5:15AM rolled oats!

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Hare Krishna!!!

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Dear Maharaja,

I am chanting 16 roundsandfollowingthefourprincipals.

FMP daily!

your servant,

Jaya-hari Das

ASA - Your association is very purifying for us. We have external differences because it is the material world. Yet, working together by your mercy and the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, our internal talents develop as members of the Sankirtan party of Sri Hari.


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Danvadat pranam Gurudeva,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

You are too kind! thank you for the mercy i desperately need & appreciate the encouragement.

my phone number is 415 XXX-XXXX

my Mailing address is

Loren Steele

X. X. X.

San Francisco

The painting was made by your disciple Ekashma Das, he lives near alachua now.

Recently you asked if i was still having problems along the lines of what I mentioned a few years back w the wart on my Leg. Thankfully im not. I follow the principles strictly. I did have a cup of green tea and piece of garlic bread offered to me recently but felt bad about that and plan no repeat there. Hoping just to take up what is favorable for devotional service and discard what is unfavorable. Thank you for your time, instructions, and your care. Please instruct me Gurudeva, I will do exactly what you say no excuses. Hare Krishna Hare Rama

HpS - ASA - Thank you. AgtSP! I think we deal with a lot of these topics in the paper letter.

It is now addressed, sealed and waiting to be stamped.

We will be your neighbors for one month.

Starting 16th May.

Coming for Rathayatra in Boise?

Set Filter for Calendar and I think you can see Ananta rupa Das, Boise Temple invitation.


your servant,

Loka Bandhu Rama Das

dtc [sa/7]

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We make progress, AGTSP!!! paoho... in devotional service. we learn tricks to control our voracious senses.

We have nice association in the Ashrama.


We (TB et al) just finished all the Priority Coded mail except for two.

Eyes dying.

Hari Bolo!

Hari Bolo!

We are happy we are smiling.

Let us kiss the marble where Srila Prabhupada just stepped.

[i] KRSNA [i]

Regional Rep. response (rolled oats)

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

Please accept our sincere obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I thank you for the answer (https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/13274/)

Indeed, it cannot be expected that the affairs of the ministry will always go in the best way, doubts and inconveniences will always arise. But that's okay, I'm learning to relate to people I can build with and get along sufficiently with those whose ideas and procedures are not compatible with ours. The world is not a cake with cream. For now, the hinges move!

Regarding the question you asked about what I thought of the Panamerican Symposium, something similar to what happened to you happened to me. I had a class that day that I couldn't postpone or cut short. I collaborated as much as I could with the organization and coordination, but I couldn't be present during the event.

Finally, you mention ASA. What will happen to ASA Gurudeva? I see that NIOS is consolidated as a corpus but ASA has the form of local and independent initiatives. What plans do you have for ASA in the future? How do you see it? Can I participate in any of those plans?

HpS - You can write a regular article for the Kapi Dhvaja each fortnight or month for a few months!

Your servant

Gandharva das

Miss Yulisa, el Ramayana y otros - [Jaya Hari Dasa]

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Hk pamho

Querido Gurudeva, me alegra que continúe sus documentales. Tal vez, en alguno pueda incluir una historia, dramatización con más actores, en cortos, películas, la música es muy importante. Creo que si va a España Vrsavanu pondrá el toque femenino. En audio visuales el fondo y la forma son igual de importantes. Son sólo humildes sugerencias.

Mi servicio ahora es de profesora de colegio de primaria y los fines de semana harinama con Prabhu Kolaveca, un devoto antiguo, gran distribuidor en su juventud nos reunimos con Prabhu Puspa, Prabhu Rupa y otros, me gusta esa asociación, porque son gente ejemplar completamente dedicados a la prédica, pienso que deberían haber más distribuidores, desarrollan mucho la empatía con las personas, son veraces, humildes, se les ve felices y eso se ve reflejado en sus tratos con los demás.

Estoy visitando iglesias cercanas que atienden normalmente, así salgo de la rutina y la atmosfera de música y canto me agrada. Ahí puedo cantar rondas. El templo sigue abriendo sólo los domingos, es una pena. Es una lucha trabajar como profesor y cantar, ahora ya estoy habituada, los meses pasados fueron duros, dormía poco, temía enfermar. Tuve que hacer cambios, estuve mucho tiempo sin trabajar. Siempre prefiero a los niños por su energía y entusiasmo.

En Perú desde antes que Ud. se fuera, la gente estaba más relajada de la pandemia, ahora por ejemplo mis clases son presenciales. Los niños son de 8 a 12 años. Estoy enseñando comunicación entre los cursos que se enseñan son Plan lector. Se lee mucho y eso me agrada. Creo que tantos gritos de los niños y la mascarilla ya no escucho bien. Iniciamos las clase con una oración, ahora cada día leerán una oración de diferentes religiones, estoy pensando en alguna de nuestro movimiento, se le ocurre alguna? No puede ser el mantra.

En la clase de compresión lectora incluiré algunos pasajes Ramayana, y los cuestionarios que voy haciendo los guardare en un registro, tal vez en el futuro sean de utilidad. Así pronuncian Rama. A los más pequeños les adaptaré la historia de Hanuman.

Estoy feliz por las bendiciones de Krsna, me permite tener asociación pero también me protege, sigo feliz siendo célibe, definitivamente creo que es lo mejor para mí. Algunas piensan que eso es anormal a mi me parece anormal tener tantas parejas, las personas somos diferentes. Estamos de pasada por aquí, somos un león solitario que evita a gente tóxica, que le gusta vivir pacíficamente y libre. Ahora el reto es estudiar las escrituras, continuar con ello. Deme sus bendiciones, creo que ese es mi pedido.

Su hija que lo adora:

Yugala Kishora Dasi


hk pam ho

Dear Gurudeva, I am glad that you are continuing the documentaries of him. Perhaps, in some you can include a story, dramatization with more actors, in shorts, movies, music is very important.

HpS - Yes, but we don't want it to be documentary of HpS, rather Tom Brown and Buck white in the principle part.

I think that if Vrsavanu goes to Spain, she will add the feminine touch.

ASA - ... and Hari vamsi! He will add the muchacho touch.

In audio visuals, background and form are equally important. They are just humble suggestions.

My service now is as a primary school teacher and on the flourma weekends with Prabhu Kolaveca, an old devotee, a great distributor in his youth, we meet with Prabhu Puspa, Prabhu Rupa and others, I like that association, because they are completely exemplary people. dedicated to preaching, I think there should be more distributors, they develop a lot of empathy with people, they are truthful, humble, they seem happy and that is reflected in their dealings with others.

ASA - Kolaveca Sridhara Das, Puspa gopal Das.... !!!

I am visiting nearby churches that attend normally, so I get out of the routine and the atmosphere of music and singing pleases me. There I can sing rounds. The temple is still open only on Sundays, it's a shame. It's a struggle to work as a teacher and sing, now I'm used to it, the past few months were hard, I slept little, I was afraid of getting sick. I had to make changes, I was a long time without working. I always prefer children for their energy and enthusiasm.

ASA - Super, Yugala kishore Das... Super. Mercy of Krsna.

In Peru, since before you left, people were more relaxed about the pandemic, now, for example, my classes are face-to-face. The children are from 8 to 12 years old. I am teaching communication between the courses that are taught are Reading Plan. He reads a lot and I like that. I think that so many screams from the children and the mask I no longer hear well. We started the class with a prayer, now every day they will read a prayer from different religions, I am thinking of one of our movement, can you think of one? It can't be the mantra.

ASA - https://vedabase.io/es/library/sb/1/8/9/ and https://vedabase.io/es/library/sb/1/8/10/


In the reading comprehension class I will include some Ramayana passages, and the questionnaires that I am doing I will keep in a record, perhaps in the future they will be useful. This is how they pronounce Rama. For the little ones I will adapt the story of Hanuman.

I am happy because of Krsna's blessings, He allows me to have association but He also protects me, I am still happy being celibate, I definitely think it is the best for me. Some think that this is abnormal, it seems abnormal to me to have so many partners, people are different. We are passing through here, we are a lonely lion who avoids toxic people, who likes to live peacefully and freely. Now the challenge is to study the scriptures, continue with it. Give me your blessings, I think that is my request.

HpS - You already have so much blessings! We pray that Krsna shows you the areas where you must make improvement!

His daughter who adores him:

Yugala Kishora Dasi

[5:15] Deva-Vrata das de Córdoba

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(Traducido con google. Abajo en español)

Hare Krsna Gurudev.

My obeisances at your lotus feet

ASA - Pies de manzana.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all glories to you!!

ASA - AgtSP. Little glories to us. .000001% glories.

Here Deva-Vrata das from Córdoba, Argentina.

I hope you are well Gurudev, surely you are because you are a very intimate servant of Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - We are struggling. Now our eyes are getting weak. Not such computer work soon.

Thanks for the daily contact at FMP.

ASA - If we did not have it we would be sleeping.

The spiritual life we ​​believe continues to advance, by your mercy.

Japa, prasadam, reading, study, association with devotees, distribution of books. In April 192 books and 10 Bhagavad Gitas.

ASA - Nityananda! Nityananda! Nityananda! =[;D]/\____

I began to participate in the communication activities of the Solaris magazine. And I was working on a book review of "The Teachings of Caitanya Mahaprabhu" for Solaris.

HpS - Such discussion inspires people to read books.

I'm fine. Thank you gurudev for your presence in the heart.

False ego issue: I was talking to an astrologer. I want to better understand my psycho-physical conditioning. He looked at my birth chart and told me a few things. Nothing new, things I already knew...

One question Gurudev... he told me to take Bach flowers... is that good? What do you think?

HpS - From reliable sources we heard that Srila Prabhupada would use fragrances for health. I don't know is Bach method is good or not. Chant Hare Krsna and try it.

I say goodbye gurudev.

I hope the movie project continues to go from strength to strength.

Thanks for everything.

Deva-Vrata das.


Hare Krsna Gurudev.

Mis reverencias a tus pies de loto

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada y todas las glorias a ti!!

Aquí Deva-Vrata das de Córdoba, Argentina.

Espero que estés bien Gurudev, seguramente así es porque eres un sirviente muy íntimo de Srila Prabhupada.

Gracias por el contacto diario en FMP.

La vida espiritual creemos que sigue avanzando, por tu misericordia.

Japa, prasadam, lectura, estudio, asociación con devotos, distribución de libros. En abril 192 libros y 10 Bhagavad Gitas.

Comencé a participar en las actividades de comunicación de la revista Solaris. Y estuve trabajando en una reseña del libro de "Las enseñanzas de Caitanya Mahaprabhu" para Solaris.

Estoy bien. Gracias gurudev por tu presencia en el corazón.

Cuestión ego falso: estuve hablando con un astrólogo. Quiero entender mejor mi condicionamiento psico-físico.

Miró mi cartal astral y me contó algunas cosas. Nada nuevo, cosas que ya sabía...

Una pregunta Gurudev... él me indicó que tomara flores de Bach... es bueno eso? Qué piensas?

Me despido gurudev.

Espero que el proyecto de la película siga avanzando viento en popa.

Gracias por todo.

Deva-Vrata das.