Annual report/disciple list

2 weeks, 2 days ago by Bhakta Loren in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Gurudeva,

please accept my humble obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

i sent my 2022 disciple report in to the blog 7 weeks ago and did not see my name in the disciple list published recently.

was there a mistake or?

thank you Gurudeva,

Hare Krishna

your servant,

Loka Bandhu Rama Dasa

san francisco 1/2/23

HpS - Thank you! We were thinking about you and hoping to hear from you.

I just looked at the Report list and what I see is a Report with your name and great news, that came in just after Vyasa puja.

Is that a second one?

Our Secretary is a Monkey, so expect repeated efforts to communicate with us.

Looking at the Report you should be on the Disciple list.

We were thinking we will work on it and publish another one on Gaura purnima.

Good plan?

How's your San Kir Tan?

Gonna take second, third and fourth initiation?

JHD News 2

2 weeks, 2 days ago by jhd in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Guru-Maharāj, 

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Śrīla Prabhupāda!

I refer to your response to 'JHD News'.

1.) Yes, I will obtain a letter of recommendation from my Temple President.

2.) Full programme attended on average 6 days per week and evening programme about 5 days per week.

3.) No, I still am not enrolled in the bhakti shastri course but have learnt 33 of the 45 ślokas featured in the course.

Recently I also received the dubious 'promotion' of temple commander, so I am meeting with the temple president, Śrīman Govinda-Dev (who knows you from Peru when he was a young boy [son of Sucitra Devi]), six days a week.

Everything is going here very well. Please advise how I can find you on Twitter.

Your servant,


HpS - AGTSP!! paoho. our short term memory is going.... also our eyes, ears and belly button.

some one else should become diksa guru, we say with a smile.

your report is great.

temple commander = put vaisnava relations before management relations.

Yeah, get the Bh. Sastri diploma. Can you do it in an entertaining and practical way?

How Are You Now?

2 weeks, 2 days ago by hps in Personal Sadhana Reports

[1/17, 9:42 PM] Girivaradhari Gopal Das: Gurudev, how are you ? You are at a nice village now.

[1/17, 9:42 PM] Girivaradhari Gopal Das: Saw very nice village welcome photos

[1/17, 9:43 PM] Girivaradhari Gopal Das: Vaisanavas are looking very submissive to Lord.

[1/17, 9:43 PM] Girivaradhari Gopal Das: They welcomed you as a representative of Parampara

[1/17, 9:44 PM] Girivaradhari Gopal Das: Very happy for you Gurudev

[1/17, 9:44 PM] Girivaradhari Gopal Das: Hare Krsna

HpS/ASA - AgtSP. Paoho. Thank you for the Whatsapp texts. If you can post these here in the Blog it is very nice. Then at least five or sixty more persons with same question can see the answers.

Otherwise!!! We have to answer 5-60 individual letters with the same content.

Of course, for more confidential details we can communicate separately

(until our last breath).


It is now 2.02am. We are feeling little ache in the area of our heart.

Eyes etc are very good for donkey who has seen 75-North to South changes of the Sun pass.

Is cold.

Very nice room.

Village life.

Devotees nice.

Really we are guests of H. H. Haridasa Swami, Sadhu-bhusana Das et al.

We don't speak the local language, nor know the local customs.

We expect most of our preaching will be through Hari Kirtan,example and some through translated lectures.

We hope your Sankirtan is going well!

Without a direct experience of Srila Prabhupada's personal concern for us how can we feel perfectly happy in ISKCON.


JHD News

2 weeks, 4 days ago by jhd in Personal Sadhana Reports

HH Hanumat Presaka Maharaj ki jaya!

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj.


I was very pleased to see on video that your Vyāsa Puja celibrations in Vrindavan went smoothly and that you appeared to enjoy your 75th appearance year.

Presently, I am back at the brahmachary āshrama in Simhachalam Temple, Germany due to maintenance issues in Vienna (I do not have enough funds to remain there). The good news is that I am very happy here in Bavaria and things are going nicely, without extra financial demands.

I will be assisting the temple in a marketing programme for life members (so to speak) online with the help of the Google Ad Grant Programme, that we shall be rolling out this year. The programme provides 10,000 USD in Google Advertising for free each month, to all non-profit organisations such as the temple here. I also have some business experience with this programme.

An issue I have is renouncing / suspending my legal career, but I think the Google Ad Grant programme support seva will be better for ISKCON and my long term Krishna consciousness as the legal industry is not very compatible therewith.

The second issue is my desire to receive second initiation sometime later this year in order to expand my service capabilities (viz. cooking and puja for Lord Nrisimhadeva). Please instruct how I can fulfil the relevant requirements to proceed on my side.

Kindly provide your blessings / instructions on these issues at your earliest convenience.

Your servant,

Janārdan-hari Dās.

HpS - ASA -- AgtSP! paoho. Sorry little slow in responding to this nice report.

Hope our Twitter, Blog, Kapi Dhvaja are keeping you informed of our travel and engagement.

You need a letter of recommendation from you Temple President.

How many days/week are you up for Mangala arati and completing the full morning service?

Have you done your Bhakti-sastri studies with a good teacher?


careful obeisance

3 weeks, 5 days ago by harsh_horse in Personal Sadhana Reports


Hare Krsna Guru-Dev

I was trying to understand meaning of words

śrī-guru-charaṇa-padma  kevala-bhakati-sadma vando̐ muñi sāvadhāna-mate

it is translated as

I carefully offer obeisance unto the lotus feet of Śrī Guru, which are the abode of pure bhakti

sāvadhāna - means careful.

will it be possible to know why Srila Narottama Thakur used word sāvadhāna?

and what could be non-careful obeisance?

trying to follow

Hayagriva Avatar Das

also discussed in

HpS - I don't know. Have not heard, but seems appropriate. We offer respects so many times as a careless formality.

Sincerely looking at Srila Prabhupada, Murti, during Puja to see his thought.

Maratón de Srila Prabhupada

3 weeks, 5 days ago by bhaktadamian in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Gurudev

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias.

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada y a tí.

Espero que te encuentres muy bien y feliz.

Feliz año 2023 del calendario solar 😁

Quiero compartirte y dedicarte mis resultados de sankirtan de la maratón.

HpSwami, ASA- 👍💪💪💪






Gracias por tu inspiración y bendiciones y las de Srila Prabhupada.

Sin eso soy impotente.

Por favor dame tus bendiciones para poder purificar mi conciencia y mi servicio.

Muchas gracias por aceptarme como tu discípulo.

Espero verte en India en 2024

Eternamente agradecido a Krishna por haberte conocido

Un saludo afectuoso gurudev!

Deva-Vrata das de Córdoba. Argentina

HpS - We are challenged, inspired by your example!

You can cultivate those recipients?

Make them into distributors?