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Hare Krishna Maharaja Ji

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Thank you for blessing us with your words. We would like to send some donations. Kindly provide account info or mailing address where we can send check. Also, kindly find below recording of lectures loaded on Facebook and You Tube.

HpS - It was so, so nice to join the program. In Whatsapp we sent the info for sending checks to NIOS. We hope we can use them for nice Sankirtan. Nice movies on the internet abut Krsna. Putting SB into modern circumstances.

Bhisma, Arjuna, Karna they can be flying in Huey Apache helicopters.

Some drama, same super weapons, but totally real in modern eye! So much to do.

Srila Prabhupada gave us the books. We can use them as a base to make the movies.

I told Bh. Caru Swami that many years ago and he said that he had come to the same conclusion!

Thank you for the links!!!!!! 

Your Aspiring Servant

Ramacarya das

[DTC] Priya Sakhi Devi Dasi, Chile.

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Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja.

Favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias.

Todas las glorias sean para Srila Prabhupada!

Espero se ecnuentre muy bien. La clase de hoy estuvo muy interesantey agradable, muchas gracias.

ASA - TlgaSP!!!! Pfanrh.... Cual dia??? Cual clase!

Hice una pregunta en el chat de Gotomeeting, pero no leyeron mi pregunta, quizá era una pregunta para el Blog.

Para el Curso de Bhakti Sastri se utilizan textos adicionales para mejorar el entendimiento de los libros que se estudian, como el "Ríndete a Mi" para el Bhagavad-gita y "Olas de la Devoción" para el Néctar de la Devoción. Mi experiencia al usar estos libros es muy buena, pero también me enfrento a muchos desafíos para entender las explicaciones, ya que a veces discrepan en algunos puntos con Srila Prabhupada o son muy intrincados (intricate) o elevados como para comprender.

La pregunta es:¿tenemos que dar como libro de apoyo para el estudio, estos textos a los estudiantes, o debería ser un material solo para el profesor?

HpS - It is very individual. In some cases you want the students to have them, but I think that they are to advanced for BhS. But it is nice if the teacher is studying Bh Vai. while S(he)it is teaching BhS. and S(he)it uses those texts. I like them a lot and I also think there may be some errors in them and the points are not always clear sometimes, but in general they are so, so good!

¿Es suficiente basarnos solo en el estudio de los libros de Srila Prabhupada, y planificar de manera "pedagógica" el estudio de estos, sindepender o apoyarnos con estos textos adicionales?

HpS - But then you are adding your pedagogical analysis, so you are adding a kind of study guide. The teacher always to add his realization, no? Even study partners will discuss what they are reading.

Tengo otra pregunta. En el CC Madhya Lila 4.169, dice en el significado, que los alimentos que tienen una gran cantidad de proteína se consideran NO vegetarianos. Nombra dos tipos de legumbres, y un amigo devoto dice que se trata de la lenteja roja (foto mas abajo). Yo cociné por primera vez esa lenteja sin saber esto. La pregunta es: ¿por qué los alimentos con mucha proteína se consideran No vegetarianos?, ¿"rompemos principios" al comer esos alimentos?.

HpS - One of them is "urad dhal". We use it in festivals for Bharatas. You can feel that so much protein agitates your senses for sexual gratification etc. Sexual agitation. Violence. So we take then for festivals. The Red Dhal I think never, but Urad dhal sometimes. Like too much cheese!

Agradezco Sus respuestas Guru Maharaja.

Acá seguimos con 16 rondas diarias 98%

Principios regulativos estrictamente 90%

Gayatri mantra 80% (esforzándonos por mejorar)

Seguimos con los cursos online y estudio de Bhakti Vaibhava (5° capítulo del primer canto)

Distribuyendo libros online. Hasta ahora 2 Bhagavad-gita y un libro de Ayurveda.

Su aspirante a sirviente

Priya Sakhi Devi Dasi

HpS - Thank you for your questions!? How is your family?

Gandharva das from Lima (KDPC)

Hare Krsna dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept our humble obeisances

Jaya Srila Prabhupada!!!

HpS - ASA -- Jaya! Jaya! JAYA!!!

I hope you are well. Indira Sakti and I are fine, at home, working, studying Srila Prabhupada's books, attending to our deities and, because we have no opportunity to perform a practical service in the temple, we try to use time in something more thoughtful.

hPs - !!!! Boom!!!% No opportunity to perform ... in the Temple????

The work has been very strong in recent weeks. Confinement has opened an opportunity for distance education and I have been busier at it than usual. Sometimes I think about leaving my teaching career behind but I really like it, I am passionate about it and the environment in which I develop considers my efforts and stimulates me. It's my Maya: art history, theoretical research and guiding my students through the path of sensitive and critical reflection of themselves and others (as human artists) and the world (the universe of art objects), attracts and satisfies me a lot and I don't know how favorable it is for my devotional life or how deceiving is ("the intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched???).

ASA - Wow! That is one of the longest sentences I have every seen! Can you read the whole thing in one breath??

On the other hand, I must protect and support my mother who no longer has a job, despite having always been a very hard-working and brilliant woman. Teaching is a sure livelihood for me. In short, it is the glass of water in which I often drown.

Recently, someone said that my service as a Ministry representative is undeserved because my spiritual advancement is far below the responsibility that I have.

ASA - Ha! Ha!


hAW hAw!

It must be true, but the comment discouraged me. Devotional service depends on meritoriousness? Anyway, another glass of water to drown in.

HpS - Why are you being discouraged in any way. At least as you present it, it is such a STOOPID comment. Regional Representative can be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Class devotee, no? You seem like you are reasonble "advanced spiritually". I mean, you don't chew tobacco, do you?

I have been informed that you require additional work on the questions for ASA on the second Canto (in my case, Chapter 3). I haven't been able to connect much to SB classes because of work. Please tell me what you need to serve you Gurudeva.

HpS - Ah!! Can you look at the questions now after several weeks and evaluate if they are all good for the questions bank, what category, or need editing, or eliminating. Can you answer them.

Your silly servant.

Gandharva das

HpS - It is so nice hear from you!!!!!! So, nice. Please offer our respects to the women folk and everyone. Can you get a peak of Radha Madana-bihari!! We will go back to Goloka very soon. What kind of house do you wan there?

I want to live in a tree with a fire place.

Report from Dhatri

Hare Krishna dear Maharaj! This is Vishvanath, from Chile.

ASA - AGTSP! Paoho.... This Brown from the Boro. You are very kind to write to us... 😐

I hope you're well and healthy.

ASA - Ha! Ha! This body IS a disease!

I´m sending you a report of the activities of our community, which thanks to the mercy of the devotees is growing and expanding.

A month+ ago we started a 2-time-a-week morning Japa program, which has been a beautiful success. Around 20 to 30 people enter at 7am, 80-90% non-devotees.

ASA - "Non-devotees"??! Hey! They must be devotees! Not initiated, like ISKCON, devotees, no? Of course, they could be Demons chanting Japa also. 🙄

It has been tremendously inspiring to see non-devotees fully committed to their practice, inspired and inspiring other people as well. Next week Nicole (whom I saw wrote you days ago :D) will start with an extra day, so we will have japa program 3 days per week. Nicole is helping a lot with the program, BTW.

In 2 weeks I'll start with open BG class in the evening, 1 per week. Many people are very interested, again, mostly non-devotees. Beside that, we held sporadic online talks about Bhakti and Yogic philosophy.

The internal Dhatri community is having 2 sanga-meeting each week, now studying the Nectar of devotion and organizing the programs for next months.

ASA - You use Danurdhara Swami's notes???? Helps SO much!!

Mahatma Prabhu is helping us a lot with his advices and inspiration. He has already given 2 classes to the internal community, and will give one to the open community in 1 week ahead.

Also, we are part now of Krishna West in the southern cone, so we are happy to get the support of a bigger community.

As for myself, I'm studying a full 1 year course on Sanskrit with Antonia Ruppel, who wrote "the Cambridge introduction to Sanskrit". It has been very heavy learning (as the course is in English, so I have to translate both from sanskrit and English!), but we are advancing pretty well. After the course we are supposed to read directly from Devanagari, understanding most of the grammatical complexities of it, and also to write in proper Sanskrit. I'm also giving many classes on Yoga and Ayurveda, with around 6-7 simultaneous courses.

Sorry for the long text. next ones will be shorter!

We hope to have your blessings in our programs, and maybe to have you giving a lecture in the near future :)

Your aspiring -Spanish donkey- servant

Vishvanath CT dasa

HpS - ASA --- Super, Super, Super!!! Have you seen God face to face yet??!!! Was He really a giant red hog with a bat???!!

Our respects to everyone.

It is so, so, nice to hear from you.

We miss the hot dry streets of Chile in the evening.

Walking from the Temple to Dhatri.

Singing and Dancing!!!


[ Hey we can't open the "heic" files!!]

Bhadrasena das reporting

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Pamho agtsp

Hare krishna guru maharaja

Bhadrasena das reporting from buenos aires. Here the lockdown is very strong ,so its a great oportunity for me to focus on reading, chanting and worship the deities. Also doing sankirtan to previous contacts .

I hope you are in good health

HpS - You can also take up knitting sox for rhinocerouses. There feet get cold in the winter!

Una aspirante a sirviente desde Santiago de Chile

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Hare Krsna Maharaja, todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada. Por favor, acepte mis humildes y sinceras reverencias.

Me gustaría presentarme. Soy Nicole Silva, de Chile. Estudio Ayurveda y Yoga en la escuela Dhatri con Visvanath Chakravarti Thakura Dasa y su esposa Gita Vali Dasi.

Estudié Ingeniería Civil en Obras Civiles, y trabajo part-time en una empresa que se dedica a la instalación de sistemas solares térmicos y fotovoltaicos.

La primera vez que lo conocí, fue en el 2012, en una conferencia que se realizó en la Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez organizado por Madhumangala Dasa, donde adquirí mi primer Bhagavad-Gita el cual usted firmó.

Desde ese entonces comencé a seguir, o más bien, intento seguir, el proceso que nos presentó Srila Prabhupada.

En ese entonces seguía siendo estudiante, y decidí pasar mis vacaciones de verano en el templo. Allí experimenté cosas maravillosas, que las atesoro a cada momento.

He estado presente en muchas de las conferencias que usted a impartido en Santiago; su humildad, austeridad, prédica y sentido del humor me inspira muchísimo a seguir en este maravilloso camino.

En relación a mi proceso, he estado cantando 16 rondas desde el 2012 con periodos en donde se han visto interrumpidas. Sin embargo, durante los últimos 4-5 meses, he cantado mis rondas todos los días por la mañana antes del amanecer, y me esfuerzo a cada momento para que sean buenas y entusiastas.

Hace ya casi 3-4 meses ingreso a sus clases por GoToMeeting, especialmente a las de Srimad Bhagavatam, y asisto al FMP hace ya 1-2 meses. Me inspira mucho el poder escucharle hablar de Krsna, y me ha entusiasmado a leer el Srimad Bhagavatam, lo cual hago a diario, aunque sea un verso. Usted siempre me ha inspirado y ha provocado que mi corazón salte de emoción, Maharaja, pero nunca antes me había atrevido a escribirle, hasta ahora.

He leído el artículo "Guru Tattva", me lo ha recomendado Jagad-guru Dasa. Eso me removió mucho el corazón, y es la razón gatillante por la que le escribo actualmente Maharaja, porque me gustaría refugiarme en sus pies de loto, si usted me considera suficientemente apropiada como discípula para ayudarle en la misión de Srila Prabhupada.

Agradecida de su tiempo


Nicole Silva, aspirante a sirviente.

HpS -ASA - Your Spanish, AGTSP!!, is so simple and clear that we don't need any translation. If you read the 'guru-tattva.txt' then you should understand our humble conception of our role as guru in ISKCON. Have you been chanting 16-nice rounds and following the four principles for six months now??? How is your relation with the Temple and Amara-gauranga Das et al in Chile.

All of this is rather superficial. Behind all of this Krsna is ALWAYS playing with the external scene. Joking. Boop oop e doop, Haw Rey!

La vida es un gato soñando con carreras de camellos en el desierto?


Hare Krsna Maharaja, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please accept my humble and sincere obeisances.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Nicole Silva from Chile. I study Ayurveda and Yoga at the Dhatri school with Visvanath Chakravarti Thakura Dasa and his wife Gita Vali Dasi. I studied Civil Engineering, and I work part-time in a company that is dedicated to the installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

The first time I met you was in 2012, at a conference held at the Silva Henríquez Catholic University organized by Madhumangala Dasa, where I acquired my first Bhagavad-Gita which you signed.

Since then I started to follow, or rather, I try to follow, the process that Srila Prabhupada presented to us.

I was still a student back then, and I decided to spend my summer vacation at the temple. There I experienced wonderful things, which I treasure every moment.

I have been present in many of the conferences that you have given in Santiago; your humility, austerity, preaching and sense of humor inspire me a lot to continue on this wonderful path.

Regarding my process, I have been singing 16 rounds since 2012 with periods where they have been interrupted. However, for the past 4-5 months, I have sung my rounds every morning before sunrise, and I strive every moment to make them good and enthusiastic.

Almost 3-4 months ago I entered to your classes by GoToMeeting, especially those of Srimad Bhagavatam, and attended FMP 1-2 months ago. I am very inspired to be able to hear you speak about Krsna, and you have inspired me to read Srimad Bhagavatam, which I do daily, even if it is only one verse. You have always inspired me and caused my heart to jump with emotion, Maharaja, but I have never dared to write to you before, until now.

I have read the article "Guru Tattva", it has been recommended to me by Jagad-guru Dasa. That stirred my heart a lot, and it is the triggering reason why I am writing to you today Maharaja, because I would like to take refuge at your lotus feet, if you consider me appropriate enough as a disciple to help you in Srila Prabhupada's mission.

Grateful for your time


Nicole Silva, aspiring servant.