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oink oink

whoop whoop.


we, tb/bw et al

are camped in boise, new biharvan.

it is a circus.

10,000 people have/are coming.

lokananntha das


rrd +++

ard, kgd/murari das+++, upendra+++, B'bhadra+ and so, so manny more.

brother ass is fighting with allergy reactions, and of course setting up camp site.

visit of yasoda/monica and cult of holy spirit festival was great. more work.. great results.

caught up on the blog 🐸


please write.

Festival here is chance to clarify our sankirtan (which dictates our calendar)

We will be showing DTC UT (India) final edit on Sunday night to Prof. Gupta, et al.


dct tu[19]

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hare krsna!!!

arrived 24-hours ago from nashville, iskcon, to boise, iskcon.

getting our feet on the ground,

camp set up,

lot of work setting up for the festivals.

loka-bandhu rama das just arrived with our purnima puppet theater director, lokannatha das.

we will go to the Prasadam hall to sit with them

and then

evening program.

maybe, maybe, maybe for Blog posts later!!!!

Hari Bolo!!!

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🙂 🙂🙂

Hare Krsna, Hare Rama,

| Jaya Radhe, Jaya Shyama! |

Death is starring us in the face.

Has our Hari-kirtan any semblance of manifesting the Form, Character, Associates, and Pastimes of Radha Shyama Sundara?

In our daily life, our Bhava includes so many things: Neighborhood, Nation, Friends and Community.

Now it is at 6.00PM. Darkness is coming.

We are alone in our little, old, rickety cottage.

. Hare Krsna .

We just want to live in a physical ambience that will keep us as a little, little, choir mouse at the feet of His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada.

Who's life is adventure and fun at every moment in the service of Lala and Lali!, and Sri Vrndavana Dhama!

Wandering Miscreants WW9

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bhil bhari,

was wandering in the jungle looking for fruits and roots that were easily available.

he found 16,227,338 different varieties of cactus plants that did not want their leaves to be eaten, but budged out fruits, that they wanted to be eaten, and their only request was that the eater defecate the undigestible seeds within their excrement some distance from the father plants.

then the species would spread.

he would bring sacks back to THE VILLAGE and distribute them to worthy folk.

like most people, he did not have any friends.

he thought real friends were hard to find.


one day...

he was walking in the jungle/forest, and dells, of 'saura nunubee' and saw a 'sadhu' traveling with one 'brahmana' and one servant.

'ho, bho, dude', he said!

'KRSNA, KRSNA, KRSNA, KRSNA', said the sadhu [who was tall, aristocratic]!

'huh'. said bhila bihari?


KRSNA, KRSNA, KRSNA, KRSNA, KRSNA, HE," Dude said again! Right in his face, hands, heart!



...NA, KRSNA, KRSNA, Pahi mam"'

bh b understood that HE was asking, 'where is KRSNA'???

'where is KRSNA'?

. . .

HE was completely focused on him.

bh bil just stood there.

here was someone who intensely wanted his comradship for all eternity.

in an understanding always increasing, integrating, way.

HE wanted what he could give.

HE wanted what he could discover that he could give.

''Hare Krsna, Hare Rama''.

took HIM to heart.

never let HIM depart.

KRSNA the supreme 'sat'.

dtc [15/sa]

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the sun is at 2.20pm.

we have 8-more rounds to do.

we have fallen little behind because of travel and joining local festival.

seems o.k.

8-guests in our ashrama.

is like negotiating the different arrangements in the spiritual world.

hari kirtan guides us out of this world and within the spiritual world!

in this world, kali yuga, everything is irregular, best use of a bad bargain. always improvising our tools. join and promote hari kirtan.

Will pack for going to the CHS (Cultivation of Human Spirit) Festival.

dtc 12(we)

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Whatsapp to DTC(UT) India Editors:

[7/12, 4:12 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: 🤪 4.12pm. just finished detailed review of DTC(ut)INDIA with about five pages of notes.

Have pretty serious chest pains. Of course, eyes failing. Squeezing last bit of air out of this body, but this is a great way to go.