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[2/20, 9:28 AM] Sri Rama Krsna Das: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Verses Cited in the Nectar of instruction

March Class

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[2/20, 11:55 AM] Balimardana Das: Maharaj - would you join as a guest speaker for Bhakti Vaibhav second batch on March 3rd Sunday 6:30 am pst ? 30 mins is good enough and this batch just finished canto 1 into chapters 6 —- thank you maharaj.

[2/20, 3:47 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Always, agtSP, nice to get your association! 


Can we make it Bilingual?

We have a very substantial weekly SB workshop at the same time.

They could, would like to, join the same time.

[2/20, 3:51 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Even more important, our physical condition is becoming more erratic day by day.

So, could we have an alternative speaker ready if HpSwami has a mechanical failure at the time of the Class? 


[2/20, 3:51 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Hare Krsna. Hare Rama 🙂

Gajendra Moksa [GM] 2

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NANDA-RAJA DAS - Yes, Mahārāja, I went through this. But, I don't see any good in switching to Grihastha ashram either. I'll lose many opportunities for services and a lot of time will go in earning money. Besides, controlling senses would be tougher there. I don't see a willingness in me unless that's the only option.

I always think of bouncing back. I've lived a joyful brahmachari life but that was with my brahmachari friends. Now, I only aspire for it.



Paoho 🐒🐒🐒🦍


What happened to your brahmachari friends? Make new ones? Join our ASA Sannyasa aśrama?

What about Vanaprastha? Vaisesika, Virabahu Das, PM Modi? No kids. One kid, a Ray of Visnu? Your brother stuck in a female body. No, minimal physical contact just emotional stability. Meet once a day, week, year - both preparing for next ashrama, Goswami? She maybe even more serious, humble than you?

Wife raises dogs to sell as pets, working dogs, with enough income to cover all her, extra grhastha expenses.

Thank you.this nice dialog.

Hare Krsna. Hare Rama 🙂.

bibliography - ramayana

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asa[e] - ramayana, bibliography

Sun, Jan 21 at 7:59 PM

1. Srila Prabhupada - BBT Publication

Based on Chapters 10 & 11 of Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 9

The Ramayana in Brief: Rescuing Sita, the Wife of Lord Rama

2. Vidwan Gauranga Dasa (JPS) - Rupa Raghunatha Vani Publications

With word for word and verse translations and purports

Sri Valmiki Ramayana: Canto 1 (3 Volumes)

Sri Valmiki Ramayana: Canto 2 (5 Volumes)

3. Bhakti Vikasa Swami - Bhakti Vikas Trust

Summary of Valmiki Ramayana (ancient and unchanged)

Ramayana: The Story of Lord Rama

4. Dr. Demian Martins - Jiva Institute

Word for word and verse translation in English and Hindi of Bala Kanda Chpater 1, 100 verses

Mula-ramayana: The Original Ramayana

5. Krishna Dharma Dasa - Mandala Publication

Novelized version of Ramayana

Ramayana: India's Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love, and Wisdom

HpS/ASA - Also available at

6. Rancor Dasa - Mandala Publication

Summary of Ramayana w/BG Sharma illustrations

Ramayana: A Tale of Gods and Demons

7. Purnaprajna Dasa

HpS/ASA - Thank you Gopal! AgtSP. We read a paper copy of the "Gita Press" English edition while in Russia.

Also, Kirtananda published a copy with Sri Galim, that quoted an esteemed academic in the Preface that there here hundreds of translations of Ramayana around the world.

Radha-Krsna et al, like Rama-lila so much that they eternally play it in Kamyavan in Braja, no?

How does it fit in proportion to our Nitya seva?

Blind Faith

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A Devotee and Scientist Asks:

Hare Krishna 

HH Hanumat Preshaka Swami had to leave immediately after his discourse today, and we couldn't get to ask a question

I'm hoping someone on this forum may be able to help

We learn that truth has the attributes of 

1. Being independent...whether majority believes or disagrees with it, truth remains the truth. It doesn't need anything like proof, etc. to exist

2. Being eternal... truth is unchanging. It stays the same irrespective of time, place, or circumstances 

3. Being universal... it is applicable to everyone, everything, everywhere 

4. Being inimitable....truth cannot be manufactured

With this in mind, why is something like faith required to understand/realize truth?

After all, faith can make one accept lies to be the truth & vice versa

There are more basal things like hunger, which doesn't require anything external like faith or person to tell us we're hungry.... so why is it that for something sublime like truth, which is independent anyway, we rely on a shaky thing like faith?


Hanumatpresaka Swami (Professor H. H. Robinson)

Such and excellent and also very fundamental question. We also have been attentive to this personally, and also in our dealings in science, even in discourses with even Nobel Laureattes.

Of course, this is the general area of Epistemology, How do we Know.

Ontology has been described as, What we can Know.

Praxiology as, What we do about It.

Yes, the word Faith has been denigrated by modern materialistic people as being Blind Faith, but this is condemned by Srila Prabhupada, and our Caitanya, Bengali, Vaisnava community. For example, it is directly declared in purport to BG As It Is 4.34.

"In this verse, both blind following and absurd inquiries are condemned."

It is a big topic with lots written on the subject.

I would say the way Srila Prabhupada uses the word faith is a translation of the word "sraddha". In his sense he is using it like saying the Old Jeeves is a very faithful servant.

We may know something but we don't apply it. We are unfaithful.

In some ways it is the same as the word 'Bhakti' or 'Love'.

Then it becomes pretty easy, no?

If we say that the Truth cannot be known without Love, Respect, then it becomes easier approach the problem of faith and knowledge.

One class of "Scientists" take Science as dominating the material energy. Forcing her to reveal her confidential secrets and forcing her to gratify our masculine desires.


In The Voice of Experience Dr. R. D. Laing gives some just astonishing quotations, statements, about this perspective in science.

Does reality have a moral and ethical component, or is it just impersonal truth that can be accessed equally by demons and atheists, or gods and heroes?

PhD means Teacher of Love of Wisdom. So if you are a PhD in physics you don't have to teach your students anything, no information or rational processes. You just have to teach them to LOVE Truth!!!

Does a prominent Research Scientist leading a large and respected team in some cutting edge area of science have'Faith' in the hypothesis they are now pursuing?

Arjuna surrendered to Krsna in BG 2, but he had lots of doubts after that.

Diksa means that you don't bring up artificial doubts to try to avoid surrender.

Diksa means that we agree to go on asking practical questions as long as the Guru keeps on supplying practical answers from empirical, logical, mystical (intuitive), resources.

No blind faith is required.

We are approaching BG with a hypothesis and testing it.

One nice question for confirmed scientific materialists is:

Do you have axiomatic faith in the postulates of Euclid? 😠

Of course, they do.

We don't have faith in the postulates of Euclid because we can see red, blue and green, empirical knowledge.

As far a rational understand goes. In science it is synonimous with Mathematics.

You can't even have enumeration without Euclids postulates, what to speak of counting, arithmetric, geometry, calculus.

Its a broad topic.

I think it was Galileo whom when asked why they BELIEVED in the postulates of mathematics, responded that because they FELT right.

Vedas say that ultimately everything is RASA.

The final evidence is Rasa.

Science is based upon a fine taste that drives us on to being more and more committed.


Some of our ideas.

AI and Lies

asa[e].. ug.. ai

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja,


Just wanted to share below insights of experts into the future world of Artificial Intelligence.

From a Linkedin Post:

Adolph Hitlers propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels purportedly said: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Gary Smith finds that “[large language models] can generate falsehoods faster than humans can correct them.”

Gary has been reporting on his humorous exchanges with ChatGPT for more than a year, sometimes asking the same questions to see if ChatGPT’s answers get better; they don’t. One of those questions involves how many bears the Russians have sent into space (correct answer is none) in which he shows that the answers are not getting logically better, but funnier.

Main article:

Your servant

Srinivasacarya Dasa

HpS/ASA[UG] - Thank you!!! 🐻 We have learned how to do keystrokes to get the Emojis into the page. You know? .... you type ":" and then put the proper keyword afterwards eg ":bear" and you get the bear emoji.




We remember how Srila Prabhupada was saying that all these televisions were not useful. (We understand that traveling Puppet shows and local Puppet shows are better).

He said that in the whole world maybe two, three dozen televisions were needed.

One in Moscow. One in Beijing. One in the Vatican. One in...

... people develop memories! People talk with their neighbors. Brahmanas like Vyasa deva can give people like Sanjaya TV in their hearts.

WHTSTSPS (we heard they say that srila prabhupada said) that if you follow strictly and your children follow strictly then your grandchildren will be traveling on flying carpets.


🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🚀... 🚀... 🚀...