(PC - Nrsimha bhoga). LAD goes to Hari Kripa!

Hare Krishna, dear gurudeva. Pamho, AGTSP!

It had been a long time, due to the pandemic, that I had not traveled. I wanted to do it, this time with my wife Raman reti dd. And Krishna fulfilled that wish.

At one time I traveled a lot to the provinces and abroad giving courses and seminars, trying to enthused myself and the devotees. This time we travel to Arequipa, a beautiful mountain city 18 hours from Lima, invited by the locals devotees on the occasion of the inauguration of their new temple premises.

I gave the main class and we participated in an ecstatic kirtan. Due to the generosity of its new president, Ray Ramananda and all the devotees, we were able to move there and share some beautiful days with them. We also took the opportunity to change our routine a bit, which due to the pandemic did not have many interesting changes. We were able to walk a bit through the beautiful countryside of Arequipa and visit very inspiring churches and monasteries.

 We are not pure devotees so that a specific service fills us completely. Sometimes we need changes to continue with enthusiasm. And by the grace of Krishna and the devotees we had this surge of enthusiasm. I hope that Krishna and the devotees will take me to other places to preach.

Our routine remains very fixed with the worship of our beloved Nitay Caitanya candra and Laxmi Nrsimha. Sometimes we don't attend ASA programs when the schedule is hard to fit in, but we never leave Mangalartik and Srimad Bhagavatam class. Thus we have the opportunity to hear other perspectives of great devotees.

Good news was being invited again to give class for ISKCON Chosica. We will try to give a good class on Sunday July 7th.

Next August, I hope that our external preaching projects that we have been designing can be concretized. I hope for your blessings that I may be able to preach a little to people in our city and elsewhere, if Krishna sees fit.

We have been reading the complete version of Prabhupada lilamvrta and it is really inspiring. Knowing details of their preparation and attempts to establish a solid institution is truly inspiring. Many doors were closed to him and finally his decision to come to the West was the culmination of his strenuous efforts. It reminds me a lot of my own failed attempts to do something for ISKCON. And I think if it was difficult for Srila Prabhupada what is left for me.

Just follow his example of determination, effort, spiritual strength, etc.

I tried to help in the formation of a good gurukula in Chosica and it was not possible. I tried to raise a good asrama of devotees and it was not possible. I tried twice to form educational institutions (VEDAS and NIMSAR) and it was not possible. And other things not worth mentioning.

Maybe it was because I thought I was the doer, I don't know. But in fact everything was to educate me, correct me, improve me. Will this new attempt work? I don't know, I just know I have to keep trying.

Dear gurudeva, please give me your mercy to understand what Krishna wants from me.

Your useless servant,

Laksmana-agraja das.

HpS - ASA --- Thank you. Basically, as far as I can understand, as long as we are able to chant Hare Krsna / Hare Rama right now our project is successful! Any other project depends on what Krsna wants.

He made Hitler very powerful, but what was the depth of his program.

Your program sounds very nice. Very very nice!!!!!! !!!! Expand it more and more.

Amala Karuna prabhu

Hare Krisna Estimados [email protected], TlgaSP, Pamho.

Nuestro hermano Espiritual Amala Karunas das, discípulo de SS Hanumatpresaka Swami, se encuentra muy delicado de Salud, por lo que pedimos a todos los devotos las oraciones por este gran vaisnava del Yatra de Cusco. Talló unas hermosas deidades del sus Señorías Jaganatha, Balarama y Subrada e hizo un servicio extraordinario en el Templo de Cusco. Hare Krishna. ISKCON Chile , ISKCON Chosica Perú, Ayacucho Mandir

(PC-Hanuman) - Regular update

Hare Krsna Dear Gurudev,

  Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

  All glories to Guru parampara.

HpS - AGTSP!!!! Gp!!!! If we have Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet in our heart. we all have lotus feet! My bodily feet are maybe apple feet.

How are you??? How is your Sankirtan?

  Gurudev, Happy to see your confirmation about your india tour, Sep 2022-Feb 2023.

  This time....am waiting for you with so much emotions...never felt earlier but this

time.....don't know why.   

  Last meeting with you was in Pune 2018. This time, i will be a slient looker with you

on your coming India tour. will do huge japa and follow you, no talk....just will hear

from.....that's all. No desires...no questions...will hear about only Vrndavan Radha-Krsna.


  Materially things are as usual, still working from Raipur. 

  HG Jibesh Das finished his long seva in Pune ( had requested by temple authority ).

He worked on Lord's Paduka design and other ornaments ( Gold, silver ). Pune temple

authority always very happy with his seva and issued another recommendation

letter after formal exam and interview by temple authority ( attached for your review

and comments ). He is in Mayapur now. 

Your dependent,

Girivaradhari-Gopal Das

HpS - Aaaah! We will save this letter and look at the attached. . . . . Such a nice letter. So nice. Then we can meet Mr. Jibesh when we are in India and then he can take initiation then or shall we do it by telephone before then?

Gauranga TSKP

5 months, 3 weeks ago by hps in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Phone Text:

Hare Krishna Maharaj,

Paoho!AGTSP! We are now in Florida... arrived a few minutes ago👍🙏🙇🏽‍♀️


HpS-ASA -- Who do you know there? Who are the leading men?

Sankirtan in mexico

Pamho agtsp

All glorias to you. Guru maharaja.

Here bhadrasena das reporting from mexico. We are doing sankirtan under de guidance of aravinda prabhu. I hope this letter finds you in good health. We are going to stay here for a couple of months and then head back to argentina and uruguay again.

Trying to follow your example .

HpS - Super. AGTSP.... paoho...... our respects to Swami Aravinda Das. Hope the Kapi Dhvaja is useful for you! !!!

Looking for the innocent people Krsna sends.

Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2022

Hare Krishna Gurudeva,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I hope this letter receives you well.

It was an enlivening happening to talk to you recently on the Whatsapp. I'm not sure how to move on from there. Is it alright if i send you a voice message occasionally if i am dealing with bhakti related personal questions that i would like to put forward to you?

HpS - ASA -- Daily basis now we see our body dwindling. Eg. our eyes can only handle so much computer time now. Only possible way for us to handle correspondence is if devotees, people, write here first with their preoccupations in a general sense and then we can give a general answer that will answer six more people with the same general question. If there are need for more confidential details, then, yes, we can try to do that.

Of course, there is Paramatma, Srila Prabhpada's books, local devotees, and then we decide if it is a good idea to start the battle of Kuruksetra.

Naturally i would deal with this privilege thoughtfully.

Besides this i wanted to give you some feedback on some of the developments of our congregation. Saturday may 7th was the day we organized our first Amsterdam Kirtan Mela, which was very well received. We had about 250-300 people in the peak.

-- SUper!!

Hrdaya Caitanya Prabhu was there, and several kirtan singers from Radhadesh, London, Paris and Goloka Dham. His Holiness Sachinandana Swami was so pleased with our effort that he pledged to be there next year and host a Holy Name Retreat as a part of it. We had about 70 volunteers and all expenses were donated, 95% crowdfunded in advance. Overwhelming!

ASA - Gauranga! Gauranga!!

The caretaker of the protestant church we've rented was very much impressed with our ISKCON and congregation. We've become personal with him and were able to help him philosophically in his understanding of Godhood.

We are furthering our bond with him, and as chairman on the board of the Amsterdam Protestant Church he offered his help to see if procuring a building from them is an option. The board of ISKCON Amsterdam is looking for purchasing a building.

We also were in contact with His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami for his presence both this year and the next, but things move a little more difficult with him, so our team is working on that.

HpS - We just saw a notice from him that he is moving into terminal cancer stages and is doing programs to consolidate things before he leaves.

His amount of disciples in The Netherlands has expanded with a handful devotees the last two years but still his presence in the country is rare.

Another big program with Kadamba Kanana Maharaja was the annual national celebration of the Kings birthday, which Maharaja traditionally celebrates by having a large all day Harinam on the streets of Amsterdam (madness!). It was interrupted for two years, and although slightly smaller than before, it was a blast!

Parasurama Prabhu from Food for Life UK and the Nama Ruci chanting group were there. We've seen countless teenagers and grownups chant Mahamantra for the first time, very potent and enlivening!

One thing I have noticed about my intention in organizing the AKM, is that prestige; being recognized by senior devotees (kirtaneers) as a person who wants to serve and does something important, is unfortunately an Anartha in my heart.

HpS - Ha! Ha! Hare! You and 99.999% of the rest of us in ISKCON, no?

At the same time i'm eager for their blessings, but wanting to be recognized is this annoying voice in my mind that keeps on rattling.

HpS - It will probably be there until the day you die, but if you engage in devotional service you will not be bothered by it.

Hare Krishna!

Your servant,

Raghava Pandita dasa.

LINK: a roughly cut compilation of the Kingsday Harinam


Super, Super! More news as it comes. Japa. Japa. Japa.