KDPC/ Canciones de los Acaryas [Piyari Mohan das]

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva

All glories to Srila Prabhupada


I want to ask for your advice, I want to start sharing on my YouTube channel different kirtans, with different rhythms and on the other hand, start sharing songs based on the songs of the acaryas, as you advised me and just as Prabhupada did with J.H.

What songs should I start with?

Your Clown Servant

Piyari Mohan das

HpS - ASA --- "Udilo aruna..." is nice!

Kapi Dhvaja 03 de Agosto

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Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Todas las Glorias a UD, querido Gurumaharaja.

Por favor acepte nuestras reverencias (familiares)

Esperamos que se encuentre muy bien...

El boletín ya esta (en ingles y español) en el grupo de Facebook aqui


Regresamos de un descanso merecido, ahora estamos trabajando mas que cuando era presencial.

Estamos luchando para poder tener la licenciatura y especialización en Pedagogía Waldorf. Este es nuestro ultimo año (quinto año de estudio)

Nuestra salud esta bien. El sadhana sigue en ajustes

Gracias por la paciencia

Equipo de Traductores

HpS - ASA --- Super, super, super.... Pero cuidado no convertir en Brhaspati, professor de educacion de Indra, en su proxima vida!!!! 😊

Letter from Srila Prabhupada initiating Guru Maharaj HPS and also Vaisesika Das Adhikari?

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Dear Devotees and Guru Maharaj,

Please find the letter from Srila Prabhupada offering initiation to Guru Maharaj Hanumatpresaka Swami and his Godbrother Vaisesika Das Adhikari


HpS - Thank you!! AGTSP paoho. Interesting, that is Damodara month, the day before disappearance de of Gaura-kishora Das Babaji.

your humble servant

Kolavecha Sridhar Das

Hare Krsna Maharaj

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Hare Krsna dear Maharaj.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please Accept my Humble Obeisances.

*I am re-uploading this message as there was a response saying it has not been read yet. You are utterly busy, and still you have the time to read my letters, Thank you very much!!!

*Also update: I have started Uni. Going into the second week now. One of my classes, I have a drawing assignment. I think it'll be quite fun. Let's see. I think at least for now it's a step in the right direction. Also, one of my friends here has said for me to take the online course to teach english. It's a quick course that one can take and once qualified, can teach english to foreign students and get paid. Perhaps I can also do this as well. One can even travel the world with this qualification. This is a good idea and you have mentioned before that teaching is good!! :))))

Thank you again, for always giving me the perfect answer. I very much value your responses :)) YOu asked about the Kapi Dhvaja. I have tried to join some months ago but somehow the computer was doing this and that and somehow I couldn't get through. But I just tried now and submitted my interest so hopefully I will be accepted and then receive these emails. It is very exciting. I can't wait. I have also subscribed to the KK Bindu emails. They are quite nice as well.

My mother sends her regards. She wants to know where your Vyasa Puja will be held. This is a great idea. We can all come and see you! Hopefully these circumstances become better soon and we can travel.

HpS - In January or December. WHo knows what will be happening by then!!

Bheemsen is fine, playing games as usual. Everyone in family is well. Doing their own thing. My sister is working a lot now too. My uncle (we call him Ata) is also doing good. Working at Govindas. What can we do? In this world we must work, otherwise we are not able to survive. After working at Govindas I truly understand why our parents are always insistent on us getting proper qualifications. ALthough working for Krsna in such a way is nice, we can serve Krsna in other stable, more proficient ways, isn't it? We can dovetail our true passions and give the results to Krsna. I have been trying to do more art while I'm at home and I've been making block prints. I made a Lord Jagannath block print and I'll be stamping him everywhere now :))) If i practice more, perhaps I can even help design the deities outfits and backdrop. I have given 2 devotee friends sets of Jagannath paintings and they both loved it. It's nice to give such gifts.

I have just bought a camera. I've been using film but it's a little expensive to do all the time so I decided to buy a digital camera. I've really enjoyed photography so I'm excited for this. Although it is an expense but I think it will be beneficial in the long run. Also I am planning to buy my own car very soon. THen it will be easier to travel everywhere without having to borrow my mother's car.

Soon online study will begin. All my friends have said it's more difficult than face to face learning but let's see how it will go. I'll be studying design. I've just enrolled in my units today. Right now I just want to see where the wind will blow me.

Also, I've been hanging out with my high school friends lately. They are good people. Actually, they came to our house on Ekadasi and I fed them Prasadam. I offered it to Krsna and they were nicely inquisitive and very accepting. One of them even wants to join Harinam. But due to this pandemic, that has been paused. I feel that when I was going to temple and Harinam, I was mroe situated with chanting. Now i'm very slack. PLease give me some mercy. I know you already are always doing so. But please give me the strength to chant and be sincere.

*Update: LAst Friday was the first Harinam. We have been approved by council. It was small and simple. Hopefully a couple more and I'll feel better. The best thing was that one lady came and sat down with us. She bought 2 small books and I spoke to her for a bit. Somehow. I don't know what I was saying haha but let's hope it was inspiring. She said she liked it. I need to REAAD 😬

Thank you a hundred times dear Maharaj. Thank you for reading my messages always. I may ramble on sometimes but you are still listening. I wish you may visit as soon as this is all over.

I wish your health is great. I follow you on twitter and sometimes you may say you have a headache. Please keep well. Otherwise, i love your tweets. they are awesome!!!!

JAII Gauranga

Your servant,


HpS - Please please read the Kapi Dhvaja. It gives the protocol for getting letters noticved by our bestial mail clerks. Maybe Bhima can be a robot warrior for Rama. Respects to everyone, especially Ata!!!!

Madana-gopal - Tiempo y espacio

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva


Gurudeva, una pregunta, ¿cómo se manifiesta Paramatma en el mundo, tanto en su aspecto de tiempo y también del espacio?

Gracias Gurudeva

Tu sirviente payaso

Pyari Mohan das

ASA - Space is not a direct manifestion of the parama atma. It is the first of the five gross elements. P atma is manifest in so many ways. It is manifest in all the different relations between the time of different events eg. the movements of the sun in relation to the movements of the earth, to the moon, to pendulums.

In the Karma of horoscopes...

Feelings of boredom, rushing!!

Time for lunch!!

"KDPC!" - news: Dr. Samaresh in wikipedia + ASA Chile instragram account

Hare Krishna dearest Maharaja!

Please, accept my respectful obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I really hope you are in good health at time you receive this message, or at least best as is possible.

HpS - See letter to Candramukhi Devi Dasi! 😎

I’m ok. My energy is not stable, some days energy is high, other days energy is down, but I still alive stuck in this material world, trying to do things right, trying to follow You and Srila Prabhupada, trying to do something to make Krishna look at me. I keep trying and I will still trying, because I’m flying upon wings of a bird called intent.

I’m writing to give some good news. Spanish version of Dr. Samaresh’s wikipedia biography was approved a few weeks ago. English version still under revision since almost 3 weeks ago; this is very good, when they rejected us before several times they did it almost immediately, so this is a good signal. Spanish version even have been edited by others wiki editors, so we are very happy. Wikipedia said that english version review may take 7 weeks or more. I send links with both versions to you. Please, Maharaja, take a look to the english draft, we are waiting for your comments and suggestions to improve it. After the English version is approved, I want to write on behalf of Nios and Hanumatpresaka Swami to the institutions where Dr. Samaresh participates and that we mention in the biography, as Sthapatyam Journal, University of Calcutta, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and others, to let them know about the presence of Dr. Samaresh in wikipedia, we consider this will be a very important news for them; what do you think?

HpS - We will look!

Spanish version:


HpS - It seem like a nice start. Thank you so much!!! He gave us more references. We wrote them down. I may be able to find them, but when! We have Latin American GBC meeting tomorrow. We have more rounds to chant before taking rest. It is 8.30PM and we have been up since 2.30AM (with naps and good food), but it is your great effort that has taken it this far and we will try to work on it ourselves more. Thank you.

English version (draft currently under the wiki police review):



The other subject I want to let you know is about your instagram chilean account. During 2018, and to promote “The Art & The Sacred”, we created “ASA Chile Producciones” instagram account (also another social networks). After the event, we never published again into no one of all these social networks accounts. So, this june 28th we started to publish again, we have changed the name and now is called “Anjana Suta Academy Chile”, you can find it this way in instagram: @anjana.suta.academy_chile  

What is Instagram???? Is it a kind of food for donkeys? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_cracker

Our work is very simple: I write and publish the contents, later I send every single post to your disciple Arjuna Das for his review. We are a good team, he is very nice partner. 

Our editorial line is diffusion of activities and philosophy of the Anjana Suta Academy and of its Director, the Vaishnava Spiritual Master Hanumatpresaka Swami.

We post 2 or 3 contents every day. Some informing about your next classes and online programs through Gotomeeting, Zoom, etc. Also some summaries of your recent past class. Besides, we got 2 permanent sections: “Drops of Wisdom” and “Drops of Poetry”, brief phrases verbatim based of your writings: twitter and Monkey Warrior Blog. We quote You and inviting the audience to follow you on twitter: “síguelo / follow him on twitter.com/huber_robinson”. Every post use spanglish language. We are using appropriate #hashtags to improve the visibility of each post.

We have slow interaction until now, we are just starting and learning how to do it better. Some new followers from different countries. An indian devotee from Kolkata writed us a Direct Message yesterday, saying that he met you during 2017 in Kolkata and remember you every day because you hold “Nectar of Instruction” into your heart, and you inspire him a lot. He asked for your english classes links and we sent to him Asa Audiovisual Youtube Channel link. I send screenshots of this and samples of the contents to you. This instagram work is turning so beautiful and inspiring. Please, Maharaja, check it out in the following link, and, please, let us know if you are agree with this and with the method we are handle it: 


Thank you so much for everything you do for us. My life is now better than ever before, and I know that it is only just because of your mercy and association... all glories to Srila Prabhupada!


Your aspiring servant,


HpS - I think that our activities are not so important unless they lead people to KRSNA! Srila Prabhupada. About 75% of what we are doing should probably be 'Instantly' edited.

ASA as a team, yes.

NIOS as a product of the ASA work, yes.

Thank you!!!! Go on making progress in following Srila Prabhupada's basic program and you will become elevated and the Angels, Gopis, can start to catch your hand and pull you into the work/fun of Vraja even in this world!!!! Thank you. We send this link to the Professor!