Getting back on track...

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Hare Krsna, AGTSP, PAMHO

Dear Gurudeva,

It has been a year since I moved out the ISKCON Chicago temple, yes, I did some "progress", can’t complain. I teach piano to over 25 students currently (if teaching fine arts can be considered brahminical), and I spend the rest of my time between two part time jobs, my college classes and looking for grad schools. However, things does not unfold always the way I plan, and that is frustrating. I neglected quite a bit my sadhana and overall spiritual health for the sake of moving as fast as possible in the race of getting some “social status” that is far from manifesting soon. Lately, after getting some life punches, I turned back to Krsna for shelter. It has been such a thrilling experience. Listening to kirtans and some classes are enough to make hair stand on end and make me remember sweeter times with devotees.

No preaching, just getting my things done, but after this reawakening, I am visiting Kishore Kishori more often, reading sastra alone on daily basis and with devotees on Saturdays and chanting japa the best I can, trying to get back on track. I am also writing you this letter after a while.

A couple of friends told me that they saw you in Tennessee. They said you were as usual, happily engaged in the transcendental loving service of Krsna. That brought happiness to my heart. Thanks for everything you do Gurudev. 

(Picture next to my piano professor and classmates at Northeastern Illinois University Spring 2019)


ys Etasa Krsna Das

HpS - My God. Hoping to great from you for years! Lost in the Beast. Most important thing is to keep good intelligence. ... I am going to die. Krsna is unhappy without my service. How can I escape the Witch and go to Him


Here we are still alive

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Accept my obeisances dear guruji

Forgive my little communication, day to day is present in my acts and offerings.

HpS - For us is the same. AgtSP!

Summing up my activities, after a year of being in charge of the kitchen of the deities, the temple board has appointed me as the restaurant's manager for 5 months with Manjulali DD.

HpS - No meat, no fish, no tomato sauce with onion our garlic.

Manjulali DD is a very important pillar in the development of all my processes nowadays.

HpS - A good man is hard to find.

If before the problems were not so many nowadays they have multiplied, but, with a great satisfaction that what I do is for the service of the Lord.

Every day we try to maintain a good conscience of service and attitude of kind preaching for our visitors.

Important question:

Years ago i am reciting day after day hanuman chalisa, strangely, some things started to go slightly wrong, it was the year of having dengue in India and one followed by bad events.

This year I start singing again and I feel that things are a little strange again.

As extra information, at the altar I only have murti of Sri Hanuman, not of Sita Ram lakshman, along with my other deities, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Gopal, Guru Parampara, Saraswati.

I hope not to be doing the wrong things so that Sri Hanuman gets angry.

HpSwami ur it - Hanuman chalisa is committed with some ego by author. Chant prayers by Hanuman in Fifth Canto. All else is fine. BG 10.11

I hope you are in good health and forgive my ingratitude dear guruji

Dandavats Pranams

HpS - Fifth Canto! Thank you so much! Got to see you soon!

deseando que esta carta pueda mirar sus ojos de Loto

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Hare Krsna

Jambavati Devi Dasi!

TlgaSP! Pfanrh. Esta carta viene sin contenido, pero es gran honor, felicidad, fortuna bueno, oportunidad no común ser en contacto con su divina ser.

Era súper hablar con Vd en Chosica. Ya estamos en Sama, Centro de Ayur veda y salud espiritual, de devotos en Argentina, Mar de Plata.

Somos con energía un paso de cero pero aun feliz. Somos siguiendo sus pasos y enofocando en distribución de libros.

somos en Lima otra vez 24 Julio Esperamos ver Vd. Pero si no, nos vemos en Sankirtan

Reverencias y Hare Krsna a su papá y esperamos cartas de Vd con contenido.

Raven pure leader ......copy

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Dear Sir

dandavats _______o_

pamho, All gloríes to Srila Prabhupada !.

I will be visiting ISKCON - Houston from 23/12/19 to 03/01/20 . I sent an email before but not sure , if it still active , please provide one that actually can comunícate with you and give you more details in full about my activities and PERSONAL life .

4 reg , ok .

chanting improving and with more attention.

your servant.

Madhvacharya das .


HpS - AGTSP paoho. The address you have works but we can get to it only on limited basis. Better chance is the Blog here. It is just a fact that when we are traveling like this we have too much personal contact to have too much correspondence time.

It hurts us, and other Sannyasis I know, greatly. Well, there is always Paramatma.Com.

We look at you other letters, but Blog is best.

We plan to be in Houston before and after Christmas.

C U There!!

Obeisance to Guru Maharaj Hanumat preshaka swami

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Hare Krishna dear Guru Maharaj!! PAMHO ...All glories to Srila Pravupada. I am Nicintya Nityai devi dasi from Manipur,who have got initiationon on gourapurnima this year.I am deeply grateful to you dear Guru Maharaj for your causeless mercy to this fallen soul by accepting me as your disciple.After initiation my life is a bit changed .I will keep my promise to you at the time of initiation at my best level . Now we are doing SB class every morning ,sunday nagar kirtana and we have done Basic Archana Procedure also .All this is happened by your mercy to us .Hope GM you are always with the Lord ...Thank you a lot . Always at your lotus feet.

HpS - All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Bhakti Svarupa Damodara Swami, Ki Jaya.

Thank you so much for your letter, Mataji. Of you read the DTC posts here and our bi-monthly Kapi Dhvaja at our website you can see it is difficult for us to handle all the mail while traveling. So little delay answering.

Where is your base of residence?

Who are your associates from work, family, Yatra?

Chanting rounds, four principles, SB, you will become powerful tool of the Pancha-tattva.


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All Glories to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

All glories to Srila prabhupada

All glories to You guru maharaja

Dear Gurumaharaja please accept my humble obeisances ,here nara narayana rsi das from cordoba argentina. I am very happy to know that you are already in Buenos Aires and I hope your trip has been peaceful.

HpS-ASA -- AGTSP!! Paoho... It was hell, but we are still smiling.

Unfortunately I could not be part of these reception in bs as I am giving my last exams of this first part in the university which in fact has gone well completing the first stage. This Friday there is still an administrative stage in the university which requires my presence so I will be traveling on the night of Friday 5th to Buenos Aires. There I can be that week taking your association and the association of all the devotees there.

ASA - We get yours!

The devotees here in Cordoba have sent a recommendation of second initiation to the administrative board of bs as initiations which was accepted, I am happy for that. I hope I can talk with you on Saturday and serve you in some way during this visit.

your servant

nara narayana rsi das

ASA - Are you getting up for Brahma muhurta 80% of the time???