Vienna Mission

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Hare Krishna Guru-Maharāj,


I refer to your last instruction regarding the preaching centre in Vienna, Austria.

I just spoke on the phone at length with Vrajajana dās Adhikary in Vienna (Temple President), regarding my offer to perform service there indefinitely.

He explained that presently they are doing the minimum programme consisting of Sunday Feast, Wednesday BG class and Harinam. It sounds as though the location and amenities are adequate for me to stay there full-time and that there is scope for more regular programmes.

My offer was to help whichever way I can to support the existing programmes and expand it where possible.

To this end, we have agreed that I shall stay there for at least a couple of weeks as of Monday, 28 November 2022 and then discuss more permanent preaching plans thereafter.

I await your blessings to the foregoing proposal, so that I may pursue it with full enthusiasm.

Your servant,

Janārdan-hari dās.

HpS/ASA - From half the planet away and thus very little knowledge, we think that it seems fine.

Why not start one evening program a week like Wednesday of Thursday.

Then, later if things get hot, add a full Saturday morning program for intermediate level devotees.

Focus on how people can get a taste od chanting Maha-mantra and teaching SB.



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Gurudev, if you have extra copies of tava pache pache with you. HG Rituraj Krsna Das Prabhuji wants to's not available in Indian

ASA/TB - We are printing in India now.

Sankirtan visita Mty.

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Por favor acepte nuestras humildes reverencias Gurudev

Nos gustaría compartirle que conseguimos contacto en dos universidades de Monterrey

UDEM: anteriormente en 2012 usted visitó la licenciatura de artes.

Tecnológico de Monterrey: el contacto que ofrece este espacio está interesado en su trabajo en NIOS y temas de Jung.

Ambas opciones son excelentes con posibilidad de conseguir espacio para un buen programa de prédica significativo por nuestra parte proporcionamos información de NIOS y mantenemos contacto constante con las personas que están facilitando el espacio en las universidades para su próxima estadía en Monterrey.

Nos gustaría saber cómo servirle mejor con su opinión.

Por nuestra parte estamos en contacto y agradecemos su respuesta, en otro informe le compartiremos los avances en la finca, ¿cree que podamos compartir en el blog el contacto WhatsApp de Anandamaya en la siguiente carta para lo devotos y devotas que requieren información y reservación de hospedaje en el campamento ASA(finca) o en Monterrey?

Sus sirvientes Gadadhar Gosai y Anandamaya Dasi


All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Please accept our humble obeisances Gurudev

We would like to share with you that we have contacted two universities in Monterrey

UDEM: Previously, in 2012, you visited the Bachelor of Arts.

Tecnológico de Monterrey: the contact that this space offers is interested in your work on NIOS and Jung's topics.

Both options are excellent with the possibility of getting space for a good significant preaching program. We provide information from NIOS and maintain constant contact with the people who are facilitating the space in the universities for your next stay in Monterrey.

We would like to know how to better serve you with your opinion.

For our part we are in contact and we appreciate your response, in another report we will share the progress of the farm, do you think we can share Anandamaya's WhatsApp contact on the blog in the following letter for devotees who require information and reservation of Lodging at the ASA camp (farm) or in Monterrey?

HpS - AGTSP! Paoho. If you want to share her Whatsapp contact here, that is fine. It is an open forum, so anyone ca read it.

Maybe make a temporary address, e-mail, is better.

WIth the University it depends on the interest of the sponsor.

We have done porgrams with Art Schools, Philosophy Departments etc.

We could also present for Historians,

Theater/Drama School

Political Science.

Who are the contacts and what is their interest.

Also, programs in Rural Development, agriculture.

We can do one day or we can do several programs because we will be there for one month, no?

His servants Gadadhar Gosai and Anandamaya Dasi

ASA - 🦆🦆🐒 🐷

Candramukhi's report URGENT

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


I have been following your tweets. Thanks for keeping us posted with your activities.

As I told you I am just working in two universities, one full time and in the other I teach English for journalists. Besides that I am in the language center of another university. All of this work is still long distance education and I do light work.

I did not write too often, due to I did not have anything worthy to report. On Sunday I couldn't go to Chosica due to I have to prepare one special class for the university. Nevertheless, On Saturday I went to Shakti (Jaya laskmi's center). Patraka das lend us his Govardhana Silas. I took care of them for a week and I performed the abhishek and puja for Govardhana. It was really nice to have them at home. They help us to improve our sadhana.

We also celebrated Srila Prabhupada dissapearance and HDG Vyasa Puja

Ulyses is getting old, but he looks stronger than ever

That is all I have to report. HAPPY GOPASTAMI ¡¡¡

Hope to see you soon

Trying to be your disciple CMDD

HpS - ASA -- Thank you!

AGTSP! You have so much chance to preach!

Continue makng the work of 16-good rounds early in the morning first and then just your comportment will be preaching and you will become the Mother of so many very elevated children, students.

Now 10.59AM. Quick bath and parikrama to Radha-kunda!

Every day we can walk to Radha kunda!!!!

Duh Lass News

[11/1, 3:51 PM] HPSwami - Prof. HHR: Hare Krsna, you all, Nanda braja Das!

What's the news from ISKCON Dallas?

How's Jaya hari, Srinatha-k, ladies?


[11/1, 10:49 PM] Nanda-braja Das: Hare Krishna! Guru Maharaja Please except my humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!! News is we are working on our sankirtan, even working together.

Srinatha Krsna Prabhu and I have meet with Nityananda Prabhuji about how to focus our development and service for devotees as a community. From new devotees (first contact) and forever. It was inspiring.

Jaya Hari Prabhu I'm not so sure, he seems good but we don't talk much anymore. We do see his enthusiasm in service.

My wife is well, we are in Bhakti Sastri together and she is doing very well. Our children are well. Janardan is really getting into Kirtan and playing mrdanga. Lila is very absorbed in school/college.

We see posts on Facebook and your Kapi Dhvaja about you and Vrindavan, we hope to join you there soon, eternally.

You're servant, Nanda-braja das. 🙏

HpS - Thanks for the news. AgtSP.

Respects to all.

Itis 10.00AM here, 9-minutes from Radha kunda.

We are trying to make progress in purifying ourselves of material conditioning.

Radha kund, Kala-chandji Dhama, have such opportunities.

Two b'caris cooking in the little kitchen altar, two ladies cleaning the continous layer of gnats and dust.

Hare Krsna, Hare Rama.

Friday is Ekadasi, Gaura-kishora Das Babaji and arrival of Nitai-Gaura sundara Das in Vrndavana.

After review of letters we will take a quick bath and walk to Radha kunda for some Japa.

We have become GBC Secretary!

Of our bead bag. 😎

See you there.

Best wishes to make a big impact on Dallas.

Will Putin start a nuclear war?

Is this my last breath?

Aaaah we arrive Houston February 23rd.

Go to Mexico March 4th.

Stories of the Universe & Golden Avatar

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj

Please accept my obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Regarding your question about the distribution of books in the “Stories of the Universe” project, I haven't been able to think much about it, however, people who are interested often ask philosophical questions about the stories and also about ISKCON temples. Also the videos are being used by many devotees when they want to preach to new people.

I will be away from Lima until January 2023, then I will return to Lima to continue my studies in data science and artificial intelligence. My parents are well but a bit in poor health, I am chanting 16 rounds (98% of the time), gayatri (70%), and I follow the 4 regulative principles. For more than 5 years Krishna has not allowed me to have a girlfriend, but I take advantage of the time dedicating myself to my project.

* The cost of Voice Actors for the “Stories of the Universe” project is $8270 (USD)

* And all other additional expenses such as payment of rights to Krishna art, song rights, video editing, English translation, consultancies, etc., add up to a total of $5500 (USD)

* So the total cost of the project is $13770 (USD)

Thanks to the mercy of Krishna I have been able to finance this entire project through my work, however, if Krishna allows me in 2023 I will start my next project: “Golden Avatar”, which is the summary of the Caitanya Caritamrita in 27 episodes, and will cost $10000 (USD). Therefore I have the following questions:

• I don't know if I will be able to have all the money to finance my next project. What recommendation do you give me to collect the funds?

• Most of the voice actors I have hired were non-devotees, and they characterized the characters in “Stories of the Universe”. What do you think if a non-devotee does the voice of Caitanya Mahaprabhu and other Vaishnava saints?

I have made many mistakes in this service, but I want to improve and continue for several more years

Thank you very much Guru Maharaj,

Hare Krishna

Jagat Pavitram das


HpS - AgtSP. Some answer to your question in our response to the post by Laksmana agaja Das.

If actors are demons then should not use them, but most people are just innocent and playing parts of Vedic characters stimlates their spiritual progress.

Put a little explanation about the books that are the basis of your presentions in the presentations and then a link where to buy the books. Aravinda Das?

Also, can put link to, no?

Thank you!!!!

We have changed the world. The door is open, now we must go in!

If you do the right project then money will come. Watch for it.