Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias Gurudev 🙏

Le agradezco por su respuesta a su última carta, últimamente han pasado muchas cosas nuevas desde que le escribí. Comenzamos el mes de kartika y fue muy positivo junto con mi esposo enseñamos más a los hijos sobre la conciencia de Krishna y les gusta mucho ofrecer fuego a Damodar, leer el pasatiempo y cantar kirtan en familia.

Un grupo de devotos de Cdmx. han creado un club de Bhakti (Bhakti club México) a través de Facebook se comparten clases, kirtan y actividades, me han ofrecido participar en algunos programas y me siento muy agradecida me parece muy buena idea mantenernos juntos sin importar la distancia.

Por la misericordia de krishna y sus bendiciones se ha terminado la compra del terreno en Canoas y seguimos trabajando con entusiasmo creando huertos. Las plantas de Tulasi siguen creciendo en el suelo de la finca, tenemos la idea de crear jardines de Tulasi ya que crecen de manera favorable y bueno vecinos aún no tenemos pero si deseamos ofrecer a devotos la invitación de unirse a vivir con nosotros para crear comunidad y buenos proyectos.

Como le conté hace unas cartas atrás realizo servicio de diseño gráfico y e decidido aprender para volverme más profesional en mis trabajos para seguir apoyando programas de prédica, también después de suspenderlo volveré a hacer fotografía. Cuando le conocí en Monterrey usted me dijo que debía encontrar cuál es mi naturaleza y el tema del arte y aprender es muy fuerte siempre es parte de mi vida entonces usarlo para krishna me a ayudado a servir de manera práctica.

Como muchos discípulos estamos muy agradecidos de compartirnos sus clases en español y como llegó el tema del próximo Sri Vyasa-puja Govinda Pramodini dd me a contactado para unirnos entre hermanos espirituales en Monterrey y celebrar tan auspicioso día.

Gracias por su tiempo, todos los días orando por su bienestar 🙌

Anandamaya Devi Dasi.


All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Please accept my humble obeisances Gurudev 🙏

Thank you for your response to your last letter, a lot of new things have happened lately since I wrote to you. We started the month of kartika and it was very positive together with my husband we taught the children more about Krishna consciousness and they really like to offer fire to Damodar, read the pastime and sing kirtan as a family.

A group of Cdmx devotees. They have created a Bhakti club (Bhakti club Mexico) through Facebook they share classes, kirtan and activities, they have offered me to participate in some programs and I feel very grateful. I think it is a very good idea to keep us together regardless of the distance.

By the mercy of Krishna and his blessings the purchase of the land in Canoas has been completed and we continue to work with enthusiasm creating gardens. The Tulasi plants continue to grow in the soil of the farm, we have the idea of ​​creating Tulasi gardens since they grow in a favorable way and good neighbors we still do not have but we do want to offer devotees the invitation to join and live with us to create community and good projects.

HpS - AGTSP! Paoho. Very nice Damodara news. You are planting seeds in your children and in the farm... Tulsi can grow very big and bless the whole neighborhood and then when She leaves Her body you can start an industry of Japa beads!

As I told you a few letters ago, I do a graphic design service and I decided to learn to become more professional in my work to continue supporting preaching programs, also after suspending it I will go back to doing photography. When I met you in Monterrey, you told me that I had to find my nature and the subject of art and learning is very strong, it is always part of my life, so using it for Krishna has helped me to serve in a practical way.

HpS - Jaya!!!

Like many disciples we are very grateful to share their classes in Spanish and how the topic of the next Sri Vyasa-puja Govinda Pramodini came in contact with me to unite among spiritual brothers in Monterrey and celebrate such an auspicious day.

Thank you for your time, every day praying for your well-being 🙌

Anandamaya Devi Dasi.

HpS - Respects to all. Is there Prasadam distribution in Monterrey? What are names, ages, photos of your children!??? We really hope the classes in Spanish help. Please take personal responsibility for Srila Prabhupada's movement.

Communication, work in progress

1 day, 9 hours ago by Madhumanjari in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances and gratitude

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

It has been more than a month since my last letter to you and your always instructive, nourishing and precise reply.

There is a commitment from my side to endeavor in developing a frequent communication with you and not get lost as before. Yet, it is a work in progress not because of lack of desire and need, rather weak determination.

I do think of you and talk with you in mind everyday; however that is not enough. There must be a concrete communication to get proper spiritual nourishment and upliftment to grow.

I beg you, Sir, for your help and mercy,

if you desire and bless us,

spiritual strength will be manifested in me.

HpS - You can see we put in some carriage returns. . . We can only hope to be of use to you in your endeavor to one day dance with Krsna and that, that will be practical impetus to write here. If we get water from the well we go to it, no?

I come to you, crawling but I want to run to your lotus feet and remain there forever.

HpS/ASA --- We haven't experienced any lotus feet yet. We must smile and hope to see them also! So, we realize that it is very import to indicate to people that we may be not much more than a traffic signal in the process of getting to Guru-Gauranga. Srila Prabhupada may be a map, a experienced traveler on the road, so we give our full blessings for people to go to him. Except where the traffic signa is appropriate.

It is contradictory, many times we experience a intense sentiment of guilt for not taking appropriate association of your holiness, and fear to lose your precious association and at the same time I do know that you kindly are always available, your lotus feet are always accessible ( your compassion, guidance, loving care, mercy, teachings, your indispensable help and protection). There is a strong need to grow, mature and not be a burden for you; becoming an useful disciple of your; thus, please you. Now I am realizing that I can not do it without you.

HpS - Jayatirtha Das was visiting from Los Angeles because for a few weeks we had no Temple President in Berkeley. He was one of Prabhupada's MOST prominent disciples. Then he went back and then a letter came for him from Srila Prabhupada in India.

I called him and asked if I should forward it by mail to him, and he responded with a little panic, "No, open it immediately and read it to me!".

I did that and it had some very interesting instructions from SP, then Srila Prabhupada finished by saying, "You cannot exist without my mercy...", and it made us gulp, and pause because it was so strong, but then the next phrase changed everything, "and I cannot exist without your mercy. This mutual respect, this mutual love IS Krsna consciousness"!

So, we all need each other! Radharani would die if She didn't get the association of her cousin, Candravali. They LOVE to quarrel.

This time, we report you about my sadhana. By your mercy, and Krsna's, my japa chanting in average is constant ( daily 16 rounds, with some downs but more ups), we do not experience taste for chanting yet, but there is a sincere desire to have the desire to chant the Holy Name, attentively and taste for chanting. We beg for your blessings to enable us to endeavor in that mood and attract your and Krsna's mercy more and more.

My temple Mangalartik attendance has been poor in consistency, sorry for that, I will work on that, starting from tomorrow Tuesday 24/11/2020.

Our SB classes attendance is better, with additional listening SB classes from different devotees, some preferences for your classes (when we have access to the recordings),

  • Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami,
  • Bhakti Vijnana Swami,
  • Sacinandana Swami,
  • Bhurijana prabhu,
  • Radhanath Swami and from his good disciples;
  • Radhika Raman prabhu's series of lecture at Vaisesika prabhu's community, so on.

I do not have much communication with Devamrta maharaj, except when he gives classes here in the temple similarly with Aniruddha prabhu, the communication with him is just at the level of management - basic. I did try to pursuit a Siksha relationship but it did not work ( my respect and appreciation to him).

Her Grace Rambhoru Mataji (organiser of ISKCON Karuna Care program) kindly is giving us her guidance, she lives in Washington DC and organizes different training programs, Compassionate care for devotees and non-devotees, kind of chaplaincy. I got inspired by her to get involved in Devotee Care program, and get some training.

Last year I completed the course at the university, the Psychology degree at Macquarie University in Sydney, and I enrolled in a Master degree coarse in Counseling and Psychotherapy at Australian Collège of Applied Psychology but, I stopped it temporarily.

It is quite demanding, being in the temple as full time devotee it is very challenging for me to complete the assignments on time at the level that it is required.

Moreover it is not proper for me to compromise my sadhana and health either. I thought in taking one subject-unit per semester, it would take long to complete the course, what is your advice on this regard?

HpS - ??? I don't know the details, but the one course a semester seems the best. Congratulations, Mataji on you academic achievement. Living in the Temple and accomplishing these academic degrees at the same time seems give a lot of expectations that what you learned was with a good KC perspective.

Currently, I have been having some difficulties in my temple service at pujari. Mainly, the way, how I dress up the Lordships is on check, the temple authority (Aniruddha Prabhu's wife) she set a deity dressing standard based on tradition that she would like to maintain.

For her, the Lordships look in Vrindavan mood whenever I dress up Them,( mataji is not happy with my service) and that is not align with awe and reverence Laksmi Narayan mood that Srila Prabhupada instructed.

I wonder what actually Srila Prabhupada means with Laksmi Narayan mood in Deity worship?. I do respect and appreciate Acintya Rupa mataji (Aniruddha prabhu's wife) and i am traying to follow her guidelines which are very constraining for me; however, it is painful for me to see how the Lorships look, knowing that we could do and offer better quality of service, not just the basic ( following the authority is important, but blind following is condemned).

For another side, we got the understanding that many devotees feel inspired and appreciate how The Lordship looked when I used to dress up Them before.

So I did consider it as an opportunity for me to be engaged in an indirect preaching service to devotees.

It made me feel useful in Srila Prabhupada mission.

Now I am questioning myself about how i can contribute effectively in Srila Prabhupada's mission. I do not have clear and proper view how to be useful and it is a strong need to do it.

I would like to understand Krsna's plans for me.

I thought that Deity worship is the service that can help me to develop Love for Krsna, be properly situated according my nature.

HpS - One time Jayatirtha Das was in a war with one of the ladies how to dress Rukmini Dvakadisha in Los Angeles Temple. Big Temple. Three-hundred devotees within five blocks, and the controversy about how to dress Radha and Krsna was brought to Srila Prabhupada. He just raised his hands and laughed, and said, this is a matter of personal taste, I will not get involved!

So, that is one perspective, but maybe there is something else in Mataji's decision.

Second, point is that Radharani has to tolerate how Candrabali serves Krsna sometimes. It makes Her so... !!... angry.... Hmmmmmmmmf!!!! but there is no choice. Still She does not lose Her enthusiasm to serve Krsna. She understands the mentality of Candravali and then uses that in Her service.

Also, ... very relevant history? This text followed by the others. The whole pastime.

In a previous communication with you, via gotomeeting, i asked you about the Waves of Devotion book translating service. You instructed me to write you on the blog. Here we are Sir. I wonder if there is any specific requirement for doing that service. I thought of a team of devotees doing it, and if you allow me i can do my best doing that service to please you. please let me know how can i serve you with that project and perhaps, you prefer me to serve you in other services as well.

Please engage me in your service, that will motivate and push me to keep in constant communication with you all.

HpS - I think Anandamaya Das said that some of it was already translated and he had a soft copy of the first part. Maybe that was for BhSastri. Can you contact him. I asked him about the transalation of the rest but never heard from him again. It is really a very, very important book for us to understand NOD, then so many obstacles are quickly removed. We need a KC country. When the Pandavas married Draupadi they did not just get a nice wife, they also got full use of her father's kingdom. Maharaja Drapada. What is we had one KC country! ? Lots of work to do!

As always, this is becoming too lengthy and i was not able to convey the complete message. it seems that there is another reason to write to you very soon.

Thank you for your patient, compassion and care dear Gurumaharaj. Please forgive me for my stupidity and offences.

We humble pray to Sri Nrisimha deva to bless and protect you. Jay Srila Prabhupada!! Jay Sri Ram!!

your useless disciple

Madhumanjari dd

HpS - We wonder if there is also a "amla-manjari"? Thank you. ( Now we join the regular 8PM local Kirtan/Class!!

Lalita Madhava Das

2 days, 9 hours ago by LalitaMadhavadas in Personal Sadhana Reports

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

Jay Sita-Ram, Laksman, Hanuman

Please accept my safe obeisances dear guruji

Thank you very much for reading my words

We are in good health, still saved from the virus

Together with manjulali DD we have been distributing prasadam door to door since March due to Covid. (maybe that's why ISKCON doesn't want us in their ranks)

Since March, neither the previous nor the current administration has communicated with us to find out if we are fired or not allowed to continue serving the restaurant.

HpS - ASA -- ! 😮 !

We still cannot legally formalize our relationship. because of the difficult hours for marriage here in the country.

HpS - Krsna knows your committment.

Sad days and hopeful days, without doing service to the deities in the temple, but all our sacrifice is for you and Krishna.

HpS - All we can do is to try to pass it on to Krsna. He is certainly a good general who does not wast the efforts of any soldiers.

We still want to be good devotees ☺️

The music, preparing a second recording, a meera Bhai bhajan (instrumental with video).

HpS - Yadunandana Swami organized a colloquia with one Professor friend for the students while we were teaching in Radha desa, Belgium He was pretty good expert, maybe 55 years. He said that many more Bhajans were written by Mira bhai after se died than when she was alive. Ha! Ha! People used her name. As we know, Srila Prabhupada liked her, but little hard to present her rigidly yet as entertainment and to reach certain people seems O.K.

Studying carnatic (southern Indian) music on the mandolin, an instrument designed in Chennai to play Indian music.

Waiting I still considered myself his student

At your safe service

Lalita Madhava Das 

HpS - So very nice to hear from you! I have to quote from Bhima after he killed Dhusasana, ripped open his chest and 'drank his blood' and then them covered his corpse with a cloth with Draupadi and said, "Farewell cousin, we were not born to be happy!".

Yet we can be happy under the shelter of Krsna if we realize the purpose of this world!

More News!! Kapi Dhvaja SUnday.

Why human being feels puzzled most often?

2 days, 9 hours ago by diptamurti.das in Personal Sadhana Reports

Pamho, agtsp.

Dear Guru Maharaj,

I am disciple of HH Bhakti charu Guru maharaj.

I needed to take enough guidance as a part of my spiritual life. So thought to write this letter.

Maharaj fear has been a integral part of my life. So internally I am not progressing or may be I am little puzzled. From childhood still today, I have been survived our of abuse, threat and surrounding taught me many lesson.

In 2015 year we took some hurried decision that for we are repenting now. How I would tolerate and convince my mind to tolerate? We purchased a flat for thinking that we can have our material shelter to protect my wife, who is from a Vaishnav background. My parents threatened her. We were not allowed to go home without paying and expending a lot for a party. Worst was they thought to give us in police custody. I could not tolerate and took that decision to purchase a housing in loan EMI. We have tolerated each single day pain for achieving this. But we could not stay here due to my transferable job.

We are requesting our brother to stay freely and take care, he is not agreed, though he is wasting parents and my earning money staying in Bhubaneswar rented house with friends. Due to not staying there in flat, it is being infected by termites and many problems. We are hopeless how we can compensate if not how we can convince ourself to tolerate.

Each time this representation is killing me.

Plz suggest something for my affirmation, which I can carry forward to obey.

Yours servant,

Diptamurti Das

HpS - Hare Krsna! Very nice to meet you Diptamurti Das. I am not giving suggestion that I have not tried again and again in very painful situations!!! Risked my lie following this solution. Of course it is declaration of Sastra also: Chant Hare Krsna, and Krsns will give you intelligence how to deal with the world. He did not give Arjuna and special weapons. He gave him transcendental intelligence.

Yes, Abhimanyu had to die early in the battle, but there was a reason behind it. Especially if you are approaching Srila Prabhupada, Bh. Caru Swami et al, then you have some sincere consciousness and you should know that Krsna is watching you and as things happen look to them as arrangement by Krsna for you. If He wants you to leave this body like M. Pariksit, then it is time to go and He will protect you.

For any detailed advice you have to talk with people who know you and your situation in detail.

Thank you.

See you soon.

New steep! 1728+++,sankirtan?

4 days, 13 hours ago by brian tellez in Personal Sadhana Reports, Hot Topics

Dear Guru Maharaja ♥ ️ ♥ ️😍

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Thank you very much for this incredible devotional life that You has given me, full of challenges and progress in different aspects of my life.

HpS - I hope we have been able to help in the gift but real giver is Srila Prabhupada and your Sankirtan Gurus like Maha-visnu Swami, no??

Now I am in Vrndavan, (the external aspect), yesterday I married my wife at the house of Mukunda Datta das and was HH Bhakti Dhira Dhamodar Swami, and several disciples of Srila Prabhupada, it was a small but very significant ceremony.

HpS - Super! Next Ashrama. How many kids do you have? It has already been four days!!! Get to work you lazy devil! Are they in University? Got PhD in micro-biology?? 😁

My GBC Guru Prasadh (Prasada) Swami gave me the blessings after all that I have gone through to try to establish myself in the ashram (it was not easy 3, very difficult years). Mahatma Prabhu was not in agreement but we spoke with the GBC and reached an agreement. a crazy but very enriching story. 

HpS - The tele-novela of VKD and his bride! Maybe it will be in the next Bhagavatam.

Now we are planning to do the sankirtan December marathon with my wife soon in Delhi with the blessings of Gopal Krsna Maharaja who is going to provide us with apartments to the Flourma sankirtan group that we have here in Vrndavan.

HpS - Very nice! What is your esteemed wife's name?

 I got back up to Mangalaratik and I have never stopped my rounds, my principles have become strong, Vrndavan is a very heavy Guru, he makes me pay for everything very hard, so I feel good about this great opportunity.

HpS - Prabhodananda Sarasvati, Vrndavana Dhama Mahimamrta: I know many books, I know many teacher, but as far as I am concerned, I know no teacher like Vrndavana Dhama!!!

 Gurudeva I am in family activities, growing economically, and I am not clear when I can move from Vrndavan, for now, it suffers but it is enjoyed,

thank you for your time and support, beloved Gurudeva. 

Dear Gurudeva, our Home had no deities, and we felt very empty, so we asked the blessings of HH BDD Maharaja and Mukunda Datta Prabhu who recommended us not to buy them, but to pray for it to manifest, in our marriage some devotees from Harinama They brought this Giriraj to serve her (photo attached), Mukunda Datta told us that we could worship Him as Radha Giridhari, dear Gurudeva please give us your blessings to serve Him and make some progress in our relationship with the Supreme Personality of God and his servants.

HpS - Awk! If you are not strict in your Brahminical life, Giriraja my kill you or your wife or your kids, in college or... He is tough guy. Better to get Gaura-Nitai to start!! They LOVE Kirtana and Bhoga!!

Dear Gurudeva please bless me for keep day by day Focused in Krsna Conciesnes in our Devotional service

His servant Vrajendra Kumara das

HpS - Thank you!!!!!! Go ahead. Steady, useful sankirtan service. Kids.

Report to gurudeva

4 days, 13 hours ago by nicintya1 in Personal Sadhana Reports

All Glories to Srila Pravupad.

All Glories to Sripada Maharaj.

All Glories to Guru Maharaj Dear Guru Maharaj, please accept my humble obeisances to your lotus feet.

HpS - Jaya, but we have lettuce feet! Still trying to reawaken our lotus feet, and you? Are you Kanishta, Madhyama or Uttama Adhikari?

I am Nicintya nityai DD from Imphal.

Could not write to you regularly, my apologies to you.

HpS - Well, we thank you very much for your apologies but.... it only takes away part of the pain in our heart not to hear from you regularly. Krsna must feel this also when we do not chant regularly!!

Hope you are good, I am also doing well.

HpS - Hmmm! We have been doing well and not well. We have had very, very, very elevated Pitta, fire, in our body for a few days, and now it seems to be going down a little. Really death is staring us in the face (but He is smiling with a some challenge].

Because of pandemic, this year has been difficult to go to the temple and attend SB class or go for nagar kirtan ,also missed the association of the devotees but i am performing morning and evening pujah at home and chanting regularly.

HpS - Super. Every obstacle that we encounter in our devotional service is a chance from Krsna to advance. Learn how to be a Temple community through communication rather than sticks and stones. The more you chant, do puja, the more inspiration Krsna will give you to become a devotee on the level of Narada Muni!! It is guaranteed.

Dear Guru Maharaj , as your B'day is near i wish you get closer to the the Lord Krishna. Your fallen servant Nicintya nityai devi dasi.

HpS - Thank you.. More news regularly.