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Srila Prabhupada gave us the book "KRSNA, The Supreme Personality of Godhead". In the original big size it was especially wonderful. The letters were 13.5pt. The drawings by Jadurani Devi Dasi (?) were 'psychedelic'. We didn't know devotees or the Temples, but the pictures were from another world.

We would read one sentence over and over again, until it was a complete icon, meditation.


"Once upon a time there was a King named Satrajit who lived within the jurisdiction of Dvaraka dhama..."


This story, this process, drives us mad.





Don't go out. Don't look at people. Just your glance can contaminate them. They will become mad also. -0-0-0- The Kingdom of God is for none but the Completely Dead. -0-0-0- A material body cannot stand such animation!!!

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Packing to go walking/talking with NgD. Only human contact we have most days. Other is going to the market and seeing other people from 6-feet covered with masks.

We see some people on the walk and salute them.

It is natural for us to joke with them. We go in Sannyasa dress, so they must think we are some kind of monk.

Today didn't ge up until 4AM!!! Pushed the alarm and fell asleep again. Why? Maybe was Kiwi with hot milk? It was donated so we felt we had to honor it.

The strong FMP. Good effort and so much enlightement from SB class, but is work.

Then feeling low on energy, but cooked Kitri for Lord Nrsmha deva.

Battling with little ants that don't bite but are covering our sink counter. Found their entrance hole and covered it with toothpaste. They found another. We covered that.

Mail, DTC(P), returned all the really old letters that we have not been able to answer. Answered a few, but that took TIME.

O.K. 6.07PM Here we go!

Thank you!!

Vrndavan Dance

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We have not been able to answer this letter because of our work shedule and because of our stupidity. Please send again following the protocol at www.JayaRama.US/kd/lte.htm HpS - ASA -0-0-0- No hemos podido responder esta carta por nuestra horario de trabajo y por nuestra estupidez. Por favor envíe nuevamente siguiendo el protocolo en www.JayaRama.US/kd/lte.htm HpS - ASA

Dear Guru Maharaja Pamho AgTSP,

I am writing to you from the temple of Krsna Balarama Isk with Vrndavan,

Gurudeva, without a doubt in this place Krsna is very present, and Srimati Radharani takes care that you can serve Him, along with Her friends, although the purification is intense For sinful people like me, many incredible things can be experienced,

please excuse me for writing you such material things, I have realized that my conscience has dwelled for a long time in the external things of the Bhakti process,

please explain to me what it consists of. the Krsna consciousness process, what is your service to your Guru Maharaja and the Divine Couple and how can I follow in their footsteps, how can I find the service that I can offer to You and to the Divine Couple? 

Thank you for your time and love, someday your


Vrajendra Kumara Das

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Oink! Whoop!

8.11PM thunder clouds are roaring and flashing. The whole building is shaking.

So marvelous to be with you!!

The Kapi Dhvaja did not go through (today).

Maybe tomorrow it will ray!

Does the land of Vrndavana feel cool or hot under the feet of our Guru as he runs as a cowherd boy on Krsna's business, barefoot? Are there little stones etc? I Vrndavana one big foot massage?

Full of meaning?

Of course, this world is a ray of Goloka, so it cannot be devoid of all those qualities in the original, "Om tad visno paramam padam...", if we have the eyes to see them. We can see how everything that is happening is Krsna lila and we are needed!!!!

Nice class this morning! Nice talk with Radha-Krsna from Houston. The always walking and talking with Nitai-gaura-sundara Das!!!

Kitri for the Lord for lunch!

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Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja.

Mis respetuosas reverencias


Respondiendo a Sus preguntas de mi carta anterior; la clase que dió el lunes 6 de julio, del Srimad Bhagavatam me gustó mucho. Una de las cosas hermosas que dijo ese día fue que la mirada de Krsna está en las flores.

Con respecto a mi familia, ellos estan bien. Mis hijos no salen de casa hace 4 meses, pero hemos tenido suerte y no se han desesperado tanto. Realizando tareas en casa, cantando juntos, ellos ven dibujos animados con horarios restringidos, y juegan mucho juntos, y nosotros también jugamos con ellos. Honestamente a mi me cuesta a veces jugar pues tengo muchas cosas que me preocupan y me cuesta cambiar el chip, pero los días que no tengo mucho que organizar las cosas fluyen mejor. Estoy adaptando 2 días a la semana para leer SB con Sukadeva. Y bueno, todas las noches leemos, sagradamente, el Krishna Book.

Tengo mucho que aprender como madre e intento hacer lo posible por educarlos, amarlos y entregarles lo mejor. Es una tarea difícil, llena de culpas y de desafíos. Es claro que si no tienes una infancia sana lo cargas en tu vida adulta. Así que aquí estamos tratando de no seguir los patrones aprendidos de nuestros padres.

Jagannatha ahora tomó mayor responsabilidad en ISKCON Chile, pues hará el servicio de presidente por un tiempo. Fue una difícil decisión familiar, pero esperamos que pueda aprender mucho de éste servicio y pueda ayudar a la comunidad de devotos, y bueno, saber sobrellevar ésta nueva etapa con sabiduría.

Jagannatha sigue con su trabajo y gracias a Krsna hemos estado todos bien de salud.

Eso Guru Maharaja.

Muchas gracias por Sus respuestas y por Sus preguntas.

Su aspirante a sirviente

Priya Sakhi Devi Dasi

HpS- Muy bien!!! Nada es obstaculos para Hanuman!! Todo es oportunidad mejorar nuestra servicion eternamente!!!!! !!!

!! !! !! ! ! ! Reverencias al Senyor Jagannatha!!! Presidente para 5 anyos. GBC for 5??? Sannyasa :>>> Llevar su esposa, abuelos, hijos, vecinos a Goloka!