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Hare Krishna Maharaj! How r u?

HpS/ASA - We, agtSP, are eternal, but our body is struggling with strong allergy. 😃

I’ve been a kind of busy and couldn’t do the X (Twitter) sign up in order to follow u. So I’m going to catch up with your news.

ASA - Very nice!

So I stopped smoking like a month or so, and been following again the 4 principles. I prayed to Krishna and took shelter in Srimad Bhagavatam, and my sorrows were gone. So that harsh trip left me with some new add-ons to my sadhana, now, whenever I feel kind of down, I read the Bhagavatam, or play some devotional music (that last one in particular has been my shelter lately) and always feel that my energies are renewed.

ASA - 💪💪💪🐒

So I keep doing Kirtan every morning, and chanting the 16 rounds, trying to chant boldly, like to suggested me. My life has been better overall.

I’m feeling more confident regarding my child’s custody trial, I have an audience with the judge, my child and her mother this coming week, so I would like to please ask for your mercy and blessings so I can be Krishna’s instrument in court.

Yesterday I visited ISKCON Buenos Aires and was missing your classes in that temple, do you have any plans to visit us?

I’ll try to attend some of your online classes again, the other day I watch one of them in which you were showing your drawings, which I really liked!

Well hope Maharaj you are always well!!!

thanks again for encouraging me in this path!

Please accept my obeisances!


Federico Molnar

HpS - You can see our travel plans etc at www.JayaRama.US/news.htm and in the [X] posts!! 🙂

your news is really super. we expect you to be traveling and preaching like Narada Muni if you continue with this Bhagavata road!!!

Hope your Sankirtan with your daughter is and the whole family is increasing.

You integrated with BsAs temple much?


Hare Krishna, dear gurudev, Pamho, AGTSP!

This is the letter from a very nice devotee from Argentina that happen to be my student.

Hare Krishna, my obeisances, respected Maharaja:


                                                    I am writing to you Maharaja for the invitation to a Congress at the University where I study. My name is Dhenupal das and I am finishing my thesis to receive my Bachelor's degree, together with my Director Dr. Engineer Vincitorio Fabio, Tec. Gabriela Barja, Srivas Takhur das, Ramananda das, from other Universities, in Argentina (UTN, UNL, UDAM) , Dr Giovanni Pelaez Perú (USAN of Arequipa) and Mexico Mg. Biologist Maria Acosta (Arkansas State University, Querátaro Campus, Mexico) we are intervening directly with the students, the title of the work is “Supporting University Students with Yoga Micro-Tools”, and in this way we were able to present ourselves at an Education Congress in Innovation”, 2023, with great success, with its publication. We will attach a link where you will see a video that was presented at the Congress.

The point is that after this study was carried out, we continue to do the research more specifically in different places and now that we are at a higher level of relationships.

we see the good opportunity to hold a Congress, and that is why I am writing to you, first to me. master of Bhakti Shastri and Pada Padma, Lakmana Agraha gives his disciple.

There are three topics to be discussed in Congress:




That any of the topics to be discussed you can speak to an audience entirely of students, professors and authorities of the Universities mentioned above. It is not aimed at devotees.

We are also inviting researchers who have a special empathy in Social Sciences, Economics (Minister of Economy of my province), Human Sciences, Psychology of Carl Jung, Engineers, Biologists, specialists of the 2030 Agenda, who are linked by scientific contacts , from various countries.

And as we understand that we also have educated devotees whom we know well for their oratory and intelligence and professionalism, such as Parampadam das (Argentina, with his thesis that he received as a Bachelor), Satyaki das (Argentina- National University of Rosario), each devotee will be selected and invited with certain evaluation criteria proposed by the same organization. Arjuna Sakha das (Argentina), who has a degree in communication, will be in charge of presenting the event.

There are not always opportunities to coordinate, carry out, execute, and also through a zoom and in-person platform.

The proposed date is in October the first week, it will be two consecutive days: 1/8/2024 and 2/8/2024. (August 1st and 2nd)

hps - agtSP. thank you, so much. as you can see we are taking a little time to answer our mail unless it gets pushed under our nose as priority.

"...The proposed date is in October the first week..." but then you list August 1st and 2nd?

In August we will be in USA with all internet facility.

In October we will be in Spain or India.

Topic we have developed is: Science, Psyche and Spirituality - The encounter of Prof. Carl Gustav Jung with the Bhaktisiddhanta of classical India.


We do not do it on another date because we are invited by another conference to be held in September, in different parts of the country that the team must attend.

HDG, already gave us his ok to participate in it, from KKS with him we started a small special course for devotees of his recent research and we await your response in these days and we would really like you to confirm us. In this way we will continue in this communication process.

My most respected obeisances,

 Dhenupal das

Hare Krishna!

HpS - Thank you LaD... Please forward the letter!

dtc 6[mo]

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eyes are finished! 🙂


lot of letters read and answered.

was 90% perfect day in sankirtan,

learning eternal facts, acts, daily.

now is time to rest.

attend Radha Natavara Sanga.

if we don't answer an important letter within three days, you can notify us by WhatsApp or during FMP!

Little gnats are bugging us!


"even fleas have little fleas that bite them", Wm. Blake

Thank you!

Viaje a España, sankirtan en ISKCON, etc.

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Hare Krishna Gurudev

Please accept my humble and respectful obeisances

All glories be to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you Gurudev

Thank you for your response to my previous letter, Gurudev

Precisely with what you tell me in your response, I am processing my passport to be able to travel to Spain and be able to have your association... Gurudev please give me your blessings to be able to travel to Spain and have your association.

HpS/ ASA - HAre KRsnA!!! 🙂

Prahlada Maharaja said SB 7.9.24: "My dear Lord, now I have complete experience concerning the worldly opulence, mystic power, longevity and other material pleasures enjoyed by all living entities, from Lord Brahmā down to the ant. As powerful time, You destroy them all. Therefore, because of my experience, I do not wish to possess them. My dear Lord, I request You to place me in touch with Your pure devotee and let me serve him as a sincere servant." 🙏🙏🙏

I hope everything goes well with your ticket and is resolved.

HpS - It was! It was the confusion of the banks in Europe talking to the Banks in USA???

Gurudev, in the previous letter you say: "Your Sankirtan etc. sounds like you are on the right path. Just try to improve it even daily. Try to do your own individual, eternal work, service to Krsna and Srila Prabhupada, and try to develop Sankirtan relations to others, institutionally and friendly. Play you instrument in the orchestra, but try to harmonize, inspire, others in their parts."

Sorry Gurudev, but I couldn't quite understand what you were telling me, sorry... could you explain a little more?

HpS - Try looking at NoI 3, Near the end of the purport is about Niscayad. Sticking to and improving, not changing the path.

Achintya bheda a bheda. Realize that every horn in the orchestra is essential, but without the orchestra the individual horn has not got much meaning.

Answering your question, I started Bhakti Vaivabha with Param Padam prabhu. Do you think it's OK?

HpS - I think so. I have not had much contact with Prabhu and his program for a long time. Anything which gets us to read Prabhupada's books (systematically) is great!!

My respects to him.

Thanks for everything Gurudev, I hope to see you in Spain or wherever.

Trying to find my place in the world and under your lotus feet...

HpS - AgtSP!!!!!

Thank you for letter!

Deva Vrata das


Hare Krsna Gurudev

Por favor acepte mi humildes y respetuosas reverencias

Todas las glorias sean a Srila Prabhupada 

Todas las glorias a usted Gurudev

Gracias por su respuesta a mi carta anterior, Gurudev

justamente con lo que me cuentas en la respuesta, estoy tramitando mi pasaporte para poder viajar a España y poder tener tu asociación... Gurudev por favor deme su bendiciones para poder viajar a España y poder tener su asociación.

Prahlada Maharaja dijo SB 7.9.24: "Mi querido Señor, ahora poseo una experiencia completa acerca de la opulencia mundana, el poder místico, la longevidad y otros placeres materiales de que disfrutan todas las entidades vivientes, desde el Señor Brahmā hasta la hormiga. Todo eso lo destruyes Tú en Tu poderosa forma del tiempo. Por lo tanto, y gracias a mi experiencia, no deseo poseer nada de eso. Mi querido Señor, Te pido que me pongas en contacto con Tu devoto puro y me permitas servirle como un sirviente sincero."🙏🙏🙏

Espero que todo vaya bien con tu pasaje y se solucione.

Gurudev, en la carta anterior tu dices: "Tu Sankirtan, etc. parece que estás en el camino correcto. Intenta mejorarlo incluso a diario. Trate de hacer su propio trabajo individual y eterno, servicio a Krsna y Srila Prabhupada, y trate de desarrollar relaciones de Sankirtan con los demás, institucionalmente y amistosamente. Toca tu instrumento en la orquesta, pero intenta armonizar e inspirar a los demás en sus partes."

Disculpa Gurudev, pero no pude entender bien lo que me dices, disculpas... ¿me podrías explicar un poco más?

Respondiendo a tu pregunta, el Bhakti Vaivabha lo comencé con Param Padam prabhu. ¿Te parece bien?

Gracias por todo Gurudev, Espero verte en España o donde sea.

Tratando de encontrar mi lugar en el mundo y bajo tus pies de loto...

Deva Vrata das


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Todas Las glorias a nuestro Maestro Espiritual eterno Srila Prabhupada🙏

Hare Krsna muy querido y siempre recordado Gurumaharaja, por favor acepte mis sinceras reverencias🙏

Disculpe por favor por no haberle escrito antes, pero el servicio en la hospedería está un poco intenso por esta temporada. Prabhu Jambula es muy estricto y exigente en realizar un buen servicio de prédica con el hospedaje, eso es muy bueno, me permite aprender a dejar la mediocridad que usualmente tenemos los latinos.

Gurudeva, cuando veo a Radha Govinda Candra yo le envío a usted muchas muchas cartas a través del corazón. Y cuando escucho a mis hermanos espirituales me recuerdan más a usted! Ellos son como expansiones de usted, fuentes de amor incondicional, siempre dispuestos a darme servicio devocional, palabras que calman mi mente y hacerme sentir en familia. Yo no entiendo muchas cosas de la cultura europea y la verdad es que NO QUIERO ENTENDERLAS, el feminismo, consumismo, sentimentalismo y más absurdos ´ismos´ Después de haber viajado por Sudamérica y ahora en Europa puedo decir que este mundo ES UNA TRAMPA, PURA ILUSIÓN, UNA ESTAFA! Una película repetida!

El otro día madre Satvica (la pujari principal de NVM) me vió tan desanimada que me dijo algo real: ESTE LUGAR ES GOLOKA VRINDAVAN, ES EL MUNDO ESPIRITUAL, TENEMOS A RADHA GOVINDA CANDRA HACIENDO SUS PASATIEMPOS TRASCENDENTALES EN ESTE MOMENTO… TIENES QUE VER CON ESOS OJOS! Y por un instante, unos segundos vi a los niños como vaqueritos y gopis del Krsna Book… NVM es tan especial que cada vez que quiero irme me atrapa más… Los devotos mayores que viven acá están tan decepcionados de este mundo material… hoy vi a Mahajan cantar en el kirtan mientras le lloraba a Radha Govinda Candra… fue tan potente su sentimiento que mi Paramatma vibró muy fuerte!!!


Gurumaharaja,la idea de que podamos volver a tener su misericordiosa asociación me entusiasma mucho!! Nosotros, su ejército de monos, lo esperamos en NVM 🐵 🐵 Leí la respuesta que le dió a Madre Madhumanjari. Ya me comuniqué con ella para coordinar su estadía en NVM, las madres peruanas estamos súper felices de tener la asociación de Madre Madhumanjari. Estamos a su servicio Gurumaharaja 🙏

Perdone mis ofensas


Intentando servirlo

Yasoda Devi Dasi (Sita? Devaki? Yamuna?...)


All glories to our eternal Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada🙏

Hare Krsna much loved and always remembered Gurumaharaja, please accept my sincere obeisances🙏

Please excuse me for not writing to you sooner, but the service at the inn is a little intense this season. Prabhu Jambula is very strict and demanding in providing a good preaching service with the accommodation, that is very good, it allows me to learn to leave the mediocrity that we Latinos usually have.

Gurudeva, when I see Radha Govinda Candra I send you many many letters through my heart. And when I listen to my spiritual brothers they remind me more of you! They are like expansions of you, sources of unconditional love, always ready to give me devotional service, words that calm my mind and make me feel like family. I don't understand many things about European culture and the truth is that I DON'T WANT TO UNDERSTAND THEM, feminism, consumerism, sentimentalism and more absurd 'isms'. After having traveled through South America and now in Europe I can say that this world IS A TRAP, PURE ILLUSION, A SCAM! A movie repeated!

HpS -


And for an instant, a few seconds I saw the children as little cowherds and gopis from the Krsna Book... NVM is so special that every time I want to leave it catches me more... The older devotees who live here are so disappointed in this material world... today I saw Mahajan sang in the kirtan while crying to Radha Govinda Candra... his feeling was so powerful that my Paramatma vibrated very strongly!!!


Gurumaharaja, the idea that we can once again have your merciful association excites me very much!!

We, his monkey army, are waiting for him at NVM 🐵 🐵 I read the reply she gave to Mother Madhumanjari.

I already contacted her to coordinate her stay at NVM, Peruvian mothers are super happy to have Mother Madhumanjari's association. We are at the service of her Gurumaharaja 🙏

Forgive my offenses


Trying to serve it

Yasoda Devi Dasi (Sita? Devaki? Yamuna?...)

HpS - Jaya!! AgtSP.

a g t SP!!!


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Hare Krishna, Gurudev.

we are using speech to text converter primarily because we are not able to understand what to do.

we are up at 3:27 a.m. and all we remember is like our situation is like Lord Brahma not knowing what to do, if not fearful.

hence writing to you with, it's a mind rambling we find out that it's best to pray.

and we were praying 'Hare Krishna Hare Krishna' Mantra

but then we realize, 'what does it mean', what do you want to communicate from this?

blessing us with the state of knowledge?

Or to pray for the offences which we have done to the Lord ...


what is the prayer?

what are it components what should be motives of the prayer ? and some other highlights which you can give.

HpS - A meaning of the mantra could be to ask Hare, to please ask Rama and Krsna to engage usd their service. Hare Krsna. Hare Rama.

We heard srila prabhupada told guru kripa swami that he could chant in the mood of th siksatakam. we read he said that we can chant in the mood of the siksastakam verse, 'ayi nanda...;/

other meanings specific to us will be revealed as we come to higher stages of 'adau sraddha, sadhu sang... " BG 4.10 purport.


It is an unlimited question.

What does Radha mean when she says, "Krsna, Krsna, Krsna!"