KDPC - Invitation Universidad Católica de Chile international symposium - URGENT!

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Hare Krishna Maharaja !


I hope you are in good health or best as is possible.

I’m writing by Arjuna Das' requirement, your disciple in charge of ASA and NIOS Chile.

Universidad Católica Aesthetics Institute has sent an invitation to you and NIOS to participate in an online congress they are organizing for october this year, with the same approach they were working with you et al. during 2019.

This year event its called “Colloquium: Nature and Sacrality, Human Stillness, Animal and Vegetal Action”

Your theme last year was “Bhagavat and the Ecology Light of Asia”

Will be a 4 days online symposium through ZOOM with audience, one time by week divided by subject matter every wednesday at 6 pm Chile time, 5 pm Nashville time:

October 7: Christianism 

October 14: Tribal and Indigenous Traditions 

October 21: The Asian Vision 

October 28: Action and Contingency

The final deadline date to deliver your theme and proposal its Friday july 24th. 

Arjuna Das is coordinating directly with organizers into UC, but he asked to me I write this “formal” summary to let you know and also your disciples, followers and well-wishers. 

There are the possibility that your disciple Abhirama Thakur Das and your Friend Héctor Bejar they also participate in this seminar. So, ABRTD has already been informed. He will send a letter to you in a few hours more about it.  

UC pretends to publicate all these colloquium dialogues into their Aesthesis Magazine special edition. 

I include an abstract of their invitation and also original file invitation pictures attached.

Thank you very much for everything you do for all of us.

Your aspiring servant,



The goal of this online meetings is to initiate an interreligious dialogue between the american indigenous, christian and asian world and people involved into ecological action, based on sacred space conception, protection of environment and interrelation of human beings with nature from the philosophical, religious and aesthetics diverse points of view.

Reducing CO2 emissions and confinement of humans seem to be a source of relief for biodiversity and reappropriation by animals of their environment, wondering us what would happen if this period were a turning points for humanity.

Problems that affect humanity today, such as global warming, climate change, loss of biodiversity, forest fires, among others, will still present and continue there after we emerge from the global health emergency this pandemic has caused.

It is a call to share knowledgement and reflections based on religious education experience, performance of rites, arts and cultures researching and about concrete actions of projects actually in development. Allow dialogue between various manifestations, providing society other ways of attending to and apprehending the return to innerself of being for external expansion of nature, appreciating the interrelation of dualities (feminine-masculine, natural-supernatural, sacred- profane, religious-secular), without taking any of them to extreme, but allowing harmonious balance.

HpS - AgtSP!!! Thank you so much for this effort. We got information of this symposium in another letter from ArtD and made an answer (https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/11348/) that we didn't understand the content of the symposium. Now with this Abstract it is more clear.

O.K. We can plan to participate. The following is a good title and summary of our article?

"Bhagavad-gita and a Cosmovision of the Web of Life"

Cutting the top off of a destructive weed does little to destroy its influence if the same weed will regrow quickly within a few days from an every enhanced root. The "Bhagavad-gita" and vast resources of the Sanskrit culture of ancient India, present a very penetrating view of our relation to celestial, human, subhuman and non-living matter, how they are energetically related and what is the fundamental motive of their relationship.

Once these broad structual and dynamic bases are clear, then working out the details of managing the ecology and resources becomes easy, like adjusting the position of painter's easel to take advantage of the sun's light.

“KDPC”! - Invitation to participate in INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM / OCTOBER 2020

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Gurudeva, Arjuna Prabhu from Chile shared us invitation from Claudia Lira Professor. So that you and two other people can participate in the COLLOQUIUM: "Nature and sacrality, human stillness, animal and plant action"; event organized by Catholic University from Chile Aesthetics Faculty Institute of Philosophy through Zoom.

Besides you, I talked to Héctor Béjar and he agreed to participate, the title of his conference will sent this Friday. Finally, as I have received an invitation to participate in an inter-religious seminary, during August this year, around a virtual dialogue table organized by the Catholic University from Peru on "religious and/or interreligious education and its cultural influence", I think I can present the same topic in this colloquium that they are invited us from Chile (I consulted to Miguel and Héctor and they thought it will be fine).

Pending points:

1. Your conference would be on Wednesday, October 21st. What will be the title of your presentation?

HpS - Thank you for the news but the title is almost incomprehensible to us both in English and Spanish. Can you give us a more clear idea of the conference? What she means by the title!!! If that is clear then the other points in this letter seem fine.

2. Hector and me will be introduced as NIOS Peru members, and you will be introduced as the General Secretary from NIOS. That would be fine?

3. We can start to dialogue about our subjects so we can come to the online event with interrelated and complementary proposals. Seems this fine from your point of view?

4. All this participation of us could be material for SOLARIS 2021 issue number 6. Are you agree?

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, Your insignificant servant, 

Abhiram Thakura das



Invitación para participar en COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL / OCTUBRE 2020

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias

Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada!!

Gurudeva, prabhu Arjuna de Chile nos compartió la invitación de la profesora Claudia Lira para que usted y dos personas más puedan participar en el COLOQUIO: “Naturaleza y sacralidad quietud humana, acción animal y vegetal”, evento organizado por Instituto de Estética de la Facultad de Filosofía de la Universidad Católica de Chile vía Zoom. Aparte de usted hable con Héctor Béjar, el acepto participar, el título de su conferencia me lo a enviar el viernes, por último, como he recibido una invitación para participar en un dialogo interreligioso, en agosto, en una mesa redonda virtual en la universidad católica de Perú sobre “la educación religiosa y/o interreligiosa y su influencia cultural” pienso que puedo presentar el mismo tema en este coloquio (les consulte a Miguel y a Héctor y les pareció bien).

Puntos pendientes:

1. Su conferencia sería el miércoles 21 de octubre, cuál sería el título de su ponencia?

2. Héctor y yo seremos presentados como miembros de NIOS Perú, y usted será presentado como el Secretario General NIOS. ¿Estaría bien?

3. Podemos empezar a dialogar sobre nuestros temas así podemos llegar al evento con propuestas interrelacionadas y complementarias, le parece bien?

4. toda esta participación podría ser material para el numero 6 de SOLARIS, está bien?

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, su insignificante sirviente, Abhiram Thakura das

July 05th Lecture for ISKCON St Louis Congregation

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Hare Krishna Maharaja Ji


I do not have whatsApp number. Kindly send the phone number if possible so that I can add . Kindly find zoom link and our Sunday feast detail:

Sun July 05, 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM

Direct link to join:


Password: 343171

Speaker: H. H. Hanumat-presaka Swami

    Topic:      The Yoga Ladder: Understanding Your Level and Helping Others

About Speaker :

Hanumat-presaka Swami is an initiating spiritual master and disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada. He grew up in California and graduated in psychology from the University of California in 1970, with a minor in biology and electrical engineering. He left his doctoral degree to go east. He took vows as a brahmachari from Srila Prabhupada in 1974 and reconfirmed those vows as a sanyasi (lifelong monk) in 1984. In addition to his deep internal austerity, study and teaching in Bengali Vaisnava Vedanta, since 1990 Hanumat Presaka Swami has developed an extensive program of external lecturing and studies of Vaishnava literatures. This has included work as associate director of the Bhakti Vedanta Institute.Maharaja is presently General Secretary for NIOS (North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies) in Tennessee and a regular lecturer with the Institute for Classical Oriental & Occidental Studies at the highly esteemed Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru. His interests increasingly turn more toward individual education techniques, introspection and meditation. His name, 'Hanumat-preṣaka' in Sanskrit means 'One who sent Hanuman as a messenger', i.e. Lord Rama". We are very fortunate to have maharaja association on July 05th.


Ramacarya Das

KPDC Tuesday ASA SB Class

Hare Krsna Maharaja,


Thank you very much for your answers to my last letteṛ and the picture, I love Nrsimhadeva bhagavan.

We are trying organized the tuesday class and we have 2 question:

1.Classes can be 2 Tuesdays continues in english and then 2 in spanish or alternated (a tuesday in english and the next in spanish?

2.The reading or classes on tuesdays will have a sequence of texts .Should we continue with the sequence of classes in English? or a separate sequence for Spanish?.

In Spanish will started with Canto 2 capitulo 2 tx 24 and from there follows correlatively

I also report the following:

1.For the moment there is a rol of vaisnavis which cover until October, but may be the changes in the case that you travel.

2.The idea is the vaisnavis to participate in the reading and she give their comments and improve her classes.

3.- Yugala dd and Candramukhi dd they will give the classes this month July.We started with them because they studied the first 6 Cantos and we can learn from them.

4.-Here present the rol proposal:

July: Yugala dd, Candramukhi dd

August: Jahnava dd, Srutipriya dd

September: Priya sakhi dd, Guru govinda dd, Mitravinda dd (this month has 5 tuesday)

Octubre: Astasakhi dd, Srutipriya dd

What do you think? It looks good?

Thanks a lot for your time and dedication,please forgive me any offense.

Sri Nrismhadeva protect you

ss Isvari dd

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP! Uncle Gismo is very pleased with your ideas, but... Monkey and Piggy are complaining, "Hey, we are pigheaded monkeys! More simple plans. Let us develop habits rather than plans!"

U.G. - Hmmph.

HpS - So, let us Spanish language Tuesday 7th and English Tuesday 14th. We will (our will is weak) post that in this Kapi-dhvaja and then we can plan the next classes in the following Kapi-dhavja.

Two weeks at a time to start.

O.K. With everyone?

Topic: O.K. Let us finish the Prayers of Suka deva Goswami. Can take a verse in sequence but also look at all the verses.

O.K. With everyone?

July 05th Lecture for ISKCON St Louis Congregation

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Hare Krishna Maharaja Ji

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

No Problem maharaja Ji, excellent topic! Kindly keep your camera own during presentation. We have many new devotees who would like to interact and ask questions. Also, in future kindly visit St. Louis once COVID-19 is gone and give us your association.


Ramacarya Das

HpS - Thank you! I hope the Zoom link was posted some where here in the last few exchanges, but can you please Whatsapp it to us on Sunday also. Our donkey is old and is losing his memory.

Also, like we said, we have limited Data on our AT&T account so we cannot do VOI excpet for a few minutes. So, we can have a visual, pptx, etc. link for the program by internet, but all the audio has to be called in by phone. Of course that also limits keeping our video camera on. Burns Data like a forest fire!

See you Sunday.