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Hare Krishna dear Gurumaharaja.



Because the pandemic, this year we haven't had the Bhakti sastri course in Campina Grande and we decided to move to Cordoba, little far away from cities. Here it's a very nice place. We are planning to build an institute in order to provide another space to facilitate the education in ISKCON. Maharaja Dhavantari accepted that every other year we can do the Jaladuta Institute here, I mean, one year here, one year in Brasil. It would be very nice if you can come here to visit us Gurudev.

Madhavendra, Yasoda (and lalita) and another couple are planning to move here with us at the end of december.

Yesteday, we have started the MIHE Bhakti-vedanta course (4 years). Our first teacher is Bhakti-prabhava swami. I would like to ask you blessing in order I can have more intelligence and devotion to the Srimad Bhagavatam.

HpS - Hare Krsna.

My sadhana (Japa and mangala-arati) are going a little bit complicated because all our movement and changes. I'm trying to improve my self. I'm reading the Vrndavana-mahimamrta which is wondelful. Also, I'm learning the verses, analogies and comment on the 7 canto for the Bhaktivedanta course.

Your servant,

Devaki-nandana das.

HpS - ASA -- Are there any recordings of the presentations we made for the GBC College? They we something we hoped to post on youtube etc. Compilation of our Management knowledge.

Thank you so much for writing. Respects to everyone.

I hope the Bh. Ved. course is good.

We are resigning from the Ministry of Education and Latin American Regional GBC at the end of this year. We will certainly work as we can as advisors.

Really this world is like a movie projected on a screen. It is to cure us of our insanity.

Chant Hare Krsna, Hare Rama, as much as you can, and everything else will develop naturally, plans, Sastric knowledge.

Presentacion del Libro

Hare Krsna Gurumaharaja.

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada! 

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias. 

Prabhu Manamohan el director comercial del BBT México le envía una invitación a presentar el libro "SANKHYA la metafísica de los 24 elementos" para la librería Gonvill, basada en las enseñanzas de metafísica de Kapiladeva en el tercer canto del Srimad bhagavatam, es un libro de tamaño pequeño. 

El BBT le propuso a Usted para ese libro por el éxito alcanzado en la conferencia "Cosmología" 

Es una actividad que están haciendo con diferentes libros y diferentes expositores. 

La invitación es para la última semana de Diciembre del presente año. 

Normalmente se hace a las 17:00 hrs de México y Nashville. 

Si usted tiene propuesta de fechas que se ajusten a esa semana se podría ir solicitando, el horario se puede ajustar a su propuesta, sin embargo el horario propuesto es el ideal de acuerdo al marketing. 

Duración total: 45 minutos

Breve auto-presentación del expositor ( se sugiere abrir la cámara) 

30 minutos de presentación del libro ( puede usar ppt) 

15 minutos de preguntas y respuestas. 

El idioma puede ser español o puede ser bilingüe de acuerdo a lo que Usted sugiera. 

La trasmisión se hace a través de Facebook live de la librería, va dirigida a todo público. 

No requiere tener cuenta en Facebook, ellos envían el enlace. 

Asimismo ponen a disposición a un devoto experto en tecnología para los ajustes de compartir pantalla desde zoom u otra plataforma durante la trasmisión. 

Qué le parece Gurumaharaja? 

Nos compartieron algunas presentaciones para que usted pueda revisarlas. 

Presentación del Libro: Historias Maravillosas de la India” por Su Santidad Guru-prasād Swami

SS Bhakti Sundar Goswami, presentando el libro “Karma Cerrando Ciclos"

Muchas gracias por su misericordiosa atención. 

Que el Señor Nrisimhadeva siempre le proteja. 

Vuestra eterna aspirante a sirviente

Asta Sakhi dd


HpS - ASA -- TlgaSP. Pfanrh .... Gracias a todos por la oportunidad de unirse al movimiento Sankirtan.

El tiempo y los días parecen buenos. Podemos tener la energía para hacer el trabajo, según el deseo de Krsna.

¿Qué días son los mejores?

Necesitamos una copia del libro.

No está en

¿Son solo ciertos capítulos del Tercer Canto?

Krsna ha bloqueado nuestro acceso a Facebook.



Purnima Puppet Theater - Asokavan

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AgtSP. Paoho. For years we traveled with the Purnima Puppet Theater, Directed by H. G. Lokanatha Das.

We have nothing but unbounded respect for him and can only hope to be in his work with the Theater constantly.

Here is the PPT's most recent work.

Want to help them!!!

Here is


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¡All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!

¡Please accept my most humble obeisances at your lotus feet!

HpS/ASA - Locust feet. AgtSP!

This is my answer to the last letter, taking the opportunity to give my sadhana report. 16 rounds and 4 principles. ¡Nice rounds! Working hard in job, always giving prasad to my co-workers, much service in temple, taking care of Tulasi (nice growing), memorizing verses of Bhagavd-Gita and restart the translation service, now helping the GVT on a publication of grihastha education. Still serving in kitchen and Srila Prabhupada 🙏

Now I attach some pictures of last home program. I'm scheduling another program in fifteen days, will try to make it at my mother´s house so they can have the opportunity of devotees´s association. I also had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in very nice association.

You asked for the age of Vraja Mohan Das, he is 23 years old. These days we were talking about many many things of Ghrihastha life, and the purpose to be in association: taking care of our spiritual life, servig Srila Prabhupada. Not talking about marriage yet, but keeping in mind your instruction: second initiation for both.

Thanks so much for evertything Guru Maharaja.

Your eternal fallen aspirant: Bhaktin Natyelli.

¡¡Radheee Radheeee!!

ASA - Achaa! What is "GVT"????

Familia de Manyari

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Hare Krishna.

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada.

Todas las glorias a usted.

Por favor acepte mis mas humildes reverencias a sus pies de loto.

HpS - ASA --- Pies de lobo/loco.

Con respecto a preguntas dadas anteriormente mis padres son Hari Bhakti Das discípulo de Su santidad Maharaja Hridayananda Das Goswami, Srila Acharya-deva, y mi madre se llama Ragaramjita Devi Dasi discípula de Su Santidad Maharaja Guru Prasad Swami. Soy la segunda de cuatro hermanos todos nacidos en el movimiento.

¡Jay Srila Prabhupada!

¡Jay Maharaja!

Con el deseo de que algún día me acepte su sirviente, Manyari Devidasi.

HpS - Gracias!! ! Quienes son sus hermanos? Queda en casa con su familia? Tiene trabajo? Cual es su servicio diario. Tiene servicio a deidades? Quienes son? Cual es Su servicio? Sankirtan? Tiene contacto con unos durante su trabajo??


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Hare Krishna, Beloved Gurudeva:


Happy Gopastami.

HpS/ASA - A g t SP!!

Gurudeva 🙌 while I was meditating using my gems. One thought came to me.

ASA - Hmmm?

Is it fair to blame one Spiritual Master for our flaws? I mean many many times I was addressed with the following statement: " You are a disciple of so and so.. Then you should behave properly. Otherwise people are going to say. Look she is disciple of ...... Look what she or he is doing.

So my question what amount of guilty [guilt] the Espiritual Master has in relation of the comportment of their disciples? It is kind of unfair to blame our Gurus for our own stupidity.

HpS/ASA - It seems to be a very particular thing. What is the influence of the spiritual master in the comportment of the disciple? At one time we were acting as Diksa guru for one disciple and she was taking shelter of H. H. Bhakti-bhusana Swami as Siksa guru because her service was focused on street book distribution. Then he told us she felt ashamed to tell us that she was not chanting all her rounds during the Christmas marathon. So, she asked him to talk to us. Maybe like the daughter asking the Uncle to talk to the Father.

So, we gave our advice to give to her.

So, she has some responsibility. We have some. Maharaja has some.

The demons have accept Sukra-acharya as their spiritual master. He gives them advice for asdvancing in material comfort. They want that. He is inclined to give it. Who is to blame?? Yet, one of them, Bali-maharaja very politely rejects the instructions of his SM to serve Visnu. Particular, no? Bogus disciple, bogus guru... bogus results. 🙂 AGTSP!!!

This year has been weird for all of us. Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to develop my cooking side for instance.

HpS - Pizza? Pasta? For..... Radha-Krsna! Jagannatha.

By the mercy of Sarvani dasi Krsna Balaram is in our home. We made a Barbecue to welcome Them. Krsna is really generous with us in all aspects.

ASA - Is He really merciful to you? To us? 🐵 😎

Thanks for everything Gurudeva 🙌

Hope to see you pretty soon. Meanwhile see you in FMP.

ASA - When people volunteer to chant Japa for the supreme Lord, we tend to ask those who do not lead Mangala Arati regularly, so they get a chance also!

So, nice to hear from you! Don't be shy if Krsna wants you do some big service for him.

Your eternal servant,