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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva


I am missing your association all so much. I am right now at Wilson in the mataji's asram waiting for you

I am also missing my mom. I was feeling good the first days of her departure then I started to be kind of sad and very tired. I am waking up at 5:30 am :(

With my sister we have to put many things in order.

I guess is also the weather that is not helping I need to find myself again. I get back on track. I am traveling to Miami on July I will come back when U returned from Argentina. In order to have your association.

Is weird whenever I think in my mom. I see or listen something that is like a sign. She was so tender and sweet but with a lot of strength at the same time.

Well Gurudeva sorry for this sensitive letter.

My rounds are not ok. Tomorrow on Ekadasi I will start a vow. And then check next Ekadasi

Thanks Gurudeva see U in a few hours

Your eternal servant

Chandramukhi dd

HpS - ASA -- Hare! Krsna. First access to Blog after four days? Our energy is so low that we can't chant faster than 11-minute rounds, but it is also very nice. Our throat is very sensitive so also can't chant in much of an out loud voice. Hk/HK!

Learning about internal chanting. New and interesting.

The weather in BsAs is not so bad. Can adjust.

Why are you going to Miami?

If we are doing our best to chant 16-nice rounds and follow 4-principles strictly then, 'daivim prakrtam ashrayah', we are under the control of the internal potency.

We know our Mother, Father, dog, Bishop, will all die, but it comes as a surprise? For a devotee Krsna can make a 'wake-up' experience out of it.

'Wake-up'. Come home. Everyone is here!'

For example, you can preach, increase the preaching, to everyone of your students. If you don't save them, who will?

Chant in all circumstances and you will become a devotee on the level of Narada Muni.

More news!!

Reporte de sadhana

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias Gurudeva 🙏

Le escribo después de unos meses y le ofrezco una disculpa por la falta de comunicación al blog pero leo y estoy pendiente de sus actualizaciones de estado y deseo que tenga una excelente estancia Perú 🙂

HpS - Ya somos en Bolivia, Cochabamba, Tiquipaya. Muy buen asociacion de como 60-devotos para una festival nacional.

MUCHIMA presion del altura, frio, todo. Pero FELIZ. Hare Krsna!!! Muy bieno oir de Vd.

en mi último reporte le conté que estaba a unas semanas de concluir mi último embarazo y el 29 de Marzo nació el pequeño niño se llama Raphael Hari Lewis pesó 4.120 kg y gracias a Krishna con muy buena salud, tomé los primeros meses para retomar mi sadhana de manera razonable (16 rondas y 4 principios) me encuentro muy feliz de la familia que formamos mi esposo y yo.

HpS - Eso es MUY grande, no??? Va a ser un semi-dios. Va a demand mucho educacion en cual es la vida.

Por ahora no asisto al templo físicamente pero estoy leyendo y dedico mi tiempo a enseñar a mis hijos el mayor de 4 años (Jay Govinda) entró a Taekwondo y clases de lenguaje, el medio (Krishna Gopal) tiene 2 años aprende artes plásticas y Hari ahora tiene 2 meses y me ayudó su nacimiento para unirme a comunidad de mamás que buscan disminuir el impacto ambiental infantil por ejemplo el uso de los pañales de tela, el cuidado del agua y concientizar a los niños sobre el cuidado de los recursos naturales y de mi parte comparto recetas de cocina vegetariana de vez en cuanto se organizan eventos sobre esos temas y en lo personal me a ayudado mucho en muchos aspectos de mi vida con la maternidad.

HpS - Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna!!!

Este año estoy planificando con mi esposo para que yo pueda entrar a estudiar Bhaktisastri online con Cultura del Bhakti, por ahora no puedo viajar por mis deberes en el hogar pero me gustaría aprender y seguir avanzando en mi vida espiritual.

Deseo que se encuentre muy bien y tener pronto oportunidad de verlo pronto 🙏

Su insignificante sirvienta Ananda maya devi dasi

HpS - De donde es esta curso. Esta cantando canciones para sus bebes? Mostrando a ellos como bailar por Krsna???

What time is prasadam?

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Dear Maharaja,

Pamho agtsp

All glories to your service. 

Apologies. I know I am not writing to you enough. This is ultimately my own misfortune.

I have found a way to listen to your lectures that devotees have put on YouTube over the years, offline. This, of course, is great for hearing while working. I still paint houses. Unlike Socrates, I haven’t put down my tools yet. Many lectures from Huston Temple. I also found a great resource that other’s on this blog may appreciate. One industrious devotee from the Hawaii online sanga, which you have frequented for many years, has posted videos of your PowerPoint show lectures! Here is the link to the channel for those who are interested. They are the same lectures which are available on soundcloud, but with the ever enlightening presentation you designed to aid our learning. 


Your lectures continue to give me great strength in krishna consciousness. I am eternally in debt to you.

Last few months have been challenging, with study, work and family. Currently I have a few weeks break from university, which has allowed student Dhruva to get some rest. 

I have completed more courses in Anthropology, Philosophy and religion, and still more to go. Learning a lot. Picking up a lot of tools for Sankirtan. I’m being careful not to stick my head out as a devotee too much. I don’t think confidence is appreciated too much at the bachelor level. 

HpS - ASA - General Patten had one young Lieutenant as an Aide d'camp and in the beginning whatever General Patten told him to do he just said, "Yes, Sir". Then at one point he screwed his courage up and made some comment about one of General Patten's comments, and General Patten looked at him with a strong stare.

The the young lieutenant screwed his courage up more and said, "General Patten, with all respect I don't think you became a General by always being a "Yes Man"".

General Patten's gaze softened a little and he looked at the Lieutenant with compassion and said, "Yes, that's a fact, but that's how I became a Colonel."

Your good disciple, Dhanesvari DD, is also studying to improve her qualifications in accounting and bookkeeping. She is doing voluntary seva and work experience assisting in the local temple’s treasury.

ASA - https://vedabase.io/en/library/bg/10/23/

I attempted the official ISKCON second initiation exam a few weeks ago. By the mercy of the vaisnavas I past. But, due to my misfortune, it was too late and my diksha guru, HH Devamrita Swami, left. I’m not sure if he even knows I sat the exam. I decided that I should try the formal pathways by sitting the exams. But definitely I have mixed feelings about the whole experience. It’s challenging, I’m sure, for the authorities to deal with someone like me because I do not spend much time at the temple. I have been progressing in Krishna Consciousness, ever so gradually, mainly through your association, through my own personal study, sadhana and contemplation, and through our deity seva at home. Therefore, I understand that it may be difficult for authorities to asses me with confidence, and in some ways I might even pose some kind of threat to the existing structure due to my independence. I don’t know.

HpS - Hmmmm! It seems you should come by the Temple every now and then and say hello to the President and see if you can lend a hand on some projects. Tell him what you are doing, and that should be enough for him to be satisfied with your efforts. As far as I can tell your independence is great.

Regardless, probably due to some offence I have committed, i could not get second initiation this time and I am left to further contemplate, “Who am I. What is my relationship with guru and Prabhupada. And, what is my position in ISKCON.” 

I recently did manage to get a special service. It’s in the back, cleaning in the paraphernalia room. It’s a good place to be.

Bhagavad Gita 18.66 

sarva-dharmān parityajya

mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja

ahaṁ tvāṁ sarva-pāpebhyo

mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ

“Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.”

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.81.16

kvāhaṁ daridraḥ pāpīyān

kva kṛṣṇaḥ śrī-niketanaḥ

brahma-bandhur iti smāhaṁ

bāhubhyāṁ parirambhitaḥ

“ ‘Since I am but a poor, sinful brahma-bandhu, not brahminically qualified although born in a brāhmaṇa family, and You, Lord Kṛṣṇa, are the shelter of the goddess of fortune, it is simply wonderful, my dear Lord Kṛṣṇa, that You have embraced me with Your arms.’ ”

I would like to take the service you have offered me regarding the interview of Dr Mabbett for Education and the Sacred. Dr Mabbett said he is still a great Nagarjuna scholar. My first steps would be to get to know his work so that I can extract his wisdom through appropriate questions. What are your thoughts and advices in this regard, Maharaja? 

HpS - It seems wonderful. Just get to know him and what his passion is. Why he has been so devoted to his topics. It certainly doesn't seem to be for any gross goal. In general we are asking people with what community they identify and what are the definitions of sacred and educated in those domains. Is there any message that he wants to leave behind?

I will leave it at this for now, and save further topics for future correspondence. 

Though terribly unqualified, undeserving, and ungrateful, seeking some particles of dust from your lotus feet. 

Dhruvānanda Das

Dhanesvari DD, Suryani D, and Sarasvati D. 

HpS - Hare Krsna! Our respects to the Matajis. They are our inspiration. Make a big sound that will be heard clear across the ocean.

Pula 15.06.2019. report

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Dear Guru Maharaja, Hare Krsna. Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Yesterday this school year came to the end. If you remember, I started a job at the elementary school last September. It went fast, it had difficult days, got some observations and distributed prasadam to some professors (they all loved it). Mother of a child I was assisting send me a message with words of gratitude.

Summer season with tourists started a few weeks ago.

Some japa rounds were not chanted and are duly noted down.

I worked a lot from last September and for that reason I did not studied sastra so much as previous years, but managed to read few books by Srila Bhaktivonoda Thakura and the two books by Hrdayananda das Goswami.

It could look that I lost some taste for direct Krsna bhajana / nava vidha bhakti. If I had any ... However, many days I yearned to open Srimad Bhagavatam or do japa. And when I did it, there is/was satisfaction arising inside myself. 

Went to Ljubljana (Slovenia) for a day of kirtana. And again and again, sitting down (or dancing) while performing Krsna sankirtana was nice. Also went to Ratha yatra in one town in Croatia. When Candramauli Swami saw me, he asked if I want to lead kirtana. I gratefully accepted, but said only if some organizers asked me, and that he does not tell them to do it. After a while, I got the microphone.

Krsna bhakti is deep, broad and at times cryptic process.

Life is sour

Life is sweet

Depends on the perspective

and on the heartbeat

Your servant,

Namacarya das

HpS - AGTSP . So very nice to hear from you after so much time. Do you have daily SB in the morning???? Really, really, really hope the very, very best for you. You can follow the example of Bhakti-vinode Thakura in your Ashrama, no?


report 3

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hare krsna maharaj, PAMHO, AGTSP

report on every ekadasi... previous letters in black color, this letter in blue color

you asked some questions on https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/10214/

[Not talking to my or wife's parents due to in laws problem.

ASA - Gawd! Are they fifth class devils from the 10th dungeon of Hell!! At least they should be able to talk to you. Hi! How are you? Any progress on this problem? Hows the weather? Did you vote for Modi? ]

no they are not devils, but once we start talking, then they start asking us to take this facility that facility , come for this event that event, why wife is not working, why getting up early etc etc.. things we can not answer in this stage and then we loosen up or fizzle out to them

Not eating prasad daily. But no onion garlic food ensured.

ASA - Lazy Man! Don't have to sit in the cold river in the winter or surround yourself with fire in the summer, but, our austerity - COOK for KRSNA! He will share what you offer with great happiness! Teach Mr. Pariksit to cook! ]

parikshith does not stay with us, in our cooking we have failed multiple times. not enough salt, may be lazy to learn, but things are tough alone, with a stupid mind.... krsna and parampara helps a lot

latest development


attended online mangal arti 430, so woke up early in that, some days (15%) devilishly avoided saying krsna its enough, seems its not working out, even though he woke up us at 3am.

krsna exists !!!!!! we just dont want to see him.

2.living like nomad, hopping jobs and city , money and association, balance is what we are seeking.

3.one faculty (peer) initiated in some bhakti marg, where guru is important. asked us lot of questions on Prabhupada, Bhakti, Jnana, Levels........So we felt enriched and some use to Prabhupada.

4.i think we have puruvara, yayati, saubhri muni.... want to enjoy ..........i dont know we should or not but have got heavy sanskarars of that sort...... this creates trouble in 4 rules. so three rules intact

5.living in fog, some times willing shot ourself in frustration, and then co-workers. But krsna exists...

(two legged animal )

Pigeon+monkey+horse+dog in human body.

HpS - Hare Krsna! Very nice to hear from you. We are in Tiqiupaya, Bolivia. There is a National Festival and about 40-devotees here. It is very nice with lots of variegatedness and many devotees after years of struggling with 3/4 regulative principles taking the blessings of everyone, they are accepting this as a New Year.

Learning to cook for Krsna. Do you have a fixed number of rounds/day that you will do until the next report?

How long will you stay at your present location?

Sounds like you can talk a little with in-laws. That is enough. Every little bit has a lasting result. Even if they don't agree, they heard it. https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/7/5/30/?query=matir+na+krsne#bb45422 . Look at these ? three verses! Good strategy for preaching to your in-laws?

Let us see the progress by the next report!

*Urgente!* Iniciacion / consulta visita bs as


Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias a Sus pies de loto.

HpS - Pies de [media] loco.

Soy bhaktina Lali, de Bs As. 

En su última visita hablamos de homeschooling y programas para devotas con hijos. 

Mi sadhana está bien, aunque aún hay que acomodar los horarios, entre mi trabajo y mi pequeña hija Govinda a veces se hace difícil cantar japa bien temprano, entonces voy haciéndolo durante el día. (Tengo que mejorar esto!).

Tengo deidades de Gaura Nitai, una devota las está pintando, le pido sus bendiciones para poder atenderlas en mi hogar. Usted está de acuerdo con que las instale?

HpS - Como entendemos, puedes ofrecerles tu amor a ellos bajo la autoridad de Srila Prabhupada, pero no están oficialmente instalados. Eso es algo grande y requeriría consideración a nivel de GBC. Bajo la autoridad de Srila Prabhupada, guarde las deidades de Gaura-Natai en su casa y sirva a ellas con amor, limpieza y puntualidad y más detalles de parafernalia y rituales.

Una buena ofrenda de un tiempo regular es la comida, la flor, la lámpara y las fragancias. ¡Habla con los brahmanas locales sobre más detalles! Te veo pronto.

Sigo con mi servicio fijo para el Ratha Yatra Bs As en la organización del festival.

Junto a Rati Manjari dd hago servicio en secretaría y en la organización de su visita a nuestro yatra. Con Vrisabhanu Nandini dd estamos planeando programas para los niños, mientras Usted da las conferencias y/o clases en el templo. Tiene alguna sugerencia sobre qué temas podríamos tratar con los pequeños devotos?

ASA - Tener kirtan y bhajans con ellos. habla de los pasatiempos de Krsna y Rama etc.

Con las devotas que tienen hijos pequeños tenemos un grupo, en el cual nos ayudamos entre todas, para avanzar en conciencia de Krsna. Espero pronto llevar a cabo sus instrucciones, y tener un grupo de prédica para los niños y las madres. Estamos avanzando en la investigación de homeschooling, aunque no hay muchos devotos entusiastas con este tema.

Hace unos meses hago servicio en Crecer Vaisnava. Karuna Sakti DD me permite servir y aprender a su lado, a pesar de la distancia.

Desde hace tiempo los devotos me están animando a formalizar mi relación con usted y yo también creo que este puede ser el momento de tomar iniciación, si es que lo considera propicio ¿Qué piensa Usted de eso?

HpS - Pienso es bueno, pero necesita carta de su Presidente del Templo. Esta Vd. realizando todos los requisitos que hay en nuestra "guru-tattva"?

La próxima semana daré el exámen, cuento con la recomendación de las autoridades del templo de Bs. As.

HpS - Si!!

Le pido disculpas por todas mis ofensas. Mi deseo más sincero es poder servirlo, y ser un instrumento en su prédica para la misión de Srila Prabhupada.

Perdón por la carta tan extensa Espero se encuentre muy bien.

Su aspirante a sirviente,

bktn Lali 

HpS - ASA - muy bien. Diksa es bueno. Es como matricular formalmente en la universidad.