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Hare Krsna gurudev


Accept my pranam at your lotus feet.

HpS - Lettuce feet. AgtSP!!

Hope you are in good health

HpS - We have two teeth missing, our hearing and eyesight are going. Our short term memory has dimished. We always have mucous coming, some vertigo, but we have hope that science will adjust all this tomorrow and we will become immortal in this present body. How about you! (He.! Haw!)

and avoiding exhaustion due to excess work load .It must be difficult for you with corona virus pandemic in USA .

HpS - For us it is almost identical with our regular schedule here. Work in the office all day and go walking in the fresh air with NGD each evening. Sha Ping once a week.

I am OK physically . Fear of sudden death from corona virus has kind of made me realize that I need to reach the standards soon.

HpS - Yeah, other wise you will come back as. . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

a member of the same family and start up where you left off in this life time. Ayeee!!! We may be in an ISKCON gurukula together!!!

I am chanting few rounds but still far away from the ideal standards. Cooking my own food mostly .Its difficult to get groceries due to lockdown .Small aarti and just hoping Gaura nitai being merciful will accept it .Regulations are OK 3.25/4 with intoxication with coffee sometimes but slowly stoping that too.I am too materialistic I guess and micromanage finances.

HpS - You are a pretty good guy! Just need a good Temple authority.

Am getting dreams of deities some nights now

ASA - TB/BW - Cool!!!!!!

..and chanting in dream these days which is rare ..guess indication that I need improve chanting before I die .This has not happened before .I go for a walk in the woods to relax my mind . Seems to work for me .

Last time u asked if I have friends ,honestly speaking no devotee friends here . Its a small community here at center (most are matajis) and I don't want to be too intimate with them or they might misunderstand my intentions . Guess I have to accept the fact that maybe its Krsna's mercy that I am suppose to be alone in this journey . Hahaha...forced sanyasi :)

I hope to meet you soon after this pandemic gets over and become a disciple again .

Hare Krsna

Your trying to be servant

Rturaj Krsna Das


HpS - Hey, you are our friend! We really are happy when you write. Tell us about your job??

MUY URGENTE Reitero mi pedido de servir en el proyecto de preguntas del SB

HK PAMHO Gurudeva,

les preguntare directamente a los devotos amantes de la educación si desean servir en este maravilloso proyecto de las preguntas del SB en grupo, posiblemente podemos hablar por face u otro media sobre esta propuesta o por intermedio de UD, que ya hablo con LAD de la propuesta.

En caso que no se reciba una respuesta o no sea posible, me gustaría igual ayudar en otro capítulo, ya estoy leyendo el segundo canto, ya tengo el link que le dio a P LAksman. Les escribí a madre Isvari y Gandharva y espero la respuesta. Prabhu Gandharva ya sabe la propuesta el me tradujo. Tengo algunas preguntas ya hechas, y se las enviare en otra carta y `para entonces por favor asígneme un capitulo para desarrollarlo como a los otros devotos, por favor debe su misericordia.


Por favor permítame servirlo no tengo otro anhelo….


Su hija que lo adora:

Yugala Kishora Dasi.

HpS - Por favor, desculpa nuestra demurra responder! Es un gran desafio para nosotros. Puede enfocar en capitolo cuatro. Eso es increible. Pero, estas preguntas son para fin del canto: Breves y de ensayo. Envia lo que tiene bastante inmediante.

KDPC - Personal Example.

todas las glorias a Goura Nitay

todas las gloria a Srila Prabhupada

Hare krishna Guru. M comienzo reportando que en estas semanas de encierro a sido bueno en muchos aspectos a nivel familiar ya que estamos más comunicativos unidos y eso me parece muy bien nunca nos llevamos mal pero habían choques por mí parte donde ya las he superado porq las comense a trabajar además de esto he leído krishna book, biografía de Prabhupada además estudiando Pada padma repasando canciones haciendo collares, collage, cocinando, en el jardín de casa limpiando y transplantando plantas asido y será tiempo productivo, siempre mejorando en mi canto de rondas velocidad, tocar cada cuenta para hacer un buena buena ronda cada día levantándome temprano ya no como zombi 🧟‍♂️ jjjaajj cada dia mejor de la anemia y por último le cuento que estoy mi prédicando por Internet cada vez más fluida se despide su humilde sirvienta Raman Reti devi dasi


all glories to Goura Nitay

all glory to Srila Prabhupada

Hare Krishna Guru. I begin by reporting that in these weeks of confinement it has been good in many aspects at the family level since we are more communicative united and that seems very good to us we never got along badly but there were shocks on my part where I have already overcome them because I told them to work.

In addition to this I have read Krishna book, Prabhupada's biography, also studying Pada padma, reviewing songs, making necklaces, collage, cooking, in the home garden. cleaning and transplanting grassed plants and it will be productive time,

always improving in my speed rounds singing, playing every account to make a good good round every day, getting up early no longer as a zombie j️ jjjaajj

every day better from anemia and finally I tell you that I am my preaching on the Internet more and more fluent

his humble servant,

Raman Reti devi dasi, says goodbye,

HpS - ASA --- Thank you! We read the entire www.translate.google.com translation. It is very, very enlivening. It is practically speaking impossible that this is your first lifetime doing this. Must have been a Sannyasis in your last lifetime but had some sentimental attraction to Romeo and Juliet.

What about the children your were watching? Do you talk with them??? Yes, Japa with more attention.

Careful of your brain! Corpus callosum.


Hare krishna


Dear Maharaja

i hope you are in good health and good , in thru all this chaos of the pandemic...

well, as you said, the evil one got me, but Krishna is stronger! and has never left me alone...

chaos or time out from the accelerated lifestyle? i have seen some light with all of this lockdown thing, its like finally i have time to seat and see whats in front of me.

HpS - ASA -- Karuna virus not Corona Virus

Maharaja, first of all i wanted to ask you, if there is a meaning in our dreams?

HpS - What is the meaning of the World Soccer Cup? Things like rain and earthquakes happen in the gross level and dreams happen on the subtle level. Same, just different level, but dreams (and statues) about Krsna and Guru are not ordinary.

... following principles after that period of darkness has become my main task! also chanting rounds as it sounds so easy and i fail to do it properly but as i always say "i have to stop giving myself excuses for not doing what i have to do to clean all the dirt from my heart."

HpS - We have to bathe daily and wash our clothes daily. Same with our Prana, minds, intelligence. Every day Maya makes you dirty.

im listening to your classes and broadcastings thru facebook and trying to fight with the timezone to be able to get in time online (i still dont know the difference between timezones so im working on it) also reading Kapi Dhvaja !

HpS - Also, try to get local association. Get Srila Prabhupasa's association.

also taking a beautiful course called "Introduction to Vaishnavism" at "Cultura del Bhakti" , Prabhu Param Padam Das and his wife have done an amazing job with this site and im learning a lot, feel more guided !

Due to the lockdown here in Panama we are allow out just 2 hours a day, 3 times a week the women and twice a week the men, past Wednesday i took those two hours to go running and give my obeisances to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Vijay Gauranga Nityananda Ram, take some darshan and then some prasadam! we are working on keeping it together and study a lot, im taking Bhagavatam online classes in the morning after chanting my rounds, and in the afternoon i look for the open classes online, im feeling this as Krishna´s mercy with all of these pure devotees of the lord giving classes, im learning a lot!

ASA - You can learn how to ride a motor cycle and be a Demon Killer for Buddha? https://www.kawasaki.com/Category/Motorcycle

like i said in my last letter, things werent going so well, but i find the strength in the Lord to get up and keep walking, even if sometimes i feel im just crowling, i wont give up.

HpS - Hmmmm. Really what options do we have? Try and be Donal Trump?

i wanted to ask you, in your letter, when you said that i should become a Doctor, whats the meaning of that? im also following your instructions on reading Kapi Dhvaja and also started following the ASA on yahoo. i want to make the best out of this time of crisis.

HpS - Spiritual Doctor! First get cured and then learn how to cure others. On Lord Caitanya's ORDER, become a Guru!

thank you for your time Maharaja! be Well"

HpS - Let us preach in Hell (or heaven [as KRSNA desires]):>> Thank You. Save Panama.

KDPC - Nice Questions from the Mountains.

Hare Krsna, Dear Gurudev,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Shraddha is the first level in the development of Bhakti. What I want to know from Gurudev is that how can one enhance one's Shraddha to the point that it becomes unaffected by any externalities?

HpS - ASA -- Thank you so much for this letter... AGTSP!!!!! paoho....

Nectar of Instruction (NOI) - 7, paragraph starting, "The conclusion is..", Srila Prabhupada paraphrases the verse "adau sraddha, sadhu sanga...", with all the stages. This is one of the most principle verses in all of SP's books! Study it. Learn the stages. Find your stage. See BG 4.10 purport for the Sanskrit!

Then in NOI-5 SP cites, "Sraddhavan jana...". This verse points out that every one of the different levels: Sraddha, sadhu sanga, bhajana kriya..." etc, are just different levels of Sraddha. Sraddha is another name for Bhakti. When our Sraddha is unaffected by externals it is at the Nistha stage, no? Read the NOI-7 text above to see how to get to that stage. Of course the basic principle is chant 16-enthusiastic rounds per day, and follow the 4-principles strictly, under SP's authority. All the details are in NOI in the first level.... Then SB, CC, NOD!! Asking devotee Bhagavatas.

We can advance in devotional life only through Krsna's and guru's mercy. What makes one worthy of mercy?

HpS - If we had to be "worthy" then it would not be "mercy", it would be "earned". We get the mercy by accepting it when Krsna sends it. He sends a boat to take us out of our flooded house, but we are too vain and proud, and expect a helicopter with red cushions. Look for the mercy that Krsna is sending, and then TRY to accept it. Maybe is is austerity. Maybe it is resting.... Beyond that, yes, we can try to become qualified to earn the mercy. Apply the process to the best of our ability.

Vedas have to learnt through aural reception from self realised souls. One also has to do self study at home. So how can one approach that?

ASA - Attend classes with devotees. Discuss Srila Prabhupada's books with them for an hour or so in the morning and evening and then do, an hour or so of your own private study, association, with Srila Prabhupada.

We read CC before Mangala arati online but don't discuss it, just share our screen, Then we tweet our location and study question.

Then we read ISO etc in Spanish with devotees on line after Mangala arati with some comments. Then 6.30-7.30AM pepare SB class and writing projects, 7.30-8.30AM Class with devotees. Evening program. You develop your program based upon your association, service.

A Vaisnava is one who is compassionate, empathetic, kind,humble, peaceful and very tolerant. In today's world, how can one develop these qualities but at the same time not become a doormat to other opportunistic people?

HpS - By recognizing who is a demon and who is an innocent person. Avoid the demons (Aikido) and teach the innocent! Of course these two will be mixed in the same bodies usually.

Gurudev, in Bg 18.66,Krsna says to Arjuna to abandon all varieties of religion. This is explained in the purport but couldn't gain a proper understanding of it. Please explain what does "all varieties of religion"mean.

ASA - Conventional social duties eg Good Mother, Good Police man, Good Artisan.

Also what is complete surrender?

HpS - We smile and say, "As much as you can." . . . Just surrender to Krsna as much as you can, as much as you can't, then try to cultivate Dhyana, Jnana, and Karma. Chant your rounds, do your service with attention (Dhayana), understanding. logic and intelligence (Jnana), according to the rules (Karma)

Cc Madhya Lila 22.62,Text 62. "By rendering transcendental loving service to Kṛṣṇa, one automatically performs all subsidiary activities. This confident, firm faith, favorable to the discharge of devotional service, is called śraddhā. What do 'all subsidiary activities' mean?

ASA - Same as above: Venerated public duties (Karma), Janana and yoga. Hanuman didn't make much of a plan or collect special tools when he went to Lanka to find Sita. He just said, "Jaya Rama!", and jumped. Of course he is Hanuman. Maybe we should pack a GPS.

Gurudev, I am 3 months into this journey, so still a novice.

HpS - We are over 40-years and still neophyte in many ways. Also, we are attracted because we have been doing this is a previous life, thus we take birth in a certain community.

Spiritual life has captured all my interest and attention. I am fascinated by every aspect of devotional life and also would love to be a part of it. I want to take initiation as soon as possible and can't wait to embark on this path of transcendence.

Your humble servant wants to know your advice on how I should go about in making this big step.

A guru is the representative of God and Guru will take us back to Godhead. Seeking a spiritual master is the most important step in self realisation. How can we choose a spiritual master and how to seek him? How can one muster up the courage to have complete dependence on Krsna.

HpS - Is an unlimited topic. Balarama is the orignal Guru and He is every expanding. Read NOI-5. That will help a lot. I am trying to function as Vartmana praparsika Siksa guru, now, show you the path, then some one initiates you according to the rituals and that is Diksa guru. Now you are a Matriculated student. Then there is more Siksa (advice, but now it is how to travel the path). If you engage in whatever practical devotional service that you know you should do, then all the knowledge about how to progress will be revealed.

Lastly,Gurudev, spiritual path has been 'a road not taken' among my near and dear ones. So I sometimes feel a little bit uneasy and oddly different following an unconventional path although I completely trust the whole process. Please shed some light on how to develop nishtha with respect to the said concern.

HpS - Look at the example of Arjuna, Prahlada, Vibhisana, they all had to adjust their association, reject family members, accept others, to progress in spiritual life. It is not new. It is the common confrontation!

Thank you, Gurudev.Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.AGTSP

Your insignificant servant

Nilanda Ningthoujam from Manipur

HpS - Sri Sri Radha-Govinda Chandra, Ki Jai. Please write again after you have some time to apply these discussions. Respectst to all in Manipura.

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna Maharaj pamho agtsp.

yes Sr I am that same Jorge who spent 5 months at the manor doing the Bhakti sastri studies.

I am in Barcelona right now, things are ugly Here; but I am okay chanting the holy name.

more than 20 days locked.

I am connecting with my dear friends from Oslo Norway we Chant japa on Skype.

hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare

hare Rama hare Rama Rama Rama hare hare

I don’t really have to much to say just staying home trying to remember the lord.

thank you so much Maharaj

Hare Krishna

HpS - AgtSP! Paoho. So sorry little slow to answer. You must be a very experienced devotee after so many years associating with Srila Prabhupada. It seems like we look at different schools and consider different careers.

Law, Medicine, Engineering... This university, that university; price, location, faculty, cost. Then we even ask the professor if we can sit in on his class for free and he says sure.

Then.... We decide... O. K. I will matriculate in this university, in this career. That is Diksa. I pay my fees and get my "C"s and at the end of 4-yours they promise that I will a professional Engineer.