DTC 28(Fr)

12 hours ago by hps in DTC

AGTSP paoho. Yesterday was like 97% effective. Always lots of details contacting different devotees, Sankirtan, Viplavah. Printers, second hand store, market, post office!!!

FEP with NgD and Vijaya!

Today, FMP and then body seemed to need some rest.

Now 6.37PM quick Bath and headed to Friday program with NgD et al. Will broadcast on gotomeeting.com

Hare Krsna!!

DTC mo(24)

4 days, 16 hours ago by hps in DTC

Oink! Whoop! E=MC*2

AGTSP!!!!! We are very, very tired!! This world is a battle for EVERYONE. Look at pictures of the President of the United States before and after their term in Congress. It is the same for you?

One of the biggest things for us has been the temporary loss of our computer. Sink!!!!

Finally, we got Dr. Desai's son's old Mac book. Then it took us two days to get it really working, and it really only works like 70%. The control keys are different.... but it is bigger and the keyboard is good. Ha! Ha! ....

See the letters we posted! Finished all the KDPC letters from last fortnight.

Our trasero, fanny, is aching from sitting so long.

Has been cold and raining here all day. Violent challenge to go outside.

But one, good thing. Chant Hare Krsna / Hare Rama and you can see the beauty, Divine plan, in all this. You can join the fun, profit!

O.K. Enough Blog for one day, no? 5.30-7.30AM was the Latin American GBC meeting. Five devotees in Mayapura and five more from around the world. It was tedious but pretty good. We had like nine rounds done before it started. Then directly into the SB class! Then .... Answer Blog mail and a few other Urgent letters. Now!!! Let us rest and recreation.

Hare Krsna! Be an intelligent Monkey, Warrior. Smarter fighter every day. Whether a girl pulls the trigger or a guy pulls the trigger, the evil Rakshashas are just as dead.

DTC 22(Sa)

6 days, 10 hours ago by hps in DTC

😴 AgtSP. Paoho. 8.55PM. Just finished Shyana arati on line. Astasakhi and Karuna shakti DD were there.

Got a backup computer today. Lots of work. Below freezing here. Good Saturday class. Walk and talk with NgD.

Chest pains reduced. Exchanged for stomach pains and headache.

Talked with ArtD, Dr. Messier et al.

Wanted to answer Saragaurangi devi dasi letter in Blog but took too long to get computer working.

Hare Rama. See you in our dreams.

DTC Fr(21)

1 week ago by hps in DTC

AGTSP. We have 14 nice rounds done. We are fighting with regular chest pains and pretty much winning. We answered like 90% of the Gauranga letters. Have one from Sarad in Manipura!

Working on NIOS and MOE stuff. We are trying to be more pure. Now maybe we are 70-80%.

O.K. going to FEP at NgD ashrama. Will broadcast at gotomeeting.

DTC Th(20)

1 week, 1 day ago by hps in DTC

Hare Krsna. Hare Rama.

Jaya Radha. Jaya Shyama!

Our computer is in the shop for repairs. Typing on our Logitech external keyboard on our Samsung cell phone that Srinatha Das gave us!

Each day we are getting better at holding our position in the army in the fight against The Witch, our lust and greed.

Now it is 5PM and we have to head off to NGD at 5.30PM. Has been snowing today. Have to wear coat and shoes in the kitchen.

1/2 hour talk with Srivasa pt. Das about visit to Silicon Valley end of March and BOEX etc. Half hour on Social Secrurity problems with Medical Assitance etc.

Mail to Gauranga-darsana. Prepare for and present Hawaii class (w/o computer). We did a lot about Shiva rati.

O.K. Let's look at the mail.

. . .

5.24PM ... You see how many letters we were able to answer! Gopal. . . Letters fom Sarad-gaurangi in Manipura, Cruz Santa, AMBARISA - LOB!! but no time before going to NGD ashrama. Maybe we try to taking our keyboard with us and writing letters there.

Is tough. Tama guna sets in and our body wants comfort. We try.

DTC Tue(18)

1 week, 3 days ago by hps in DTC

Hare Krsna. AgtSP... Paoho. 6.44PM. At NgD house in beautiful temple room above garage. Radha Natabara. Gaura arati on line in 15 minutes. It is COLD and DARK and Wet outside. Dis 28 rounds today! 30-minute phone conversatios with Harilila Das, Saranga thakura Das, Braja Malhotra (Sesa's daughter) about visas etc for the Education Symposium in Houston on June 6th.

Then 45-minutes with Abhirama th. Das about NIOS and Education and the Sacred, Viplavah and Solaris.


Now will look at the letters here in the Blog. Gaura'arati, tea with NgDs dinner and then back to the Ashrama at 902 Hill crest.

Please forgive our lazy, greedy, stupid mistakes.

Tom Brown, Buck White, ASA!