Kind of Urgent... Rukmini dd's News - Part 2

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

In response to your question in the previous letter, my mother Tarangaksi dd and my sister Devahuti are currently in New Vrajamandala. I'm living in Graz, a city in the south of Austria [Photo 1].

More than a month ago, I asked Maharaja Yadunandana for permission to leave New Vrajamandala, as I wanted to develop my teaching career. After the Gurukula closed last year, I performed various services for Radha Govindacandra. However, I began to strongly long to reconnect with teaching and being surrounded by children. I found an opportunity here in Austria to support an alternative school, and it has been a wonderful experience!! [Photo 2]. What I love most about my work is connecting with children, they come from different backgrounds and some of them possess incredible wisdom. I'll stay here until the end of June.

HpS - Are you in touch with Purnamasi Devi Dasi? She is doing so much similar work in Madrid. Jayanta Das' good wife.

Also, of course the grand Waldorf Acharya, Patraka Das.

Changing the world!

On the other hand, I have some important news to share with you. At the beginning of this year, I applied for a master's degree program in Education in Finland, following the recommendation of my family. Finland is known for having one of the best educational systems in the world. Recently, I was informed that I have been accepted and even awarded a scholarship. The program will begin this August and will last for 2 years. While many have congratulated me on this great opportunity, I'm feeling a bit worried. Finland has a very particular climate, with very few hours of sunlight during the winter. Additionally, there are no ISKCON temples or preaching centres in the city where the University is located. I know that the program will require a lot of dedication, and I recall when I was studying at the University in Peru, I completely neglected my spiritual life due to the demands of my studies. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. How can I know if this master's degree will contribute to my service to Krishna, You, and Srila Prabhupada? Ultimately, this is the most important thing to me, and I do not want to pursue a degree solely for obtaining a title or earning money. How can I maintain my sadhana and have a good association while living in a distant city and for a long time?

Thank you very much for reading this letter and I apologize for my offenses.

Trying to be your disciple,

Rukmini Devi Dasi

HpS/ASA - AgtSP. Wonderful. Fin Land.

Just being accepted is a great honor.

Bhadra rupa Das went down a similar line.

Remember him.

He came out as a member of the United Nations.

Yet, it was



Maybe contact him.

Talk with your family.

I think I have the same fears that you do, that you will go insane and starting eating cookies cooked by Karmis.

and turn into a frog

🐸 🐸 🐸

then eating flies.

One alternative is to try it out.

Even let your school know your situation.

After one year you can have better idea.

Beyond that I do not know.

Talk to the Purnamasi!!

Child Custody

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Hare Krishna Maharaj! How r u?

HpS/ASA - We, agtSP, are eternal, but our body is struggling with strong allergy. 😃

I’ve been a kind of busy and couldn’t do the X (Twitter) sign up in order to follow u. So I’m going to catch up with your news.

ASA - Very nice!

So I stopped smoking like a month or so, and been following again the 4 principles. I prayed to Krishna and took shelter in Srimad Bhagavatam, and my sorrows were gone. So that harsh trip left me with some new add-ons to my sadhana, now, whenever I feel kind of down, I read the Bhagavatam, or play some devotional music (that last one in particular has been my shelter lately) and always feel that my energies are renewed.

ASA - 💪💪💪🐒

So I keep doing Kirtan every morning, and chanting the 16 rounds, trying to chant boldly, like to suggested me. My life has been better overall.

I’m feeling more confident regarding my child’s custody trial, I have an audience with the judge, my child and her mother this coming week, so I would like to please ask for your mercy and blessings so I can be Krishna’s instrument in court.

Yesterday I visited ISKCON Buenos Aires and was missing your classes in that temple, do you have any plans to visit us?

I’ll try to attend some of your online classes again, the other day I watch one of them in which you were showing your drawings, which I really liked!

Well hope Maharaj you are always well!!!

thanks again for encouraging me in this path!

Please accept my obeisances!


Federico Molnar

HpS - You can see our travel plans etc at www.JayaRama.US/news.htm and in the [X] posts!! 🙂

your news is really super. we expect you to be traveling and preaching like Narada Muni if you continue with this Bhagavata road!!!

Hope your Sankirtan with your daughter is and the whole family is increasing.

You integrated with BsAs temple much?

Viaje a España, sankirtan en ISKCON, etc.

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Hare Krishna Gurudev

Please accept my humble and respectful obeisances

All glories be to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you Gurudev

Thank you for your response to my previous letter, Gurudev

Precisely with what you tell me in your response, I am processing my passport to be able to travel to Spain and be able to have your association... Gurudev please give me your blessings to be able to travel to Spain and have your association.

HpS/ ASA - HAre KRsnA!!! 🙂

Prahlada Maharaja said SB 7.9.24: "My dear Lord, now I have complete experience concerning the worldly opulence, mystic power, longevity and other material pleasures enjoyed by all living entities, from Lord Brahmā down to the ant. As powerful time, You destroy them all. Therefore, because of my experience, I do not wish to possess them. My dear Lord, I request You to place me in touch with Your pure devotee and let me serve him as a sincere servant." 🙏🙏🙏

I hope everything goes well with your ticket and is resolved.

HpS - It was! It was the confusion of the banks in Europe talking to the Banks in USA???

Gurudev, in the previous letter you say: "Your Sankirtan etc. sounds like you are on the right path. Just try to improve it even daily. Try to do your own individual, eternal work, service to Krsna and Srila Prabhupada, and try to develop Sankirtan relations to others, institutionally and friendly. Play you instrument in the orchestra, but try to harmonize, inspire, others in their parts."

Sorry Gurudev, but I couldn't quite understand what you were telling me, sorry... could you explain a little more?

HpS - Try looking at NoI 3, Near the end of the purport is about Niscayad. Sticking to and improving, not changing the path.

Achintya bheda a bheda. Realize that every horn in the orchestra is essential, but without the orchestra the individual horn has not got much meaning.

Answering your question, I started Bhakti Vaivabha with Param Padam prabhu. Do you think it's OK?

HpS - I think so. I have not had much contact with Prabhu and his program for a long time. Anything which gets us to read Prabhupada's books (systematically) is great!!

My respects to him.

Thanks for everything Gurudev, I hope to see you in Spain or wherever.

Trying to find my place in the world and under your lotus feet...

HpS - AgtSP!!!!!

Thank you for letter!

Deva Vrata das


Hare Krsna Gurudev

Por favor acepte mi humildes y respetuosas reverencias

Todas las glorias sean a Srila Prabhupada 

Todas las glorias a usted Gurudev

Gracias por su respuesta a mi carta anterior, Gurudev

justamente con lo que me cuentas en la respuesta, estoy tramitando mi pasaporte para poder viajar a España y poder tener tu asociación... Gurudev por favor deme su bendiciones para poder viajar a España y poder tener su asociación.

Prahlada Maharaja dijo SB 7.9.24: "Mi querido Señor, ahora poseo una experiencia completa acerca de la opulencia mundana, el poder místico, la longevidad y otros placeres materiales de que disfrutan todas las entidades vivientes, desde el Señor Brahmā hasta la hormiga. Todo eso lo destruyes Tú en Tu poderosa forma del tiempo. Por lo tanto, y gracias a mi experiencia, no deseo poseer nada de eso. Mi querido Señor, Te pido que me pongas en contacto con Tu devoto puro y me permitas servirle como un sirviente sincero."🙏🙏🙏

Espero que todo vaya bien con tu pasaje y se solucione.

Gurudev, en la carta anterior tu dices: "Tu Sankirtan, etc. parece que estás en el camino correcto. Intenta mejorarlo incluso a diario. Trate de hacer su propio trabajo individual y eterno, servicio a Krsna y Srila Prabhupada, y trate de desarrollar relaciones de Sankirtan con los demás, institucionalmente y amistosamente. Toca tu instrumento en la orquesta, pero intenta armonizar e inspirar a los demás en sus partes."

Disculpa Gurudev, pero no pude entender bien lo que me dices, disculpas... ¿me podrías explicar un poco más?

Respondiendo a tu pregunta, el Bhakti Vaivabha lo comencé con Param Padam prabhu. ¿Te parece bien?

Gracias por todo Gurudev, Espero verte en España o donde sea.

Tratando de encontrar mi lugar en el mundo y bajo tus pies de loto...

Deva Vrata das


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Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva AGTSP PAMHO

I asked You this question in the WhatsApp group that we have with Parasurama

Today I have classes from 8:00 pm to 10:35pm. So, how can I worship Lord Sri Rama if I am working all day.

Thanks Gurudeva 🌝

HpS/ASA - agtSP! paoho. how can we worship lord nrsmha deva if we are at work, also.

always chant the name of the avatar, full or part of songs related to Them.

talk about Them specifically during work ... indian culture... talk about the general principles They represent eg. There is no restriction by age in accomplishing the greatest things.



Seek your recommendations on Gyatri Mantras

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Hare Krsna Dear Gurudev,

 Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

 All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

 All glories to Guru parampara.

 Gurudev, if you would have available in India now then i would have spoken with you 

 in person because discussion is about Gyatri Mantras.

 Don't want to write here much.......should have the discussion 1-to-1 on this.

 Do you have any specific recommendations for advance stages so that we can check that we 

 are on correct track.

HpS - Srila Prabhupada, conversations with Ramananda rai, discusses these things in public, but yes, they remain automatically confidential in terms of our purification.

we have not really seen srila prabhupada discuss these mantras, nor any of his disciples, separately from the realization of the maha-mantras.

skc, pna... hk/hr... haraye namah...

they should become more brilliant as your chanting becomes more brilliant.

you should dance internally with their chanting as we dance externally with harinama kirtan.

because of the birth we have taken, kali yuga sudra, mlecha, yavana et al.

in this life time we will not be able to chant them on a level and in a position independent of our harinama kirtan.

maybe we will take birth in brahmana family in nabadvipa in our next lifetime.

thank you.

Your dependent,

Girivaradhari-Gopal Das


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Hare Krishna, Maharaj, mis reverencias.

Nanda Gram está en Santander, Sita y Prema vienen a veces de visita y Jara mara Hari Das prabhu viene a visitar, yo en este momento estoy en Madrid, vine hace unos meses por que me enfermaba muy seguido y no me sentía bien, además estuve lidiando con papeles legales y planeo asentarme en Irlanda de el Norte en algunos meses, últimamente no tengo mucha asociación con devotos, solamente nos enviamos mensajes, veo sus clases en la página de Facebook y mis rondas no han sido las mejores, hay días en los que me siento un poco perdida pero sigo cantando para que Krishna me muestre el camino, que puedo hacer para seguir fortificando mi relación con Krishna? También me gustaría saber cómo puedo seguir siendo iniciada si no estoy viviendo en el templo? También tengo un pequeño altar pero quisiera saber si podría tener mi propia deidad para poder hacer aarti todos los días y crear esa atmósfera privada de la que me hablo la última vez.

mis más humildes reverencias. Espero que se encuentre bien y su salud sea buena.


Hare Krishna, Maharaj, my obeisances.

Nanda Gram is in Santander, Sita and Prema come to visit sometimes, and Jara mara Hari Das prabhu comes to visit, I am in Madrid at the moment,

I came a few months ago because I got sick very often and I didn't feel well,

I was also dealing with legal papers and plan to settle in Northern Ireland in a few months,

lately I don't have much association with devotees, we only send each other messages, I see their classes on the Facebook page and my rounds have not been the best,

there are days when I feel a little lost but I keep chanting for Krishna to show me the way,

what can I do to continue strengthening my relationship with Krishna?

I would also like to know how I can continue to be initiated if I am not living in the temple?

I also have a small altar but I would like to know if I could have my own deity so I can do aarti every day and create that atmosphere that I was talking about last time.

my most humble reverences. I hope you are well and your health is good.

agustina abalos

HpS/ASA - agtsp. hk/he. thank you for your letter.

to get initiated you need approval of temple president or other agent authorized by GBC Secretary.

Introduce yourself to you, geographically closest temple president and explain your situation. they can approve you even without physical residence,

hare krsna.

who is on your altar now? statues and pictures are the same in many ways. they are both authorized by Srila Prabhupada for simple worship. offer incense, flowers, lamp, fragrant oil, food with respect.

as long as you are chanting hk/hr you are making progress in the path. other items eg. 4-principles. m. arati, class, are to accelerate effect of the Mantra,

Hari bolo. join us in next letter.

thank you.

your efforts are heroic. do not think less of yourself. go ahead. every step is permanent purification if you accept.