March Class

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[2/20, 11:55 AM] Balimardana Das: Maharaj - would you join as a guest speaker for Bhakti Vaibhav second batch on March 3rd Sunday 6:30 am pst ? 30 mins is good enough and this batch just finished canto 1 into chapters 6 —- thank you maharaj.

[2/20, 3:47 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Always, agtSP, nice to get your association! 


Can we make it Bilingual?

We have a very substantial weekly SB workshop at the same time.

They could, would like to, join the same time.

[2/20, 3:51 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Even more important, our physical condition is becoming more erratic day by day.

So, could we have an alternative speaker ready if HpSwami has a mechanical failure at the time of the Class? 


[2/20, 3:51 PM] HP Swami - Prof HHR: Hare Krsna. Hare Rama 🙂

No more travels urgent

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Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva AGTSP PAMHO

Gurudeva, I am writing regarding your long distance travels. In my humble opinion You shouldn't travel long distances anymore. This may affect your ears, heart and increase your vertigo. You have traveled for many years to many countries. It is our time now to make the effort and visit You.

Better for You may be staying in Nashville

Thank You Gurudeva for all your effort through all these years

Trying to be your disciple


HpS - Thank you, CMDD. Our regards to your Sister and family. What are they doing?

If we do go to Spain or Radha-kunda it will be will due diligence for Brother Ass's condition.

Business class allows for a bed and priority boarding. Then an attendant.

Yet like you say.

Evaluate the impact on the donkey.

"This material world is like a stool room. A gentleman does his business and gets out", Srila Bh. Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura.

Have you finished your business?

Every day we are here KRSNA is lacking our unique service in the spiritual world.

We are like peppermint.

As long as we are in the material world Radha has no peppermint to use in Her cooking!

Of course, if KRSNA wants us here then this is OUR BUSINESS.

Upendra Das in Houston

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Hare Krishna. Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to srila prabhupada.

Hare Krishna, I will be reaching Houston on February 14 and leaving on February 22. Thank you. Hare Krishna

ASA - The, agtSP, ground shakes under our feet as we post this in our Calendar! 🐵





of Bhakti




🔦 🔦🔦🔦 🚀

ASA Calendar 2024 January 26

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General Principles

  • 'So, you can make plans for serving KRSNA, but better to just chant Hare KRSNA' (and watch that Kirtan make, and broadcast, the plans).
  • Deadline for inclusion in this Kapi Dhvaja Calendar = Ekadasi before Full Moon.


o  Full Morning Service is 4.30-5.30AM at, 737 859 341 and, Live Channel, Houston.

o Sankirtan.

o FES - 6pm Nila-madhava Temple. Sri Sri Radha Natabara Sanga 8pm


o  Tuesday & Wednesdays 7.30AM = Local Houston Srimad Bhagavatam Class. Mayapura TV.

o  Thursday

8.30AM = ISKCON Ministry of Education, BOEX.

10AM = SB, ISKCON Hawaii,, (Details in Blog Posts/Tweets).

o  Friday 7.30PM (< 26th February) = ASA – Bhaktivedanta Library Seminar.

Anything we or you want to talk about based on the Bhaktivedanta Library.

-- We have discussed SP's general perspective on Librarys,

-- An analysis of SP's BBT titles and how we use them,

-- Rama avatara, for Rama-bhumi-puja 26th January.

-- Next: The BhVed Library and World Classical Literature.

Host and location may Change but usually Radha Nila-madhva/Mayapura.TV Channel, and Partha Sarathi Foundation hosting the Zoom distribution. Details Twitter and Blog.

o  Sunday 7.30AM– SB Workshop,

Upendra Das, CC;

HpS General Stuff.

Spanish and English. www.GoToMeeting 737 859 341

Singular Events


27/Sa = Home Program [HP, 11am, gotomeeting] - 11am, Sriman Prananatha Gauranga Das.

30th Mo = Gopala Bhatta Goswami Disappearance. CC 3.13.133[?]


2/fr = HP Rasikindra Das 7pm.

3/sa = HP Ksitis Kapoor, Sugar Land.

4th Sun = Sunday Feast, HpS, BG, MTV Houston

6/tu = ekadasi.

7th We = Rice University.

9/fr = BhVed Lib Seminar at Texas A&M University at ~7pm [Blog/Tweet].

10/sa = HP Vanamali Das.

12th Mo = AMD goes to Mayapura.

13/Tu = Sarasvati Puja.

15/Th = Srila Advaita Acharya appearance day.

16th  Fr = 7.30PM, DTC 4 (India) Release, https://www/

17/sa = HP Sriman Devendra Krsna Das and Family, Katy, Texas.

19/mo = ekadasi

20th Tu = Varaja Dvadasi

21st We = Nityananda Trayodasi. Visit from Murfreesboro Yatra [?]

23/fr = madhava purnima. Kapi Dhvaja

26th Mo = IAH to BNA (Houston to the Boro), 8am to 9.50am.

Distant Future

End of February to Tennessee for Gaura Purnima. Based there for developing the Sankirtan until we leave our body? Visit Spain? Go to Radha Kunda in a jar, or to leave our body there?

[Urgent] FMS –Kirtan Tulasi Leader

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Hare Krishna!

Guru Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, and all glories to ISKCON and all its members!

Following your suggestion, we sent the list of devotees for leading Tulasi kirtan, during FMS, for the next 3 weeks.


Monday-      HH Hanumatpresaka swami

Tuesday-       Karuna Mayi devi dasi

Wednesday- Caturatma das

Thursday-     Isvari Radha devi dasi

Friday-          Abhinanda das

Saturday-     Karuna-Sakti devi dasi

Sunday-        Priya Sakhi devi dasi / Parasurama Das

Gurudeva, we appreciate any instructions you may wish to give us in this regard.



It is worth clarifying that:

*This list is only for 3 weeks and does not affect the assignment of kirtan leaders that existed before the trip to Houston.

*If there is any devotee who wishes to lead one day, they are welcome.


Your servant

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi

HpS - Thank you. Seems, agtSP, we are slowly getting nice integrated program with Temple Program and our ASA Program.

There are many aspects that we would like to improve, and we hope we are not burdening anyone unnecessarily, but is so nice to read NoD daily, look at pictures of Lord Nrsmha etc.

Maybe more devotees come outside of Temple room for our NoD and Tulasi Kirtan!

Houston Urgent

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


I am a little concerned about your health. So I hope this meets you in really good health.

This is letter is going to be brief.

On January 9th we will arrive to Houston along with Palika dd.

We kindly ask for your blessings so that we can see your very good self again

C U soon Gurudeva

Trying to be your disciple


HpS/ASA - AgtSP.

Monkey and Piggy want to know if you are bringing Ulysses? ???

Mahaprasada of Radha Madana-bihari?


Think Radha and Nila madhava will be ecstatic to see you.

Visiting 16,108 houses of Krsna.