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Dear Guru Maharaja ♥ ️ ♥ ️😍

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Thank you very much for this incredible devotional life that You has given me, full of challenges and progress in different aspects of my life.

HpS - I hope we have been able to help in the gift but real giver is Srila Prabhupada and your Sankirtan Gurus like Maha-visnu Swami, no??

Now I am in Vrndavan, (the external aspect), yesterday I married my wife at the house of Mukunda Datta das and was HH Bhakti Dhira Dhamodar Swami, and several disciples of Srila Prabhupada, it was a small but very significant ceremony.

HpS - Super! Next Ashrama. How many kids do you have? It has already been four days!!! Get to work you lazy devil! Are they in University? Got PhD in micro-biology?? 😁

My GBC Guru Prasadh (Prasada) Swami gave me the blessings after all that I have gone through to try to establish myself in the ashram (it was not easy 3, very difficult years). Mahatma Prabhu was not in agreement but we spoke with the GBC and reached an agreement. a crazy but very enriching story. 

HpS - The tele-novela of VKD and his bride! Maybe it will be in the next Bhagavatam.

Now we are planning to do the sankirtan December marathon with my wife soon in Delhi with the blessings of Gopal Krsna Maharaja who is going to provide us with apartments to the Flourma sankirtan group that we have here in Vrndavan.

HpS - Very nice! What is your esteemed wife's name?

 I got back up to Mangalaratik and I have never stopped my rounds, my principles have become strong, Vrndavan is a very heavy Guru, he makes me pay for everything very hard, so I feel good about this great opportunity.

HpS - Prabhodananda Sarasvati, Vrndavana Dhama Mahimamrta: I know many books, I know many teacher, but as far as I am concerned, I know no teacher like Vrndavana Dhama!!!

 Gurudeva I am in family activities, growing economically, and I am not clear when I can move from Vrndavan, for now, it suffers but it is enjoyed,

thank you for your time and support, beloved Gurudeva. 

Dear Gurudeva, our Home had no deities, and we felt very empty, so we asked the blessings of HH BDD Maharaja and Mukunda Datta Prabhu who recommended us not to buy them, but to pray for it to manifest, in our marriage some devotees from Harinama They brought this Giriraj to serve her (photo attached), Mukunda Datta told us that we could worship Him as Radha Giridhari, dear Gurudeva please give us your blessings to serve Him and make some progress in our relationship with the Supreme Personality of God and his servants.

HpS - Awk! If you are not strict in your Brahminical life, Giriraja my kill you or your wife or your kids, in college or... He is tough guy. Better to get Gaura-Nitai to start!! They LOVE Kirtana and Bhoga!!

Dear Gurudeva please bless me for keep day by day Focused in Krsna Conciesnes in our Devotional service

His servant Vrajendra Kumara das

HpS - Thank you!!!!!! Go ahead. Steady, useful sankirtan service. Kids.


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Hare Krishna, Beloved Gurudeva:


Happy Gopastami.

HpS/ASA - A g t SP!!

Gurudeva 🙌 while I was meditating using my gems. One thought came to me.

ASA - Hmmm?

Is it fair to blame one Spiritual Master for our flaws? I mean many many times I was addressed with the following statement: " You are a disciple of so and so.. Then you should behave properly. Otherwise people are going to say. Look she is disciple of ...... Look what she or he is doing.

So my question what amount of guilty [guilt] the Espiritual Master has in relation of the comportment of their disciples? It is kind of unfair to blame our Gurus for our own stupidity.

HpS/ASA - It seems to be a very particular thing. What is the influence of the spiritual master in the comportment of the disciple? At one time we were acting as Diksa guru for one disciple and she was taking shelter of H. H. Bhakti-bhusana Swami as Siksa guru because her service was focused on street book distribution. Then he told us she felt ashamed to tell us that she was not chanting all her rounds during the Christmas marathon. So, she asked him to talk to us. Maybe like the daughter asking the Uncle to talk to the Father.

So, we gave our advice to give to her.

So, she has some responsibility. We have some. Maharaja has some.

The demons have accept Sukra-acharya as their spiritual master. He gives them advice for asdvancing in material comfort. They want that. He is inclined to give it. Who is to blame?? Yet, one of them, Bali-maharaja very politely rejects the instructions of his SM to serve Visnu. Particular, no? Bogus disciple, bogus guru... bogus results. 🙂 AGTSP!!!

This year has been weird for all of us. Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to develop my cooking side for instance.

HpS - Pizza? Pasta? For..... Radha-Krsna! Jagannatha.

By the mercy of Sarvani dasi Krsna Balaram is in our home. We made a Barbecue to welcome Them. Krsna is really generous with us in all aspects.

ASA - Is He really merciful to you? To us? 🐵 😎

Thanks for everything Gurudeva 🙌

Hope to see you pretty soon. Meanwhile see you in FMP.

ASA - When people volunteer to chant Japa for the supreme Lord, we tend to ask those who do not lead Mangala Arati regularly, so they get a chance also!

So, nice to hear from you! Don't be shy if Krsna wants you do some big service for him.

Your eternal servant,



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Hare Krsna Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Maharaja from what I understand, love of Godhead, Krsna prema, awakens by constant absorption in the pastimes of Vrindavan. Only by constant hearing of this transcendental realm can we catch a glimpse of the perfected state of the living being.

HpS - AGTSP Yes, and the stages are described in the NOD, no? Vaidhi Bhakti, Raganuga Bhakti, Bhava Bhakti . . . !! Prema Bhakt !!! (AWAKE!)

In Vaidhi we see Radha Krsna as Deities and the altar as Vrndavana and we keep it clean. Then we see that they are Spiritual (Brahmana), then we get inspiration in detail from Them and see Their mood (Goswami), then we talk with Them (Saksi Gopal). Correct.

Srila Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur describes, “I meditate on the fair and dark complexioned divine young couple, who are absorbed in ecstatic love for each other and who are singing melodiously together under the tall, huge, kadamba trees filled with many flowers on the banks of the Kalindi River.”

- Sri Vrindavan Mahimamrta Sataka 15 Text 98

I feel it is important for us practicing devotees to know that our goal is not just to follow rules and regulations but to actually attain spontaneous loving attraction to Radha & Krsna in Vrindavan. This is achieved only by taking shelter of Srimati Radharani.

HpS - I agree. It can be like having a free vacation from Chicago in the Winter to Hawaii. Then you have to come back... but now you know where you want to live. By Lord Caitanya's mercy we can get a taste of Prema that even a Lord Brahma might not get!!! ... but then we come back and have to do Karma-misra(mixed)-bhakti yoga ie. stop smoking, chant on beads.. as we advancing karma-misra, jnana-misra, dhyana-misra... we always keep the lighthouse in mind, and sometimes we may get little undeserving visits there as we advance, (, but high thoughts and practical work?

“The golden effulgence emanating from Sri Radha’s bodily limbs covers the ten directions. She drowns both spiritual and material objects in the ocean of Her transcendental beauty. In this way She is always supremely glorious.”

Sakata Seven, Text 93

I pray to the most merciful Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for an ounce of mercy to understand and approach these Himalayan topics.

Is my understanding correct?

Eagerly awaiting your comments or corrections.

Your insignificant servant,

Bhakti Sastra Das

HpS - ASA - We added our little thoughts above. Are they correct from your point of view? See another letter from you... :>>> We want VERY much to fit Vrindavana Dhama Mahimamrta (VDM) into our hearing and chanting.

preach to every wall ( Facebook wall)

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hare krishna, maharaj, PAMHO, AGTSP

just wrote on our FB wall inspired by you...

violence in the name of god, is strange...

we need to realize principles of religion rather than rituals of religion..some principles i can share.

1. God is one, he is never alone, he has companions, his companion has powers like him. We can not differentiate currently between him and his companions. so each of seems to worship different gods.

i will refer god/ his companions/representative as GODHOOD

2. god/ his companions/ representative, do not exist to fulfill our demands only. Like child is not suppose to ask parents always. when has to grow up, and think what can do to serve my parents. therefore all of us should eventually serve god/ his representatives/ companions (GODHOOD).

3. we should have personal barometers to serve GODHOOD. try to satisfy those parameters and increase them gradually. only then try to tell others to increase their barometers.

4. feel/see love for godhood in natural creation and order.

5. see problems in life as result of disconnection from godhood.

for people who dont believe in these principles/godhood, they are invited for typing debate for sake of clarity (not for ego satisfaction).


HpS - Very nice! You can die now! Your life has been successful. Parikshit will be your father and you will meet Mataji and get married again (????). I don't think so. I think you are ready to be born in Nabadvipa as one Nimai's puppys or a boy following Him by even taking Sannyasa and moving to Puri.

KDPC Politics is not my thing. I am a Professor

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Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva AGTSP PAMHO:

Gurudeva, today we were invited to a meeting for the "bendita Junta Legal".

I am not going to enter in details here. Nevertheless, there are some steps that they are avoiding. So we declined to join the meeting. LAD and Caitanya Candra d and me. I talked to LAD and both do not want to be in this entanglement. Basically if the things are not done in a proper way. The new board may even go to jail for others' faults

Honestly, I feel that even if I present all the evidence to them. They have their own thoughts. Mathuresh Prabhu approved that I start the restoration of Gaura Nitai. But then after talking with Yamunesvara d they changed the plan. They are going to bring new deities from India and Gaura Nitai will go to Yamunesvara's house. For me that is without sense. They take decisions without any consideration to anyone.

I sent pictures in which we can see that Wilson is having trouble with cleanliness. We hope the administration can do something.

I just want to inform you my reasons. Haridas Caitanya d (JPS's personal servant) called me this morning because he did not understand what happened. I tried to explain, LAD also talked to him. Due to JPS did not understand why we refused to join the meeting.

I prefer to serve teaching but as you now we had many obstacles in the past. I have the feeling that others have more facilities than we do. BURROCRACIA.

In my job there is a lady haha it is a burden to work with her. I can feel her envy, etc. But still I can teach.

Thanks for the FMP. In there I can find good association.

Janmastami is coming. Krsna and Balaram kill demons.

Thanks again Gurudeva

Trying to be your disciple


HpS - Hare Krsna. Mataji. In this letter you sound very tired. I feel the same many times.

Sometimes it is a great effort to chant 16-nice rounds. Follow four principles strictly, but then we can see exactly what is our service. Of course, it may not be completely clear, even to Krsna either, because people have free will, but we will see that, "Nobody knows, or is in control, of these certain things!".

O. K. Now we know, so we don't spend much time on them. Just see if we can help with them as things change. We focus on what we can do. We accept that in the end (sooner or later) EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is going to die, except improving our eternal service.

If we come to the material world in next birth or later our ETERNAL SERVICE will be better. We will be able to serve Krsna better.

Be a big hero, like Draupadi.

He, Govinda!

So, if you do not join the meetings, are you resigning from the Junta Legal?

Thank you.