Report from NVM and TPP Critique

asa[e] tpp, criticism

Pamho. Tgasp.

Haribol, Maharaja.

HpS/ASA - 🐒 hk hk kk hh hr hr rr hh

Espero que se encuentre bien.

HpS/ASA - Ha! Ha! Hare... Bad allergy reaction. Body is big burden of blood, fat, bones, brains.. but it can chant and read these Blog posts!

Yo estoy bien por Nueva Vrajamandala, trabajando la huerta y produciendo forrajes para las vacas,valiendo para algo. A veces doy algunos libros.

Estoy leyendo "Tava Pache Pache", y me gusta mucho. Si le parece bien podria escribir algo mas. Seria una buena contribución a la sociedad vaisnava. Sin más que contar , se despide un soldado sirverguenza en el ejército de Prabhupada.

Hare Krisna Tsard ( = ???)

HpS/ASA - AgtSP! Puede Vd. escriba algo para la proxima edicion de TPP. Ya estamos extraer la Appendices de Versos Citados en NdI y editar en una pamphleto que puede llevar contigo para refescar y contemplar los versos!


Si tiene sugerencias de temas especificas para escribir...

NIOS Campus Development - Theory and Practice

Another Committee Member writes:

Other Member writes:

Minutes of meeting for NIOS campus:

1) identify real estate agent

2) identify the bank for loan

3) formation of the board of trustee

4) Plan the property lay out

5) start building low cost designer housing

6) gaushala

7) workshops

8) organic farming

9) water harvesting/storage

10) bio gas and bio composting plant

11) fruit trees

12) cottage industry of soap, honey, etc

13) wind and solar energy production plant

14) Sewage treatment plant

Note: I am planing to retire from GLA job and visit Houston/Nashville around Dec -Jan to work on the development of the NIOS campus. 

All are requested to give feedback on this. So that we may chalk out a time line for each of the action item by the end of Nov 2023.

HpS/ASA - This is wonderful.

We were at Rama ghata during the Braja mandala prikrama and this management process came to us:

  1. Whom am I?
  2. Who are we?
  3. Whats the Plan?
  4. What Materials do we need?

We applied it with great success again and again, and then Srinivasa Das showed us "From Good to Great", a first class business administration text that they were using for Micron.

It was almost identical principles identified in corporations that had gone from being members of their industry to leaders.

So, first question would be:

Why do you personally want NIOS to develop a Campus?


ASA Encyclopedia and India trip report

Dear Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

I am still in India. I am in Nagpur now visiting Divya’s parents. Will leave from here on Monday and have my flight back to Dallas on 1-Sep and we’ll reach on 2-Sep. Divya Sri is alone but thankful we have such a nice community of devotees who are taking care of her. Our car was broken into a few days back in the temple parking lot when Divya was dressing Radha Govinda. But she is ok and the car is in the workshop.

In the time I’ve been here, I haven’t been able to work on ASA Encyclopedia. When I arrived, it was the 10th day ritual for my uncle, then there was rituals till day 13 with so many relatives in my home. My uncle didn’t have kids. So my father was performing all the samskaras and then my visa appt.

Somehow managed to squeeze in a trip to Mayapur for a 3 days. Met Mishra Bhagavan prabhu there. He took me to Srila Prabhupada’s quarters in the lotus building and told his memories. He said it was in that very room that Prabhupada asked Tamal Krishna Maharaja to go to China! I went to Mayapur after 5 years and the crowd has increased significantly. They have displays in the Pancatattva courtyard for devotees to take Darsan even during mangala arathi as there is no place inside the temple room. It’s totally packed and so wonderful to sing samsaradhava with about a thousand devotees in unison! We felt your connection so much in Mayapur during the morning program.

I then took my father for his cataract surgery and follow up. It was a successful surgery.

I want to ask for forgiveness to have not started work but state that we are very much interested and willing to work on the ASA Encyclopedia. I should have time after Janmastami and will start work and make some progress.

HpS - Nothing to forgive. It seems to be moving ahead practically. If anyone has any idea how to improve things, then please let us know.

Maybe it will prove to be not really worth doing.

Srila Prabhupada wants us to chant Hare Krsna and then adjust our Sankirtan to that base, no?

I would also like to pass the sound-cloud credentials to the ASA carnival team so that they can maintain all the media. Can you please send me the contact of the devotee I should talk to Guru Maharaja?

ASA - Text us by Whatsapp.

We are hoping to come and see you in Houston in November Guru Maharaja.

Your servant

Srinatha Krsna dasa

HpS - Thank you so much for this news!!

So, much.

Best wishes for everyone to become more and more integrated with Krsna's pastimes.

Marry My Mother?

1 month ago by hps in Special Category B

asa[e] = vad; grhastha; older wife

we have heard that srila prabhupada said that if the wife is older than the husband, then marriage will not be successful.

of course, there are details, details, details.

yet in general we have seen it to be true.

[maybe our expectations have caused the result] 

ideal is that girl is maybe 10-years old when she is engaged and boy is like 18-years old.

she can very easily idealize him.

civil marriage, live together at 16.

doesn't mean that man/boy cannot have sisters, aunts, cousins older than him.

no, no, no. doesn't mean that.

very tranquil.

very nice.

subtle sex.

no gross stimulation.

''nirbandha krsna sambandhe

yukta viaragya ucate''.

Sannyasa Ashrama

asa[e] - vad; sannyasa; in iskcon

Please accept my humble obeisances, Guru Maharaja.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Regarding your question about taking Sannyasa, this is a very important question, because it is you who is asking it.

For the moment, I must say that I am not prepared (although it feels difficult and lacking to say No to one's own Guru).

At the same time, I will explain myself and seek your understanding.

I am about to turn 40 years old. My mind and nature are solitary and content, and in a few years, they will mature further in that direction.

I have many desires to read and study various things, both in spirituality and material pursuits, achieving a certain balance and realization.

Personally, I enjoy speaking and assisting devotees when they ask questions, or nurturing ideas so that they don't lose their enthusiasm or faith, or both.

Due to my passionate nature, there is always something new to investigate or learn, and the Vedic worldview does not allow for giving up.

However, it is difficult for me to be in a position (sannyasa) that sets me apart from others, especially within an institution with a lot of diplomacy (bureaucracy), which I find exhausting. One knows oneself in their heart; I try to be a simple servant, making an effort to rise above the modes of passion and ignorance.

HpS - 😁 This is almost exactly my answer to Hansadutta (and then B. S. Damodara, Trivikrama, Ramesvara and Tripurari Swamis and Atreya rsi Prabhu) when they pushed us to take Sannyasa.

"The purpose of Sannyasa seems to be to get free from respect and worship, but it seems to be the exact opposite."

Srila Prabhupada quotes a V. Puja offering from Sril Bh. Siddhanta S. P. where is he says that Majaprabhu preaches Trnad Api Sahisuna, but here I (Bh. Siddhanta) am sitting like a big arrogant beast up on an elevated seat above everyone else.

The conclusion is that in most cases it is the best thing to do.

We have to show people an example of what they should do.

It is like having a public wedding ceremony. You and your "novia" are fully committed to living a chaste Vedic life together, but the ritual is not without meaning.

It has an effect.

It makes you humble, "Why are all these people offering obeisances, donations to me???"

"Because they see Krsna and Prabhupada acting through me."

Unless you realize that you are the mailman and not the sender of the letter, then you will fall down.

I follow the regulative principles and chant the 16 rounds. I understand the advantages this has in life. Brahma Muhurta is crucial in the equation, as are Ekadasis. Reading and memorizing are enjoyable and uplifting.

I spend 4 days a week in Govardhan (MDP), attending 4 Mangalartiks, sometimes 3. 3 days in Mar del Plata at a devotee's house, studying welding and electricity from 2:00 PM to 9:30 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, and electricity from 6:40 PM to 9:30 PM on Wednesdays. I return to Govardhan on Thursday morning.

I cook most of the food I offer, although there are some items that I don't cook and it shows; this should improve over time, I believe.

I associate only with married devotees or those who intend to marry (good devotees). Nevertheless, I interact with others as needed (since it happens naturally). I have a strong sense of my purpose, and my nature doesn't lend itself to much socializing.

Enthusiasm: reading, Mangala Japa, and Ekadasis; I also watch Mayapur TV. I also engage in Prajalpa, watch some movies or series, but I recognize that these are temporary pleasures, and there's some inertia from this life.

I still discuss worldly topics, perhaps in this lifetime we will reach a point where we only speak Krishna Katha.

HpS - Or see how everything is related to Krsna in a fascinating, practical way.

I have distanced myself from senior devotees who visit. I try to be respectful and maintain a distance, as otherwise, it might not be good for my enthusiasm.

The plan is to continue studying electricity and other trades this year and the next, while also studying the Srimad Bhagavatam, slokas, fire sacrifices, etc. I am laying the groundwork for the future. My parents are now 74 and 70, and my plan is to spend a few months with them in 2025 and then return to Govardhan. This is what I can project.

Looking at this panorama, I don't see myself ready for renunciation, nor do I understand it in the way I currently perceive it. Being a public figure is also a significant obstacle.

Thank you for accepting me as your disciple, despite my circumstances, and for being an example. Please forgive me for talking so much about myself.

At your service,

Adi Yajña Das

HpS - Jaya! Super. Personally I think you are excellent candidate for Sannyasa. You can show everyone how even the greatest idiot in ISKCON must become Goswami and if in a male body try to take Sannyasa formally as a declaration of becoming exclusively a maidservant of the Gopis in their service to Krsna.

The GBC rules, as we remember, are that you mist be 50-years old except for special adjustments.

So, your plan seems good, but it seems that you and most others as discussed should take Sannyasa. Seems we may formally be gone from this gross atmosphere ten years from now. Maybe we will take birth in New Govardhana. 🙂 😼😼😼

but Yadunandana Swami seems like someone who would be a deligtful Sannysa Guru.

Thank you.

Stay away! ISKCON Will Break Your Heart

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asa[e] - ISKCON; Stay away! ISKCON Will Break Your Heart

WhatsApp from Carudesna Das (Name Changed to Protect the Innocent):

Hare Krishna, Maharaja, please kindly accept my most humble obeisances; all glories to Srila Prabhupada.  I hope that all is going well for you in your devotional service. 🙏 

I feel very embarrassed and afraid to share with you the following information.  There was some kind of discussion that took place with the GBC and the leaders of this community.  As a result of that discussion, I was so hurt by what our GBC shared with me that I have decided to stay away from the temple indefinitely.

I only know what the GBC shared with me in our drive back to the airport and nothing more.  I don't wish to burden you with my grief, but because you have always been so kind and merciful to me in the past, I have this great responsibility to let you know well in advance what has transpired and why I will be absent during your visit. 

Our GBC and I are good friends. I hold no blame, no ill thoughts or feelings towards him for anything.  By Krishna's grace I have been spared such foolish tendencies.🙏🏻

He actually gave a genuinely warm and compassionate hug when I dropped him off at the airport.  So, I feel very confident of his support. 🙏🏻

Please forgive me for my offenses. You are still a siksha guru in my life. 🙏🏻😞🙏🏻

HpS/ASA - AgtSP! AgtSP's ISKCON. We have discussed so many times that there are three ISKCON"s. The institution. The circle of friends and finally our individual, directly experienced relationship with Srila Prabhupada FAOI.


I have hellish, HELLISH, H-E-L-L-I-S-H experiences in ISKCON, usually in management relations eg. Temple Presidents, GBC. B. S. Damodara Swami expressed the same to me. Three other GBCs I know express the hell of being involved with the situation.

Even today, I wrote we write notes in our Diary of how to deal with these things:

Devotees in the institution who are causing intense pain to others may be doing it because of the hell they personally, confidentially, are experiencing. They torment others, even to such a degree that they hope others will react with physical violence and kill them. (Direct admission of the tormenters revealed to us).

O.K, we have to avoid, mentally, socially, physically this problem and keep ourselves in a situation where we can give as much help to them as possible.

Of course, this may be Hanuman "helping" the Raksasa army that Ravana sent to the Asokavan when he was talking to Sita. He snuffed them all. (To help them 👍) but he left Ravana for Rama to chastise!

In general, in our association with your self, we never see that you act in such a way as to cause anything other than a desire for your association! We want it!

Maybe... some misunderstanding??

Maybe GBC miscommunicated something??? Possible??? Go to the source and ask them politely if this is true.