report: amavasya of feb-2

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, AGTSP , PAMHO

in the letter  thy  asked us "Are there not any devotees where you are physically situated. They may be Ramanuja Sampradaya. Tha is still fine?"

-there are devotees, from chowpatty temple,  it is handled by Disciples of Radha Nath Maharaj.
we can give his details at ur mail id if  thy need it .he is in movement for about 15 years. he has intiated wife. they have very nice home and deities...
we goto there place for morning prasad...  association is there of  unmarried boys and students, only proff is married for 6 years, it seems he  is just to there to preach inside campus.... as it seems again he does/will not have child.
so difficult to find any grhastha association locally who can help us..with whom we can implement "guhyam akhyati pracchati"

our pyscho physical nature ,situaion and nature are completely and radically  different[ such though could be trick of  mind ], therefore we dont develop thick relation with any one. we have taken small vow of going to SUnday feast [as sabbath day].

we are sorry to privde you details.... but we thought its better to give information then to hide it

thank you for genuine concern. thy are our well wisher indeed.....

regards, unbriddled horse

HpS - ASA -   AGTSP      We see nothing to "hide".   You efforts seem very nice. Just have to keep up with them.  We have been in similar situations from time to time. They are arrangements of Krsna.    We have to become simply determined to follow the iinstructions of Lord Caitany, Harer Nama eva kevalau..., no?    Then little by little our complications will reduce and we wil see our path very scientifically. Of course, materialist or spiritualist that path leads to death! 


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Hare Krishna,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada!

Bhakta Adrian here from Utah.

Tom Brown here from Heaven!      Yes, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Things are moving in a positive direction.

TB:     Hmmm!   Little different here.  Indra is afraid that Bali Maharaja is about to attack!

I just got off of skype with the devotees from Boise, and other places, where we had our first Bhakti Sastri class. I am very excited about it. 

The three of us (Bhakta Tracy, Bhaktin Revati, myself) are going to be moving away from the Spanish Fork temple here in Utah to go live at the Salt Lake City temple. It is very small and very new, but very nice. We just had a Siva Ratri last night. It was a surprisingly big festival. I'm not so attracted to Lord Siva, but I did get to play nice kirtana with other devotees. I didn't know you did the jail programs with Chandra Das from Boise. He is a very nice devotee. I enjoy playing kirtana with him, and he preaches very nicely to me. 

I am excited to be going to the small temple in Salt Lake. Caru Prabhu has asked us to move there to do some preaching. We will be distributing books, Harinama, and will be hosting more college programs! I grew up here in Utah, so I am actually extremely excited to do preaching here. There aren't any other devotees that are doing any sort of preaching programs up in the city, so we will be the first ones. And as far as I know we will be the only ones. I am really fired up about it. 

TB: Read The Book of Mormon?

Our rounds are good. Our reading was starting to dwindle, but is picking up due to Bhakti Sastri. Our home worship is very nice. Jaya!

Maybe sometime I could sponsor your trip to visit the nice temple here in Utah?

Your lowly servant,

Bhakta Adrian

TB: Thanks for the offer. We like to travel. Maybe well get there next week. An itenerary like ours is an instability in the face of The Witch.  Keep chanting!    Get married!

report: amavasya of feb

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, AGTSP , PAMHO

Sadhana dwindled little bit. will try best to retain it. we are not able to convince mind of priority of spi activities. it seems just an activity to him. we dont want to surrender to it, but can not control this fox mind.

one positive thing : on ekadasi we read for 2 hr/25 rounds/ no grains.
Report date                    27feb    8feb       
avg no of rounds            12         14                
mangal arti attended 
in 15 days                      2            2

avg time of finishing
rounds by                      1700      1030     
avg sleep per day          6.5         6.5hr       
SP book avg/day           15          15min    
hear record lect/day      20            30min 

its difficult to make plan [as it manier times cause us headache], implementation of plan is also very difficult.

All we can promise, we would try best to increase the standard, ASA, Japa Joe, PdP are keep us alive.
sorry for disappointing you..will make sure does not happen again,

Horse pranam from bhakta harsh

HpS - ASA - Jaya!  It is also nice to get your assoiation and fine insight in the Japa Jose and PdP, WebEx Meetings.

Are there not any devotees where you are physically situated. They may be Ramanuja Sampradaya. Tha is still fine?

Hari Bolo!!!!!!!

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Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!!!

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaj, por favor reciba misx humildes reverencias desde aqui Chosica, Lima - Perú. En lo personal espero que su salud esté bien, nosotros seguimos haciendo servicio en el templo, en asosiaciòn con Prabhu Laksmana, Prabhu Jaganath Swami, Prabhu Tattva y muchas otras grandes almas que siempre estan entregadas al servicio del Pujari.

En estos dias recordaba un verso del Bhagavad - Gita "captitulo 2 texto 52" en el que Krsna le dice a Arjuna:

"Yada te moha-kalilam

buddhir  vyatitarisyati

tada gantasi nirvedan

srotavyasya srutasya ca"

"Cuando tu inteligencia haya salido del espeso bosque de la ilusión, te volverás indiferente a todo lo que se ha oído y a todo lo que habrá de oírse"

En este verso pensaba mucho, y  meditaba en el Sankirtan, pues en el significado que da Srila Prabhupada dice lo siguiente "

"Si uno ha llegado al plano del entendimiento en virtud del servicio al Supremo Señor Krsna, deja de tener que ejecutar los diferentes tipos de penitencias y sacrificios que se recomiendan en las Escrituras reveladas.  Y en cambio, si uno ha entendido que la finalidad de los vedas es la de llegar a Krsna y simplemente se dedica a los rituales etc, entonces está desperdiciando su tiempo inútilmente en esas ocupaciones. Las personas con conciencia de Krsna trascienden el límite del Sabda-brahma, o el ámbito de los Vedas y los Upanisads".

En lo personal entendiendo estas sagradas enseñanzas y solo deseo hacer Servicio devosional por siempre, ruego a Srimati Radharani que me de siempre su misericordia.<img alt="" src="" title="" />

Bueno me despido Guru Maharaj, espero tener la misericordia de poder verlo en Chosica.

Hare Krsna!!!

Sankirtan Maha yajña ki Yai.....<img alt="smiley" src="" title="smiley" />

Gadai Gauranga Das

HpS - ASA  -   Jaya.  Muy bien. Prabhupada esta hablando de los sacrificios de Karma kanda de los VEDAS, no?  El mismo dijo que Sankirtana Yajna y adoracion de las deidades tiene que continuar lado a lado como los dos "rails" del ferral-caril, "railroad track".  Pero por que es Kali yuga, Sankirtana tiene que dirigir y adoracion de los deidades seguir.

Thank you very much!

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Querido Hanumat Presaka Swami Maharaja Acepte mis humildes y respetuosas reverencias Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada! Muchas gracias por sus enseñanzas en cada respuesta, es completamente satisfactorio leerlas! Gracias por su guia! Aunque tengo trabajo aqui, estamos viendo cuales son los arreglos para volver cerca del templo. Asociacion con Vaisnavas es sumamente necesaria! Su sirvienta, Maha Bhava Cintamani dd.

ASA -  Oinnk!   Oink!   WHoop!  [email protected]@p!
AGTSP   paoho.   Muy sabio.

A fool's ramblings

Dear Guru maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I hope this finds you in good health. 

This past weekend, our Bhakti Lounge preaching center had a small retreat for the guests that have been coming regularly to the center. It was the first time I have been in charge of kitchen duty; cooking prasadam for about 20 people is not as easy as it sounds. Some tears, chastisements, burnt granola, sour curry, and vegan lasagna were a few of the highlights; however, it was worth it. A good experience by all means. I'm not sure if I would do it again!

On another note, in my my last post I told you about the dakshina that I collected for you. Your reply was baffling. I might have to cook a lot of potato and squash for Krishna. I apologize for doubting your instruction because I'm a fool. Are you sure you don't want it sent to you? If it is you request that it be used for bhoga then I humbly comply. 

Sadhana is... there. Minimum 16 rounds, 4 regs, not too much reading I regret, sankirtan in some form or another- not neccesarily book distribution. Life is moving along in the temple. My tulasi service is my main concentration although I feel my effort in it is lacking. Do you know how to eliminate spider mites and white flies? There seems to be a slight infestation of both culprits in her leaves.

Jaya Nitai!!! Our bhakti lounge crew meets on Sundays for Srimad Bhagavatam classes. On Nityananda's appearance day, I gave my first ever class which lasted 10 seconds. Speaking in such a way is very scary for me. I did not do a good job. I prefer to sing in public than to speak. I prefer to go out on book distribution than to give class any day. Anyways, too much rambling. It has been a month so I have alot to say! :D

In conclusion, I figured out that Prabhupada is absolutely the boss. I like getting the service to wrap his chaddar around him before he goes to sleep. He is boss :)

Jaya Prabhupada!!

Your aspiring servant,

Rasa-mandali dd

HpS - Jaya!   So nice to hear from you.    Our reporter from Toronto, aye?   No, don't know how to get rid of the white flys but I hear there are manuals.    Devotee in San Jose California has a 9 foot tall tulasi that started from nothing.  In San Jose usually no more than 2 feet tall.

Invest the money in books and then distribute them and whatever income there is we can keep that for Anjana Suta Academy Toronto, a branch of ISKCON!

Very good luck in all your service.

Are you investigating Grhastha ashrama?