[Potatoes Gauranga] CMDD

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


I hope this meets You 👍

It's been a long time since I wrote to you. Well actually I didn't have anything relevant to tell you. But now I do.

Due to a discount in hours in one university I was obliged to apply to two more universities. It is insane I know. Nevertheless in some way I am handling it. MMM 🤔 I am going to start in the new university teaching calculus I. Teaching math is kind of relaxing I am recalling many things and realizing that they were stored in my past memory. My sister says that this is good for not having azhemier haha 😂.

TB - Ha! Ha! Hare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWwAOutgWBQ

On the other hand, next cycle, I am going to quit one because it is too much burden for me. I will see which university is better for me.

TB - They are lucky to get you.

Yesterday I went to Shakti. Jaya Laksmi's preaching center. They performed Abhishek to my Lord Nrismhadeva. I could say that He felt really pleased. I ran into elder devotees like M. Mathura (JPS) she was a former cook for Radha Madhana Bihari. It was really refreshing to talk to her. I can tell that even if you do not go to the temple so often in your heart you will always be a devotee.

Jambavan was also there serving Maha prasadam. Raghunatha, Lanka Vijaya, Visala were doing service as well. I gave a picture of You to them. They were thrilled. Raghunatha said ohh my Gurudeva 🙏☺️🐒. He is innocent like a Kid. I like his energy.

The day before Nrismha Caturdasi it was the celebration of the appearance of Virgin Mary in Fatima. I went to the church across my home. My heart was filled with a special sentiment, the priest gave a nice dissertation and emphasized the importance of praying. Pray with your rosary he said . It is like GET UP EARLY AND GET YOUR ROUNDS DONE ✅👍

HpS - My Catholic brother.

Those couple of days were very refreshing to us

That is all I want to share with you Gurudeva.

I hope to see you 🔜

Trying to be your disciple

Candramukhi dd

HpS - It is very nice. If others can read this news, and they also post, then there is a nice orchestra of different instruments making a symphony. Reading a few ASA Blog posts helps purify and illuminate your day.

It (the position of the Sun) is 10.30AM here in Boise, Idaho. Every day is intense. Even when we try to do nothing and next... at 11.30AM we have the Snana yatra of Lord Jagannatha!

Radhika ramana, Amrta keli and the boys always remember Peru and the hospitality of the devotees.

[FMP PC = Red boat] ASA Carnaval report

Hare Krsna, dear Guru Maharaja,

Please accept our respectful obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

ASA - All glories to Srila Prabhupada. He never stops helping us inspite of our hipocrisy and vanity.


Grateful for all the effort you make to involve us in your Sankirtana.

I write as part of the ASA Carnaval team, to send our activity report:



*Promote the systematic study of Srila Prabhupada's Books.

*Provide interested parts with an organized cluster of; Classes, conferences, photographic memories and archives that H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami has shared with us through different media, on different dates and locations.

*Our intention is to bring together the SS HPS material published by different media, to facilitate the search for those interested.



*Our main platform is Facebook ─ Because this network is easily accessible for most of the interested persons and doesn´t imply an additional cost of mobile data.


*ISSUU ─ Platform for digital magazines, for the dissemination of written material.




* Re-Transmission live from Facebook, of the regular classes of the ASA, FMP and FEP. (All classes include the basic description of the content).

* When it comes to seminars or classes on the same topic; are organized into playlists.

* Editing and publishing of files written by SS HPS.

* Publication of photographs, sent by Vaisnava correspondents in the different yatras that SS HPS`s visits.

* General SS HPS`s phrases (always taking care of the context of the instruction and we add date and source for consultation of those interested)



1- CHALLENGE - “Too much content, not organized”

SOLUTION - We have created a table of contents. It is a Database that includes a general description of our content. We send link for review: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wwrOywwqci1IEkJsz3s055t0bGLIqRbj/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=106345441462837247827&rtpof=true&sd=true

We are currently working on a Glossary of topics included in each class: Example (Varna Asrama Dharma, Administration, Guru Tattva, etc…)

HpS - ASA - Exactly! This is why we have not tried to publish too much our our lectures etc. For it to be useful there has to be editing and indexing. We are just trying to inspire people to find Srila Prabhupada in his books, not replace them!!! Thank you.


2- CHALLENGE – “Transmission quality”

We have detected some recurring errors:

*Late broadcast start – This occurs when the gotomeeting session opens and class immediately begins. Suggested Solution: Maybe we could log in a few minutes before the class starts.

* Partial or total loss due to power outages – Sometimes we lose the transmission due to power outages in the transmitter's region. Sometimes Srinivasa-Acarya Das Prabhu provides us with the gotomeeting recordings and we rescue the class. In others, due to his occupations, it has been impossible for him. Suggested Solution: Perhaps one of our team members can access the recording directly.

HpS/ASA - Many times record the broadcasts, but since no one asks us for them we don't find and share the links.

*Tests during the Broadcast – Occasionally, some first-time exhibitors spend some tutorships to get connected or manage the platform. Suggested Solution: Perform pre-tests (so far, we've done them with free gotomeeting. However; controls vary substantially)


3- CHALLENGE – “Sanctions for Copyright or others”

*When Facebook detects music or videos that infringe copyrights, or contain advertising, it removes or mutes the videos. Examples: “Govinda - The Radha Krsna Temple (London)”, some by Ilan Chester, among others. The risk is that they block the page for a few days. Suggested Solution: Avoid using these tracks during broadcasts, classes, seminars, etc.



In summary; According to the statistics provided by Facebook, the results of the last month are:

*The page has 1,400 Followers.

Of them, 417 - They are active followers (That is, they watch and share some classes)

While 146 are recurring viewers. (That is, they regularly attend full classes)

*On the other hand, the 5-minute "Views" exceed 1,500 views.

*Referring to Phrase images (from Twitter, Blog, Kapi Dhvaja) these exceed 500 interactions on average.

* Audience

Spanish speaking 88%

English speaking 12%

(These results are similar to those returned monthly by the page during the previous year.)



*We started uploading all the videos we have to our YouTube page of ASA Carnaval, our main intention is to generate a backup of all the content.

*Development of Glossary of Topics by classes.

*We are working on the translation of the “DTC” files that Prabhu Srinatha Krsna Dasa shared a long time ago on Drive.

*We are working on the translation of different PPT presentations, accumulated over the years.

* Project – Subtitle some videos in Spanish and English.

* Project – Organize Seminars on Vaisnava Marriage with Radhika Devi Dasi (Mexico) and Other Speakers. (This project was born from the wish expressed by some Vaisnavas at the end of Mataji classes)




Isvari Radha Devi Dasi (Perú) | Abhinandan Das (Perú) | Apsara Gopi Devi Dasi (Bolivia) | Kumari Devi Dasi (Perú) | Janardana Das (Perú) | Nandita Devi Dasi (México) | Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi (México).


Some correspondents:

Murari Das (Boise) | Sugopi Devi Dasi (Richmond) | Unmada-vidhayini dd (SS GPS) Houston | Ananda Moya Das (Houston)


Whoever wishes is welcome to the team!


CONTACT: [email protected]


So far our report, Thank you very much Gurudeva, thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to serve you, and be useful to his disciples and well-wishers.

Hoping to have a place in this great orchestra, we remain under your orders.


your servants

ASA Carnaval - Team

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi - General Coordination

HpS - ASA --- Whatever takes people to serve as specks of dust at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada is good. It will have lasting results. The rest we can be happy that it goes back into the earth as compost.

All glories to your all Sankirtan.

Regional Rep. response (rolled oats)

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

Please accept our sincere obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I thank you for the answer (https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/13274/)

Indeed, it cannot be expected that the affairs of the ministry will always go in the best way, doubts and inconveniences will always arise. But that's okay, I'm learning to relate to people I can build with and get along sufficiently with those whose ideas and procedures are not compatible with ours. The world is not a cake with cream. For now, the hinges move!

Regarding the question you asked about what I thought of the Panamerican Symposium, something similar to what happened to you happened to me. I had a class that day that I couldn't postpone or cut short. I collaborated as much as I could with the organization and coordination, but I couldn't be present during the event.

Finally, you mention ASA. What will happen to ASA Gurudeva? I see that NIOS is consolidated as a corpus but ASA has the form of local and independent initiatives. What plans do you have for ASA in the future? How do you see it? Can I participate in any of those plans?

HpS - You can write a regular article for the Kapi Dhvaja each fortnight or month for a few months!

Your servant

Gandharva das

Radha and the bee??😊

Hare krsna!!!

Remenbered Gurudev!!!!


Please accepte my Humbble obeisances to your lotus and beatiful feeds!!👏👏👏

Oll glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!!


In response to your last letter: I was reading Srimad Bhagavatam 10 : 19 and that is when Krsna swallowed the forest fire to save his cowherd friends and the cows..

Do you want me to do a dance on that?

Or is there a confusion? ? 😊😀

In chapters 46 Udhava visits vrndavan and chapter 47 the song of the bee... I think this is the pastime that you want... which of the chapters would be better??

HpS - Yes. For many, many years we have been suggesting making a nice dance out of the Song of the Bee. How much it includes from the SB would have to be your decision. Talk to friends.

Thank you very much for your time 👏👏👏

trying to please him: Radha Japa Prati jalpa Devi Dasi

PS: Do you remember? ...that you try to do the pastime in chosica a vyasa puja of you with nitya kishori and madhumati devi dasi... I never knew if you liked that dance...

thank you very much!!!!❤💙❤

HpS - We don't remember! It should be part of a movie.




Regional Representation report 24 (blue boy)

Hare Krsna Gurumaharaja

Please accept our respectful obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I hope you are in very good health and that your sankirtan is going very well.

HPS - Ha! Ha! Hare! AGTSP. We are in good health but our eyes, balance, memory etc are going.

I tell you that educational matters have been a bit slow in recent months. As I told you a while ago, I asked the Latin RGB for a hearing to clarify some points concerning the representation service.

Maturesh prabhu was kind enough to grant us a space at his monthly meeting to present our case. It finally happened this morning, Tapana Misra prabhu and I were able to be present, explain who are the regional representatives and what are our responsibilities and duties. The devotees (Jayapataka Swami, Guru Prasad Swami, Bhakti Sundar Swami, Hanuman prabhu, Kaunteya prabhu, among others) were interested in the regional representation program and asked questions about who is in it.

We obtained their support, so a document will be issued shortly that will be presented to the temple presidents so that there are no doubts about what service we have to do. The gears also moved and Guru Prasad Swami said that Mexico should have a representative immediately (despite the fact that I have insisted for two years) and the same with Paramatma prabhu and the Caribbean. All this seems to have a happy ending.

ASA - Ha! Ha! Hare! The Witch will counter attack... but Soldiers of Rama will defeat her again. Thank you.

Personally, I tell you that I have rejoined my Bhakti Vaibhava studies (3rd Canto), this time with Param Padam prabhu. The work that the devotee does is top notch, I knew his program was good, but I didn't know how good.

ASA - Maybe it was not so good a few years ago? Yet, he has persisted and showed us the real BHAKTI in Bhakti Vaibhava and now it is very great???

I have also been very lucky to join a very interesting group of 12 devotees: Baladeva das, Rupa Gosai das, Maha Bahu das, Priya Sakhi dd, devotees from Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico, all committed, all inquirers. The course is demanding and Param Padam a very good teacher and best friend.

We continue to live among the mountains, content with our saddhana and the small Jagannatha temple we serve with love and simplicity. Indira Sakti dd is studying Bhakti Sastri with Param Padam das, so Krsna has fulfilled a nice dream.

I hope to tell you more news soon.

Your servant

Gandharva das

HpS - How did you find the PanAmerican Symposium. We could not stay because of the date was changed at the last minute and we had earlier commitments. Also, we pushed, PUSHED, P U S H E D for translations of everything but did not see any except for ours.

Maybe ASA will do something under its own management???

Thank you!

Canto Three: Vidura x Uddhava x Maitrey >>>> Creation of the World and Manu.

[Piano] Travel to Spain

Hare Krishna Gurudev,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Thank you so much for your lectures!! Great inspiration!!

We have the opportunity to travel to Spain with family. I want to ask you wether you think is a useful and good idea!!

First option from 30th June until 1st August. Manu and Benji can participate in a trip to Letonia and Cantabria (1-16 july) with other devotees of the same age. Prabhu Jara Mara and other devotees from spain organize it. It is like a sadhu sanga summer holidays!! Then we can meet in Madrid, and I can organize an Ayurvedic seminar maybe in colaboration with Nios.

Second option is travelling from 16 th july until august 15th, here we have more time to serve your sankirtan and be at your disposal!!

What do you think Gurudev?

Trying to serve you!!

Nikunja Bihari das.

HpS - AgtSPT!! I don't know what would really be best, but the first option sounds very nice because the boys could join the program with the JMHD et al.

What would you do while they are on the Tour? Ayurvedic seminar live, semi-live and virtual?

Individual consultations?

Contrast and compare the two rural projects?