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Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja,






You can write without spaces between paragraphs now.

Sorry for delay. We are planning to move to new house in half December, so I am not much on computers.



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In like 2 week ago you mentioned using special category in different ways. Can I call or write to you on Whatsapp to speak about your desires around blog. If yes, what time in what timezone is good for you?

Your servant Prahlad Nrsimha das

HpS - Oh! Such a little change, but so, so nice for our ASCI Art!!! We are in Houston time. We still haven't bought Audi, but we are trying to keep Mercedes running!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we have call with Harsh, and maybe Vaisesika Das, and.... it is purr knee ma, so we will publish the Kapi Dhvaja, or as Monkey says, sometimes, "Stand back fools, unless you want to die, the 'Kapi Dhvaja' is about to fly". Raktaka Das really liked that. He read it to all the Sanga in Trans-yamuna.

We hope to see him again soon.

Maybe he is an ISKCON buffalo in a rich ISKCON devotees house in Punjab.

So ... Monday? We are free after 9AM (Nashville time). When is good for you!!?

Purnima Puppet Theater - Asokavan

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AgtSP. Paoho. For years we traveled with the Purnima Puppet Theater, Directed by H. G. Lokanatha Das.

We have nothing but unbounded respect for him and can only hope to be in his work with the Theater constantly.

Here is the PPT's most recent work.

Want to help them!!!


Here is


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An attempted re-write on classic values.

Just getting started on these, need the therapy. Any high minded critique is very welcome!


There was...

.... a family in a small Mountain Village and one of their children was sick, so they called the Doctor to see what was wrong. The Doctor examined the child and said the fever is from gangrene, hidden between these 2 fingers, we’ll have to remove them. The Mother was objecting, the Doctor said,” If we don’t sacrifice the fingers the arm will be next”. Her husband looked at her and they understood, “fingers to save an arm.”

After this, all was fine and the family decided to visit relatives in the Valley. After an arduous journey, they made it to their relatives’ town. Even though there were some quarrels going on in the neighborhoods, the family greeted one another with great joy.

They all were reminiscing when noises were heard coming from the outside neighborhood, sounds of explosions, shouting and rioting!

The family all gathered in the hidden cellar below the house and quietly waited. Sounds of the thug's footsteps were heard on the floor above them... they were very still. The Mother was holding her baby in her lap; the child sensed the fear and was attempting to cry. Everyone gazed, the Mother looked back in terror and with tears in her eyes she suffocated her own child, a “child to save the family”

Hours later a battalion of the Army came and vanquished the invaders and some peace was restored. The family fled, while other parts of the city were still under siege. Returning to their home they had great relief and nurtured one other through what happened. As the weeks went by, the battle in the city still was on, the villagers safe in the Mountains continued life warily.

Then one night a village guard observed a couple of invaders trying to sneak-in, taking careful aim the guard put an arrow through one, but the other fled to tell his leader. The news spread quickly and the Lord’s garrison immediately came to the village. They told the villagers their town is the only thing keeping the Invaders from entering into the heart of the country, they must be stopped!

The family knew another sacrifice had to be made. Taking their eldest son’s they gave them to the Lord’s army, then despondently departed for higher ground. A tumultuous fight began as the rogue invaders starting entering the village. Arrows and cannonballs were flying everywhere, along with swords clashing and fires raging. The remaining soldiers and villagers finally succeeded, though there was nothing left of the village, “the village to save the country”

The Mountain family had lost a baby, had lost their son’s, and their village. The Mother was so distraught she collapsed and died. The Father was in shock from losing his wife and decided to see the Lord of the Land and went to his castle. Hearing what happened the Lord offered the father anything in his kingdom, he knew his sacrifice.

Sobbing the man cried, “I need my wife, I need my children, I need my village, what is left in the World for me?” The Lord sensed his great quandary and sadness.

Taking the Father he brought him to a grand hall, there were citizens, families and hurt people from his own village. They were all happily serving one another with food, sustenance and love. The Lord’s Queen came up to the Father and bowed. Astonished the Father asked the Queen, “How did all these people become so joyous?” Smiling at her husband the Queen, touched the father's Heart, saying... they’ve got their Souls back. “Sacrifice the World and regain our Soul.”


Reading Shakespeare

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Gaura-vani Das, after previous Shakespeare Blog post:

Just purchased this audiobook from your inspiration. https://smile.amazon.com/How-Read-Understand-Shakespeare/dp/B00DTO3WH2/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3WQTE0BG6DAA&dchild=1&keywords=how+to+read+and+understand+shakespeare&qid=1605450253&sprefix=how+to+read+and+understand+shake%2Caudible%2C132&sr=8-1


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Hare Krishna Gurudeva, please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!! All glories to Hanumatpresaka Swami!!

I am sending tomorrow (Friday the 13th) a report to the blog about all the pending budgets of the things we are doing for NIOS:

  1. SOLARIS Magazine No 5,
  2. SOLARIS Magazine website,
  3. Five minute trailer for the film "Diary of a Traveling Creature, the Ultimate Voyage"
  4. Arrangements for the indexing of SOLARIS,
  5. Freight to send the magazine to the United States and others.

HpS - ASA - Please include Adminiatrative Expenses for yourself and others in the Budget!

Gurudeva the account of VIPLAVAH 02/04 2020 ($ 200) and VIPLAVAH 03/04 2020 (150) + that of the translator $ 40 which are things paid and delivered, please could you speak with Prabhu Abhisek to have the NIOS treasury take care of these accounts.

HpS - Yes, $390. The work has been excellent, but was there also not costs for shipping things to the USA?

Hare Krishna Guru-Maharaja, his insignificant servant, Abhiram Thakur das.

Dwarfs in the ASA Cave

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Hare Krsna.

[It would be nice if there was no extra space with each paragraph return no?? Can put it in manually if you want to. Is is possible?]

We are all considering that a brahmacari joining us at 902 Hillcrest, Murfreesboro, Tennessee would have a lot of good point.

Sending the current DTC(p) to Pancha-tattva Das to give some idea of life in the Boro.

If he can investigate the Immigration work and getting enrolled as a student at Middle Tennesse University or just taking individual classes. That would be great step forward.