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Kapi Dhvaja finished. MOE meeting finished. FMP/15 rounds finishe. Two letters finished.

Brother Ass finished! -[;o]/\____

Starting to get serious chest pains! We can die at any moment. We leave a few things in the Transit Lounge for other passengers who will be catching the next flight after ours.

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AGTSP. Paoho.

Some people listen to the Lord in the Heart!

We are much more gross!!!!! We listen the the Lord in Gluteus Maximus.

No, he is not a Roman general like Anti Virus.

When our eyes hurt and our bottom aches, we know it is time to stop writing letters.

"Death is God's way of telling you it's time to slow down"

Did we do enough today?? We try to answer three reports before we look at Blog letters. Try to answer some of the old stuff.... but we try to keep those with the current Kapi Dhvaja Priority Code (KDPC) in the Title field up to date.


Nice letters. Nice questions. Nice Guru, Srila Prabhupada.

Gotta do some more rounds!! Go walking with NGD! Hay fever has started. Have to edit Carlos' biography for Dr. Samaresha and send a letter of registration to the June 6th educators.

We will post it all here.

Thank you!!!!

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AGTSP. Paoho.


We had a real "Srila Prabhupada" day, meaning that we have a headache!! 😊

Wrote maybe five heavy letters.

Did maybe 15-little but essential tasks.

Gave class at 5.30AM and 8.30PM, both cases with almost 0-time to prepare.

Only by Krsna's mercy!!!

Wish we could answer Lakmana-agraja Das' letter, but if we do our head will crack.

O.K. See you tomorrow!

Unless there is a solar flare and radio communication is disrupted for the next 150-years.


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Do you smoke or drink!!


Do you Etc? Do you Etc? We follow the four principles even in our mind. Aaaah! So terrible to think of whiskey or material women or smoking houses of gambling! Ahhhhh! We really want to see the Vaikuntha Vasi within the body (of women [dogs (President Trumppp)]). "Hare Krsna", and you are in Krsna-lila!!


We did a lot of letters. We are caught up with the ones with the current KDPC to about six days ago. We REALLY wanted to answer M. Gaurangi's from Manipura but we just can't do it. We are dying! It is 9.15PM.

We listened to Prabhupada dictating Chapter 27 (today is 27th) of the KRSNA book today on www.prabhupadavani.org while we erased the construction line on the current paper DTC and punched the binder holes for the last KDh so that we have a hard copy for making notes for the next one. This is the perfection of life!!!

We really make a little progress in a lot of things every day. It builds up. Eg. a few days we used our paper cutter and cut the 2019 calendar into pages. Then yesterday we found the pins. Then today we selected a powerful picture and put it directly where we will see it on the wall when we chant Japa. It is too heavy!!!!!

When Tama-guna is strong we DIE! Just try to hang on the rope!!!

Then when Sattva guna comes we try to make all the progress we can out of the river!!

We got work to do!!!

O.K. See you in hell.... or heaven... or Bilma, Niger... or...

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We die!!


Hard work all day. Yesterday, resting, but still working!! Only God can keep us safe!

Many good letters today. Super letters.

https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/11055/ has some very detailed answers!

Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet are soft, and stand in the sand, of sri vrndavana dhama.

We try to handle the mail that comes our way, but seems if we do the Blog, then Yahoo has to wait for another day.


O.K. Rest our brains, before they go insane, and make a PPTX for this evening!

Lord got four old, crispy, flaky chapatis from Mrs. Desai, and milk for breakfast. Then cream of celery Kitri/soup for lunch.

15-rounds done!

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AGTSP Paoho. AgtSP!!!!! Maybe we had too much pudding Prasadam at lunch and had to sleep too much! Tomorrow we will try to take less.

It is so, so, so nice to be able to cook for Lord Nrsmhadeva ourselves every day and then try to become more and more expert in offering and honoring Bhoga and Prasadam!

We have been in complete quarantine for 12-days now. Maybe we go out for Office Supplies etc in two days. Market for raisins and nuts? Still, if Abhiseka and Manjari can buy for us it is safer.... but how will this virus be quarantined? Even if one person has it, it can start again. We are trying to live like demi-gods and fly in the sky!!! But we have bodies and actions like hogs and dogs, so naturally there will be bad reaction. Better to live in the village. Keep health, nutrition, politics local with a broad perspective. Vedic!


Met with Miguel Polo, NgD, heard M. Isvari's nice class, joined, Nashville Kirtan, cut some grass, met with Abhirama and Arjuna, Blog, Whatsapp and Yahoo mail, DTC paper copy. O. K. now we can rest. It is like a tennis game with Krsna, Maya, the balls (days) keep coming and we have to strike them back. If we win the game we go back to higher level of service!


Thank you Pandava, CMDD, Jagat.... for your letters!