Banana Santa

Hare Krishna Gurudev,

Please accept My humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Here we are in Sri Govardhan, very good Sadhu Sanga, utsaha!!

This week we start reading SB 3.28 to answer your previous letter.

HpS -Super.

I would like to ask You about your meeting with Sonu Shamdasani in Cordoba. Was it succesful? Will he join EAS 2020?

HpS - It was very, very nice. We went to the program in the university which was seven hours long and met many old an new Jungian friends, Sonu lectures were incredible. We did not try to talk with him because he was in a public relations mood with so many people, but the crowd was smaller so our relation was more direct. we had eye contact and little conversation. i feel very comfotable to write to him now and i think what we want to ask him is to recomend a study partner for us in this area of Jung and the orient. bhagavata. he likes this area but he is directing so many other areas. that we should only deal with him in summary. yesterday we had effective meeting with center for religious studies at the catholic university abut education and the sacred and before that big public symposium

now it is 3.45am so we have to bath, tilak and go to the temple with jagat guru das. have four rounds done. thank you.

Hope everything goes fine in chile,

At your service,

Nikunja Bihari das.

Lalita Madhava from Monterrey México

3 months, 1 week ago by lalita_mdva in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept my humblest obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Excuse my bad manners writing, my name is Lalita Madhava Ramirez daughter of prabhu Sankirtan Das and mother Lila Ratha DD, sister of Govinda Pramodini dd from Monterrey Mexico; I have been aspiring to be his disciple for 8 years and I have been present in most of his visits to Mexico and some visits in Houston too.

Please excuse the intermittent way of approaching you.

HpS - AGTSP. There is nothing wrong with approaching us here! Very nice to hear from you. Better information on how to contact us in the Kapi Dhvaja.

I was in difficult situations in my life in recent years, the most difficult for me was the breakup of my marriage since my ex-husband decided not to continue with the 4 principles and his spiritual life declined very strongly, this was caused us to separate and I was in depression for this situation for about 2 years, simultaneously there were many changes in my work in which I had to exercise a coordination position and I was under a lot of pressure, fortunately I was able to speak with the general director and they relocated me into the planning and evaluation área, where I am currently developing a sustainable development project for 20 high schools around the state of Nuevo León, so now I have a little more freedom in my schedules.

Because of this situations that maya involved me, my mind was distant from Krishna consciousness; However, now I am trying to reconnect with the spiritual life, I returned to chant my 16 rounds in the morning before any other service, trying to follow their recommendations as to sing the holy names and follow the principles to purify ourselves, that is why again I am writing to receive his mercy and develop my love and service towards Sri Krishna in a more enthusiastic way.

During that time and thanks to Krishna I was able to get involved in certain services as I mentioned in the previous letter, I have been doing sankirtan year after year for the last 8 years the international book fair organized by the Tecnológico de Monterrey with more than 100 editorials, I was also within the organization of the Jala Jatra festival for the first 3 years of its realization, afterwards we could only contribute food service for life and we have been going regularly to the cultural center.

I take this opportunity to tell you that we will be supporting the organization of your vyasa puja in Houston with some spiritual sisters from Mexico, so I hope I can serve you correctly.

I hope in this letter I can share a little bit more of who I am and sorry for my elementary English, this year I started classes and I'm still improving.

His eternal servant and aspiring disciple.

Lalita Madhava d.d.

HpS - You seem to be one of the finest human beings on the planet! Thank you for this inspiring news. Chanting 16 enthusiastic rounds and following four principles strictly is our connection with Krsna and Prabhupada. Don't be depressed or overworked. Krsna will adjust everything. He will deal with temporary insanity in husbands and lack of intelligence in business managers.

See you soon. Let us answer some more letters. It is 3AM We have 4 rounds done.

Regional representation report 09 (URGENT)

3 months, 2 weeks ago by Germán Vegas in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krishna dear Gurudeva

Please accept our humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Hope you're doing well in Argentina. According to your posts It seems to be like that. I write this report on the blog because I haven't had much time to talk with you during your last stay in Chosica. Anyway, I consider that this medium is more efficient concerning MOE's issues.

1. The current situation of temples is not very promising at the moment. There is an air of conflict and suspicion among the devotees. Congregations have polarized and taken sides in the political situation of the Yatra. The good news is that there have been no regrettable incidents (despite the mood of devotees), the bad news is that the temples are almost empty. Thinking, for the moment, articulating educational initiatives or developing important programs should wait until consensus is reached in other aspects.

HpS - I agree that we should be alert to the other aspects and groups, but we should go ahead with our personal commitment to Srila Prabhupada's books and let that be a very good way to help the integration of the different groups and solution of the political problems. O.K.? We are keeping daily classes, usually on line, wherever we go, and pushing the BhV diploma with GEV etc.

2. Therefore, Gurudeva, we have concentrated on Chosica, where we find a favorable resonance for the development of our service. As I mentioned before, we are collaborating in the organization of seminars of a practical type (cooking, Vaisnava etiquette, worship, kirtan, ayurveda, etc.)in Arequipa in order to establish a fairly solid contact and continue with programs that solve other problems , in greater depth.

HpS - Super, Super, Super, Super!!

3. My trip to Ecuador is pending, I intended to do it at the end of the year, to coincide with the Ayampe meeting, but for economic reasons, it may not be. I am sure that by April 2020 I will be able to do it and establish the desired contact with them.

HpS - That is very good news! Today our SB class was about Katyayani vrata from the SBm K book, etc. Systematic study by following the festivals, no?

4. I do not receive further news from the Bolivian yatra, the devotee in charge of communicating with me is very sparse and poorly communicative. I think I will have to promptly address Prabhu Mathuresh, which I wanted to avoid because something else was agreed upon. Apparently there is no other alternative.

HpS - O. K. You see we are a little slow in responding too, but gettingit done. Keep sending news here and to Tapan misra Das.

5. Our intention remains the preparation of current and potential teachers: Mitravinda dd, Isvari dd, Abhinanda d, Jagat Pavitram d, Indira Sakti dd, Nitya Kisori dd, Tarangaksi dd, Rukmini dd, among others, can be trained to be able to count with a motivated, technical and determined staff that shares work with regular teachers. It is important to decentralize education and look for variety. A single teacher teaching all the courses has proven negative in their results. The main idea is to organize for them the TTC courses, give them seminars to develop skills under the guidance of more experimented teachers and share with some of them some modules of the current courses (for example, I have taught the first semester of Introduction to Bhakti Yoga and Isvari dd is going to teach the second).

6. Finally, we are working on the technification of this courses (avoiding exaggeration), in order to give greater efficiency to the learning process. There is a big difference between the Vyasasana preacher, the school teacher and the adult teacher. It is important to develop class material that differentiates these activities based on defined and ordered pedagogical models.

HpS - Sounds very nice and the more you can show the teaching principles in the SB then the more they are confirmed. What is the classroom environment for the BG, SB??

7. In an upcoming report, I will inform you about the Sunday school activities you opened a few weeks ago.

HpS - And Tapan misra Das??

That is all for the moment Gurumaharaja, I await your valuable suggestions and comments.

Your servant

Gandharva das

HpS - Did you get the Kapi Dhvaja yesterday? Okay? Answer with the Priority Code!

Urgent.Report by Lalita Madhava / Monterrey México

3 months, 3 weeks ago by lalita_mdva in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept my humblest obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I write after a while without having communication with you by this means, catching up with the personal sadhana report and general news.

This year we were able to participate for 8 consecutive years in the international book fair with the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, we were also distributing prasadam at the food for life stand at the Jala Yatra Monterrey Mx festival and we attended the festivals at the cultural center regularly

Among other news, I would like to inform you that I have been talking with mother Asta Sakhi to finally be able to take a diksha initiation, I finished my course of guru disciple in 2017 at the Bhakti School of Culture with prabhu Param Padam Das (Argentina) and he has extended a letter of recommendation to continue my spiritual growth under his guidance and mercy

I look forward to serving you in the most sincere way and I would like to inform you that we will be attending for your vyasa puja this year in Houston with the intention of being able to speak with you in person and know how to continue on the path to take initiation

His eternal servant and aspiring disciple

Lalita Madhava d.d.

Hare Krsna. AgtSP... We cannot recognize you from this little letter!!! It is very nice to hear from you, but we cannot connect your personality with your name?? Help!!! Hope to see you soon. Your service seems very, very nice!!! Thank you!!!!

LAD - Sankirtan Report

Hare Krishna, dear gurudeva, Pamho, AGTSP!

There are several issues that I have to tell you. I will try to be brief and summarized.

1.- Education.

I always saw two aspects.

a) My contribution to ISKCON and

b) My contribution to the community in general.

That's why I was encouraged to do a master's degree so that my contribution is more professional. I am missing the thesis that I hope to do next year.

a) I am currently giving the Disciples Course to a group. I also have the Bhakti sastri group that ends this year. Next to them I have some students waiting for the exam. All of them would take the exam approximately in March 2020 with M. Candramukhi as an evaluator. From the beginning we kept the course development separated with the examiner. I have been doing this program for ten years.

My proposal is that we follow the program as it is, basically ASA, until the new proposal scheduled for 2021 comes out. Gandharva prabhu agrees. That is why I am going to propose to make a bhakti sastri for a year, for the last time, until the new proposal appears, with a slightly different design with some innovations that I have been making. I hope they let me work well. My fear remains in the implantation of an academic dictatorship through an immovable standard. I'm sorry, I can't avoid my anarchic tendency.

HpS - I hope Gandharva Das can work out the bureaucratic details. We can help. Srila Prabhupada's diploma.

b) Krishna is taking me along interesting paths. I left the previous job in August and continued wandering, thinking if it would be good to continue working outside, etc. The sankirtan of cultivating the human spirit really compels me.

Then came the initiative of the devotees of Chosica who wanted to have a good education. Over time, two groups with different interests emerged. The first wanted one more Vaishnava thing, to put a name, a Sunday school. The second, wanted something different.

The second group was like in limbo and met with you, basically M. Krsna karmini. And you presented your vision. I offered to participate in a meeting to see what it was. They were going to start practically from scratch.

Finally we had a meeting M. Krsna karmi, M. Padmavati and I, the three educators by profession. A brainstorm began and little by little we realized that we wanted practically the same. Of course we start with the dynamic “Who am I? Who we are? What's the plan? What do we need?"

For now I can only say that something interesting will come up. I will not give the details. In the next meeting we will summon other devotees and discuss and shape the ideas. This is not a report in itself. We will create a minimal organization to draw up the plan. The communications officer will give the appropriate report.

ASA - Avanti School in England!

Personally I feel very excited. When we went to visit that interesting school in Chorrillos, with a large campus, I was very impressed. I told myself, this is what I was looking for. The three mentioned were thinking the same. We will analyze the conformation of the team to work radially, as I say, from a nucleus outward according to the degree of commitment.

I have the impression that the gurukula of 2003 and NIMSAR ceased to exist because the team never consolidated.

Now we hope that Krishna's desire is manifested and if he approves this budding project. It is clear to us that it is our sankirtan.

Well, I think we have enough with this. Other issues, later.

Thanks for listening.

Bless, please, my sankirtan, our sankirtan.

Your servant,

Laksmana-agraja das

ASA - This is an example of what you might do?