Teaching for Mayapura Institute

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On Sunday, November 22, 2020, 09:21:37 PM CST, Radhika Nagara Das wrote:

Dandavat Pranams Maharaja, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for support

Yes, 20-30 students from Anjana Suta Academy should be fine.  As far as possible they may be active listeners but passive questioners.

Kindly give final confirmation that you will be taking two Units Bhaktivedanta as per our schedule:

Mon Feb 01 – Fri 05

Unit 12

Mahārāja Sagara, Lord Rama

canto 9 chap 8 to 12

HH Hanumat Preshak Swami

Mon Feb 15 – Sat 19 

Sri Advaita Acharya Apperance Day- Fri Feb 19

Unit 14

Mahārāja Yayāti, Kṛṣṇa the Supreme Personality of Godhead

canto 9 chap 19 to 24 

(End of canto 9)

HpS - Yes, by His Divine Grace we will teach these modules, but you we still don't know any timings, who are our students, the media to be used. Thank you.

Urgent - Request from Hare Krishna Temple of Austin

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Dear Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to you and Srila Prabhupada!

I pray this email finds you in good health.

HpS - ASA -- Ha! Ha! Hare! When ever we hear that we always remember hearing that Srila Prabhupada said that this body does not get diseases, this body is a disease. Our eyes hurt, our breathing is little tough, we've lost two teeth (maybe we can find them later), we want a different posture, our mind is going ... but ... we have your association!!!!!!

Maharaj, my name is Satya-sara das. I used to live in Seattle and serve Sri Sri Radha Nila Madhava temple. HG Pandavavijay Prabhu introduced me to you in Seattle almost 13 years ago and I attended many of your classes and got an opportunity to serve your holiness personally one time. Few years ago my wife and I have moved to Austin and by the causeless mercy of Vaishnvas, we are able to preach in Austin and we are seeing Srila Prabhupada’s loving reciprocation – we have approximately 100 people attending our programs regularly, we have preaching program in UT Austin, where 20 western students are attending our mantra meditation and BG class on a weekly basis. We also distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books every week.

HpS/ASA - Super man and Lois Lane!!!! Amazing!! AgtSP and Lord Nityananda and your efforts.

By Srila Prabhupada’s and Vaishnava’s mercy, under the guidance of Nityananda Prabhu, our GBC, we founded a preaching center 14 months ago where we all congregate regularly to hold temple programs including Sunday love feast.

We came to know from HG Rasikendra Prabhu that you will be able to give classes online and shower your mercy on us. We expressed our intense desire to have your holy association for our congregation members in Austin. Hence Prabhu connected me to you in the email.

Maharaj, I am holding a straw in my mouth and very humbly praying to you to give your holy association to us. Your divine association will give boost to our congregation to go further in our Krishna consciousness.

Could you please consider our request and shower your mercy on us, Maharaj?

Thank you very much for considering our request.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

 Your servant,

Satya-sara das

. . . 1348 (cell phone)

HpS - We also respond with a straw in our mouth... Foto attached. I seems like a great opportunity. We have a disciple, Ajaya-govinda Das somewhere near Austin. He is university professor, Indian, married. When would be the class? Are the audience brain surgeons, train engineers, CIA agents, Hare Krsna's??? What should we discuss? Internet? Can we invite others from ASA??? Thank you!!

Presentacion del Libro

Hare Krsna Gurumaharaja.

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada! 

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias. 

Prabhu Manamohan el director comercial del BBT México le envía una invitación a presentar el libro "SANKHYA la metafísica de los 24 elementos" para la librería Gonvill, basada en las enseñanzas de metafísica de Kapiladeva en el tercer canto del Srimad bhagavatam, es un libro de tamaño pequeño. 

El BBT le propuso a Usted para ese libro por el éxito alcanzado en la conferencia "Cosmología" 

Es una actividad que están haciendo con diferentes libros y diferentes expositores. 

La invitación es para la última semana de Diciembre del presente año. 

Normalmente se hace a las 17:00 hrs de México y Nashville. 

Si usted tiene propuesta de fechas que se ajusten a esa semana se podría ir solicitando, el horario se puede ajustar a su propuesta, sin embargo el horario propuesto es el ideal de acuerdo al marketing. 

Duración total: 45 minutos

Breve auto-presentación del expositor ( se sugiere abrir la cámara) 

30 minutos de presentación del libro ( puede usar ppt) 

15 minutos de preguntas y respuestas. 

El idioma puede ser español o puede ser bilingüe de acuerdo a lo que Usted sugiera. 

La trasmisión se hace a través de Facebook live de la librería, va dirigida a todo público. 

No requiere tener cuenta en Facebook, ellos envían el enlace. 

Asimismo ponen a disposición a un devoto experto en tecnología para los ajustes de compartir pantalla desde zoom u otra plataforma durante la trasmisión. 

Qué le parece Gurumaharaja? 

Nos compartieron algunas presentaciones para que usted pueda revisarlas. 

Presentación del Libro: Historias Maravillosas de la India” por Su Santidad Guru-prasād Swami


SS Bhakti Sundar Goswami, presentando el libro “Karma Cerrando Ciclos"


Muchas gracias por su misericordiosa atención. 

Que el Señor Nrisimhadeva siempre le proteja. 

Vuestra eterna aspirante a sirviente

Asta Sakhi dd


HpS - ASA -- TlgaSP. Pfanrh .... Gracias a todos por la oportunidad de unirse al movimiento Sankirtan.

El tiempo y los días parecen buenos. Podemos tener la energía para hacer el trabajo, según el deseo de Krsna.

¿Qué días son los mejores?

Necesitamos una copia del libro.

No está en www.vedabase.io.

¿Son solo ciertos capítulos del Tercer Canto?

Krsna ha bloqueado nuestro acceso a Facebook.



H. H. Srila Krsna Ksetra Maharaja

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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:

AGTSP, pamho

I hope this meets you well. Regarding your response to Jana- pavana das. We coordinate and I sent an email to HH Srila Krsna Ksetra Maharaja.

In attachment you will find His response. It is up to you if maybe we can change the schedule. I had already answered Him and I gave your cell phone as He requested.

Your eternal servant



hps/asa - thank you very many. yes, the time difference between nash ville and po land will be too great. next there is jayadvaita swami. do you have any contact for hm?

Coming to ISKCON USA

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Hare Krishna!

Dearest Guru Maharaja. Thank you very much for considering me. Mainly I would like you to know that I am willing to serve you in whatever you think is appropriate. I would like to know if the idea that I go to the USA to assist you in your sankirtana and go to Study at the MTU is within your Strategic Plan to present the Solaris magazine or another plan that you have or is an idea based on what you believe which is good of my godbrothers to assist you.

I would like to know what are your needs and expectations about my seva so that I would not be a burden and an annoyance for you but a good help and an opportunity to improve sankirtana.

I can do any service as a sacrifice to my spiritual Master.

I would very much like to satisfy you whether it is traveling to the USA or continuing my leadership service at Sri Govardhana and Summer Book Distribution Marathon.

I already found out to get the visa if necessary. The best option seems the religious visa!!

Your servant, PtD

HpS-ASA - We are just crawling along in the shadow of Srila Prabhupada's service. Our Pitta is so much out of balance that it is a miracle we aren't dead yet. We are trying to adjust our service and diet to do something!

SB 10.47.63 is the best service. Help the Sri Krsna Sankirtan of the women of Braja.

Did you get our DTC? We wrote it for you. It gives some idea of our consciousness and the work here.

Vyasa Puja

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El tiempo ha avanzado muy rápido.

HpS - ASA -- A veces, no?? 😊

Henry van Dyke (1852 – 1933) was an American author, educator, and clergyman.

FOR KATRINA'S SUN-DIAL, IN HER GARDEN OF YADDO -  "Hours fly,  Flowers die, New days, New ways, Pass by, Love stays.

       *      *      *

           Time is

 Too Slow for those who Wait,

 Too Swift for those who Fear,

 Too Long for those who Grieve,

 Too Short for those who Rejoice;

     But for those who Love, Really Love, Time is eternity."

... Adaptacion de Grupo de los 60s, "Beautiful Day".

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_20U1xqKnk [1.08 - 2.38 minutos].

Krsna ha provisto más de lo que necesitamos y continuamente damos gracias por esto. Angirasa (ACBSPD) y yo tenemos el plan de alcanzarlo en Vraja Dham a finales del 2022. Yo sé que, por sus bendiciones, podemos lograrlo. Y quizás el Santo Dham acepte que ingresemos como almas caídas.

HpS - 😪 Cuidado, una vez entra en Vraja, nunca va a ser capaz salir.

Por otra parte, con respecto a la organización del Vyasa Puja, algunos de nosotros vivimos lejos del templo: Prabhu Sacinandana (Marina y niñas) en Cuautla, Morelos; GopiRadha y Prabhu Vidagda en Tepoztlán, Morelos; Prabhu Jagat Bandhu en Xochimilco y yo en Toluca, Estado de México.

Por otra parte, el Templo no lanza ninguna invitación general, debido a las restricciones de 25 a 30 personas dentro de las instalaciones. Por estas condiciones de la pandemia, hemos decidido realizar la celebración en una casa amplia, como la de Jagat Bandhu (votaron más por esta opción), con las medidas sanitarias. Mandaremos los reportes y fotos de las ofrendas a Prabhu Jana Pavana. En caso de que las autoridades sanitarias no permitan las reuniones, entonces, realizaremos las ofrendas en cada casa e igualmente mandaremos los reportes. Con respecto, al Pushpanjali marcado para el miércoles 13 de enero de 7 a 8 pm, es seguro que nos vayamos a conectar (lo mismo para el sábado 16 de enero). Yo sé que tenemos muchos defectos, pero estamos entusiasmados con esta celebración, de alguna manera, Krsna ha permitido, por su protección y por su benevolencia, que atravesemos estos tiempos de la pandemia. Si no fuera por sus programas y misericordia (FMP_clases_conferencias), creo que ya estaríamos mentalmente dañados.

Todos los discípulos y aspirantes han sido invitados. Algunos se han estado adaptando a los distintos equipos y consideramos que se han agrupado, según sus afinidades a los distintos servicios. Esperamos glorificarlo de una manera apropiada.

Muchas gracias, Gurudeva, Hare Krsna.

Su inútil sirviente

Lalita Gopi DD

HpS - Super. Si hay mas noticias de modos conectar por internet, muy bien!! Tenemos todos ser guru!! "Yare dekha, tare kaha..."! Respects a the Angirasa (ACBSPD). Muy feliz oir de el.



Time has moved very fast. Krsna has provided more than we need, and we continually give thanks for this. Angirasa (ACBSPD) and I have a plan to reach you in Vraja Dham by the end of 2022, I know that by your blessings we can achieve it. And perhaps the Holy Dham will accept that we enter as fallen souls.


On the other hand, regarding the organization of the Vyasa Puja, some of us live far from the temple: Prabhu Sacinandana (Marina and girls) in Cuautla, Morelos; GopiRadha and Prabhu Vidagda in Tepoztlán, Morelos; Prabhu Jagat Bandhu in Xochimilco and I in Toluca, State of Mexico.

By the way, Temple authorities don’t issue (or publish) any general invitation (such as Srila Prabhupada´s disappearance), due to the restrictions of 25 to 30 people within the installations. Due to these conditions of the pandemic, we have decided to hold the celebration in a spacious house, like Jagat Bandhu's (they voted more for this option), with sanitary measures. We will send the reports and photos of the offerings to Prabhu Jana Pavana. In case that Sanitary authorities do not allow the meetings, then, we will make the offerings in each house and we will also send these reports. Regarding the Pushpanjali scheduled for Wednesday, January 13 from 7 to 8 pm, we are sure we might be connected (the same for Saturday , January 16th) . I know we have many faults, but we are excited about this celebration, somehow Krsna has allowed us go through these times of the pandemic with His protection and His benevolence. If it weren't for your programs and mercy (FMP_clases_conferences), I think we would already be mentally ill.


All disciples and aspirants have been invited. Some have been adapting to the different teams and we consider that they have been grouped, according to their affinities to the different services. We hope to glorify it in a proper way.

Thank you very much Gurudeva. Hare Krsna

Your useless servant

Lalita Gopi DD