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Whatsapp to Kolevech S. Das:

Today Gita Jayanti.

Next weekend.

Ministry of Education symposium.

24th Vyasa-puja.

With many of your God brothers and Sisters et al.

1st January to 9th, we are not making any plans for anything, because so many "last minute emergencies" and packing, packing, packing will happen.

9th we go to Delhi, Mumbai, Imphal, Silchar, Agartala, Delhi, Madrid.....


Calendar Splash.

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Whatsapp to Kolevech S. Das:

Today Gita Jayanti.

Next weekend.

Ministry of Education symposium.

24th Vyasa-puja.

With many of your God brothers and Sisters et al.

1st January to 9th, we are not making any plans for anything, because so many "last minute emergencies" and packing, packing, packing will happen.

9th we go to Delhi, Mumbai, Imphal, Silchar, Agartala, Delhi, Madrid.....


Schedule ffor Vyasa-puja/// 24th December

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'are Krsna, Mates.



to Srila Prabhupada!


'ows your Sri 'ari Kirtan!!!

Going to Goloka?

Get back to your real work?

Stop loafing in the external circus?


Tom Brown and Buck White here.

What's gonna be the plan for HpSwami's Vyasa puja?

By 'his' Vyasapuja he means his chance to try to glorify the Parampara, everyone from Krsna to our audience.

You have to be a Guru also!

Glorify, illuminate, everyone in proportion.


So, there has to be atleast 10-times as much glorification of Srila Prabhupada as H. H. H. P. Swami.

  1. Sril Bhakti-siddhanta Prabhupada's song, "k峁涐梗峁嘺 hoite catur-mukha..." seems essential. Who'll zing it? Who will illuminate the members of the Parampara? There relevance to today's goals?
  2. Explanation of the purpose and content of Vyasapuja.
  3. Balarama Hall at Krsna-Balarama Temple in Raman-reti, Vrndavana, Mathura District, India, after SB class until...
  4. Raja Bhoga arati and then Cultural Program, in Temple or B'rama Hall?
  5. Prasad... Informal association and,
  6. Back to Radha Kunda for program from 5.30PM to 8.00PM, online in Spanish (and English). That is 7-9.30AM in Peru and Mexico.
  7. Presentation of histories and goals of ASA and NIOS projects, in the form of verbal, multimedia presentations, and hand outs.

We should have related events during days before the 24th and after also?


Who wants to do something?

Master of Ceremonies for part or all of the program?

Annual report

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Hare Krishna His Devine Grace Hanumatpresake Swami

All glories to srilia Prabhupada

All glories to the vishnavas

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Let me first say is what a Honor to have this privilege of being able to have your association and follow your glorious activities that inspire and encourage everyone.

Trying to keep up with all that materializes in your programs leaves me wondering how much more productive I need to be.

Myself I'm still serving in San Diego and now have the good fortune of dressing the deity's, I'm most fortunate in this regards.

I love the intamacy of serving there lordships.

I also do fruit offerings, back up services.puja to Tulsi, Prabhupada and noon Arti and fill in on alter when needed.

I'm the Gardener which is my therapy and in southern California something is always blooming.

I'm thinking of ashram life how important it is to always have that shelter.most important in the nectar of instruction.

My consideration is I'm basically a dead man walking and the fear of being a burden is a concern of mine.there's no room in the front ashram and the other is for vary young Brahmacaris.

Los Angeles has nice facilities and awesome devotees.i just love the natural beauty of San Diego.

Either way it's Krsnas call and I'm seeing what his wishes are.

HpS/ASA - AgtSP! First, it is great to ge these detailed reports. Very great. Like nectar. Yet, please fill in the formal report by clicking the "Report" button on the option ribbon above.

Second, what about working with the authorities and starting another B'cari Ashrama. Temple could contribute part of the cost. It could be you and one other person first. Then even six unrelated people in an apartment, house near the Temple?

Gainesville Temple has similar arrangment.

I follow your calendar and see you'll be back in Radha kund in March. I'd love to go there and serve while I'm still able to.

HpS - Now the Calendar is:

November 30th - January 9th = Near Radha-kunda.

9 - 24 = GEV, Imphal, Silchar, Agartala (Bombay then Northeast India).

24 - 22 February = Spain

22 - March 4 = Houston

4 - 3 April = Mexico (Monterrey, Mexico City)

3 - ??? = Houston, Nashville(?), August Mexico (??), India (???)

2024 November Go to Srila Prabhupada's Sankirtan. (???)

Not sure how you handle everyone's conflicts it'd be a daunting task. I try not being that needy person and perfer giving so I'll spare you your time and gave you a glimpse of where I'm at.and wish I was doing more.

If there's any insights on any aspect of my life that need attention please direct me what needs to be done.

Eternally you're servant

Mani Bandhani das

HpS///ASA- Your words are nectar.

Take the helm, sailor! 馃榿

Again, go to the Report link above and fill in the short form there also!

Iniciaciones en Ciudad de M茅xico

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Querido Gurumaharaja

Por favor acepte mis reverencias.

隆Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

Muchas gracias por la inspiraci贸n en el servicio al gran capit谩n de este gran barco llamado ISKCON. 

Recordamos haber le铆do de parte de Usted una inspiraci贸n de Prabodhananda Sarasvati con palabras de aprecio y amor dirigidos a ISKCON, nos llev贸 a la inspiraci贸n de seguir trabajando en un movimiento que despierta la conciencia dormida por el hechizo de maya pero quiz谩 administrativamente va despacio, a entender un poco su propia lucha y nos motiv贸 el deseo de ser el ne贸fito que desea avanzar en el proceso trascendental que 艢r墨la Prabhup膩da describe en sus libros, mediante su gu铆a y la asociaci贸n de los vaisnavas. Muchas gracias por inspirarnos cada d铆a, somos muy afortunados!. 

Respecto, a la visita a Mexico, Marzo - Abril del 2023 

Cuando se incluy贸 algunos d铆as para Ciudad de M茅xico algunos devotos de Chile se comunicaron, posteriormente he platicado con Priya Sakhi dd, sucede que a un grupo de vaisnavas se les facilita llegar a Ciudad de M茅xico para poder recibir la iniciaci贸n en el Templo de Sus Se帽or铆as Radha Madana Gopal, pregunt茅 a las autoridades la posibilidad de una ceremonia de fuego en el festival de Ramanavami, informan que si usted est谩 de acuerdo el Templo no tiene inconveniente. 

Candidatos de Chile 

Primera iniciaci贸n: 

鈥iana S谩nchez

鈥stefan铆a Colella

Segunda Iniciaci贸n:

鈥ripati Das

鈥andara Sakha Das

Candidato para segunda iniciaci贸n de Ciudad de M茅xico

鈥aghubhagavatamrta das

Las autoridades han conversado y depositan su confianza en prabhu porque ha permanecido fijo en sus servicios en el templo desde que tom贸 la primera iniciaci贸n, en el 2009. 

Respecto a la predica externa en Ciudad de M茅xico, estamos platicando con algunos devotos interesados para poder presentar la propuesta en d铆as posteriores. 

Vyasa-puja 2022


24 de Diciembre (Aparici贸n de Lochana Das 峁琱膩kura) en India?

En M茅xico es el d铆a 23

Falta un poco m谩s de un mes, de igual manera nos gustar铆a externar nuestro deseo de participar en alg煤n evento online programado alrededor de estas fechas por favor. 

Muchas gracias por su misericordiosa atenci贸n.

Vuestra eterna aspirante a sirviente

Asta Sakhi dd 


Dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept my obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you very much for the inspiration in serving the great captain of this great ship called ISKCON.

We remember having read from you an inspiration from Prabodhananda Sarasvati with words of appreciation and love addressed to ISKCON, it led us to the inspiration to continue working in a movement that awakens the consciousness asleep by the spell of maya but perhaps administratively it is going slowly, to understand a little about his own struggle and we were motivated by the desire to be the neophyte who wants to advance in the transcendental process that 艢r墨la Prabhup膩da describes in his books, through his guidance and the association of the Vaisnavas. Thank you very much for inspiring us every day, we are very lucky!

Regarding the visit to Mexico, March - April 2023

When a few days for Mexico City were included, some devotees from Chile communicated, later I have talked with Priya Sakhi dd, it happens that a group of Vaisnavas find it easier to reach Mexico City to receive initiation in the Temple of Their Lordships Radha Madana Gopal, I asked the authorities about the possibility of a fire ceremony on the Ramanavami festival, they inform that if you agree the Temple has no objection.

HpS - Thank you for your association. Thanks to the M. Ranjana Das et al.

Seems good to us.

Chilean Candidates

First initiation:

鈥iana Sanchez

鈥 Stephanie Colella

Second Initiation:

鈥ripati Das

鈥andara Sakha Das

Candidate for second initiation from Mexico City

鈥aghubhagavatamrta das

The authorities have spoken and place their trust in prabhu because he has remained fixed in his services in the temple since he took the first empowerment, in 2009.

ASA - Seems nice. but we need formal letters from ISKCON authorities.

Regarding the external preaching in Mexico City, we are talking with some interested devotees to be able to present the proposal in later days.

HpS - O.K. We can even work on it from Houston and Monterey when we are there.

Vyasa-puja 2022


December 24 (Appearance of Lochana Das 峁琱膩kura) in India?

In Mexico it is the 23rd

HpS/ASA - We will base on India date. Guess Mexico is 10.30-hours earlier, so lot of 23rd December there will be 24th December in India.

There is a little more than a month to go, in the same way we would like to express our desire to participate in an online event scheduled around these dates please.

HpS/ASA - Yes, I guess we can do live programs in the Krsna Balarama temple in the morning and afternoon, and then online programs in the evening from home.

7AM Mexico should be 5.30PM in India.

Good plan?

Can make some recordings.

Thank you very much for your merciful attention.

Your eternal would-be servant

asta sakhi dd

ASA - Same from us, Tom Brown and Buck White!

Dhruva Das Correction

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"Hare Krishna maharaj,

Regarding Mumbai to Govardhan Eco Village January 10th, I arrive in Mumbai 9th evening and will be waiting for you at airport, 11:35am on 10th Jan. sorry I made rushed mistake in blog post. I have correct dates here. Thank you."

ASA- Thank you! So important to double check 鉁 this stuff, no?