[KDPC] New Center in Peru and so forth

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva AGTSP PAMHO

It is superb to have your association everyday at FMP.

ASA - Oh, no! It is superb to have yours!

I just asked for some mercy during the Gaura Purnima festival in Chosica I will help in Pujari. I am over the ūüĆē.

HpS - Nothing destroys ignorance like humility.

I was accepted in another University. They sent me an invitation to teach in there due to my professional experience. Besides I continue in Jaime Bausate y Meza University. I am not a full time professor. So as U said I can be involved in more brahminical activities. I do not have a hefty schedule.

Regarding the New Center in Lima that I put in the title Jaya Laksmi dd will send you a letter with deep explanations. Neverheless, I will give you a summary.

The New center is located in Miraflores, it is modern, big, well located. In the center we do yoga, Bharatanatyam, Holistic therapies, mantra meditation. We perform mangal Artik on Saturdays we have Gaura Nitai deities, Yoga Nrismha. Namahatta programs. We distribute prasadam. We are really looking forward to invitating you when you came in April. On Sunday we have a meeting in Callao in order to plan your visit. In this center we are trying to avoid Vaisnava aparadha, and try to enthuse the devotees to continue firmly in Krsna consiousness. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with such top notch devotees. Please your blessings to continue with this project. I did not tell you this in advance due to I did not anything about that in advance and I just collaborate there giving gem therapy.

I am attaching some pictures. Nevertheless Jaya Laksmi dd will send you a letter with more details.

Thank you all so much Gurudeva

Trying to be your disciple


HpS - This news of "The New Center" is very nice. Yes, we need to fix the Calendar for Peru, Chile, Argentina ASAP. Maybe

Arrive April 1st (10.45PM)

2nd - Rama-navami (where?).

3rd-4th - Friday Night, Saturday (Where? Wilson, San Borges, Miraflores).

5th - Chosika! ???

15th :>> BsAs - Chile.

13th May :>> LIma

28th :>> Houston.(12.10AM)


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Hare Krishna Gurudeva!

Please, accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet!!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Thank you Gurudeva for your reply to my last letter, it was a very precise answer! ūüôŹ

I meant to write you again a long time ago, but I could not find the right time to do it..

Maybe for my mind this moment is not appropriate either, but if I wait for the "right moment" I am going to take too long to write....so I do it now!

HpS - AGTSP!!! One man was in his chair, sofa, at the beach reading a book, and he notice another man step into the water at the edge of the ocean with his bathing suit on and stand there, but the first man went back to reading his book. Then after about ten minutes he looked up and saw that the second man was still standing in the water of the ocean up to his ankles and had not gone any more into the water. So the first man, with a smile asked, "Are you going into the water or not?". The second answered very seriously, "Oh, yes, but I am just waiting for the waves to stop before I go in."

Gurudeva, I wanted to sent you a report about our progress in Vedabase service, but I saw that Prahlada Nrsimha prabhu already did it.

HpS - It is worth reporting many times. Such great Sankirtan. He had cards to hand out to people.

Anyway, I want to inform you that we were waiting for books from BBT to continue with importing. The Books are being sent and now we have started with "Teachings of Queen Kunti".

ASA - Oh, yes! Reina Kunti, prima de Isabella!

Also we have already corrected the typing mistakes that LOB had. As I once told you...Importing is usually about copy and paste paragraphs and not necessarily reading the paragraphs completely, but then I noticed that some words in the paragraphs were misspelled. The original versión in Spanish which we were working had these mistakes, so it was necessary to check all the text and re-edit it. We will check the other books to see if there are those errors to correct them.

HpS - French poet: Nobody ever finished a poem, they just stopped working on it. Nobody ever finished correcting all the mistakes in a book, they just stopped looking.

Gurudeva, by your desire we want to complete all the Bhaktivedanta library in Spanish!!

HpS - Then Santa Rosa of Lima will take birth in Lima again to read them!

I like to do this service, I think it fits my nature. I like to do things in detail, writing, editing, etc, and I have time to do it.

On the other hand I want to talk about my sadhana...

Gurudeva, for a long time I have been feeling dissatisfied with my sadhana..

It is like...lately...I have been making the minimum effort to do it. Not trying my best to do my best...as other times I did. I know that I can give more, do it better, but my mind, lazyness...tama guna?? are like a constant obstacle....Gurudeva, please...what is the cause of it??

I know that I can give much more to Krishna and I do not do it. I am like a miser who have a 100 dollar bill in my pocket and only gives Krishna two dollars. ūüė≠ Gurudeva, what is the cure for this??

HpS - I do not know. I have the same problem. We have our Karma, which is now being controlled by Radharani not Durga, but still it is there. Now it is being used for our purification and service. So, some times we are in Tama guna and because we are not pure devotees it has some influence. It hurts us!!! We decide to become pure devotees. In the ultimate issue, our Sadhana is a very, very personal relationship with your old friend, Krsna, and how we are being His friends or not.

I wanted to talk to you about one more topic but I better leave it for the next letter..

Please, forgive me if I have been a little complaining in this letter..ūüė•

Thank you very much for your causeless mercy!!!


Your aspiring servant : Mitravinda dd.

HpS - Thank you so much for your letter. Many subtle things in spiritual life. Many are very funny. Is God a joker? You seem to be on the right path. Maybe you were a Monk in your last life. Maybe you were Santa Rosa of Lima. Look at your resources, association, and do the best you can.

More news!

PC Pedido formal

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Dear Gurudeva Pamho Agtsp

Because of Tulasi's miscericity, and because of your mercy we are in the Holy Dham today we leave Vrndavan to Mayapur. 

HpS - Krsna, must love you! Write all the time of what happens. Even simple things. Years from now you will read them with great joy.

Gurudeva came some shilas to me and wanted to ask if I could worship them. I am always in Sankirtan and Harinama but since I do not stay in any temple I have not been able to exercise my deity worship, I really wish I could do it, with its authorization.

HpS - I think that the Shilas are too advanced for us. They are for someone with very Brahminical culture. Bhima carried Deities of Sita Rama that he got from Hanuman around his neck. Little Gaura Nitai dieties seem very, very, wonderful. They would love to travel with you! 

I'm going to travel with Harinama ruci through India and then maybe Europe.

(This is private please don't published). ASA - O.K. but only because you are in male body but in summary you have sent explanation of personal and social Ashrama situation.

Krsna is certainly working with all His power to help you, so do not be discouraged. Any distress is minimized from what we deserve, maybe we were Bank Robbers etc in our last life, and... Krsna is using the bad reactions for our ETERNAL progress. Go ahead with your Sankirtan first and give some interest in your Ashrama situation. 

please allow me to keep myself busy day and night in the devotional service at your lotus feet, excuse all my shortcomings I try to do my best.

Trying my best to be servent of your servers Vrajendra Kumara Das


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Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada!!!

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja, reciba mis respetuosas reverencias, gracias por responderme a mi carta anterior.

Sigo aquí en Huancayo, y, también siguen habiendo cambios, pero bueno, seguimos en sankirtan "distribuyendo los libros de Srila Prabhupada".

HpS - TlgaSP!!! Pfanrh...

Ahora mi padre esta enfermo, tiene neumonía, fue internado en un hospital de Lima, bueno, este mundo es así, mi padre respeta la Conciencia de Krsna. Estoy predicando a mi familia, por teléfono.

Mi madre se volvi√≥ vegetariana cuando comenc√© a conocer la Conciencia de Krsna, en el a√Īo 2003, tambi√©n canta una ronda del Maha mantra Hare Krsna por las ma√Īanas 7 am.

HpS - Prabhupada dijo que la mayoria de la gente a quien estamos predicando no va a convertir en devotos en esta vida. Pero proxima vida, si. Posible eso es nuestra hostoria, no?

Mi padre tiene 70 a√Īos y mi madre 75, entiendo que en un momento de sus vidas dejaran el cuerpo,

HpS - Ja! Ja! Yo 72! y todos

. . . nosotros también dejaremos el cuerpo, cada instante de nuestras vidas es importante para seguir desarrollando Conciencia de Krsna y no desaprovechar la misericordia de Srila Prabhupada.

Bueno le comento que un t√≠o materno nos quiso estafar con un dinero que le dimos para los tramites de la embajada italiana, nos dimos cuenta a tiempo, estamos recuperando el dinero de a pocos, bueno, lo lamentable es que tendremos que empezar de nuevo pero con otro familiar que es mas responsable y serio. Bueno, si las cosas no se dan, entenderemos que es voluntad del Se√Īor Supremo.

En mi carta anterior le comente sobre comprar un auto y trabajar para comprar libros, hacer programas de predica, etc. Bueno, son solo ideas, no es algo que sea definitivo o que ya este decidido, veremos que pasa y como se den las cosas (TENGO QUE ANALIZAR DETALLADAMENTE ESTE PLAN).

HpS - Canakhya Pandita dijo ... Exito proviene de buen consejo, y buen consejo proviene de muchos consejeros.!

Guru Maharaja tengo 3 preguntas:

¬ŅUsted que opina de la Astrolog√≠a Vedica?

HpS - Es la ciences ... ayurveda, vastu veda.... mas sutil, y entonces es el mas deficil. Es mejor obtener opinion de seis astrolgos en algo muy fina, pero para modo de trabajo, profesion.., matrimonio, momento de muerte, puede ser bien. Tambien tiempos bueno para vijar.

Hay devotos que han aprendido la Astrología vedica pero no lo utilizan para predicar sino para ganar dinero

Encontré una publicación en el Internet donde Srila Prabhupada le dice a su discípulo Sanatana Dasa lo siguiente:

Mi Guru MahńĀrńĀja era un gran astr√≥logo y astr√≥nomo, pero lo abandon√≥ todo. Eso es para los karmńęs. A nosotros no nos interesan esas cosas.

Carta de Ňö. P. a SanńĀtana dńĀsa (3 junio 1975)

¬Ņcomo entender adecuadamente lo que Srila prabhupada nos ense√Īa?

¬ŅSe puede estudiar Astrolog√≠a vedica y utilizarlo adecuadamente para el Sankirtan?

HpS ... Otra vez, es dificl relacionar on KC, pero posible. Usualmente Krsna da buen inteligencia a nosotros como relacionar con el mundo material. Prahlada ananda Swami y Bhanu Swami utilizan. Subhaga Swami me dijo que Prabhupada utiliza en forma simple para adjustar sus viajes.

Bueno con respecto al Sankirtan viajero, hay un grupo de devotos serios que quieren viajar en Sankirtan y por ah√≠ algunos devotos independientes que viajan solos. Nos preguntamos ¬Ņcon quien viajar???

HpS --- No, se los detalles. Con buen devotos.

Bueno Guru Maharaja, que Nrsimha lo proteja y guíe sus pasos, que tenga un bonito festival de Sri Nityananda. Hare Krsna.

HpS - Hare Krsna. Siempre muchas gracias por su asociation. Cuales libros esta Vd distribuyendo????

ASA Sankirtan Leader's Report

Hare Krsna.

We met Misra-bhagavan Das when we B'caris in the Temple in Berkeley. Some think he's as crazy as a loon, but others think he is the back-bone of Srila Prabhupada's Sankirtan army. Never stops distributing books according to his capacity.

Do you do that!! We have to take lessons from him!


Humbles and Glories. Working hard in Radha Kalachandji Dhama. Mi esposa tiene trabajo con la City of Dallas. She is working as an operations specialist.

So far on sankirtan this month 14 people have bought Srila Prabhpada's books from me. Jayapataka Swami asked me to go to Chile. Next month I hope to go and find out why. Though I have been continuing with show business we aspire to go south for awhile and get into the educational field. 

I hope this meets you well. Yours , Mishra Bhagavan Das

Report and question

3 weeks, 1 day ago by brian tellez in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

HpS - AGTSP... This letter came while we were traveling, so only responding now.

Dear Guru Maharaja pamho AGTSP, I am telling you that I am now traveling with Harinama Ruci Making Harinama Sankirtana Again every day, we will be in Mexico until the 22nd then we will go to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, maybe if I get the visa Australia, and India . I have been reading the upadesambrita and it is a mystery to me to know what it means to bathe once in its waters of the Radha Kunda, which is the Radha Kunda in reality, which is the prema Bhakti and how GM is achieved, I do not I have nothing else in my life, I am not able to be good at anything else to go out to preach, but I do not enjoy the nectareas of relations with Krsna based on prema but I can not go to enjoy Maya roughly because it makes me empty, GM How can I go through this circumstance? always yours Vrajendra Kumara Das queretaro Mexico 09/19/19

HpS - Just the way you are! Do as much Sadhana Bhakti as you can, and then as much Karma yoga as you can!!! Then.... be as good a person in VAD as you can....