Guru Maharaja

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Beloved Guru Maharaja. PAMHO. AGTSP! How are you doing?

I´ve been thinking about your lotus feet quite a lot! I´d like to see you soon. I can see you telephatically perhaps.

HpS - I have been thinking about my "Lotus Feet" occasionally and wondering when I will get them back again? Now I have white ape feet!!

I want to continue serving you as many years back, I´ve remembered those first days when I was being train by you personally, so much mercy from Srila Prabhupada. We are about to celebrate your vyasa puja soon, I hope we can have a great festival for you, we always ought to desire to serve your lotus feet.

HpS - Lettuce feet! 😎 We are just like monkeys collecting p-nuts at the feet of Srila Prabhupada and then he calls us and ties a message in a cloth around our neck and says: Lalita, Jagat bandhu, Bhakta Fred!!! We say: Krsna, Krsna, Krsna and rush off through the forest!!

I miss some of my godbrothers like Jananivas prabhu, Tulasi Carana Sevita Dasa and Raghunatha Puri Dasa, from whom I had a nice friendships and they were my pals.

HpS - Jananvasa Das has



peared!!!! ?

Raghunatha puri Das is doing well in Montana. Whatsapp me and I can give you his address!

TCSD is doing well in Thailand!!

I conveyed your greetings to Baladeva and Subhadra and they offer you their obeisanses, I attach some photos, your servant,

Jagat Bandhu Jagannatha Swami dasa

HpS - Thank you!!! What do you do each day? What association do you have?

Art of Gopalito

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Hare Krsna! Wish that we could see them without having to open each one?????

Very potent!!!

Fan the spark! Burn down the Evil Forest.

Report Month of Purusottama

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Adored and remembered Gurumaharaja,

Please accept my respectful reverences to your marvelous lotus feet, my refuge in this kali yuga, all the glories to Srila Prabhupada, all the glories to Griste Radamaha Phijari!

I wish that this letter finds you in good health and happy in your marvelous conscience of Krsna. I wish with all my heart to receive your blessings so that in this month of Kartika, I would be able to advance in my conscience of sriramodha.

HpS - What is sriramodha?

Last month I forgot to request your wonderful blessings but I know that it is thanks to you that I get up to mangalarti and have your blessing to always remember Krsna. I ask you to have us in your prayers in order to be able to keep on purifying our existence and reach the yearning goal of life.


This month Gopalito started to wake up early to do Mangalarti with me! I am very happy for this. He drew the altars of Mayapur since we watched many times the altars of Mayapur together. Since then he wants to open the paper curtains and listen to me singing. It is the "puyarati" He is also ready to make gorartik and to open and close the curtains of panchagati and sinisinhared.

In the morning he requested me strongly to read the four books: Nectar of Prabhupada, Srimad Bhagavatam, the teachings of Queen Kunti and Upadesamrta. Then we sing Govindam ari purusam, Sri nama kirtan and Guru Bandana. And these days we are also singing Sri Damodarastakam. Gopal is not quiet until we finish all this and it makes me very happy to see that he is so strictly fulfilling everything.

We are also making Exercises with Hanuman. He wants to make exercises with you, Guru Maharaha and when he sees me rehearsing Manipur he acts as my teacher and "directs" me on how to dance. He has a very strong character but inspires me a lot. This month he made wonderful things with playdough. He molded the six Goswamis just the day of the disappearance of Raghunatha bhata goswami, Raghunatha das goswami and krsnadas kraviraja goswami. He also molded Srila Prabhupada!! It was a huge happiness for me.

Next day he molded you Guru Maharaja and Bhakti Thirta Swami. It was unbelievable because he does everything on his own initiative. In fact every day he makes new and wonderful things. He astonishes us with his abilities. And although he does not allow me to sing and dance during the day, I have faith that same as since in the past he did not get up for mangalarti he will allow me to do it in the future.

He is learning the mantras to grow up. He made Krna Balaram of playdough similar to a Krsna Balaram sent to me by a devotee living in Vrindavan. Then he harvested blackberries and offered them to his playdough deities!!

I am very happy to know that Prabhu Nitai Gaurasundara is fine and recovering.

Radha Dance Academy

In Radhastami I prepared two presentations of the dance school. I am sending here photos to you. What do you think of them? I put "Dance, theather and culture of India". Theater, since when I was thirteen I studied theater with some famous actors in Lima at the Charles Chaplin Academy. I was always taking acting courses. I wanted to study theater as a career but my father didn´t want. He preferred that I studied a career at the university. I chose Communication Sciences which is very alike since I also like to write. Fortunately at the university I also took a free course of theater and some blocks from the university I used to go with devotees to rehearse dance for the temple. So all this was useful for me with the grace of Krnsa.

When I was four or five years old I studied ballet and when I went to college I thought to keep on with ballet and did it, but I realized that Indian dance embodied the two arts which I loved the most: dance and theater, so it was perfect for me!!!  I was so engaged in acting that I participated in a tv drama as extra. I wanted to keep on acting but being a devotee I realized what is bad of being an actress in Peru so I left it.

HpS - Yes, one Yamjuna Devi Dasi told us that she had to kiss men she didn't know. 😛

But it is funny that my first service in the movement of Srila Prabhupada was to perform in "The truth and the Beauty". Y performed the role of Cintamani. Krna pleases His devotees!!

So for all this I included "Theater" as title for the dance school, this is why it is ""Dance, Theater and Culture of India.

Thanks Guru Maharaja for engaging your valuable time in reading this letter. Please forgive whatever offense I may have committed here unknowingly. 

Your intent of disciple who always remember you giving true life to our life, wishing to please your beautiful and noble heart.

Radha japa prati jalpa devi dasi

Please accept reverences of Franco who always remember the teachings which I tell him from You and from Gopalito who also always remembers you. In the globe of the world he points at USA and says: "Hanuman was born there". When he sees a plane he remembers that you went to Peru and when he watches the video of exercises he says "Hanuman went to China to make exercise".

HpS - Our respects to Franco!!! Is he doing any sculpture??

Regional Representation Report 20 (gokulananda)

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva


I am writing to tell you that last Thursday I had a very interesting conversation with Param Padam das, about educational issues in general and the Regional Representation for Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, in particular. I told him, in general terms, what are the functions of the Regional Representative and he told me that he has been performing this service in recent years in his country, Chile and Uruguay. I also brought up your idea of ​​appointing Nara Narayana Rsi das as the Representative and he found it interesting. In that sense, I commented to him that since the service is so demanding, it would be appropriate to assemble a team of devotees who work under his supervision, including Nara Narayana Rsi das. I would like to know your opinion about it Gurumaharaja, so that I can communicate it to the Executive Secretary or, otherwise, find another alternative.

Your servant

Gandharva das

HpS - ASA --- AgtSP. Just worked for 30-minutes to write a letter to Tapan-misra Das, and copy to you, of a draft of the letter from him, Executive Director MOE, to the Latin American Regional GBC. Sripad Virabahu Das is really pushing, begging to get this done.

The letter addresses the points you bring up here. We are hoping EVERYONE will help develop this Regional Rep system and one person to act as a Zonal Rep. It is really an austerity, so maybe people can serve for one or two etc. years and then someone else can take over.

I think Param-padam Das et al would be very good, but.... at this point it seems we have to work on our a practical relationship with the RGBC. I suggested something as simple as an Annual Report to the RGBC about what is happening to start with, but if the Brahmana do their work then the RGBC will be inspired to give facility and make demands for more educational programs.


Personal Sadhana Report

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All Glories to Sri Sri Guru Parampara,

H. H. HpS Maharaja! Dandavat Pranam!

H. H. B. S. Damodar Swami, Ki Jai! Srila Prabhupada, Ki Jai!

Radha Krsna Ki Jay, Gouranga Mahaprabhu Ki Jay, Goura Bhakta Vrinda Ki Jay

Hare Krsna! Please accept my humble obeisances unto Sri Guruji Maharaja’s Padama Charan that I am so happy to get Guruji Maharaja's reply so soon, and it is the same address written not to write in this blog.

My e-mail address is : okram .... gmail. HpS - Thank you. We just checked. This is the one we have.

Whatsapp No. 878......./857....... HpS - I tried both these numbers with "91" before them and they don't show a whatsapp account???

The Murtis (Chitrabot) I worship are Radha-Krsna with Gopis, Panchatatva, Jaganath-Subhadra-Balabadra, Three Gurus : Prbhupada Maharaja-Sripada Maharaja-HpS Maharaja. The pictures are taken out in the last Gurujis Manipur visit and the flower is Siroi Lily of Manipur, which is not available in other parts of the world.

The marriage ceremony of my son will be held on Friday, the 27th Nov. 2020. I am praying Guruji's asirbat for both of them in their new family life.

HpS - 🙂 Marriage is an austerity undertaken by husband and wife for their mutual spiritual advancement. Wake up!

I will continue to ask about the Mantra, Gayathri, Devotional Service, fruitless service to other devotees also. When chanting I ask myself whether Sri Krsna is listening and receiving my simple mangal aarati service. He is the father of fatherless, motherless, innocents. He saves Prahalad Maharaj, Dhruva Maharaja etc. so as to save me from this sinful Maya samsara.

HpS - He is listening if we are asking to be free from selfish motives. Do we concern ouselves with marriages, family, nation because they make us happy? Do we really do them for the satisfaction of others? Does a woman raise her children for their well being or because she wants them to take care of her when she is old?

Only Krsna..... has the qualities that inspire our selfless service. That is natural. Jaya! You are doing such good for others. Tell us about your readings. Take notes of things that interest you and post them here.

I hope we can get the whatsapp connection.

I am not expert in attaching photos from other files, mobile etc., excuse me.

Yours fallen servant

Yamunesvara Das

HpS - Jaya! Jaya! Srila Prabhupada!