Query about saligram sila worship

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Hare Krsna Dear Gurudev,

  Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

  All glories to Guru parampara.

  Gurudev, for my knowledge would like to know who are qualify for saligram sila worship ?


Your dependent,

Girivaradhari-Gopal Das

ASA(e); yoga-ladder; silas and fire sacrifices.

Two other nice devotees have asked us about this so we will write as we know. If others can give more information that is very nice.

  1. This is the age of Kali. The process of worship, purification, is constant chant of the Name, pastimes etc of the Lord.
  2. If we do that we move out of the influence of Kali, so we can worship the Deity as advised by the Spiritual Master. AGTSP. If you are smoking marijuana or drinking beer or in general not following the four principles strictly the Govardhan shilas can become so angry at you they can start to kill people etc. I guess it is the same for Saligram silas. The worship of the Silas is simple, but they are worshipped by the character of the Jiva, not so much by elaborate rituals. Worship of silas is for people advanced in Brahminical culture. Once you start it is like having children if you become 'bored' of worshipping them you can't just put them in a box or give them away. Better to worship Gaura Nitai deities et al.
  3. Fire sacrifices my have the same reaction. They may harm your spiritual life rather than help it unless you are an advanced Brahmana. I don't know. Maybe just no effect at all like just having a fire while camping in the forest to keep warm.

The process is hearing and chanting. Even if you start Deity worship, the basic content of the worship is prayers.

Dr. Samaresh Bandyopadhyay

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We sent this to a volume being edited by Prof. Dina Bandhu Pandey

"We have written about our contact with Prof. Dr. Samaresha Bandyopadhyay in previous articles. We first met the distinguished Professor, and cooperated with his good self and His Holiness B. S. Damodara Swami (Prof. T. D. Singh), on the Second Congress for a Synthesis from Science and Religion that was organized in Calcutta in the beginning of 1997.

The congress was a substantial success and the beginning of many years of successful professional and personal relationships.

Now we have been offered the delightful opportunity to write for another volume illuminating Professor.

This is done with the perspective that we expect leave this world in about two years. Everyone should make a practical consideration of how much time they have to work on this temporary, material platform.

In that time, what can we do to revive permanent connections so our friendships are not lost?

Giving some reflection to the topic, we would say that we should have discussions on the topic of epistemology. Epistemology, ontology, praxiology - How do you know, what can you know, what do you do about it?

Professor to us is a person with a very strong work ethic. A good challenge to us in many ways. He will sit down at a little table in a hotel room and produce first class material for a conference in progress and its eventual publications. He is a person with strong sense of moral duty and social responsibility. He is a cultured gentleman and friend.

Now we are consolidating our own efforts in research and education which is based in large degree on efforts to address the theme of Science, Psyche and Spirituality, the Encounter of Professor Carl Gustav Jung with the Bhaktisiddhanta of Traditional India.

For a series of symposia on this theme we have asked Professor to review Jung in India (Sulagna Sengupta, Spring Journal, 2013). We see it as a superexcellent work of historical scholarship and an entrance into the mysticism of Jung's life and contribution. Thus in the dialogs that its review inspires we hope to enter into areas of introspection and contemplation that go beyond the intellectual level that characterizes most modern academic scholarship. We look at it like passing over a hill in the forest and seeing a new world in the morning sunlight, or to remember a very poignant comment of Louis de Broglie about modern science and industrialization, "The mechanism requires a mysticism".

Thank you,

Hanumatpresaka Swami (Prof. H. H. Robinson)

North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies (Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru)"

Early Departure

Hare Krsna, Gurudev, please accept my humble obeisances, all Glories to Srila Prabhupada. Hope your energy is full. 

I'm writing here because after 4 month of pregnancy, our baby leave this World.

Before yesterday I was in the hospital and now I'm home.

I'm so sad and doing my best to go forward after that.

I'm taking this lesson like a Krsna arrange but it's so hard to pass this test.

Please pray for the baby soul for not back to this World.

Thanks for read my message. 

Dandavats pranam

HpS - Hare Krsna. Of course, your good god sister in Dallas went through the same problem and then Subal explained that one family here had lost two children in the womb and were now straining like anything to bring a third into their family.

Also, Mother Saci and Jagannatha Misra lost so many girls.


Tough place.

Rest and chant.

Who knows?

Sometimes some Yogi has a little, little, Karma to finish so they take Prasadam and hear the Japa of a devotee mother for few months then go back to Godhead.

Sometimes someone we really hurt in a previous life comes back as our child to get revenge.


.... Bhisma and Draupadi were so disturbed by the activities in Krsna lila, but they accepted that even though things were seemingly so bad, Krsna was in control.

Certainly, if we are chanting good rounds and following four principles strictly then whatever happens to us is part of Krsna's plan.

We can make this our last breath and go back to Krsna within a few moments, no?

Scream "Hare Krsna" if you have to, like Draupadi!

Please don't get removed from the battle by The Black Witch. So many people need you.

...tools of bhakti

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January 14, 2022

please accept my humble obeisances, All glories to the Vaisnava’s!

Just needed to thank you for your time and patience during our visit to Peru, was an event I’ll always cherish.

My western mentality still surfaces, though your mercy has brought some good out of this old brain. The filming and organizing of your sojourn at New Asoka Van in San Eulalia was most focused, yet flexible to the peculiarities of the environment. Between barking dogs and dawdling disciples, you kept the ambiance sober and entertaining, a master of the performing arts in real-time.

Also, please excuse my offenses, knowing your desire for optimal representation on your filming, my attachment to my notebook could have been a distraction, though I did not allow it to do so. Regardless your request was overlooked by my insecurity and that is not Vaisnava etiquette, again please forgive me.

Was interesting how you mentioned my Swiss Army tool will not be going with me on my final day, even more, so it didn’t even make it back to the USA, was neglectful, and left in my carry-on. The customs officer was wagging his finger at me and then he knew it was not my desire to bring on-board. He offered the sheath and kept the knife, I replied, “My cuchillo, su cuchillo, keep it, they’re a set.” He smiled and tossed my precious Swiss-tool in the Peruvian Airport contraband treasure box. The second tool I’ve lost at the airport, Sa La Vie.

After returning my focus has been better and japa too. Using the notebook system and mala, rounds are much stronger and faster, averaging 18-20 rounds daily and completed earlier. Having a brain with a splayed attention span, plus being a “baby-boomer “ in the television era chanting is an ongoing practice in conscious patience.

Fortunately, Srila Prabhupada’s mercy of Buddhi-Yoga has been very successful in practical applications. It has taken many years to reign in the feverous mind, and your calming directions have also helped greatly... thank you again, this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.

Now am turning around the remains of our last move and organizing our future relocation, at this rate we’re going live more with less... sounds like a good game plan. Will try to keep up to date with you and your fine classes and programs... Houston does all right, though your discourses keep it more personal.

Looking forward to March, all glories to your service!

your servant, still training,

caitanya caritamrta das, das anu das.

P.S: The pic is of my journal-japa (jj), note the far-right grid.. still have 2 rounds left to go. Each 1/4" square has 6 marks, at 18 X 8, twice. Comes to 1,728 per 2 grids, each set is unique, so no duplicates keeps the mind focused and the creative juices calm. Best system I've found thus far for this insane brain.

Thank you very much for your letter!!!

Unless you put the FMP or Kapi Dhvaja Priority Code in the Title field you won’t get Tom Brown’s attention and it may be after we are all dead and in Goloka that you get an answer to your letter.

You can find the Priority Code at the seccion Letters to/from the Editor from our blog MkW.

Hare Krishna...Hare Rama...

Mathura Mani Devi Dasi

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Hare Krishna querido Gurudev, le ruego acepte mis mas humildes reverencias. Todas las Glorias para Srila Prabhupada.

Antes que nada, debo presentarle mis sinceras disculpas por no ser diligente en cuanto a mis informes y cartas, no es por falta de voluntad sino una falta de conocimiento informático; por lo que en esta oportunidad he recurrido a un hermano espiritual para que me ayude.

Además de cumplir con los principios y las rondas me esfuerzo por seguir siendo instruida a través de los libros de Srila Prabhupada y las clases que usted imparte las cuales son una bendición.

En cuanto a mi servicio en el Templo de Madrid vengo brindando el servicio de pujari a sus señorías Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, aunque aun no tengo la segunda iniciación por lo que habiendo terminado mis cursos de bhakti sastri y teniendo solo pendiente la entrega de los ensayos, le ruego que acepte mi petición si así lo considera, de recibir la segunda iniciación cuando usted esté con nosotros en Madrid.

Tengo un enorme gozo de saber que pronto podremos contar con su presencia y misericordia, me despido de usted reverentemente y esperanzada de verle pronto.

Su sirvienta.

Mathura Mani Devi Dasi

Thank you very much for your letter!!!

Unless you put the FMP or Kapi Dhvaja Priority Code in the Title field you won’t get Tom Brown’s attention and it may be after we are all dead and in Goloka that you get an answer to your letter.

You can find the Priority Code at the seccion Letters to/from the Editor from our blog MkW.

Hare Krihna...Hare Rama...

[Harmonium] Second initiation

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asa[e] vad; initation, second

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:

AGTSP, pamho

Maybe some devotees will like me less. Nevertheless, it seems to me that some devotees are very eager to take second initiation due to you are retiring to India soon.

Maybe I can give some insights here due to I took second initiation in 2006. Elder devotees explained to me that from that point I was going to be on the spot. It was a huge responsibility.

And I took the vow to serve Sri Sri Radha Madana Bihari and every Friday from 2006 to 2013 I performed service there. Krsna then started to tested me, I have some slipps. So I have to say for those who want to take second initiation that is not an easy path ¡¡¡

Some godbrothers and sisters are not in favor that some of the candidates take second initation, but they prefer not to say anything. I am not in favor and also not against them.

However, I just want to say that they need to think very carefully the huge step that they are going to make. Plus, if some of them have some situations that need to be fixed from their past they should try to fix them first. They are going to be consider as ladies and gentlemen.

HpS - Yes, Karuna krsna Das, Chosica Temple Council, have made exactly the same comments, and one of the candidates who had some financial debts to pay has done it.

Also, second initiation is for brahmanas, ksatriyas and higher class vaisyas. All should ne twice born.

Also, even if we do not take second initiation formally, we must be fixed in Brahman and this Paramatma by the informal process of following our Harinama diksa vows.

If we fall from either first or second initiation vows it is about the same, no?

Get back up.

Fallen the process or as Maharaja Bharat, adjust our Bhava.

All of the candidates from the list participate in FMP. That is a very strong point.

Also some godbrothers and sisters are maybe shy or recatados haha and do not try to show of and maybe they are more qualified to take second initiation. But that is another topic.

For instance, if you study to become a teacher you need to know why do you want to be a teacher. And what are going to be your responsabilities.

In my opinion. If you worship Sri Sri Gaura Nitai in Wilson you do not need second initiation.

So sorry Gurudeva if this bothers you or the readers from this blog, and thank you for this blog. Wherein we can express ourselves freely with education.

HpS - CmDD we are all indebted to you for making these points. You will be a great grandmother.

At the end of the day as you say mercy is more important than Justice. KRSNA IS SO MERCIFUL AND SO DO YOU. Nevertheless, we do not need to take advantage of that mercy

Thanks a lot Gurudeva

See you in FMP


HpS - I'm demanding, according to the ISKCON laws that the candidates be presented by the local media and people have a chance to make objections.

Thank you!