Dialogs w/ Ambo

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[]Ambariśa Das: Haré krsna. Hope your visit and activities in Spain will be very nice.

[] HPSwami - ProfHHR: 🌴👺🌴🌴🐒🐒🦍🦆🦆

Hope to finish DTC-UT (Spain) while we are here.


Dialog of a Traveling Creature

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Rsi Jambavan: Seen your message after talking to you. Whem are you reaching Spain?

HpS: Got here yesterday, 27th.

24-hours hard, hard travel.

Accommodations without proper heating. Minus three degrees at night! 🥶

Devotee hosts working hard to adjust but body went into some convulsions and robust diarrhea reaction to compensate.

Soul situated well enough for our Sankirtan.

Expect better ubication tomorrow!

Nila Kamal Committee? 



DTC We(25)

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Donkey De'ville is breathing still, but a little churned by the air taste.

We returned from the jungle of Northestern Stan, with all of its animals and Sankirtan band.

Our body exhhausted of energy true, was hit by the Delhi air pollution and is continuing to stew.

Yet, we are resting and taking nice Prasada as we can, and leaving so much in Sri Krsna and devotees hands.

Eg. Temple Commander, Druvananda and Ranchora Das et al.

Hari Bolo!

Check in for our flight to Madrid!

We gave class today and it was incredible.


Hare Krishna, Maharaj Ji. Dandavat pranam. Agtsp and all the vaishnavas and vaishnavis.

Yesterday I got a call from my followers in Assam that they want to donate a small area of LAND where we can create a namhatta project.

Please advise me shall I accept this proposal or what shall I do ?

ASA - We would suggest that the land, money etc are the fourth consideration. First is your personal motivation in the project. Then personal motivation of others. Eg. Who is committed and why? Third is to make a plan based on these clear personal committments. Then the type of land, buildings, money becomes clear.

O.K. Some help?

Second thing is ASA Sri Radha kunda center need a little bigger area where we can hear Hari Katha from Maharaj and we can perform kirtan , take prasadam together with all the devotees who visit Radha kunda. Spend some time in Radhakunda. As I got experience in last 4 month, everyone were not in comfortable position. So the idea 💡 comes to my mind as it has written in ekadasi song , bhakta seva parama siddhi prema latikar mulla. Means serving devotees is the root of receiving krishna prema. If everyone agree with this please join hand.

HpS - Our visit to Radha-kunda and the assembly of devotees may have been an unique experience. I don't think we could live through another one with our present body. I think we are really using up our present body as planned and it will dis-integrate in September 2024.

Of course, that is our best guess.

If others want to continue developing the "Anjana Suta Acadamy" is Radha kunda that seems to be very nice. It is the conclusion of the Nectar of Instruction.

Did you get a chance to send the TPP and NoI to Dr. Samaresha? He says he did not get it.

Also, can you send us the inventory and report for the TPP distribution?

Your service ability is very amazing. We think Mother Yasoda or Vrndadevi will give you a lot of work to do yourself and with your associates.

With regards

Your servant

Vipina vihari dasa.

LaksmiRadha DD reportando!!!

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Haré Krsna Gurudev,

Acepte mis humildes y respetuosas reverencias🙏, TlgSP. TlgSsHpS.🙌

Querido Gurudev, estoy completamente convencida que se encuentra anímica y espiritualmente muy bien, usted está siempre realizando grandes proezas en KC, es un gran ejemplo para nosotros, Prabhupada debe estar muy feliz y satisfecho con su servicio. 💕💕💕

Quisiera comentarle que ya estamos comenzando el segundo año en Krsna Lunch en Gainesville, Florida y muy sorprendidos que diariamente se distribuyen entre 1.000 y 1.500 platos de prasadam, luego de cada break de semestre la gente llega muy contenta contándonos que nos extrañaron jejejeje sabemos que realmente extrañaron a Krsna Bhagavan prasadam, ay que dicha Gurudev! Es un intenso servicio en equipo, muy demandante, pero una gran experiencia para el alma. Syam sigue cocinando y yo atendiendo y limpiando.

 También participo diariamente en los programas de Krsna House, los miércoles estoy haciendo las pujas en los programas matutinos. Hay tanto que mejorar, espero poder honrarlo siempre en esta vida.

 Conocí a Nanda Vraj prabhu de Texas, este miércoles en Krsna House, que néctar, el podrá propagar más su persona. Yo sólo soy su humilde sirvienta Gurudev. Estuvimos viendo su itinerario en USA y con Syam Krsna Gopal mi esposo, pensamos que podríamos ir a tomar su asociación el fin de semana del 25-26 de febrero a Texas, es posible? el fin de semana es el único momento que tenemos ya que en la semana estamos sirviendo, Krsna quiera, si viene por más tiempo podríamos ir en el break o usted venir acá, Radha arregle lo más auspicioso para poder tener su asociación.

Con Syam estamos leyendo el Prabhupada Lilamrta y a mediados de febrero empezaremos el Bhakti Sastri con Prabhu Laksmana Das de Perú por un año on line. Hariiiiiibol. Gopalito está muy consentido y cuidado.

Tengo una pregunta, por que en el Canto 3 del Srimad Bhagavatam del veda base en español, mencionan a Vidura como un rey? Tengo entendido que el no tenía esa posición.

Querido Gurudev deseando siempre su bienestar, agradecidos siempre de su misericordia, sin otro deseo más que el servir adecuadamente,

Sus eternos sirvientes,

💙Laksmiradha DD y Syam Krsna Gopal Das.💙


Hare Krsna, Gurudev,

Please accept my humble and respectful obeisances 🙏, TlgSP. TlgSsHpS.🙌

Dear Gurudev, I am completely convinced that you are mentally and spiritually very well, you are always performing great feats in KC, you are a great example for us, Prabhupada must be very happy and satisfied with his service. 💕💕💕

I would like to tell you that we are already starting the second year at Krsna Lunch in Gainesville, Florida and we are very surprised that between 1,000 and 1,500 plates of prasadam are distributed daily, after each semester break people come very happy telling us that they missed us hehehehe we know that they really they missed Krsna Bhagavan prasadam, oh bliss Gurudev! It is an intense team service, very demanding, but a great experience for the soul.

Syam continues to cook and I tend to and clean.

 I also participate daily in the Krsna House programs, on Wednesdays I am doing the pujas in the morning programs. There is so much to improve, I hope I can always honor it in this life.

HpS - AgtSP! Thank you! Thank you all!. Is there much of a Hispanic community on the Campus?

 I met Nanda Vraj prabhu from Texas, this Wednesday at Krsna House, what a nectar, he will be able to propagate his person more. I am only the humble servant of his Gurudev. We were looking at your itinerary in the USA and with Syam Krsna Gopal my husband, we thought we could go to Texas to take your association on the weekend of February 25-26, is it possible? the weekend is the only time we have since we are serving during the week, Krsna pleases, if you come for longer we could go on break or you come here, Radha arrange the most auspicious thing to have your association.

HpS - We expect to be there. Although the material world is such a challenge.

Of course, we just have one old, little body so we won't be any miracle for Vapuh association, but some, and then others in the same Vani association as ourselves with also be there. Eg. Nanda-braja Das.

With Syam we are reading Prabhupada Lilamrta and in the middle of February we will start the Bhakti Sastri with Prabhu Laksmana Das from Peru for one year online. hariiiiii boll.

Gopalito is very pampered and cared for.

I have a question, why in Canto 3 of the Srimad Bhagavatam of the Spanish base veda, do they mention Vidura as a king? I understand that he did not have that position.

HpS - What is the specific reference? He may have been in charge of some kingdom. Maybe because he was born in the Ksatriya family. He is noted as a powerful fighter with bow and of course he is Yamaraja.

Dear Gurudev, always wishing for his well-being, always grateful for his mercy, with no other wish than to serve properly,

The eternal servants of him,

💙Laksmiradha DD and Syam Krsna Gopal Das.💙

HpS/ASA - ✋✋🙂 back to the kitchen!

A pleasent surprise

Hare Krishna!

Guru Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obescances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

All glories to you!

I'm currently in Gainesville on a trip to observe the Krishna House here. To observe the mood and bring it back to Dallas Krishna House in our own unique way. It is very exciting here. 25 young people (college student aged), nearly all westerners, living together hyped up on Krishna Conciousness. It's a wonderful family atmosphere to.

To my suprise I have met a godsister here, your disciple Laxsmi Radha Mataji. She is doing LOTS of service and loves it here. Our conversation, although broke up a bit by language barriers, was wonderful. She is so nice. She really wants to come see you in Houston when you visit.

Ok Guru Maharaja thank you so much for your association.

Your disciple,

Nanda-braja das

Pictured below

- Laxsmi-Radha Mataji

- Nitai Bramachari with maha sweet

- Janardana the Tea Maker

- Kevin Bramachari playing Harmonium

- Sham (Laxsmi-Radhas husband) in the Krishna Lunch kitchen

- Guara-Nitai with Guru Prampara dieities

- Krishna Lunch

- Srila Prabhupada!

HpS - Jaya! AgtSP! Paoho. Thank you. We hope to talk with you more in the flesh about your Sankirtan when we reach Houston, but these reports are so important to us and I guess the other members of The Academy.

Hari Bolo!