Gita Govinda

Dear Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I hope this email finds you well.

As you requested I have attached the information about the subjects and speakers for the Radhadesh ISKCON Europe Communications conference which will be held from the 25th -28th May: by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, I am presenting the service of my Guru Maharaj at the United Nations and the Gita Govinda on Sunday the 26th.

I would like also to share the following video (4 min) about a summary of the Gita Govinda presentations that we performed at six ISKCON temples in Delhi last February 2024:

Begging for your blessing to continue serving the Vaisnavas.

Your servant,

Bhadra Rupa Dasa

HpS/ASA - Thank you, agtSP, so much. I am sorry that it took us six days to post this. We were in Texas with hurricanes and Sadhu Sanga of 3,000 people.

Please, PLEASE, P L E A S E ! Send us more news on these topics as you can.

Peruvian culture has a unique mode for presenting Bengali, Caitanya Vaisnavism.

So nice.

Kala chandji Dhama

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

I hope you were able to leave Houston before the Thunderstorms came in.

The day after Sadhu Sanga, we had a very bad thunderstorm in Dallas and 80 mph winds.. About 1 million ppl lost power and it is still being restored. Thankfully we were not affected by the power outage.

Radhanath Maharaja was here for a few days after Sadhu Sanga and I was able to present him with a copy of TPP. Maharaja wanted me to convey his gratitude to you. This Sunday, we will have Candramouli Maharaja give the Sunday feast and I'll try to give him a copy too.

Should I ship a few copies to Srirama so that he can distribute it when you are in Atlanta?

HpS/ASA - Let us ask him when we talk.

We went for Mataji's check up today and everything looks ok. The baby is not in any worry for now. Four more weeks before birthday.

HpS-ASA - Hare Krsna.

Srinivasa Das says he can be agent for Amazon NIOS.

Maybe talk with him before he leaves on Sunday.

Thank you... all.

On Montemorelos México New Govardhan

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Hare Krishna, please accept our humble obeisances.

All glories to our Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupada. All glories to H.H. Hanumat Presaka Swami. All glories to all devotees!

By Your mercy and guidance, and the blessing of veteran devotees, like H.H. Guru Prasad Maharaja and the venerable Adoksaya Das Prabhu, and the magnum power of Nandita🐮… Gadadhar Gosai Prabhu & Anandamaya DD with the aid and donations of other devotees like Bhakta Ramses, and Gunavira Das (former Bhakta Guimo), after more than 2 years, finished the adquizition of a 2,200+ square m. which is a branch of Montemorelos, México's, New Govardhan.

Land DD was adquired to [from] a family of christian devotees in their elderhood. Long journey up here, praying and acting for a growing community in a growing land. 

Anyway, as servants of your servants, we just paid attention to follow your nectarean instructions on real state. We are feeling surrounded by your holy association. 

Gadadhar Gosai Das and Gunavira Das.

HpS - Wonderful. Land, next cows, then Brahmanas! Wonderful. Did you attach a map?


Hare Krishna, por favor acepte nuestras humildes reverencias. Todas las glorias a nuestro Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupada. Todas las glorias a S.S. Hanumat Presaka Swami. ¡Toda gloria a todos los/las devotos/as!

Por Su misericordia y guía, y la bendición de devotos veteranos, como S.S. Guru Prasad Maharaja y el venerable Adoksaya Das Prabhu, y el poder magno de Nandita🐮... Gadadhar Gosai Prabhu y Anandamaya DD con la ayuda y donaciones de otros devotos como Bhakta Ramses. , y Gunavira Das (antes Bhakta Guimo), después de más de 2 años, finalizamos la adquisición de una superficie de +2.200 m2. que es una rama de Nueva Govardhan en Montemorelos México.

Esta Tierra DD fue adquirida a una familia de devotos cristianos en su vejez. Ha sido un largo viaje hasta aquí, orando y actuando por una comunidad en crecimiento en una tierra en crecimiento.

De todos modos, como sirvientes de tus sirvientes, simplemente prestamos atención para seguir tus nectáreas instrucciones sobre las Bienes raíces. Nos sentimos rodeados por Su santa asociación.

Muy atentamente,

Gadadhar Gosai Das y Gunavira Das.

Amsterdam Kirtan Mela & Holy Name Retreat 2024

Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would like to give you an update of our program of this weekend. We've had our 3rd annual Amsterdam Kirtan Mela, paired with a Holy Name Retreat with His Holiness Sacinandana Swami Maharaja. The event received a good 300 visitors, plus several devotees who took up active services. Unfortunately i haven't seen much good photo's online yet.

We took some effort to draw in people from the yoga communities and have seen several faces unknown to us. Still, most of the visitors were ISKCON affiliated, Surinami Hindus and some of the Indian diaspora. I should say there were a lot of 'white bodied devotees'.

After three rounds we concluded this was the best one, with some good lessons learned. We again sold tickets (€25 for grown ups, €5 for kids under 16), and again we received some complaints and had devotees who we've known for years who boycott us). Still we believe it is alright what we do. I've asked feedback from some devotees to hear their thoughts, so we learn a bit and came to conclude that both ways have their advantages and it might not make a big difference. From how everything went, we believe Krishna was pleased with our effort, despite the arguments of some.

The idea that yoga students from around Amsterdam would come because of fixed price tickets is not yet proven. I tend to think the bastion of ISKCON wards of some people. We could make more effort next year to visit more schools and have a talk and see where they stand, and see if they can appreciate what we have to offer.

asa/tb make, agtsp, the popcorn free but salty, then charge a euro for glass of lemonade?

So that's more or less my missionary work for the year. Although i got some impression this weekend that Krishna pulls at me to get my spiritual life together. I've received good food for thought from the retreat today, as well as a lot of inspiration.

I hope you are doing well Maharaja. I hope you feel satisfied in the way you're instrumental in Srila Prabhupada's mission. I haven't followed your steps, i admit. I do think fondly of your example of educating yourself and build bridges. In that sense i am following in your footsteps in my own tiny way actually. I'm doing eclectic reading, bit of history, cultural philosophy, literature (short stories), biographies. I get to know my self and my range better with age. Its funny how that works, its kind of like board games; once you get going nicely, the game is almost over.

Hare Krishna,

A fallen householder,

Raghava Pandita dasa

ASA/hps - what do you think of our twitter posts.

even do it once a year and it accumulates!

nimai evan has dog following him, no?


Hare Krishna, dear gurudev, Pamho, AGTSP!

This is the letter from a very nice devotee from Argentina that happen to be my student.

Hare Krishna, my obeisances, respected Maharaja:


                                                    I am writing to you Maharaja for the invitation to a Congress at the University where I study. My name is Dhenupal das and I am finishing my thesis to receive my Bachelor's degree, together with my Director Dr. Engineer Vincitorio Fabio, Tec. Gabriela Barja, Srivas Takhur das, Ramananda das, from other Universities, in Argentina (UTN, UNL, UDAM) , Dr Giovanni Pelaez Perú (USAN of Arequipa) and Mexico Mg. Biologist Maria Acosta (Arkansas State University, Querátaro Campus, Mexico) we are intervening directly with the students, the title of the work is “Supporting University Students with Yoga Micro-Tools”, and in this way we were able to present ourselves at an Education Congress in Innovation”, 2023, with great success, with its publication. We will attach a link where you will see a video that was presented at the Congress.

The point is that after this study was carried out, we continue to do the research more specifically in different places and now that we are at a higher level of relationships.

we see the good opportunity to hold a Congress, and that is why I am writing to you, first to me. master of Bhakti Shastri and Pada Padma, Lakmana Agraha gives his disciple.

There are three topics to be discussed in Congress:




That any of the topics to be discussed you can speak to an audience entirely of students, professors and authorities of the Universities mentioned above. It is not aimed at devotees.

We are also inviting researchers who have a special empathy in Social Sciences, Economics (Minister of Economy of my province), Human Sciences, Psychology of Carl Jung, Engineers, Biologists, specialists of the 2030 Agenda, who are linked by scientific contacts , from various countries.

And as we understand that we also have educated devotees whom we know well for their oratory and intelligence and professionalism, such as Parampadam das (Argentina, with his thesis that he received as a Bachelor), Satyaki das (Argentina- National University of Rosario), each devotee will be selected and invited with certain evaluation criteria proposed by the same organization. Arjuna Sakha das (Argentina), who has a degree in communication, will be in charge of presenting the event.

There are not always opportunities to coordinate, carry out, execute, and also through a zoom and in-person platform.

The proposed date is in October the first week, it will be two consecutive days: 1/8/2024 and 2/8/2024. (August 1st and 2nd)

hps - agtSP. thank you, so much. as you can see we are taking a little time to answer our mail unless it gets pushed under our nose as priority.

"...The proposed date is in October the first week..." but then you list August 1st and 2nd?

In August we will be in USA with all internet facility.

In October we will be in Spain or India.

Topic we have developed is: Science, Psyche and Spirituality - The encounter of Prof. Carl Gustav Jung with the Bhaktisiddhanta of classical India.


We do not do it on another date because we are invited by another conference to be held in September, in different parts of the country that the team must attend.

HDG, already gave us his ok to participate in it, from KKS with him we started a small special course for devotees of his recent research and we await your response in these days and we would really like you to confirm us. In this way we will continue in this communication process.

My most respected obeisances,

 Dhenupal das

Hare Krishna!

HpS - Thank you LaD... Please forward the letter!


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Todas Las glorias a nuestro Maestro Espiritual eterno Srila Prabhupada🙏

Hare Krsna muy querido y siempre recordado Gurumaharaja, por favor acepte mis sinceras reverencias🙏

Disculpe por favor por no haberle escrito antes, pero el servicio en la hospedería está un poco intenso por esta temporada. Prabhu Jambula es muy estricto y exigente en realizar un buen servicio de prédica con el hospedaje, eso es muy bueno, me permite aprender a dejar la mediocridad que usualmente tenemos los latinos.

Gurudeva, cuando veo a Radha Govinda Candra yo le envío a usted muchas muchas cartas a través del corazón. Y cuando escucho a mis hermanos espirituales me recuerdan más a usted! Ellos son como expansiones de usted, fuentes de amor incondicional, siempre dispuestos a darme servicio devocional, palabras que calman mi mente y hacerme sentir en familia. Yo no entiendo muchas cosas de la cultura europea y la verdad es que NO QUIERO ENTENDERLAS, el feminismo, consumismo, sentimentalismo y más absurdos ´ismos´ Después de haber viajado por Sudamérica y ahora en Europa puedo decir que este mundo ES UNA TRAMPA, PURA ILUSIÓN, UNA ESTAFA! Una película repetida!

El otro día madre Satvica (la pujari principal de NVM) me vió tan desanimada que me dijo algo real: ESTE LUGAR ES GOLOKA VRINDAVAN, ES EL MUNDO ESPIRITUAL, TENEMOS A RADHA GOVINDA CANDRA HACIENDO SUS PASATIEMPOS TRASCENDENTALES EN ESTE MOMENTO… TIENES QUE VER CON ESOS OJOS! Y por un instante, unos segundos vi a los niños como vaqueritos y gopis del Krsna Book… NVM es tan especial que cada vez que quiero irme me atrapa más… Los devotos mayores que viven acá están tan decepcionados de este mundo material… hoy vi a Mahajan cantar en el kirtan mientras le lloraba a Radha Govinda Candra… fue tan potente su sentimiento que mi Paramatma vibró muy fuerte!!!


Gurumaharaja,la idea de que podamos volver a tener su misericordiosa asociación me entusiasma mucho!! Nosotros, su ejército de monos, lo esperamos en NVM 🐵 🐵 Leí la respuesta que le dió a Madre Madhumanjari. Ya me comuniqué con ella para coordinar su estadía en NVM, las madres peruanas estamos súper felices de tener la asociación de Madre Madhumanjari. Estamos a su servicio Gurumaharaja 🙏

Perdone mis ofensas


Intentando servirlo

Yasoda Devi Dasi (Sita? Devaki? Yamuna?...)


All glories to our eternal Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada🙏

Hare Krsna much loved and always remembered Gurumaharaja, please accept my sincere obeisances🙏

Please excuse me for not writing to you sooner, but the service at the inn is a little intense this season. Prabhu Jambula is very strict and demanding in providing a good preaching service with the accommodation, that is very good, it allows me to learn to leave the mediocrity that we Latinos usually have.

Gurudeva, when I see Radha Govinda Candra I send you many many letters through my heart. And when I listen to my spiritual brothers they remind me more of you! They are like expansions of you, sources of unconditional love, always ready to give me devotional service, words that calm my mind and make me feel like family. I don't understand many things about European culture and the truth is that I DON'T WANT TO UNDERSTAND THEM, feminism, consumerism, sentimentalism and more absurd 'isms'. After having traveled through South America and now in Europe I can say that this world IS A TRAP, PURE ILLUSION, A SCAM! A movie repeated!

HpS -


And for an instant, a few seconds I saw the children as little cowherds and gopis from the Krsna Book... NVM is so special that every time I want to leave it catches me more... The older devotees who live here are so disappointed in this material world... today I saw Mahajan sang in the kirtan while crying to Radha Govinda Candra... his feeling was so powerful that my Paramatma vibrated very strongly!!!


Gurumaharaja, the idea that we can once again have your merciful association excites me very much!!

We, his monkey army, are waiting for him at NVM 🐵 🐵 I read the reply she gave to Mother Madhumanjari.

I already contacted her to coordinate her stay at NVM, Peruvian mothers are super happy to have Mother Madhumanjari's association. We are at the service of her Gurumaharaja 🙏

Forgive my offenses


Trying to serve it

Yasoda Devi Dasi (Sita? Devaki? Yamuna?...)

HpS - Jaya!! AgtSP.

a g t SP!!!