Kapi-Dhvaja 2023 January 6

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Hare Krsna.

We are still in our Ashrama near Radha-kunda.

It is often almost freezing here.


Test of Yoga.

Our health is quite functional.

Editing movie, receiving guests, visiting festivals.

Monday we head to Mumbai, Manipur and Spain.

Two page hand written 'Kapi Dhvaja' attached. Thank you.

🌴🌴 🦍🐒🐒 🌻 b🐷

H. P. Swami Disciple List

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AgtSP. Paoho. The following is a list of the 81-devotees who filed the Annual Report in his Blog to Hanumapresaka Swami as Diksa guru on behalf of Srila Prabhupada and our ISKCON Sampradaya.

Thank you so much.

These Reports are a requirement for us to include you in our Disciple list that we offer to Srila Prabhupada.

If you reported that you are falling short on your vow of rounds or 4-principles then we certainly want to help you as a Siksa guru, Patha-pradarshika guru, so that you can be fixed as an initiated disciple in his ISKCON.

Thank you so much.

Please pray that we can do this service properly.

  1. Report from: Sarad Gaurangi Devi dasi
  2. Report from: Campaka Lata dd
  3. Report from: Campaka Lata dd
  4. Report from: LaksmiRadha dd
  5. Report from: Nandini Devi Dasi
  7. Report from: Kamagayatri dd
  8. Report from: Estefanía Odette Colella Durán
  9. Report from: Guna Manjari Devi Dasi
  10. Report from: karuna mayi devi dasi
  11. Report from: Anandamaya Das
  12. Report from: Nikunja Bihari das
  13. Report from: Mandali Bhadra das
  14. Report from: Citra Sakhi Devi Dasi
  15. Report from: Mitravinda devi dasi
  16. Report from: Adi Yajña Das
  17. Report from: Aristasena
  18. Report from: Tarangaksi Devi Dasi
  19. Report from: Ambarisa Maharaja Das
  20. Report from: Jiva-Sakti dasa
  21. Report from: Nilachala Chandra Das
  22. Report from: Diana Sanchez
  23. Report from: Dayanidhi das
  24. Report from: Madhvacharya das
  25. Report from: Nanda-braja das
  26. Report from: Srirama Krishna Das
  27. Report from: Raman Reti Devi Dasi
  28. Report from: Asta Sakhi dd
  29. Report from: Apsara-gopi devi dasi
  30. Report from: Indira-Sakti Devi dasi
  31. Report from: Rukmini Devi Dasi
  32. Report from: Ekangi Chile
  33. Report from: Ekangi Chile
  34. Report from: Laksmana-agraja das
  35. Report from: Jharikhanda-gaura Das
  36. Report from: Divya Sri Devi Dasi
  37. Report from: Krishna Rao Maturi (Krishna Richmond)
  38. Report from: [email protected]
  39. Report from: Tungavidya devi dasi
  40. Report from: Madhavendra Puri Das (Argentina)
  41. Report from: Vrsabhanu Nandini dd
  42. Report from: Alankrti Devi Dasi
  43. Report from: parama karuna das
  44. Report from: Jaya-hari Das
  45. Report from: Jana-pavana das
  46. Report from: Srinatha Krsna dasa
  47. Report from: AniruddhaKrsna Dasa
  48. Report from: Govinda Pramodini Dasi
  49. Report from: Parasurama Avatar Das
  50. Report from: Dhanesvari Devi Dasi
  51. Report from: Gaura Gadadhar Dasi
  52. Report from: Gadai Gauranga
  53. Report from: Purnamasi devi dasi
  54. Report from: Radhika Ramana dasa
  55. Report from: Jagamohan Das
  56. Report from: Rturaj Krsna Das
  57. Report from: Jayanta das
  58. Report from: Srinivasa Muktipaty (Subala Sakha Das)
  59. Report from: Namacarya Das
  60. Report from: Ramakrishnananda Das
  61. Report from: Sugopi Radha Devi Dasi
  62. Report from: Jagat Pavitram das
  63. Report from: Janārdan-hari (Part 1)
  64. Report from: Satyabhama dd
  65. Report from: Abhirama Thakura dasa
  66. Report from: Mani Bandhani das
  67. Report from: Nitisara das
  68. Report from: Patrak das
  69. Report from: Indu Lekha
  70. Report from: Nadiya Nivasi Dasi
  71. Report from: Citra gopi dd
  72. Report from: Deva-Vrata das
  73. Report from: Vrajendra kumara das
  74. Report from: Girivaradhari-Gopal Das
  75. Report from: Prahlad-nrsmha das
  76. Report from: VISALA DAS
  77. Report from: Candramukhi dd
  78. Report from: Gandharva das
  79. Report from: Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi
  80. Report from: Japa-Prati-Jalpa Radha Devi Dasi
  81. Report from: Priya Sakhi Devi Dasi"

Letter from an Academic Friend

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[12/21, 9:09 PM] TC: How are you? Has Ravi come? Havir-bhu mataji is busy and the Bharati Society matter is pending for completion. I am not well. Namaskar

[12/22, 1:42 AM] H P Swami - Prof H H R : Jaya Sri Sri Guru, Gauranga!

Hare Krsna!!!

Hare Krsna!!!

We are recovering from our sojurn in Maya Samsara!

We must chant more constantly.

Radhika-ramana Das (and 25-more disciples and well-wishers have arrived). When is the Professor free or engaged for takinging or not taking phone calls today?

After hearning from you about the work pending for Bharati Society I was able to meet with her and her husband and then we discussed her work.

She described that the work has expanded from 15-20 pages to now 60-pages. That she was doing an hour daily with your good self.

That seems to big for Solaris to print in one edition. I don't have fluid contact with Solaris to know how their publication work is going.

Our research has come to include Gitavali by Thakura Bh. Vinoda, and he coments that Hari-nama-ausadi is the only medicine we need and really accesible in Kali yuga.

Our disease is not dancing in step with the chorus, no?

Dying is a very natural, healthy part of the productive life cycle.

I become sick when I expect more strength natural at my age.

Otherwise we can always we can play our instruments with full vigour and always be in contact with our friends, no?

Thank you.

Hope to see you on the 'fern sprecker' very soon.

Best regards to Children and Mataji.

From the tower in the woods

Hare Krsna Gurudev,

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada y sus asociados.


We are already back in our house in the mountains, Hari has returned to school and things are settling in (this letter has been waiting for some time to be sent)

Ambarish is editing the film and somehow, through the images, it's like we're still associated with New Vrajamandala, the community and you.

This trip was a very nourishing, profound experience and I feel that it can reconnect me with my Sadhana, Japa and service.

Thank you for your association, inspiration and service opportunity. I am still digesting so much that I received.

I feel very lucky to have shared time with so many good devotees. They have nourished my soul with inspiration and enthusiasm that give me strength every day.

I can also see how for Hari the experience has been a transformation in his perspective. Many deep impressions have been left on him.

I feel that he has been positive in many aspects.

The return to routine has been somewhat disconcerting and a challenge to maintain enthusiasm. But every day I make the effort to maintain and advance. One day at a time.

Thank you very much Gurudev for being expert in guiding us and sharing his perspective.

It is my deep desire to qualify myself to be a useful tool in your Sankirtan and in Srila Prabhupada's mission.

with infinite gratitude

His apprentice servant

Vrsabhanu Nandini dd

HpS - Jaya! We visit the Holy Dhamas to get purified, energized, then we go back to the secular world to see our material attachments and work on eliminating them and making our place a Dhama.

We also come back to preach. To let others see what we saw.


Sankirtan partners.

You need to stop in your Tower Construction and make a movie about "Building Vrndavana Village".

People can buy land around you.

Landholders around you can change their perspecive.

visit to Radhakund

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, PAMHO, AGTSP

Horse will be coming to Radhakund for HpS Vyaspuja.

He is ready for the first experiment.

The temple president has verbally agreed.

HpS - Jaya! We also wrote to him. Hope we can get to know him and work with your center there.

It will be helpful if you can just integrate (love and logic).

as our poor mind understands

real love is when really serve other person, even if it does not seem logical to us?

Is that correct.. then what is use of the logic(logos ) actually?

HpS - AgtSP! As we understand Western philosophy, Logos, logic, is that which connects us.

Look at Etymology of the word?

Psychology concects us to the mind.

Meteorology connects us with the weather.

The industrialize culture accepts Euclids Principles as their primary logic, with is based upon certain philosophical principles such as defintion of a point etc.

Look at these and you see they are very definite ontological ideas.

Christian tradition accepts our Lord Jesus Christ as the logos.

Different kind of logic.

Euclidean logic is certainly useful in Krsna consciousness.

We are using it here to arrange our ideas so that we can contemplate them, go beyond the arithmetric level. To love Krsna includes knowing Him. In the beginning that very well must include a Euclidean logic, but with a little of that we can proceed to other types of logic eg. puified sentiments quickly.

Let us discuss it more when we meet!

TPP India Printed



Especially by efforts of Sri Hari Das, Subhadramayi Devi Dasi, but so many more devotees such as Vipina Vihari Das et al,

1000-copies of TPP have been printed and delivered at R./116,000.

We decided list price will be r./300 each with discounts for special cases.

Now we want to produce a Vaisnava Verse Booklet from the Appendix that can be printed as a separate NOI size booklet for carrying with you at times to refresh memory of essential verses.

Then we have 4-lectures videoed in Houston, introducing the book as a study resource for study.

Then, we hope to lecture on, read and explain the entire TPP while we travel to Imphal, Silchar, Agartala in Manipuri while it the translatin is being recorded, and then print that.

Then, we are already trying to collect more information to put into the next edition.