Urgent because we hope you are ok dear GM!

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Hare Krsna Guru Maharaj,

We are listening to the class right now as a family! We are very very startled by your news. In fact, we were in a bit of a shock and didn't even notice Jahnavi trying to go out the front door (then we did of course). We sincerely will pray to all of our Radha Bankebihari for your fast recovery. We hope, Guru Maharaj, you may be able to go to the doctor soon?? We are just asking because we are concerned!!!

We got up to the baby screams at 4:45. We chanted until 6:30. We were very easily distracted without the ASA association, and started read articles on Alchemy and psychotherapy, Tarot symbology and psychotherapy (Archetypes are so prevalent and the symbology can help those that feel 'stuck'), and Jungian Art therapy. What is interesting is how a lot of these Jungian therapists who write these kind of articles are also Eastern meditation practitioners. Also, so much of therapy these days has to be 'evidenced based' and is very focused on cognitive behavioral therapy, it seems like less emphasis is on symbology, dream work, etc. Jungian therapy and symbology can really help connect people to a understand a person's deeper, more spiritual motives. We talked the other day about Arjuna on the battle field with a client and compared it to the archetype of the "Hero's Journey" thats found in the Odyssey and modern stories such as Star Wars. We talked about how the clients every day problems are similar to Arjuna's. We feel satisfied that Jung is providing this "bridge" to help us explain the BG to others. Even discerning the mind from the intelligence and thereafter the nature of soul and and the Supersoul (if they seem ready for this) has at times come up for those that seem ready. I'm wondering if Jung brings up these concepts? Do you recommend Psychology of Religion: West and East?

HpS - I don't know that book. By Jung? The Kundalini lectures seem good. Even feel inspiration from Prabhupada to use them.

Thank you for the class and your honest attempts to pull the ignorant jiva jagos a little higher and then a little higher as we journey through the spiral hopefully upward. We pray for continued consistency and that our intelligence defeats the mind's pushes towards Dante's Inferno!! We also pray you will stay with us Guru Maharaj. It feels like we are just beginning to take spiritual life a little more seriously (my dear mother found out a speck of white matter on her nose is apparently cancerous today!)

Your aspring servants,

Kamagayatri Dasi and Murari Dasa

HpS - Yes, we had VERY SEVERE chest pains coming at Mangala arati time. We really felt that we were having a heart attack. Maybe so. We chanted, rested, now has gone, but seems that it can come back if we push too hard. Now it is your, turn. You and Murari. Then it will be Aja's etc.


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Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to you. I asked you a question this morning based on your twitter post of trying to become worthy disciples every day. You suggested that I ask the question on the blog. I was wondering how one can become a sincere and worthy disciple.

Thank you very much for visiting Boise Gurudeva. We really miss you and hope you come back soon.

Your fallen servant,

Sugopi Radha Devi Dasi

HpS - AGTSP. paoho. Satsvarupa Goswami said that he asked Srila Prabhupada how to chant better rounds, and Srila Prabhupada looked at him very intensely and said, "By chanting better rounds". Sincerity is the essence of Bhakti, no? We can say that sincerity is a synonym for Bhakti. So the answer is that there is no, "way", to become more sincere. You just have to do it. I have to DO it.

If we do, if you do, then Krsna will come with Radharani and ask you how you are? How's school? Are you meeting interesting people?

Text 3 of Upadesamrta. Niscayad?? Thank you?

Good answer? Thank you for your company in Mangala arati!!!

News from Radhakunda



My dear guruji:

This week "Rama navami" the birthday of Lord Ramachandra was celebrated.

In Radhakund we do not have any festival, only in one temple, Nitai dhama, all deities were holding some bows and arrows to remember Lord Rama.

In Vrndavan they make a huge festival, but not only to celebrate Lord Rama but also because that day was the opening of Krsna-Balarama temple and they use to make flower dresses and abisheka for all the deities, Nitai-Gour, Krsna-Balarama and Radhe-Syamasundara.

Reading the story of the temple in a book named "Deity Worship Manual", HG Mukunda Datta das, the head pujari of the temple wrote: "After many years of hard struggle his desire (Srila Prabhupafa's desire) for a temple in Sri Vrndavan dhama was finally fulfilled in 1975. On Rama-navami, the appearance day of Lord Sri Ramachandra, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, the deities were installed in the midst of enthusiastic Hare Krsna kirtan and Vedic yajnas".

Namo brahmanya-devaya




We offer our respects to you, Rama, the most famous among the famous, who favor the brahmanas, who posses eternal intelligence, and who offer His lotus feet to the non-violent devotees" SB 9.11.7

And one more thing, another name of Lord Rama is Hanumatpresaka "the one who sent Hanuman with the ring'

HpS - ASA ---- Jaya!!!!! What auspicious things have you done in your life, past lives, to be able to live in Vrndavana Dhama? Maybe you can see our Calendar post from today. We will be in India in beginning October but only be able to get to Braja one day!!!!!

Vrndavana Dhama Mahimamrta (trans. Kusa-krata Das)

... 111 Are there not many very beautiful intelligent gopis here in Vrndavana? O Radha, I see only You. Where can a cakora bird go if he turns from the moon?

***112 O Sri Radhika, if you are not merciful, then my mind and body will become racked with pain and I will quickly die of grief. For this reason please always cast Your glance of mercy on this person in Vrndavana.

113 The girl named Sri Radha is the most exalted form of the goddess of fortune. Her lover is the most exalted form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

114 May the charming youthful divine couple, which enjoys the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes in Vrndavana without beginning or end, be the object of my worship.

115 With charming devotional service please eternally worship charming Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, who eternally enjoy charming transcendental pastimes in the charming groves of charming Vrndavana forest.

116 In a splendid transcendental body suitable for Radha's service, acting as a servant of Radha's feet, and pleasing the heart of Radha's lover, eternally reside in Radha's forest.

117 O beautiful faced Radha, gazing into Your face makes my eyes blossom with happiness. The moon, which is the friend of the kumuda flowers, brings only happiness to the kumudas.

Sataka Twelve

1 I have a firm faith in the worship of Sri Radha. My heart burns with pain and can find no peace. Except for the land of Vrndavana, what . . .


Esta semana se celebro "Rama navami" el cumpleanos de Sri Rama.

En Radhakund no hay festejo alguno, solo en un templo, Nitai dhama el pujari ofrecio a todas las deidades Arcos y flechas para recordar al senor Rama.

En Vrndavan hay un gran festival ese dia, no solo por la aparicion de Sri Rama sino porque ese dia se conmemora la apertura del templo de Krsna-Balatama, se ofrecer vestidos de flores y se hace abisheka a todas las deidades, Nitai-Gour, Krsna-Balarama y Radha-Syamasundara.

Leyendo la historia del templo en un libro titulado 'Manual de Adoracion de las deidades" el jefe de pujaris del templo, HG Mukunda Datta das escribio: "Despues de muchos anos de ardua lucha su Deseo (el de Srila Prabhupada) de un templo en Sri Vrndavan dhama finalmente se cumplio en 1975. El dia de Rama-navami, el dia de la aparicion del senor Ramachandra, por la misericordia de Srila Prabhupada, se instalaron las deidades en medio de un entusiasta kirtan hare krsna y yajnas vedicos.

Ofrecemos nuestras reverencias a ti, senor Ramachandra, el mas famoso entre Los famosos, quien favorece a Los brahmanas, quien posee inteligencia eterna y quien ofrece Sus pies de loto a Los devotos no-violentos'..SB 9.11.7

Un Ultimo comentario, otro de Los nombres de Sri Rama es Hanumatpresaka que significa 'aquel que envio a Hanuman con el anillo'.

Su (intentando ser humilde) sirvienta

Tungavidya devi dasi

Reportando desde Sri Radhakunda

Radhakunda, Syamakunda, Giri Govardhan ki, jaya

Ambarisa das/ philosophy of education

Hare Krsna 


all glories to you guru dev

Hope you be fine 

We were talking about the video base on the power point show philosophy of education.

We think we can do it.. . . 

I talked with Prabhu Abhiram a few days ago about the ideas for the video, how to record and general ideas of the realization of the video. We can do different interviews in different places, he said he can do in Peru, we can do in Argentina, some others in Chile, USA, etc and we can coordinate with them to do the some questions, esthetics, technical things, etc. They can send to us and we can edit the complete video. What do you think, ideas, guidance?

Thank you guru dev

Hope to be useful in sankirtan.

Ambarisa das

HpS - AGTSP paoho So, so, so very nice to hear from you all. So nice. Forget the PPTX that we tried to do earlier. Now we just need a short promo video for 'Education and the Sacred'. I was thinking that we just do a little interview with Hector Behar. Do you remember him from the last video. The question, theme would be, what have you learned in this life that you would consider sacred, that you would like to take to your next life, leave as a heritage for others.

Then we have a couple of short comments on Hector's thoughts and then put it into English also and some related images.


Simple project, but we can build. Srila Prabhupada's books are our basis, but movies are OUR extension.

I will post a letter now with our current Calendar. Includes our dates for Argentina. We have the ticket.


GBC Report on New Bihara-van Visit

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Esteemed Badri-narayana Swami et al,

PAOHO.... It was very nice to have your cheerful, insightful association during the SGGS in Mayapura. After that we traveled for about seven more weeks with very good results. We finished off the ten weeks of travel in Boise just last week and can summarize the excellent results of the visit as we hope will be of use to you in a few following words.

1. Temple functions are going on with excellent co-ordination.

2. Ananta-rupa Das has touched our heart with the progress he has made in developing educational programs as we suggested. eg. There is now strong internet connection in the Temple so that classes can be shared online, daily Temple classes are underway and a regular, weekly, SB reading/study group is finishing the first two cantos. We will join it.

3. We talked with ARD for about 4-1/2 hours individually and with Srivasa-pandita Das from San Jose. We had similar extended discussions with Srinivasa Das and others and we feel satisfied that very significant progress was made in adjudicating differences and developing similarities.

4. We continued with very, very strong programs in 'Jung and the Bhagavata' at BSU as well as packed Temple and home programs.

5. We did tons individual and family consultation with Temple, congregation and visiting devotees. Walked all the way to the Rose Garden with Srivasa-pandita Das from ISV and his family.

6. We should be available to participate by telephone if it is needed while you are there.


We are like the soil. You are like the sun. If you can find some way to use us, that certainly will be done.


URGENT - Piero from Chile report and questions

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to Hanumatpresaka swami


Here, Piero from Chile.

I am in good health and with enthusiasm to stay in the spiritual war. 

I wrote two month ago about my situation in the temple of Chile.

I was commander of the temple for one month. It was much for me, i am so obsessive and very immature spiritually and materially. It was much responsibility that i can hold. I was sick with nerves and then with indigestion. I wanted stay in the service, but my body stopped it.

Now i am living in a apartment with devotees. I wake up at the 4 AM (some time a litter late for tamo guna but i fought). Then i go to bathroom and then i make a litter mangalartik, just 15 minutes. Chanting my rounds with Srila Prabhupada recording. Then two hours of study Gita and Bhagavatam, breakfast and going to sankirtan.

HpS - AGTSP paoho. You must have been a monk in you last life.

My health quickly got better, and now i take an another service in the temple. Prabhu Amara asked me to be a secretary and i agreed.

Like a Kshatriya i work better like a secretary than a commander. My dharma is more intellectual than a warrior in the battlefield, i dislike the fight.

It matches with the instruction that you give me in Buenos Aires, be a reporter for the temple and do things like a secretary. I like it.

We are doing many things, organizing meetings and typing this, see problems than we have to improve, planning a census of devotees and many other things.

On the other hand in the comunicate department we still doing the bulletin all the Ekadashi. Now we let's go back to do “perspectivas”. Short interview of devotees in a short videos. I want do another interview to devotees but written and with the goal to heal and unite to the congregation.

I want to learn good english, all days i tried to learn a new word.

HpS - Read the Krsna book in English.

My passion make me an a desire machine, but now i tried that all going connected with Krishna.

My idea is clean myself this year, taking some therapies for be more strong, like metagenealogy, yoga, psychotherapy, to know me more than now.

My heart now is more connected with you, but my mind still is a bad dog.

I have some questions. First the question that i did in gotomeeting.

  • Paramatma is connected with the intelligence?

HpS - Intelligence in Sanskrita is "Buddhi". It is in the heart. It is perspective, attitude, meditation. On the basis of our intelligence we think, plan. That is "manas". It is discussed again and again in the Gita and SB. You will understand. It is material. The paramatma is the 'Hand of God". He is especially discerned in the intelligence. We have inspiration to do this do that. That is the paramatma talking through our material intelligence. Read, chant more, you will understand.

  • When Krishna said to Arjuna than never after he see the universal form His refers of this planet or in all the universe?

HpS - We don't understand. Maybe in Spanish. Exact place where it is spoken in the Gita. The universal form is the whole universe. This planet (plane et) is just part of it.

Thank you gurudeva, your simple servant, Piero Saavedra Torchio.

HpS - Thank you. Also look at your other letter.