dtc 6[mo]

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eyes are finished! 🙂


lot of letters read and answered.

was 90% perfect day in sankirtan,

learning eternal facts, acts, daily.

now is time to rest.

attend Radha Natavara Sanga.

if we don't answer an important letter within three days, you can notify us by WhatsApp or during FMP!

Little gnats are bugging us!


"even fleas have little fleas that bite them", Wm. Blake

Thank you!

dtc 1[wed]

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we, agtsp, tb/bw, brother ass, have reached the limit of our 'blog-post' reviews for today.

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Three letters 2-weeks old and others more recent, but our eyes and buttocks are failing!

Very busy day. Excellent Sankirtan results with Sri Hari Das, NgD, Vijaya et al.

Really have work to do for Boex and Nios Prospectus, but must rest the body, buddy,

Thank you.

  • Give us you comments on our Tweets.

Thank you!!



dtc sa/20

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TB - Hare Krsna.


Long hard day.

Maybe too much serving The Black Witch.

Ooof! Brother Ass has acidosis.

The toe of his sandal caught on a board and fell flat on his face (arm between head and bridge) and got little scratch and blood from the face and arm.

It was o.k. up and walking with Sri hari Das again!!!

Our reflexes, endorphins, are much lower at 76 years old. We can compensate by being being more extatic in chanting and dancing while we walk etc.

Can't spend time thinking so much about organizational plans, then we may fall down!

Got a lot of letters done.

Now we join Radha Natabar Sanga!

Thank you.

Got letters up to two weeks old to answer from Piyari Das et al!!

We are getting to them.

Thank you!!

dtc [th]4

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oink.... whoop.... gronk!...... . . Brack.

we are dead... such a full, full day with some efforts to receive Sri Hari Das properly.

we Tweeted some of the endeavors and results.

now we join Sri Sri Radha Natabara Sang and Take Rest.

or maybe the other way around.

🐶 😺 🐵

🎰 🔬

dtc sa[30]

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Bhaktas Brown and White here.

The Sun is a 11.06AM here.

We will pack up and drive to Frankin, Giriraja ashrama for the Saturday festival. We will try to send photos and video clips on Twitter!

Hare Krsna!!!

Hare Krsna!!!

dtc we[27]

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have 13-nice rounds done.

so far we have honored Prasadam pretty good.

yesterday with NgD and Dr. Desai we met Chris Canary.

We hope he can be the official NIOS/ASA real estate agent for Campus Development.

It 😎 is now at 3.07pm.

Blog mail, FMS Priority Coded, etc is pretty well caught up.

Lot of current news there. If you are Member of ASA you should review it, no???

Good letters to the sekretary.

Let us take our laundry off of the line.

Prepare for ISKCON Hawaii class and BOEX meeting.