Update on His Holiness Bhakti Charu Maharaja's Health

Hare Krishna!

Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

As many of you know, HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj has tested positive with Corona Virus and has been in ICU since June 18th, 2020.

Below is the latest update on his health...

Update - 28 June - 9.15 AM US EDT 

Dear devotees, 

The medical team has reviewed Maharaj’s progress for last 12 hours. 

Maharaj is on the ventilator and his condition is stable. 

His blood pressure and parameters are stable. Maharaj’s infection is being very closely monitored. 

We humbly request to please continue to pray intensely with intent as we desperately want to see our dear Maharaj coming out of the ICU with his lovely smiling face. 

Humbly in service, 

HH BCS medical care team.

DCT Sa(27)

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Oink! Oink Whoop! WHoop!





D! Yet, happy.(See attached photo).

ASA - How are you? Our eyes are dying. Our head does not ache. Our stomach is a little dull from a little too much lunch. Our heart is strong from the Mexico BBT, We Never Went to the Moon class, with Daitesa Das et al.

97+ Devotees.

Answered letters. Got 10/16 rounds done. Bro. Ass is starting to have muscle cramps and prolonged bruised (?) tendons. It is like an old tool, no? Eg. the thermostat on our heater broke, so we opened it up and soldered a wire around the thermostat and now it works when we plug it in.

So, happy when we can completely use up everything Krsna has given us! No wasting His gifts! Like M. Puri and the sweet rice.

Any more news?

We get our rounds done, we keep FMP and SB (and NOI at night) pretty well. Mail pretty well. Kapi Dhvaja. Walk/Talk with NgD. Building and equipment maintenance.


MOE - Viplavah

NIOS ---- Solaris ????? ! Maybe we should make this the last issue and focus on the ASA Encyclopedia?

LTE- Such nice letters today! Nanda goes to Dallas. Somebody else goes to Boise.

HAre KRsna, HAre KRsna... O.K. More Japa.

Yeeeeee haw! Ride em cowboy! [KDPC] (Nanda-braja Das)

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Dear Guru Maharaja,


Its my great fortune that by Krishna's mercy I have become your disciple Gurudev. You are my Captain on the boat to cross over this material world. I pray that Lord Krishna will bless me that I become a capable deckhand on your ship.

HpS - We are also just trying to do some service on deck or in the crow's nest! Srila Prabhupada is the Captain!!

I have many things to tell you about, Gurudev, but instead of writing a book I will keep this to just a chapter and write to you more frequently :). It seems it is quite long anyways.

Radha-Kalachandji Dham Dallas, Texas - To Cowboy or not to Cowboy, that is the Question.

Your last visit here to Boise we spoke about moving. You had given your blessing for us to move if we use our intelligence to make a reasonable choice. We talked to devotees and ended up getting in touch with Dallas TKG Academy. It seems like a good situation. However, TKG wasn't sure if this year they would have High School. They didn't know if they had enough students to have High School... ugh.

A big part of why to move of course would be that Lila could attend High School. We waited for a month, a month and half, 2 months without an answer. I was having a tough time with if we should move or not. Alicia not so much, she was committed, but I was having difficulty.

We just got here to Boise last August by Gopal Krishna Maharajas instruction. Without coming here I really don't believe I would have taken initiation yet.

Our friends here mean a lot, all of them. Srinivas Prabhu and family have become very dear to us. My mom just moved here to Boise from Oregon. To top it off Sadhu Sanga Prabhu, who was my first remembered contact with devotees and distributed me my first Bhagavad Gita when he was a brahmacari in Portland, he and his family just moved here from Bellingham, WA this week.

My service here cooking Sunday feast every Sunday with Anantarupa Prabhu has become something I look forward to each week. Also as you know the temple is going through some changes that I thought I might be able to help with that, maybe. As you say boiling milk or feed baby Krsna????

Alicia and I decided that if they had High School at TKG Academy we would move and if not we would stay here and my mom said she would help the kids with school. Then last week we got word that TKG would make a decision soon. We got word from Nityananda Chandra and Krishna Mangala that there happened to be a devotee who was renting a house a few blocks away from the Temple. I was able to contact him and said he would hold off renting the house until we heard from TKG. Wow! However, he started getting a bit restless as he was getting some inquire about the house and needed to know if we would be moving.

Our friends Nityanda Chandra and Krishna Mangala told us they received word that TKG Academy would be making a decision Friday (this past Friday). But... No word came Friday. Ugh. Then Saturday my wife got in touch with Nrtya Kishori Mataji of TKG Academy and yes, they are going to have High School. Great news! But even after hearing this I was still having some trouble, I wasn't satisfied, still unsettled about moving.

That same morning I missed a call from both Nityananda Chandra and Krishna Managla. I thought they were calling to tell us that there would be High School but since we had heard already I wasn't in to much of a hurry to call them back. That afternoon I got in touch with Nityananda and he was very excited. He said the house right next door to them, a devotee just purchased it and it is going up for rent. Nityananda Chandra and Krishna Mangala live right across the street from Radha-Kalachanaji dham! Houses like this don't become available in Radha-Kalachandaji dham they say. This house that is up for rent, off the front porch you look directly at Tamal Krishna Goswami's Samadhi. Nityananda said to call him right now and ask.

I called the devotee and sure enough he is just about to put the house up for rent, he needed to close with the bank and he said he would let us rent it. What?? No way! Right across the street from the temple, right across the street from the school so our kids can walk and we live right next door to our friends of 15+ years. OK OK OK, now I was not only satisfied but I was threw the roof happy. Just too amazing.

I let the other devotee who's house was for rent a few blocks away know the situation and he was understanding.

Then a couple days later, Monday, I heard from the devotee land lord of the new house. He texted me that they won't have things ready as soon as they thought (paper work) because the bank is slow due to Corona virus. No big deal but then he texts that Nityananda Prabhu, the temple president, would be coming over Thursday to take a look and let them know the plan for the place. Huh? Plan? What? I replied to him that I was hoping that the plan included us living there because we had let the other devotee who's house was for rent know we are going to be moving into his places. No reply..

I text back I understood that Nityanada Prabhu's blessing were most important and please let us know. No reply... Well this gave me time to think and I thought, yea this makes since. A house becomes available in an area that houses just don't become available. Is the TP going to let a family move in that he knows nothing about? If I was the TP I would think I would want to make sure also. Understandable, scary for us but understandable. Maybe we aren't supposed to move? I don't know.

I then texted messaged Nityananda Chandra the text I received from Prem Chandra (the land lord). He said he would call Nityananda Prabhu the next day. I didn't know but at that time Nityananda Chandra and his wife where in the hosptial. I saw this on Facebook. Their son, Ramanada, was sick. So sick he ended up being put in the ICU. They didn't know what was wrong. It wasn't corona, it wasn't appendicitis, maybe an infection? They didn't know. I felt really bad that I was bothering them during that time.

So I sent him another text telling him I am sorry, I didn't know and don't worry about it. He then texted me the next day. It said: I talked to him. That's it, that was the whole text. Now we wait, 3 days until Thursday, the day Nityananda Prabhu is going to check out the house and give his plan. 3 days that will seem like 12 years....

Well the next day in the evening I received a message from Prem Chandra. Nityananda Prabhu has checked the place, he has given his blessing and we may rent the place! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!

ASA - Allahu Akbar!!

August 1st we move to Radha-Kalachandaji dham. I am a fool (this goes without saying but I say it still and that's how foolish I am) that deserves nothing, this mercy is only because of your blessing Gurudev. I pray to Radha-Kalachanaji that I may become a worthy deckhand on your boat. I pray I may do some nice service for you. I pray I may do some nice service for your Guru, our admiral, founder Archaya of ISCKON A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupda. Take me to Boise, take me to Dallas, take me any where as long as I can become more attached to your lotus feet. Maybe it can be practice for Sanyasa? Guruedev, May I take Sanyasa at age 50 and keep moving where ever you and Krsna send me?



Nanda-braja Das

Picture below

Heart = Radha-Kalachandaji Dham

Circle = Nityananda Chandra and Krishna Mangala's house

Square = our house!

HpS - Jaya!!!!! It is like a Soap Opera? Who is the Real Mother of Baby Krsna!!!!


KPDC, Father s day

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Hare Krsna Maharaja,


Al, glories to yous mission of sankirtan!

Recently Krsna give me the opportunity of write. I hope your health remains stable.

ASA - BG, janma mrtya jara vyadhi!!! Disease is the opposite of health. In there is no material body without disease/health. If we did not have these things we could not recognize each other and talk in the material world, no? But we relate them to KRSNA.

Today here is celebrated the father s day,for me you are one of my parents. You ,my spiritual master and Srila Prabhupada represent the sommum bonum of the mercy.

HpS - Bh. Bhusana Swami, Ki Jai.

You are always helping not only your siksa disciples but whoever approaches you for good advice or help. You help me to find my svadharma and I will be eternally gratefuḷ. The development of bhakti in my heart, the conviction to serve the devotee bhagavata and to embrace Srimad bhagavatam is thanks to you.There is no doubt that Krsna exists, there is no doubt that Krsna's mercy is without cause.

Now I find myself trying to deepen my relationship with Krsna and improve my service. You once said that bhakti yoga is broad and deep and those words are always present in my mind; for this I am in a battle to clean anarthas of my heartḥ.

HpS - https://vedabase.io/es/library/noi/8/#bb6004 !!!!!

Brief news: Please you do not throw the Kapi Dhvaja into the fire, I read it and others more too.

HpS - It was cold and T. Brown and B. White tried to burn it but the fire just died and smoked!

My spiritual master SSBS is improving although the doctor has recommended that him can no longer be under any stress. (I know that you are helping in the administration, please take care of this is very exhausting more when in the administration the passion may prevail).

Family are good, the girls you are growing and understanding Krsna consciousness better, they keeping chanting their japa, Sarasvati chant 12 rounds and Rajani 11 roundṣ.

HpS - Who knows what challenges they will face in life: Gandhari, Kunti, Draupadi, Mandodhari, Sita, Radha.

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

with affection and grateful

ys and spiritual nice

Isvari dd

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

HpS - We sent His foto by Twitter. He is a very good Friend. Even if we abuse His friendship He does not give up on us!!!!!

[KDPC} Happy Father's Day!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to HH Hanumat Presaka Swami Maharaj! Please accept our humble obeisances at your sweet lotus feet!

ASA - Lettuce feet.

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj,

Happy Father's Day....was going through Mataji Nadiya Nivasi Dasi's letter...so relevant to what comes to my mind every now and then...2024...the letters I would be missing....the void...and everytime....would be asking...'which way Guru Maharaj?' . Feel so I'll equipped....so helpless without Your mercy Guru Maharaj.

HpS - It will happen when you die also. Awaken you Super Powers

We are in touch with University faculty regarding exchange programme between Manipur and Peru. We have identified some departments working on Vaishnava culture. Will meet them personally and update the details as soon as possible.

ASA - Dance, Music, Textiles, Sociology, Art. Peru - Manipur have so much in common.

Regarding prasadam distribution...most of the time its sweet rice...the public keep telling ISKCON kheer is so different....!!!

We are going to offer lotuses to Shri Shri Govindaji....all the way from Toubul. Lots and lots of lotuses...

Today...we took some pics at Toubul...just after Mangalarti...reminds me of the reflection of the spiritual world!!

On 19th we clicked this circular rainbow around the sun from our courtyard...

Sharing some pics from our Sankirtan during Corona....

HpS !!!

Attached Diksa letter. Can you type this so we can post it in the www.jayarama.us/kd/guru-tattva.txt format?

Sunday Lecture July 05th

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Hare Krishna Maharaja Ji

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Alok Da is now professor in Kansas Sate University. I have not spoken with him for long time but he is good with his familiy.

Kindly confirm if 05th July will work for lecture. Lecture starts at 5:45 PM CST and goes until 7:00 PM with QA. We do it on zoom and anybody can join, there is no restrictions. We record the lecture an then post it on our temple & Facebook accounts for other to watch.


Ramacarya Das

HpS - ASA - Hare Krsna.... Hare Rama!!! We looked at the K-State U. website and searched for Alok and Aloka De and no results! Any help??

O.K. Sun, 5th July on our calendar for 5.45PM Central Time. Where is your good self????? Columbus???? TOPIC? Do you stream the Zoom on Youtube?

Sunday Lecture 28th June

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On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 04:56:18 PM CDT, Ramacarya Das <[email protected]> wrote:

Hare Krishna Maharaj Ji

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

I would like to introduce myself to you. I met you for the first time 2003-04 in a small university town called Pullman, WA (Washington State University). I was going to college there and supporting a preaching program led by a bengali devotee named Alok Da. 

HpS - I remember him. He was giving alcohol to rats etc!! What happened to him???

At that time, devotees from Boise temple such as Radhika Raman Prabhu & Gopal hari prabhu would come with other devotees to help us with Janamastami festivals. Maharaja you also visited Pullman once or twice and I had a home program with you at our apartment. At that time I was very new to KC.  

After finishing my college I was in Columbus, OH for 3-years & Dallas TX for 5 years. During this time I met you again in Dallas, it might be the year 2010-11. Since 2013 I have been living in St. Louis, MO and actively supporting the old Krsna Balrama temple. Once again I was very happy to hear your voice during our symposium. I am very excited to take up this service and support you as needed.

Once COVID-19 stuff is over and if you prefer kindly visit St. Louis, MO. We will be happy to host you and organize home programs here. Currently on every Sunday we are doing Zoom life Sunday feast lecture. I would like to request if you can give a lecture next week Sunday or any other Sunday as your schedule permits. Kindly let me know.

Your Servant,

Ramacarya Das

HpS - 28th might work, but later dates might be easier to organize.  Are you streaming or posting your lectures to Youtube?  I hear it is easy through Zoom, and then our fiends and mumblers can also join.

Please communicate via our Blog. We can't handle Yahoomail!!

Thank you,

Super best wishes for your Sankirtan.