PAN America University - Educators Meeting - Launching the Portal for Sastric Studies

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Dear Educators,

Please accept my humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

I am very delighted to invite you all for an hour meeting as mentioned below, We will be launching the portal for the ISKCON ministry of education focusing PAN America educators community which will cater the needs as below. I hope all of you can make the call and this will be geared for an open discussion to improve our deliverables to the students community in general.


Date:- Feb 26th, 2021, Friday 5 Pm PST / 7 pm CST / 8 pm EST

Benefit of the Portal

  • One portal for all students / teachers community for the PAN America
  • Multilingual options - Indian languages as well as French, Spanish, Portuguese etc
  • Authorization - Each Center / teacher has the ability to manage the permissions for their students , contents (Public, Private, Semi private etc)
  • Discussion Forum and Interactive messaging system
  • Calendar / Roster / Schedule / Registration / Payment Gateway and many more
  • Email Notification for upcoming classes, announcement based on each center's needs
  • Promotional awareness and guidelines to be an educator, enroll as a student , transfer etc
  • Organize your contents, files, folders, videos, audios, YouTube Channel, FaceBook links, other social media linkage and many more
  • Unified Study guides and Review within the educators
  • Course Module set up for each center with Grading, Test Quiz, Task, Assignment, Student Status, Semester dashboard , Educator Dashboard and many more.
  • Enhanced Online / portal based management of materials, contents for students in each center. 

List is unlimited and all of us join the community so that our interactions will increase, association will go deeper and larger audiences will take benefit.


Introduction - 5 Mins

Welcome Address by HH Hanumatpreshak Maharaj - 5 mins

Presentation of the Portal - 20 Mins 

Q&A - 30 mins

ZOOM Details

ISKCON is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Phone one-tap:

US: +16699006833,,99049378817#,,,, or +13462487799,,99049378817#,,,,

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID:

990 4937 8817



Join by Telephone

For higher quality, dial a number based on your current location.


US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 929 205 6099 or +1 301 715 8592

Germany: +49 69 7104 9922 or +49 30 5679 5800 or +49 69 3807 9883 or +49 695 050 2596

Meeting ID:

990 4937 8817



Balimardana Das

Regional Sec, Ministry of Education, ISKCON

International numbers

Your humble servant

-Balimardana Das-

DTC 23(Tu)

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That's all the letters we can do now. PCTDas is responding by Whatsapp. It is 6.47PM now. Must be the vaccine. No headache now, but weak and little nausea all day.

Krsna still drops service in our lap.

So we try to do it.

Actually rather sick, but not much pain, just reduced capacity, do what we can do, and realize that it is eternal.

Same for you, no?

You are a great hero.

Just staying associated with this movement. Struggling to get 16-rounds done, 4-principles, fasting on Ekadasi...

Then ... play with Krsna.

"Come on Krsna! Let's play ball with everyone. Let's listen to a new story! Let's help people with their work to build a better Braja!"

[Gokulananda] Marriage/Divorce

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Dear Maharaj,


Dear Maharaj, my husband's Siksha guru is advising him to divorce (he and my devotee parents arranged this marriage despite my resistance). My husband speaks to other women (and planning to meet them prevented by Covid). He has been asking for divorce for past year. One Prabhu from Gaudiya Math has expressed marital interest in me. I have been trying to hear and chant as seriously as I possibly can. I have no clarity how to tolerate the situation with my husband honestly. Should I let him go? More specifically, where should I live now? Should I ask my husband to move out, or should I move out?

Your servant,

Yajnaseni DD

HpS - AgtSP. Paoho. We passed through similar marriage chaos. Kali-yuga. We have not been able to have any dialog with your husbands Siksa guru, even though his preceptor instructed him to talk with us.

It is hard to get a good perspective on these problems since it is often second and third hand communication: She said, that he said, that he said... ??? Ooof.

You should take shelter of Krsna. Of course, the Rascal may be specifically arranging all these things just to get your association!

Well, give it to Him!

Husband is only useful as he represents Krsna.

Then look for good advice from many people. Of course, you may have to filter their bad advice from their good advice, but the original relationship with Krsna will allow us to do that.

This is Sastra, Prabhupada and our own direct experience.

If you are forced to give your husband legal divorce then get a clear statement from him and his associates that this was NOT your desire. That you desired to resolve the conflicts and be married, but it was ultimately force from his side that made this happen.

Of course, that has to be the truth.

Srila Prabhupada would be very, very happy with you if you are avoiding divorce.

As much as possible you should live with devotees.

I think you have a nice family. Maybe they are only 70% perfect, but everyone else in the Kali yuga is dealing with 15% perfect.


Dear Maharaj,


As per your instruction, I'm trying my level best to maintain my marriage. Only one problem. I cannot sleep before 1/2am each night as my husband plays videogames and is roaming around the house and I just can't sleep. Then he chants his 16 rounds. So I'm never able to wake up rested or early. Is maintaining my marriage this way better than divorce? 🙏

your aspiring servant,

Yajnaseni DD

HpS - Sometimes devotees have been put in jail and there is television playing outside the community 'cage' all day. Loud. They turn it off at night and reduce the intensity of the lights. Then the devotees would chant.

Do the best you can to sleep early. Krsna will make up the difference.

If you keep trying to engage in devotional service as you know you should then gradually, gradually, all the option will clarify and you will see very clearly what you have to do.

"Don't leave, don't deviate", SP

Just stay in your position on the aircraft carrier firing your anti-aircraft gun until you are dead.

Go down shooting.

Then quite naturally, when you need some rest eg. go to very nice flower show etc. you will take it.

"I have done practical austerities, now I need some rest".

I just can't recommend divorce and remarriage.

If partner wants to go that way, who can stop them, but girl should like move near where her father, brother, are and have a VERY, VERY, VERY happy life. *Then die*


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Hare Krishna - Hare Rama


Dear Guru Maharaja.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

As always, quality (?) of a soul in decline, we have a tired mind that only seeks self-satisfaction. What about this body?! Have been heavy days with a lot of stress at work. Hotel industry fell a lot and the bosses only seek to enrich themselves. Gossip is around and we find ourselves exhausted.

We just started the guru disciple course online with Prabhu Parampara Das. We keep singing 16 rounds and waiting for the end of the world... at least this body.

New challenges, continuous changes: looking for a new house, looking for a new job, new horizons and establishing a relationship with the couple.

Health of the family is good, the pandemic prohibits having visitors but we greet each other from a distance. Temple in Mexico City increasingly sick, Radha Madana Gopala always ecstatic, lordships are the light of the way.

We hope the children arrive from Mayapur (Goura -Nitay) to have their blessings at home. Tulasi growing (new) since the previous one left the body for extreme water (she was "left to the care of others" and did not like the change).

Still making seva in Radharani´s kitchen with the last offer, parafernalias and garlands to G-N and gurus (4 o 5 days at week), practicing Odissi two days and sleeping Srila Prabhuada three days.

Last letter you asked what is "GVT", it is "Ghrihastha Vision Team".

Hopping for your body to always get better, grettings from your ever aspiring servant..

Bhaktin Natyelli Garza.

HpS - Thank you! Fight against the mode of ignorance when it comes, and fight with the mode of goodness when it comes.

In the evening there is desire for 'pizza and non-alcoholic beer', but fight it and do Gaura arati.

In the morning there is desire for Mangala arati, so join with that desire.

Rapidly you will see how to be in the mode of goodness all the time. You will become like Sikhi mahiti's sister (

Urgent-brahmacari seva

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Hare Krishna.



Dear Guru Maharaja I hope your health improves soon.

HpS = "I hope you die soon", 😉 We also hope you die soon!!

I was inquiring about the visa for the USA in relation to the 3 options that there are. From what it seems the R1 visa (religious work) is the most accessible if we have someone who can help us from Iskcon Tennessee or another yatra.

HpS - We don't, and it would not really be for Religious purposes. The INS is becoming very strict with ISKCON and other relgions. Maybe with new President it will change.

In general it seems that we will try to go to Peru in April, in time for Rama navami, to focus on developing a rural, cultural project: New Ashoka van. We will show people how to hide the trees and disguise themselves as cats.

That will be too soon for you to get a Visa and come here to help us, ASA, no?

If you can come tomorrow, do it!

The other options require that I have to present evidence that I have a job in my country, a house in my name or that of a student, they only mention that I show how I am going to support myself abroad ... etc.

HpS - The best seemed to be the Enhanced Business visa and that allows you to engage in work projects eg. We could work on a book or movie, or on long term basis for peoplt to get accepted into MTSU as students for Masters program in education.

Do you have a Bachelor's degree? Or were you smart enough to get out of the slaughter house before that. 🙂

It would be very good as you recommend to have a call by watsup: (+542236214454) with NGSd to continue talking about the visa.

HpS - I just texted you on Whatsapp. Got it?

Do you have a father and mother? Brothers and sisters? ? ?

What are [were] your father and mother like?

I am also excited ... I would like to be able to serve you wherever ... I am given to serve you .. and I will be more fluid and attentive with communication ..

HpS - Yes, I was thinking about someone joining us before Abhirama suggest it and you, and now sometimes I think, "Oh, if PCTDas was here then we could do this, that...". Of course, best service to me and everyone is understand what service Srila Prabhupada wants from you, no?

For me watsup is the best and fastest ..

HpS - Yes!! If you don't get our message in Whatsapp then please Post here again.

thank you very much!!

Sankirtana yajña ki jaiii

Ys Ptd

Reporte Laksmiradha DD desde Chile

Vanca Kalpa Gurudev!!!PAMHO!!!TLGSP!!!Mis reverencias eternas.

Querido Gurudev, soy Laksmiradha DD de Santiago de Chile, hace meses que deseaba escribirle, de mayo del 2020, pero ese año fue muy zigzagueate para mí en lo espiritual, hasta agosto había sido muy auspicioso, poder tener su asociación virtual y tener teletrabajo, fue intenso; luego tuve un declive hasta diciembre en asociación y sadhana.

Sin embargo hay maldiciones que se transforman en bendiciones y ahora me encuentro buscando un equilibrio para poder avanzar con entusiasmo y determinación.

La semana pasada retomé mi servicio de guirnaldas para placer de sus señorías y espero que el vuestro. Estoy participando casi a diario en FMP y mis rondas han mejorado considerablemente. Definitivamente no hay nada mejor que depender solo de Krsna, es quien realmente sabe que es lo mejor para nosotros.

Le pido disculpas por mi ineptitud ante la clase realizada on line, tuve muy poquito tiempo para prepararla, pero me sirvió para comprometerme conmigo misma para leer, indagar y aprender más. Además nunca había dado una clase!!!

Gurudev, dentro de todos estos arreglos de Krsna, deseo informarle que a fines de enero he entablado una relación de pareja con un devoto, serio en su vida espiritual, muy favorable, de Republica Dominicana, discípulo de Srila Virabahu, ha sido como si Krsna hubiese golpeado mi puerta y haya puesto a alguien con quien conversar, crecer y fortalecerme en CK, ya que me sentía muy vulnerable, reciprocamos en nobles sentimientos y avance espiritual, me siento muy agradecida y emocionada.

Sigo distribuyendo prasadam (en los patalas) nuevamente, a sido muy reconfortante, estamos con Cristóbal con ayuda profesional (psicólogo) para poder ir mejorando en aspectos personales y ordenando la casa (la mente) para fortalecer el corazón y apoyar de mejor manera a mi nieta, que ya tiene dos años (Colomba).

No ha sido fácil para mí, pero por lo menos, sigo esforzándome y comprometiéndome seriamente en mejorar cada día, por favor perdóneme por los errores del pasado.

Prabhupada es realmente muy, muy experto en darnos una filosofía tan completa y versátil.

Postrada a sus pies de loto,

Laksmiradha Devi Dasi ,

Santiago, Chile 23 febrero 2021.


Vanca Kalpa Gurudev !!! PAMHO !!! TLGSP !!! My eternal obeisances.

Dear Gurudev, I am Laksmiradha DD from Santiago de Chile, I wanted to write to you for months, May 2020, but that year was very zigzag for me spiritually, until August it had been very auspicious, to be able to have your virtual association and have telework, it was intense; then I had a decline until December in association and sadhana.

However, there are curses that turn into blessings and now I find myself looking for a balance in order to move forward with enthusiasm and determination.

Last week I resumed my garland service for the pleasure of your Lordships and I hope yours. I am participating almost daily in FMP and my rounds have improved considerably. There is definitely nothing better than relying only on Krsna, He is the one who really knows what is best for us.

I apologize for my ineptitude in the online class, I had very little time to prepare it, but it helped me to commit to myself to read, investigate and learn more. Also, I had never taught a class!

Gurudev, within all these arrangements of Krsna, I wish to inform you that at the end of January I have established a relationship with a devotee, serious in his spiritual life, very favorable, from the Dominican Republic, a disciple of Srila Virabahu, it has been as if Krsna I would have knocked on my door and put someone to talk with, grow and strengthen me in CK, since I felt very vulnerable, we reciprocated in noble feelings and spiritual advancement, I feel very grateful and excited.

I keep distributing prasadam (in the patalas) again, it has been very comforting, we are with Cristóbal with professional help (psychologist) to be able to improve in personal aspects and order the house (the mind) to strengthen the heart and better support me granddaughter, who is already two years old (Colomba).

It has not been easy for me, but at the very least, I continue to strive and seriously commit myself to improve every day, please forgive me for the mistakes of the past.

Prabhupada is really very, very adept at giving us such a comprehensive and versatile philosophy.

Prostrate at his lotus feet,

Laksmiradha Devi Dasi,

Santiago, Chile February 23, 2021.

HpS - The efforts to serve Krsna are utilized by Krsna and make us eternally more and more free from the external energy. The reciprocations with Maya, external energy are ignored by Krsna, or used by Him indirectly for His purposes and to purify us.

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna.

Whatever we do to help people has a lasting effect, eg. your family. It may not get complete results immediately but it keeps building up and one day they will be awake.