reporte de sadhana

¿Cómo estás guru maharaj? espero que bien. Por aquí las cosas fluyen. Quiero comentarle brevemente lo que estoy haciendo actualmente.

En las mañanas nos conectamos con usted a fmp, luego seguimos cantando a través de zoom con krishna west y estudiamos srimad bhagavatam también, canto 1 por ahora. Luego trabajo como psicoloco desde el hogar por la pandemia, adoramos a tulasi, tomamos prasad con manjaris, acompañamos y guiamos en el canto del maha mantra a personas que hemos conocido a través de la astrología védica que hacemos en tiempos libres (segundo trabajo), predicamos un poco y el día y la vida pasan muy muy rápido.

estamos leyendo sri godruma kalpatavi de bhaktivinoda thakur, traducido por jayapataka swami, preparándonos para nuestro servicio de recepción y cuidado de nuevas almas en el templo de iskcon santiago.

tenemos otros varios proyectos de prédica en diferentes lugares, por ahora todo online, le iré comentando mas detalles pronto. Seguimos como carteros entregando las cartas del acarya, con miles de defectos, pero entregando las cartas.

Me despido guru maharaj, hasta la próxima, reverencias.


T.G.COM -- How are you guru maharaj I hope it's ok.

HpS - ASA - We died and went to heaven. I am writing this from an internet booth here.

Around here things flow. I want to briefly comment on what I am currently doing.

ASA - Be careful! Are we the doer?

In the mornings we connect with you to fmp, then we continue to chant through zoom with krishna west and we study srimad bhagavatam too, Canto 1for now. Then I work as a psychologist from home due to the pandemic, we worship tulasi, we take prasad with delicacies, we accompany and guide in the chanting of the maha mantra people that we have met through Vedic astrology that we do in free time (second job), we preach a little and the day and life go by very, very fast.

ASA - Jaya!

we are reading sri godruma kalpatavi from bhaktivinoda thakur, translated by jayapataka swami, preparing ourselves for our service of reception and care of new souls in the temple of iskcon santiago.

We have several other preaching projects in different places, for now all online, I will be commenting on more details soon. We continue as postmen delivering the acarya letters, with thousands of defects, but delivering the letters.

I say goodbye guru maharaj, until next time, obeisances.

Mandara Sakha Das??

HpS - ASA - 1. Thank you for this inspiring news.

  1. Jananivasa Das told us that Srila Prabhupada said that if we following the Yoga he is givng strictly, and our children follow it strictly, then our grand children will be traveling on flying carpets.
  3. Guru Das: Srila Prabhupada, what will we do after we make this planet Krsna conscious, Srila Prabhupada: Oh, the Sannyasis will get on their Space Ships and fly to different planets to preach there.
  4. Do you have any idea of how to make flying carpets?
  5. Put the KDPC from the Kapi Dhvaja in the Title of our your letters!! 🤓

Tom Brown - Buck White

Madana-gopal - My Nature (continuation) - Pyari Mohan das

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my humble obeisances

I think that i have a mixture of the four natures, in different proportions .

Now we continue with the letter. 

I am finished the 3th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam,

very slowly lecture.

I read one verse that connect with one dude that i have.

This is the purport of 3.33.6. It talks about the brahmanas, Prabhupada said that if we chant one time, purely the holy name, we qualify like brahmanas.

But where is all the search of our nature tendencies?

This is necessary because the most of us don't sing purely and need to move slowly to Krishna?

We are still with our inner varna-asrama nature and we add the brahmanical nature after singing purely if we are not brahmana?

I heard that like a vaisnava you can do any service of the different natures, it is right? Please Gurudeva, enlighten us. 


  • So, like a sudra i think that i am good artist,
  • I drew,
  • I sing,
  • play instruments, and now i am
  • developing the art of writing, poetry and others works. In the future i want to learn
  • to act, for now i am watch to Cantinflas jajaja a very good clown.

I am used the social networks to share my works, with my italian name of “Piero Torchio”. I know that the communications is my most prominent subject that i can explore, i also like very much the therapy, to help other to heal, and the greatest healing is the spiritual healing, dead, so i have to kill people jajaja, (joke).

ASA - 😀 (laugh)

On the other hand is the Kshatriya dharma, this is most difficult for me, because i never have education about that. But i think that i also have to work in the communication area like an admini

trator. When i flight to Buenos Aires to meet with you, we had a conversation, and you said me that i can study sound engineering, but then you also told me that i can work like a reporter in an editorial, newspaper.

ASA - General ideas.

Now i need to be more introspective and keep working to you, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. Sometimes is very difficult, many demons in the heart and the head, they want ignorance to eat, they want to make me fall down, the devil made me do it jajaja.

But Hanuman can help us, setting fire in the demons house helping to Rama, He is my Deitie like you are my master. Monkey Warrior. More Rocs for the bridge. Jaya Ram, Kabum!  

PS: Pyari Mohan das - Piero Adrián Saavedra Torchio [04.09.94] - initiation the 01.12.19.

Thaaaank you Gurudeva, I hope see you soon.

Your eternal little clown [Medium Clown!] servant: 

Pyari Mohan das

HpS - ASA - Esteemed Medium Clown, PMD, thank you for your letter. Did you translate it your self? It is little difficult to understand some of it. One good system is to write in Spanish that you know will be able to translate well and then send both.

Main thing is enchancing our personal relationship with Krsna. Whatever we have we should focus on that. To do that we have NOD to guide us.

Regular Vaidhi bhakti - Rules and Regulations are there.

They make the mind and intelligence strong and well structured.

Then when you read Srila Prabhupada's books for several days, weeks, you will start to answer all these questions and keep the answers.


How are you doing your rounds? All done by Mangala arati, breakfast, 90% done before lunch???

Think about your Japa habits, association, write a report and then after a few days edit it and then post it!

How is Mister Bhagavan Das?

Who is in the Temple?

Are you all still in complete quaranteen.

Do whateve VAD occupation you can do nicely now and focus on regulated Japa.

KDPC Reportaje del Sur

Todas las glorias a Goura Nitay

Todas las gloria a Srila Prabhupada

Hare krishna Gurudev, comienzo mi reporte contando que estamos haciendo conversatorios una vez a la semana de temas muy interesantes:

(Comunicación, canto de Japa, educación.... etc),

Con prabhu Lashman siendo facilitandor, devotos de:

Perú, (prabhu Gobhardana)

Bolivia, (madre Apsara gopi y Madre Maha Sakti)

Arequipa (prabhu Roy Ramananda),

Chile (madre Suakiya [Svakiya] y yo)

Es inspirador escuchar a los devotos y aprender de ellos.

Sigo hablando con las chicas del jardín cada semana,

Riendo y preocupándome de lo necesario para su cuidado a la distancia.

Atendiendo cada día a mis plantas, flores para ofrecer a Krsna.

Leo a diario para aprender a entender lo que Srila Prabhupada quiere de nosotros como sirvientes de krishna, a veces cuesta ponerlo en práctica, pero soy perseverante y lo lograré en algún momento.

Espero estar haciendo bien las cosas a pesar de las dificultades para servir a Srila Prabhupada toda mi vida.

muchas gracias Gurudev por la inspiración a ser una buena discípula,

Sirviente de Krishna y Srila Prabhupada,

Se despide su humilde sirviente Raman Reti devi dasi

HpS - ASA - Jaya! Tiene que publicar algo resultado do los Conversatorios?

at least still here, trying to serve

1 week, 2 days ago by trivikrama das in Personal Sadhana Reports



dear gurudev

I am writing to you as a report, I apologize for letting so much time pass since the last time I wrote.

Once again I had to reorganize life, the relationship I had ended, and well that involves many things: change of house and all that subject, I'm in a new place living with friends, they are vegan at least.

Although I have followed regulatory principles, the rounds have cost me and the daily minimum has dropped a lot.

ASA /TB - The Evil One will catch you!

In fact it is not more than 1 or 2 a day. I am finishing the semester at university and that has me very busy, despite the pandemic I am working from home. There have been strange times between being in the same place all day and coping with life itself.

I beg Krsna to give you health.

your eternal servant

Trivikrama das

HpS - Very, very, happy, nice to hear from you. Missed you! ..... It is an austerity to chant 16-nice rounds daily, but... the result is incredible. You family situation, preaching, health, wealth, school, work, insitutional presence, will all increase at the maximum possible rate.

Read the Kapi Dhvaja and use the Priority Code to get more attention to your letters!! Thye are very valuable. Become a person, not the shadow of a person, no?!!

KDPC True Stories

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Dear Guru Maharaja:

Please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I hope you are very well, I am always praying for your health and well-being.

I suppose this is a kind of report ... I wanted to tell you that at the beginning of the year I quit my job, it was a decision that took me many years, anxiety, life in general, I went through many mental stages. I have been living in the temple for more than two and a half years, one year as a pujari and this made me feel the desire to attend to the deities more often, when I worked I only had time to do it once a week and it seemed little to me.

Also, I always disliked my work, it was very stressful, I mentioned it to you once.

Anyway, I was distressed by the idea of ​​living without money, for many years I had a salary every month, this would be a great change. I was saving for a long time to be able to go to the Holy Dham, with the economy of this country it seems impossible, I thought ... "if I work one more year maybe I will succeed", somehow I kept making excuses.

Maha Vishnu Swami was visiting the temple, he was giving Srimad Bhagavatam class and he said: Krsna is your best friend, why are you afraid? There is no reason to be afraid, he is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I felt that Krsna was speaking to me through him ... I usually pray a lot for answers, signs, instructions and for me this was quite clear. That day I decided that I was going to quit my job because Krsna will take care of me even if I am afraid.

I grew up in a very poor family and many times I lacked things, I was also afraid of that.

But in truth I lack nothing, I have everything I need to maintain my body. The time I used to spend making money now I use to serve Krsna, although I realize that what I give to Krsna is very little compared to what I keep for myself, I feel like a thief.

Then came another test, being in the temple day after day without being able to leave because of the quarantine. This temple is austere, very hot in summer, very cold in winter, in summer it is full of roaches, in winter rats, prasadam is sometimes very very simple, living with devotees is not easy either, I remember you saying that managing in iskcon is like shepherding cats and every day I understand it more, even without having an administrative position. Much physical, mental austerity in the midst of a pandemic. I started to feel very bad physically, mentally and spiritually because I felt that my thoughts about the devotees were offensive, my rounds were neither good nor enthusiastic, so I went to my parents' house with the idea of ​​not coming back, I was sad and angry , "I left my house, I left my job, now I have nothing." Thanks to you I have FMP in Gotomeeting and classes every day, that helped me a lot when I was at my parents' house, I felt very lonely without the devotees. My parents are very good, they love me, but there is so much that I cannot share with them even if I try. So after a month and a half of being there I decided to go back to the temple, I really missed my service as a pujari and have someone to sing with.

Austerities are the same as always but I accept them in a different way, once I heard you say that this life is not to be happy, it is to perform austerities, you also said that we have to function on two levels, making friends with devotees and being functional for Iskcon. I am accepting these austerities so that I can serve Iskcon, Srila Prabhupada and your instructions.

HpS - This is not a back system. Some time in the Temple and then some time with your parents. Back and forth.. Others can follow your path.

Krsna is reciprocating, He is giving me the sweetest experiences inside the altar. Once Lord Gauranga gave me a look that I will never forget. I am always thinking of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, I can see their faces in great detail in my mind. They are so merciful to me.

HpS - Yes, it is frightening! What will They do [email protected]!!!

The time I left the temple I stopped preaching ... recently I went back to give class by Zoom, it was very good for me because I felt that happiness again, the happiness of speaking about Krsna and being listened carefully. I plan to prepare another class, any suggestions about the topic?

HpS - What is this material world. What is the soul. What is the super soul. (Your personal dealings with Krsna and S.P. and..)

One last thing to tell, important, a friend who is living in the Zurich temple introduced me to Philip, he also lives there. This friend said that we could get along and created a WhatsApp chat to introduce eachother. Philip and me are making plans so that we can spend our lives together serving Krsna ... even though he and me are on different continents.

HpS - Do what you must do!!! 😎

Romeo and Juliet???

He is a serious and responsible devotee, I think he will take good care of me and the family that we want to have.

Was Kunti happy?

Gandhari, Radha, Darupadi, Juliet, Josephine? 😎 😎 😎

Are you going to be happy??

Were they SUCCESSFUL?? Are you going to be SUCCESSFUL?

Rose of the East

ASA - Thank you! Melons of the Jungle.

KDPC. Help me surrender fully to the Guru

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Guru Maharaj. Please accept my humble obeisances at Your lotus feet.

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj

Last Sunday ,with Your mercy we distributed prasadam and NOI to the innocent ,sweet people working in the paddy fields, maintaining the SOP as far as practicable.

Guru Maharaj ,would you allow me to join the classes at gotomeeting? My sadhana gets better only with your divine mercy. Not attending SB classes and mangal arti as one of my PG students tested positive for the virus and our hospital protocol restricts our movement. So offering the arti at home....missing the classes....missing Srila Prabhupada seva .....Bansuri seva at the temple.

HpS - Of course, of course. Join us. Enlighten us.

Reading NOD . Sometimes ,a little apprehensive... if at all whatever sadhana we are trying to do...becomes sort of mechanical...without developing love of Krishna....!!

Sending some photos from the last Sunday programme.

Your insignificant servant,

Sarada Gaurangi DD

HpS - Did you get the list of disciples to post?

If you die and go to Krsna. That won't be so bad, no???? ! Try to be spontaneous. Try to laugh with Krsna!!

Don't see any photos!!!!!!