Classes to ISKCON Chile - Prabhupada's Vyasa Puja & Radhastami

Hare Krishna Dear Guru Maharaj,

My report is a quite delay like my whole life is a delay in some many ways.

I'm a messenger of the new managers of ISKCON Chile and they want to know if you could give the lecture to the followers of ISKCONCL in social media on (at, in?) August 12th in the evening. Probably, we are already delayed asking you this now, excuse us.

HpS - That is Srila Prabhupada's Appearance Day, no? What time? We need USA telephone number to connect! So nice!!

And the other invitation is considering your suggestion to have a special program for Radhastami. In that case, we thought to invite you along with Murti Murti from Buenos Aires (she agrees so much) and Vishaka devi dasi (Yadubhara's wife) to August 25th evening - Radhastami program (definitely to everyone this time). Of course, this event would be for the whole Latin American with previous registration.

In this case, it would be similar to the last "Día Internacional de la Mujer Vaisnava" with Rukmini devi dasi and Malati devi dasi (im editing the last version of the video). This one had a very powerful impact, like you predicted, because it was a good chance to start a massive interchange between north and south, English and Spanish.

For example, other programs only for spiritual souls inside women bodies and retreats with Prabhupada disciples, have been organized with very good results. My wife have been there in some of them, we recommended Nitya Kishori to translate too, and Carolina said that a lot of Latin lady devotees have been very happy with a lot of "aha moments".

I have too much to tell you but is not urgent. For now, We would appreciate if you can let us know if your calendar is available for these two dates.

Thank you for your efforts and devotion. We are trying to follow your steps, but in my case in a very slow rhythm, I think.

Your servant

Jagad Guru Das

HpS - 25th also sounds O.K. but..... same thing..... we need USA telephone num, num, number.

Srila Prabhupada said, that sometimes, slow to come, also means slow to go. We make fundamental progress. Slow but deep also. How is The Anandavardana Das tele-novela??? He is going to be dangerous when he wakes up!



Regional Representation Report 18 (Madana-gopal which is the KDPC for this fortnight, but it changes tomorrow in the Kapi Dhvaja)

Hare Krsna dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

  • The Isopanisad and the importance of reading Srila Prabhupada's books class for Sunday August 9 at 8 am is confirmed. I have lost my previous cell phone so I do not have your WhatsApp number. I don't know if you can share your phone number with me via email to coordinate the connection.
  • On the other hand, it would be possible if you share with me the closed book questions that you developed for Canto 1? we are working on the Pada Padma program and they would be very helpful.

Hoping that you are very well

Your servant

Gandharva das

HpS 2020 Aug 2, 4PM... We just sent our phone number and copy of the Canto ONe questions with some comments to your email, Yugala and Isvari!

Our address book that was missig on Yahoo for two weeks, just reappeared!

"There are two kinds of problems: Those that can't be solved, and those that solve themselves". Winston Churchill.

-- We wait with great anxiety to start arranging the technical details of the class on the 9th.

We CANNOT connect for the audio by internet. Visual, yes, but audio NO! Thar requires a USA phone number!!

Cambio de Administracion del Templo de ISKCON Santiago

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On Thursday, July 30, 2020, 09:37:30 AM CDT, jagannatha caran Das wrote:

Hare Krsna Maharaja

Por favor acepte mis reverencias

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Por consejo de Prabhu Parasurama, le escribo aquí, para informarle, que desde el 15 de julio 2020 (aproximadamente) cambió la administración de ISKCON Chile, quedando como Tesorera madre Maha Anandini dd, como Secretario Prabhu Dina Dayal Das y como Presidente su servidor Jagannatha Caran Das (Yo).

Queremos agradecerle por Su consejo y gestión para realizar este cambio.

Pedimos Sus bendiciones para ejecutar este servicio de la mejor manera y poder ser un aporte en la comunidad de ISKCON Chile y el movimiento de Srila Prabhupada.

su aspirante a sirviente

Jagannatha Caran Das

HpS - ASA - Muchas gracias su noticia. Pienso eso es un paso adelante para todos, TODOS, T-O-D--S! Amara-gauranga Das ya es Secretrario Regional, no? Puede ofrecer su experiencia en guiando Vds en reaizar sus tareas.

Siempre somos listos ayudar como podemos.

"KDPC" Respuestas

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Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada!!

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja, por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias a Srila Prabhupada y a Usted.

Gurudeva usted me hizo unas preguntas en la carta anterior, a lo cual paso a responder:

HpS - This is a challenge from Krsna, no? How to preach to our neighbors. It is different than with meeting people for a short time. Aim is book distribution but now is different way, no? One book deeply to one person rathe than 50-books quickly to 50-people.

Si es un desafio, claro no es imposible.

Acá tienen mucho apego a su cultura pero ese apego puede cambiar.

Pienso que por misericordia de Sri Caitanya y Sri Nityananda y de Srila Prabhupada podran comprender este conocimiento trascendental.

Bueno solo me considero un mensajero o al menos trato de serlo...

Quizá se vuelvan devotos del prasadhan o amigos de Krsna o lo se...pero siempre esta la misericordia de los libros de Srila Prabhupada....😊

Quizá vuelva al sankirtan viajero o quizá me quede por aquí en sankirtan local con los bio lo se....pero lo que si se es que tenemos que hablar siempre de Krsna a todos!!!

HpS - Super. To be an Acharya you must know how to preach with all modes, no?

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada es el "El Acarya" 🙏🙏🙏.....yo solo aspiro a conprender como ser sirviente del sirviente...😊

HpS - What is the content of Maharaja's classes?

Lo que pude apreciar es que Maharaja Yadunandana Swami hace sus clases muy tecnicas, dinámicas con devotos presentes y devotos online, también ensayos de cada tema con casos personales y practicos.

Por ejemplo del estudio del Upadesamrta lo dividio en 4 secciones:

1._ Versos del 1 al 3 (principios básicos, 6 impulsos, 6 actividades desfavorables y 6 actividades favorables).

2._ Versos del 4 al 6 (Como relacionarse con los devotos y 6 actividades que los devotos conparteb segun su nivel de avance que tengan. Rupa Gosvami explica como evitar ver a los devotos con ojos materiales).

3._Versos del 7 al 8 (La esencia de la Instrucción. Escuchar, cantar y recordar a Krsna).

4._Versos del 9 al 11 (Las Glorias del Radha Kunda. Descripción de los lugares sagrados de Vrndavana. Radha Kunda el lugar más excelso).

HPS - ASA - !!!! Do you have animals???

Bueno tenemos 2 animales, un perro sin pelo (su raza es así), se llama Kirtan y un gato, se llama Suki (Paz) pero es todo lo contrario un gato salvaje.

HpS - [[Suki es feliz, no? No paz]]

Bueno hace poco me hice una carta astrologíca y lo único que me queda es hacer servicio devocional.

Bueno Guru Maharaja me despido, muchas gracias por todo y por las preguntas, que Nrsimha lo proteja siempre.

Hare Krsna.

Gadai Gauranga Dasa.

[[[HpS - Gracias. No es que tiene que cambiar su cutura, no? Tiene que profundizar. Es un hecho que en las apocas antierior, pienso en Peru tambien, era una secta de Vasudeva y Sankirsana. (Krsna Y Balarama in Dvaraka). Sola mente esperamos animar la gente en sus raizes mas buenos originales. ]]

Regional Representation Report 17 (kdpc)

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

Please accept our humble obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

  • I hope you and your sankirtan are well. I tell you that on August 1 we will be starting the TTC3 course for a group of teachers under the instruction of Param Padam prabhu
  • HpS - ASA - Jaya!!!!
  • (Om Kesavaya d., Maharsi d., Rudra Simha d., Deva Deva d, Rupa Gosai, Laksmana agraja d ., Yugala Kisora ​​dd. And me). After 8 weeks we will have the certificate that enables us to teach BS, according to the Ministry's requirements.

  • On the other hand, I make a request on behalf of Guru Mangala prabhu. The Ecuador BS group (63 devotees) has finished the Isopanisad study and would like to know if you kindly can give us a class on Isopanisad and on the importance of reading Srila Prabhupada's books. I could make most extensive the call to the rest of the BS students in Peru and Bolivia (100 more). Guru Mangala prabhu suggests Sunday August 9 at 8 or 9 am. (Tennessee time) via Zoom. I hope you agree, it would be very encouraging for Merconorte BS students to have your concepts and your wonderful association.

I will look forward for your response

Your servant

Gandharva das

HpS - Sounds fine to me. 8 or 9???????

"KDPC!" - news: Dr. Samaresh in wikipedia + ASA Chile instragram account

Hare Krishna dearest Maharaja!

Please, accept my respectful obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I really hope you are in good health at time you receive this message, or at least best as is possible.

HpS - See letter to Candramukhi Devi Dasi! 😎

I’m ok. My energy is not stable, some days energy is high, other days energy is down, but I still alive stuck in this material world, trying to do things right, trying to follow You and Srila Prabhupada, trying to do something to make Krishna look at me. I keep trying and I will still trying, because I’m flying upon wings of a bird called intent.

I’m writing to give some good news. Spanish version of Dr. Samaresh’s wikipedia biography was approved a few weeks ago. English version still under revision since almost 3 weeks ago; this is very good, when they rejected us before several times they did it almost immediately, so this is a good signal. Spanish version even have been edited by others wiki editors, so we are very happy. Wikipedia said that english version review may take 7 weeks or more. I send links with both versions to you. Please, Maharaja, take a look to the english draft, we are waiting for your comments and suggestions to improve it. After the English version is approved, I want to write on behalf of Nios and Hanumatpresaka Swami to the institutions where Dr. Samaresh participates and that we mention in the biography, as Sthapatyam Journal, University of Calcutta, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and others, to let them know about the presence of Dr. Samaresh in wikipedia, we consider this will be a very important news for them; what do you think?

HpS - We will look!

Spanish version:

HpS - It seem like a nice start. Thank you so much!!! He gave us more references. We wrote them down. I may be able to find them, but when! We have Latin American GBC meeting tomorrow. We have more rounds to chant before taking rest. It is 8.30PM and we have been up since 2.30AM (with naps and good food), but it is your great effort that has taken it this far and we will try to work on it ourselves more. Thank you.

English version (draft currently under the wiki police review):


The other subject I want to let you know is about your instagram chilean account. During 2018, and to promote “The Art & The Sacred”, we created “ASA Chile Producciones” instagram account (also another social networks). After the event, we never published again into no one of all these social networks accounts. So, this june 28th we started to publish again, we have changed the name and now is called “Anjana Suta Academy Chile”, you can find it this way in instagram: @anjana.suta.academy_chile  

What is Instagram???? Is it a kind of food for donkeys?

Our work is very simple: I write and publish the contents, later I send every single post to your disciple Arjuna Das for his review. We are a good team, he is very nice partner. 

Our editorial line is diffusion of activities and philosophy of the Anjana Suta Academy and of its Director, the Vaishnava Spiritual Master Hanumatpresaka Swami.

We post 2 or 3 contents every day. Some informing about your next classes and online programs through Gotomeeting, Zoom, etc. Also some summaries of your recent past class. Besides, we got 2 permanent sections: “Drops of Wisdom” and “Drops of Poetry”, brief phrases verbatim based of your writings: twitter and Monkey Warrior Blog. We quote You and inviting the audience to follow you on twitter: “síguelo / follow him on”. Every post use spanglish language. We are using appropriate #hashtags to improve the visibility of each post.

We have slow interaction until now, we are just starting and learning how to do it better. Some new followers from different countries. An indian devotee from Kolkata writed us a Direct Message yesterday, saying that he met you during 2017 in Kolkata and remember you every day because you hold “Nectar of Instruction” into your heart, and you inspire him a lot. He asked for your english classes links and we sent to him Asa Audiovisual Youtube Channel link. I send screenshots of this and samples of the contents to you. This instagram work is turning so beautiful and inspiring. Please, Maharaja, check it out in the following link, and, please, let us know if you are agree with this and with the method we are handle it: 

Thank you so much for everything you do for us. My life is now better than ever before, and I know that it is only just because of your mercy and association... all glories to Srila Prabhupada!


Your aspiring servant,


HpS - I think that our activities are not so important unless they lead people to KRSNA! Srila Prabhupada. About 75% of what we are doing should probably be 'Instantly' edited.

ASA as a team, yes.

NIOS as a product of the ASA work, yes.

Thank you!!!! Go on making progress in following Srila Prabhupada's basic program and you will become elevated and the Angels, Gopis, can start to catch your hand and pull you into the work/fun of Vraja even in this world!!!! Thank you. We send this link to the Professor!