All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!

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Pranam Guru Maharaj,

I am Nandi Mukhi

HpS/ASA - Hare Krsna. AgtSP!!!. This robot says that the last report we received from your good self was one year ago!!! 🙂

You must be living on higher planetary system. One month = One earth day.

How is your Sadhana?



Mangala arati - Morning Service.

How is your Sankirtan?

Who is your association?

🌴 🌴 🏵

Since Houston

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Hare Krishna, Siksha Guru Maharaja, please kindly accept my most humble obeisances; all glories to Srila Prabhupada; all glories to your good self for your own exemplary devotional service, which has been a great inspiration in the lives of so many others: including even such attached and foolish souls as myself.

HpS/ASA - Thank you Siksa Guru Bala Bhadra Das, who have sincerely been inspiration to us in your self sufficient determination to serve Guru and Gauranga.

I wanted to follow your advice and check out the Houston community of devotees, and having done so, I was genuinely very pleased with what I found. I made some very nice new friendships there, and was warmly received and looked after by Srinivasa prabhu and his family: their kindness was overwhelming, to say the least.

I knew that I would be challenged with the idea of wanting to move there, and I was nervous, because in my own heart I am very attached to my living situation here in Boise: in spite my poor history with the Boise temple for the past 24 years.

My sadhana was seriously challenged since late last summer, although it seemed somewhat steady.

I was genuinely nervous, wondering how I would survive if this downward trend in my deviotional practice were to continue: Going to Houston, having your personal association, and having the friendship of devotees has really helped me in this regard.

HpS/ASA - Seems like all the above mentioned are just instruments of Guru and Gauranga!

I came home feeling ready to move on in my devotional service. In Houston I was amazed to discover that I could still rise on time for 4:30 mangala arotika.

It reminded me of my earliest years as a full time devotee: sometimes my rounds were completely done before mangala arotika, at least back then. Now that I am back home, I have been able to rise at a more proper time, although not as early as I did in Houston: by 4:30 on average I am up. I have changed much of my morning routine so that on most days my rounds are completely chanted; or at least with only a couple of rounds remaining, before moving on to my worldly duties.

ASA/HpS: Episteme. The ground on which we stand.

I am able to distribute a book every now and then as a driver for Uber. I have a new student for holding Bhagavad gita classes, and a possible second new student: both of whom I have met whilst driving for Uber.

They don't want online classes so we are meeting in my home once a week.

I was invited to hold a class or seminar in someone's place of business: that is still pending at the moment, as I am trying to find the strength to add to my already busy days.

My ongoing conventional mail correspondence with inmates is still going on, keeping me very, very busy. I came home to a small stack of letters just waiting to be opened and replied to.

HpS 🙂

My online Bhagavad gita classes on Tuesday evenings have resumed, as have my online attendance of morning and evening classes from Hawaii, as well as my online readings that happen on Sunday mornings.

At present we are still reading from the Sri Chaitanya Mangala by Locana Dasa Thakura, and we are about two thirds through with that book.

HpS - We have started Maha-nidhi Swami's Kindle version!

The next book will be Sri Nityananda Charitamrita, by Srila Vrindavan Dasa Thakura.

Usually it's only my wife, Mother Malati from Colorado Springs and I who attend the Sunday morning readings.

I do have some interest in presenting stories from the Mahabharata online, but I am struggling with finding enough stamina to increase my activities. I get moded out real easy with being tired.

In Houston there was very nice appreciation about my PowerPoint Mahabharata stories from the adult devotees. And the children were especially very keen with excitement; but I guess children usually are, when it comes to story telling.

It is only by your mercy that all of this has been made possible: my being more attentive to my practice of early morning sadhana, and my ongoing efforts to share Krishna consciousness whenever, wherever, and however possible.

You cared for me, knowing how much distress I was in over the years. Knowing that you cared has made all the difference in the world: for both my wife and I.

It's not possible to express any gratitude for your kindness; still, it is my duty to try.

HpS - We are just donkeys put in front of a pail of water and we drink! Srila Prabhupada 99.999...% is our only hope!

With that being said, "How can I serve you?" This is all I ask.

I should close here, hoping to always be blessed with your kindness and mercy.

Your lowly servant,


HpS - If you can see any service we/asa need, please let us know. Then, never give up on the Boise Temple. Maybe hang bananas on the door knob once a month at midnight but help as you can!

Thank you.

Look for one more Blog letter.

Tres consultas

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¡Hare Krsna! Querido Guru Maharaja, por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias.

¡Todas las Glorias sean a Srila Prabhupada y sus significados Bhaktivedanta!

¡Todas las Glorias a los Fieles seguidores de nuestro divino Acarya!

Querido Gurudeva, orando porque que su energía sea favorable a su Sankirtan, escribo como parte del equipo ASA Carnaval en relación a los 3 siguientes temas:

1- ASA – Enciclopedia: 

En el más reciente Kapi Dhvaja, usted preguntó si podemos trabajar en ASA-enciclopedia.

Por lo que sus sirvientes, nos permitimos reiterar nuestra disposición para hacerlo. Si usted lo desea y es posible, tal vez podríamos tener una breve reunión para aclarar algunas dudas que tenemos a este respecto.🙏

(Por supuesto, en presencia de Abhinanda Prabhu).

2- Vyasa Puja Doc:

En el dtcb28[su] usted escribió:

“now just couple pages of v-puja offerings that need to be opened, cut and pasted into a word file for later editing. can anyone do that? help us?”

Por favor, háganos saber si podemos colaborar de algún modo. 🤓

3- Solicitud de diapositivas PPT´s

Querido Gurudeva, nos gustaría editar algunos videos, incluyendo las diapositivas que usted ha realizado en sus más recientes presentaciones en ISKCON Houston. Para tal efecto, preguntamos humildemente, ¿Es posible que comparta con sus nosotros las siguientes presentaciones?

A) Ephiphany

B) Happy New year – ISKCON Houston

C) PPT´s de Biblioteca Bhaktivedanta – (Gita jayanti, Etc)

Si usted lo desea, puede compartir lo anterior al correo [email protected]

Muchas gracias por su amable atención, guía e instrucción.🙇

Siempre a sus órdenes, su aspirante a discípula.

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi 

ASA Carnaval


[Equipo coordinador de ASA Carnaval: Abhinanda D /Isvari Radha DD/ Karuna-Sakti DD]


Hare Krishna! Dear Guru Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories be to Srila Prabhupada and his Bhaktivedanta Purports!

All Glories to the Faithful followers of our divine Acarya!

Dear Gurudeva, praying that his energy be favorable to his Sankirtan, I write as part of the ASA Carnaval team in relation to the following 3 topics:

1- ASA – Encyclopedia:

In the most recent 'Kapi Dhvaja', you asked if we can work on ASA-encyclopedia.

Therefore, your servants, we allow ourselves to reiterate our willingness to do so. If you wish and it is possible, perhaps we could have a brief meeting to clarify some doubts we have in this regard.🙏

(Of course, in the presence of Abhinanda Prabhu).

ASA/HpS - Yes! Usually we have short meetings after breakfast around 9.45AM, and then longer meetings between 3.45and 5.45PM.

2- Vyasa Puja Doc:

In dtc 28[su] you wrote:

“now just couple pages of v-puja offerings that need to be opened, cut and pasted into a word file for later editing. can anyone do that? help us?”

Please let us know if we can collaborate in any way. 🤓

HpS/ASA - Thank you. Nandulal Das did it while we worked on a package for Bh. Maite and Spain.

3- Request for PPT slides

Dear Gurudeva, we would like to edit some videos, including the slides that you have made in your most recent presentations at ISKCON Houston. To this end, we humbly ask, is it possible for you to share the following presentations with us?

A) Epiphany

B) Happy New Year – ISKCON Houston

C) Bhaktivedanta Library PPTs – (Gita jayanti, Etc)

If you wish, you can share the above to the email [email protected]

asa/hps - we, agtSP, cannot find the exact shows we might have used, but we sent what might be relevant to the asacrnval whatsapp group.

we can try to share new shows more frequently.

Thank you very much for your kind attention, guidance and instruction.🙇

Always at your command, your aspiring disciple.

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi

ASA Carnival


[ASA Carnival Coordinating Team: Abhinanda D /Isvari Radha DD/ Karuna-Sakti DD]

HpS/ASA - Thank you. We only hope that whatever we do glorifies the book "KRSNA - The Supreme P' of G'head".

Look at more Blog Posts.

Chant some Japa (Banking) and go to Rice University program.

Radhika Hard core punk

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Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva AGTSP PAMHO

Here You have the link of Jambavan 's song: RADHIKA

You do not need to have the app in order to watch it. Later it is going to be posted in YouTube

He asked me to bring his New cd to Houston nevertheless the cd was not ready yet by the time I arrived to Houston

His New CD is called Mahavisnu. It is really nice to witness how a devotee can do what he likes and at the same time preach.

See You in cyber space



HpS/ASA - Thank, agtSP, him and you. we have not instagram but maybe others do. we watch for youtube.

dtc 5[mo]

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oink oink, whoop whoop 🐷... 🐵🐒🐒🐒

tired as 16,108 tired dogs.

Just Tweeted about our PPTX for the Rice University program on Wednesday.

You can download it at

Some nice looking mail in the blog, but have to rest our super atomic hare krsna 🐸


thank you!!!

CC ** Chapter 6 (Madhya Lila, volume 1)

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Hare Krishna, Maharaja and devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru and Gauranga.

Maharaja reminded me that I should report on a blog for Sunday morning ~ Srimad Bhagavatam workshop on weakly reading Sri Caitanya Caritamrta. On coming Sunday, we will start reading from Madhya Lila (Volume 1) ** Chapter 6 ~~ The Liberation of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. Last Sunday we completed reading the chapter 5 ** Activities of Saksi - Gopala. Thank you to Carlos for patiently translating nicely in Spanish language and tolerating my accent.

It is the mercy of Maharaja, to engage everyone in reading books of Srila Prabhupada.


Upendra dasa