Sankirtan Febrero 2024

Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

You are always happy, because you always remain in the service of Prabhupada.

HpS - 🐵


... We have sutures hanging out of our mouth. Too much fat hanging on our belly. Uncomfortable seat but we have a little bubble of relief by doing some mixed service that Srila Prabhupada may make useful and then we can get POWER IN OUR SOUL!



I have been able to maintain the sadhana of Mangala Arati by the mercy of Krishna.

HpS - Super guy! AgtSP. For 48-minutes, each day, B. Muhurta, the door to cleaning and activating our heart opens up. Get to work!

I continue preaching through WhatsApp, it has been very effective, it is something that I would like to replicate in the congregation when possible.

From time to time I set up a table with books in the Plaza de Cabildo, I do a kind of bhajan with my kartalas, but now I'm going to try doing it with music from a speaker and see how people react. I also do sankirtan person to person when I go out of Cabildo.

There are several persons in Cabildo who are interested, they are reading Prabhupada's books and chanting the Maha Mantra, but I am detached from whether they become devotees or not, since the final decision is always the person's.

HpS - We like when they read TLC or CC!!

For my part, I am a devotee who introduces people to Krishna consciousness and helps them in their first steps. For a deeper understanding, we have a program every Thursday via Zoom to study the Bhagavad Gita by Bhakta René, a Very capable and erudite devotee, he is a good teacher.

HpS/ASA - 🐷




I remain a friend to the people I meet in sankirtan and always strive to encourage people to chant the Maha Mantra.

On the other hand, I will soon begin to publish on my social networks and there I will begin to publish my music, I hope it will be a successful preaching program and that it will be maintained over time.

Thank you Gurudeva, from the bottom of my heart.

Your servant

Piyari Mohan Das

HpS/ASA - How is your Devil Mind 👺

who sometimes creeps out and runs amok???

Thank you so, so much for not giving up and setting an example for all of us in going forward, NOI 3.

Poema to Srila Prabhupada and my Gurudeva: the causes of my happiness

Nama om visnu padaya 

KRSNA prestaya bhutale

Srimate Hanumat Presaka Swami

Iti namine

I offer my humble obeisances At the lotus feet of my dear GURUDEVA

Who is VERY LOVED by Lord KRSNA because he has taken refuge at HIS LOTUS FEET❤

Beloved and much remembered Gurudeva🙏🏻

We are in a whirlpool of births and deaths

And in the midst of so much confusion...

You have mercifully come!

With His Danda in hand!

To save us from imminent danger

HpS - Do not mistake the mailman for the person who is sending the letter! AgtSP!

Because His Danda is made of wood Reminds me of the arm of mercy

From Sri Jagannatha!!!

You come mercifully

To give us His refuge which lotus shelters the bees who want to drink nectar and not poison

Thank you for tolerating us

While we're walking

Protected by His beautiful feet so many mistakes we make

But you have faith in us

Because we continue this beautiful process

You know that with time

We will reach the goal and lovingly

You take us

The beautiful lotus arm of Lord Jagannatha

He gives us His refuge

It allows us to dress it

And even hug him!

This is how I take the dust of His feet from where I see His Danda

His loving sign Who

took the beautiful Krsna

With body, mind and words!

Because Krsna is really

Our heart is our Everything

We were looking for it

In everyone and everything

And so many lives doing it

With a burning heart...! ..

A great fortune has come!

This movement is so wonderful! Well there is so much to glorify...! And be eternally grateful!

Our dear Srila Prabhupada!

And all His commanders in chief!

He gave us a beautiful process

What can we continue

But it is also the goal

Of our life there!

My heart doesn't feel alone anymore Well he finally learned to see!

I am always accompanied!

..There are many beautiful souls

They are also in love...

We are afraid of glorification

and any activities

That I can even suspect

can you take me away

of the sacred refuge

At His loving Feet

And of our Blue Pied Piper

Therefore, also

Our dear Holy Name

It becomes like honey

If by singing it,

Gurudev We think of you

We think of His refuge

We meditate on His Pranam

He gives us life back

And we want to help others

This is how we heal our hearts Sharing with love

The prasadam of the holy name Which You Kindly Gave Us

This Holy Name That you empowered us to sing

It becomes the essence

Of all the daily activities

With each morning I can see

I have another chance!

To try this sweet name

And never let go!

The holy name, the best sweet

A sweet that does not cloy

Rather it takes you

To dance with Govinda tomorrow

I really don't know how to glorify

Its wonderful qualities

Just chanting the holy name

I can write these things

His great Wisdom, His great Humility

And so many other qualities!!!..

Just like patience To support

Read this letter and more! 😊

I want to give you eternal thanks

But never be constant

In saying goodbye to my Guru

Well the meeting will be ahead


through Of our eternal SANKIRTAN

Thanks to you we can reach

To the sacred abode

Where we will glorify him even more!

And we will never get tired...!

Jay Gurudeva! , Jay Prabhupada!

Eternally with you!

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!

Trying to please His adorable lotus heart: Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi


I sent him such beautiful art from Franco: the lamps that are burning in the month of Damodara, he made them himself... by hand...! And a photo of the fire in front of our house... this is how my heart is now due to lack of communication with My beloved Gurudeva... we have been left without internet at home for now. I am missing your association very much🙏

HpS - Thank you for letter. It, the Sun, is at 3.36Post Meridian, here in Houston. We leave for 1-/12 hour drive to College Station at 4.45PM. Then do lecture, questions and answers, and drive back.

How to stay K. C. while driving with Nandulal Das and Jaya hari Das?



Ofreszco mis humildes reverencias 

A los pies de loto de mi querido GURUDEVA 

Quien es MUY QUERIDO por el Señor KRSNA 

debido a que ha tomado refugio 


Amado y muy Recordado Gurudeva🙏🏻

Estamos en un remolino 

de nacimientos y muertes

Y en medio de tanta confusión...

Usted misericordiosamente ha venido!

Con Su Danda en la mano!

A salvarnos del peligro inminente

Debido a que Su Danda es de madera

Me recuerda al brazo misericordioso

De Śri Jagannatha !!!

Usted Viene misericordiosamente

A darnos Su refugio

 cual loto abriga a las abejas 

Que desean tomar nectar

 y no veneno

Gracias por tolerarnos

Mientras estamos caminando

Al resguardo de Sus hermosos pies

Tantos errores cometemos 

Pero Usted nos tiene Fe

Debido a que seguimos 

este hermoso proceso

Usted sabe que con tiempo

Llegaremos a la meta

Y amorosamente

 Usted nos lleva

El hermoso brazo de loto 

del Señor Jagannatha

Nos da Su refugio

Nos permite vestirlo

E incluso abrazarlo!

Asi me tomo del polvo de Sus pies desde donde veo Su Danda

La amorosa señal Suya

Que tomó al hermoso Krsna

Con cuerpo, mente y palabras!

Debido a que Krsna es realmente

Nuestro corazón, es nuestro Todo

Lo andubimos buscando

En todos y en todo

Y tantas vidas haciéndolo

Con el corazón ardiendo...!

..¡Una gran fortuna ha venido!

Este movimiento es tan Maravilloso!

Pues hay tanto que glorificar...!

Y Agradecer eternamente!

Nuestro querido Srila Prabhupada!

Y todos Sus comandantes en jefe!

Nos dió un hermoso proceso 

Que podemos seguir 

Pero también es la meta 

De nuestra vida alli !

Mi corazón no se siente más solo

Pues por fin aprendió a ver!

Siempre estoy acompañada!

..Hay muchas hermosas almas

Que también están enamoradas..

Nos asusta la glorificación

Y cualesquiera actividad

Que pueda siquiera sospechar

Me puedan alejar  

del sagrado refugio 

A Sus amorosos Pies

Y de nuestro Flautista Azulado

 Por ende, también

Nuestro querido Santo Nombre

Se vuelve como miel

Si al cantarlo, Gurudev

Pensamos en Usted

Pensamos en Su refugio

Meditamos en Su Pranam

El Nos devuelve la vida

Y queremos ayudar a los demás 

Asi sanamos nuestro corazón

Compartiendo con amor

El prasadam del santo nombre

Que Usted bondadosamente nos Dio

Este Santo Nombre 

Que Usted nos apoderó a cantar

Se vuelve la esencia

De todas las actividades diarias

 Con cada mañana puedo ver

Tengo otra oportunidad!

De probar este dulce nombre

Y No soltarlo jamas! 

El santo nombre, el mejor dulce

Un dulce que no empalaga

Mas bien te lleva 

A bailar con Govinda Mañana

Realmente no sé como glorificar

Sus cualidades maravillosas

Solo cantando el santo nombre

Es que puedo escribir estas cosas

Su gran Sabiduria, Su gran Humildad 

Y Tantas otras cualidades mas !!!..

Asi como la paciencia 

Para soportar

Leer esta carta y más ! 😊

Gracias eternas quiero Darle 

Pero nunca ser constante

En despedirme de mi Guru

Pues el encuentro estará delante


 a través

De nuestro SANKIRTAN eterno

Gracias a Usted podremos llegar

A la sagrada morada

Donde lo glorificaremos aún más!

Y no nos cansaremos jamás...!

Jay Gurudeva! Jay Prabhupada!

Eternamente con Ustedes!

Ayer, Hoy y mañana!

Intentando complacer Su adorable corazon de loto:

Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi


Le envio un arte tan bonito de franco: las lamparas que estan ardiendo en el mes de damodara, las hizo El mismo.. a mano..!

Y una foto del incendio frente a nuestra casa.. asi se encuentra mi corazon ahora por falta de comunicacion con Mi adorado Gurudeva.. nos hemos quedado sin internet en casa por ahora. Estoy extrañando muchisimo Su asociacion🙏