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AGTSP. Paoho. 9.36PM. We are dead. After week or more we talked with Dr. Samaresh. Adjust India preaching. Then we had nice SB class this morning. We are syncing with the Board of Examiners.

Then ... gardener, local adjustments, and 3.5 hours to get the last Viplavah done and off to the editors. Gave them three days to respond. Was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Walking with NGD and Vijaya ji.

After just two days we have made a lot of progress toward recovering our energy and getting things caught up. Subal called from Richmond and wants to know if we can visit there in May. We looked at tickets and it would be hard. We will have to see how much we recover. Tomorrow we sync with Art Das and NIOS Peru.

Thank you.

Hare Krsna!

Urgent, should I leave the temple?

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Hare Krsna Maharaj

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please, receive my obeisances.

(Google translator)

Before anything I would like to say hello, and ask him how he has been?

HpS - O.K. We are moving ahead. If we have any material problems from body or society then when we are moving toward Vrndavana we take care of them automatically, like moving our hand to chase away flies.

It is a short question, but with many questions inside as well as admiration and desire to listen to it. Sometimes I try to measure how you perceive the ups and downs of this life, but I can not, I admit that it is daring on my part, I apologize.

Taking into account the above, I would like to comment on a situation that afflicts me (although I know that I should not, I know it in theory, but it is difficult to make it practical). However, please, if you can, would you guide me?

On April 14, I

completed 3 months as a temple resident in the congregation of Iskcon Chile, it

has not been easy, the real challenge is my mind. Some lament for getting up

early, that is not my case, Mangala Arati is the only moment of peace that I

have in the day, my mind there is pleased to sing to Krsna what I call

"The lullaby to wake up". However, situations have happened that I do

not know how to handle. The situation is common. In this present it is common

to hear in some classes strong expressions about the Vaishnava etiquette and

respect for the elderly devotees, on several occasions these speakers are

people who have strongly offended "minor" devotees, bhaktas, guests,

even devotees of their own time. . The question is that, in a particular case,

I admire a devotee who is many years being a devotee, I even liked to listen

to his classes, until there were offenses on the part of this devotee towards

me, he does not agree with the fact that I was a vegan, one day he told me that

I was a demon because I did not want to consume dairy products, among other

insults. Said devotee does service in the temple regularly and gives classes

in the morning those days, I had to stop attending his classes, since, he does

not miss the opportunity to mention offensive phrases towards people who are

beginning this spiritual path , or towards people who do not yet know about

Krishna, he calls them "karmis". Taking into account that he has a

lot of time on this path, recently I stayed in one of his classes, to learn,

take out the good and honor his presence in some way, but it happened again ...

the devotee was offensive to women, "The karmis" as he tells them,

said negative things and gave me an example. Over the years I learned that I

should not respond at the time, then I bow and leave the place, I have asked

for an appointment with the president of the temple to manifest these events

again, I hope to be attended soon.

Now I ask you maharaj, please tell me, how do I avoid falling into mental offenses towards any being that behaves negatively? I recognize that all people have problems and they are suffering, just like me. I know that this is why they can be aggressive, offensive, or have negative attitudes, I try not to intervene in their process, I only think of Krsna and if I have the opportunity, as the case may be, I read the Bhagavad Gita and share it with that person. But I could not stop crying, I feel very bad, I do not want to continue here. In the temple for these circumstances I am forced to live with many people, sometimes I see these people as walking trees full of thorns, human beings can be very harmful at times. I do not want to be a hermit again, Krsna says in the BG that we should have association with the devotees, but it is very difficult, many times I perceive more kindness outside the congregation than inside it.

I do not know what to do, I do not know how to handle it, I do not know how not to be offensive, should I leave the temple? My initial commitment is 6 months, there are only three, but I am constantly depressed because I do not handle tense situations, and here I can not avoid them. I have even stopped singing all my rounds at times, I have fallen into strong criticism towards others, I am becoming a sad, bitter and judgmental person since I am living here, I know that all this depends on how I perceive things, I am investigating psychological aspects to better handle these situations, but how do you connect it to spirituality?

Looking for guidance in the instructions of Srila Prabhupada I found the following verse of the Bhagavad Gita that says:

BG: 6-32: O Arjuna, he who, by comparison with his own being, sees the true equality of all beings in his happiness as well as in his affliction, is a perfect yogī.

In the meaning Srila Prabhupada mentions that the devotee should watch over the welfare of all living entities, since he understands that everyone is suffering and that Krsna is the supreme controller and enjoyer. So, in theory I understand this as a child, but in practice and just now I have a hard time keeping my heart clean, as I mentioned before, I am becoming a sad and judgmental person.

I will wait for your answer attentively, and I thank you for having read this long letter, I apologize for that. I'll try to make the following shorter.


Petti. (Stefani S. Michelena)

HpS - Chant Hare Krsna and Krsna will give you intelligence what to do. I have tried it and it works. Hare Krsna, Hare Rama, Hare Krsna, Hare Rama...... Maybe you can have some adjustment with Amara gauranga Das help. Maybe share an apartment with other Monjas and come to the Temple. Adjust, adjust, adjust, but... this is the material world. A mental hospital and so you can never have a sane life here, just a medical purification life, help others recover. Chant and adjust. Chant and select good association, many Gurus with different lessons.


Hare Krsna Maharaj

Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada.

Por favor, reciba usted mis reverencias.

(Google traductor)

Antes que cualquier cosa me gustaría saludarle, y preguntarle ¿cómo ha estado? Es una pregunta corta, pero con muchas interrogantes dentro a la vez que admiración y ganas de escucharlo. A veces trato de dimensionar como percibe usted los altos y bajos de esta vida, pero no puedo, reconozco que es osado de mi parte, me disculpo.

Tomando en cuenta lo anterior le quiero comentar una situación que me aflige (aunque sé que no debería, lo sé en teoría, pero es difícil hacerlo practico) sin embargo, por favor, si usted puede, ¿me orientaría?

El día 14 de abril cumplí 3 meses como residente de templo en la congregación de Iskcon Chile, no ha sido fácil, el verdadero reto es mi mente. Algunos se lamentan por levantarse temprano, ese no es mi caso, Mangala Arati es el único momento de paz que tengo en el día, mi mente allí se complace en cantar a Krsna lo que llamo “La canción de cuna para despertar”. Sin embargo, han pasado situaciones que no se bien como manejar.

La situación es común. En este presente es común escuchar en algunas clases fuertes expresiones sobre la etiqueta vaisnava y el respeto a los devotos mayores, en varias ocasiones dichos expositores son personas que han ofendido fuertemente a devotos “menores”, bhaktas, invitados, incluso devotos de su mismo tiempo. La cuestión es que, en un caso particular, yo admire a un devoto que tiene 20 años siendo devoto, incluso, me gustaba escuchar sus clases, hasta que ocurrieron ofensas por parte de este devoto hacia mí, él no está de acuerdo en el hecho de que yo sea vegana, un día me dijo que yo era un ser demoniaco porque no quería consumir productos lácteos, entre otros insultos. Dicho devoto es pujari los fines de semana en el templo y da las clases en la mañana esos días, he tenido que dejar de asistir a sus clases, puesto que, no pierde la oportunidad de mencionar frases ofensivas hacia personas que estamos comenzando este camino espiritual, o hacia personas que aun no conocen sobre Krisna, el los llama “karmis”. Tomando en cuenta que el tiene mucho tiempo en este camino, el domingo pasado me quede en una de sus clases, para aprender, sacar lo bueno y honrar de alguna manera su presencia, pero volvió a suceder… el devoto fue ofensivo con las mujeres, “los karmis” como el les dice, dijo cosas negativas y me puso como ejemplo. A lo largo de los años aprendí que no debería responderle en el momento, entonces hago reverencias y me voy del lugar, he pedido una cita con el presidente del templo para manifestar nuevamente estos acontecimientos, espero ser atendida pronto.

Ahora le pregunto a usted maharaj, por favor dígame, ¿cómo hago para no caer en ofensas mentales hacia ningún ser que se comporte de forma negativa? Reconozco que todas las personas tienen problemas y están sufriendo, así como yo. Se que por eso pueden ser agresivos, ofensivos, o tener actitudes negativas, trato de no intervenir en su proceso, solo pienso en Krsna y si tengo la oportunidad, según el caso, hago una lectura del Bhagavad Gita y lo comparto con dicha persona. Pero no he podido parar de llorar, me siento muy mal, no quiero seguir aquí. En el templo por lsa circunstancias me veo obligada a convivir con muchas personas, a veces veo a estas personas como arboles andantes llenos de espinas, los seres humanos podemos ser muy dañinos a veces. No quiero volver a ser una ermitaña, Krsna dice en el BG que debemos tener asociación con los devotos, pero es muy difícil, muchas veces percibo más bondad afuera de la congregación que dentro de la misma.

No se que hacer, no se como manejarlo, no se como no ser ofensiva, ¿debería irme del templo? Mi compromiso inicial es de 6 meses, solo van tres, pero estoy constantemente deprimida ya que no se manejar situaciones tensas, y acá no las puedo evitar. Incluso he dejado de cantar todas mis rondas en ocasiones, he caído en fuertes criticas hacia los demás, me estoy volviendo una persona triste, amargada y enjuiciadora desde que estoy viviendo acá, se que todo esto depende se como yo percibo las cosas, estoy investigando aspectos psicológicos para manejar mejor estas situaciones, pero ¿cómo lo uno a la espiritualidad?

Buscando guía en las instrucciones de Srila Prabhupada encontré el siguiente verso del Bhagavad Gita que dice:

BG: 6-32 : ¡Oh, Arjuna!, aquel que, mediante la comparación con su propio ser, ve la verdadera igualdad de todos los seres tanto en su felicidad como en su aflicción, es un yogī perfecto.

En el significado Srila Prabhupada menciona que el devoto debe velar por el bienestar de todas las entidades vivientes, ya que entiende que todos están sufriendo y que Krsna es el supremo controlador y disfrutador. Entonces, en teoría entiendo esto desde niña, pero en la práctica y justo ahora me he difícil tener limpio el corazón, como le mencione anteriormente, me estoy volviendo una persona triste y juzgadora.

Esperare su respuesta atentamente, y le agradezco el haber leído esta larga carta, me disculpo por eso. Procurare que las siguientes sean más cortas.


Petti. (Stefani S. Michelena)

URGENT - Piero from Chile report and questions

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to Hanumatpresaka swami


Here, Piero from Chile.

I am in good health and with enthusiasm to stay in the spiritual war. 

I wrote two month ago about my situation in the temple of Chile.

I was commander of the temple for one month. It was much for me, i am so obsessive and very immature spiritually and materially. It was much responsibility that i can hold. I was sick with nerves and then with indigestion. I wanted stay in the service, but my body stopped it.

Now i am living in a apartment with devotees. I wake up at the 4 AM (some time a litter late for tamo guna but i fought). Then i go to bathroom and then i make a litter mangalartik, just 15 minutes. Chanting my rounds with Srila Prabhupada recording. Then two hours of study Gita and Bhagavatam, breakfast and going to sankirtan.

HpS - AGTSP paoho. You must have been a monk in you last life.

My health quickly got better, and now i take an another service in the temple. Prabhu Amara asked me to be a secretary and i agreed.

Like a Kshatriya i work better like a secretary than a commander. My dharma is more intellectual than a warrior in the battlefield, i dislike the fight.

It matches with the instruction that you give me in Buenos Aires, be a reporter for the temple and do things like a secretary. I like it.

We are doing many things, organizing meetings and typing this, see problems than we have to improve, planning a census of devotees and many other things.

On the other hand in the comunicate department we still doing the bulletin all the Ekadashi. Now we let's go back to do “perspectivas”. Short interview of devotees in a short videos. I want do another interview to devotees but written and with the goal to heal and unite to the congregation.

I want to learn good english, all days i tried to learn a new word.

HpS - Read the Krsna book in English.

My passion make me an a desire machine, but now i tried that all going connected with Krishna.

My idea is clean myself this year, taking some therapies for be more strong, like metagenealogy, yoga, psychotherapy, to know me more than now.

My heart now is more connected with you, but my mind still is a bad dog.

I have some questions. First the question that i did in gotomeeting.

  • Paramatma is connected with the intelligence?

HpS - Intelligence in Sanskrita is "Buddhi". It is in the heart. It is perspective, attitude, meditation. On the basis of our intelligence we think, plan. That is "manas". It is discussed again and again in the Gita and SB. You will understand. It is material. The paramatma is the 'Hand of God". He is especially discerned in the intelligence. We have inspiration to do this do that. That is the paramatma talking through our material intelligence. Read, chant more, you will understand.

  • When Krishna said to Arjuna than never after he see the universal form His refers of this planet or in all the universe?

HpS - We don't understand. Maybe in Spanish. Exact place where it is spoken in the Gita. The universal form is the whole universe. This planet (plane et) is just part of it.

Thank you gurudeva, your simple servant, Piero Saavedra Torchio.

HpS - Thank you. Also look at your other letter.

Una visión a futuro - El presidente del templo cama adentro

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Querido Guru Maharajá, espero que su salud sea muy buena y pronto venga. Me encuentro en sankirtan viajero, en muy buena asociación, y distribuyendo libros, seguimos leyendo las escrituras, enseño el Bhagavad Gita, estoy tratando de balancear mi vida. No trabajar para alguien me permite estar más equilibrada, puedo cantar mis rondas con tranquilidad y comer a mis horas, estoy orando mucho a las deidades. Vemos películas de santos me inspira mucho, espero que los devotos hicieran más películas de santos vaisnavas, con la modernidad de ahora.

Estuve pensando en los problemas de administración y pienso que en el caso de los templos donde habitan monjes, en un futuro, ellos deben administrarlos, seguir el estándar de un templo y formar líderes, claro que para esto deben estar bien capacitados principalmente en el sastra y la parte operativa. Creo que por permitir que personas externas con otras prioridades personales sean los presidentes, desestabilizan la atmósfera de bondad. Ellos pueden dar donaciones, organizar programas externos e invitar a los devotos, pero sin formación debida tratar de liderar brahmanas, o devotos que desean pasar por un tiempo de celibato, cultivar cualidades espirituales y estudios, no es bueno. Alguien que vive en un templo debe estar activo en predica y el resto de la sociedad ayuda desde afuera. En las escrituras se explica que el brahmana recibía donaciones y las distribuía equitativamente, pues cumplían el voto de pobreza y humildad, de tener lo justo y lo necesario. Y la sociedad puede ayudar mucho en el servicio a la deidad, etc. Estos líderes de templo responden a un grupo de devotos mayores quienes son consejeros, expertos en diferentes rubros. Si los templos están vacíos es porque no hay una atmósfera como la que planteamos. El humor de templo es diferente al humor de un devoto externo. Sin que eso signifique que uno sea mejor que otro. En fin, sólo son ideas. Sinceramente espero que las cosas mejoren.

Por otro lado, Prabhu Rupanuga está avanzando las obras en su centro de rejuvenecimiento, me pidió que le contara.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!


Su hija que lo adora:

Yugala Kishora Dasi




Dear Guru Maharaja, I hope your health is very good and will soon come. I am in traveling sankirtan, in very good association, and distributing books, we continue reading the scriptures, I teach the Bhagavad Gita, I am trying to balance my life. Not working for someone allows me to be more balanced, I can sing my rounds with tranquility and eat at my hours, I am praying a lot to the deities. We see movies of saints inspires me a lot, I hope the devotees made more films of Vaishnava saints, with the modernity of now.

HpS - Yes, we would like to see ISKCON devotees make more movies. You and I and all ASA members have to make movies.

I was thinking about the problems of administration and I think that in the case of the temples where monks live, in the future, they must administer them, follow the standard of a temple and train leaders, of course for this they must be well trained mainly in the sastra and the operative part. I believe that by allowing outsiders with other personal priorities to be presidents, they destabilize the atmosphere of kindness. They can give donations, organize external programs and invite devotees, but without proper training try to lead brahmanas, or devotees who wish to go through a time of celibacy, cultivate spiritual qualities and studies, is not good. Someone who lives in a temple must be active in preaching and the rest of society helps from outside.

HpS - As I understand, this is exactly the arrangement that happens in Radha-natha Swami's Temples. The Brahmacaris manage the Temple and the Grhasthas manage the Yatra.

In the scriptures it is explained that the brahmana received donations and distributed them equally, because they fulfilled the vow of poverty and humility, of having just and necessary things. And society can help a lot in the service to the deity, etc. These temple leaders respond to a group of senior devotees who are counselors, experts in different areas. If the temples are empty, it is because there is no atmosphere like the one we propose. Temple humor is different from the mood of an external devotee. Without that means that one is better than another. In short, they are only ideas. I sincerely hope things improve.

HpS - This is Kali-yuga. Two choices usually, go to Goloka or go to hell. No distractions like go to Indraloka or go to Maharaloka like in other ages. Good in that aspect.

On the other hand, Prabhu Rupanuga is advancing the works in his rejuvenation center, he asked me to tell you.

HpS - Yes, we saw photos. He has done a lot and it is not far from Lima. Secret road over the hills. What books do you distribute? Distribute book distribution, not just books. Accept a lot of disciples for Srila Prabhupada!

Jay Srila Prabhupada!


His daughter who adores him:

Yugala Kishora Dasi

Final Report about EPV Chile

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Dear Gurumaharaja, I am writing on behalf of the entire Vaisnava protection team.

We have made a public statement and informative of all things that have happened in our attempt to do something in relation to the problems that you know we work.

We have become tired and worn out seeing that there has been no progress so we made the decision to send all the information to our community to end our effort. At the same time we want to inform you by sharing the same statement. If you wish, you can edit, publish, or delete it, as you will undoubtedly know what is most appropriate.

Finally, we thank you for all your support and help, thank you very much.

HpS - AGTSP paoho. Hey, if it is your service, don't give up. Srila Prabhupada had a lifetime of effort, preparation, then Krsna used it all. We wish we could do more.

We just ran it past us. It is very very long. I will erase it and then you send a summary.

sorry Sir

Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj

Pamho agtSP

Please forgive me, i sent the previous message with attach pics of the Lordships, Sri Sri Radha Vallabha, but by mistake i attached the pics three times or more.. sorry

Your servant 😔

Madhumanjari dd

HpS - It was really, really, really great!! It is like universal form for Arjuna but from Goloka!