¡Hanuman Ayudaaa!

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I ask you please not to publish the content of this letter. It deals with a topic that only you should know.

ASA SAUC - AgtSP!! Then you should not send it here, rather ask how we can discuss it confidentially with only one or more other devotees who are practically concerned.

We have extreme doubts about "Topics that only we should know", because we know that we are 99% fools.

Yet, we will look at it and if necessary confidentially share it with appropriate devotees.

Thank you, so much.

I wish you are well, I have followed you on social networks, but... ... Thank you very much Gurudeva

Your Servant

Piyari Mohan das

HpS - Was very nice letter, but really nothing that needs to be confidential. You are doing what every real devotee does.

Can you just look at it, maybe edit it a little bit and then send again. Then we can comment. We would like to comment. Is good report.

Thank you.

Response to previous letter about candidates for initiations

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Hare Krsna Maharaja please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!!

Sorry for my late response, I have gone through many material things, entrance to the school of the Narottam brothers, an emergency operation of the appendix. uff!!!

With respect to your questions in the previous letter, here I answer.

Narotam has successfully completed the disciples and bhaktas course and the test stipulated by H. H. Jayapataka Swami. Both mother Alankriti and prabhu Parasuram have successfully passed the test for 2nd initiation created by HH Jayapataka Swami and both are taking the online bhakti sastri course. These 3 candidates are with all the times of service, courses and tests accepted.

I heartily appreciate all Maharaja, I will always be in your debt. Your humble servant, always attentive to serve you, Maha Anandini Radha dd.

HpS - Thank you!!! We were dying for this.

We need letters from the Temple President or his or GBC authorized agencies. Thank you. Hope your donkey, body, is teaching you good lessons to finish your material attachment very soon and wake up to your full self.


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HpS/ASA --- 🙈 🙊 🙉 Then, according to the Standards of Communication for the Blog, which we have to repeat again and again and again and again, we, HpS, TB, BW, UG et cannot read it.


Hare Krsna!!!!


We are Brahmacaris and Sannyasis here and cannot have private discussions with members of the fair sex.

Yet, we are very enthusiastic to help if there is a responsible Grhasta in the dialogs.

So, please send us the name and Whatsapp phone number of such a one and we can make a group chat in Whatsapp. [Of course, these are maybe $5/word. (Financial grants available)]

We will not publish the number of Such-A-One.

2nd Drop in the Ocean

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please accept my sincere obeisance’s, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you for your quick response, I know you’re quite engaged in service.

The question on our “8.3” number is parallel and self-encumbered, I was referring to the World population which is currently at 8.3 billion of all nations, then you refreshed my memory of 8.3 million gyrations in the species of material existence. So many cycles, and growing primarily out of tama-guna.

Murfreesboro sounds like a plan, we’ll need to get on your journal page to find the perfect stage for the visiting our Sage.

Will do my best to keep the responses going to you, not taking any chances, for now we may yet be blessed in your Spiritual quests

Hasta Luego Maestro Grande!  

HpS - 🐷 🐷 🦍

We have some letters for you when we get back to USA!

Are you doing service at New Raman-reti?

Hare Krishna mantra and initiation

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Dear Guru Maharaja, PAMHO AGTSP

In our recent sankirtana meeting the following question came up:

When the Hare Krishna mantra became the harinama diksha standard? For example, which acharya introduced it in initiation, together with specific number of rounds?

Devotees, me included, talked something about the topic, but nobody knew who, when and how introduced it as a diksha feature.

Please, can you answer?

HpS - Hare Krsna. I also have had that question. I think in Caitanya Bhagavata, Lord Caitanya says that he only eats in the house of a 'lak-pati', someone who chants 100,000 holy names daily. I think that is 64-rounds.

Srila Prabhupada mentions it in NoI, no? He says that he said that anyone who does not chant 64-rounds/day is fallen and then SP says that 16 is the minimum, but we can hope for mercy of Lord Caitany as savior of the fallen.

I don't know more.

Asked Krsna-ksetra Das or others?

Thank you!


a drop in the ocean

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Please accept my sincere obeisance’s, All glories to the Vaishnavas!

HpS - ASA - Hare Krsna! We noticed this Post but hacve not been able to get to it until now.

You know how busy things can be in Houston.

You can see from th DTC post here that we made it to Mexico.

Still alive!


Kindly allow this humble offering to appease the lack of humble offerings; the goals of periodically written supplications have been blatantly restrained by this over-active brain, regardless of the pain, here we go… a noteworthy showing for the vastly growing “Monkey Warrior’s.”


Oops, a month’s gone by, and am only in the second paragraph. Please excuse my offenses... so much for a timely presentation, best to make up for it with some self-realization!


Now, what to write for making up for what I didn’t write, while writing to make it right? Reflecting on the magnitude and attitude of the participants in the Monkey Warrior blog, I best do something to complement the caliber of my Godbrothers and Sisters. Shouldn’t meander in mannerism,

Levity doesn't need excess longevity, causes a wandering storyline... smash the mind. We may learn education & entertainment are not always cheered, though they should be if they’re clear.


In our journey with you, Maharaja, in Bharata Varsa, some questions came to me, in the rightful pace of Govardhana parikrama, those inquiries were spaced. Now attempting to reflect and respect the queries, though, for the life of me, my mind is not dreary, just satisfied with your good association. Of course, a puzzling brain will not submit to sincerity, instead, we have whimsical wanderings. Still, my points are splayed in this epist-fool play.


Need to reach for spontaneous proclivities, one of the most invigorating practices of devotional service, yet it may be the most frustratational on the material platform. We have expectations, desire for specific results that interrupt the spontaneity swing, mysterious thing... this impromptu fling.

The minuscule percentage of personal control we have of this world is better when we know the remaining 8.3 billion in command of this “planet of demand”, our best intentions are consumed with time. That marvelous 8.3 billion is complete with the Divine, this is an inspirational source for the sublime, let’s cross that invisible line that borders eternal time.

ASA - Oink! Oink! Whoop! Whoop!

🐷 🐷 🦧🦧

It is 8.3-million (species of life) not billion, no?


Vani & Vapu (Distant & Close), the crux of intimate relations, is based on reverse gestation. Our ongoing journey to self-realization is one of vibration, a trip of negations and embracing correlations, part of the “Acintya Bheda-Bheda Tattva” Spiritual sensation.

As aspiring Vaisnavas and based on the degrees of surrender, the art of spontaneity is rendered, though only if the protocol is naturally tendered. In essence: faithful japa, 4 principles, calm perseverance and desires of yukta-vairagya can surmise pure, spontaneous devotional service, not some speculative appearance.


Concluding this minute excerpt of self-realization, the only usurpation may be is in thinking we’re creating the narration, not keeping our Gurus as the guiding entity for this ecstatic proclivity. Take the reins to your mind with the Soul divine and intelligence will not be maligned. This is the beginning reflection of Bhava and its connections. The next levels are even more purifying and satisfying, though one needs to relish it, not embellish it.


Thank you all for your valuable time, and hope my bent mind didn’t combine improper guidelines, we do not want to malign any devotees’ personal confines. The stirrings of “rasa-bhasa” are not our place, respect people’s space, and then we may share the transcendental grace beyond blood and race. 


All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

HpS-ASA -- 🙂 🦧 🐷 🤖

Jaya, Hare Krsna.

To our perception, your poetry it getting better and better.

We could follow all of the dance, except for the "Million or Billion" reseach glance.

I think translating to Spanish would require Mother Sarasvati herself.

I think that Full Morning Service, then we can be pretty sure our spontaneous service is propery.

We are Brahmanas and can trust our insights.

Planning on keeping some notes for you all while we are here and then sending by Post Man when back in Houston.

Maybe??? we can even meet in Nashville.

Otherwise, just Saci x Lord Caitanya meetings while He was in Puri!!