dtc [17/sa]

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& BW here.

Brother Ass is a disaster!

Sore throat. Still some blood leaking from surgery.

Right eye blurred from blocked drainage duct.

Barely any mobility.

Etc. etc.


One festival after another!

V-puja H. G. Radha-krsna Das today.

Whole Houston community turned out.

We spoke first and then had to run away.

Upendra Das visited.

Sit in our half sofa and read and answer letters.

So, nice.


We go to


for a while

and chant

Hare Krsna.

ISKCON Hell is

better than


Brahma jyoti!

Thank you!!'

dtc 5[mo]

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oink oink, whoop whoop 🐷... 🐵🐒🐒🐒

tired as 16,108 tired dogs.

Just Tweeted about our PPTX for the Rice University program on Wednesday.

You can download it at jayarama.us/rice240207.pptx

Some nice looking mail in the blog, but have to rest our super atomic hare krsna 🐸


thank you!!!

dtc 2[fr]

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oink! oink! oink 🐷

whooop! whoooop! whoooop! 🐵

e=mc*2 ! 👽 👴

agtSP. paoho. Brother Ass 🐴 is 90% exhausted at heart: Wonderful Full Morning Service [FMS]. Vijaya Das gave us a book!

Srinivasa Das gave very satisfying class et al.

This afternoon:

  • 18-minutes with Prahlada-nrsmha Das making critique of VedaBase.Io Beta version.
  • 30-minutes dealing with Federal & State bureaucracy for medical care that was pretty well organized.
  • Blog Mail. Whatsapp. Calendar. Prep for tonight's home program.

🚙🚙See you there.🚙

Will Tweet, ReTweet, connection details.

Thank you.

🐵 .🐵

 .🐵🐵 .🐵



 . 🍌



Report of 2023

3 weeks, 1 day ago by dolores lalita chavez in DTC

AgtSP. Thank you for your report and kind words. We are collecting these in one document and will edit and publish them with our humble comments.



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. . . 🐵

. . .

all the mail on Blog caught up except last post, yesterday, of Subhadra Mayi Devi Dasi.


yet satisfied.

good work.

now just couple pages of v-puja offerings that need to be opened, cut and pasted into a word file for later editing.

can anyone do that?

help us?

Yes, Manjuali Devi Dasi!! We have your Annual Report!!

Thank you!!

If you have a WhatsApp address please send it here. We won't publish it.

Thank you!

Thank you all.

Now we rest, chant and go to Temple for "Sunday Love Feast". 💌

dtc 25[th]

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agtSP. paoho. . 🐵



brother ass 🐿

reached his 'blog' work limits. 🐸



16r, 4pr, fms.

nice Posts from subhadramayi dd et al still to answer.

try to publish 'kapi dhvaja'

thank you.

need more and more your mercy. 🌴 🌴 🌴