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AGTSP. Paoh. We are lazy. Lusty. If it were not for Srila Prabhupada's sacrifice we could not be engaged in devotional service!!!!!! 😕 😕 😕

Organized a very satisfying SB class this morning. Cooked Breakfast and Tea for Lord Nrsmha. Talked with Abhirama Das and Bhakti-sundara Goswami, answered a lot of mail. Now we will go to NGD house for walking. First bodily association in three days!!

Hare Krsna!

Chant Hare Krsna and be happy!!!!!!! Very happy! ie. Let Krsna engage you in Sankirtan.

Joan of Arc wonders

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Please maharaja my must humble obeisances at your feet!

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP!!

Hoping you find yourself in good and wondering you whereabouts I salute and thank you for the time you take to answer to all of us!

Dear maharaja, I have to ask you something, because I found myself deeply sad about the fact of no having the opportunity of going to the temple in the daily program to learn in the BG and SB classes, so I'm wondering about a technique or tool to study by myself. Also you told me in one of your past answers to one of my letter that I " have to with ISKCON on a broader basis than Panama, maybe you (refering to me)* will go how a different country for a while"... my question is, what country do you recommend?

HpS - Jaya. No recuerdo haber hablado de ver a ISKCON más allá de Panamá, pero sí, si puedes, es muy agradable hacerlo. Por supuesto, México sería genial. Póngase en contacto con algunos devotos allí y luego visite y haga algún servicio.

Estudiar cuando no puedes ir físicamente a un templo se puede hacer al obtener un compañero de estudio. Haga un arreglo para leer las mismas cosas con algún devoto y luego póngase en contacto por teléfono una vez a la semana y discuta lo que lee, etc.

I sent you a report of my sadhana in an early letter, hopefully you get to read it.

Awaiting for your enlightening advices:

Andrea bhaktina.

HpS - Estuvimos en viaje y no pudimos leer todas las cartas. Esperamos oir mas de Vd. despues de unos dias. Lea las cartas a las demas devotas. Tiene desafios similar, no? 😀

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AGTSP paoho

We had such an intense week with Ram giri dhari Das visit. Two community programs. He talked (Krsna conscious) Indian politics with devotees, met with all the NIOS officers and directors, was invited to Abhiseka Das wedding. we talked for three hours. Great plans. Sent a report to the NIOS web page.

Rested from it all a little, then some work done! Falling behind on the Blog letters but we will catch up!

Jaya Sita Rama.

Now we go walking with NGD and Dr. Desai!!!

Thank you!!!!!

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Hare Krsna.

AGTSP..... Traveling Creatures here! How are you.

It is 5.24PM and we have head-ache and butt ache. So, we are tired top to bottom of sitting in front of this computer screen and writing. It is nice. All the letters are at least O.K. Some are very interesting!!! Many teach us how to be better devotees.

Class was fine today. Looking at Canto Nine under Upendra's inspiration. Mostly we just answered mail today and rest this morning. We have:

NIOS webpage India Tour Report.

Board of Examiners work.

Viplavah / Kapi Dhvaja.

NIOS - Jung's Red Book Introduction x the Bhagavata as our work toward education and the sacred.

Blog, Yahoo, Whats app mail.

... but now we will go for a walk with NGD!

Thank you!!!! Krsna uses all this effort. Got 16 nice rounds done. Offered fruit, three baked sweet potatoes and tomato, oat, spit pea, almond soup to Lord Nrsmha Deva.

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We really see that our enthusiasm in devotional service seems to be influenced by the modes of material nature. Astrologically it is a Tamasic time and we get so many confused letters with reports of extreme lethargy. We feel the same way.

O.K. This happens.

We have 13-rounds done. We had to struggle to get them done. We did our Hawaii class with great effort. We have been feeling exhausted all day. Partly our donkey just seem to be getting old, but he is also getting wiser. So thing is to do what you can. Then that service will generate intelligence.

Hare Krsna!

16-nice rounds.

Association of devotees. Pick a few, respond to all of those who smile at you!

Projects follow well.

Whatever little service you do has an ETERNAL EFFECT in waking up your original powers.

Thank you!!!

All over the world there are exhausted devotees like you and me who did SOMETHING for Srila Prabhupada today. Maybe 30% of what they hoped to do, but that's all over the world! People get motivated just by seeing a Dhoti or Saree and act differently. The light goes out!

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Oink! Oink! Whoop! WHoop! AGTSP..... !!! ! paoho.... It is 5.30PM here in The Boro. Again we are almost dead. We can't see that we are Great Devotees, but we seem by Srila Prabhupada's effort to be Devotees. We struggle to do something. Of course, criticism from devotees can be the hardest thing to tolerate. Go on! We all (especially us) have our crazy moments and hurt others.

We jumped into the mail today.

Gave our class for Hawaii. Nice SB. Nice meditations on Dhruva Maharaja and his position. How much of a devotee was he???? We are like him in many ways???? Doing ISKCON yoga for material gain? Want our 'enemies' to see how great we are??

Education and the Sacred



Everything seems to be O.K. Our eyes can't take any more computer screen. Yes, five more years, 2024, is practical estimate of when we will need a new car.

Maybe we will go to Gurukula in Houston Temple???