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hare krsna, hare rama.

little birds tweet at srila prabhupada's lotus feet, gathering seeds with their beaks to eat.


flying along with, after, before him as he walks.


hope to illuminate his sankirtan.

we say the words in a poem but then we add drums, chimes and flutes and it becomes a song.


connected to krsna and gopis too, everything we say and do, is sankirtan for public view.

if our body grows old and diminishes, it is a message, an example.

how to use the tempo rary body to aquire eternal assets.

an eternal pencil, an eternal pen,

an eternal notebook to write in.


our society is chaos, our street chaos too,

our head and stomach don't know what to do,

but chant hk/hr in your heart,

and good intelligence will come to you.


distribute books.

one a year is fine.

especially if you transfered it with intelligence sublime.

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We are in Radhakund and the 🌞 is at 7.30pm.

Hare Krsna.

Looked 😳 at the letters in the Blog but to weak to answer except for translation of the 'Kapi Dhvaja' by their excellencies Patraka and his esteemed sister.

More than five kinds of suffering now but it is all nectar, personal guidance from the Gopis.

Let us start our Tirobhava celebration for Guru Maharaj right now!

Watch for Tweets.

Should be a heavy tax for plastic in India.

The Russians should become humble and others should share their food and shelter with them.

All governors should have Hare Krsnas on the Councils.

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Stomach ache.

Eyes tired.

Sun at. 8.43PM


Answered a few letters. Hurts us so much that there are many more but got no strength to get to them.

Up at 1.08AM

Japa. Kapi Dhvaja published after one hour or struggle.


Tunga vidya D. D. et al.

5.30AM start walk to BhV Ashrama (TKG). Expecting knees to collapse after 30-minutes.

Thinking our knee aches indicate collapse soon.

... but all the pain went away!

Walking like young ass.

1-3/4 hours to Ashrama and Govardhana puja with Vaisesika et al.

Many powerful, old Godbrothers there.

Svayam Bhagavan Swami gave class for 2-hours.

We are chanting more and more through everything.


Snuck off to BhV Vidylaya for their GVDh Puja. Another 20-minute walk.

So, many devotees, Yatris!

Back to TKG. Bhoga offering,

Hari lila Das.

90% Prasadam honoring control.

Met Smt. Lalita-gopi DD // Angira rasa Das and family in front of BhVAshrama. They here until Feb.

Ox cart back to the our Radha Kunda Ashrama. Sweets


S W E E T S !

Ooooo! Stow Mach Ache.


Gaura arati.

Daily reading 10-verses from Vrndavana Dhama Mahimamrta. So nice. Each one is a meditation for Japa!

Hare Krsna21-rounds.

Good night! // Good morning!

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HK/HR. 7.41PM. Just finished FEP with Vipina, M. T'vidy and one Manipuri Mataji.

Too tired to write in Blog but now we are going.

Getting very regulated schedule in Vraja, Radha Kunda.

Very peaceful.

Today did January 10-25th travel work and paid for ticket and seat upgrade.

Tomorrow should have Eco Village and Manipura, Assam vists fixed.

Also, we visit Tungavidya Devi Dasi's family and do evening program at Gopal Mandira.

Maybe get there by 4PM.

Watch Twitte for details.

Now we look for some KRSNA book!


We discovered that we could chant on the roof.

It is like flying in the sky.

See many other people and things on their roofs.

Thank you!

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Hare Krsna.

Hare Rama

Brown and White here.


Ananda-vardana Das, Guru-govinda Devi Dasi, Iskcon Chile, Ki Jai.

Paoho & bw.

Here we are all still 8.5-minutes from Radha Kunda!!! The sun is at 8.01PM here. Sunset was at 5.45PM.

It is hot here, but with the fan it is O.K.

  • Today is anniversary of Lokanatha Swami's initiation;
  • Anniversary of the first Kartika festival by Srila Prabhupada;
  • Bahula, the honest cow, festival;
  • Advent of Radha-kunda festival.

We left for the big program organized by, for, Lokannatha Swami at 8.30am and got back about 12.30pm! Four hours! Over 2,000 people in the pandal-tent.

Brahmanas, mantras, decorations, Swamis, deities, bull carts, Govardhana hill!

90% in Hindi.

A lot of work, but very nutritious.

Now we have no invitations until Govardhana Puja.

Every day we meet devotees at Radha Kunda who know us from 20-years ago etc.


Every blade of grass transcendental.

Becoming detached from "good food". Beginning to swim in the river of Radha Krsna lila.

Your association is so important to us.


Hare Krsna

Hare Krsna


We try to broadcast stuff, but our life here is so much less complicated. We don't plan class programs. A lot of it is just walking to Radha Kunda.

What did you do today?

I walked to Radha-Kunda!


We want to try to join "The Fiftys Club" - Fifty rounds a day. Because our throat is irritated, inflamed a lot, we must chant slower than before.

(Good practice for death).

... We will look at the Blog and Whatsapp.

Hari Bolo!

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Our eye balls are failing.

Time to stop typing.

We spent 1-hour trying to post the www.jayarama.us/kd/guru-tattva.txt updated in the web page. We finally got something.

Yesterday big BIG B I G festival to innauguate the Govardhana Retreat Center. It looks like a five building apartment complex and giant assembly hall etc.


Blood of Bhurijana Das and Saccinanadana Swami et al.

Then today we could go to Radha Kunda after 4-days of rain.

It is so nice.

So many kirtan groups going around.


Old hertage.

Getting your feet crushed under motor cycles.

Hare Krsna.

Advice is don't drink milk. Terrible epidemic attacking the cows.


Good night.


See you tomorrow.