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Hare Krishna Maharaj ji. I offer my humble obeisances at your lotus feet. I hope that your health is well now. I hope that you are happy like a small kid at such an age.

It was a long time that i didn't write on this platform. So I have come again with a surprise.

Hahaha ...

This is a letter I have written as reply to Mata Nadiya's previous message. And i request that i don't want any of its content hidden or tampered. Please display it as it is.

HpS - AgtSP. Sorry that it has taken so long to answer. We only have so much time that we can even look at the computer each day.

I think that this Blog is not the place for too much specific critical comments on people. I don't think that Srimati Nadiya Devi Dasi made any specific comments.

If you want to make some general comments on principles of things then please do that.

... HpS /ASA - Hidden.


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Hare Krishna, Dear Gurumaharaja


All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

Wishing you good health, blessed by the mercy of Sri Krishna.

I am sending you my personal report, since the last time in November 2023, please apologize for the delay.

Now we are fine, we feel that we have improved a lot in our sadana, our rounds, our service,

we get up earlier,

we are doing physical exercises (calisthenics) to be more active.

The family is fine, as I told you, my wife is working in Abancay, 4 hours from Cusco, and my children are studying there too.

We go on weekends to be with them. The work is good, just because it is the public sector there are many changes, we may have to look for another job, we will see what is coming, we have to accept what Lord Sri Krishna gives us.

Regarding the Yatra activities in Cusco, we close 2023 with a distribution of Prasada to children for Christmas and with an end-of-year flourama.

Prabhu Baladeva das, from Argentina, visited us and gave us some workshops that changed our mind, personally, that we see the purpose we have as devotees and the commitment to Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON.

Before the arrival of Prabhu Baladeva, at the initiative of Prabhu Astavarga das, Prabhu Omkara Krishna das, is giving us Bhakti Vriksha classes, we understand that it is the basis for the expansion of the Congregation, we must constantly prepare ourselves to be servant leaders who facilitate people the tools to conduct themselves in devotional service for Srila Prabhupada and Sri Krishna.

The Group being formed is composed of: P. Anasraya Gopal and his wife Bhaktin Taki, P. Jagadisvara das, Bhakta Percy, Bhakta Johan and his wife Yogamaji devi dasi, Mataji Girisutarani and Bhaktin Margot and the servant of he Gds. All under the supervision of Prabhu Omkara Krishna das.

We are starting to organize programs, for example, today they were at the Casa de Campo of Bhakta Johan and Yogamaji dd, several devotees were there, it was very nice, I saw it only in photos, I did not participate, because as I told you, on weekends I am in Abancay with the family.

Also for almost a month we have been carrying out the Mangala Aratik On Line program, together with Prabhu Omkara das, Jagadisvara das and sometimes Bhakta Percy and Baltazar, devotees who are enthusiastic in devotional service, connect.

A long time ago I told you that I was starting to form a company to carry out some activities to support myself, this company has already been established this month, it is called: "HpS108 EIRL Corporation", where we will carry out commercial activities, consultancies, couching, etc., where we hope that we can help or involve the devotees, since some of these activities will have to do with devotional preaching, we have a pending conversation with LAD to finalize details.

We want you to help in some way with the support of a preaching center or why not a temple, please give your blessings so we can grow with this project.

More and more we realize that Lord Krishna makes arrangements for things to flow, for a long time I always leafed through the Bhakti Vriksa manual, which I carried years ago, but did not finish, in the time of Prabhu Raghuvaram, the instructor also It was P. Omkara, I didn't value it at that time. Dear Gurumaharaja, we have responsibilities with you, with Srila Prabhupada, which all boils down to service, we want to please you, we are not perfect, but through his mercy we will be able to serve you better, we are indebted to you Dear Gurumaharaja.

This week we will once again launch the readings of the Krishna Boock and Nights of Srila Prabhupada, on Saturdays, and the Srimad Bhagavatam classes on Sundays, both online, we will also continue organizing the sankritan in the squares, once or twice a month, know We are not Sankirtaneros, but through His mercy we can do everything, we have done that many times. All this based on the structure of Bhakti Vriksa, (VEDAS, Soul clinic and Maha Prasada, distribution of sacred foods).

Dear Gurumaharaja, we are very grateful to him, eternally, without his guidance we would only be unprotected and disoriented, we want to serve and please him, even if he is in hell itself, we just want to serve and please him. If you. departs to the Spiritual World, how should we act? What should we do? How can we continue serving Him?

Thank you very much Dear Gurumaharaja, his association in the FMP in recent years has been vital for my spiritual growth, there is no doubt that, without his mercy, we could not advance in this beautiful process of Sri Krishna Consciousness . May the mercy of Lord Sri Krishna always shower upon you. Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja!!!!

His worthless would-be servant.

Govardhana das


HpS/ASA - Is nice letter. Practical, but if you can send shorter letters more frequent is nicer.

What about a Radio Show?

I think you have the personality to connect with people, answers their questions, give comments on current situations, different events, restaurants, daily challenges.

Read from the Mahabharata.

Interfaith Epistime

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Dear Maharaja Hanumat Presaka Swami

pamho , AGtSP!

It was great chatting with you yesterday. You cleared up some planning for us, and you are always first for us.

Braja and I banter sometimes, and we seem to be okay. This latest might be a bit fanatical, so I am asking for your opinions on this one.

Facebook Dialogue 2 weeks ago

Braja-raja Suta Dasa:

" Chas.“rhetoric” generally has a negative meaning such as the following first definition given by Webster’s: “language that is impressive-sounding but not meaningful or sincere.”

In the past you’ve posted similar remarks - remarks containing little real commentary or expression of what you think.

With that being said, can you please elaborate? Tell us what you really think.

Do you think the public, do you think devotees have a good understanding of the terms discussed? (Theory, law, hypothesis, consensus- were there others??) Do you, or do you think the public and devotees do not accept such terms and the whole concept/language in which they’re found?

Chas D Lind:

Appreciate your patience, dear Braja, my ignorance is showing, though "rhetoric" wasn't totally meant to be a negative implication. Words have connotations for sure.

As far as my thinking goes, my mind is not always my best friend. Certain ambiguities are constant for me. In essence, sometimes, my mind is like a kaleidoscope. This is where my reflections may not be so congruent with so-called vocabulary norms. I am one for the exceptions and contradictions; these appease my interest, as logic and definition are appreciated by others.

It's a tricky arrangement, then, to add focus to my equation, which is also important, especially when I'm sharing observations or conclusions. The mix of numeric and alpha needs a good honing before it can be used decently, or at least to make things interesting.

Thus far, my very revelations and my own rhetoric may not fit in opinions, but more in discretion. Personal & Public knowledge does have some borders, though with a complete Soul this is not the case, such as Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada. His personal life and public life have no separation for his purity and consciousness did not waver and does not deviate, it adjusts to time place, and circumstances keeping Krishna at the center. We should do so good.

Anyway, sadhana and sanity should be exercised as much as possible. Seeking confined definitions may distract. It is good to understand our relationships in our current lifetime to proceed to our permanent lifetime. Kapisch?!

Appreciate your most valuable time."

HpS/ASA - I, agtSP, tried to answer this earlier, then the Blog was down. So we will try again!!! It is very important letter.

I think that you tend to think in iconographic format rather then linear.

This is not so uncommon. It is classified as autistic some times.


Our experience.

This means that you have like a complete three dimensional image of your ideas (in motion) and then try to make them into a line.

O.K. Tell people that. I think you already do to some extent.

Also, write something then look at it again after ten minutes. The short term memories associateds with it will have decreased, and you will read it as the recipient will read it without benefit of your thoughts.

After two days I look at what I wrote and really am challenged to understand what I wrote! I think my reader knows what I am thinking, then I see that I don't know what I was thinking, and I can only deal with what I wrote.

If we don't become good letter writers in this lifetime, maybe the next.

Indu - lekha.

Citra - leka.

Lekha means writing.

Henry James, Nobel Prize in literature said that in his opinion, the letter was the greatest form of literature.!

Priyasakhi DD, respuestas.

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Hare Krsna estimado Guru Maharaja.

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias.

¡Todas las glorias sean para Srila Prabhupada!

Gurudev, muchas gracias por Su pronta respuesta.

HpS/ASA - This time, agtSP, has taken 3-weeks. Please don't give up on us!

HpS - The same tooth that rotted and had to be pulled recently on the right side, seems to be now rotting on the left side. Doctor said it might happen. 🙂

Por una parte lamento mucho que "sufra", por otro lado entiendo que para una persona santa como Usted, todo es una "enseñanza" consciente de Krsna.

Por una parte yo estoy feliz de tener dolores en el pecho porque pienso más seguido en que puedo dejar este cuerpo. Por otro lado pienso en que los niños que tengo a mi cargo aún necesitan mucha guía espiritual y no tengo la suficiente fe, porque creo que quedarían muy tristes y quizá se enojen con Krsna.


Are we becoming trapped by the third trick of Maya? Do we think that we are the supreme friend and not Krsna? Are we trying to steal His place of honor like Maharaja Bharata with the faun?

Seems that not just our old age but also Kali-yuga is reminding us that everything can change a lot at any moment. So making plans for the next few months or years is necessary, but we need to be really ready to adjust, taking constant shelter of the the Holy Names as giving us intelligence to plan.

Muchas gracias por Sus iluminadoras palabras Guru Maharaja, las pondré en acción según mi comprensión👏

¿Qué edad tienen sus hijos?

Sukadeva 11 años

Indira Radha 8 años

¿Qué está haciendo su estimado esposo?

Jagannatha Caran sigue en su trabajo.

Está ayudando en el Comité de Iniciaciones para ISKCON Chile.

Dentro de unos días viajará a México a buscar su título Universitario, visitar a la familia y asistir al templo. Creo que no hay Ratha Yatra éste año en México.

Disculpe por no escribir en inglés. He aprendido muy poco.

Muchas gracias Gurudev por TODO👏

Priyasakhi DD.

HpS - It is fine. We use We know enough Spanish to make small corrections if it makes mistakes.

So, nice to get your association.

What is Jagannatha Carana Das' occupation?

Chanting & Preaching

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All Gory to Srila Prabhupada, and All Glory to ISKCON's devotees.

Dear Gurudeva: Please accept my humbles obeisances unto you.

Thank a much for all your tireless decotional service. You're an exceptional example of dedication and surrender.

HpS - There are, agtSP, better.

I continue to remain in Krishna's consciousness, chanting, reading, followin the principles, with mangala aratik, and taking asociation with some devotees.

I try to share all that I have, but as Srila Prabhupada say in SB 1.1.10, "It has become very difficult, therefore, to raise the spiritual standard due to the present distorted values of human society."

I have finished from your past Vyasapuja to the Nrsimha Caturdasi the reading of the 12 cantos of the srimad Bhagavatam, I continue studying it along with the base books (NoD, NoI, Iso, Lob, BG) (and Krishna book) and his readings that you publish (asa Carnaval and YouTube).

I would like to know your opinion about:

Geographically, the country of Mexico is constantly divided by the day on which festivals and ekadasis should be celebrated. Many times there are doubts whether one day or another, There are at least 3 different calendars published by iskcon devotees in addition to those outside of iskcon, which do not always coincide in information. the gbc told us that we should follow gcal, but personally I can't always consult it for each particular place, on the web:

([Mexico].txt) there are only two places for mexico, in USA there are more and some places of Mexico are more close to USA places.

The doubt are first on Ekadasi time for broke fast. What to do when we don't know the specific time and other calendars give different options?

HpS - AgtSP. Read letter we just wrote to Asta-sakhi Devi Daaaaaaaasi!

Breakfast is always (or almost, almost, almost always) after sunrise on the day after ekadasi, and within like 6 x 48 minutes after that. Like 6am to 10AM.

Use the calendars as best you can and Krsna will not blame you for making a fine mistake, no?

When I started reciting the 16 rounds I never counted how long it took to complete each round, but it took me about 2 and a half hours or a maximum of 3 hours.

Over time I began to be more careful in the pronunciation because although I sometimes managed to do rounds in less minutes I realized that I didn't say many words well, in an average of 300 mantras I had 108 good ones, but that took me rounds of up to 20 minutes or more, so I started to recite more slowly but without getting my tongue tied, and I I have been reciting between 11 and 13 minutes per round, with this I have not been able to reduce the chanting to less than 3 hours. What it's better?

HpS - I have the same problem. Maybe Jiva Goswami has the same problem.

Pronounce clearly like we draw a picture of Krsna clearly. Chant with meaning, e.g. "Oh, Radha, please pray to Krsna and Rama to engage me in Their service."

Try to chant at a good pace.

Then, I guess we have to accept however long it takes as Krsna's arrangementn and His delight.

About Preaching, some people tell me that it takes them from half an hour to an hour to chant a round,

HpS/AS - One round???!

... and when they do not follow any of the 4 principles,

which is the best thing to start encouraging them to follow,

if they say they want to be devotees but their personal situations, it complicates things for them.

In the book of NOI and in the book Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers, Srila Prabhupada invites them to live in the ISKCON centers, but many say they cannot go, or there are no centers nearby or the centers that currently exist are not available to receive them. What can you advise them?

Thanks you for all your advises, your crew member,

AniruddhaKrsna Das

HpS - We see the SB advises Karma yoga first: By serving Srila Prabhupada one develops attachment for hearing and chanting, then sees the Deity, then joins ISKCON, lives in an Ashrama.

Srila Prabhupada created all kinds of opportunities for service such as Rathayatra where all kinds of people can help according to their Karma.

Of course, adau sraddha... if you can judge that someone is on a higher level e.g. ready to take initiation, then engage them at that level. if they are on the platform of ruci then engage them in raganuga bhakti!


Very nice to hear from you!!

Los planes de Krsna

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¡Todas las glorias al movimiento de Sankirtana de Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu!

¡Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada y sus discípulos como usted que cada día entregan la conciencia de Krsna como el más grande tesoro!

Querido Gurumaharaja

Por favor acepte nuestras respetuosas reverencias.

Estamos leyendo las diferentes noticias sobre usted, le agradecemos que siempre las envié y mantenga su misericordiosa y constante atención sobre sus niños, que el Señor Nrisimhadeva proteja su sankirtana, energía y sus próximos viajes.

Estuvimos revisando la posibilidad de viajar a España pero no podré lograrlo porque el centro naturista donde trabajaba mi esposo decidió cerrar inesperadamente porque gasta demasiado en impuestos así que por ahora tenemos que resolver la situación de ingresos económicos, justamente ocurrió durante las gestiones de la celebración de Nrsimha caturdasi, aunque no tenemos la pureza necesaria para apreciar las flores tratamos de hacer una humilde ofrenda, estuvimos comprometidos con nosotros mismos con algunos arreglos de flores para las Deidades así que tuvimos doble frustración: primeramente la oportunidad de tener su vapuh : ( y también meditando que talvez la preocupación por el festival era únicamente apego a nuestros planes, pero de pronto el Señor envío la ayuda abundante para Su festival mediante sus sinceros devotos, será que al Señor Nrisimhadeva le agrada mucho las flores? De cualquier forma esa experiencia la tome como una misericordia de un inmerecido relacionamiento con el Señor.

Gurumaharaja disculpe la molestia, leí que su próximo Vyasapuja será en la desaparición de Śrīla Jiva Goswami, es correcto mi comprensión? pensábamos que sería durante la desaparición de Sri Locana Das Thakura como los últimos años, he conocido varias fechas auspiciosas de celebración desde que lo conozco, por favor me gustaría entender porqué algunos maestros espirituales tienen una fecha fija y para usted y otros maestros espirituales cambia cada cierto tiempo?

Para poder observar apropiadamente y satisfacer al Guru parampara, cada qué tiempo y qué consideraciones debemos tener presente para estar atentos a estos cambios de fecha?

Como ex- sankirtanera obstinada pero sin ánimos de abrumar queremos externar que sabemos que realmente es muy difícil o casi imposible pero si la fecha de Vyasapuja u otra fecha abre alguna muy minúscula posibilidad milagrosa para llegar a México por favor contemple este aliento de vida para sus aspirantes a sirvientes de este lado del mundo.

Por favor disculpe nuestras ofensas.

Envío algunas fotos de nuestro servicio en Nrsimha caturdasi, junto con mi esposo nos tocó vestir a Sus Señorías Radha Madana Gopal y Goura Nitay.

Vuestra aspirante a sirviente

Asta Sakhi dd


All glories to the Sankirtana movement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his disciples like you who every day surrender Krsna consciousness as the greatest treasure!

HpS/ASA - Still giving up attachments.

Dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept our respectful bows.

We are reading the different news about you, we thank you for always sending them and maintaining your merciful and constant attention on your children, may Lord Nrisimhadeva protect your sankirtana, energy and your upcoming journeys.

ASA - Thank you!

We were reviewing the possibility of traveling to Spain but I won't be able to do it because the naturist center where my husband worked decided to close unexpectedly because it spends too much on taxes, so for now we have to resolve the financial income situation, it just happened during the celebration of Nrsimha caturdasi, although we do not have the necessary purity to appreciate flowers we tried to make a humble offering, we were committed to ourselves with some flower arrangements for the Deities so we had double frustration: firstly the opportunity to have their vapuh : ( and also meditating that perhaps the concern for the festival was just attachment to our plans, but suddenly the Lord sent abundant help for His festival through His sincere devotees, could it be that Lord Nrisimhadeva really likes flowers?

Anyway, did I take that experience as a mercy of an undeserved relationship with the Lord.

Gurumaharaja, sorry for the inconvenience, I read that your next Vyasapuja will be on the disappearance of Śrīla Jiva Goswami, is my understanding correct? We thought it would be during the disappearance of Sri Locana Das Thakura like the last few years, I have known several auspicious dates of celebration since I have known him, please I would like to understand why some spiritual masters have a fixed date and for you and other spiritual masters it changes every some time?

In order to properly observe and satisfy the Guru parampara, how often and what considerations should we keep in mind to be attentive to these date changes?

ASA-UG - We use, agtSP, a program called VCal. Here are the results that it calculated:

Appearance Day Calculation

Date : 12 Jan 1948

Time : 22:01

Location : guam [United States of America]

Latitude : 13N26

Longitude : 144E46

Timezone : +10:00 UTC+10


Tithi : Dvitiya

Tithi Elaps. : 6.75 %

Naksatra : Sravana

Naksatra Elaps. : 6.65 %

Paksa : Gaura

Masa : Narayana

Gaurabda Year : 461


Gaurabda 538 : 2 Jan 2025 [disappearance jiva goswami]

Gaurabda 539 : 22 Dec 2025

Gaurabda 540 : 10 Jan 2027

Don't know why we calculated it as Lochana Das Thakura one year.

As a stubborn ex-sankirtanera but without the intention of overwhelming, we want to express that we know that it is really very difficult or almost impossible, but if the date of Vyasapuja or another date opens up some very minuscule miraculous possibility to reach Mexico, please contemplate this breath of life for your loved ones. aspiring servants from this side of the world.

HpS/ASA - O.K. Sometimes the sea turns boiling hot and sometimes pigs have wings!!! 😟

Yet, best place to meet is in the Sankirtan of Nimai of Nadiya?? In this body or the next.

Please excuse our offenses.

I am sending some photos of our service in Nrsimha caturdasi, together with my husband we had to dress the Lordships of him Radha Madana Gopal and Goura Nitay.

HpS/AS - Not 'had', 'got'! Great honor!!! GREAT HONOR!

Your aspiring servant,

Asta Sakhi dd

asa - such nice photos~~~