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Hare Krishna

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

Please Accept My Most Humbles Obeisances

Esteemed Maharaja

Hoping the allergies are getting better, here in panamá the raining season started but not fully, so weather goes from super humid to super rainy and so we are going thru the same here.

HpS - ASA --- AgtSP!!! Ayur-veda is so nice. Even a little general principles and we can see so many ways to improve our energy. We are 70% pitta, minimum, so allergy means we have to reduce the pitta. That gives us inspiration intuitively what to cook for our Deity.

0ur sadhana is getting so much better, getting up at brahma muhurta, chanting our rounds, i have given myself the task of keeping a steady number of rounds and when i´m completely disciplined committed with this, i increase the number, in order to keep a steady number.

we are following the four principles on point, and we are very interested in keeping studying the second chapter [canto?] of the Srimad Bhagavatam, we feel very interested about the Virat-rupa form of the Lord and its meditation and finding a way in it, to find a "where to start" because every time we feel we are just starting the process, always in the neophyte mood, because i´m having a hard time to keep up the utsahan, some days we feel we aren´t being sincere with our process, like we are ghosting our own process, and i was wondering, if our material nature interfere more than we think it can in our spiritual process to become devotees? or its that some people develop a better relationship with krishna in the separation mood?

HpS - A lot of variety, but the basic principle is that whatever effort you make to purify yourself of material convering, it has a effect. Krsna is pleased

listening every day to your classes and trying to keep everything learned in practice in a daily basis! my memory is giving much trouble i have a hard time remembering everything i learn! its this part of maya too? or more part of our own ignorance?

HpS - Listen. You cannot learn everything. Understand as best you can, then the correct things will sink into your heart.

but still, im not acting like before, when everything used to become dark and lazy and i stopped chanting, but now i chant, even if i feel heavy and not like chanting i chant HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE !

we do our offerings to the Lord and then eat the prasadam and while chanting we ask the Lord to help us with this feeling, with this thoughts, we pray to the Lord to clean our hearts and to give us the opportunity to serve him, to serve you, serve Srila Prabhupada and serve the devotees! Haribol!

your wellwisher

Andrea Ramirez

HpS - Just go back and forth chanting your rounds like a soldier, HK, HK, then you will have strength all day!!! You are doing O.K. Just take advantage of the mercy when Krsna sends it. Always do some service. That will give you intelligence in the fastest way possible about how to be organized.

Gismo-9 Virtual Classes

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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


I hope this meets you in good health ¡¡¡

ASA - Our donkey is old and losing his brains, cannot remember if his wise our insane. Two teeth gone but others may stay until we can rest in the fire at last! Ahhh!

Gurudeva, this time that we are facing is very stressful for all of us, but specially for teachers.

ASA - It is only justice for the greedy monsters! Now there students can get revenge! Ha! Ha! Ha!

We are forced to join lots of workshops in order to train us how to deal with virtual environments.

ASA - This world is a virtual environment!

Most of the professors are over 50 years old and they are not too skillful with those virtual environments.

Even if I do not waste time commuting to work, I am very busy most of the day :(

I have to make lots of ppt presentations, homeworks, etc, etc

I am working in two universities. But just for hours. In Norbert Wiener University asked me to be a full time professor. But I recalled what you told me and I rejected it. My job is really demanding even if I am not a full time professor

Nevertheless, I try to manage my time in order to do my spiritual practices

I am over the moon, because I am learning how to cook better for Krsna. I am attaching some pictures.

I am taking advantage of the gem therapy and aromatherapy in order to calm myself. And obviously taking shelter of the Maha Mantra.

My cat "Peregrino" also helps me to relax, and sometimes he is present in my virtual classes haha.

Please Gurudeva your blessings in order to continue with my spiritual life.

I write this brief report so that you do not forget this silly girl

Thanks for all your inspiration

Trying to be your disciple

Candramukhi dd

ASA - Esteemed 'silly girl' with cat, cooking for Crsna, with crazy sister who is psychologist, whose parents are in heaven, thank you for the letter. All of Maya's pandemics are temporary, but she has an unlimited number of them!!! So, don't panick! Have fun. Yes, you may die, but that is Krsna's plan! It will be fun also. Yes, you can take you cat if your really want to. Actually we can stay in touch with overyone in their relation to Krsna.

Next letter.

KDPC- Gismo 9- Please accept my most humble obeisances.

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All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!!

All Glories to You!!


Jaya Radha Madana Goapala!

Dear Gurudeva!

From Mexico city, this is Natyelli Garza. It´s been a difficult time with the quarantine. This is my first time I live totally alone, by myself and...I think it´s even more difficult not to procrastinate, sing the rounds and dedicate the mind to service. Sometimes I feel very bored and my mind tells me to do anything trash.

It's been a few months since your last visit in December and more since my last report, an apology to you, we will make more effort and sacrifice. It was difficult because I was working excessively and it was difficult to go see you, being very aware of you. You recently accepted Prabhu Paco and me as your formal aspirants, for which we feel very blessed and grateful. Thanks Gurudeva. Rounds 16, very difficult; Association with devotees is also disrupted, the temple has closed and direct service to Radha Madana Gopala is at zero, Raja Bhoga is my favorite service :D . while at home then deal with laziness.

On the contrary, mother Karuna Shakti DD has been very aware of me, always supporting me and encouraging me to continue. She is a beautiful person. While I am helping with some translations for the Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) which Mother Karuna kindly proposed to serve. Waking for Mangal arati, cooking Prasadam at home, listening to the broadcasts of the temple and following the classes.

On the other hand it is time to do the thesis at home to finish my studies in History, to which I dedicate myself, struggling all the time.

HpS - Krsna is very lonely. Krsna is very frightened. Krsna wants His mommy, won't you help!!!

Family in their home taking care of me from the distance. I love them (mother, father and sister) (will attach a photo of them)... by the way, in some class you suggested if someone could make a translation, mother Karuna wrote to you about this translation, where was a confusion, internet-entity played us wrong. First, changed the order of the words of mother Karuna in her letter, actually I made the translation that Karuna Prabhu sent you by her instructions :), second, erased my letter (since three weeks ago). So It´s a little fun to play with the mind!!

Hoping we will always find ourselves better in the service. Your dumb aspirant to disciple, Bhaktin Natyelli

Thank so much Maharaja!

Hare Krishna!

ASA - Krsna, "Help!"

ASA - NIce photOS

Next letter!!!:>>>

URGENT - Close the borders to maya, SERVE!

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April 30, 2020

Dear Gurumaharaja, Please accept my humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada, All glories to your service to the Sankirtan Movement 

Isn't more clear moment than this to reflect upon our priorities in this Human form of life ; people is losing their bodies, their family members, their jobs and their security and so-called shelter. Nobody knows to whom to turn to, but you thought us perfectly to whom we have to turn to, to Sri Krishna and their associates. 

All this had make me reflect how seriously i’m investing time in my sadhana and in Krishna’s Service. 

I finished my Post Grad in Canada but with all the COVID situation I lost my job, my immigration status, and all our tours were cancelled. Fortunately I was traveling to Mexico to visit Ranchor just few days before Canada closed its borders. Now we both are at my Parents house Chanting Hare Krishna and trying to improve sadhana. For example: waking up @brahma muhurta chanting our 16R early in one sitting/asana [phone forbidden] and after that deity worship and morning Prayers for 1hr. My memory is not that great as Ranchor’s prabhu but I try to memorize words.

Gurumaharaja, i want to honestly and sincerely open my heart. I feel separation from my service and community in Houston. My independent mentality make me flicker in my services and I want to surrender that mentality, I want to remain fix in a service to you and your projects. I really belong to Nila madhava Dham, and I would like to serve there in Goswami Academy. Devotees who I consider shiksas and from whom I take inspiration are there.

HpS --- What does The Ranchor say!??? Your family? Krsna is only a picture passing though the lens of Srila Prabhupada. What does he say?

Please Gurumaharaja guide me, is very easy to get misguided from propaganda of getting money, professional status or just material stuff. We just need a community where Ranchor and I can associate and develop our capacities and to be honest I never believed that I can teach because i’m an untrained Sudra, but I know that if I have your blessing, Nilamadhava blessing, Subhra, CC at all the devotees I can be instrumental. 

Sincerely yours,

Govinda Pramodini Dasi & Ranchor Krsna Das 

HpS --- I don't know, but I think it is certainly O.K. to pray to Krsna and Prabhupada and get guidance. Things maybe changing fast. Krsna my want us to go to a different universe, back to Goloka! Get instrucions from Him daily.

Ter kadamba (

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All glories to sri sri gaura nitai, Tlgsp, my respectful obeisances unto you gurudeva.

I laughed a lot about my empty letter, and thanks so much for your reply.

In my letter I asked how were you in health? He had talked about Easter, Easter and wished him a good Gurudeva day.

Here I continue fighting with the terrible mind I have, but I no longer feel many fears that I had before and I am happy about this

I hope to see you soon gurudeva, my respectful obeisances at your feet.

Se ter kadamba dd

HpS - ASA --- Did you restring our Japa beads?? Thank you for news!!!! Hope the Kapi Dhvaja is usefule for you.

Instituto de Ciencias de la religión Universidad complutense

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Hare krsna, admired Maharaja, please accept my sincere obeisances. Indeed we were visiting together Fernando Amerigo, director of the Institute of Sciences of the religion in September. And I visited him again in January to continue advancing in the relationship of this institute with Nios. In future contacts with them I will focus on the Solaris magazine, when we return to normal after the pandemic if we continue alive. I will inform you.

thanks for your encouragement and advice, 🙇 Hare krsna !!!

HpS - Yes. El Abhirama-das-Thakura Das said he was also in contact with you. If enough good rats make enough good noise, that cat will retreat!