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Esteemed Radhika-ramana Das, Srinatha Krsna Das,

Hare Krsna.

AGTSP.  Paoho. It is 5.17PM here in Santiago. Spring is coming and the days are long and even hot. We ate too much at breakfast and too much yogurt and fruit just now. Yogurt gives us headaches at night and even now we have it. Sunset is about 7.30PM.

Yogurt at night we hear destroys your brains.

We are half way organized.

We just finished our edit (ediot) of Dr. Gupta's edit of the TPP for Text One.  Hope it is O.K. Several more edits done (before we reject the entire project?).

Lord Acton had a 60,000 book personal reference library, but he never wrote too much. Critics say he know too much and could not synthesize it properly and didn't want to write mediocre stuff, so he never wrote too much.

Yet just one phrase of his has made him immortal.

"Power tend to corrupt and absolute power (tends) to corrupt absolutely."  Then not cited much but it goes on like, "and almost a powerful men have been bad men."

NOTE - Prahlada nrsmha Das has got the NOI up at in Spanish!!

At your service.

KDh-Priority Code(KPC) - Mexico Itinerary

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Querido Gurumaharaja

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias! 

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada! 

Gurumaharaja nada más queda un par de puntos para ajustar el itinerario. Disculpe las molestias por favor. 

Miércoles 11

1) Reunión con el Dr. Sven Doehner

El doctor desea invitar a su socia: 

Lic María Islas

Directora de estudios del Instituto Macuil, maestra y facilitadora, con estudios profesionales en psicoanálisis, psicoterapia existencial, psicología junguiana y transpersonal.

Solicitaron mover la reunión al horario de comida por lo que se le ofreció llevar prasadam para todos. 

Le gustó la idea pues también es vegetariano. 

Básicamente está interesado en intercambiar impresiones con Usted y aprecia un pequeño grupo de acompañantes- oyentes.

HpS - Muy bien. Karuna shakti Devi Das? Lalita-gopi Devi Dasi puede asistir? Aristasena Das??

Miércoles 11 y Jueves 12

7:00 pm 

2) Seminario Cuidado de Devotos. 

Seminario propuesto por Prabhu Yamuna ( vice presidente) 

Sí, Prabhu Bala Govinda estuvo en México hace algunas semanas e impartió el curso a un grupo de 30 estudiantes aprox. 

Gurumaharaja si no hay otra indicación incluiremos el seminario propuesto a Su itinerario. 

Nos gustaría saber por favor si requiere algún material impreso para los 2 días, ya sea canciones u otro.

HpS - ASA - Aun confundido. Si El Bala-govinda Das ha presentado el seminario, por que vamos a presentar otra vez tan pronto? Cual es la inspiracion del Yamuna Das? Cual es su idea? 😀 Claro es buena tema.

Devotos responsables de contactos expositores: 

Conversatorio de La Educación y lo Sagrado  - Lalita Gopi dd. 

Diálogo Inter Fe - Akinchana Krsna das 

Reunión con Dr Sven Doehner  - Karuna sakti dd 

Renta de casa Cuernavaca  - Gadhadara Gosai Das, Akinchana Krsna Das. 

Parece que eso es todo. 

Le agradezco mucho Su paciencia e infinita misericordia. 

Perdone por favor mis ofensas, lamento mucho cualquier ansiedad causada. 

Vuestra eterna aspirante sirviente 

Asta Sakhi dd.

HpS - AGTSP pfanrh.... Podemos hablar con Maha-sankarshana Das?

Banana Santa

Hare Krishna Gurudev,

Please accept My humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Here we are in Sri Govardhan, very good Sadhu Sanga, utsaha!!

This week we start reading SB 3.28 to answer your previous letter.

HpS -Super.

I would like to ask You about your meeting with Sonu Shamdasani in Cordoba. Was it succesful? Will he join EAS 2020?

HpS - It was very, very nice. We went to the program in the university which was seven hours long and met many old an new Jungian friends, Sonu lectures were incredible. We did not try to talk with him because he was in a public relations mood with so many people, but the crowd was smaller so our relation was more direct. we had eye contact and little conversation. i feel very comfotable to write to him now and i think what we want to ask him is to recomend a study partner for us in this area of Jung and the orient. bhagavata. he likes this area but he is directing so many other areas. that we should only deal with him in summary. yesterday we had effective meeting with center for religious studies at the catholic university abut education and the sacred and before that big public symposium

now it is 3.45am so we have to bath, tilak and go to the temple with jagat guru das. have four rounds done. thank you.

Hope everything goes fine in chile,

At your service,

Nikunja Bihari das.


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Apreciable Guru Maharaji. Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias. Espero que se encuentre bien y esté gozando de buena salud. La presente carta es para comunicarle que hace algunos días tuvimos una reunión entre algunos hermanos espirituales (Madre Lalita Gopi, Madre Gopi Radha, Prabhu Sacinandana, Madre Saranagati, Prabhu Aristasena). La finalidad de la misma fue iniciar un dialogo mediante el cual pudiéramos expresar nuestras inquietudes y preocupaciones con respecto a la forma en estan pasando la comunicación y organización de sus visitas.  

             En la conversación dada entre hermanos espirituales se sugiere que se forme un comité de devotos con segunda iniciación a fin de generar equidad en la toma de decisiones para hacer posible la integración y participación. Dicho comité estaría integrado por Prabhu Jagat Bandhu, Madre Lalita Gopi, Madre Gopi Radha, Prabhu Sacinandana, Madre Saranagati, Prabhu Aristasena.

               Teniendo la encomienda de ser comunicador sobre las anteriores inquietudes, y deseando servir a sus pies de loto, se despide su sirviente.

Aristasena das

¡Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!




Dear Guru Maharaji. Please accept my humble obeisances. I hope this letter gets you in good health. The present report is to inform you, that a few days ago we had a meeting between some spiritual brothers (Mother Lalita Gopi, Mother Gopi Radha, Prabhu Sacinandana, Mother Saranagati, Prabhu Aristasena). The purpose was to initiate a dialogue through which we could express our concerns regarding the way in which has been conducted the communication and organization of your visits. What was considered was the following aspects and conforming a Committee, which, if you approve, take charge of these matters and a direct communication to you:

We suggest forming a committee of Prabhu Jagat Bandhu, Madre Lalita Gopi, Madre Gopi Radha, Prabhu Sacinandana, Madre Saranagati, Prabhu Aristasena for organizing and representing México´s Yatra, of spiritual brothers and aspirants. Also the communication charge that allows a contact to you.

[Translation, Lalita Gopi d. d.]

HpS - Hare Krsna. AGTSP. Paoho. Primero Ingles y despues

Thank you so much for this letter. We ask people to use the Priority Code given in each Kapi Dhvaja because that means that they should be looking at and reading the Kapi Dhvaja. If the don't do that then we have to repeat and inform them of so many basic things that are mentioned in the Kapi Dhvaja that we cannot possible have efficient communication.

We try to answer other letters but especially when we are traveling it is very difficult. We have six hours of regular preaching programs daily and converse with dozens of devotees.

Next, from Bhakit Svarupa Damodara Swami, our Sannyasa guru, we learned that in this kind of format we can glorify devotees by name but best to villify them only with reference to general principles.

Criticizing other devotees is very delicate and we should do it in terms of Upadesamrta 5.

In terms of communicating with us, we are always trying to start with the Kapi Dhvaja and personal communication while traveling. Then there is this Blog. Anyone can write in the proper way and then we all can make decisions about initiations, travel plans, public preaching programs and engaging junior devotees in good programs.

Just because we give Diksa to someone does not mean that we have to be their principal Siksa guru or Sankirtan leader. It can be natural. Of course Srila Prabhupada is the principal Guru in both of these cases, no? Our Sankirtan party is the Anjana Suta Academy and we can coordinate cooperation though that institution rather than by an institution of devotees who have taken Diksa from us. O.K? Of course, Vyasa puja is an annual event related to this Diksa process and there are others that are a part of our Sankirtan. Diksa and Sankirtan are connected. You have to investigate how to coordinate the two.

As far as a committee goes, let us discuss it when we are in Mexico. You and me, others.

If we communicate here then we can form committees, working teams etc. very naturally. O.K?

Waiting for your next letter (with current Priority Code 😁).



HpS - Hare Krsna. AGTSP. Paoho Primero Ingles y despues

Muchas gracias por esta carta. Le pedimos a las personas que usen el Código de prioridad dado en cada Kapi Dhvaja porque eso significa que deberían estar mirando y leyendo el Kapi Dhvaja. Si no lo hacen, entonces tenemos que repetir e informarles de tantas cosas básicas que se mencionan en el Kapi Dhvaja que no podemos tener una comunicación eficiente.

Tratamos de responder otras cartas, pero especialmente cuando viajamos es muy difícil. Tenemos seis horas de programas regulares de predicación diariamente y conversamos con docenas de devotos.

Luego, de Bhakit Svarupa Damodara Swami, nuestro gurú Sannyasa, aprendimos que en este tipo de formato podemos glorificar a los devotos por su nombre, pero lo mejor es vilipendiarlos solo con referencia a principios generales no nombre.

Criticar a otros devotos es muy delicado y debemos hacerlo en términos de Upadesamrta 5.

En términos de comunicación con nosotros, siempre estamos tratando de comenzar con el Kapi Dhvaja y la comunicación personal mientras viajamos. Luego está este Blog. Cualquiera puede escribir de la manera adecuada y luego todos podemos tomar decisiones sobre iniciaciones, planes de viaje, programas de predicación pública y la participación de devotos jóvenes en buenos programas.

El hecho de que le demos Diksa a alguien no significa que tengamos que ser su principal gurú Siksa o líder Sankirtan. Puede ser natural pero tambien puede ser otro, por ejemplo Bh. Bhusana Swami. Por supuesto, Srila Prabhupada es el Gurú principal en ambos casos, ¿no? Nuestra grupo de Sankirtan es la Academia Anjana Suta y podemos coordinar la cooperación a través de esa institución en lugar de por una institución de devotos que nos han dando Diksa. ¿OKAY? Por supuesto, Vyasa puja es un evento anual relacionado con este proceso de Diksa y hay otros que forman parte de nuestro Sankirtan. Diksa y Sankirtan están conectados. Tienes que investigar cómo coordinar los dos.

En cuanto a un comité, podemos hablemos de ello cuando estemos en México? Tú y yo, otros.

Si nos comunicamos aquí, entonces podemos formar comités, equipos de trabajo, etc. de forma muy natural.

Esperando su próxima carta (con el Código de prioridad actual😁) HpS - ASA

Monos Mexicanos

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Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada 

Guru Maharaja, por favor reciba respetuosas reverencias. 

Por la Divina Gracia de Guru y Krishna, logramos realizar el festival de Ratha Yatra en CDMX 2019, como le comenté en persona, este año hubo muchas dificultades y contratiempos, pero solo Krishna sabe y comprende sus propios planes y propósito. Eso es lo que estamos entendiendo. El día de mañana es el Ratha Yatra ahora en Guadalajara, humildemente pedimos sus bendiciones para que nuestro pequeño Seva se aceptado por Sri Jagannatha y el placer de Srila Prabhupada. 

HpS - ASA --- Hare Krsna!!!!! Jaya Jagat Bandhu!!!

Estamos muy dichosos de recibirle en su pronta visita, siguiendo sus instrucciones del mes de julio estamos colaborando con los programas de Educación y lo Sagrado y el encuentro Inter Fé (que tendrá la misma sede de Ratha Yatra, un lugar ecológico de amigos) 

Krsna me ha puesto en el camino buenos amigos que están gustosos de participar. 

En esta ocasión no podrá asistir Emilio Achar (Dueño de la prestigiosa librería Ghandi y jurado del premio Alfaguara) pero sí Carmen Nozal (nuestra amiga ex Budista) quién ya está en estrecha colaboración con Prabhu Abhirama del Perú. 

HpS - Om Mani Padme Hum.. Vegitarian.... Ahimsa!!!

Como siempre tenemos reuniones presenciales de hermanos espirituales, en donde como otros, he tenido la oportunidad de proponer mis habilidades y agradecido por la confianza que se me ha delegado, he podido servir. 

Me gustaría ayudar más pues veo muchas oportunidades pero por mi trabajo (viajo regularmente) tomo solo algunas, como la el servicio de tesorero, no tengo ninguna habilidad para ello, pero como no hubo quién aceptara este servicio, tome la responsabilidad. 

Hay tantas oportunidades de servir, que cada mono toma de manera natural y en acorde a sus capacidades toma su seva. 

Llevando una pequeña piedrita, como hormiga para el Puente de Sri Lanka, su aspirante a sirviente

Akincana Krsna Dasa.

HpS ---- Jaya..... Super. Esperamos hablar con Vd(s) pronto.... Sankirtan eterno de Srila Prabhupada.... Diagalo intra fe.

Lalita Madhava from Monterrey México

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Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept my humblest obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Excuse my bad manners writing, my name is Lalita Madhava Ramirez daughter of prabhu Sankirtan Das and mother Lila Ratha DD, sister of Govinda Pramodini dd from Monterrey Mexico; I have been aspiring to be his disciple for 8 years and I have been present in most of his visits to Mexico and some visits in Houston too.

Please excuse the intermittent way of approaching you.

HpS - AGTSP. There is nothing wrong with approaching us here! Very nice to hear from you. Better information on how to contact us in the Kapi Dhvaja.

I was in difficult situations in my life in recent years, the most difficult for me was the breakup of my marriage since my ex-husband decided not to continue with the 4 principles and his spiritual life declined very strongly, this was caused us to separate and I was in depression for this situation for about 2 years, simultaneously there were many changes in my work in which I had to exercise a coordination position and I was under a lot of pressure, fortunately I was able to speak with the general director and they relocated me into the planning and evaluation área, where I am currently developing a sustainable development project for 20 high schools around the state of Nuevo León, so now I have a little more freedom in my schedules.

Because of this situations that maya involved me, my mind was distant from Krishna consciousness; However, now I am trying to reconnect with the spiritual life, I returned to chant my 16 rounds in the morning before any other service, trying to follow their recommendations as to sing the holy names and follow the principles to purify ourselves, that is why again I am writing to receive his mercy and develop my love and service towards Sri Krishna in a more enthusiastic way.

During that time and thanks to Krishna I was able to get involved in certain services as I mentioned in the previous letter, I have been doing sankirtan year after year for the last 8 years the international book fair organized by the Tecnológico de Monterrey with more than 100 editorials, I was also within the organization of the Jala Jatra festival for the first 3 years of its realization, afterwards we could only contribute food service for life and we have been going regularly to the cultural center.

I take this opportunity to tell you that we will be supporting the organization of your vyasa puja in Houston with some spiritual sisters from Mexico, so I hope I can serve you correctly.

I hope in this letter I can share a little bit more of who I am and sorry for my elementary English, this year I started classes and I'm still improving.

His eternal servant and aspiring disciple.

Lalita Madhava d.d.

HpS - You seem to be one of the finest human beings on the planet! Thank you for this inspiring news. Chanting 16 enthusiastic rounds and following four principles strictly is our connection with Krsna and Prabhupada. Don't be depressed or overworked. Krsna will adjust everything. He will deal with temporary insanity in husbands and lack of intelligence in business managers.

See you soon. Let us answer some more letters. It is 3AM We have 4 rounds done.