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AGTSP. Paoh. We are lazy. Lusty. If it were not for Srila Prabhupada's sacrifice we could not be engaged in devotional service!!!!!! 😕 😕 😕

Organized a very satisfying SB class this morning. Cooked Breakfast and Tea for Lord Nrsmha. Talked with Abhirama Das and Bhakti-sundara Goswami, answered a lot of mail. Now we will go to NGD house for walking. First bodily association in three days!!

Hare Krsna!

Chant Hare Krsna and be happy!!!!!!! Very happy! ie. Let Krsna engage you in Sankirtan.

Crecer Vaisnava and Report KSDD

Hare Krsna dear Guru Maharaja

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and all glories to you

Please accept my obeisances

Long time ago I do not write on the blog and I beg your pardon.

HpS-ASA - AGTSP! It is small fault compared to our many! So good to see you.

Although I read daily your instructions and I can find similar situations to what I am living, so, I take your instructions as if they were for me.

My personal report:

For your mercy without cause we maintain ourselves chanting 16 rounds, following 4 principles, regular morning Sadhana, daily lecture of srila prabhupada’s books and we regularly listen to classes online. We maintain our service on the temple. Raja bhoga on Wednesdays and garlands on Saturday.

I’m trying to support Prabhu Arya-Srestha Das, according to my possibilities. Even there still are things that hurts me, but I’ve left it aside and above that I see him as a great devotee that has gone through adverse situations; so I’m trying to be a support and not a burden. Our deals are cordial and he is striving to correct his mistakes, we share Rajas Bhoga service on Wednesdays… after all… we will always be united by the service to you and Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - ASA - As you describe the situation, we would say that any gentleman is very fortunate to have the association of a lady like you. Thank you. Our respects to, Prabuji also.

My sakirtana report “Crecer Vaisnava” :

For your mercy without cause I have worked in this service for almost 6 years. Our intention is to bring support tools for parents and instructors vaisnavas. We have a facebook page, we have 3000 followers and the last statistic we have a range of 12.2 thousands of visits in one month.



-His holiness Guru Prasad Swami, has given us his authorization as GBC of our zone and he likes our service.

-We share articles for Grihastras, Parents, and Instructors. Quotes from Srila Prabhupada, material for kids, videos, songs, work books, children’s book, etc…

For your mercy without cause, this year various vainavas have joined to our team and we are realizing new material, they are really anxious in collaborating and it inspires me to continue.

Like maybe you remember, Crecer Vaisnava, translated the book of Homeschooling some time ago. So since that time I am in touch with Prabhu Abhirama about it, we are coordinating each other and he things that it would be possible to publish it in Mid-year. 

-In addition we have organized some conferences online with Mataji Aruddha about the Homeschooling topic, in different Yatras. (Chile, Mexico City, Cueramaro and Tulancingo) many parents have been attracted to the topic, and we have done links with some devotees that realizes home Education, since we are Crecer Vaisnava we are tracking them.

-Following the conferences we have achived a group of studies of the Homeschooling of Mataji Aruddha. Actually there are 15 devotees on the group. The parents are really enthusiastic and committed. We are learning a lot.

-We published a bimestrial magazine ”Educando para el hogar Crecer Vaisnava”. On it we share articles about devotees like Mataji Urmila, Mataji Aruddha and also we interviwed to senior devotees from different Yatras… Parents are eager to learn about the experiences of others and it looks like a good tool.

This is a little proof of what we have done during this time, we would like very much to be useful for your Sankirtan, we ask you to instruct us in how we can please you. We would like to know, ¿How can we subordinate to the Anjana Suta Academy?

HpS - I don't think there is any need to be formally a "Branch" of ASA. This communication is wonderful format for being part of the Occult ASA. You have your formal authority from the local Temple etc. O.K.?

Thanks Gurudeva, because you are the one who pushes us to try to be useful on the transcendental Sankirtana of Srila Prabhupada.

Please forgive me for the long letter. We reiterate our obeisances and eternal thanks.

Your aspirant to servant

Karuna-Sakti DD

HpS - Is not too long. Is very wonderful thing you are doing. We hope it goes to Spain, Peru, Argentina etc!!!! Send us news from time to time.

Thank you so much O! merciful Gurudev!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!! All glories to Guru maharaj! PAOHO ....at Your Lotus feet!

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj,

We three of us ...two young students included.....were at Puri just the day before it was hit by the cyclone...! We had Shree Jagannath, Baladeva and Mother Subhadra's darshan and got accomodation at Shree Caitanya Gauriya Math, the birthplace of Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Swami Maharaj . We got wonderful darshan.....great prasadam and got time to relax under the kalpa vrksha ! HH Paramanidhi Maharaj took great care of us and told us to come to Puri every year. His Holiness arranged an autorikshaw for us so that we could visit the holy places of Mahaprabhu's pastimes...Gambhira, Sarvabhauma's ashram, Siddha Bakul, Samadhi mandir of Jagannath Babaji, Gundicha Mandir,Tota Gopinath....

We were cursed by a pujari too....while taking darshan, he grabbed my hand...and started saying some mantras...asked gotra....swami's name etc. Told the pujari that am a Bhramacharini....and offered him 500rupees. He was demanding more money....and as I moved on, he shouted... You won't get married and have children!! Sudip , our student being a Bengali, understood the language and felt very unhappy. Later, when Sudip told me about the pujari's curse, I was indeed very happy!!!

Then we reached Nabadwip , stayed at Gopal Dev mandir . Had darshan of Radha Madhava at Mayapur. We visited Kalna and had darshan of Gaura Gadadhara.

Everything went fine Guru Maharaj. Thank you so much. Cyclone came after we left Puri. The Kolkata airport opened on the day we were to fly back to Imphal.

HH Haridasa Maharaj will be at Mayapur today for a meeting.

We are working on the printing of NOI in local language. We have a staff who has a printing machine and we have asked him the total cost of printing 2000copies. How do we make the cover attractive Maharaj? Which pictures should we put? We would like to get it done in a couple of months' time,if not earlier.

We are concerned about Guru Maharaj's health. We pray that Guru Maharaj recovers fast .

Your ignorant servant,

Sarada Gaurangi DD

HpS - Reverend Brahmacarini, Paoho. Wonderful news. Maybe your will be a personal friend of Visnu-priya in your next life if you continue like this!

Send some cover suggestions to this Blog. Of course coordinate with the BBT!!

Such a nice trip. You can see we have not been traveling. We are resting in Murfreesboro and then take off again June 5th. Yesteday, the hay fever, allergy was INCREDIBLE, like putting salt into an open cut. Then today. . . nothing. We have so much work that we just chant Hare Krsna and let Krsna decide what we will do.

Hope the Kapi Dhvaja helps!!!

Temple president in Boise is willing to only charge me a Dollar.

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Your Devine grace Hanumatpresaka swami.

I see how busy you are and no apologies needed.

Even if Krsna sees I'm able to serve, I feel that there's vary little I could bring to the table. a common street sweeper is of little service to the vishnavs. especially a illiterate one.

In ABC, the temple president made a comment, and said he'd only charge a Dollar, and I believe him, I think he needs Laxmi more than XYZ

I'm still on the 4 reg's program and feel strong in my rounds, but i need to have goals, and could see myself deciding to serve Maya in stead of Krishan, which he has provided me with all the sense gratification on could muster in many eons.

I'll see what takes place,and let you know of my decisions,

Even though l dissipointed you in Boise,

HpS - Huh??? You didn't disappoint me at all! It was very wonderful having your association.

I had the association that'll hold me over,for life times to come.

You're common deamon.


HpS - We know Temple Presidents who required stiff donations before they would recomend anyone for intiation. In general it seems funny to us, and we can see it from one side as ridiculous, but on the other side we can see it as practical demonstration of service. Of course, we can negotiate $2000 or $20. Payable in advance or installment payments over 12-months (with 8% interest). 😀 and we can also offer other kinds of service besides money eg. pot washing, legal services...

Thank you for the robust donation to NIOS. They sent three boxes of books to your address. Got them:>>>wAITING TO hear from you to go on to the next step.

News from Radhakunda

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Srila Prabhupada used to say that Radhakund is for relishing and that is true. Here we have festivals every other day and even if we do not have a reason we have a festival.

These days we had three wonderful festivals.

First, we celebrated the appearance day of Sri Gadadhar prabhu, one of the most confidential associates of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and in Krsna lila is Srimati Radharani,so we went to the temple of Nitai Gour Gadadhara to listen an ecstatic kirtan and to see the abisheka and full bungalow decoration.

gadādhara-paṇḍitādi — prabhura nija-śakti

tāṅ’-sabāra caraṇe mora sahasra praṇati

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the internal potencies of the Lord, of whom Sri Gadadhar prabhu is the foremost. C.c adi 1.41

HpS - In Gaura lila Gadadhara is more like Rukmini? Radharani without Her humor, because Krsna is stealing it?

Second. This week was the advent of Jahnava devi, who was One of the wives of Sri Nityananda and a very Influential character for all the gaudiya vaishnavism. This is one of my favourite utsava since Jahnava ma is so merciful that she allows us to make flower dress for her to wear during the adhivas (the first day). This festival last 5 days during which we can hear lila kirtan chanting her glories and the fifth day is the dhulotsava, this is something like holi but Instead of throwing colors, people throw duly (dust from Vraja) after that everybody goes to take bath in Radhakund, this is the closing of the festival.

Ogo Sri jahnava devi, E dase karuna karo

Aji nija gune, Guchao jantrana

"O Jahnava devi, by virtue of your own good qualities, show compassion to this servant today and remove my afflictions."

ASA - http://gaudiyahistory.iskcondesiretree.com/jahnava-mata/

And third, as I wrote at the beginning, if we don't have a reason it doesn't matter, we make a festival. Last week we had a "saptaha" here at home, just to please our Kunja Bihari. That is, for seven days Srimad Bhagavatam is read and explained, after these 7 days we had 24 hours kirtan and then we made a parikrama around Radhakunda carrying the Grantha and a tulasi plant and finally we made vaishnava seva.

As you can read Radhakund is really the best place for relishing.

HpS - Seems that Radha-kunda is were we serve Krsna directly and Mayapura is where we serve Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan? Mangos and Bananas? How is your household? You can see we have ticket so visit India for twelve days in October. Look in the Calendar Development filter.

Srila Prabhupada ki jaya

Radha Kunja Bihari ki jaya

Jahnava devi ki jaya

Sri Gadadhar prabhu ki jaya

This is my report from Radhakund

Your (trying to be humble) servant

Tungavidya dd

ASA - Thank you. Thank you for the austerity of living in Radha-kunda. Thank you for sharing it with us. We are dying to go there.