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Dear Guru Maharaja, PAMHO, TLGSP 


A fantastic second half of the year in the service of Krishna, great progress in my Krishna consciousness process. Below is a summary of activities/services: 

Since several months passed and I couldn't find a job,

Nityananda Prana das me (NPD) proposed that we live together so I have everything that I need and get married as soon as possible.

He is a mathematics and computer programming teacher for children and his economic situation is good.

Gurudeva, the truth is that it was a complex decision for me due to the implications of living together without being married,

but since it is a serious relationship I accepted.

To get married we are waiting for a second document that arrives from Brazil and reconfirms his divorce.

Of course you, Tom Brown, Piggy and Buck White will be our guests of honor. 

What seemed difficult to me at the beginning has turned out to be quite favorable. Gurudeva,

I feel that my house is a temple.

With NPD we have an altar with deities of both that we serve as best we can (RK, GN, Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subadra, Krishna Balarama, a sila called Kamadeva and a murti of SP).

We do pujari shifts at home to serve all your lordships with a lot of love and devotion.

We go for a walk early in the morning to sing the rounds, let them be enthusiastic rounds with the early hours of the morning. 

Something we share is the pleasure of having guests at home, so we hold regular meetings with our devotees and non-devotees friends who are interested in learning about Krishna consciousness. And with this Gurudeva I have achieved: 

- Participate in two study groups (Sat Sanga and Tusyanti ca ramanti ca): in both groups we participate with disciples of HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Bhakti Bhusana Swami, HH Mahatma das

we meet 2 times a month and do programs at home that include: Govinda Arati, reading and analysis and prasadam.

My spiritual brother Piyari Mohan das participates in one of these groups, who accompanies us with his guitar and his devotional songs.

In some cases the program lasts two days and I am really happy sharing and serving the devotees and their families. Attached photos. 

- Reading from Krishna Book No.1, NOI, Tava Pache Pache, The Glories and pastimes of Srimati Radharani and SP Lilamrta (chapter 4) 

- Since I now live far from the temple, I have not participated in my garland service, but I still have small flowers in my garden that I use to make the garlands of my deities. 

- I have celebrated all the important holidays at home and with devotees who are in a similar situation and who, like us, live far from the temple. 

- In Santiago, we had a nice Ratha Yathra, again a great experience  

- I have received an invitation from Fr. Abhiram Takura das to participate in NIOS, of course I am happy about it. Likewise, with Arjuna das and Havihsara dd we are meeting to give impetus to NIOS Chile with local activities. 

- Continuous studying Bhakti Sastri 

- I learned to ride a bicycle, after several hits (ouch) I made it (hahaha) 

For 2024, the most important goal is to continue with firmness and determination in Krishna consciousness, continue with the programs at home, participate in NIOS and get married with Nityananda Prana das. That is a priority. 

Thank you Gurudeva, thank you very much for his mercy and for being that light in the beacon that guides me. 

Your little servant,  

Damni devi dasi

HpS - Thank you for this little movie of your life.

Of course, the technical standard is 16-nice rounds and 4-principles strictly. Then where we live, with whom, what Ashrama are details.

Of course, we can't chant enthusiastic rounds if we are not engaged in the other aspects of the Sadhana eg. Mangala arati 1-1/2 hours before Sunrise, Kirtan, SB.


Very best wishes to you all.

Maybe Nityananda-prana Das can also enliven us with his history of spiritual life.

Thank you.

Such nice photos!

Indu Lekha dd from Chile

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Hare Krishna dear Gurudev, please accept my humble obeisances

i wrote you a letter in the annual report but I don't know if it sent alright because I had problems with my session, even had to create a new one

I'm chanting my 16 rounds every day and strictly following the 4 principles

I got divorce since 2 years now, and it's been difficult... like been in a limbo without ashram, but trying to focus all my attention in raising my children the best i can, growing in spiritual life and work

 On the other hand in the end the whole situation has been good for my spiritual life, i feel that there is no other option for me than taking shelter in Krishna, so i'm trying to accept as a mercy in that way

I'm living in Valparaíso, Horcón ...far away from the association of devotees.

This past year with a little group of devotees we start a preaching project, that has helped me to feeling part of sankirtan movement and don't feel too much isolated.

I'm distributing books once or twice a week and then we keep contact with people of sankirtan through a Bhagavad-gitā studying club... And meeting in person some times for chanting together

I will send you photos

please accept my service as a sincere offering to assist your sankirtan to srila Prabhupada, despite all the defects please receive my efforts to please you

Your aspirant servant

Indu Lekha dd

HpS/ASA - Hare Krsna! Ooof! So sorry to hear about 'divorce'. Actually in Vaisnava culture there is no divorce. Maybe polygamy, but once you are married, it is for life. Of course, there is living separate and even after six years if husband is dead, or spiritually dead, like drinking and smoking, then O.K. remarried, but is third class, but is progressive.

We are 6th class people getting mercy of Srila Prabhupada!

Then everything will adjust!

We will have unlimited love for everyone.

Your Sankirtan etc. sounds great!

Very Great.

Send us news!

We like distributing TLC and have reading groups on it!!!

Hope Blog, Twitter, FMS, Kapi Dhvaja are of service to you.

Hare Krishna

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All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!

Hare Krishna Maharaj! How r u?? How have you been? I’ve been following some of the classes you gave at Houston’s temple.

I really like hearing you! I maybe never told you, but I first met you like 20 years ago at the Buenos Aires‘ temple, I was so impressed when I heard your preach. I was always thinking of you at first and for many many years I heard your classes.

I used to cook in my kitchen during morning time, and hear to some of your preachings, back then there was no YouTube, all I had were mp3 files in the computer and the cell phone.

Well all my life was going fine, more or less, and some time ago I began experiencing some personal issues, they are so intimate I cannot even write them down here.h

But since you are a pure devotee I know your words in reply will help me a lot.

Is there any way in which I can write you a private email??

Hope everything’s OK over there!!


Federico Molnár

HpS -


Gita Jayanti Festival and Vyasa Puja Memories

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Pamho!!! 🙏

Hare Krishna gurudeva, I hope you are in good health, sharing a little experiences during the past months.

In December they invited us to participate in the Gita Jayanti Festival in Rio Grande Valley, Tx, we were cooking Mexican food for 150 people, we did harinam and kirtan with Sri Prahlad Prabhu on South Padre Island and toured the orange and carrot groves of New Navadvip Dham,

this place is a new devotional community project in the Texas Valley, Prabhu Sarvajaya Madhava Das from Dallas inviting us to be part of the Food For Life team, so if Sri Krishna allows us and with your blessings... we will be participating in May of this year.

I share with you the page of this community project which H.H. Jayapataka Maharaj and H.H. Guru Prasad Maharaj has already visited, hoping to soon also have your association in this place.

HpS/ASA - Will they update the webpage? I is about one month old, no?

Very big professional place.

Got Mangala arati, Temple, SB???


After the festival we spent Christmas in Harlingen, TX we were able to receive association from H.H. Guru Prasad Maharaj, Chitsukhananda Prabhu (S.P. disciple) and his family.

Then we drive to Houston to receive your association and support Sankirtan events. During this time I was able to meet more godbrothers and sisters and serve and play bhajans with them. I am sending some photographs of these memorable days, definitely Houston is a special place since it has allowed us to serve you once again. Thanks to Sri sri Radha Nila Madhava for this opportunity.

We enthusiastically continue chant Hare Krishna!!!

Your eternal servant

Lalita-radha dd

HpS/ASA - Thank you!!!

You say 'we'? Who else is with you? Just Paramatma?

Short Message

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Something important

Please Gurudeva kindly accept my humble and respectful obeisances at your lotus feet.

Please, I would like this little message not to be public. please🙏

HpS/ASA - 👦 🐵 🐷 👽 We are b'caris and san-nyasis here, so cannot have private communication with respected members of opposite sex.

So, first look at your message. Extract the general principles eg. I have this problem with my family or with the Temple.

Then send that, and we can make our comment in that regard.

Usually that is 90% of the help, advice, we can give, and usually 90% of the members have on this Blog will gave the same question.

Then.... if there are more specific details, we can eg. make a Whatsapp group with the ladies involved and a Grhasta gentleman!



















And I'm wrong, if so please correct me. I simply long to strictly follow everything our beloved Prabhupada tells us.

. Thank you Gurudev

Poema to Srila Prabhupada and my Gurudeva: the causes of my happiness

Nama om visnu padaya 

KRSNA prestaya bhutale

Srimate Hanumat Presaka Swami

Iti namine

I offer my humble obeisances At the lotus feet of my dear GURUDEVA

Who is VERY LOVED by Lord KRSNA because he has taken refuge at HIS LOTUS FEET❤

Beloved and much remembered Gurudeva🙏🏻

We are in a whirlpool of births and deaths

And in the midst of so much confusion...

You have mercifully come!

With His Danda in hand!

To save us from imminent danger

HpS - Do not mistake the mailman for the person who is sending the letter! AgtSP!

Because His Danda is made of wood Reminds me of the arm of mercy

From Sri Jagannatha!!!

You come mercifully

To give us His refuge which lotus shelters the bees who want to drink nectar and not poison

Thank you for tolerating us

While we're walking

Protected by His beautiful feet so many mistakes we make

But you have faith in us

Because we continue this beautiful process

You know that with time

We will reach the goal and lovingly

You take us

The beautiful lotus arm of Lord Jagannatha

He gives us His refuge

It allows us to dress it

And even hug him!

This is how I take the dust of His feet from where I see His Danda

His loving sign Who

took the beautiful Krsna

With body, mind and words!

Because Krsna is really

Our heart is our Everything

We were looking for it

In everyone and everything

And so many lives doing it

With a burning heart...! ..

A great fortune has come!

This movement is so wonderful! Well there is so much to glorify...! And be eternally grateful!

Our dear Srila Prabhupada!

And all His commanders in chief!

He gave us a beautiful process

What can we continue

But it is also the goal

Of our life there!

My heart doesn't feel alone anymore Well he finally learned to see!

I am always accompanied!

..There are many beautiful souls

They are also in love...

We are afraid of glorification

and any activities

That I can even suspect

can you take me away

of the sacred refuge

At His loving Feet

And of our Blue Pied Piper

Therefore, also

Our dear Holy Name

It becomes like honey

If by singing it,

Gurudev We think of you

We think of His refuge

We meditate on His Pranam

He gives us life back

And we want to help others

This is how we heal our hearts Sharing with love

The prasadam of the holy name Which You Kindly Gave Us

This Holy Name That you empowered us to sing

It becomes the essence

Of all the daily activities

With each morning I can see

I have another chance!

To try this sweet name

And never let go!

The holy name, the best sweet

A sweet that does not cloy

Rather it takes you

To dance with Govinda tomorrow

I really don't know how to glorify

Its wonderful qualities

Just chanting the holy name

I can write these things

His great Wisdom, His great Humility

And so many other qualities!!!..

Just like patience To support

Read this letter and more! 😊

I want to give you eternal thanks

But never be constant

In saying goodbye to my Guru

Well the meeting will be ahead


through Of our eternal SANKIRTAN

Thanks to you we can reach

To the sacred abode

Where we will glorify him even more!

And we will never get tired...!

Jay Gurudeva! , Jay Prabhupada!

Eternally with you!

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!

Trying to please His adorable lotus heart: Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi


I sent him such beautiful art from Franco: the lamps that are burning in the month of Damodara, he made them himself... by hand...! And a photo of the fire in front of our house... this is how my heart is now due to lack of communication with My beloved Gurudeva... we have been left without internet at home for now. I am missing your association very much🙏

HpS - Thank you for letter. It, the Sun, is at 3.36Post Meridian, here in Houston. We leave for 1-/12 hour drive to College Station at 4.45PM. Then do lecture, questions and answers, and drive back.

How to stay K. C. while driving with Nandulal Das and Jaya hari Das?



Ofreszco mis humildes reverencias 

A los pies de loto de mi querido GURUDEVA 

Quien es MUY QUERIDO por el Señor KRSNA 

debido a que ha tomado refugio 


Amado y muy Recordado Gurudeva🙏🏻

Estamos en un remolino 

de nacimientos y muertes

Y en medio de tanta confusión...

Usted misericordiosamente ha venido!

Con Su Danda en la mano!

A salvarnos del peligro inminente

Debido a que Su Danda es de madera

Me recuerda al brazo misericordioso

De Śri Jagannatha !!!

Usted Viene misericordiosamente

A darnos Su refugio

 cual loto abriga a las abejas 

Que desean tomar nectar

 y no veneno

Gracias por tolerarnos

Mientras estamos caminando

Al resguardo de Sus hermosos pies

Tantos errores cometemos 

Pero Usted nos tiene Fe

Debido a que seguimos 

este hermoso proceso

Usted sabe que con tiempo

Llegaremos a la meta

Y amorosamente

 Usted nos lleva

El hermoso brazo de loto 

del Señor Jagannatha

Nos da Su refugio

Nos permite vestirlo

E incluso abrazarlo!

Asi me tomo del polvo de Sus pies desde donde veo Su Danda

La amorosa señal Suya

Que tomó al hermoso Krsna

Con cuerpo, mente y palabras!

Debido a que Krsna es realmente

Nuestro corazón, es nuestro Todo

Lo andubimos buscando

En todos y en todo

Y tantas vidas haciéndolo

Con el corazón ardiendo...!

..¡Una gran fortuna ha venido!

Este movimiento es tan Maravilloso!

Pues hay tanto que glorificar...!

Y Agradecer eternamente!

Nuestro querido Srila Prabhupada!

Y todos Sus comandantes en jefe!

Nos dió un hermoso proceso 

Que podemos seguir 

Pero también es la meta 

De nuestra vida alli !

Mi corazón no se siente más solo

Pues por fin aprendió a ver!

Siempre estoy acompañada!

..Hay muchas hermosas almas

Que también están enamoradas..

Nos asusta la glorificación

Y cualesquiera actividad

Que pueda siquiera sospechar

Me puedan alejar  

del sagrado refugio 

A Sus amorosos Pies

Y de nuestro Flautista Azulado

 Por ende, también

Nuestro querido Santo Nombre

Se vuelve como miel

Si al cantarlo, Gurudev

Pensamos en Usted

Pensamos en Su refugio

Meditamos en Su Pranam

El Nos devuelve la vida

Y queremos ayudar a los demás 

Asi sanamos nuestro corazón

Compartiendo con amor

El prasadam del santo nombre

Que Usted bondadosamente nos Dio

Este Santo Nombre 

Que Usted nos apoderó a cantar

Se vuelve la esencia

De todas las actividades diarias

 Con cada mañana puedo ver

Tengo otra oportunidad!

De probar este dulce nombre

Y No soltarlo jamas! 

El santo nombre, el mejor dulce

Un dulce que no empalaga

Mas bien te lleva 

A bailar con Govinda Mañana

Realmente no sé como glorificar

Sus cualidades maravillosas

Solo cantando el santo nombre

Es que puedo escribir estas cosas

Su gran Sabiduria, Su gran Humildad 

Y Tantas otras cualidades mas !!!..

Asi como la paciencia 

Para soportar

Leer esta carta y más ! 😊

Gracias eternas quiero Darle 

Pero nunca ser constante

En despedirme de mi Guru

Pues el encuentro estará delante


 a través

De nuestro SANKIRTAN eterno

Gracias a Usted podremos llegar

A la sagrada morada

Donde lo glorificaremos aún más!

Y no nos cansaremos jamás...!

Jay Gurudeva! Jay Prabhupada!

Eternamente con Ustedes!

Ayer, Hoy y mañana!

Intentando complacer Su adorable corazon de loto:

Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi


Le envio un arte tan bonito de franco: las lamparas que estan ardiendo en el mes de damodara, las hizo El mismo.. a mano..!

Y una foto del incendio frente a nuestra casa.. asi se encuentra mi corazon ahora por falta de comunicacion con Mi adorado Gurudeva.. nos hemos quedado sin internet en casa por ahora. Estoy extrañando muchisimo Su asociacion🙏