SUPER -AmbDas- Jung!!!

hare krsna 
agtsp all glories to you guru dev. 

we are improving our chanting  and sadhana now we perform two mangala arati per week with more devotees  and i m traying to be on japa joe more days. i m reading BG and NOI. 

we are organizing the vyasa puja festival and the conference of carl jung and baghavata [bhagavata] here in Buenos aires. i was talking with psychologists and they say that  now the influence of Freud it is not the most strong it s more stronger Lacan who hate Jung, but these is a world of duality and there more than 2 jung s organization in Bs As and thousand of yoga centers, centers of metaphysics and a reborn of enthusiastic Christian people due to the Pope is Argentinian.

HpS - AGTSP!!!!!    We are also improving our Sadhana and chanting. Thank you for your leadership!      When we were in Mexico the King said that Eric Fromm was the prominent Dude for a long time there.
Who is Lacan?  Why he doesn't like Jung? Why don't you call him up for us and say, "Hey, Sri Lacan Ji, why you don't like Jung? My Professor, Hanumatpresaka Swami (Professor Huber Hutchin Robinson) is coming to Argentina January first. He want to meet with you, find out who you are.

Even if they do not like Jung at least he is someone they know and then we can introduce them to the Bhagavata perspective from a perspective they know.

 i attach a link of a conference of carl jung with spanish subtitle , interesting points of view.

A, few week ago Vrsabhanu nandini and i were invited to Buenos Aires Photo, one of the most important exhibition of photo in latin america. was visited for more than 35,000 person and the people were very attract by the photos, india and the writings on the wall who describe and summarize concept of vaisnava philosophy. many question and we were there tolking with them.  we distribute many LOB, some george harrison and the mantra. one day people of galleries and authorities of the cultural center come to us and ask if we can come with musician and performs some chanting and mantras. next day we went with deva rsi narada prabhu, bhimanat prabhu and madhuriambrta to glorify the krsna on that way. Krsna did the magic we only were there.
thank you guru dev for the inspiration, example, instruction and advise.
aspiring to serve Ambarisa m Das
Some photos of the exhibition attach.
HpS - ASA - How is ur Father, Mother? You got brother (sister), no? Your dog sends messages from heaven? We visit your house when we are in BsAs???
You like You see the two links in it???  Should we change it? ART gave you name and password for your domain?
We have an art exhibition in the Temple while we are there? A cultural program every night? Puppet shows?  Many people bring art and show? Marathon prizes!  Release Jambavati's audio book?
The Jung link is super. We watched to 10''. We watch more later. Can see he has so much nice passion for his work. Vedas also deal with dream interpretation. Srila Prabhupada took Sannyasa because of dream interpretation. Is whole useful world for book distribution!!!

goloka education contacted& sadhana report

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Respected Maharaj,PAMHO,AGTSP,
You are the person whom Srila Prabhupada sent to save and cure us. We thank Srila Prabhupada for that.
in node 3552 , yo ur grace asked us to contact goloka edu,
we did contact via email, we got their indian phone numbers, may be u can save them.

Hare Krishna Harsh,

Dandavats. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Myself and Prana pr are in Houston (USA) now. We will be in Mumbai on 11th November. You can contact us on our phone

Ramgiridhari: +91-7738181019

Prana Pr: +91-8655408001

Looking forward to see you .

Your servant,

Ramgiridhari Dasa

regarding Prof Bandyopadhyay work ,we have called Giridhari Pr 5  times, phone rings he does not pick or call back. may be have wrong number of his. or he is lost in vrindavan.
we talked to Prof Banyopadhyay, he told us the work, we need to get contact details of Head of Departement (will be referred as HoD hereafter)..of deptt. of history,
we are working on that. however household things/troubles have reduced our speed a lot in both phd, sadhaa and service.

               HpS - AGTSP. Yes, vaidhi bhakti means learning your proper speed to do things. We are also learning that!

...we do get this feeling again and again if we would hv bee unmarried (not in temple) we could have helped u a lot more. we need a lot of help to practical work in this asrama.

                 HpS - Is help to us, whole world to give one human being, baby, chance to become devotee, like Srila Prabhupada!

...for last 4 days our son is sick, he is unable to sleep whole night. we wake up at 2.30 take care of him as espousa/wife is heavily tierd. whole mornig till 7am goes in playing, feeding or calming him. then we chant out rounds some how. Guru -astak is just sung verbally with no lamp or even flower or some times not sung at all. we just give water to Gopal deity before 8am.

i dont know what our priorities should be when we stay in this asrama(if this is asrama at all).

practically our priorities are [son's health and wife's temprament}>16 rounds>4 rules>own health > guru astak>phd>SP books...

only solution which comes CHANT, CHANT,CHANT..mentaly or verbally . any way..thats all we can/ should do.
hopefully these external standards does not hinder our intiation.

              HpS - Sounds like you are doing O.K.  If you are not spiritually strong, how can you help anyone else. Krsna may want to take your child, like Citraketu Maharaja. Krsna has asked for 16-nice rounds from you, so why on earth would he make it impossible for you to do them?

With some sacrifice in other priorities you can get, good, purifying rounds done and then you will find that that sacrifice is helping the other priorities enormously!!!

We just finished proof-reading the Inaugural Session pdf of the Museum book. We found a few very important errors.  It is a good book.

We can only do so much, like you.

But we go ahead, step by step!!!!


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Cartas del Dog Pianist 13/11/4

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This Blog post innaugurates dialogs between the Dog Pianist, Professor of Music, Valpairso University Chile, and ASA-NIOS. We hope to learn classical music from him. We hope that NIMSAR or others might consider publishing these lessons.

Este mensaje de entrada de blog comienza diálogos entre el pianista perro, Profesor de Música, Universidad de Chile Valpairso y ASA-NIOS. Esperamos aprender música clásica de él. Esperamos que NIMSAR u otras personas podrían considerar la publicación de estas lecciones.

[4:46:40 PM] dogpianist: Haribol SS !  el mas devoto de los compositores de occidente es Juan Sebastian Bach. Dedicó toda su obra al SUPREMO. Es de verdad su Música inefable y nos conecta de inmediato con el ALTÍSIMO. HARE KRSNA GURUDEVA !    dogpianist.
[4:49:44 PM] hp swami: O.K. (Llegamos en Chile en solamente 9 semanas). AGTSP.
[4:50:17 PM] hp swami: Entonces, un curso de appreciation para nosotros Monos y PUercos y Cientificos.
[4:50:37 PM] hp swami: Cuales la obra tenemos que oir primero?
[4:51:46 PM] dogpianist: Me parece maravilloso su Advenimiento por acá en el fin del mundo !
[4:53:15 PM] dogpianist: Es maravilloso escuchar la Pasión Según San Mateo y Según San Juan. Las Cantatas , la Ofrenda Musical , Las variaciones Goldberg y el Arte de la Fuga .
[4:55:05 PM] dogpianist: Los conciertos para clavecín ( se tocan en piano también ) especialmente el concierto en re menor BWV 1052
[4:55:57 PM] hp swami: Puede buscar el enlace en para sus alumnos menos inteligentes?
[4:56:58 PM] dogpianist: perdón solo un perro....hihihihihihi...( perro patan)
[4:57:54 PM] dogpianist: Se puede buscar en Youtube por cierto....Profunda Reverencia....
[5:01:15 PM] dogpianist: En el primer movimiento de ese concierto se puede apreciar el Maha Mantra que calza perfecto. El segundo es la desparición de KRSNA y le tercero es su Retorno.
[5:01:25 PM] dogpianist: yo lo toco siempre
[5:02:22 PM] hp swami: cuales son las palabras clave utilizar para la busca en You Tube?
[5:02:36 PM] hp swami: (voy a publicar esta diagolo)
[5:05:27 PM] dogpianist: Bach , concierto para piano y orquesta en Re menor BWV 1052. Debemos escribir.
[5:07:45 PM] dogpianist: Me alegra que regrese por estos lados tan apartados amado SS HANUMAT !
[5:09:05 PM] dogpianist: Acá en Valparaíso hay un Templo de los devotos Vrinda y siempre voy a tomar Prassadam ahí.
[5:10:44 PM] hp swami: Aaah. Hay muchos versiones en You Tube. Uno es mejor? Un orquestra???
[5:12:14 PM] dogpianist: La mejor versión es del pianista Canadiense Glenn Gould con piano y orquesta , según es mi opinión.
[5:15:57 PM] dogpianist: hay también acá en occidente una sucesión discipular en el piano ( modestamente) mi Maestra y sus Maestros llegan por sucesión hasta Bach mismo.
[5:17:15 PM] hp swami: O.K. Buscamos, nos vemos manana, Professor.
[5:18:29 PM] dogpianist: HARE KRSNA GURUDEVA , es un privilegio convsersar con usted !

Narada is on my window !

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Gaura-Nitai  ki jaya !

Please accept our humble obeisances

Dear Maharaja

I hope this letter finds you in good health, we see your schedule is very, very busy, you set an example on how to engage our every bit of sweat and blood in the sankirtan of Srila Prabhupada. High standard !  it's finding its way to every one around you. As you herd this letter we would like to ask a quick question, am I right in thinking that Maya is not the material energy (prakriti) but our interpretation of it ?  the cathegories we hold to it, false ego, etc  in the end material nature was a devotional service from Brahama, great devotee ! jaya !   the work is engage rightly and re-work the paradigmatic dream we have been put into. That is reveal eternal identity.  Redirecting consciousness (awareness). This rascal cowherd has been hidding on the bushes and taking notes, but is getting closer slowly.  We are feeling more centered now, your last advise ended up working just nice.  Working hard with sattva-guna,  didn't go to Montreal Temple for 2 months but just went back.  Living a hermits life almost, very simple, following 4 principles, no internet at home, no cable TV, celibate..etc reading Vishnujanas' lilas and Bhagavatam 1rts canto..Suka and !  and just to begin with..  (we found the demons hidding inside and lettin Govinda take care of them)

We sincerely thank your mercy,  wish the Lord keeps you well.


from Montreal

         HpS - ASA -  Jaya. AGTSP!!!  Such nice news. If you look at KRSNA book or complete SB you will find your answer. Start with:

and the following verses describe who is Maya/Subhadra. O.K???

syama kunda das

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todas las glorias a Sri Guru y Gauranga

todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Estamos aqui en Campina Grande estudiando muy detenidamente el Bhagavad Gita con la ayuda y valiosa asociacion de Dhamvantari Swami y Guneswara Prabhu.

                    hps - asa - agtsp. our respects to maharaja and guneswara das. in bg krsna says, "one who studys this bg worships me with his intelligence".

....Estubimos seguiendo los 4 principios, cantando las 16 rondas diarias y mangalaratik por mas de 7 meses ( estubimos 6 meses en argentina con el mismo sadhana pero tubimos una caida de un mes devido a nuestra mala asociacion, mas ahora estamos en sanga tiagat satovritte) y le preguntamos la posibilidad de tomar iniciacion harinam a maharaja Dhamvantari para mejorar nuestro servicio y me dijo que le iva a escribir a Usted ya que yo quiero ser iniciado bajo SU refugio.

El trato de escribirle pero no tenemos una direccion electronica directa para que Dhamvantari Swami  se comunique con Usted. de que manera El le puede escribir....(signo de interrogacion)

 trantando de ser SU sirviente eterno Syama kunda Das Tortuga

            hps - asa - muy bien.  puede escribir a [email protected].
esperamos su carta!!!!    muy buena suerte purificando nuestros corazones de todo el error de pensar en que hay realidad separado del servicio de radha y gokulananda!