Afiche Oficial de Coloquio Universidad Católica de Chile para Promocionar - 7-28 Octubre 2020

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Hare Krishna, Dear Guru Maharaja,

I'm just being the reforwarding the info from Universidad Católica to the speakers. So here is the email from one of the organizers, Elvira Rios:

"Dear friends, hoping that you are very well, I am sending you the posters of the discussion (general and those divided by table). You will see that it is already published on Aesthetics Facebook, so we ask you to support the dissemination of the activity, adding the following:

You can put the links for registration and program, or directly add the following links on your own social networks:


Get to know the program:

Official news in the Web page of the Instituto de Estética de la UC:.

Instragram and Facebook profiles to tag:







HpS - Jaya! We can't join Facebook. We have been blocked by a supernatural force!! (AgtSP?). So, ASA Friends, Members and Intelligent Enemies, who want to join our presentation etc. must register at:


Get to know the program:

Official news in the Web page of the Instituto de Estética de la UC:


When is our program?

Where will we join?

How do we join?

You did not respond to our suggested content in the previous post!?? Is it O.K.??

Thank you many.

Simply Wonderful Friday Houston

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Dear Maharaja,

Hare Krishna, pamho, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. Hoping this meets you well!

Our Houston Friday program at the Urban Farm has been happening on Zoom the last 3 or 4 months during the Plandemic.

We wonder if you would like to be our guest speaker on Friday October 30th? The topic can be Carl Yung, Dvidida Gorilla, or whatever you choose. It goes from 7:00 pm to about 8:15 pm Houston time, which I believe would be 8 pm to 9:15 in Tennessee.

HpS - No, HOuston and Nashville in same time. Sounds very nice. We just put it on our Cell Phone Calendar. Are there not some areas in focus that would be good for you? You know our nature.


Sarvabhauma dasa / Houston

Universidad Catolica Santiago Programa

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AgtSP!!! Paoho....

As we understand the Program with U. Catolica, Santiago, is 21st October at 19:45 hours .

Our title is: Bhagavad-gita Conference and a WorldView of the Network of Life.

How much time shall we use?

First idea is BG 7.4, explain how nature is scientifically understood (by Ayurveda, Vastu-veda, Astra-veda) in connection with the earth, and then SB. 1.10.4-6 as practical example. Promoting book distribution.

Light of the Bhagavata.

Is is available in Chile? What books can we distribute to the participants? Downloads? Amazon???

Muy Urgente Pedido

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Querido Guru Maharaja, El templo de Chosica se prepara para el mes de Purusottama y desean trasmitir por el Facebook de Chosica el programa de mangala aratika que diariamente Ud. lidera, Good Morning Program, Mangala y rondas, para así entusiasmar a nuestra audiencia. Por favor confirme si es posible. Esto sería desde este jueves 17 y sólo hasta el final del mes de Purusottama. Quedo a la espera de su gentil respuesta.

Por favor ya está pasándola pandemia, así lo creo, en su lugar de origen ya no hay infectados, pero aún hay riesgo de contagio, cuídese mucho Gurudeva.

Su Hija que lo Adora:

Yugala Kishora Dasi (La Surabhi Azul)

HpS - ASA --- TlgaSP. Pfanrh. Oraciones a Srila Prabhupada, aparece bueno, pero, por que no organizar algo directamente de Chosica Mandir. Somos sus serviente. Claro co-ordinar con El Karuna -krsna Das!! y unos expertos technicos.. El Gandharava Das. Ke ha pasado con Puspa-gopal Das?


Testing the Blog for Jagad guru Das

AgtSP. We log in with your Username and Passcode and write this text.

Lettuce c if we can post it.


O.K. (That come from funny spellings of the 19th century? O(ll) K(orrect)) We logged out as Jagat guru Das and logged back in as HpS, and here is the letter and here we are answering.

Miami Festival - Sunday 6th September

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Esteemed Radha-vallabha Das et al!! Paoho.....

  • What time will the Sunday Festival be?
  • Will it be available on YouTube like Ms. Manjari Singh's program?
  • Who are the audience? Let us make it a memorable program. Good lecture program. Science and the Vedas? Sannyasa (In the next lifetime)?