes pity on his accidental mistake and corrects him from within"-. (The Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, Chapter Five, verse 42)

We sincerely wish not to be offensive.


 We have resumed a "perma beekeeping" and orchard project on a 7-hectare property that had been stopped due to government restrictions. Soon we are going to install the first four hives.

 There is enthusiasm during the day to remember and preach Krsna consciousness to innocent people - the taste of water...

We asked some interested people

Would you like to read something about the "taste of water"?... etc.

What you suggest Maharaja is tried to practice and is heartily appreciated. TgSP

So many things to improve

 We feel that our anguish and fear of death are gradually mitigated. And that indeed old age in progress is an ally.

There is enthusiasm when singing the rounds and willingness to be faithful to the commitment to maintain the standard of the 4 principles.

My gurudeva, JPS… all glories at your feet, has written to us. He has said – We need the grhasthas to use their skills, their intelligence and their minds to think how they can spread Krsna consciousness. – His words have refreshed my heart. TgSP.

Children's preaching strategy for people

                      adult and serious

               Living in the world. Without being in it?

Today I am walking in the direction of the carpentry tool store.

We need a saw with a fine finish for cutting wood.

We work in lutheria.

 We walk fast.

 Kala doesn't stop

… Hare Krishna… Hare Krisna… Krisna Krisna Hare Hare… Hare Rama… Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


… There are some workers from the municipality loading a small truck

(A large tree has been pruned)

Good morning

-Good morning

-Not so good for the tree, right?

- Hahaha how?

-It's just a saying... Where will they take all these leaves?

Let's take them to the dump...

-Everything in the trash?

- If all

-And this Rama that has remained here obstructing the way, why aren't they taking it too?

- This Rama is too heavy for us. Soon someone will arrive with a chainsaw to session it and we can take it with us.

-That's good… to God!

… I keep walking and think about the importance of faith.

 I have read that the holy names of the Lord are so powerful that if someone negligently pronounces them... There is also benefit. TgaSP

We arrived at the tool store and the seller kindly smiled, waiting for my request.

It is very nice to remember Paramatma every time we get into relationship with someone. It's nice to be able to sustain meditation in those circumstances. But it's not an easy thing for me.

On my way back… I see that the garden laurels have begun to bloom, and I instantly realize that I have walked for several minutes unconscious and completely forgetful of the Lord in all His aspects.

Please Lord, help me to remember Your lotus feet at every moment... Hare Krisna Hare Krisna. We smile with relief... to regain consciousness and live attentive to "expect the unexpected" (David Carradine)... while I pick some laurel flowers.

A policeman asks us...

- Why those flowers?

- For Krishna

- And who is Krsna?

- The Supreme Personality of Godhead

- Ok you are very well

-             Thank you

 Lutherie is our trade, and while the herpes installed in the cornea of ​​our left eye gives us truce, we modestly use our talent to build some stringed instruments for the satisfaction of Lord Hari.

Right now I am busy making two guitars. They will be auctioned on the twentieth day of the current month, during the meeting organized annually by my former colleagues from the -General Paz Military High School in Córdoba capital- A school with military instruction, where we were interned from the age of twelve to seventeen.

 Some time ago, a civil liability entity was established made up of members of the promotion that collects and manages the funds that alumni contribute after the purpose of providing social assistance to those who may need it.

 This year, among other things for this purpose, the two guitars mentioned above will be auctioned... One large and the other a little smaller, will have a sticker on the inside of the back cover, where the manufacturer usually uses to place its logo. image of Sri Krishna.

- What does the blue boy mean?

 – It means that we are extremely lucky to see you…

Finally Maharaja. Very grateful for engaging me in your service and sending you these lines Capi Dhvaja as you requested.

Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet and forever.

E.N.C das

HpS/ASA = AgtSP!!! paoho A breath of fresh air. Hare Bolo. You speak for me exactly. We are so small, yet, there are (AGTSP) a lot of us. How many? Over a million now.

One million insects chanting Hare Krsna!!


Hari bolo. Hari bolo.

HK Querido Maharaja, TgaSSGN . TGASP.

 Luego del programa matutino nos encontramos con las exigencias ordinarias del mundo… las cuales para una persona como uno, en lejanía de asociaciones presenciales con devotos, cuestan. No obstante… de una manera u otra se hace todo lo posible para recordar a Krisna a cada paso … humildemente: -poniendo en práctica las instrucciones de la BG- 

Por lo general con mis dos hijos distribuimos por la ciudad ensaladas de frutas con yogurt griego, milanesas vegetarianas y panes rellenos. Por supuesto que dichas preparaciones son ofrecidas en nuestro altar, pero como dicha actividad lleva implícito la exigencia de nuestro sustento. Nos cuesta decir sin ruborizarnos que –distribuimos prasadam- 

 Siempre hay imprevistos y a veces esta actividad se interrumpe por algún motivo, siempre queda algo que permite retomar la acción.

-Karabhajana Muni se dirige al rey Nimi y le dice –“Como el Señor está situado dentro del corazón del devoto, se compadece de su error accidental y lo corrige desde dentro"-.(El Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, Capítulo Cinco, verso 42)

Deseamos de corazón no ser ofensivos.


 Hemos retomado un proyecto de -perma apicultura- y huerta en un predio de 7 has que se había detenido por restricciones gubernamentales. Pronta mente vamos a instalar las primeras cuatro colmenas.

 Hay entusiasmo durante el día por recordar y predicar conciencia de Krsna a personas inocentes - el sabor del agua…

Preguntamos a cierta gente interesada

¿te agradaría leer algo respecto al “sabor del agua”?...  etc.

Lo que usted sugiere Maharaja se intenta practicar y se agradece de corazón. TgSP

Tantas cosas por mejorar¡¡

 Sentimos que nuestra angustia y el temor por la muerte se mitigan paulatinamente. Y que efectivamente la vejez en progreso es un aliado.

Hay entusiasmo al cantar las rondas y voluntad en ser fieles al compromiso por mantener el estándar de los 4 principios.

Mi gurudeva JPS… todas las glorias a sus pies, nos ha escrito. El ha dicho - Necesitamos que los grhasthas usen sus habilidades, su inteligencia y sus mentes para pensar en cómo pueden difundir la conciencia de Krsna.- Sus palabras han refrescado mi corazón. TgSP.

Estrategia infantil de predica para personas

                      adultas y serias

               Viviendo en el mundo. ¿Sin estar en el?

Hoy camino en dirección a la tienda de herramientas para carpintería.

Necesitamos una cierra de acabado fino para cortes en madera.

Trabajamos en luteria.

 Caminamos rápido.

 Kala no se detiene

… Hare Krisna…Hare Krisna… Krisna Krisna Hare Hare…Hare Rama… Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


… Hay unos obreros del municipio cargando un pequeño camión

(Un gran árbol ha sido podado)

¡Buenos días ¡

-Buenos días

-No tan bueno para el árbol ¿no?

- jajaja… ¿Cómo?

-Solo es un decir… ¿Adónde se llevarán todas estas hojas?

-Vamos a llevarlas al basural…

-Todo a la basura?

- ¡Si, todo¡¡¡

-Y esta Rama que les ha quedado aquí obstruyendo el paso ¿Por qué no se la están llevando también?

- Esta Rama es demasiado pesada para nosotros. Pronto llegará alguien con una moto sierra para sesionarla y ya podremos llevárnosla.

-Que bien… A Dios l¡¡

… Sigo mi caminando y pienso en la importancia de la fe.

 He leído que los santos nombres del Señor son tan poderosos que, si alguien, de manera negligente los pronuncia … También hay beneficio. TgaSP

Llegamos ya a la tienda de herramientas y con amabilidad el vendedor sonríe aguardando mi requerimiento.

 Es muy agradable recordar a Paramatma cada vez que entablamos relación con alguien. Resulta agradable poder mantener la meditación en esas circunstancias. Pero no es algo fácil para mí.

Ya de regreso… veo que los laureles de jardín han comenzado a florecer, y advierto al instante que he caminado varios minutos inconsciente y olvidado por completo del Señor en todos Sus aspectos.

¡Por favor Señor¡ ayúdame a recordar Tus pies de loto a cada instante ¡… Hare Krisna Hare Krisna. Sonreímos aliviados… por retomar la conciencia y vivir atentos a “esperar lo inesperado” (David Carradine) … mientras recojo algunas flores de laurel.

Un policía nos pregunta…

-             ¡¿Para que esas flores¡?

-             Para Krsna

-             Y quien es Krsna?

-             La Suprema Personalidad de Dios

-             Ok que esté usted muy bien

-             Gracias¡

 La luteria es nuestro oficio, y mientras el herpes instalado en la córnea de nuestro ojo izquierdo nos de tregua, ocupamos modestamente el talento en construir algunos instrumentos de cuerdas para la satisfacción del Señor Hari.

Justamente ahora me encuentro ocupado en la fabricación de dos guitarras. Serán subastadas el día veinte del mes en curso, durante el encuentro que organizan anualmente mis antiguos compañeros del -Liceo Militar General Paz de Córdoba capital- Una escuela con instrucción militar, donde permanecimos internados desde los doce años hasta los diecisiete.

 Hace un tiempo atrás fue constituida una entidad de responsabilidad civil conformada por miembros de la promoción que recauda y administra los fondos que los ex alumnos aportamos tras el fin de brindar asistencia social a quienes puedan necesitarla. 

 Este año se subastarán entre otras cosas para dicho fin, las dos guitarras antes mencionadas… Una grande y la otra un tanto más pequeña, tendrán pegado en el interior de la contra tapa, donde por lo general el fabricante utiliza para coloca su logo, una imagen de Sri Krsna.

- ¿Qué significa el niño color azul?

 – Significa que somos sumamente afortunados por verle…

En fin Maharaja. Muy agradecido por ocuparme en su servicio y enviarle estas líneas Capi Dhvaja tal como me había solicitado.

Acepte por favor mis humildes reverencias a sus pies y hasta siempre.

E.N.C das

How's Your Health

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asa(e) - VAD, old age. Old age. Janma-mrtya-jara-vyadhi

Prof. Dr. Samaresh tried to call us at 6PM last night, and then I had this WhatsApp exchange - very informative:

[Missed voice call at 5.53PM]

[8/9/2023 7:44 AM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Professor, just getting to my mail. Missed your call.

May we be of assistance?

[8/9/2023 8:05 AM] Samaresh Bandhyopadaya: You may call now if you are free.

[8/9/2023 8:48 AM] Samaresh Bandhyopadaya: May I know the time when you are free to call me ?

[8/9/2023 3:15 PM] : Just getting back to my mail. 😕

[8/9/2023 3:16 PM] : I seem to be borderline Alzheimer's so if I push too hard with any psychic or Rajarsic or project work I start getting things like my body cramping.

[8/9/2023 3:18 PM] : Had to just turn off on Monday because cramps were coming down from my shoulders and my hands were just contracting into fists. Intense pain if I believed in pain. 🙂

[8/9/2023 3:21 PM] : I can do some planning, arranging, organizing (people say, even very well) but it is a limited amount. I think it may be similar for your good self, no? Yet, you have the fortune of taking birth as a human being in the land of Bharata. 😎 We took birth in the middle of the Hippy revolution and were saved by a Hindu monk.

[8/9/2023 3:22 PM] : I am prioritizing my work. We spent 2-hours outlining it in our last 'Kapi Dhvaja': https://www.jayarama.us/news.htm

[8/9/2023 3:26 PM] : We have stuck with giving SB classes with our Hawaii center and now they are in the Fifth Canto and there is intense controversy over the Cosmology described. It has taken from 8AM to now to begin to discuss ideas presented there, and tomorrow is the class.

[8/9/2023 3:28 PM] : Can we plan to call at 7.30PM IST? That will give us some time to prepare for the Hawaii class at 9.30PM IST.

[8/9/2023 3:28 PM] : Thank you.