Instituto de Ciencias de la religión Universidad complutense

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Hare krsna, admired Maharaja, please accept my sincere obeisances. Indeed we were visiting together Fernando Amerigo, director of the Institute of Sciences of the religion in September. And I visited him again in January to continue advancing in the relationship of this institute with Nios. In future contacts with them I will focus on the Solaris magazine, when we return to normal after the pandemic if we continue alive. I will inform you.

thanks for your encouragement and advice, 🙇 Hare krsna !!!

HpS - Yes. El Abhirama-das-Thakura Das said he was also in contact with you. If enough good rats make enough good noise, that cat will retreat!

Personal Update 2020

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Hare Krishna Maharaj,


I hope this email finds you well. Hope your health is progressing.

HpS - Just like you our health is 'progressing' to the crematorium. Puff! Better to 'jump ship'.

It’s been a while since I’ve “checked in”. As far as new news- I started a new job about a month ago and basically focusing on that.

ASA - Banana bowler?

I had an arranged proposal from a devotee from the UK and it didn’t work out for reasons beyond my understanding. It was an intense reunion, very emotionally fueled. Perhaps we had some unresolved karma to burn through. All the astrologers said we were a good match though which made it more disappointing. I’m trying to get through it and keep faith that Krishna has someone better in store.

ASA - Krsna is a jealous lover.

I’m working on progressing my Sadhana. Spending more time with devotees and cooking and offering. Morning program is steady every day. Chanting isn’t steady but its good when it is. I've recently confronted my feelings of being distant to SP. I’m not sure why that it is but ive read books by SP as well as his disciples to get a better understanding and feel close. And at the end of the day – I feel like he’s just not accepting me. This is a harsh feeling to confront but I’d like to try to do everything to help me change my mindset. Even when I see his Murtis at the temple, it feels like he’s disappointed in me.

HpS - Hmmm? He is very merciful. We are ashamed how much we have abused his mercy and we TRY to be better. Part of it is not that we are arrogant, but that we are just not well educated. THE WITCH tricks us.

O.K. Back at it. "Love is not love that bends with the remover to remove, but it is an ever fixed star to each wandering bark whose depth is taken but worth unknown," Old ENglish. Anon amouse!

So in a nutshell- there’s been lots going on and my mind is everywhere but I’m praying to be eagerly engaged in service and thoughts of Hari. I pray everyday for clarity and signs. I keep in touch with my godbrothers and we’re all gripping to fight against maya. It’s a struggle.

I pray for your protection and also pray for guidance.

Thank you for your mercy maharaj.

Your struggling/aspiring servant,

Sugopi dd 

HpS - Best wishes!!! Get the secret code from the Letters to the Editor in the Kapi Dhvaja to get more attention to letters.

Annual Report of Cachar, Assam,India devotees

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Dear Guru Maharaj, 💐💐

Dandavat pranam Guru Maharaj, 🙏🙏

Please accept our most humble obeisance, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, Sri Guru, Sri Sri Goura Nityai.

We pray unto the lotus feet of the Almighty lord Sri Sri Goura Nityai that Guru Maharaj lives long healthy and successful in all of spiritual activities so that all of disciples become luckiest by serving your lotus feet.

HpS - That is maybe a curse. Maybe better to die very quickly and go to Goloka and have all of our followers do the same. 

 We are pleased to inform that last 28.12.2019 is the very auspicious day of Guru Maharaj vyasa puja, we around 60 devotees of different different disciple like H.H. Bhakti Swarupa Damodara Swami, H.H. Bhakti Vyasa Tirtha Swami, H.H. Jay Pataka Swami, H.H. Bhakti Subhak Swami, H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami, were assembled together to celebrate the festival there at Silchar (Assam).

HpS - Ahhhh! We miss Silcar!!!!

Besides this, We are doing House programme,

Nrsimha Chaturdasi,



etc. altogether under the direction of the HH Bhakti Ananda Haridas Goswami Maharaj.

We regret that we are very late to send this message into the blog. 

Hare Krishna, 

Guru Maharaj, Dandavat pranam. 

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services un to your lotus feet always. 

Your insignificant services, 

Pratap Rudra Das and his Family on behalf of Cachar, Sonai, Chandamleikai, Asaam, India devotees.

HpS - Ha! Ha! Ha! You are sorry that you are late sending it!! Just see how long it took us to answer it!! Get the Secret Priority Cod from the Kapi Dhvaja (Letters to the Editor) and get faster attention!!!! We love Silchar. How is the District Forestry Officer?

continued discussion on devotee professions and reading groups

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Hare Krsna,

Please accept our most humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

We wanted to share some comments about todays morning discussion.

In regards to how devotees can preach within their profession as a doctor, psychologist, counselor, etc.. Our thoughts are within a therapeutic setting it is most conducive to follow some Vedic standards to help preserve the devotees' mind and purity.

For example, because therapy or having a medical visit with a patient is a confidential atmosphere, we suggest a female doctor or therapist to request female clients if possible.

This of course, is not always possible and especially with therapy, the plethora of what is going on in someones mind and desires comes out.

Another topic of interest is when is it appropriate to encourage the use of psycho-tropic medications and when is it not. We like to help clients come to the mode of goodness standard through the most natural means possible. Sometimes therapies such as REBT, CBT, DBT, solution focused therapy, Adlerian therapy can help clients understand how to best control their mind and desires. Also encouraging them to increase their spiritual coping skills such as prayer and studying their Bible or following their yoga routine can help, but if they want to take pharmaceuticals due to extreme distractibility or depression, should we encourage it?

HpS - Don't know? Guess it is O.K. in some circumstances. I read from ONE book that Srila Bh. Siddhanta Sarasvatis said, that Bang, Marijuana might bring someone to a higher consciousness by allowing them to see things from a non-concrete perspective, but it would definitely have bad side effects, so it should be abandoned as soon as possible and actually never be taken up if they could do Nama Japa, or meditate on the Virata Rupa etc. May be it was a bogus book.

If it could mean saving them from suicide, this seems to make sense.

HpS - Yes...

But otherwise, we are sometimes unsure. It seems if someone is a devotee, we discourage it. But what if someone is a devotee and may be suffering from a diagnosis such as bipolar disorder? There seemed to not be time this morning to talk about this subject, but we are curious about your thoughts on this subject.

HpS - Like we say it is a very detailed topic but yes in general it seems to be correct for certain people.

Another awesome topic brought up was engaging those in systematic study according to their level of motivation. I would say with our group due to possible time constraints, independent reading is at times hard for the group. So we encourage reading two texts independently. We also read together and review points of interest found in the texts we read independently and re-read these points again. Besides sharing our answers to the study questions and answering a general topic discussion question, we are mostly reading.

It seems this is a great way to avoid speculation and to have any group come together for the purpose of association and to improve our motivation to study and read, even if they lack a qualification or title such as Bhakti Vaibhava or Bhakti Sastri.

Devotees who are sincere and following devotee standards could lead the group and correct any philosophical questions or deviations new comers attending the group may bring up.

HpS - Yes.

It also is nice if there is at least 3 devotees such as Sudevi, Lalita, and I, and if we are not able to answer a question properly, we usually ask our husbands then share with the group the answer.

ASA - Chanakya Pandita said, one person is good for Puja and meditation, two people is good for study, three for music, four for travel and for making war, as many as you can get.

Let us know what you think of this standard? Newcomers and those interested in reading may have too low of motivation to participate in a formal Bhakti Sastri program, thus, a reading group like this can be the alternative. We are starting Light of the Bhagavat tonight!

ASA - Yes.... Seminars on one book one one theme eg. Rupa siksa, Chapter 19 of the Madhya lila are very useful and popular. Of course, you could relate them with a larger diploma, but that is not necessary.

Thank you Gurudeva!!

Your lowly servant,

Kamagayatri Dasi

ASA-HpS - Thank you. Life is very short, so keep some general priorities and then improvise. Live life one day at a time.