Bhakta Piero and his broken self esteem

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva 

Please accept my humble obeisances 

All glories to Srila Prabhupada 

Now i am here in Cabildo, my knee is better, in all this time i could to know better my ksetra. How works my mind and body. Is so complicated. A think that this work helps me in the future problematical situations. I have serious problems in my relationships, i behave like a child searching acceptation, care and love. Now, i am working in my self to improve my self esteem, this is broken. I found the concept of inner child, i trate to accommodate this concept to our philosophy, and i take this like my false ego, all the memories of all lives that scream and cry like a baby. What do you think about this concept?

HpS - Yes, we are all like 3-year old children. We have some independence and free will but it is very small. So we must be under the care of Durga or Radha. We chose.

Krishna said in the Bhagavad gita that we have to surrender and don’t be afraid. I choose surrender myself, but only by your mercy i can reach the ultimate goal. So please Maharaja, take my self and take my back to home, back to Godhead.

HpS - I only know Srila Prabhupada and that mixed with my own passions. Let us all take shelter of him in his books, deity and then we can see Krsna through that relationship. Then surrender to Krsna happens, through his transparent heritage.

Chant more rounds better. Do mor Sankirtan better.

I am starting to be a Kanishta devotee, still i can’t relate in a good way with all devotees, Piero is so arrogant, pride, envious and selective. I want to purify myself to don’t committed offenses, i wish that this be my only preoccupation, my only fear.

HpS - Yes, don't offend devotees and we con go back to Krsna. Best way to do that is to understand what are the services of different devotees and help them.

So thanks very much Gurudeva, i hope to join us soon to serve you, for the moment i am reading Krishna book in english and memorizing english words, is difficult when i have to speak. 

Hare Krishna.   

PS: Sorry for the FMPiero Preguntas, is a remainder of my broken self esteem that always is thirsty of attention by any means. Obeisances. 

Bhakta Piero.   

I had problems with my blog's profile, so i had to created another. Bhakta Piero at your service.

HpS - Thank you. Yesm we have a lot of purification to do, but even now it is better than being with the Karmis. Even now it is nice. Enjoy ISKCON now, plan on realizing the transcendent ISKCON in the furure.

Hare Krsna Dear Maharaj

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Hare Krsna Dear Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Guru parampara.

Please accept me in your shelter for to serve Srila Prabhupada. i can assure you for good seva,

good rounds, good 4 principles and even am happy if i meet you once in a life will be

sufficient for my rest of life.

Will keep following as it is till last day of my life. I am not a well qualified person but i can assure you for my life under your shelter will SP rules.

your aspiring servant,

Jibesh Das

HpS - Hare Krsna. Srila Prabhupada is guru for all of us. You are his disciple because you are following his discipline. Initiation. Name. Receiveing beads. These are all a formality, but not a meaningless formality. We hope very soon you can take initiation formally, but in any case you are making eternal progress now, now, now!

Hare Krishna

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Dear Gurudeva:

Please, accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

How are you Gurudeva?

HpS - AGTSP paoho. I guess we are like everyone. This place is guaranteed to be filled with distress. The happiness is not real happiness. It is relief from distress. Only happiness is dying so we can live!

We have just come back from NVM. There, we have celebrated Janmastami and Srila Prabhupada’s appearance day. Beautiful days surrounded by very nice devotees.

On Janmastami’s day, Radha Govinda Chandra premiered a suit in Lila and pink colours. They looked very beautiful. I am very happy, I could participate in the making of their bracelets. Beautiful and elegant cristal ones for them in such a special day.

NVM has several families with children living in there right now. So, Nimai and Sarasvati also had a great time with friends.

Now, we are back home, getting ready for back to school. We are also working on the academic contacts and organizing the sat sangas we will resume in September. I am also looking for some devotees to help me with the Spanish Child Protection Office. I have to elaborate and impart workshops for parents and local CPO teams in different Temples, but I need a team to do it.

Thank you for your Twitter, Blog and all the things you write. It helps me a lot during the busy days I have got.

Waiting very happily to see you soon in Spain. Your servant,

Purnamasi devi dasi

HpS - Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna. Srila Prabhupada has made so, so, so many nice devotees, and they give so much nice realization to the world. Without him what kind of world would it be?

FMP instruction

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Hare Krishna Maharaja!

Please accept my respectful obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Today in FMP you said the following instruction: "listen a class given by Srila Prabhupada and write to the blog about it". So, here we go.

I listened through youtube a class about SB 3.25.43


bhakti-yogena yoginaḥ

kṣemāya pāda-mūlaṁ me

praviśanty akuto-bhayam

The yogīs, equipped with transcendental knowledge and renunciation and engaged in devotional service for their eternal benefit, take shelter of My lotus feet, and since I am the Lord, they are thus eligible to enter into the kingdom of Godhead without fear.

Now, I will share an abstract about what I understand in regard to what Srila Prabhupada said:

If you want to be not fearfulness, no more fear, you have to take shelter of the Lotus Feet of Krishna.

We are suffering because we forgot Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada talked about there are differents styles of gymnastic yoga that rascals like to practice. But the real procces is to concentrate the mind upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You can do it but meditation or do it 24 hours a day by practical application of your activities for Krishna. We just must to concentrate the mind on Krishna, and then naturally you become reluctant to the materials activities.

HpS - We must jump ahead here because so many more letters to answer. Your summary is very nice. Just a little more concentrated for this forum.

Srila Prabhupada also talked about every vaishnava must to become guru, and said that you become guru simply by advising everyone the instruction wich Krishna has given; and is not a difficult thing. Then you become fearless, "yes, I'm now under the protection of Krishna. I have no more fear."

Bhakti means surrender. Krishna is simple for the devotees, but not for the rascals.

Everybody is working day and night so hard only for obtain sense gratification. Finally their only happines is sexual intercourse. But, you can be free of this attachments only when you are perfectly Krishna conscious. Otherwise is not possible.

Woman is mad after man, and man is mad after woman. But when you really see Krishna, then there will be no more suffering of the piercing arrow of the cupid. And that is called Akuto-Bhayam, no more fear. And this way begins renunciation of the material world.

Finally, after listen this class I realized that I'm so fool, because after my last romantic relationship I was very hurt during a long time (even affects my relationship with Abhirama TD because I went to his home with this woman, so I know their don't like me anymore, and it's ok, I deserve this, it's my fault, but I'm still suffering because of this), and always it have been the same to me, but I still desiring women and sexual activity, even knowing that I will suffer, even knowing that one moment of material pleasure and that kind of sense gratification pays with a long time of suffering.

Please Maharaja, forgive me. I feel so tired of this. I've got less energy and less intelligence than before. Anyway, I keep trying to do my best and trying to follow you, because you are my only hope.

I read your letter to Srila Prabhupada on His Vyasapuja, and it's so beautiful, so inspiring.

Thank you very much for your words, each time you say some direct word to me, something magic happens. This is real.

Your aspiring servant,

Carlos Rold.

HpS - Why are we attracted to sexual relations? It must be the emotions mostly. What is the emotional attraction? It is perverted. While we are smoking Marajuana, engaging in sexual relations with donkeys or devatas, chant Hare Krsna, and with that little perspective we will see things as they are VERY quickly and move to the real life.

Thank you for your efforts.

Report trivrikrama month

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Hare Krsna Recordado Gurudeva!

All Glories to Sri Sri Radha Madhana Vihari!

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!

All Glories To You beloved Gurudev!

Please accept my humble obeisances to your feets of lotus!

I wish you are well and very happy in your preaching for the world!

May a beautiful Janmastami day happen today!

Here is a work day, but tomorrow we will celebrate the best we can entertain my dear Krna Balarama.

We couldn't make your phone call him. I even consulted with a devotee to talk about you, he and I; because I know that being a mataji I can't call him. But I had no answer and I took it as an arrangement of Krishna, maybe I could be offensive without realizing it and I don't want that but to glorify your wonderful lotus feet. woman's body = annoying ...! But happily the feminine amorous feelings directed towards Krishna ... can take me with Him!

My family in Lima: answering your question. My mother and sister live together in the house, alone. My brother lives in the United States. UU., He works there for years, he is a doctor by profession at the University of San Marcos, where you preach. And my father lives separately and continues to work with tourism, as far as I know.

My mother wants me to live in the house, in one of the places where she and alkaline, but every time we try frankly to go to Peru, to try to live there, we go so badly ... we have to go back here. . .

Because of what happened to us lately, it is a fact that, for now, Sri Krishna wants us to be here. I will tell you about this in my next letter.

I'm late with my report, forgive me for delaying in writing to you but as last time I wrote you a lot, and since you were traveling, I decided to wait a bit to write to you.

My sadhana is more or less, but always fulfilling my spiritual duties with much dedication. Increase some more rounds and I hope to stay there for a good time.

I ask for His blessings so that the arrows of flowers of the last mantra of the gayatri, reach the center of my heart and remove all the dirt, that is clean and becomes pure, serve with purity and return with Him whenever He wishes.

Please forgive any offense committed in this letter unintentionally.

Aspiring to please his lovely heart: Japa prati jaloa Radha devi dasi.

P.S. By the infinite mercy of our beloved Sri Sri Radha Krsna, I am still fortunate to see him. Receive His valuable instructions in my dreams.

HpS - Jaya! Go ahead. All the austerity we do is elimnating our bad Karma forever! Krsna want us to go back to Him as soon as possible!!!

Reporte mensual

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Todas las Glorias a Sri Sri Guru y Gauranga

Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada y a su sankirtana eterno

Hare Krsna querido Gurudeva, Pamho, le escribo después de unos meses..., este es nuestro reporte; Sadhana 4:00 am. canto de japa 16 /4, cocina, atención de Salagramas y deidades, decoramos todos los días con flores de nuestro jardín, ahora que viene la primavera quiero sembrar más variedad de plantas y flores, me gusta mucho éste servicio, Gadai Prabhu sembró unas semillas de habas que ya están creciendo. Ahora éste mes vamos a voltear la tierra para sembrar maíz, habas, alverjas, calabazas, etc.

En el día estoy trabajando en una empresa privada, no es estresante gracias a Dios, me siento cómoda, llevo mi almuerzo, trato de tomar solo prasadam hecho por nosotros, pero tengo muchos amigos en el trabajo son buenas personas, es curioso gurudev porque la jefa que tengo es amiga de krsna y el otro jefe anterior se llama krsna gopal, pero está alejado así que creo que aveces podemos conversar un poco de krsna Katha.

Gurudev ahora que se acerca el Bhisma pancaka, deseo hacer el ayuno de 5 días con pancagamya (5 elementos de la vaca; orine, bosta, yogurth, leche y la mezcla de los 4), el prabhu y yo hemos estado tomando la orine de vaca y nos sentimos muy bien de salud, mi madre tomó la orine de vaca también y redujo su piedra de la vesícula y está mucho mejor, ella canta ahora 2 rondas todos los días temprano, leí que la orine de vaca bota fantasmas del cuerpo, expulsa los cálculos, tiene alcaloide, etc. Aquí en chongos bajo - Huancayo hay muchas vacas, y se puede conseguir leche, mantequilla. Por favor Gurudev me podría explicar sobre éste ayuno del Bhisma pancaka y como puedo ayudar yo a todas estas vacas.

Algunos días salgo a correr temprano con mi perro Kirtan, el sobrepeso me juega unas malas pasadas con la respiración o ¿será la altura?, así que necesito hacer un poco de ejercicio, trataré de tener una bicicleta nuevamente, aquí hay bonitos lugares para correr, caminar y andar en bicicleta.

También asisto algunos días a los programas de M. Laksmi, ella es mi madrina y la aprecio mucho, en Balaram hicimos unas bolitas dulces de kiwicha y de quinua, el prabhu Gadai hizo sankirtana y tuvo unos hermosos pasatiempos, en verdad para mi la fiesta de Balaram es muy especial porque en esas fechas, conocí al prabhú Gadai, me inicié, me casé y siempre nos pasa en ese día cosas muy bonitas, gracias querido Gurudeva por ayudarnos a seguir siendo parte de la familia de ISKCON y por su asociación, aunque Ud. esté lejos siempre lo sentimos tan cerca, todos los días lo vemos a Ud., gracias por todo, y cuando cometo un error trato de recordarme de Ud. para enmendar y empezar de nuevo con entusiasmo, Ud. y Srila Prabhupada es nuestra gran inspiración.

La situación con los tíos de Gadai se está solucionando, como Ud. dijo todo mejorará, están apareciendo más terrenos y las persos quieren negociar con mi suegro de buena manera. A las finales la verdad y la honestidad siempre triunfa :)

Bueno eso es todo lo que le puedo contar, estamos decididos a no apegarnos al lugar, al trabajo, a la casa, a las vacas, la familia, si alguna vez tenemos que irnos a otro lugar lejano lo aceptaré, si es para estar cerca al Santo Dham eso sería muy bueno.

Atte. Nadiya Nivasi Dasi.

HpS - Thanks for all the news. Use Your path seems perfect. The only way to really help the cows is to change peoples consciousness. The basis of that is Srila Prabhupada's books. Of course, it depends on their free will. This is a prison where we egoists have come.

Hare Krsna. Hare Krsna. Please read our stupid responses to other letters and maybe they will also help you. Go ahead. Go back home! Krsna is everyone's best friend. Help Him.