Casi Urgente: Deidad de Hanuman en Ramanavami de NVM

Hk pamho

Querido Gurudeva siempre recuerdo que Ud. entusiasmaba a celebrar en los templos, las fiestas en alusión al Sr. Ramacandra. Posiblemente Él sea más conocido en la tierra que Krsna, pues las historias del fiel sirviente Hanuman llegan y se siguen mostrando en series exitosas como Dragon bol.

El pequeño Hanuman, mi deidad, idéntico al del templo de Radha Madan Bihari (uno tiene las manitos en posición de oración, el mío dando bendiciones), saltó al altar de Radha Govinda Candra, los tomó a todos de sorpresa, la encargada del pujari autorizó a se quedará todo el día, ya que, la ofrenda sería especial. Al final, en la noche, Prabhu Venudar pidió que lo llevara porque se estaba comiendo todo.

A lo largo del día venían devotos y espontáneamente cantaban extáticos, y los cabezas de familia trajeron prasadham de sus casas para compartir y el almuerzo se volvió muy opulento. Es lindo este lugar, todos viene entusiastas todos los días y realizan su servicio ya sea en la cocina, pujari, campo, etc. Se cumple el sadhana a diario y como amanece mucho después, posiblemente para el Brahma muhurta varios devotos ya llevan muchas rondas cantadas.

Lo esperamos Gurudeva, lo esperamos todos, Maharaja Yadunandana, sus discípulos, amigos y bienquerientes en NVM, su casa.

Su hija que lo adora:

Yugala Kisora Dasi


.HK. pamho.

Dear Gurudeva, I always remember that you were enthusiastic about celebrating festivals in reference to Mr. Ramacandra in the temples. Possibly He is better known on earth than Krsna, since the stories of the faithful servant Hanuman arrive and continue to be shown in successful series such as Dragon Bol.

Little Hanuman, my deity, identical to the one in the Radha Madan Bihari temple (one has his little hands in a prayer position, mine giving blessings), jumped onto the altar of Radha Govinda Candra, taking everyone by surprise, the person in charge of the pujari He authorized him to stay all day, since the offering would be special. Finally, in the evening, Prabhu Venudar asked to take him because he was eating everything.



Throughout the day devotees came and spontaneously sang ecstatically, and the heads of families brought prasadham from their homes to share and the lunch became very opulent. This place is nice, everyone comes enthusiastically every day and performs their service whether in the kitchen, pujari, field, etc. The sadhana is performed daily and as it dawns much later, possibly for the Brahma muhurta several devotees have already chanted many rounds.

We are waiting for you Gurudeva, we are all waiting for you, Maharaja Yadunandana, his disciples, his friends and well-wishers in NVM, his house.

His daughter who adores him:

Yugala Kisora Dasi

HpS - Such really good Social Communication! Thank you. Now is Sita's appearance, no?

Thank you!!!!!!

Diary of a Traveling Contractor

2 months, 1 week ago by hps in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

HpS/ ASA - Gauranga! . . . who's the news? what's the news? when arrive in NMDh??

TC - Hare Krishna Maharaja! Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to you.

Still in India. In Coimbatore now, on my way to Chennai (or Madras as it was known before). Need to look for some silver simhasan for Lord Narasimha Deva Saligram. Also need to spend a couple of days at my family's house.

Simhasan work for Yoga Narasimha Deva is going on. Need to get the carvings completed... As of now, plans haven't changed. Supposed to be reaching Hugh's Town on the 17th. If the work gets completed before that, I may prepone my ticket.

HpS/ASA - Great! Should be a powerful festival.

Rama Navami at Sri Sri Gaura Nitay Santiago de Chile Iskcon Mandir

2 months, 2 weeks ago by Carlos Rold in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krishna, respected Gurudeva!

HpS - All glories to our Guru, Srila Prabhupada.

Please accept my respectful and humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I hope that you are well and in good health or the best as is possible in the execution and development of your sankirtan for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.

I heard and read that you will be in Spain during the last quarter of this year and for several months! I would like very very much to be able to travel to visit you and be able to serving you in Vapu mood during your stay in Europe.

Your disciple Abhirama Thakur Das invited me to participate in the new edition of Solaris, I must write a bibliographic review of the book “The sacred and the profane” by Mircea Eliade; I'm very happy because it represents a great challenge for me, mainly due to the hard requirement that my daily activities demand of me and also because the author was a very important academic of the 20th century and who is still valid through his philosophical and interreligious researching work where also, just like you do, he dedicated himself to building bridges between the philosophies of the East and the West, this is a topic that interests me a lot.

I take this opportunity of writing this letter to tell you that I have thought a lot about the idea of how I want to approach and develop the book I want to write with you (I mean do interviews with you) and about you; I want to prepare a document setting out to you my ideas on the matter so that I can comment on them formally and see together what we can do, only if you are available for do this.

The reason for this letter is to tell you that this Tuesday, April 16, the Rama Navami festival was held on Iskcon Chile celebrating the appearance of Lord Ramachandra. And I was blessed to be asked by the temple festival committee and the matajis devotees in charge of the garland service to take charge of making all the garlands for the festival. It was the first time that I've had such an important and great service! We made 11 garlands in total: the painting of Lord Ramachandra and His associates, Sri Sri Gaura Nitay (the regent deities of our Mandir, installed by H.H. Jayapataki Swami during the 90s), Lord Nrishimha, Prahlada Maharaja, Panca Tattva, Salagram Sila , Tulsi, Guru Parampara, Srila Prabhupada small size murti, Srila Prabhupada real size murti. They also gave this service to a devotee named Valentina, who came to know Krishna Consciousness approximately 2 years ago and since then she comes to the temple permanently and does various services. She is very skilled and virtuous, she has many qualities, she is very chaste and sincere, she is an artist, writer, nurse.

On Monday, April 15, I went early to the Santiago Flower Terminal to buy 8 bouquets of flowers, carnations and mables, white, red, burgundy, green, yellow, pink, lush and beautiful flowers, only Krishna who is the Supreme Artist can create something that wonderful, and how wonderful the flowers in the spiritual world must be!

During the afternoon together with Valentina we were both making the garlands from 3 pm to 11 pm and we couldn't finish the service, so we had to return to the temple during Mangalarati and it was already the same day of the festival!; We were there from 4.30 am to 7 am and we were able to do the floral arrangements, vases, organization and cleaning that we could not finish the previous service day. I attach pictures of the garlands before being offered and when they were already put into action to perform their service to decorate the transcendental forms of Their Lordships. In the afternoon during the festival, the person in charge of this service named Krishna Sevini Devi Dasi, she thanked us and congratulated us for the garlands we made for this very important festival (especially important festival for the devotees of the Anjana Suta Academy, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!), and she also made some observations regarding to the combination of colors, a maximum of 3 colors should be used, in the case of this festival must be red, yellow and white, I used 7 colors.

I love making garlands for the Deities, Gurudeva, it's for me a beautiful form of meditation and one that I enjoy the most; it allows me to appreciate the beauty of Lord Krishna's creation, connect with my sensitivity, develop fine motor skills, perform a loving service for the Supreme Lord, serving Gurudeva and Srila Prabhupada (I say serving Gurudeva because I started doing this service to be able to get initiated by you and whenever I'm making garlands I think of you listening to Srila Prabhupada chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, I always listen the same audio on Youtube )

I know by certainty and experience that this blessing that I've received and that I've been able to make so many garlands for this festival of Rama Navami, is exclusively due to your mercy Gurudeva, just by giving me your loving and transcendental association you are allowing me to advance a little more on my spiritual path and gradually approach the platform of devotional service for the Supreme Lord, and it's always thanks to the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha Krishna, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Soon I will write another report to you with news from Sit Properly 108. For now I can tell you that a few weeks ago we published the third single on all platforms and digital stores, it's a reggaeton rhythm that has the Maha Mantra Hare Krishna in the ending, it's the first time In the history of this musical genre that the Maha Mantra is included in a song of the style and we hope that other artists appear who also include the Maha Mantra in their songs.

I must also write to you a report about my sadhana, 16/4, service for Iskcon Chile and my preparation to be qualified to take first initiation.

Thank you very much for everything Gurudeva, I always carry you in my heart, please accept my respectful and humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to H.H. Hanumatpresaka Swami! All glories to the assembled devotees! Hare Krishna!

Your aspiring servant,

Carlos from Iskcon Chile.


AgtSP! Thank you for this nice letter.

  1. Trip to Spain - Of course, if you can visit Radha Govinda candra that is great. Contact Yadunandana Swami and the devotees at New Vraja Mandala for permission to visit, service, accommodations etc!!
  2. Book with philosopher. We can start with some practical activity.
  3. Radharani makes garlands for Krsna - Light, fragrant, durable! 😃
  4. Now we go for a solitary walk to to Office Max.

Thank you. You inspire us. You have so much potential.

...and the hits just keep on coming...

April 8, 2024

Dear Maharaja Hanumat Presaka Swami,

pamho, AGtSP!

How are you? We’re still serving as best we can... now how efficiently, is even a better plan.

HpS - Yes!!! NoI 7 or 8, no? The Dasas. It becomes constant then more intense, then constant, intense, broad and 💥 Aaaa haaaa [Re):>> we remember who we are!

  Contemplations in Krishna Consciousness (KC) are meditations with ecstatic information. An exercise to maximize our connection with the “powerhouse “of Love, coming from the inside and outside, below and above, the tricky part is how to compensate for our conditioned state. That is where quandaries begin... at least for those listening within.

  Time & time again queries bring the mind to grasp its confines, then viewing Oppenhemier’s film with his astuteness so fine, it keeps some perspective in line. The Lord divine empowers material scientists’ minds due to their karmic inclines, yet forces found they can’t impound, for they are borrowed from our Source most profound.

ASA - He had to use nicotine to control his mind, no?

  This is where I’m impressed, God allows intelligence to guide men and do their best, even when they’re a mess. The efforts of 2,000 scientists orchestrated to make one thermo-nuclear bomb, is it more motivated to create a virus to retire us? Oops, that’s been said and gone (or is it?, still notice the “covid visit” from January’s Texas trip)

In scientific summary, I’ve found that the intelligent society may also be profound, & realize my insignificance and will always be a clown. Regardless, the ability in man is part of God’s plan, so I will continue to try and make a relative stand.

 Speaking of stands, I was brought to my knees by flower-child with the greatest of ease.


 Was skipping along in ye’ old hardware store and saw a young colored man and his daughter...eyes met, gave respect, and continued on my way. Then the man’s wife was in the same aisle with her youngest child (4, maybe more) and I gave a smile. The lil’ girl had a blooming plant in a pot and I said, ”Nice flower,” as she smiled a lot, I went to my aisle. I was digging in the garden section, she had followed me. Her Mother kept calling her and I watched in perplexion. As the girl walked to me she held up the little pot, “Well,” I thought, I kneeled & smelled that flower in that pot. Both the Mother and I were construing, like, “What’s her girl doing? Quickly responding, I thanked her fondly, to her Mothers relief, our departure was brief.

Then recalling all this, I realized a moment I missed... had Krishna flyer in my pocket and failed to abide by my lil’ guide. It’s not about me, it’s what’s around me that’s to be... serving in clarity, that’s the key. Thus I’m learning K’s plans and when to get out of the way by joining in the play, a fresh way to enjoy the day.

HpS - Been there. Done that!

Gaura Purnima, Ki Jaya!

  A joyous moment to say the least, do not want to spoil the transcendental feast. We were dhotied up, seeking association with devotee trust, ecstatic in festival lust, surpassing the material energy. All we’re jubilant and in good Spirits was quite the experience. Then my time came, back to the mundane, donning my uniform of fame I continued to pick up the remains, packing all in bags unnamed. 3 trips around the grounds taking in all trash no matter how profound, then jumping in the dumpster till it couldn’t compound, honoring Jayananda’s inspiring training with the Trash-Mash Dance. Complete Seva while in a blissful trance.

ASA[tb] = .. . . . condidates for Guru Krpa????

  K’ book's now on my iphone, better than any clone, finally have the Krishna Book right where I can look, day or night for any occasion that seems right. Tech has made a transcendental step, guess I should enjoy the depth. The more I look for Nanda-lal, the more He gives what I long... His eternal song, now I best not forget and listen for His flute and duet. 

   B.I. (Bhaktivedanta Institute) has subsided so am doing work as guided, Bhagavan always has provided, now Akrurnatha & Jagarinni have secured an Alachuan home and I’m on my own, sorting jobs to hone at their new abode. The biggest place I think they’ve owned looks like the family has grown.

Was reminiscing of their house's past and jobs that passed and in doing so gained a finger gash from a razor's slash. Best not to dwell on projects that are done... focus on the ones that have come; such are the dangers of the mind, to indulge on company time. Now with the bandages strong, I’m doing fine... so I pine, now stepping into a fractured bone with this foot of mine, the karma is right on time, my seva changes even as I rhyme.

     As you may see, my writing is a bit gleaned, as I age it seems to be an unusual opportunity to jot any obscurity that be, now where is me? Again, the kaleidoscope turns, my vision blurs then focuses on sights to yearn, and then a lesson turns when another epiphany churns. Such are my digressions, so glad to have your instructions and alternate directions to avoid this Tigress of obsession.

  So with all this self-prophecy, I shall leave you in peace, knowing that with surrender some may become a devotee contender and not a bhakti pretender.

your servant in training,

caitanya caritamrta das, das anu das.n

Thank you!

HpS/ASA - Krsna is 'yamuna tira van achari', not too straight forward, no? maybe jehovah and allah are more straight forward. got a letter started for you all.

your news is great. a little sample of a very practical sankirtan.

unflinching warrior.

what is happening in the public propaganda of Temple?

Spain travel

Hare Krsna Srila Gurudev

Dandavat pranam at your lotus feet

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I saw that Srila Gurudev, you don't plan to visit India this year.

A letter stating that you plan to visit Spain is posted in blog.

I wanted to seek permission and opinion regarding if I, can visit you for a week when you will be in Spain. I really want your association and would be grateful to meet you once.

Although I am not a good disciple but I am trying in my situation to improve.

Gurudev, what do you think. Is it advisable for me to visit you in Spain.

Is there any possibility that you might visit India.

I suddenly got inspired to come to Jagannath Puri. Took a sudden flight to bhubaneswar. I am editing this letter on way to ISKCON bhubaneswar.

I seek your blessings so that I can mercy of Jagannath bhagawan and increase my sadhana.

Hare Krsna Srila Gurudev

Your trying to be disciple

Rturaj Krsna Das

Puducherry, India

HpS - Hare KRsna, Dr. Sahaab!

We just finished a long, detailed, letter on exactly this topic! I think you may find 99.9999% of your answers there!

Asking for your guide, Gurudeva 🙏🏻

Hare Krishna, Gurudeva 🙏🏻 Please, accept my humble obeisances!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 🌷

Gurudeva, as I told you before, I am back again in matajis asrama of Chosica. I came back to my service of dressing the deities.

It is been more than two months since I returned from India. This trip was quite an experience for me, a learning experience in several aspects. Now that some time has passed, I am having memories especially of my stay in Vrndavana and I would like to return in the future, but in a different with friends or a close friend......and if you were there... the better!

I continue to strive to do a good sadhana and also to read Srila Prabhupada's books more, as you have recommended to me several times.

Gurudeva, lately I am feeling more the desire to preach......sometimes it makes me sad to see the temples almost empty.....and I also do not feel completely satisfied with just doing service to the Deities. Serving Deities is really nice, very purifying for me, but even so I feel that something is missing...

I think I also have to engage in some form of preaching to reach people. Actually this is very in line with my nature, because I really like contact with people, talking to them, making friends..

At the moment I am trying to preach to the people who come to the temple. But, I am still thinking about what preaching project I can get involved in... I was thinking about looking for places to put book tables, fairs or something like that..

Waiting for your comments, your merciful guide, Gurudeva...🙏🏻

Your aspiring servant:

Mitravinda dd.

HpS/ASA - Your, agtSP, consciousness is great. Just intensify things. No changes needed.

Just look for opportunities to meet people in your natural setting.

Join a Peruvian girls football team if that is your nature.

Be KRSNA conscious and associate with people.

Everything else will follow.