Hare Krsna Gurudeva

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Hare Krsna Gurudeva. How are you? I hope you are fine.

Here I am trying to do some service. I am continuing doing service at Wilson three days a week and I also continue chanting my rounds and following my 4 principles.

In Nityanandas ´s day I went to Chosica´s festival in the morning and Wilson´ festival in the evening. It was like a little marathon for me because I had to travel between the two celebrations but I was great. The two celebrations were very beautiful and full of enthusiasm from the devotees; it makes the festivals very catching.

Hare Krsna Gurudeva.

Your servant.

Draupadi Devi Dasi. 

HpS - Jaya!      AgtSP          So nice to hear from you, and such very fine English.  Thank you for this news, but do  you still have the job with the English Center and what ahs happened with the "Gita Coaching" program?

b.Natalia Reporting

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva
Please accept my humble obeisance, all glories to Srila Prabbhupada!!!

Now my father came to Brasil for 5 days, and we are doing a little of tourism with him. We are in a place called Sao Sebastiao, we rent a car, tomorow we go to Paraty, and after that to Goura Vrndavana (a farm), and in the way back to Sao Paulo we will visit Nova Gokula, after that my brother and father return to Peru and I stay here  until 10th March. 

There is a video that explains the project of the school in Franco da Rocha. It began with some children who liked to go to the temple, take prasadam, the devotees were teaching them songs, make them to draw, etc. But because of bad association many of them left the association of the devotees. So they start the project of the gurukula to give them an alternative to the traditional school. The children doesn't not come from vaisnava families, but some parents even goes to help to clean and cook, because everything is for free and the children improve a lot their behavior at home. The children goes to Govinda every day before class, take breakfast prasadam (they themselves serve one to the others), they also take lunch at the temple, and they study until 6pm. Many of them do service in the temple, they know how to do the worship, how to play instruments, they are good vaisnavas. It is very sweet, every Wednesday they attempt to the Srimad Bhagavatam class, and the class is super clear, and fun. 

Excuse me if I didn't explain clearly the last time, but now I have the computer of my father, before was very difficult to get on internet!

I had a super sincere talk with my father, about my last years, since I am devotee, how I am feeling about many things (my desire to be with devotees, studies, their desires for me). It was really good because I explain myself very sincerly. I don't know if it posible I can talk with you when you will be there in Peru, like a feedback of the last years, to improve my perspective for the time to come (the next year least). I wish Krsna helps me to learn to be a good diciple, I ask humbly an interview to place myselve as a diciple to ask humbly your guidance in my attemp to be Krsna conciouss. The last years in Krsna conciousness were super auspicious, but I had in my heart the desire to forget everything and  only do service, and the desire to make my parents happy studying (all this time I could not completly sincere about my desire to be with devotees, because I didn't want to disturb my parents and they desires for me) But this make that I could not either study, either do service with all my heart. And I was changing to one thing to the other trying to find a solution to make both things togheter, but I don't  feel it is working, it is like I don't put my heart completly in any. So this year is like a year were I need to be more sincere about myselve, more clear, to not continue doing things " a medias". It is very difficult to explain, I hope it is posible to have a little interview, because I am not expert in my relationship with you as my guru, but I wish to learn. I like to hear your classes, I try to be attentive, but maybe it is posible to have your guidance in details. I feel very ashamed, but I want to become a vaisnava, and I want to be your diciple.

Hare Krsna Gurudeva
I am waiting for the news of Sattva!

Excuse my offenses!
your servant, b. Natalia

HpS - Jaya!

1.   Thank you for excellent news about school.   So, anybody can serve Krsna according to the opportunity.  We can start with something small and it can become very successful by the mercy of Krsna.   We just have avoid getting in the way!

2.  Our respects to your father.  He is a very nice person.

3. I do the same thing.   Every few years we need to take some time off from our daily habits and review our situation in detail.   We are trying to accomplish a big goal.   In general, Bh Vinode Th. comments that in the beginning we have to balance social, family, body needs and devotional service. Eg. Morning for spiritual life, day time for MAKING MONEY, evening for  e n j o y i n g.  Yet, as we go on we see how they are all integrated in the same effort, improving Gopal's play.

Yes, surely we can talk while we are in Peru.   Maybe hard for much detail during the first pass because only there for a few days.   But that is one of the tricks. Talk a little and make a little progress, and then talk a little more later after we assimilate our new knowledge!

spiritual master again

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Dear Maharaja,

Please accept my respectful obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you Maharaja, i will be always grateful for your kind words.

Following the local GBC instruction i don't chant gayatri mantra now. I had difficulties and i didn't chant japa and gayatri for a while and after that when i was fix again our GBC said to me if somebody doesn't chant gayatri for a year it is not allowed for them to start again unless they rehear it from their spiritual master. But my guru is not in the movement therefore he instructed me to ask someone to tell me again. His opinion is that eveybody has to get initiation again if their spiritual master fall down.
And he asked me who i want to meditate on when i chant gayatri because i don't have spiritual master.
So that's my situation shortly. This is a long story but i know You have many things to do so i don't want to disturb You with the details.

Maybe this is a sentimental sentence but when i saw You in Mayapur i knew You are who I looked for. So I'm sure i want to follow You, Maharaja. I know i made a mistake and i pay the paper but what happened that happened i can't change the past.
Please give me guidance and tell me how can i serve You.
I read in the blog You will come to Europe in May i would be happy if i could meet You.
Pula is not so far from Hungary so i can join the devotees if you don't mind.

Thanks a lot.

Sri Radhe devi dasi

HpS - ASA - Jaya!      AgtSP!      As far as I understand we can have deep sentiments or intuition. Especially if we are fixed as initiated, brahminical, devotees whether we are formally initiated or not. Preface to NOI and BG 10.10-11 etc. talk about this. Yet, we confirm it with objective statements of scripture of advanced devotees, spiritual master who always speak on the basis of scripture.

For us it has become easy.    We are the servant of everyone. At least in theory that is our effort and by mercy of Srila Prabhupada even a slow student can understand these things!

So, how can we serve you.

Basically we are always publishing the bulletin. Our general information is at the web page, www.jayarama.us . Periodical info in the Bulletin and here we are at the Blog.   We travel and can meet people in their wet-ware (as opposed to soft-ware), we try dance properly in Srila Prabhupada's band and set an example from that.

A G T S P !

Ahead.  How many in your family?   Who are they?


Mis restepuosas reverencias a Srila Prabhupada y a mi Guru maharaja.

COntinuo 4 rondas, no pude seguir los 4 principios regulativos, pero dos estan fijos, programas de lectura, mangalartik a cualquier hora, visito el templo Wilson de vez en cuando no puedo quedar en la noche porque mis padres lo prohiben, extraño mangalartik a su hora, programas de prasada en la familia y lectura del Krishna Book con la abuelita, ella esta quedandose en la casa de mis padres por unos dias, lo problematico es que me es muy trabajoso cantar 4 rondas y leer, ahora mi cuerpo y Guru se mueven y piden cundo quieran ahy recibo el gusto y me gusta, dibujos de a poco, y pranayama.

Ayurveda no se, voy a conversar con algun devoto pero que debo hacer, entendi tratar mi cuerpo, hace poco estoy tomando medicamentos ( pastillas), generan exigencias de actividad fisicas, es muy favorable para mi utilizar estas energias; y tengo un papelito que dice que estoy incapacitado por eso dependo de los padres.

En marzo estudio ingles; y para la vida algun estudio como contabilidad y administracion.

DEspues de todo Maharaja solo entiendo que soy un instrumento, eso es lo unico y me gusta ser intrumento de Guru, ahy esta el gusto, yo se que no me pedira alguna como de lo que yo no sea capaz de ejecutar.

 HpS -   TlgaSP     Muy bien su reportaje.   Esta en el sendero correcto.  Solamente tiene que adelantar.   No sustituto para Bhakta.   Si, es grande el resulto o pequena, no tan importante.  La importa es su esfuerza, cantar mas, sequir el processos mas, asociar con devotos mas.

Toma una voto cumplir un cuantidad de rondas antes de 10AM.    Y cumplir lo sin fallar par unos dias.