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Hare krishna dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept our humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada all glories to the Sankirtan of Lord Caitanya

Dear Gurumaharaja

We apologize for not writing before and for not trying harder to get your association. We keep following your recorded classes and tweets, How is your heart this days?. .

We know that our association with you will be truth only if we follow your instructions. We are trying our best in this new stage as grihastas to follow your instructions and reminding that krishna should never leave his place as heart in our relationship as husband-wife despite the difficulties.

Govinda is for now residing in Toronto, and with your blessings she will be graduating in October (Regulatory Affairs for Pharma). School is 1 hour far but ISKCON Toronto is very near. She keep the association of the young devotee girls by reading Queen Kunti Prayers and discussing KC. She has spoken with Lalita Mataji and Gopi Radha in Mexico so they can engage her in service. We seek your blessing because they request us to Translate Aruddha Mataji’s -Srimad Bhagavatam A Comprehensive Guide for Young Readers- into Spanish, we are not perfect but we think is very much needed to develop all this materials in Spanish.

Ranchor is for now living in Monterrey, Mexico. We don't think he will adjust to mexico, always is hankering to return to Vraja. The Overall experience for him has been good to develop depth in his attachment to the Holy name, Dham and to increase his Srimad Bhagavatam study.

Every evening we read together and discuss KC, lately we have been reading Srimad Bhagavatam, Narada-Bhatki-Sutra and Nectar of Devotion. In Chanting we are been constant but with the persisting struggles of the mind.

We are hoping to meet you soon, and get your blessings personally for some of the important decisions for our spiritual life.

Your servants

Govinda Pramodini & Ranchor Krishna Das

HpS - Jaya! So who had the TYPHOID? Ranchor Ji? Amazing! On one side Maha-Maya is trying to kill us in Mexico with mad cow disease and on the other side Yoga Maya is trying to kill us in Braja with typhoid.

I guess the message is that in all circumstances we are going to die, a painful death, so chant Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare and realize that after we are dead we can really see Krsna!!!!!!

Thank you. May Nrsmha-caturdasi give you many lasting and amazing gifts.

Introduction and Ongoings

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Hare Krishna maharaj.

Please my humble obeisances.

I have been following your sites and lectures for some time now. They are giving me such bliss. I am in contact with some great devotees here in Richmond, VA. I have been so blessed in this way. I have been given the service of writing articles for the temple so that we can get more publicity, as you know we are very small. My two closest mentors have been in Vrindavan for the past few weeks, and are returning in a couple of days. Soon they will move to DC, which (although it's not too far away), has been very painful for me. Because of them I have always had positive role models in Krishna Consciousness. I have been serving Tulsi Maharani while they have been gone. These services have been very purifying for me.

I'm working on my bachelor's degree, but there are some complications because I had to take a break (for some health reasons) and wound up owing the college some money. So I am paying it now and taking courses at community college until I transfer somewhere else to finish. They have my transcripts on hold. I also work. It's supposed to be part-time at the , but it has really turned into a full time gig. All of this, and cooking for my husband has become difficult to balance with my sadhana. But I am not giving up. I think Krsna may be testing me.

I have also started Bhakti shastri here just recently. We are on the third module of Bhagavad gita. It is also very purifying for me.

I have noticed that when I chant, sometimes my heart's desires are revealed, even when I am trying focus. So I have uncovered a strong desire to have Gaura Nitai deities at . So I am chanting and praying for that. I am also praying to increase my japa, so that I can become a nice initiated and serve Srila Prabhupada in that way. I am working very hard materially, but I am looking to truly the spiritual platform.

Please come to Richmond soon. I am eager for your association.

Your servant,

Kelsey Watlington

HpS - ASA --- Thank you for the letter. Kelsey. SOrry that it has taken us so long to answer. As we reach 72-years old we have to admit that we can only spend limited time on the computer and we are also lusty and lazy so that our mail suffers.

You seem to be doing great!

No disciple can take everything that the spiritual master is offering, so you, we, have to set priorities eg. maybe Bh. Sastri as a formal course is too much now. Talk with super soul, holy names, other devotees and then you can figure out your service priorities. Jaya!

Joan of Arc wonders

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Please maharaja my must humble obeisances at your feet!

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP!!

Hoping you find yourself in good and wondering you whereabouts I salute and thank you for the time you take to answer to all of us!

Dear maharaja, I have to ask you something, because I found myself deeply sad about the fact of no having the opportunity of going to the temple in the daily program to learn in the BG and SB classes, so I'm wondering about a technique or tool to study by myself. Also you told me in one of your past answers to one of my letter that I " have to with ISKCON on a broader basis than Panama, maybe you (refering to me)* will go how a different country for a while"... my question is, what country do you recommend?

HpS - Jaya. No recuerdo haber hablado de ver a ISKCON más allá de Panamá, pero sí, si puedes, es muy agradable hacerlo. Por supuesto, México sería genial. Póngase en contacto con algunos devotos allí y luego visite y haga algún servicio.

Estudiar cuando no puedes ir físicamente a un templo se puede hacer al obtener un compañero de estudio. Haga un arreglo para leer las mismas cosas con algún devoto y luego póngase en contacto por teléfono una vez a la semana y discuta lo que lee, etc.

I sent you a report of my sadhana in an early letter, hopefully you get to read it.

Awaiting for your enlightening advices:

Andrea bhaktina.

HpS - Estuvimos en viaje y no pudimos leer todas las cartas. Esperamos oir mas de Vd. despues de unos dias. Lea las cartas a las demas devotas. Tiene desafios similar, no? 😀

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Dear Gurudev

I am Trivikrama das, sorry for the delay in my response, based on the last letter that I sent to you, yes, I currently with my girlfriend, but it’s doesn’t simple, I had to take this to take of her, she had a complicated situation with her family at . specifically a situation of violence with her youngest sister, the topic there was increasing, first it was only verbal violence, but the culmination was when she was attacked by her sister, their parents were not in do something about that, then I felt it was my duty to protect her, I’m totally aware about this situation involves the factor of "sanctions", Nevertheless I continue following the regulative principles, I sing my rounds and I worship the deity in my home every day, beyond the formality of marriage, as a couple we continue working in our spiritual life.

your eternal servant

HpS - Thank you for the news. As you describe the situation we have to fold our hands and offer all respects to you, but ... be careful. . .  https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/5/8/23/.

Krsna is the bhoktarama, enjoyer of all sacrifices, mahesvaram, owner of everything, suhrdam, and everyone's best friend.

If we think that we alone can save someone then we are separating them from their ultimate friend Krsna.

However, if Krsna wants us to do something for him for others He will supply the resources. Jaya! We arrive in Madrid on the 15th of September!


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Nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale srimate Hanumatpresaka-svamin iti namine.

Querido Gurudeva:

Me encuentro hace mas de una semana en España bajo las ordenes de Maharaja Yadhunandana, estoy como uno de los tantos pujaris que tiene el templo de la Finca Santa Clara (Nueva Vraja Mandala) en Brihuega-Guadalajara.

Gracias a su sabio consejo me encuentro en la embajada del mundo espiritual, no se como agradecerle y reciprocar todo lo que hace por mi, me cuida como un padre y siempre vela por mi salud devocional, en verdad muchas gracias querido Gurudeva.

Atte. Su humilde y eterno sirviente a sus pies de loto, Jiyada Nrsmha Dasa.

HpS - Muy bien. He estado preocupado por ti, no verte en el Full Morning Program. Esta es una noticia maravillosa. Nuestros respetos a Venu-dhara Das y a todos. Enviar noticias!


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Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada!!!

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja, por favor reciba mis respetuosas reverencias!!!

Seguimos por acá, Huancayo, Sankirtana, cada día es un pasatiempo diferente, ayer fue divertido y a la vez terrorífico, lo divertido "Nos encontramos con una señora, le ofrecimos los libros, tiene casi todos los libros de Srila Prabhupada, no lo podíamos creer, pero pensamos que es cierto, pues lo divertido fue que la señora se puso a cantar el Maha Mantra Hare Krsna haciendo movimientos con las manos, claro, nosotros en ese sentido participamos del canto". Vemos cosas diferentes cada día, también cosas extrañas y personas extrañas e interesantes...jejeje venezolanos por aquí y por allá, algunos de ellos muy amables que aprecian y se llevan los libros de Srila Prabhupada.

También nos encontramos con un joven amigo mío llamado Néstor, que participó en la Misión Vrnda, el joven Néstor estaba consternado y preocupado por cosas que han pasado en los últimos meses en la Misión Vrnda, cosas no tan agradables de las cuales estamos enterados, tuve que explicarle al joven Néstor la diferencia entre ISKCON y la Misión Vrnda, no fue fácil, tuvimos que utilizar pinzas para esto, la conversación tuvo buenos resultados, el joven Néstor entendió, por nuestra parte, lo único que podemos decir aquí sobre la Misión Vrnda es que solo podemos orar por ellos, nada más!!!

Por otro lado el joven Néstor quiere hacer un proyecto de producir productos orgánicos en sus terrenos en Acobamba - Huancavelica y con nosotros quiere poner un restaurante vegetariano en Huancayo, todo esto de aquí a un año, aún solo está como proyecto, no sabemos que pasará más adelante.

También le comento que voy a sacar mi nacionalidad Italiana, nacionalidad que voy a adquirir por parte la familia de mi madre, a lo cual vendría hacer peruano italiano, todo esto es como una herencia familiar, a lo cual mi esposa también va adquirir la doble nacionalidad. Espero que todo salga bien,....Quizá ver la posibilidad de ir a Italia hacer Sankirtana "Distribuir libros de Srila Prabhupada"....Quizá nos vayamos a vivir por Italia, no lo se, que pasara!!!....

Solo se, que hay que seguir dando los libros de Srila Prabhupada en las calles!!! aumentar las horas, últimamente estoy haciendo sankirtana en las mañanas, tardes, y parte de la noche, hasta las 7 pm, de ahí regresar a casa tomar algo caliente un mate o leche caliente, leer un poco y descansar y otra vez despertar 4 am, y así seguir muriendonos!!! jejeje.

Hicimos un pedido de libros a la BBT de Chosica, mil libros, ya los tenemos!!! ya los estamos distribuyendo!!!, Hablamos con Prabhu Caitanya Chandra sobre lo que queríamos imprimir nuestros libros, bueno, parece que pensó que queríamos piratear los libros de Srila Prabhupada, cosa que seríamos incapaces de hacer, la conversación fue agradable, pensamos que todo esto sería mejor conversarlo en persona, claro si es que se dan las cosas y el momento adecuado.

Bueno Guru Maharaja, me despido, que Nrsimha lo proteja, estamos haciendo arreglos para verlo en Lima. Hare Krsna!!!

Gadai Gauranga Dasa

HpS - ASA - Muchas gracias por su carta con todas las noticias de Sankirtan. Es maravilloso. Informaremos nuestros esfuerzos de distribución de libros pequeños en el Kapi Dhvaja el día de la luna llena, el sábado.

La agricultura orgánica, la ciudadanía italiana, todas estas cosas que tenemos que ver desde la perspectiva de que vamos a estar en este mundo solo por unos momentos y más que podemos trabajar directamente en Sankirtan, predicando, cantando, distribuyendo libros, participando Otros en la distribución de libros, ese es el estándar, ¿no?

Podemos usar jardinería orgánica, pero en términos de Sankirtan. Creo que sabes esto mejor que yo.

Mas noticias. Mas noticias.

Ciao, sono un devoto di Krsna. Per favore, leggi di Lui da questi libri. È un grande vantaggio per tutti.