Letter to Guru Maharaj

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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

All Glories to Sripada Maharaj

All Glories to Hanumat Presaka Swami Guru Maharaj

Hare Krishna

Dear Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your Lotus feet. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am also doing good due to your divine grace. I am your humble servant Nichintya Nityai Devidasi from Manipur. I apologize for not being able to write to you for a long time. Though we are afar, my Guru Maharaj, you are present every day in my day and night devotional services to the all attractive “Lord Krishna’ and our lovely Guru-disciple bond is strong as ever.

By your causeless mercy, I am able to continue my loving devotional services to the Lord. I am however, very sad since I cannot go and attend temple programs, SB classes and Sunday Kirtans and association with the devotees due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation. I hope for this to be over soon so that I can start attending temple programs, SB classes and Sunday Kirtans.

In the meantime, I am diligently continuing my 16 rounds of chanting and reading SB Canto 3, Chapter 1 “Questions by Vidura”. And I believe that my Dear Guru Maharaj is with me in spirit in my daily services to Lord Krishna.

Hare Krishna.

Your faithful servant,

Nichintya Nityai Devidasi

HpS - Thank you!!! Please read the News, Kapi Dhvaja!! Www.JayaRama.us Thank you!!

KDPC (Madana Gopala = Current KDPC, until tomorrow)...... ki Jai

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!! All Glories to HH Hanumat Presaka Swami Maharaj!! Please accept our humble obeisances at Your sweet Lotus feet.

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj,

My apologies for the delay in sending the list of devotees who got initiated last year...we miss your association so much dear Guru Maharaj. My apologies again....for the photos which somehow did not reach you...sending again.

Father and I continue with the BG in the evenings. We laugh a lot while reading the 14th chapter....bringing out the devil in each other!! Thank you for the wonderful mercy..thank you so much Guru Maharaj.

Guru Maharaj....don't know why ...but I like to sing Hanuman Chalisa... ! All glories to Anjani-nandana!! Is it forbidden ...being in ISKCON? Or should I continue?

HpS - I've never heard it being forbidden. I think it is 'forbidden' to chant it in ISKCON Temple pubic program or preach it to others, but??? I heard Prabhupada in one Ramanyana, Tulsi Das (?) symposium say that Rama carit manas is not exactly Ramayana. It is poet's poem about Ramanyana. It think (not sure) that P'pada's opinion was that Tulsi Das was nice person, devotee, but maybe influenced a little by passion and so let a little vanity slip into his poem, maybe adding pastimes not in the Ramayana.

Read it, write a commentary on it from perspective of Srila Prabhupada's books. We can see to publishing it!!

Still continuing with NOD . Getting some time off from material duty nowadays . Virus is benevolent. Last week ,finished a book by Dr Brian Weiss ..amazing work on Past life regression...

HpS - Have you heard of his work with "future life progression". Also interesting. We can use different subjis for Krsna, why not different philosophers?

Today planning to read The Journey within by HH Radhanath swami.

We hope and pray that we keep coming to you dear Guru Maharaj..

Your insignificant servant,

Sarada Gaurangi DD

Thank you!!!! We have to rest our eyes now. We will go blind faster than we are! Respects to your esteemed father! Does he have name!!?!! Did he fight tigers with the King when he was a young man??

Prema Bikari KDPC which is NOT the KDPC. It is the name of the KDPC!!!

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All glories to Radha Syamasundar


dandavats at your lotus feet

HpS - Lettuce Feet. AgtSP!!! Thank you for writing to us. We get lonely sometimes here in the prison. 

I wanted to thank you for your association in the FMP, it is very valuable for me, the quarantine has done a lot of introspective work, a lot of struggle with the mind, anyhow a great fall is followed by great happiness ,Shakespeare said it.

At the moment we are attached to the Sadhana and my dear Gopal, I am living in Brazil but I got stuck in Chile because I came to do a healing course, unfortunately i couldn't continue along the course because of the pandemic... ...lock up your body and open up our heart, I could not relax, but I started to take a Vedic healing training with Guru Govinda dd (tilak’s mother).

 HpS - Hey!!! Cross species marriages!! ??

At the moment I continue translating the books of H.H. bhakti ballabh tirtha maharaj, and I am starting a service for a vaisnavi comunity. it is called Project subhadra.


from time to time we do vrindavan parikram online there is a devotee who broadcasted it via you tube so it brings back nice memories to chant japa....maybe someday my bhajan will be better and become sincere.


I wanted to ask you if my name is Radha Carana dasi or Radha carana devi dasi I know this question it’s bit silly, but sometimes you call me both ways I think it is just dasi but I wanted to be sure.

HpS - Wow! Sure??? I guess that only comes when we see Krsna face to face through the transparent via-media of the Parampara. I would say that it is Radha-carana Dasi, because Her feet I don't think are Devis.  

Someone who aspires to have love for Kirshna someday !!!


Prema bhikhari

Pd: some potos of my favorite place in Vraja (Radha Tilah) parrots come to take Radharani’s darsan at 4pm….

HpS - Hmmm! Very lucky fellows!!! Wish we had it so luck!!!! Tanslate translate. Send a little extract here!! Thank you again. 16-nice rounds under the authority of Srila Prabhupada! Thank you!!

("gokulananda" which is expired KDPC!) Prospect for Marriage

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Hare Krishna Maharaj,

Please accept my sincere obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I hope this reaches you in good health...

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP! paoho. "good health" is possible only for the dead. I hope this letter reaches you dead!!

I am writing to you this time about a marriage possibility, I apologize if the letter is extended, it is an important issue.

ASA - ... and we apologize if we must only deal with some of it, because we have many other Monkeys to deal with! Also, is it important to everyone, Monkeys reading, Donald Trump????😎

I was waiting for the astrological results to write to you with stronger certainty.

I am meeting a devoted disciple of Bhakti Prabhupada Vrata Damodara Maharaja, he lives in Miami, his name is Jayasacinandana Das, and I live in Chile. We have a serious commitment in long distance, we have never seen ourselves in person but we feel we have a lot of affinity for a Krishna conscious marriage. We made the astrological compatibility obtaining good results, I comment below:

The astrologers Abhaya Mudra Dasi & Patita Pavan das Adhikary conclude that according to the compatibility score, we have 23 Points. Taking into account that the minimum score for marriage is 18 points and the maximum 33, that is, our compatibility is very favorable for our service (23). In addition, they add the following comment “

ASA - Patita-pavana Das is my old, old friend from Berkeley Temple, in California. He has been divorced. Ironic, no, and making charts for other's marriage success? I don't discount his advice, but I do put it in perspective of what we have heard Srila Prabhupda said about astrology in the Kali yuga!!

This general compatibility is enough to get married and create a Krishna conscious future together… You will also be able to focus on spirituality and this Krishna consciousness will be your main focus. ”

We have the blessings of Damodara Maharaja and we want to do everything the right way.

My comments about it:

I am clear about my goals in marriage, I would only get married if this helps my spiritual development and that of my partner. Having that goal as the center (Krishna and Radha) then, my willingness to marry is favorable. However, I do not want to get married in a hurry, I want to know him very well beforehand, since we must know if we will be good companions in life, really test it. I don't want to marry out of just love or blindly.

 I am 29 years old and I have waited so long precisely because I evaluate my personal and spiritual development a lot, as a housemate and I also evaluate very well the applicant to be my partner. We are in love, delighted, but that is not a basis for a good marriage. We must learn to be companions and that occurs with time and experiences. 

We have a commitment, we need to bring it to the third dimension hahaha meet us in person and share more, until now we only speak virtually.

The plan is for Jayasacinandana to come to Chile in mid-Septembersobwe can really get to know one another.

I look forward to your comments Maharaja and apologize throughout this letter.

Your would-be servant

Stefani S. (Petti Michelena)

HpS - Was not too long! Very intelligent. Well written.

Maybe five points of interest! 1- is that it should not be the marriage of two people. It should be the marriage of two families. Get to know his friends, family, spritual and biological, and let him know yours.

2- Take first initation before getting married.

Bushi-do (KDPC)

Hare Kirshna Gurudev, AGTSSGN AGTSP PAMHO!!

I've some good things to tell you and questions too. FMP is very helpful in keeping the fire burning in desolation's times. Thank you very much for your dedication and determination to the Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu movement.

HpS - Srila Prabhupada, Vaisnava Bh. Vrnda, Ki Jai!

I taught some cooking classes and distributed some books during this quarantine time. I've painted a lot, participated in Judo meetings, even some International ones, where my Sensei introduce me as a member of Hare Krishna movement and we talk about the activities that we have done in the dojo, The Prasada is always a good way to open many doors.

ASA - !! 'o' !!

(I've considered taking second initiation, but it's an idea for now)

I've a new project, I'm making decorated cakes. I really like it because i can mix many things that I like: Cook, Design & Distribute Prasada.

ASA - Our friends for many years, Maha-bhagavata Dasi and Kestrajna Das, had a catering business for Wedding, Birthday... Cakes. They would be a meter tall and weigh over 100KG. It was a whole science of strcutural engineering, decoration, PRASADAM distribution. She had moer orders that she could satisfy! Her Deitys were quite robust!

A few days ago, in an afternoon class, you read a interesting text, The Sri Vrindavana Mahimamrita. This made me think of somethings taht worries me a lot, when you was change the word Vrindavana to Iskcon, I thought about the situations that arise where some people attack Iskcon, its representative members and how that affects us, affects me.

The next day in NOD reading, there was a point that said that we should be intolerant of Krishna's offenders or of His pure devotees. This is happening now and not by atheist or impersonalist, the members of the movement, themselves sometimes offending to Srila Prabhupada.

So, You know me, i try hard to control my character and I've tolerated very strong situation, because they were against me, but what can I do when someone offends to Srila Prabhupada and his work, when I keep the distance and I avoid confrontation, but the offences are recurring. What should I do?.

HpS - Is a very important question. We have discussed it pretty often before. We traveled on the Vraja-mandala Parikrama for many hears with Lokanatha Swami and up to 600-devotees! Walk barefoot in the sand and thorns of Braja. Sleep on the hard ground in tents with 100 other coughing, snooring, devotees.... Pressure was intense, but we got a Mantra out of it: In Vrndavana only Krsna and Balarama kill demons.

If you see demons in ISKCON you can always chant "Hare Krsna! Hare Rama", "Oh Radha, please call Krsna and Rama to deal with these demons".

They will kill the demons, with great artistry, or ... or... They will empower us to use verbal, mental or physical violence, and it will be applied with such expertise, like a surgeon with a knife, that afterwards there won't be a bad tast for anybody.

It will be obvious that They are sending the thoughts, words, physical moves.

I hope your health is maintained well, we have a lot of service to do for Prabhupada and Iskcon. Grateful for your time, Your eternal servant

Parasurama Avatar Das, Santiago Chile.

HpS - Thank you!!!

Deal with the problems at an institutional level, amongst friends, with direct experience of seving Srila Prabvhupada.

Personal Sadhana Report

All Glories to Sri Guru Parampara,

Radha Krsna Ki Jay, Gouranga Mahaprabhu Ki Jay, Goura Bhakta Vrinda Ki Jay

H. H. HpS Maharaja! Dandavat Pranam!

Please accept my humble obeisances unto Sri Guruji Maharaja’s Padama Charan that I am so happy to get Gurugi Maharaja's reply so soon, and it is my first letter written in this block. [Blog] I could not participate the Ratha Jatra in the Imphal Temple due to locked down so the activities are normal. In Thoubal also mass gathering is completely prohibited.

HpS - The Gopis had to escape to meet Krsna and then had Mass Gathering, no?

Gurugi Maharaja! There is a confusion between the "Mantra and Gaitri". There are two slokas; one is Mantra and another is Gaitri. What are the differences? Such as Guru Mantra and Guru Gaitri. In the mantra also "Swaha and Namah". Please clear my darkness with the blessings of Guruji.

HpS - We do not understand your question too well. Can you give details? There are many Mantras we chant. Maha-mantra. The Sandhy mantras that we chant morning, noon and night. These are some in the Gayatir meter and so they are called Gayatri sometimes.

Mantra is the verse. Many of the verses in SB are Mantras. They can deliver "tra" our mind, "man" from suffering "separation from KRSNA".

As we understand Gayatri is a meter like the ones we use for the Brahma samhita is the Vasanta tilaka meter.

There is an article on the Wikpedia. I don't know how accurate it is.



Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das