Dr Mabbett, India October, and Māyāvād Tendencies

Dear Maharaja,

Pamho agtsp

Thank you for you reply to my previous letter. At the time of sending, I didn't realise that you were still in South America mid-sankirtan trip. I have made note to myself to be more aware of that. I apologise for any disturbance cause.

HpS - No problem. We talked with The Atul Krsna Das yesterday and both agreed that you are an interesting fellow, a little odd, but interesting, potential to make people laugh and forget their problems. Wake back up!

Education and the Sacred

Dr Mabbett has agreed to meet with me for an interview. We have scheduled an interview for the 9th of August 2019, close to his home in Victoria.

India visit October

Yes, Maharaja, really I just need your association – guidance, mercy – so, I am considering the first half of October, and I would love to be able to assist you in some way with the hope of collecting some dust from your wake (speedboat). Maybe I could present an idea which might get bhakti-shastri into the palms of thousands. 

HpS - Our calendar is in the Kapi dhvaja Calendar link. See what you think of that. Basically Govardhana Eco village and Noida temple. You can contact them for a hole in the wall to stuff your sack. Others are coming so maybe we can work out two sacks in each room.

Māyāvād Tendencies

It is often difficult to find devotees to speak to about challenging philosophical concepts. Many devotees who arrive at Sri Caitanya’s movement have already lived lifetimes as jnanis and yogis, and now they simply want to engage in seva. Your holiness, through your body of work, has helped me understand and overcome many roadblocks on my path to Krsna. For that, I am eternally in debt. I apologise for the times when my queries lengthen towards showboating. Your replies allow me to stop and think more deeply.

"We are our spiritual bodies... see Krsna by learning how to steal butter for Him without getting caught... Just got to get the rocks of your head one mantra at a time... one day it will hit you like a furniture van hits a skunk."

Shortly after receiving your reply I was listening to HG Mother Yamuna’s audiobook while doing some paraphernalia room seva, and she recalls Srila Prabhupada addressing māyāvād philosophy with two very simple yet brilliant examples:

1.  The body is the clothes of the soul. The body has form because the soul has form. 
2.  Consciousness is to the soul what light is to the sun.

Srila Prabhupada is excellent at packaging the purport of the entire Vedas in simple phrases. It is I, totally covered by ignorance, that has to become qualified before I can begin to understand, the depth, the beauty, the truth, delivered through his simplicity.

Through the contemplation of these statements, it occurred to me that māyāvādīs get caught in their experience of their consciousness instead of themselves and that’s why they think that ultimately spirit is formless. If we are to take the example given by Srila Prabhupada, that our consciousness is to the soul what light is to the sun, the māyāvād conception is to consider oneself the light instead of the sun. Another way to describe it would be the with the analogy of the seer and the act of seeing; Seeing can only be done by a seer. In this example, the māyāvādīs seem to be stuck in the act of seeing alone. 

Furthermore, I joined the gotomeeting sanga for the first time live, and it was wonderful! The very scholarly HG Srinivasacharya Prabhu, gave the class. He was able to show how a section of the Srimad Bhagavatam, which some may consider “boring” and tend to skip or speed through, is actually full of gems. One gem that I noticed during his reading of prior verses from the chapter was Sb 9.13.9, where it is said:

“Mahārāja Nimi continued: Māyāvādīs generally want freedom from accepting a material body because they fear to have to give it up again. But devotees whose intelligence is always filled with the service of the Lord are unafraid. Indeed, they take advantage of the body to render transcendental loving service.” https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/9/13/9/

This verse struck me because it reveals why one would have māyāvādīs tendencies. It is a kind of bitterness towards the fact of their existence, and the fact that material pleasure is constantly ending.

Taking to heart Srila Prabhupada's words, the fact is we exist, and in order to have a material form – the body – it must be cloaked upon something integral – the soul. The soul’s constitution is seva to the Supreme Person. Because many jivas in the material condition (me) are envious of Him, they (I) don’t want to serve Krsna. But we also don’t our material "pleasures" to end, and we don't want to suffer, so we seek to hide in that transparent layer of consciousness emanating from our soul. It is the ultimately sour grapes archetype playing out. We then conclude that ultimately spirit has no form. Our arrogance gives us the confidence to claim that if we are formless, and ultimately spirit is qualitatively one, then God must also formless. Furthermore, if God and I are qualitative the same, with no forms to separate us as boundaries, then… “I must be God.” This, I suppose, is that last snare of illusion that we are warned about. 

So, it appears to me that māyāvād tendencies are a result of trying to avoid material suffering and service to God. Devotees accept that they are the soul which exists eternally as a servant of Krsna, and that their personhood manifests in different dresses depending on their qualifications and seva; their relationships. For the devotees, whatever clothes they have wrapped on the body of the soul – their body – they simply dance for the Lord, in whichever way that pleases Him. 

Are you pleased with my progress on this, Maharaja?

Your servant

Dhruvānanda Das



HpS - I do meet Mayavadi professors with some education in Vedanta but it does not seem that they contact with any real Sampradaya considerations. Citing lots of Sastic evidence.

Citing Sastra is done by a person.

Preaching a philosophy is done by a person.

I was trying to understand their philosophy and then read that Srila Prabhupada said that it is incomprehensible. Oof. That is what I was experiencing! If you really are a Mayavadi then you should commit suicide of your body, words, mind. We don}t see that, no?

Give 'em all Prasadam!

Urgent - Education & Sacred, India, & I must not wanna see Krishna.

Dear Maharaja,

Please accept my humble(?) obeisances. 

All glories to your service. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Dr Mabbett Education and the Sacred

I have sent an email to Dr. Mabbett inviting him for an interview for Education and the Sacred. More to come soon...

India October

My good wife has given me serious instruction to go on pilgrimage to India later this year. If you have some service for me in October I will gladly take it. Otherwise, if you cannot tolerate me, I will go to Radha Kunda and chant and offer dandavats to you when you walk past

A Vaisnava Siddhanta Question

When I take into consideration these five points points...

  1. The fact that the jiva is tatashta shakti, never leaving the spiritual world objectively, projected into the material delusion by kshirodakashayi Vishnu to fulfill material desires, in constant generation from Mahavishnu's body, on the border of the material and spiritual realms.
  2. That our material bodies are made from Krishna's inferior energy (BG 7.4), and that our spiritual bodies are "furnished with a form that is a special manifestation of His [Krishna's) own splendor" (from Jiva Goswami's definition of Bhagavan found in one of Radhika Ramana Prabhu's books.
  3. That shanta rasa is the basis of all other rasas, which is closley linked to steady-state brahman, the anchor point at the base of the mirrored banyan tree — Exploitation on the bottom and Madhurya Rasa on the top.
  4. That Srila Prabhupada’s definition of the the statement “Back to Godhead” as given on the cover of Back to Godhead magazine is “Godhead is light. Nescience is darkness. Where there is Godhead there is no nescience.” Godhead is “light” — cit? Yo quiero ananda!!!
  5. That I cannot see Krishna's personal form; I can only see Him indirectly.

...Firstly, I can sympathize with the nivirshesha-sunyavadis (impersonalists and mayavadis) — who are so prominent today, especially in the intelectual and the yoga communities, who think that God is a formless, universal, oneness of consciousness, who needs the physical world to express Himself. They are convinced, therefore, that He, the One, brakes up into many — us living entities — and that's all there is. 

Once one realizes the nature of the living entity minus the material body, it is easy to assume that Parabrahman is of the same quality of formless consciousness — consciousness which can attach itself to things, but itself is not a thing. When I learn that when I get a spiritual body, it is made out of Krishna energy — so it is not actually me, its a gift to do seva with in the spiritual world — it makes me contemplate how Krishna's own body could be the same. These mayavadis would say that formless brahman only is truth and Vrindavan is a temporary lila that brahman expresses Himself through, just like materialists express themselves in material life. Indeed, the mayavadis use this technique to try and establish themselves as equal to God and according to our acharyas, this is the greatest offence and the last snare of illusion. 

But I trust the glorious Gaudiya Vaisnavas when they say that actually Krishna and His associates, and His places of pastimes, are the true reality and that what I am experiencing is just a thin layer of consciousness touching the surface of the inferior energies of Krishna (the physical and psychological world provided to us as a kind of virtual reality through which we can imitate Him). The reason I trust them is because they are oozing with Krishna Prema. But I accept what the vaisnavas say on authority alone. It is not something I have experienced. 

My questions are these:

In short, how can I see the real Krishna? 

HpS - By learning how to steal butter for Him without being caught

Is it through hearing — like, do I fall through a portal of sound at the level of atma (ego) and wake up in the border of the Spiritual realm and then get given a suitable body to go be with Him? 

HpS - We are our spiritual body. Just compressed now. Chanting sincerely. Hara, give me some service, and we wake up.

Is it just my material desires keeping me in ignorance, or do I need some special mantra or something to pass through?

HpS - Just gotta take all the rocks off your head. One manta at a time.

How can I experience that Krishna is not just an idea that brings the best out of people if after all these years (lifetimes) I have only seen mental images of Him and the only spirit that I see is the negation of matter. I feel the paramatma, I feel Krishna, my intelligence accepts Their presence and factuality (BG Ch 10), but I cannot see Him. Please, please, please help me, Maharaja.

I know that for a vaisnava, knowing is an unnecessary requirement — the Gopis for example will get upset with you if you talk philosophy all day, telling them how Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and instead they will ask you “why aren’t you making a nice garland today, for when He returns?” — but even though this is the case, it would be lovely to see Him. 

My experience of my relationship with Krishna is that I am serving a friend who is away currently, but He will be back soon — I am doing some little service for Him but cant see Him — but at the level of some kind of low-class sahajiya, of course. 

HpS - You know I've heard of Their romance, but I've never really seen Them dance.

Some day it will just happen. Then you will be as dead as a skunk run over by a furniture van.

Keep praying to be enlightened in your service. Who to squirt when.

Chant mo' rounds bettah.

Thank you for correcting Dr Mabbett. Will www be in the same places in October? Calendar on Kapi Dhvaja...

Your servant

Dhruvānanda Das

Urgent Schedule In Mar del Plata

Hare Krishna Gurudev,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

I´m in Buenos Aires, so i hope i will see you very soon, like in a few hours. Mybe we can discuss some things personally.

Here are the details of the program in Mar del Plata. So you can make some suggestions.

Schedule for HH Hanumatpresaka Swami in Mar del Plata. 16th July to 22nd july 2019

Arriving Tuesday 16 th july 6:25 pm. AR 2608, leaves from BS AS 5:25 pm.

Panca Tattva Prabhu will pick you up at the airport.

You will stay at Sri Govardhan Mandir with good internet connection.

Personal assistant, asrama, clothes, prasadam, transportation. Panca Tattva Prabhu.

•Cronograma de Actividades•

🌱Miércoles 17 a lunes 22 de julio de 7:00 a 8:00 clase de SB (ruta 226 km 22.5) (habrá transmisión online por el siguiente link➡ https://zoom.us/j/204956520). Do you want to lecture in any particular topic? Scheduled is wed SB.3.16, thu, fri, sat, SB 1.2, sun CC, Mon SB 3.16

🌱Miércoles 17 en la 📍Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata de 17 a 19:30 hs. "Educación y lo sagrado". Conversatorio junto a Susana Violante, Phd en filosofía. Evento organizado por la cátedra de Interculturalidad y Salud de La Escuela Superior de Medicina. Original intention was to co-organize with University, but University President said he doesn´t want any religious activity, so he suggested we organize it as an event from our department. We invited him anyway, hope he attends. This philosopher is atheistic. So this event can face some resistance to our ideas. There will be a moderator. How do you want to organize the dynamics of the program?

🌱Jueves 18 de 17 a 19:30 hs Aticma (Corrientes 1725) "Educación y lo sagrado". Conversatorio con líderes de la ciudad. This event will be very interesting, mayor candidate, politician from university, social leader, school principal and an evangelican pastor. How do you want to organize the dynamics of the program?

You have an appointment with ophthalmologist at 12:15 pm, in a different place tan last year. Here you have to options, wether to stay in town until the program, you can stay at my center (wont be activity that day) or return to SG which will be one hour round trip.

🌱Viernes 19 en el 📍Centro cultural Osvaldo Soriano de 15 a 18 hs. "Educación y lo sagrado". Conversatorio con el Dr Schinder y Jorge Ungaro. Intervalos musicales. Canto de mantras y presentación a cargo de estudiantes del PSOMIJ (Proyecto Social Orquesta Municipal Infanto Juvenil). This program will be with two very favourable persons, a physician with jewish tradition very esoteric person, and a mathematician super nice person. This program will have 40 min of music presentation, devotees and Youth orchestra. Any Suggestion for the program?

🌱Sábado 20 de 18 a 20 hs Conferencia acerca de ¿Qué es un hombre educado? 📍El Loft, Bolívar 3715. This will be a program mainly for devotees and people who attends to our programs!! I suggested that title cause i saw you were lecturing about that topic in Peru.

🌱 Domingo 21 de 12 a 15 hs Clase acerca del Bhagavad Gita en 📍Sri Govardhan.(ruta 226 km 22.5). Here you will have two lectures CC and Sunday feast. We will like you to give like a question and answer session with gurukulis. This would be 10 am. So, do you prefer not to give lecture in the morning?

Lunes 22 de julio de 7:00 a 8:00 clase de SB (ruta 226 km 22.5) (habrá transmisión online por el siguiente link➡ https://zoom.us/j/204956520).

Leave to airport at 11:30 am, return to BS AS, flight AR 2605 leaves 1:25 pm, arrives 2:25 pm.

Thank you very much Gurudev to visit and enlighten us. I hope this attempt to help you in your Sankirtan pleases you,

At your service,

Nikunja Bihari das.

HpS - AGTSP. It was very nice having your association last few days and refining the schedule. See you tommorrow again.

Regional representantion report 07 (URGENT)

Gandharva report

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I'm sending you the NIOS report. Please, tell me if is enough or I should mention more details.

HpS - ASA -- Tom Brown and Buck White to about 20-minutes to edit the English version. I hope it is O.K! At least we can claim that they have not edited it Black and White.

Can you send a picture of your good selves and any others that you have to the Yahoo address so that we can publish in the NIOS Blog?


WEEKS BEFORE the trip to Bolivia, the ISKCON GBC Zonal Supervisor, Mathuresh Das, invited me and my wife to an Annual National Festival in Cochabamba (Tiquipaya), Bolivia. It was scheduled from June 20 to 23. Indira Shakti Devi Dasi, my wife, and I thought about it but had our doubts because the notice was short and the final exam season was begnning at Centro de la Imagen, the professional photography school where I have been teaching for thirteen years.

The work of a teacher in Peru does not leave much time to spare from the routine job. It requires a lot of dedication. The administrative activities are few but the programming of the next cycle and the professional research quota are demanding. The final exams in a career of this nature go far beyond making a test and correcting the results; Each student presents a personal project, with its own line of research, conceptualization and execution. It is sometimes exhausting to have to respond to these projects with mildly intelligent words that unblock them from their creative or procedural jams. Engimativally, here, a teacher's work consumes time as you put more time into it .

The weekend before the flight, we organized the first part of the Third Education Encounter in the ISKCON Chosica, Temple of Understanding (such a lofty name), with the participation of H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami, H. H. Purusotraya Swami and some local devotees, in charge of Sastric and infant education programs. Under the calm and safe smile of Sri Sri Radha Madhana Vihari, the result was better than expected. A large group of devotees traveled the 30 miles that separate the center of the city of Lima from the Chosica temple in search of uplifting content, good association and the warm sun of the Peruvian Andes. These meetings mark a course in the development of the Peruvian yatra, the exchange of ideas and the relationship between people with the same interests instill enthusiasm and a sense of belonging. Many of them were professional educators like ourselves even to the Doctoral level.

Finally, we decided to make the trip and prepare bags for Thursday, June 20. Due to the narrow time we had to go and return, we received the financial assistance from NIOS, so that we could make the round trip, by air. The route is difficult, the airport of El Alto, in La Paz, Bolivia, is 13, 150 feet above sea level (4,008 meters). The air is scarce, the body seems to weigh much more and the mind is convinced of it, beginning with a prolonged recital of lamentations and pessimistic arguments. After 8 hours of waiting, finally, we connected with the flight that took us to Cochabamba, a warm and pleasant city located to the south of La Paz, at 8,432 feet (2,570 meters) above sea level. Tiquipaya (meaning "between two rivers") is a city district somewhat removed from the center, resulting in clear sky, fresh air and silence necessary for a spiritual retreat. In this place is the property of Mathuresh Prabhu and the two beautiful houses in neo-American eclectic style, where we stayed and all the programmed activities were carried out. Devotees of Oruro, La Paz and Cochabamba formed a pleasant group of 60 people, standing out among them, some 20 enthusiastic and attentive youngsters. The program alternated the daily activities of saddhana vaidhi bhakti (potent religious ritual practices) with classes and seminars taught by different devotees, on different topics related to personal and collective development.

Among them, the Srimad Bhagavatam classes given by H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami and his seminar "All devotees are book distributors" stand out, as well as Om Kesavaya prabhu’s seminar entitled "Why religious movements are successful or fail". I had the opportunity to give the Bhagavad Gita class on Thursday the 20th, in which I made a presentation of the Ministry of Education of ISKCON, its mission and vision and the responsibilities of the Regional Representative which has now been by role for about five months.

On Saturday afternoon, I offered a seminar on leadership, based on a course I gave for a few years at a Peruvian university, adapted to the needs, interests and concerns of the local Yatras. The contemporary concepts of leadership commit all the members of an organizational structure, such as a Sanga, a temple or the same institution in a transversal and descending manner. Additionally, I had conversations with Om Kesavaya prabhu, Maharsi prabhu and Rudra Simha prabhu, the leading Bolivian educators, with whom we reached very valuable conclusions, agreeing on many points and committing ourselves to make an additional effort for the educational development of their community. For the time being, the Ministry will collaborate with the local programs of Introduction to Bhakti yoga and Bhakti sastri, in the first instance, through pedagogical material and technical support that will allow them to consolidate their educational autonomy.

I consider it a first great step in the pedagogical growth of the region. Later on, children's and youth programs, so significant for the future development of Krishna Consciousness, can be developed. All glories to the Yatra Bolivia! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Today we are back in Chosica, home of our beloved deities, where winter is disguised as autumn and the mind finds solace. A lot of work awaits us, we hope to be smart enough to take advantage of every drop of blessings that our spiritual master shares with his disciples, everything depends solely on us. In December we hope to travel to Ecuador to carry out similar work, we have already contacted the authorities and are enthusiastic, we are more. May Lord Nityananda help us in our purpose. Hare Krsna.

Your servant

Gandharva das


Semanas antes del viaje a Bolivia, el secretario regional GBC, Mathuresh prabhu, nos invitó, a mi esposa y a mí, a un encuentro anual de devotos en Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, del 20 al 23 de junio. Indira Sakti, mi esposa, y yo, lo pensamos debido a que el tiempo era corto y empezaba la temporada de exámenes finales en el Centro de la Imagen, escuela superior de fotografía profesional donde enseño desde hace trece años. Las labores de profesor no dejan mucho tiempo de sobra para abandonar la rutina de un trabajo que requiere de mucha dedicación. Las actividades administrativas son pocas comparadas a la programación del ciclo siguiente, y la cuota de investigación que demanda. Los exámenes finales en una carrera de esta naturaleza van mucho más allá de elaborar una prueba y corregir los resultados; cada estudiante presenta un proyecto personal, con su propia línea de investigación, conceptualización y ejecución. Es a veces agotador el hecho de tener que responder a estos proyectos con palabras medianamente inteligentes que los desobstruyan de sus atascos creativos o procedimentales. Lo digo una vez más, el trabajo de profesor consume el tiempo como el tiempo mismo lo hace.

El fin de semana anterior al vuelo, organizamos la primera parte de un encuentro de educadores en el templo de ISKCON Chosica, con la participación de HH Hanumatpresaka Swami, HH Purusotraya Swami y algunos devotos locales, a cargo de programas de educación sástrica e infantil. Al amparo de la sonrisa calma y segura de Sri Sri Radha Madhana Vihari, el resultado fue mejor del esperado. Un nutrido grupo de devotos recorrió las 30 millas que separan el centro de la ciudad de Lima del templo de Chosica en busca de contenido edificante, buena asociación y el tibio sol de los Andes peruanos. Estos encuentros marcan un derrotero en el desarrollo del yatra peruano, el intercambio de ideas y la relación entre personas con los mismos intereses nos inculcan entusiasmo y sensación de pertenencia. 

Finalmente, decidimos hacer el viaje y preparamos maletas para el jueves 20 de junio. Debido al estrecho margen de tiempo que teníamos para ir y volver, recibimos la ayuda económica de NIOS, de manera que pudiéramos hacer el viaje de ida y vuelta, por vía aérea. El recorrido es difícil, el aeropuerto de El Alto, en La Paz, Bolivia, se encuentra a 13, 150 pies sobre el nivel del mar (4,008 metros). El aire escasea, el cuerpo parece pesar mucho más y la mente se convence de ello, comenzando con un prolongado recital de lamentaciones y argumentos pesimistas. Luego de 8 horas de espera, por fin, conectamos con el vuelo que nos llevó a Cochabamba, una cálida y agradable ciudad situada al sur de La Paz, a 8,432 pies (2,570 metros) sobre el nivel del mar. Tiquipaya (que significa “entre dos ríos”) es un distrito de la ciudad algo alejado del centro, lo que resulta en cielo claro, aire de campo y el silencio necesario para un retiro espiritual. En este lugar se encuentra la propiedad de Mathuresh prabhu y las dos hermosas casas en estilo neo ecléctico americano, donde nos hospedábamos y se realizaban todas las actividades programadas. Devotos de Oruro, La Paz y Cochabamba formaban un ameno grupo de 60 personas, destacándose entre ellos, unos 20 jóvenes entusiastas y atentos. El programa alternaba las actividades diarias del saddhana vaidhi bhakti con clases y seminarios impartidos por diferentes devotos, sobre distintos temas relacionados al desarrollo personal y colectivo. Entre ellas, se destacan las clases de Srimad Bhagavatam por HH Hanumatpresaka Swami y su seminario “Todos los devotos somos distribuidores de libros”, así como el seminario de Om Kesavaya prabhu titulado “Por qué los movimientos religiosos son exitosos o fracasan”. Tuve la oportunidad de dar la clase de Bhagavad Gita del jueves 20, en la que hice una presentación del Ministerio de Educación de ISKCON, su misión y visión y las responsabilidades del representante regional. El sábado por la tarde, ofrecí un seminario sobre liderazgo, basado en un curso que dicté por algunos años en una universidad peruana, adaptado a las necesidades, intereses y preocupaciones de los yatras locales. Los conceptos contemporáneos de liderazgo comprometen a todos los integrantes de una estructura organizativa, como la de una sanga, un templo u la misma institución de manera transversal y descendente. Adicionalmente, tuve sendas conversaciones con Om Kesavaya prabhu, Maharsi prabhu y Rudra Simha prabhu, los principales educadores bolivianos, con quienes llegamos a conclusiones muy valiosas, acordando convenios y comprometiéndonos en hacer un esfuerzo adicional por el desarrollo educativo de su comunidad. Por lo pronto, el Ministerio colaborará con los programas locales de Introducción al Bhakti yoga y Bhakti sastri, en primera instancia, a través de material pedagógico y apoyo técnico que les permita consolidar su autonomía educativa. Lo considero un primer gran paso en el crecimiento pedagógico de la región. Más adelante, se podrán desarrollar los programas infantiles y juveniles, tan significativos para el desarrollo futuro de la Conciencia de Krishna ¡Todas las glorias al Yatra Bolivia! ¡Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

Hoy estamos de vuelta en Chosica, hogar de nuestras amadas deidades, donde el invierno se disfraza de otoño y la mente encuentra solaz. Nos espera mucho trabajo por delante, esperamos ser lo suficientemente inteligentes para aprovechar cada gota de las bendiciones que nuestro maestro espiritual comparte con sus discípulos, todo depende únicamente de nosotros. En diciembre esperamos viajar a Ecuador para llevar a cabo una labor similar, ya hemos contactado a las autoridades y se muestran entusiasmados, nosotros lo estamos más. Que el Señor Nityananda nos ayude en nuestro propósito. Hare Krsna.

Su sirviente

Gandharva das

URGENT - Recomendation letter from Bs.As. Temple

Hare Krishna!

All Glories to Sri Sri Gauranga Nityananda.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

All Glories to you.

Please Accept my humble obeisances.

Dear Gurudev, by order of Buenos Aires Mandir, Temple President, here I attach the recomendation letters of; Bhaktina Lara - Kirtida DD and Nara Narayana D.


Rati Mañjari DD

HpS - Thank you. Of course, we already made the initiations and now Lara is Lila-sukhi Devi Das and we hope Kirtida and Nara and burning down the three worlds with their potent Gayatri mantras!

Thank you and all the devotees for so much help during this first week of our visit to BsAs.

Hare Krsna Dear Gurudev

Hare Krsna Dear Guru Maharaj,

   Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

   All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

   All glories to Guru parampara.

   Thank you Guru Maharaj, Language won't be barrier for HG Jibesh Das.

   He is a nice, serious devotee. Please take him in your shelter.

Off Course Guru Maharaj, it would be a great opportunity to meet you in October.

   Materially very bad situation at my end but spiritually improving day-by-day   but in bits. Seems, would be able to identify Krsna in Crowed in next 6 months,   with close eye also !!

   Temple Seva is going as usual. Study, Hearing and association of devotees going   well as usual. Taking one BG class for one student only.

your fallen servant,


HpS - Hare Krsna! It is good that we are immoral spirit souls because maintenance of this body is really an impossible task.

What does Krsna want, now?

He is always playing in the forests of Braja with His friends while they here the cows. The smell of the forest is aromatic.

Our energy is close to zero. We got Buenos Aires yesterday after a long trip. We should write a DTC with this news since we are repeating it.

Is cold here in Argentina, but room is pretty good. Internet is s-l-o-w but works. No computer but writing our our cell phone with our portable keyboard. Maybe we get use of a laptop soon.

So, you see it is difficult for us to be a Diksa/Siksa Guru while traveling like this. Best thing is for us to consider accepting the post for the devotee, Jibesh Das, but first we need to have some communication. He should have an account here in the Blog and write about his daily Sankirtan.


MATERIAL SITUATION: We are in a low situation also. Then we remember that Srila Prabhupada said that Krsna can put you in the mode of goodness at any moment. Only one requirement, you much have no material desire! We try. Then high or low energy, money, fame, we are doing good service!

Our respects to everyone. Hope you Sankirtan increases and increases.