The Questions about The Future

Hare Krsna AGTSP

please accept my humble obeisances.

Narottama reporting from the principal base.

The health is good?

HpS - "Energy" of our donkey is at 75%. We, spirit, push it. That energy is 15% contaminated with allergy.

We, spirit, clean it, with..... Gaura arati! Radha -8- Festival.

The old car, still does it move without many problems?

HpS - Above. 😃

3 points related to the question that I make about how we can take good decisions in Krsna consciousness.

I got many ideas and questions in this month about what is my sva-dharma, what is my work in this place and what can I do for Krsna whit my work and life, whit what you said about that Krsna don't give to Arjuna a super weapon or change his DNA he just give him knowledge, that was really usefull, and make me take good decisions.

Now direct to the point, the question that I was saving to this day was that I have a little predicament.

First, was offer[ed] to me an oportunitie[y] to be the next Das Anudasa of the Bhakti Sastri, I wasn't very sure about that for many reasons (one of them is that I dont feel very confident about going) I will like more (I think) to go whit you (If Krsna and you allows It) and be whit you as much time as possible If you like, see you in Spain and then travel and make sankirtan to maybe travel to India (Now whit the new official name Bharat) or study somthing.

About that second point, I will like to study cinema (more in to the direction stuff or something related) It's something that I like since a few years ago. I think that that maybe will be funcional to spread Krsna consciousness.

All of this are ideas floating in my mind, this is not to you manage my life like a puppet, more like to ask for your council and if this is a good or bad idea to have and keep a life with a good service to offer to Krsna and thus keep my life thinking about him.

Whit no more to add (for the moment) I said good bye.

Hare Krsna :D

HpS - Thank you! KRSNA is our first:

  • friend
  • counselor
  • general, no?

Yet, even He has to deal with the magic of the external energy in the sense that He gives it power to do things.

He was amazed, for a moment, when He saw Maya's Aghasura!


  1. Plan to get up early and get your rounds done with... enthusiasm!
  2. That will give you some good idea of what KRSNA might like you to do. Lord Caitanya might like you to do!
  3. After breakfast meet with your Sankirtan partners in person or by telecommunications. Consult with your family.

In the 'Kapi Dhvaja' we take two hours every fortnight to express our perspectives and plans as Head of the ASA.

  1. chant more during the day. basically whenever you are in doubt about what to do, chant the Holy Names until they inform you.
  2. Young man, up to 29-years old, can just try different things. Make a plan for some time, contract with others for some time and then try doing different stuff.

we tried making movies and realized that it required a team of at least 6-people, so we focused in on PPTX as part of the the team. Then the Director sees our ideas and Directs.

What is your daily schedule?

Madhavendra Puri Das from Cordoba

Dear Gurudeva,

Pamho, AgtSP!

I hope you are well in health and spirit.

HpS - AGTSP!!! So nice to hear from you. We think of you all and wonder if you are dead or alive. Well, where you are alive. What universe.

Brother Ass has been having allergy actions.

strange because the robot says that the pollen level is low.

lettuce see what news follows.

It's been a long time since I last wrote to you.

ASA - Yup! 😐

I'd like to inform you that I'm now living in the Cordoba hills region, in a place called La Cumbre.

ASA 🔭 -,_Argentina

This has been quite an eventful year, with various significant changes happening in my life.

After almost 20 years together and 14 years of marriage, my wife and I decided to separate, amicably and peacefully, though it was still emotionally intense.

Initially, I was somewhat sad, but now my spirits are much better, although I still feel a bit disoriented, mostly learning to be more on my own.

HpS/ASA - Sometimes the wife is expecting her husband to be KRSNA. That is like expecting the mailman to be your rich uncle.

Towards the end of the previous year, I sold the house that was near the city of Cordoba, where you visited us several times.

I've been busy building cabins for rent in the touristy area where I now live.

My spiritual life is in survival mode, with fluctuating enthusiasm, especially with my japa chanting.

There are days when I don't manage to complete the 16 rounds, and I'm eager to improve on this.

HpS/ASA - Be an accountant. Keep track of how many rounds you owe Krsna. . As long as you can breath you can chant. if you chant constantly, at least 16-rounds you are making ... eternal... progress toward reviving your spiritual body. KRSNA is pulllllling from His Side with all the Gopis and Gopas!!!

Here in the hills, there are Sunday programs in progress, mainly focused on engaging with the children in the community, providing them with a space to connect with other devotee children and learn more about Krishna consciousness.

HpS - Super! What happened to your ?son?

We are keen to share from a more cultural perspective. The people in this area are very friendly and are quite attracted to everything related to spirituality or mysticism.

Gurudev, do you still have plans to travel to India next year? I would very much like to be in Vrindavan with you and the devotees.

HpS - Have you seen the Kapi Dhvaja, Our Calendar is there, always.

In Span Ish:

Stay in the center. connected to KRSNA. Then you can offer a hand to others!!

Your servant,

Madhavendra Puri Das

All Quiet on the Midwest Front (New Seva Kunja)

1 week ago by etasa in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna, agtsp, pamho

Dear Gurudeva,

This is a brief report on some spiritual activities. Since July 2023, I have committed again to some pujari service a week for Sri Sri Kishor Kishori (mostly Sringar Arati).

HpS - It is like serving the King and Queen of Spain? 😃

In addition, I am reading and discussing CC with my friend HG Gokulananda Prabhu on Sundays.

HpS - He is in Chicago? Govardhana?

I plan to go to Tennessee this fall to visit the Mulberry Murari Sevaka farm. Perhaps I could give a short Mrdanga workshop to the devotees that live in the area, just for fun and because a teacher always teaches. I'm already coordinating with Mitravinda Mata.

HpS - It is interesting place! They are inspiring devotees. Got threE B*I*G dogs.

🐶 🐶 🐶. Maybe we can talk on the phone. Send your phone number. WeWill not-post it.

After completing my second master's next year, I may reallocate south (perhaps Nashville?) to continue my library and piano teaching activities.

Super. Let us talk.

As for the rest of things, everything is normal, with no major tribulations or euphoric experiences. I am only grateful to you, Prabhupada, and the Vaishnavas for the instructions on this path and the opportunities to serve.


ys EKD

HpS - Any contact with your Biological Family?


Rohini Kumar das


Haré Krsna, Gurudeva, por favor acepte mis sinceras reverencias .

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada.

Continuamos en servicio por la misericordia de Krsna.

Ahora en New Vrindaban ( west Virginia) estoy deseando visitarlo en Houston,

HpS/ASA - Super. Vidaghda and family are there!

We hope to see you in Nila-madhava Dhama!!!

También Pensé en acompañarlo en su viaje de Nashville a Houston. Veremos qué se acomoda más a mi servicio para poder ir . Su eterno sirviente Rohini Kumar Das

HpS - Srinivasa Das comes Sunday morning 19th November (8-weeks from now) from Houston and we go back together that afternoon, but we are anxious to get your association however we can. Even more so it KRSNA!!!

Any artists in New Vrndavana?

Pamho Agtsp

1 week, 1 day ago by [email protected] in Personal Sadhana Reports


This is just a try mail to see if you receive this message.

Your fallen servant

Rupanuga siddhanta das

HpS - Yes, this is it.

We answered your previous posts.

We were so happy to see you in Richmond, but unhappy we did not get your contact information.

We have been little slow to answer letters.

Krsna always connects us heart to heart.

BG 10.11

Reverencias Mahārāja

1 week, 1 day ago by kazzymiro@ in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dandavats Praṇāmas Mahārāja, espero su Salud sea buena, estoy muy contento de ponerme en contacto con UD, Mi nombre es Edgar Manuel Escamilla Zamarrón pertenezco a la comunidad de ISKCON Cdmx, Soy Payaso y por eso me conocen los Devotos como Kazzymiro, he podido celebrar con UD su Viasapuja en dos ocasiones, en casa de Jagatha Bando dāsa en Xochimilco y hacer Saṃskṛtam con UD lo conozco desde hace 22 años y he ejecutado servicio con sus discípulos Akincana Kṛṣṇa Dāsa, Angada dāsa y Malini DD en la vaca Lechera y otros proyectos artísticos, así como con Anirudha Prabhu y Aristasena Prabhu cuando hacía el Gurvkula, Nunca me había animado a acercarme a UD por exceso de respeto y apego a mis anarthas, le hago la Puja a Śrīla Prabhupāda y a UD desde hace como 3 años a las 4 de la mañana, canto mis 16 rondas desde hace 2 años y trato de ir frecuentemente a Mangala ārātika al templo (2 o 3 veces por semana) aunque llego más bien a cantar Rondas con Tulasī Mahārāni ya que el metro lo abren a las 5, así que hago Mangala ārātika en casa, y a las 5 salgo al Templo, llegando allí a las 6:00 am a cantar, tomar la clase, prasadam y servir. Cumplo con mis regulaciones. Intento seguír el ejemplo de los que llamo mis hermanos que son sus discípulos. Ya que me imSpira su devoción por Śrī Rādhā-Mādhana-Gopāla, Śrīla Prabhupāda y Ud.

Quiero pedirle la misericordia de su refugio formal Mahārāja.

Quiero servirle de una manera formal y no fluctuante como lo he hecho tantos años sin un contacto real.

Espero pueda darme su misericordia sin causa Mahārāja y me indique cómo puedo servirle de una forma correcta. Madre Asthasakhi me indico hablar con las Autoridades del Templo; ya me contacte con Prabhu Vanamali. Ahora soy muy feliz por poderle escribir.

Grácias por todo su esfuerzo y amor por las Jīvas de Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Gracias por cambiar mi vida con la suya.

Que Śrī Kṛṣṇa le siga llenando de Luz y que Śrī Hanumān le de su fuerza y amor por Sītā Rāma Su Santidad.

Su Sirviente vida tras vida

Kazzymiro el Clown, (Kazzy dāsa jajaja)

Jaya Śrī Rādhā-Mādhana-Gopāla

Jaya Śrī Hanumānji

Jaya Śrīla Prabhupāda

Jaya Hanumat-Preṣaka Svāmī lo

Todas las Glorias a los Devotos


Dandavats, Praṇāmas Mahārāja, I hope your Health is good,

HpS - ASA - Our health, body energy is . . Plfffstp, unless we chant HK/HR!

I am very happy to contact you, My name is Edgar Manuel Escamilla Zamarrón, I belong to the ISKCON Cdmx community, I am a Clown and that is why Devotees know me as Kazzymiro, I have been able to celebrate with you his Viasapuja on two occasions, at Jagatha Bando dāsa's house in artistic works, as well as with Anirudha Prabhu and Aristasena Prabhu when I was doing the Gurvkula.

I had never encouraged myself to approach you because of excessive respect and attachment to my anarthas.

I have been doing the Puja to Srila Prabhupada and you for about 3 years at 4 in the morning, I have been singing my 16 rounds for 2 years and I try to go frequently to Mangala ārātika to the temple (2 or 3 times a week) although I tend to sing Rounds with Tulasī Mahārāni since the metro opens at 5, so I do Mangala ārātika at home, and at 5 I leave for the Temple, arriving there at 6:00 am to chant, take the class, prasadam and serve.

I comply with my regulations.

I try to follow the example of those I call my brothers who are his disciples. Since I am inspired by your devotion to Śrī Rādhā-Mādhana-Gopāla, Śrīla Prabhupāda and you.

I want to ask for the mercy of formal refuge from him Mahārāja.

I want to serve you in a formal and non-fluctuating way as I have done for so many years without real contact.

I hope you can give me your causeless mercy Mahārāja and tell me how I can serve you correctly. Mother Asthasakhi told me to speak to the Temple Authorities; I already contacted Prabhu Vanamali. Now I am very happy to be able to write to you.

Thank you for all his efforts and love for the Jīvas of Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Thank you for changing my life with yours.

May Śrī Kṛṣṇa continue to fill you with Light and may Śrī Hanumān give you his strength and love for Sītā Rāma, his Holiness.

The Servant life after life

Kazzymiro the Clown, (Kazzy dāsa hahaha)

Jaya Śrī Rādhā-Mādhana-Gopāla

Jaya Sri Hanumanji

Jaya Srila Prabhupada

Jaya Hanumat-Preṣaka Svāmī lo

All Glories to the Devotees

HpS - Wonderful. Your progress cannot be stopped. Formal initiation is guaranteed as you are following Srila Prabhuapada's process so well. You will wake up more and more to your intimate position.

Mostly we are not acting Parampara as ISKCON Diksa guru now. We are too old. Can't handle the Karma.

We like how Yadunandana Swami is giving initiations.

He is nice person.

I think Asta sakhi Devi Dasi and others might put you in touch with him.

You could go to Spain and become a Spanish clown.

Always your servant.