DTC - UT Project Development

DTC - UT series is coming into the final editing stages.

Of course, there are INTENSE discussions of artistic style etc.

Here are the posts we made to the Directors, Producers et al on WhatsApp:

[9/20/2023 5:02 PM] : Gracias Senyor! We have been struggling to survive the last few days. We are doing programs every two months with NIOS Nashville, but that means that people are coming from Florida, California, renting houses, and so we have intense activity as hosts.

[9/20/2023 5:03 PM] : Then, we were not doing anymore travel, DTC, <<ULTIMATE TRIP>>, after we got back from India but were getting so, so, many requests to travel and visit people.

[9/20/2023 5:06 PM] : Finally, we got our feet on the ground, after like two, three months in our Base Camp, Nashville, and #1) We realized that we cannot travel alone anymore. Those days are done. The travel exhausts us and we get disorientation, vertigo, to even the point that we could black out. So we agreed to visit Richmond (East Coast) and Boise (West Coast) for like aweek each if some one would pick us up and drop us off.

[9/20/2023 5:06 PM] : Did Richmond. Was a killer but so, so productive.

[9/20/2023 5:10 PM] : Now we have been in Boise for 48-hours after an 8-hour, four-airport journey. They have planned a strong cultural program, and people are flying in from Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta et al to see us. Just spent 1-hour with Lokannatha Das. We worked together with a fantastic traveling puppet theater, "Purnima Puppet Theater", for like four years, and this is first chance we have had to consolidate everything with him. He still has the marionettes in boxes, and has pretty solid Parkinson's disease, but he is a transcendentalists, so he understands that even though his normal bodily functions are disturbed, he can find ways to still use his body to create and communicate by using innovative methods.

[9/20/2023 5:12 PM] : What really, really is happening is that I am staying in touch, building my understanding or our audience for DTC-UT. So I feel that my opinion of winding up the production of the videos and heading into the distribution stage is well informed.

[9/20/2023 5:13 PM] : I think I have one perspective on our audience, one part of our audience. I think Raoul, Pablo, Abhirama have other audience they know.

[9/20/2023 5:14 PM] : Now I have been motivated to show the movies to others and get their unprompted opinions. You saw the strong, favorable review that Gopinatha Das (HP Exec) gave.

[9/20/2023 5:15 PM] : Now I would like to download DTC-India here, and work out a Critic's Screening. Then, for me, I think my perspective on uploading to Vimeo and public marketing would be done.

[9/20/2023 5:19 PM] : Also, in perspective of the whole series, I wanted to see the second half of DTC Spain before forming more ideas and criticisms. Again, I see many options. One that half the studio world has seemed to use is: Studio Cut and Director's Cut. I may not be the best. I think we have some funds to cover our costs for some more editing, but for me and everyone, I think that it is not just money (money is Radha) but also how people see the personal value of investing more time in the series, the project.

[9/20/2023 5:23 PM] : I like criticism from sincere people. It is tough but I like it. I am eternal and maybe my efforts don't deserve a documentary consolidating what I have done in this lifetime. O.K. Jesus and Maria like my efforts 🙂 and are always giving criticism motivated and taking what I have done, we have done, and making eternal improvements. At some point we WILL achieve Escape Velocity and then the whole cosmos opens up to our space ship.

[9/20/2023 5:23 PM] : 💪💪💪🐮

[9/20/2023 5:24 PM] : 🤖

[9/20/2023 5:25 PM] : So... ArtDas... we need another link to download DTC-India. The one you sent has appeared to have expired. We want to show it here. Radhika Raman Das arrives tomorrow or Friday and stays until late Sunday or early monday.

[9/20/2023 5:26 PM] : Then we want to look at DTC-3.

Urgent! Kapi dhvaja 14th September 2023

1 week, 3 days ago by Patrak das in Special Category A

Hare Krishna, Dear Guru maharaja!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and All glories to you.

Please accept our humble obeisances. (PAOHO)

ASA - Little glories to me, and little bit more to you!!!

As of every two weeks:

* Bulletin is now upload on Facebook (English & Spanish), it is also in Google Groups (English & Spanish) as listed at: http://www.jayarama.us/hello.htm

Hare Krishna!!! How are You?

🐷 - body, buddy, is well enough to do some service, but eyes with trouble, always hay fever, allergy, weeping etc.

Thank you K for reminding us, "Unser Zuhause ist im Himmel".

You did not say how you got a new computer.

Just saving 25-cents every day???

Ptrk == ha ha ha.. i dont spend much money, so i have savings.

HpS/ASA - Are you putting all your savings in "the RIGHT account"? 🙂

Happy Janmastami!!!! i couldn't go to Chosica, but i have a simple feast at home with family. It's been 17 years since i took initiation and I still remember that day. You (by Srila Prabhupa's mercy) saved me that day. I keep my promise (16GR,3G, 4P,4AM) on my mind. At least I try everyday to be better.

My doctor told me to take less pills, so now i take only 12 pills. i lost almost 10 kilos. But overall i felt good.

HpS/ASA - ... but don't worry. If you leave this body you will get a better one, no? Just use this one nicely. If its maintenance distracts you from loving Krsna, then consider getting a new one?

My family is ok. we celebrate a nice Janmastami Feast and we are planning something similar for Radhastami.

HpS - Super. They can all write a short letter to the Blog: "Who is Radharani?"

We thanks a lot all you support and patience.

Your aspirant servants

EDT (Patrak das & Antuanette)

HpS - You got your Mother and... one Aunt nearby??? Other family members???

Arrived in Boise, and devotee commented that she wants to write, but just doesn't feel it is worth it, but she reads the Kapi Dhvaja, Blog, and gets lot of impetus from the community.

O.K. Certainly we want to improve any contribution to the Sankirtan movement. Cancel the KDh and do something else if necessary.

Thank you!

NIOS Campus Development - Theory and Practice

Another Committee Member writes:

Other Member writes:

Minutes of meeting for NIOS campus:

1) identify real estate agent

2) identify the bank for loan

3) formation of the board of trustee

4) Plan the property lay out

5) start building low cost designer housing

6) gaushala

7) workshops

8) organic farming

9) water harvesting/storage

10) bio gas and bio composting plant

11) fruit trees

12) cottage industry of soap, honey, etc

13) wind and solar energy production plant

14) Sewage treatment plant

Note: I am planing to retire from GLA job and visit Houston/Nashville around Dec -Jan to work on the development of the NIOS campus. 

All are requested to give feedback on this. So that we may chalk out a time line for each of the action item by the end of Nov 2023.

HpS/ASA - This is wonderful.

We were at Rama ghata during the Braja mandala prikrama and this management process came to us:

  1. Whom am I?
  2. Who are we?
  3. Whats the Plan?
  4. What Materials do we need?

We applied it with great success again and again, and then Srinivasa Das showed us "From Good to Great", a first class business administration text that they were using for Micron.

It was almost identical principles identified in corporations that had gone from being members of their industry to leaders.

So, first question would be:

Why do you personally want NIOS to develop a Campus?


NIOS Campus Development

Committee Member writes:

Found this interesting page on insta. They bought some land and host clay-building workshops. People pay and learn to build with clay (they pre design a basic structure). Love the natural building material idea, looks and feels stunning:


Just an idea for later stages of our campus development…

HpS/ASA - Yes! Another comment from another Committee Member.

Will ut more thoughts there.

Specifically, this is very nice. Especially if there is proper clay on the site!

Also, we saw straw bale construction!

Krishna paintings

2 weeks, 1 day ago by jagat pavitram in Special Category A

Hare Krishna, Guru Maharaj

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

I am taking as a reference the style of Krishna art images, and I have some questions: Do you believe that Krishna art images were adapted so that Westerners can better understand the pastimes? 

HpS - Don't know, AGTSP!! paoho.... details, but I read that Srila Prabhupada said that the Temple Deities should have features like the local people.

Since Srila Prabhupada was "pascatya desa tarine", seem he might have aimed the art at "Western" people!

Lot of variety of style in the BBT art.

Is it a sin or a serious mistake to make modifications to the skin color and hair color of the characters from the Srimad Bhagavatam? 

HpS - Hmmm. Same as above. To me seems best to just follow the BBT art general things like this.

I ask these questions because in SB 8.22.13, it indicates that Prahlad Maharaj had dark skin: "whose dark body had the black hue of eye cosmetics." 

HpS - This might be something that the artists specifically asked of Srila Prabhupada and then the skin color in the BBT art was what he wanted.

When Dhruva Maharaj was picked up by the Vishnudhutas, did he ascend in his two-armed form or his four-armed form, similar to Vishnu? (https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/4/12/29/) In Krishna Art, Dhruva is depicted with golden skin, black hair, and two arms. 

HpS - Same as above. Follow BBT art in this case.

I wish to know how flexible I should be when creating images using Artificial Intelligence

Thank you very much

Jagat Pavitram das

HpS - I think your audience, Hispanomerican is basically the same as the USA audience that Srila Prabhupada was giving the BBT art too. So can keep same basic features and complexions, no? In Beijing, maybe use oriental features, like the Princess in the Moon, for Srimati Radha and Gopis.

Thank you!!!

[ASA Carnaval] - Reporte Annada Ekadasi 2023

2 weeks, 1 day ago by asacarnaval in Special Category A

¡Hare Krsna! Guru Maharaja por favor acepte nuestras entregadas reverencias

¡Todas las Glorias sean a nuestro muy misericordioso Srila Prabhupada y todas las glorias a Sus Fieles seguidores!

Orando para que la energía de su cuerpo sea favorable para su sankirtana, le estamos muy agradecidos por su ejemplo que nos inspira constantemente a mantenernos ocupados en el servicio a nuestro divino Acarya. 

Escribo como parte del equipo de ASA Carnaval, para enviar nuestro reporte de actividades:

*Continuamos transmitiendo las clases sabatinas con SS Hanumatpresaka Swami y Upendra Prabhu, Además de las clases de ParthSarthi Foundation (Houston).

*Compartimos un video de su ofrenda a Srila Prabhupada, en su trascendental Vyasa Puja. (Nikunja Bihari Prabhu, colaboró con la traducción y lectura).

*En los canales de FB y Youtube los usuarios podrán encontrar una lista de reproducción con algunas clases de Srila Prabhupada (Ingles - Español).


*Las pláticas con Abhirama Thakura Prabhu, respecto a algunas grabaciones de Santa Eulalia, están avanzando.

*Lentamente continuamos con el trabajo de indización y respaldo en la plataforma de youtube.

***Hemos tenido algunas reuniones para coordinar actividades que respondan a sus sugerencias para “contribuir directamente en la misión de Srila Prabhupada” de estas han surgido varias propuestas en las que esperamos lograr integrar a otros miembros de la ASA. Estaremos informando En cuanto dichas propuestas tomen mayor solidez.


Enlaces de contacto:

Plataformas 💻




Para mejorar su búsqueda consulte:


Correo:📨 [email protected]

Equipo coordinador:

Isvari Radha Devi Dasi / Abhinanda Das / Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi


Muchas gracias por el Kapi Dhvaja, que nos ayuda a detenernos a evaluar nuestros pequeños esfuerzos. Por ahora, ese es nuestro reporte. Le rogamos continúe empeñándonos en esta trascendental orquesta de Srila Prabhupada. Muchas gracias.

Siempre a sus órdenes, su aspirante a sirviente

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi

ASA Carnaval


Hare Krishna! Guru Maharaja. Please accept our dedicated obeisances

All glories be to our most merciful Srila Prabhupada and all glories to his faithful followers!

Praying that the energy of his body is favorable for his Sankirtana, we are very grateful for his example which constantly inspires us to keep ourselves busy in the service of our divine Acarya.

I am writing as part of the ASA Carnaval team, to send our activity report:

HpS/ASA - Thank you!! Everyone likes to visit a carnival! We attach one painting of Guru with disciples. Maybe you can use it for ASA Carnival??

*We continue to broadcast Saturday classes with HH Hanumatpresaka Swami and Upendra Prabhu, in addition to classes from ParthSarthi Foundation (Houston).

HpS - Very nice. This next Saturday H. G. Subal-askha Das will present instead of HpS because HpS getting ready for Festival of Cultivation of the Human Spirit in Nashville. Should be very nice class.

* We share a video of his offering to Srila Prabhupada, in his transcendental Vyasa Puja. (Nikunja Bihari Prabhu, collaborated with the translation and reading).

*On the FB and YouTube channels, users will be able to find a playlist with some Srila Prabhupada classes (English - Spanish).

HpS/ASA - Super. Everyone should know a little bit about all of Srila Prabhupada's books, and then know a lot about what books are important for their service.

If we can guide them around SP's books that is so nice, no?


*Talks with Abhirama Thakura Prabhu, regarding some recordings of Santa Eulalia, are progressing.

*We are slowly continuing with the indexing and support work on the YouTube platform.

***We have had some meetings to coordinate activities that respond to your suggestions to “contribute directly to Srila Prabhupada's mission” from which several proposals have emerged in which we hope to integrate other members of the ASA. We will be informing you as soon as these proposals become more solid.

ASA - 🌞


Contact links:

Platforms 💻




To refine your search see:


Email: 📨 [email protected]

Coordinating team:

Isvari Radha Devi Dasi / Abhinanda Das / Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi


Thank you very much for Kapi Dhvaja, which helps us stop and evaluate our small efforts. For now, that is our report. We ask you to continue engaging us in this transcendental orchestra of Srila Prabhupada. Thank you so much.

Always at his command, his aspiring servant

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi

ASA Carnival

HpS - Please also send some news of your Yatra, Mexico, friends, competitors et al.

In the carnival there are different booths, selling things, puppet shows, dancing dogs!

Join Rathyatra???