Govinda Ji!...Happy Guru purnima. Bhakti Charu Swami, Jay!...Pandaveya Spain.

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Feliz Guru Purnima Guru Deva!!!!

Jaya Sanatana Goswami!!!!

Jay Bhakti Charu Swami!!!

Jay Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara!!!!

I hope He is laughing right now with his Guru Deva, Srila Prabhupada.

ASA - Or maybe crying in relief to meet again.

I hope that You find yourself the best, Guru deva, in all aspects.

HpS - Only death is good. Then real life can start, unless we use the things in this world to preach ie. lead people to die.

I have been very saddened by the departure of Bhakti Charu Swami, I had his indirect association on a few occasions in Spain and India, and much for his classes. It has been one of my references to advance within Krsna consciousness. There are people with a sweetness in their personality that surprise me a lot, a little like milk is surprised by oil.

I have no doubt that he is with Krsna, Prabhupada and all the rock. I am almost certain that in a little while he will return to care for the devotees, and preach.


I would like to tell you about an experience that I have had in relation to the departure of Maharaja, I am sure it is because I know that he was very critical for days, but even so I really liked the experience.

Perhaps, by singing a few rounds for Him, and the austerity of a full fast in ekadasi honored for His pleasure, perhaps, my subconscious was very sensitive to His person.

The day he left, like an hour or two before I knew anything about his death, I think I was singing a few rounds, I think the mid-day rounds, I could see him in my heart and in my mind, in the rounds, and I greeting and said goodbye to him. Tears came out of my eyes remembering with him good moments in Malaga and Mayapur, he was also very excited and surprised, I imagine that because of the affection I felt for him. I guess he didn't expect it ... When we said goodbye, I gave him dandavats and pranamas, and when I touched his feet and put dust on my head from the path of his feet, I started to jump like a monkey and I ran in the opposite direction, chanting Hare Krsna. I think he was very surprised to see a devotee go into mental ecstasy thinking about the dust on his lotus feet.

A few hours later I saw that he had passed away, and I wondered if he was saying hello to everyone on his farewell journey.

HpS - When the sun rises it smiles on everyone!

I hope he is very happy in his future service. It makes me a little envious, good, to think how he is enjoying the fruits of his intense devotional service to his Gurudeva, Prabhupada, and Radha Krsna.

He is a person who makes my heart softer and softer.

I hope you have a very good day, especially this auspicious day of the Guru.

My humblest obeisances Guru deva.

Accept my humblest respects and surrender.

I hope you have a very intense day with your Guru deva, Srila Prabhupada.

Hare Krsna.

HpS - More in the foreground we can try to learn more and more of his practical projects as they relate to us and how we can push them with our personal abilities. Of course, this is development of eternal relationships in the Traveling Road Show. AGTSP! Paoho.

KDPC Tarangaksi dd

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Hare Krishna. Gurudeva.

Please accept my humble obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

With a lot of happiness, I write you after a long time. I hope you are in good health and with the protection of Lord Nrisimhadeva.

After the return of Mataji Rukmini dd from USA, we had stayed together in quarantine. That was a great opportunity to share realizations and experiences of life. Also, we had the opportunity to make a bio-garden at home. Mataji Rukmini grew texan zucchinis, tomatoes, red peppers, lentils, beans and potatoes.

With mataji Gauri and Devahuti's help, we're taking care the bio-garden and chanting Hare Krishna to the plants. We're learning about the natural cares for the plants, without insecticides, pesticides neither chemical agents.

We hope this could be an incentive to other people to make a bio-garden.

After the harvest, all will be offer to the Owner of everything in our altar Nimay Caitanya Candra (You named our deities).

Dear Gurudeva, we're trying to connect daily to FMP program and have your merciful association. We like so much to listen your classes and sometimes, when I have a doubt, I ask to my elder god-brothers. We have the desire to continue learning and take Krishna Consciousness with maturity and knowledge, under your guidance and through your instructions and realizations.

Now, I work and do service from home. During the week, by phone callings I'm talking with relatives, friends and friends of my friends about the cares of the physical, mental and spiritual health.

I'm applying some ayurveda knowledges that Rupanuga Prabhu taught me. I usually talk with him and I share him the classes, commentaries and realizations that you transmit us.

Guru Maharaja, all over this time that I know Krishna Conciousness (that is more than 20 years), I'm recently understanding the importance of being in constantly purification (each moment) through the Sadhana Bhakti, rounds and progressive study. In addition, I'm trying to have an appropriate life style with enthusiasm and with a deep desire to raise Krishna Consciousness in ourselves and the others. I'm trying each day (it's a constant battle) to serve with love, sincerity, humility, balance, detachment and in general, surrender to Krishna. Also, I'm trying that my thoughts, words and actions head towards goodness, and by the mercy of Guru Krishna to the transcendence.

Dear Gurudeva, thanks a lot, thank you infinitely for all your mercy that you give us in each moment, for all your constant effort and dedication... all of this is admirable!!! I wish to be always at your service with love and without conditions.

Please, take care a lot. May Nrishmadeva always protects you.

Trying to serve,

Tarangaksi Devi Dasi

HpS - Hmmm? Zucinni and potatoes? What is your source of edible oil? Will you fry anything? I think Lord Nrsmhadeva likes fried potatoes, zucinni etc. Hare Krsna... Hare Rama. Your potential is unlimited!

KDPC - Invitation Universidad Católica de Chile international symposium - URGENT!

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Hare Krishna Maharaja !


I hope you are in good health or best as is possible.

I’m writing by Arjuna Das' requirement, your disciple in charge of ASA and NIOS Chile.

Universidad Católica Aesthetics Institute has sent an invitation to you and NIOS to participate in an online congress they are organizing for october this year, with the same approach they were working with you et al. during 2019.

This year event its called “Colloquium: Nature and Sacrality, Human Stillness, Animal and Vegetal Action”

Your theme last year was “Bhagavat and the Ecology Light of Asia”

Will be a 4 days online symposium through ZOOM with audience, one time by week divided by subject matter every wednesday at 6 pm Chile time, 5 pm Nashville time:

October 7: Christianism 

October 14: Tribal and Indigenous Traditions 

October 21: The Asian Vision 

October 28: Action and Contingency

The final deadline date to deliver your theme and proposal its Friday july 24th. 

Arjuna Das is coordinating directly with organizers into UC, but he asked to me I write this “formal” summary to let you know and also your disciples, followers and well-wishers. 

There are the possibility that your disciple Abhirama Thakur Das and your Friend Héctor Bejar they also participate in this seminar. So, ABRTD has already been informed. He will send a letter to you in a few hours more about it.  

UC pretends to publicate all these colloquium dialogues into their Aesthesis Magazine special edition. 

I include an abstract of their invitation and also original file invitation pictures attached.

Thank you very much for everything you do for all of us.

Your aspiring servant,



The goal of this online meetings is to initiate an interreligious dialogue between the american indigenous, christian and asian world and people involved into ecological action, based on sacred space conception, protection of environment and interrelation of human beings with nature from the philosophical, religious and aesthetics diverse points of view.

Reducing CO2 emissions and confinement of humans seem to be a source of relief for biodiversity and reappropriation by animals of their environment, wondering us what would happen if this period were a turning points for humanity.

Problems that affect humanity today, such as global warming, climate change, loss of biodiversity, forest fires, among others, will still present and continue there after we emerge from the global health emergency this pandemic has caused.

It is a call to share knowledgement and reflections based on religious education experience, performance of rites, arts and cultures researching and about concrete actions of projects actually in development. Allow dialogue between various manifestations, providing society other ways of attending to and apprehending the return to innerself of being for external expansion of nature, appreciating the interrelation of dualities (feminine-masculine, natural-supernatural, sacred- profane, religious-secular), without taking any of them to extreme, but allowing harmonious balance.

HpS - AgtSP!!! Thank you so much for this effort. We got information of this symposium in another letter from ArtD and made an answer ( that we didn't understand the content of the symposium. Now with this Abstract it is more clear.

O.K. We can plan to participate. The following is a good title and summary of our article?

"Bhagavad-gita and a Cosmovision of the Web of Life"

Cutting the top off of a destructive weed does little to destroy its influence if the same weed will regrow quickly within a few days from an every enhanced root. The "Bhagavad-gita" and vast resources of the Sanskrit culture of ancient India, present a very penetrating view of our relation to celestial, human, subhuman and non-living matter, how they are energetically related and what is the fundamental motive of their relationship.

Once these broad structual and dynamic bases are clear, then working out the details of managing the ecology and resources becomes easy, like adjusting the position of painter's easel to take advantage of the sun's light.

Sri Guru Carana Padma

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HpS - Thank you! I don't know how it just became four verses in ISKCON. Maybe Srila Prabhupada edited it so that it was not too long for a Guru puja arati.

But it is so nice. Thank you...

Hare Krsna,

Please receive my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

The following is what I have copied from Notice there are 10 verses. We sing four. Also notice the word for word translation.

your servant

Amrta Devi dasi

<img src="" alt="" height="104" width="215">

Krsna Kirtana Songs est. 2001                                                                                                                                        

Song Name: Sri Guru Carana Padma

Official Name: Song 1; Guru Vandana (Verses 1 to 4)

Author: Narottama Dasa Thakura

Book Name: Prema Bhakti Candrika

Language: Bengali



śrī-guru-caraṇa-padma, kevala-bhakati-sadma,

bando muñi sāvadhāna mate

jāhāra prasāde bhāi, e bhava toriyā jāi,

kṛṣṇa-prāpti hoy jāhā ha'te



guru-mukha-padma-vākya, cittete koribo aikya,

ār nā koriho mane āśā

śrī-guru-caraṇe rati, ei se uttama-gati,

je prasāde pūre sarva āśā



cakṣu-dān dilo jei, janme janme prabhu sei,

divya jñān hṛde prokāśito

prema-bhakti jāhā hoite, avidyā vināśa jāte,

vede gāy jāhāra carito



śrī-guru karuṇā-sindhu, adhama janāra bandhu,

lokanāth lokera jīvana

hā hā prabhu koro doyā, deho more pada-chāyā,

ebe jaśa ghuṣuk tribhuvana



vaiṣṇava caraṇa reṇu, bhūṣaṇa koriyā tanu,

yāhā hoite anubhava hoy

mārjana hoy bhajana, sādhu sańge anukṣaṇa,

ajñāna avidyā parājaya



jaya sanātana rūpa, prema bhakti rasa kūpa

yugala ujjvalamaya tanu

yāhāra prasāde loka, pāsarilo sab śoka,

prakaṭa kalapa taru janu



prema bhakti rīti yoto, nija granthe suvekata

likhiyāchen dui mahāśaya

yāhāra śravaṇa hoite, premānande bhāse cite,

yugala madhura rasāśraya



yugala kiśora prema, lakṣa bāṇa yeno hema

heno dhana prakāśilo yārā

jaya rūpa sanātana, deho more prema dhana

se ratana more gole hārā



bhāgavata śāstra marma, nava vidhā bhakti dharma,

sadāi koribo susevana

anya devāśraya nāi, tomāre kohilo bhāi,

ei bhakti parama bhajana



sādhu śāstra guru vākya, hṛdoye koriyā aikya,

satata bhāsibo prema mājhe

karmī jñānī bhakti hīna, ihāke koribo bhina,

narottama ei tattva gāje





śrī-guru-caraṇa-padmaS–the lotus feet of our spiritual master; kevala – only; bhakati–pure devotional service; sadma–the abode; vando muñi–I bow down; sāvadhāna mate–with great care and attention; yāhāra prasāde–by whose mercy; bhāi–O my dear brothers!; e bhava–this material existence; toriyā yāi–crossing over; kṛṣṇa-prāptiri –obtaining Kṛṣṇa; hoyGur– there is; yāhā haite–by which.



guru-mukha-padma–the lotus mouth of the spiritual master; vākya–the words; cittete–with your heart; koribo aikya – I will make one; ār–anything else; –do not; koriho mane–consider in the mind; āśā–desires; śrīguru-caraṇeu–to the lotus feet of the spiritual master; rati–attachment; ei–this; sei–that; uttama-gati–ultimate goal; ye prasāde–by which mercy; pūre–fulfills; sarva āśā–all desires.



cakṣu-dān –the gift of transcendental vision; dilo yei–who has given; janme janme–birth after birth; prabhu sei–he is my lord; divya-jñān– divine knowledge; hṛdeC–in the heart; prokāśito–is revealed; prema bhakti–loving devotional service; yāhā hoite–by which; avidyā– ignorance; vināśa yāte–is destroyed; vede–in the Vedic scriptures; gāy–is sung; yāhāra carito–whose character.



śrī-guru–O spiritual master!; karuṇā-sindhua–O ocean of mercy!; adhama janāra–of the fallen souls; bandhu–the friend; lokanāth–O Lokanātha Goswami (or master of the planets)!; lokera jīvana–the life of all people; hā hā–alas! alas!; prabhu–O master!; koro doyā–please be merciful; deho more–give to me; pada-chāyā–the shade of your lotus feet; ebe–now; yaśa–fame; ghuṣukr–may it be proclaimed; tri-bhuvana–throughout the three worlds



vaiṣṇava caraṇaana – the feet of the Vaisnavas; reṇu – dust; bhūṣaṇaPa – jewels; koriyā – making; tanu – body; yāhā hoite – by which; anubhava hoy – there is affectionate feelings; mārjana – cleaning; hoy bhajana – there is devotional worship, sādhu sańge – association of saintly persons; anukṣaṇadm – continuously; ajñāna – ignorance; avidyā – lack of knowledge; parājaya – becomes defeated



jaya – all glories; sanātana – Srila Sanatana Goswami; rūpa – Srila Rupa Goswami; prema bhakti – loving devotional service; rasa – nectar; kūpa – a deep well; yugala – the Divine Couple; ujjvalamaya – full of effulgence; tanu – body; yāhāra – by whose; prasāde – mercy; loka - planets, pāsarilo – one could surpass; sab śoka – all forms of grief; prakaṭaa – appears; kalapa taru – desire trees; janu – these personalities



prema bhakti – loving devotional service; rīti – tradition; yoto – that is, nija – one’s own; granthe – scripture; suvekata – these great identities; likhiyāchen – it has been written; dui – two; mahāśaya – great intelligent personalities; yāhāra śravaṇa  – by hearing about them; hoite premānande bhāse – there is language of ecstatic love; cite – in the heart; yugala – the Divine Couple; madhura rasa āśraya – shelter in the sweet mellows



yugala kiśora – the Youthful Divine Couple; prema - love, lakṣa bāṇaKe – the target of an archer’s arrow; yeno – by whose; hema – gold; heno – such; dhana – wealth; prakāśilo – has illuminated; yārā – their; jaya – all glories; rūpa – Srila Rupa Goswami; sanātana – Srila Sanatana Goswami; deho more – my body; prema – divine love; dhana – wealth; se ratana – this jewel; more – my; gole hārā – a necklace around my neck



bhāgavata – Srimad Bhagavatam; śāstra – scripture; marma – rule; nava vidhā bhakti – nine fold process of devotional service; dharma – religious duties and principles; sadāi – always; koribo – I will do; susevana – perform loving service; anya – others; devāśraya – taking refuge in demigods; nāi - no, tomāre – to you; kohilo – I have said; bhāi – O brother; ei – this; bhakti – devotional service; parama – the topmost; bhajana – devotional worship



sādhu – saintly persons; śāstra – scriptures; guru – spiritual master; vākya – words; hṛdoyev – in the heart; koriyā aikya – I will make one; satata – all; bhāsibo – I will swim; prema – divine love; mājhe – float; karmī – people engaged in fruitive activities; jñānī – philosophical speculators; bhakti hīna – without devotional service, ihāke – from them; koribo – I will do; bhina - difference, narottama – Narottama Dasa Thakura; ei tattva – this truth; gāje – he sings


1) The lotus feet of our spiritual master are the only way by which we can attain pure devotional service. I bow to his lotus feet with great awe and reverence. By his grace one can cross the ocean of material suffering and obtain the mercy of Krsna.

 2) My only wish is to have my consciousness purified by the words emanating from his lotus mouth. Attachment to his lotus feet is the perfection that fulfills all desires.

 3) He opens my darkened eyes and fills my heart with transcendental knowledge. He is my Lord birth after birth. From him ecstatic prema emanates; by him ignorance is destroyed. The Vedic scriptures sing of his character.

 4) Our spiritual master is the ocean of mercy, the friend of the poor, and the lord and master of the devotees. O Lokanatha Goswami! O master! Be merciful unto me. Give me the shade of your lotus feet. Your fame is spread all over the three worlds.

 5) By making the dust of the Vaisnavas' feet the ornament of my body, ecstatic love comes. Washing the Vaisnavas' lotus feet is my method of worship. By always associating with the Vaisnavas, I shall overcome the darkness of ignorance.

 6) O Srila Sanatana Gosvami and Srila Rupa Gosvami, who are two deep wells of the nectar of pure love, two personifications of the splendid nectar of the Divine Couple, and two desire trees by whose mercy the entire world is free from suffering, all glories to you!

 7) In your books, you two great souls clearly described prema-bhakti. You are reservoirs of the sweet nectar of the Divine Couple. Hearing about you brings bliss to the heart. Their sweet mellows are my shelter.

 8) You are fabulously wealthy, possessing ecstatic love for the youthful Divine Couple, a love more precious than gold purified in ten thousand flames. O Rupa and Sanatana Gosvami, all glories to you! I beg you, please give me in charity some of these jewel necklaces.

 9) I shall eternally engage in the nine-fold process of devotional service, which is the essential message of Srimad-Bhagavatam, and I shall not worship the demigods. O brother, I say to you: Devotional service is the most exalted kind of worship.

 10) Making the words of the guru, sadhus and sastras one with my heart, I constantly float and swim in the ocean of pure love. I am different from the karmis and jnanis, who have no devotion for Krsna. Narottama speaks the truth.


From original research of the Prema-Bhakti Candrika, the original words were “cittete koribo aikya” Translation of that is, “I will make the teachings from the lotus mouth of the spiritual master be one with my heart and I will not have any other desires.” Some renditions will translate this as “hṛdi kori mahā sakya.”

 Verses 1 to 4 are celebrated in ISKCON temples as the “Guru Puja prayers.”

 This song is mostly rendered in Raga Misra Kafi in Kaherva tala.