Conference in BHU

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Hare Krsna Maharaj,


As ordered in the online chat, here we write.

We have established communication with Sumantra Rupa Pr from BRC. He and me are planning / thinking to have conference on the topic of " Management from Vedic/Indian Perspective" (yes there is big difference). We are not sure of Venue as of now.

HpS - AgtSP! "Political Science and a Vedic Perspective - Going Beyond European Colonial Thought"?

However, as BHU as place to [with a] lot of scholars, I think we can have event/seminar/ talk organised in Ancient History Department of BHU. I think it will be very easy just as Asiatic Society.


HpS///ASA - Gopher it! (Go for it!)

You can even invite international participation.

Urgent! Kapi Dhvaja 23rd November 2022

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Hare Krishna, Dear Gurudeva!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you.

Please accept our humble obeisances. (PAOHO)


As of every two weeks:

* Bulletin is now upload on Facebook (English & Spanish), it is also in Google Groups (English & Spanish) as listed at:

Hare Krishna. We hope you are ok.

We are doing much better.

HpS - We keep trying to improve also! Guru helps us walk until we learn to walk by our selves.

Our sadhana is good, at least we don't feel this like a burden. 16R, 4AM, 4P (almost 1 month with a new diet). In 2 months I will have new blood tests, then I will know if this new diet worked.

HpS/ASA - When you will take Sannyasa?

SB everyday

ASA - Does this help:

Ptrk - YES!!!! It is very useful... We studied once before, now we are valuing these notes more.

HpS - Do you chant all your Japa on beads at one time?

Ptrk - I get up at 4:30 am and chant 10 rounds, then I get ready for work. I work 2 hours far from my house. The other rounds I chant them on the way to school.

HpS -Do you chant while you are doing other things?

Ptrk - I have to be honest. I do it sometimes but it feels different. so instead we listening to mantras.

Thanks a lot for everything

EDT (Patrak das & Antuanette)

HpS - Thank you, Tio Patrak! Let us go on Parikrama of Radha Kunda. It is educational experience every time we do it.

NIOS = (ASA) Sankirtan

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"Mahārāja, I do have one question for the board: How we are going to advertise our film?"

HpS - Jagad guru Das is our Sankirtan leader! He does modern media marketing as a profession for a globally appreciated company.


So far we've introduced Jagat guru Das to Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC), President and Secretar of NIOS to BRC, NIOS Scientists, Scholars and Artists to BRC.

Now we are working on introducing Prof. Miguel Polo and NIOS Ravi M. Gupta to BRC.


Vidylaya link

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Two presentations on noi/tpp.

"Hare Kṛṣṇa! Dandavats Praṇams. Thank you, Mahārāja, for selflessly sharing your realizations and knowledge with the devotees at the ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya. They would like to invite you again before you leave. 

Below are the links to the YouTube recordings. Due to a technical issue, there is no audio during the first four minutes of the lecture on day one.

[]( (day one)

[]( (day two) "

Kapi Dhvaja 221123

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K A P I  D H V A J A

2022 November 23

keZava pUrnIma

  • Periodical of the Anjana Suta Academy (www.JayaRama.US), a pioneering branch of ISKCON, Founder Acharya Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupada.
  • GBC Secretary - His Grace Vira bahu Das.
  • Branch Head - H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami.
  • Editors - T. Brown, B. White et al.



Paoho & bw.

Brown and White here.

🦍 🐷

The Sun is at 4.51 PM, Radha-kunda, Mathura District, India

🌻🌴 🌻


Looking at the last WM we must say that still many exotic people are still visiting us still daily.

  1. Vira-gopal Das and Gaura-gadadhara Devi Dasi are now residing just a stone's throw from our door.
  2. Pramodini Radha Devi Dasid comes from Manipuri Mandir.
  3. Tungavidya D. D. is in the next block, and they all come for Mangala arati and Gaura-arti.
  4. Krsna-loka Das, very tall, thin, disciple of Subhaga Swami who has been living here we maybe 20-years is also coming regularly. He is a great Pandita, very humble ocean of knowledge and austerity.
  5. Ranchor, Govinda P., Gokulananda, Sri-hari, S. Sakhi, S. Mayi D. Dasi.
  6. Ashrama mate: Vipina-bhihari Das

Looking at our Diary of a Traveling Creature (2022 November 5-20) we see that there was a Solar Eclipse and we followed the local custom of fasting from six hours before it until its end, then we had LARYNGISTIS.

Yes, friends


that seems to be a symptom of the AQI.


🤖 Air Quality Index!

  1. 0-50 is good air.
  2. 50-100 is O.K. air.
  3. 100-150 is bad air (Unhealty).
  4. 150- 200 is rock my sox bad air.

R. Kunda is always about 165, but it could be worse. Delhi is about 251!

All of India is at least 150!

Sri Hari Das sent an air filter.

It huffs and puffs and seems to make a little difference.

I think we are gradually damaging our eyes, throat etc, but as we hear Prabhodananda Sarasvati say every evening, "Better to rot in Vrndavana, than live the life of a sage in the pure clean air of the Himalayas".

Only 7-more weeks in Radha-kunda .... then we head to Spain breathing the surgically purified air of the aluminum weiner, airplane.

Cho Cho Cho.🚂 🚂 🚂













(6.11p, one day later)


Every Saturday at 5.30p IST we have symposium at 737-859-341 with H. G. Upendra Das on Caitanya-caritamrta, and ASA Report.

Nitai-gaurasundara Das visited India (Vrndavana (Radha-kunda)). We went to see him at the new 50+ room ISKCON Govardhana Retreat Center in southern tip of Govardhana, and then he came here with Sashi, his younger brother, Supreme Court Advocate (with three police men with machine guns). It was interesting experience going to Radha Kunda with them.

*** Every thing here is becoming incomprehensible. We are forced to have simple tasks and focus on managing our little world, next step, next breath***




Very great, young Indian scholars, Houston friends, Saturday and Sunday 8-9.30a.


We learned such new things about NoI.

(We are printing 1000-TPP, Amazon quality for Rupees 116,000)

With effort (one pint of blood/minute) the DTC-UT editing is progressing.

Lets finish:

  1. USA for V-puja (24th December).
  2. Spain while we are there (January/February)
  3. India while in Mexico (March)


Is also progressing with more blood (shared with the mosquitos).

Starting meetings with Sumanta, Abhiseka, Srinivasa, Miguel, Abhirama .... next week.

Every day, twice a day, we circumamblulate

Sri Sri Radha-kunda / Shyama-kunda. Seems little by little, every visit, develops our position in Gokula, Goloka in the material atmosphere.

Little by little, by little, punja punya krti.

🐷   🦘 🦘 🦘  🐄🦆


Kirtanya sada harih.


27-30th is work with Sumanta Rudra, and NIOS//BRC meetings.

Join us?

29th is Odana Sasti, Vyasapuja of H. H. B. S. Damodara Swami! and anniversary of HpS Sannyasa and Diksa for Sriman G. Gunamani Sharma of Manipura.


3rd is Ekadasi, advent of Bh. Gita!

4th is the Ekadasi fast.

8th is Keshava purnima, next Kapi Dhvaja.

12th diappearance, Sri, Sri Bh. Siddhanta Sarasvati.

24th appearance of of Locana Das Thakura and H.p. Swami's Vyasapuja celebration for the Parampara including all past present and future.

Morning until midday will be in the Balarama hall in Vrndavana temple, then evening in Radha kunda.

7-8am Lima/Mexico City time on line.


9th January to Delhi, GEV, Manipura, Agartala, Silchar, Delhi. 26th (Note flight rescheduled one day later) to Madrid. 22nd Feb Madrid to Houston. March 4th to Monterrey, Mexico, 29th to Mexico City. April 3rd to USA. After that maybe Houston and Nashville. 2024 Odana sasthi leave body.

Look for breaking news from the party of Vanaras to the south at "huber_robinson" at, and daily reports on Sankirtan, Calendar Development, and these fortnightly Kapi Dhvajas at our ASA Blog at


Well I guess, that's about enough hot air for one volume. So good bye, good preaching.

Subra Devi Dasi and CCDas and RRD and SNKD and Girivaradhari gopal Das and Sridhara are coming for V-puja etc.

!!! Everyone whom we have initiated on behalf of Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON must file there Annual Report at the Blog by 24th December !!!

🦍🐒 🐷 🤖


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After more than a dozen years of suffering, I’ve come to realise that I will never ever neglect what my intuition is telling me again, no matter what kind of authority is standing in front of me. I will not be intimidated into doing things I can see will end up going wrong because maybe most guides we have currently in ISKCON don’t know the abilities of their second generation. Krsna has given us a certain level of insight, understanding, vision, intellect, perception which a lay beginner devotee may not have and their preaching modules can’t be copy pasted onto us.

We aren’t as clueless; maybe we too can see through things. And depending on this inner insight instead of accepting ‘you don’t know anything’, ‘you’re just a little girl’ propaganda. And when you follow, being told ‘you should’ve known better’, ‘we can tell you, but it’s up to you to follow it’.

ASA - Yes, as soon as we come to the mode of goodness, by birth or spiritual culture, we can begin to trust our insight.

Of course, one of most prominent insights is to accurately evaluate our insights.

Eg. 'That is very practical evaluation of the situation, but my intelligence is also telling me to talk to a couple of people to clarify the idea'.

Whatever inspiration we have should be confirmed by Guru, Sadhu and Sastra - Rupa Goswami.

Get to work!

Create a revolution.