DTC - UT Project Development

DTC - UT series is coming into the final editing stages.

Of course, there are INTENSE discussions of artistic style etc.

Here are the posts we made to the Directors, Producers et al on WhatsApp:

[9/20/2023 5:02 PM] : Gracias Senyor! We have been struggling to survive the last few days. We are doing programs every two months with NIOS Nashville, but that means that people are coming from Florida, California, renting houses, and so we have intense activity as hosts.

[9/20/2023 5:03 PM] : Then, we were not doing anymore travel, DTC, <<ULTIMATE TRIP>>, after we got back from India but were getting so, so, many requests to travel and visit people.

[9/20/2023 5:06 PM] : Finally, we got our feet on the ground, after like two, three months in our Base Camp, Nashville, and #1) We realized that we cannot travel alone anymore. Those days are done. The travel exhausts us and we get disorientation, vertigo, to even the point that we could black out. So we agreed to visit Richmond (East Coast) and Boise (West Coast) for like aweek each if some one would pick us up and drop us off.

[9/20/2023 5:06 PM] : Did Richmond. Was a killer but so, so productive.

[9/20/2023 5:10 PM] : Now we have been in Boise for 48-hours after an 8-hour, four-airport journey. They have planned a strong cultural program, and people are flying in from Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta et al to see us. Just spent 1-hour with Lokannatha Das. We worked together with a fantastic traveling puppet theater, "Purnima Puppet Theater", for like four years, and this is first chance we have had to consolidate everything with him. He still has the marionettes in boxes, and has pretty solid Parkinson's disease, but he is a transcendentalists, so he understands that even though his normal bodily functions are disturbed, he can find ways to still use his body to create and communicate by using innovative methods.

[9/20/2023 5:12 PM] : What really, really is happening is that I am staying in touch, building my understanding or our audience for DTC-UT. So I feel that my opinion of winding up the production of the videos and heading into the distribution stage is well informed.

[9/20/2023 5:13 PM] : I think I have one perspective on our audience, one part of our audience. I think Raoul, Pablo, Abhirama have other audience they know.

[9/20/2023 5:14 PM] : Now I have been motivated to show the movies to others and get their unprompted opinions. You saw the strong, favorable review that Gopinatha Das (HP Exec) gave.

[9/20/2023 5:15 PM] : Now I would like to download DTC-India here, and work out a Critic's Screening. Then, for me, I think my perspective on uploading to Vimeo and public marketing would be done.

[9/20/2023 5:19 PM] : Also, in perspective of the whole series, I wanted to see the second half of DTC Spain before forming more ideas and criticisms. Again, I see many options. One that half the studio world has seemed to use is: Studio Cut and Director's Cut. I may not be the best. I think we have some funds to cover our costs for some more editing, but for me and everyone, I think that it is not just money (money is Radha) but also how people see the personal value of investing more time in the series, the project.

[9/20/2023 5:23 PM] : I like criticism from sincere people. It is tough but I like it. I am eternal and maybe my efforts don't deserve a documentary consolidating what I have done in this lifetime. O.K. Jesus and Maria like my efforts 🙂 and are always giving criticism motivated and taking what I have done, we have done, and making eternal improvements. At some point we WILL achieve Escape Velocity and then the whole cosmos opens up to our space ship.

[9/20/2023 5:23 PM] : 💪💪💪🐮

[9/20/2023 5:24 PM] : 🤖

[9/20/2023 5:25 PM] : So... ArtDas... we need another link to download DTC-India. The one you sent has appeared to have expired. We want to show it here. Radhika Raman Das arrives tomorrow or Friday and stays until late Sunday or early monday.

[9/20/2023 5:26 PM] : Then we want to look at DTC-3.

Jay Maharaj! HK!

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HK Maharaj! Dandavats! PAMHO AGTSP! All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

how are u??

ASA - This is T. Brown/U.G. HpSwami died and went to hell/heaven. We are answering his mail. Hope this is really a 'Hot Topic' or we will sling Electro Magnetic Curses, flying like thunder-bolts to make you rich, famous, and seductive!! 🐒

🐒 🐒

This is Federico Molnar, by a Rati Manjari dd’s suggestion, I signed up with another email in order to freely speak about a hot topic and so my letter won’t be published.

This letter contains information I wouldn’t like to be revealed in public, I beg you don’t post it on the blog.

T. Brown - Hmmph... Please write back describing the content in general terms. Then we can send it to the proper bureau for Confidential Contact.

Thank you!




your servant,


ASA - Your servants, Brown and White [HpS].





Credits for DTC-UT (India)

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Follows the current Final Credits for the DTC-UT (India).

Please, please, please help us include participants and collaborators.

Don't be shy.


DTC-UT India





Directed by

Raúl Zevallos

Hanumatpresaka Swami (Theme and Technical)


Director of Photography

Pablo Rivasplata


Executive Producer

Abhirama Thakura Dasa

(Alejandro Salazar Rodríguez)



Pablo Rivasplata



Sriman Havi Das (Ilan Chester) / Album: Symphony of the Soul)

Ananta Sri Das / Álbum: Lotus)

Om Bhakti Group / Raga Ahir Bhairav,

Atma Group / Breaking the Glass




H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami (Prof. H. H. Robinson)

Héctor Béjar Rivera

Raúl Zevallos Ortiz

Ranchor Krishna Dasa (Rinku Shivpujan Gupta)

Govinda Pramodini D.D. (Govinda Ramírez)

Abhirama Thakura Dasa (Alejandro Salazar)


Technical Assistants

Jayanta Das

Adirasasa Das

Krsna-murti Das





Sriman Sashi Prakash Singh



H. H. Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja, Regional Director ISKCON

Ms. Mónica Cecilia Campos Fernández, Head of Chancellery of the Embassy of Peru in India

Yuddhistira Govinda Das

Dristi Gopi Devi Dasi





Ananga Mohan Das

Héctor Béjar



Sumanta Rudra

Balarama Lila Das

Sundar Gopal Das

Dr. Samaresh Bandyopadhyay, Eminent Educationist

Dr. Swapankumar Pramanick, President of The Asiatic Society





H. G. Hari Sauri Das

Prof. Hector Bejar



Atul Krishna Das

Mayapur TV

Vrajendra Kumar Dasa & Family

Dhruvananda Dasa, Daneshwari Dasi, Saraswati & Suryani

Vira Gopal Dasa & Goura Gadhadar Dasi





H. H. Haridas Goswami

Sadhu-bhusana Das, Manimandir Temple President and all of the Bhaktas, Priests, Organizers and Music and Drama Associations

Saradha Gourangi Dasi

Ramanuja Das





H. H. Asita Krishna Swami

Sripad Padmanabha Goswami, Radha-raman Mandir



Vipina Bihari Das

Krishna Swarup Das

Sri Hari Prabhu, Syama Sakhi Mataji & Subhadra Mayi Devi Dasi

Tungavidya Devi Dasi

Sukadeva Das, President Radha-kunda Gopal Manidira



Our heartfelt thanks to


To the directors of NIOS for their constant support

Bhaktivedhanta Research Centre, Kolkata

Bhaktivedhanta Institute, Manipur

ISKCON Kolkatta Temple

The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Bhaktivinode Asan - ISKCON Ultadanga

Mayapur Caitanya-candrodaya Temple / Mayapur TV

Baghbazar Gaudiya Math Kolkata

Krishna Balarama Mandir – Raman-reti, Vrindavan

Bhaktivedhanta Ashrama – ISKCON Govardhan



And to all those who made possible, directly and indirectly, the making of this film.


To all, from our heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


© North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies – NIOS, 2023

A Tennessee, USA, Non-profit Corporation



4 preguntas - PMD

1 month ago by piyari_mohan_das in Hot Topics, Other

Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your answers and for not letting go of my hand despite my setbacks. I feel that you are my best friend on this planet, since you are the representative of the Supreme Friend, Krishna, but I feel like Arjuna seeing the universal form.

HpS/ASA - 🐒 AGTSP! ! . . !

Well, maybe in my next birth I will have a better body and mind to serve you better, without making so many mistakes.

HpS/ASA - Ditto! 👍

I have some questions:

1.- You suggested I do yoga to improve my meditation, but when I practice it I feel pain in the joints that I have affected, perhaps it is because I do not do it properly or I am not constant.

However, I really like Chi Kung, which is similar to Tai Chi, and it doesn't bother me when I practice it. Do you think that chi kung serves in the same way as yoga for that goal?

HpS - I don't know the details. In general, Dancing for our Chanting is the best Pranayama, but considering the modern circumstances, we don't see that these practical systems are bad! Also chance to give KC association to fellow students and teacher!

2.- There are 4 dogs in my parents' house and sometimes I have had to give them dog food, which is made from meat. Is it okay for me to feed them? I say this in the sense that with this action the killing of animals is still being perpetuated.

ASA - Very strong statement by Srila Prabhupada in https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/1/7/37/.

Tell people that because of the details of your religious principles and personal feelings of compassion you don't get involved in killing, transporting, cooking, serving animals.

3.- When one achieves liberation, does the false ego disappear or is one simply so elevated that one no longer identifies with it even though it is still there?

HpS - Different levels of liberation. Taking "false ego" as "ahankare" it is there is the beginning phases and has some influence but it is reduced as we go from first to second to third initiation. At second initiation it is under control, but is still there.

When we leave the material atmosphere it is not there.



4.- The soul does nothing more than wish, the modalities are the ones that act through our mind and body in each action, but when one performs a Krishna conscious activity, does it follow the same operation or is the soul the one that is acting directly?

HpS - Who is riding the bicycle? Father holds it up in every way while the child sits on it in the beginning, but child becomes more and more responsible as he matures in his senses and skills, no?

We are always small, but as we become sincere then Maya ceases to engage us through external energy and Radha takes over. Then She realizes our desires of service.

Thank you very much Gurudeva

I wish I could always remember you

be able to serve you

And to be able to intensify my devotion towards Radha and Krishna

your servant

Piyari Mohan das

Hare Krsna!!

vyasapuja offering

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With great humility we offer our obeisance at the lotus feet of His Divine Grace Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupada, author of the book, KRSNA, The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Srila Prabhupada, you have given us the Holy Names of the Panca-tattva, and Smt. Radharani, Krsna and Lord Balarama.

You have given us Dvaraka and Krsna's pastimes with Vasudeva and Devaki and all the Dvaraka-vasis.

You have given us the worship and friendship of Lord Nrsmha deva in thick-and-thin.

The list goes on without limit.

What have we given to you?

It seems mostly whole bunch of petty, greedy, selfish desires.


It is just amazing that we can look at your transcendental Murti and feel some presence of you there looking back at us.

You're concern for your disciples new and old is very personal. It is not just black or white. You are upset with their offenses and appreciative of their little efforts in so many detailed ways.

We feel like dogs.

Mostly we are just driven to serve in your Iskcon by the modes of material nature.

What could be more fun, freeing from fear etc than to belong to your ISKCON?

Yet, like a dog, when put into the mode of goodness by the arrangement of his master, he can sometimes actually make a little personal, conscious effort to do some real causeless service.

Thank you, again and again.

Thanks to all your disciples and well wishers.

By your divine grace we will continue to try to do something for your Sankirtan efforts to illuminate Radha Krsna and transcendental world, and hope to be a part of your Sankirtan party life after life.

Hanumat-presaka Swami

Informe del festival Pada Yatra 2023- Urgente

Le envío un archivo y video, que esta en español, incluyo un apéndice en ingles al final lo más importante.

Archivo en drive




Jay Jagannatha!!! 

Pada yatra 2023 Ki Jay!!! 

Jay Sri Sri Guru y Gauranga!!!


I send you a file and video, which is in Spanish, I include an appendix in English at the end of the most important thing.

Archivo en drive




Jay Jagannatha!!!

Pada yatra 2023 Ki Jay!!!

Jay Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!!

 His daughter who adores him:

Yugala Kisora Dasi (The lion who wishes to jump to Goloka)