Consolidation of HPS work-2

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Hare Krsna Merciful Gurudev,

agtSP, pAmho,

Please find the link of which we were mentioining (node 14969) please look at 34:35

Here is the link of sankhya folder based on your lecture about (oriental and occidental science)

It contains

  1. Sankhya MP3 file recording of your lecture
  2. Sankhya PPT you showed during the lecture
  3. Sankhya TXT file having the transcription of lecture from MP3 file.
  4. HPS_fb- the lecture given above
  5. The transcript of HPS_fb

I think we/others should compile this work and give appropriate end to it.

trying to develop desire to serve as you want us to serve.

Das of Hayagriva Avatar.. Das of Time

HpS - Wow!!! Maybe it could be sorted a little bit and then distributed for reaction from other scholars, devotees.

🐵/🐷 - - We read this when about 12-years old. Science Fiction Shelf in the local library was our temple.

Clifford Simak was great help.

Consolidation of HPS work

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AgtSP. Pamho.

Hare Krsna, Gurudeva.

As you are in, as you are, in the phase of consolidating the work or teaching you have done. I was thinking that maybe you can also consolidate on the work or view of time, you have gathered.

It will help for the generations to come for that reason I have put the Facebook which you gave one time


I am ready to work with you on this front to whatever extent.

HpS/ASA - AgtSP. The link opens up and we go to the time place but it does not run when we click the right-arrow.


Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

Henry Van Dyke

Trying to be useful

Das of Hayagriva

HpS - You are useful.


Disappearance of HG Rajashekhar Das Brahmachari ACBSP

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Hare Krishna Maharaj

Please accept my humble obeisances

Srila Prabhupada's disciple Rajasekhar Das Bramhachari passes away – 12:16pm – Monday 13th May 2024

Below is the reflection of HG Milan Radha Madhav prabhu who was present in hospital-

Another disciple of Srila Prabhupada passes away. Rajasekhar Prabhu left his body just now in Sri Dham Mayapur.

We were just there in the hospital, for some minor procedure when we were told that another disciple of Srila Prabhupada was admitted there.

Jananivasa Prabhu went to meet him. Rajasekhar Prabhu was very happy to meet his godbrother there. Prabhu was telling him about the Chandan Yatra and the boat festival going on in the temple. Rajasekhar Prabhu was smiling and nodding, as he was on oxygen support. He spoke a few words occasionally through his mask.

How much happiness they feel in the company of their godbrothers. Smiling and talking about Krishna and Prabhupada. Jananivasa Prabhu was telling him "Radha Madhava's boat festival is there tonight, They are waiting for you..". To that he smiled and said Hare Krishna.

Riddha Prabhu, also came in and also joined the conversation. He was taking care of Rajasekhar Prabhu while in this hospital. Just while they were talking, Rajasekhar Prabhu who was sitting there looking at us and breathing.

They were discussing about relocating him to a better hospital in Burdwan district. There was raising funds to cover the medical expenses. They were requesting Jananivasa Prabhu if he could help, Prabhu immediately agreed to give whatever is required. He told me to make arrangements.

While this conversation was going on, and we were ready to move. Rajasekhar Prabhu suddenly fell unconscious.

The doctor present there immediately went and did his best to revive him, but the machines indicated that he was leaving. How auspicious! In Sri Mayapur Dham in the divine association of his godbrother, Rajasekhar Prabhu left the world.

Seeing this right in front of my eyes was quite a shock for me. We all were chanting loudly the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Understanding that he was leaving the doctor, who was a devotee — Sukhi Achyuta Prabhu, brought some Ganga-water and put in the mouth of Rajasekhar Prabhu.

It doesn't get better than that, such an auspicious departure of a sadhu. Another great disciple of Srila Prabhupada left the world. A decade of tears, as Kadamba Kanana Maharaj said, where most of our senior devotees will leave. May we take their association more strongly and learn from them the art of dedicating one's life to Krishna.

Here is the link of Memorial festival in mayapur

Rajashekhar Prabhu has compiled many books on Vrindavan, Govardhan parikrama, Srila Prabhupada in South India and Calcutta- City of Divine Grace . I was fortunate to get his association in last months

Hyour aspiring servant


HpS/ASA - Thank you very much. This is essential news for us. I think I remember very, very much appreciating one of his parikrama books. Even several.

Thank you.

Hare Krsna

Hare Krsna

Child Custody



Hare Krishna Maharaj! How r u?

HpS/ASA - We, agtSP, are eternal, but our body is struggling with strong allergy. 😃

I’ve been a kind of busy and couldn’t do the X (Twitter) sign up in order to follow u. So I’m going to catch up with your news.

ASA - Very nice!

So I stopped smoking like a month or so, and been following again the 4 principles. I prayed to Krishna and took shelter in Srimad Bhagavatam, and my sorrows were gone. So that harsh trip left me with some new add-ons to my sadhana, now, whenever I feel kind of down, I read the Bhagavatam, or play some devotional music (that last one in particular has been my shelter lately) and always feel that my energies are renewed.

ASA - 💪💪💪🐒

So I keep doing Kirtan every morning, and chanting the 16 rounds, trying to chant boldly, like to suggested me. My life has been better overall.

I’m feeling more confident regarding my child’s custody trial, I have an audience with the judge, my child and her mother this coming week, so I would like to please ask for your mercy and blessings so I can be Krishna’s instrument in court.

Yesterday I visited ISKCON Buenos Aires and was missing your classes in that temple, do you have any plans to visit us?

I’ll try to attend some of your online classes again, the other day I watch one of them in which you were showing your drawings, which I really liked!

Well hope Maharaj you are always well!!!

thanks again for encouraging me in this path!

Please accept my obeisances!


Federico Molnar

HpS - You can see our travel plans etc at www.JayaRama.US/news.htm and in the [X] posts!! 🙂

your news is really super. we expect you to be traveling and preaching like Narada Muni if you continue with this Bhagavata road!!!

Hope your Sankirtan with your daughter is and the whole family is increasing.

You integrated with BsAs temple much?

Spain Trip Confirmed

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'ibero-banco' and 'bank of america' finally resolved their protocols, and our credit card shows that the ticket for spain visit has been confirmed.

sep 11 - dec 3.

expect to be in spain, 'nvm', at least until the start of kartika, 17 october. then, if KRSNA, or the Yamaduttas, personally drag us to radha kunda, we will have the extreme honor of the visit.

for any accommodations, service to RADHA GOVINDA-CHANDRA, contact Their servants, Yadu Swami et al!

Thank you!

paoho... !