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Hare Kirshna Gurudev, AGTSSGN AGTSP PAMHO!!

I've some good things to tell you and questions too. FMP is very helpful in keeping the fire burning in desolation's times. Thank you very much for your dedication and determination to the Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu movement.

HpS - Srila Prabhupada, Vaisnava Bh. Vrnda, Ki Jai!

I taught some cooking classes and distributed some books during this quarantine time. I've painted a lot, participated in Judo meetings, even some International ones, where my Sensei introduce me as a member of Hare Krishna movement and we talk about the activities that we have done in the dojo, The Prasada is always a good way to open many doors.

ASA - !! 'o' !!

(I've considered taking second initiation, but it's an idea for now)

I've a new project, I'm making decorated cakes. I really like it because i can mix many things that I like: Cook, Design & Distribute Prasada.

ASA - Our friends for many years, Maha-bhagavata Dasi and Kestrajna Das, had a catering business for Wedding, Birthday... Cakes. They would be a meter tall and weigh over 100KG. It was a whole science of strcutural engineering, decoration, PRASADAM distribution. She had moer orders that she could satisfy! Her Deitys were quite robust!

A few days ago, in an afternoon class, you read a interesting text, The Sri Vrindavana Mahimamrita. This made me think of somethings taht worries me a lot, when you was change the word Vrindavana to Iskcon, I thought about the situations that arise where some people attack Iskcon, its representative members and how that affects us, affects me.

The next day in NOD reading, there was a point that said that we should be intolerant of Krishna's offenders or of His pure devotees. This is happening now and not by atheist or impersonalist, the members of the movement, themselves sometimes offending to Srila Prabhupada.

So, You know me, i try hard to control my character and I've tolerated very strong situation, because they were against me, but what can I do when someone offends to Srila Prabhupada and his work, when I keep the distance and I avoid confrontation, but the offences are recurring. What should I do?.

HpS - Is a very important question. We have discussed it pretty often before. We traveled on the Vraja-mandala Parikrama for many hears with Lokanatha Swami and up to 600-devotees! Walk barefoot in the sand and thorns of Braja. Sleep on the hard ground in tents with 100 other coughing, snooring, devotees.... Pressure was intense, but we got a Mantra out of it: In Vrndavana only Krsna and Balarama kill demons.

If you see demons in ISKCON you can always chant "Hare Krsna! Hare Rama", "Oh Radha, please call Krsna and Rama to deal with these demons".

They will kill the demons, with great artistry, or ... or... They will empower us to use verbal, mental or physical violence, and it will be applied with such expertise, like a surgeon with a knife, that afterwards there won't be a bad tast for anybody.

It will be obvious that They are sending the thoughts, words, physical moves.

I hope your health is maintained well, we have a lot of service to do for Prabhupada and Iskcon. Grateful for your time, Your eternal servant

Parasurama Avatar Das, Santiago Chile.

HpS - Thank you!!!

Deal with the problems at an institutional level, amongst friends, with direct experience of seving Srila Prabvhupada.

Asa Audivisual uploaded Lectures

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HAre Krsna



ALL glories to you Guru Dev.

Here I send you the links of the recently uploaded classes that are on the ASA Audiovisual channel.

HpS - Thank you so much for your efforts!!! Please tell us if they are useful. Of course we can be pacient to wait for results, but more important is to see if what we are doing has some indication of being useful, no?

cosmologia vedica


La manera fina de hablar por Yugala Kishor dd


Srimad Bhagavatam 2.4.19 por Hanumatpresaka Swami (Ingles-Español)


If you have time we can work on the Asa enciclopedia. You can record the topics of the enciclopedia, If You want You can use gotomeeting or whats up or whatever media that is practícal for You.

we can edit, add video images and upload to Asa audiovisual.

we have the opportunity of participaré trough your mercy in the Srila Prabhupada Sankirtan doing something that we hope to be useful.

Thank You gurú dev your servants Ambarisa das and Vrsabhanu Nandini dd

HpS - ASA -- AgtSP. We have not got much result from ASA(e) yet. The main thing seems to be learning how to cook for Krsna!!! Dance for Krsna!!!

From these the literary projects will come, no?

We have heard that SP even in the midst of poverty and preaching alone in Bombay would always have an Arati and Kirtan in the evening!! Sing and dance for Krsna!

Life's Ultimate Knowledge

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by Prabhoda-ananda Sarasvati

[trans. Kushakrata Das]

Shataka 15

73 I shall tell you a mantra that is hidden from all the Vedas and not manifested anywhere in the most confidential scriptures. When a person chants this mantra the great spiritual perfections come before his feet and the opulences of the Supreme Personality of Godhead stand in his hand.

74 For a person who chants this mantra there are no orders or prohibitions. A person who understands the dust of this mantra’s lotus feet purifies they who know the rules of the Vedas. This mantra is the sweetest nectar. It is the auspiciousness of all auspiciousnesses. It is filled with all limitless wonderful glory. It is the attainment of all attainments.

75 It is the ultimate goal of all goals. It is the wild bliss of all wild blisses. They say it is the secret of all secrets. Without thinking of anything else, day and night chant this mantra: Radha.

["Radhe", "Hare", no difference - S. P'pada, London, Radhastami.]

76 This mantra is a flood of sweetness churned from the sweetest nectars. It is a precious flood of the wild sweetness of the bliss of pure love. O fortunate one, who understands us? Who understands the meaning of this mantra that is a flood of bliss flowing into the heart?

Dancing for Krsna

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AGTSP.... Paoho.... We did so much work with B. S. Damodara Swami and Ranga-niketana, Manipuri, Dance and Kirtan... We learned a little about Indian-Vedic-Krsna Conscious Dance.

Our esteemed student, Radha-prati-japa Devi Dasi is a dancer.

The question comes: What are some good themes for Dance in ISKCON?

Of course, what we are doing is Gandharva Veda. We can realize God through Vastu-veda, architecture etc or Ayur-veda or Danda-veda, but we are realizing Him through GV: Music, Dance, Drama!

Lord Caitanya would act out. the meaning of the songs.. . .

We can dance spontaneously in Kirtan!. . . . .

We can organize Dance/Drama according to the styles of the Acharyas like Manipuri traditions attributed to Narottama Das Thakura et al.

We have seen devotees trying to do Rasa-lila with 4-ladies, 4-men at Janmastami and it seems very weak. It is hard enough for the Laksmis in Vaikuntha to do Rasa-lila, what to speak of Iskcon devotees. Of course, if you are born in the right place, like Manipura (Peru), you might have the facility to do something wonderful that makes even public feel choked up. . . . Raga. Tala. Abhinaya! . . . SINCERITY =]]PURITY[[=:>>

We suggest things that have stories. Not just feelings, like Rasa-lila.

Gaura-arati is a very descriptive song. Make it into a dance. It catches the mind and becomes of intense personal use to Srila Prabhupada.

Dasa-avatara-stotra: Manipuris, South Indian communities have DAS! Why not ISKCON.

We suggested The Song of the Bee to Radha-prati-jalpa.

"Jaya Radha Madhava, Kunja bihari...": Again nice story.

We have a kind of Gaura-arati we can dance out, and it allows us to catch, stimulate our mind.

Dance for Krsna! Nobody else has to see.

"Gurv-astakam": Illustrate the content.

"Dance on fire until the end, music is your only friend", Traditional.

ISKCON Warp-World Nine

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Guy Gismo PhD (Doctor of Phallocracia) aka Uncle Gismo,

Is an Extra Terrestrial being from Warp World Nine (WW9).

He came to Earth some years back when his space ship crashed in the Pacific Ocean and Monkey and Piggy just happened to be passing by in their newly acquired sailboat, Allah's Bold Cruiser.

He immediately took command of the ship and crew and has been a dominating figure in the Anjana Suta Academy ever since.

He is ASA Science Officer, President of the ASA Civil Deadman's Club and Chairman of the ASA Supreme Undifferentiated Absolute Commando. The ultimate managing authority of the ASA.


He describes that his world, WW9, is a plane, and planet, [kind of like cigar and cigarette] just like this world . . . only different.

There is an ISKCON there.


He has observed that in The European Heaven:

  1. The British are the police,
  2. the Germans are the mechanics,
  3. the French are the lovers,
  4. the Italians are the cooks and
  5. the Swiss are the judges.

In The European Hell:

  • The Germans are the police,
  • the British are the cooks,
  • the Swiss are the lovers,
  • the French are the mechanics and
  • the Italians are the judges.


Focusing on French poets he has heard with interest the phrases:

  • No man can sink so low that some dog or some women won't love him.
  • No one ever finished a poem (or Power-point Show?). They just stopped working on it.
  • Everyone should be allowed to talk to himself, as long as he proves to be amusing.
  • I would rather live as if there was a God and find out their isn't, than live as if there wasn't one and find out there is. (Camus<Pascal)

He also heard with great enlightenment that one time, in WW9, one ISKCON French Sannyasi had a fall down and married his Brahmacarini secretary.   Two new French Bhaktas in the B'cari Ashrama were talking about it, and one of them said , "Srila Prabhupada said that if a Sannyasis goes back to Grhastha Ashrama and gets married, it is like a dog eating his own vomit!!!!".  🤨

"... and the other French Brahmacari said, "Ahhhh, yes . . . but look at the quality of the vomit!" 💪💪👍

The first nodded and said with some contrition, "Ahhh, yes. It is a fact. It is a fact".