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Hare Krsna.



Tom Brown // Buck White here.

Been a long time since we write a DTC here!

Daily we do the paper copies.

Brother Ass has had chest ache for most of the day.

Also, eyes and ears failing.

Lot of impetus from devotees to trade in our S9+ for an S23, but the S9+ seems to be working fine.

It is like an old pickup truck. You know you can't drive it on the freeway at high speeds and you can't put too big a load in it but it has a lot of good features.

So much experience, education now. So many wonderful contacts, but the essence is:

Kirtaniya sada Harih.

Just chant Maha mantras constantly from the core or your heart, under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet.



Based in New Govardhana near Montemorelos, Mexico.

Dozens of devotees here and visiting daily and for a few days.

Will go to Mexico City for Ramanavami.

Then Houston 3-11th April, then back to our base camp in Nashville, Murfrees boro.

After that depends on the Sankirtan situation in the world.

Maybe buy land and start a teacher training college for Monkeys and Piggys in ISKCON and leave our body there.

Abhirama Th. Das arrive in a few minutes.

Gaura arati in 13-minutes.

Yugala kishora Dasi putting Krsna Balarama on the altar after Their change of dress.

Akincana power washing the patio with Arya srestha.

Matajis mind babies, monkeys.

Flys licking our prespiration.

Hare Krsna!!

Look at the youtube for a few minutes and Gaura arati!!

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Hare Krsna. 

AgtSP Paoho 

We arrived in Mexico, village near Monterrey, after 7-hours strong travel.

Devotees coming from all over Mexico and South America. 

Be here for one month.

Then, back to Houston and April 11th in


Reading the posts. Chanting for hospitalized family.

Hope to join on line.

Can we chant anywhere?

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Hare Krishna dear Gurudev!


All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I hope u are good in everything.


Does exist any specific prescription in the scriptures, any directive from our acaryas, any instruction from Srila Prabhupada or at least any GBC resolution about that a Vaisnava cannot chant the Holy Names in another temple or vaishnava line outside his own? 

I ask this because I have always seen, and have participated in many Kirtan events in various Yoga centers and all kinds of spaces, freely as Srila Prabhupada wished, trying to bring the holy name to more people.

But it happens that when I have been invited to chant HK in spaces of other Vaisnava lines, that has generated a "disturbance" in the minds of few people in the local temple.

Then they try to generate an idea in the community that it is "forbidden" to chant the holy name in other Vaisnava spaces.


Please let me know if there is any philosophical, sastrical or at least administrative basis that supports this type of thinking.

I appreciate your time and guidance.

Your servant,

Ananda Shyam das


P.S: now we opened a small yoga room where also Bhakti and Kirtan is shared. We humbly hope this satisfy S. Prabhupada and Krishna. :)

HpS/ASA - Hare Krsna. Nice to hear from you after so long!

Here is one citation:


and we remember SP saying that LC would visit temples of different demigods and show the people how to worship them properly by His actions, and that we as His disciples should do the same.

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Hare Krsna.

The Sun is at 1.14AM.

Rounds = 0.

Looking at the mail a little before we start chanting on beads.

How are you all?

Our Camp and Corpse are fine, as best as can be expected in the material world.

Because of the intense travel and weather we have not been able to answer letters in the Blog very timely.

Now we will start a Sunday Blog-mail Marathon (SBM).

Lettuce go to the first letter.

Addenda to Dialog with B. G. D.

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Ahhh. Now I remember. In your article would like to have seen that the title "Mataji" can be just as big as the title "Swamiji" but because of more formal austerity the Sannyasis is given more formal respect, and even if Jiva has female dress, informally it can be most prominent Siksa disciple of Srila Prabhupada and advise students how to relate to the formal personalities of Sannyasis, husband, father, Diksa guru, and Founder Acharya.



Dialog with Bashu G. Das

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[1/26, 10:09 AM] Basu Ghosh Das: Service?

Somehow I missed sending you this:


[1/26, 10:10 AM] Basu Ghosh Das: Let me know what you think, in due course.

[1/28, 2:40 AM] HPSwami - ProfHHR: Very complete. Have little doubts here and there on few points. 

A big point is that we should engage in confidential talks on these matters with devotees according to NOI 4-6, no?

Are the dialogers Madhyama adhikari s?

Are these friendly disputes?

Just returned to West after many months deep in Iskcon India.

1. Seems to us some administration GBC, TP et al b'cari, Sannyasi wear the saffron dress but have never advanced beyond attachment to Vanaprastha or Kuticaka.

Iskcon Sannyasis need more bravery, humility, education to lead ISKCON. If have not got it, tell world where we are at and effort to advance.

2. Iskcon India is numerically big, but is that a big bureaucracy with a lot of feminine, vanaprastha, influence? 

We aren't sure. We have cheating propensity. 


1. They will laugh at you.

2. They will attack you.

3. They will ask questions and listen to you.

Seems to me we have come to stage 3.

Now we have to know and show

Hope we can fit into your Sankirtan party!