“Hare Krsna” Zoom meeting for Pula - part 2

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Following from here https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/10971/

Date and time: We propose 09.04. Thursday at 6:30 PM. That is 11:30 AM in Murfreesboro.

ASA - AGTSP!! Paoho.... Brown and White here. HpSwami died, but we expect him to take birth again soon.

So nice to talk with you.

The time is fine, but we have some connection with the SB classes in Hawaii at that time on Thursdays. What about day before or after???????

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Good night!


So, many people saying, "Do not travel. Stay here." but it is like telling a doctor, "Do not go to your clinic". So many of our tools are there is Nashville. Our Ashrama is there if we are going to be doing any preaching by the internet, postal, methods, developing projects with Oscar, Ambarisha et al.

Our team is there. NgD is there.

So, we will travel tommorrow.

Now is 10.23PM. Head ache has started to appear. Time to stop writing letters. Was very good day. We have contact with like six households here. We all keep Brahmnical distances. Don't meet all together at the same time, receive them rather than going out.

Long discussion with Latin American GBC team today and few hours with Srinivas Das, M. Sundara-radhika Devi Dasi (Kama-Murari-Bala-Ananta-Nanda...)


***46 The forest of Vrndavana charms the hearts of the entire world and makes it thirst after the sweetness of the ocean of bliss. How is it that by the cooing of Vrndavana’s cuckoos, parrots, and other birds, even Lord Krsna’s flute, which maddens the entire world, has become bewildered and silenced?

*****47 The transcendental amorous passion of Sri Sri Radha-Muralidhara increases moment by moment without limit and all Their Gopi friends become plunged into the ocean of transcendental bliss. O Vrndavana, this is your great transcendental glory.

48 Alas, alas, if one does not worship Sri Radha’s lotus feet, then when She is displeased, Lord Hari, who is submissive to Her, becomes very difficult to attain. Without taking shelter of Vrndavana, how is it possible to attain Her feet, which never travel to any other place?

***49 As the girls of Vraja blissfully sing, play musical instruments, and wonderfully dance, and as the sky of Vrndavana resounds with the beating of drums and is filled with a shower of flowers, Sri Sri Radha-Krsna sweetly sing and dance.

****50 The vina makes no sound, the flute does not call, the cuckoos do not warble the fifth note, the gopis become silent, and Lord Hari gives up His love-talk, when Sri Radha sings the glories of Vrndavana.

Hare Krsna - Confusing Times

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Dear Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

I was thinking how Krishna arranged things perfectly by sending you to Boise during these chaotic times. Such wonderful devotees there and always ready to serve you.

I am chanting my 16 rounds and following the principles. Initially I had problems doing my afternoon gayatri, but that has become regular now. We finished reading Devahuti and Kardamam muni's section in the third canto and are currently reading SB 3.26. We are reading Ramayna from Vedabase everynight before going to bed.

HpS - !!!

Because of the virus scare, the temple is now currently closed and only the devotees who are responsible for deity services are allowed into the temple. I did my first Raj bhoga arathi service on Sunday, before the temple closure.

I was dressing Gaura Nita on Thursday nights and now, they have stopped night dressing. Only time the deities are dressed is in the morning and that too in their night dresses. The garland services that Divya Sri was doing is also suspended. I still do Srila Prabhupada's Guru puja arthi on Wednesday and Thursday. Divya Sri has Tulasi seva at the Tulasi house on Wednesday. So we still have a chance of taking Darshan of Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji at least 2 days a week.

HpS - Jaya!

Dallas has a shelter in place order from today for 2 weeks. I have been working from home and contrary to what I thought, I have been working more that I would do when I go to the office.

My work visa is up for renewal and we filed extension a month back. At that time the processing times were 3-5 months. With the lockdowns that are happening, I don't know how long before I'll know if my visa is extended.

In the beginning of March, we signed a contract to buy a house close to the temple (2 mins walking, even closer than where we are currently). We are now very confused on how to proceed with the house. I have been praying to Kalachandji to give me a strong indication to back out, but everything has been in our favor. They agreed to the price we asked, agreed to all the major repairs we wanted, the bank approved the loan and the monthly principal and interest is 1108. We would like to ask your advise on whether we should proceed with the house in the current circumstances Gurudeva.

Your servant

Srinatha Krsna dasa

HpS - I can't predict the future. Mode of ignorance is very prominent now. We try to make practical decisions. We try to all be friends in this world and Krsna will make enough problems to keep pushing us out, like M. Parishit, but we can do good service as He wants on the way out.

So, make a good estimate of the future. Look with some respect to the indications from Krsna and "yare deke tare kaha..", wherever you go, whomever you meet, tell them Krsna's instructions in BG, SB etc. and by L. C.'s order, become Guru.

Hare Krsna - Bhakti Sastri Dallas

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Dear Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

Thank you so much for helping ISKCON Dallas get the Bhakti Sastri center approval. All the devotees were very grateful for your guidance.

We finished our overview of the Bhagavad Gita course a few weeks back. We had 16 students and most of them attended all the 9 sessions. We had a very personal connect with all the students and all of them gave very positive reviews. A couple of students even gave dothis to us after the course as a mark of dakshina!

HpS - AGTSP.. The Mormon missionaries get neck ties!

Since I have been coordinating the adult sastric education program in Dallas, I have been getting a lot of questions by email from the students. It is sometimes very personal. I have questions on how they need to deal with certain specific situations. I am comfortable answering philosophical questions, but it is scary when they ask for advise. I don't think I am qualified to act in that capacity, but I have been praying to you and Krishna before answering them so that the right words may come out of me.

Please tell me how I should handle this service Gurudeva, because I anticipate more and more people asking such questions as we continue this program.

HpS - Just be honest. That simple. If they have an false impression of who you are then try to correct it.

In terms of Bhakti Sastri, before starting the program, the education team (Devadarsana Prabhu, Nrtya Kisori Mataji, Rasaraj Prabhu, Hemangi Mataji and myself) had a few questions. With the current circumstances, it also looks like Krishna's arrangement to give us some time to prepare before starting the Bhakti Sastri course.

  1. Are there any syllabus materials for teachers that we can have access to such as VHIE, MIHE, etc

HpS - I don't think so. You have to ask them.

  1. Are there any student handouts that we can have access to?

HpS - Same.

  1. We had requested the BoEx for a teach and learn program where some of the teachers teaching the course could also earn their BhS degree. So, for the tests, can someone else give us the exams and grade the exams so that we don't need separate exams for the teachers without BhS degree.

HpS - What did they say when they gave permission? We did similar and we had separate test for the Testers.

  1. Considering our community is a grihasta community, what should be the scope of the BhS course? How may hours is a student expected to put in apart from attending a 2-3 hr class every week? Do we need essays every week or is there a minimum number of essays we can have per module and one closed book short answer exam per module?

HpS - Hmmm! This was not all clear when they made you a teaching and examination center? It is funny. Again, I do not know what the current standard is. The only persona that I think who might know is Radha Krsna Das in Houston.

Thank you so much Gurudeva for engaging me in this service.

Your servant

Srinatha Krsna dasa

HpS - Does this file have some help is it? http://www.jayarama.us/archives/tpp-bs.docx

KDPC Saranagati Dasi visita a México

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Haré Krishna Gurudeva.

Por favor acepte mis reverencias,espero que se encuentre bien de salud, seguimos en la lucha contra la energía material y al pendiente de todo lo que sucede en el mundo.

HpS - AGTSP. Fighting with Maya is like fighting with your tennis coach!

La situación tanto en el templo como en la ciudad misma es un caos parece que todo se alineó para causar más demencia en los devotos y en la sociedad en general, sin duda es un buen momento para aferrarnos al canto del Santo Nombre y a los libros de Prabhupada una oportunidad para volvernos más concientes de Krishna.

HpS - Yes, death is the sum-total of all bad experiences. What ever we experience now is just preparation for another, lets work to see it is the last, death.

Gurudeva varios hermanos espirituales estamos muy preocupados por su salud y bienestar y le rogamos en lo mayor posible que no viaje en los próximos meses hasta que pase toda la situación del Coronavirus su salud y bienestar es lo más importante, consideramos que más bien en algún punto en el futuro nosotros viajemos a verle Usted es nuestro padre eterno y no sabemos que hacer para devolver un poco de todo el cuidado que tiene hacia nosotros, es muy probable que yo no sea nadie para pedirle que se mantenga a salvó pero tengo que intentar.

HpS - We posted one letter about that at the beginning of today's posts. Why are we thinking that this is the last virus? Maybe or it may be the end of Western civilization. Try our best to understand things and preach as much as we can now!

Siempre me mantengo orando a Krishna por Usted y por su salud.

Su tonta sirviente Saranagati DD

HpS - Thank you!!!!! Next letter, join us.


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Hare Krsna Guru Maharaj!! Please accept my humble obeisance. I, the servant of your servant, am from Manipur. My name is Sheityajit.

Mataji Sarada Gaurangi Devi Dasi told me about you Guru Maharaj. I feel it a blessing to get association of her. I used to attend SB classes daily and I get the chance to meet her there. She also gave me SB books. SB class is very enlivening. And association of devotees is giving energy to the soul.

I want to get initiated but my parents are not agreeable. I also want to live as brahmacari but they want me to marry. But still I'm single.

Guru Maharaj, please instruct me as to how my parents will become agreeable.

And Guru Maharaj, sometimes I just can't chant for no reason. Minds get distracted by worldly problems. Please tell me how to drive away this distractions.

I have much to enquire from Guru Maharaj. But I just can't speak up and I am too excited, getting nervous. Hare Krsna.

HpS - Jaya! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!! Thank you for your letter. We are just little servants of Srila Prabhupada. If you are reading his books and applying the instructions therein with as much sincerity as you can then you are on the right path and all your questions will be answered.

Prahlada tried to make his parent, Hiranyakashipu happy with him, but it was not possible. Sometimes it is possible and sometimes it is not, but you can keep trying. You are not the Best Friend. Krsna is. So try to help Krsna, help your parents, family.

Details of B'cari ashrama etc. become clear as we advance. In the beginning just answer the question? Who is Krsna? Is He the cause of everything and its controler? Who am I? Simple questions first. Of course the advanced appreciation can be there" How beautiful is Krsna, but we should really focus on understanding Srila Prabhupada and the importance of chanting 16-nice rounds and following four principles.


Then everything else will follow!

Thank you. Go on chanting, reading and preaching.