TKG's Book ...

... arrived!

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Your servant Namacarya das

HpS - ASA - Jaya! AGTSP paoho.  O.K. Lets start a Reading Group with anyone else who has a copy of the book with the next Kapi Dhvaja.

Reading TKG's Book

5 years, 7 months ago by Namacarya das in Special Category B

Dear Guru Maharaja, PAMHO AGTSP!

I am replaying following this:

HpS - ASA - AGTSP! Thank you for your offer. I hope it we can use it. Next step is to send us your postal address so that we can mail TKG's book as soon as possible.


HpS - ASA -- Replying to your reply we were fortunate to send Tamal-Krishna Goswami's book last Wednesday. So it has been one week. Did you get it?? If anyone else wants to join us, it should be a good academic education in relation to ISKCON!!

TPP-CB part II.

Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept my respectful obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thanks for your answer. I see. Yes, You are right, $10 + postage/each is too much.

Maybe it would be better to scan the pages and upload it to or send it via e-mail.

It's cost-effective and fast.

What do you think about it?

Otherwise if you need to type your hand written stuffs in the future (and i can read it :) just let me know  i'm happy to assist you.

Maharaja, i would like to start my BhVai study. Will be a beginner group nowadays what i can join?

Thank you very much.

All the best.

Your servant, Sri Radhe dd

HpS - AGTSP - $10 is not too much. We are finally ready to mail some Tpp-cbs, and one will go to  38 Clarendon Road.

Piggy's plan has been to make photo copys of 1-5 and then send out an original copy as a sample to interested people like your good self. Then after Number Five we will use 8-1/2 x 11 paper and make quality photocopies.

Do you have the Bh. Sastri Diploma???

Satya-bhama dd. Mexico City.

5 years, 10 months ago by zareth bhaktin in Special Category B

Dear Gurudeva, Hare krishna . Pamho ! AGTSP !

Enthusiast and struggling each day by chant 16 rounds daily , 4 principles , minimum 3 days a week to go to the temple Mangalartik although with the favor of Krishna I can go sometimes a little more . Service in the kitchen, ghee and Yoghurt for their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madan Gopal. Studies at the University and English class, association with devouts [devotees] partnership in the department where I rent (Monkey Ashrama). Thank you very much for your response last letter, now I take that statement as a banner in my heart, I ask to  Sri Krishna every day by  to gain intelligence for the preaching in the University.

This letter Gurudeva is very important to me, because I´ve never asked or commented  this topic ever before with you, I think is important and done when one feels dicided  In the marathon December I met a devotee named Marco, he is from the Yatra of Monterrey, is 30 years old , lived for a year in the Temple of Monterrey and he came to DF in the marathon for to do Sankirtan , he studied a degree in business international and is yoga teacher and he feel inspired by you Gurumaharaja.

From February we started writing and in Gaura Purnima he came to Mexico, the day of his glorious visit also Gurumaraja (thank you very much for your unique association) ,  I didn´t wanted to talk with you for this topic, because your visit was very quick and to really important matters , I preferred telling the authorities; Aravinda Prabhu , Prabhu Vanamali to ask his advice , permission and blessing to be approved permission to I met him.

Prabhu Aravinda said to me that he think that Prabhu Marco is a serious devotee and focused , which was fine that  we met in the service but I had to continue my studies and we were always very careful and serious . Prabhu Vanamali also gave us his blessings and said that we should feel fortunate for the opportunity that Krishna gives us, they told to the other authorities of the temple committee in a meeting and in turn many dear devotees have given us their best wishes as well.

GuruMaharaja at the deep of my heart, and after listen classes and reading letters from you , you always we recommend that the association between a devotee and matayi should be until after the second initiation, because is better , I ask a sincere apology because I can´t be a first class disciple . Despite I listen good advices, I'm attracted to learn how to serve you next to someone, although I still find myself without any qualification.

I open my heart for you Gurudeva, and I external my deepest desire and ask their permission , blessings and instructions , for that this service I can take seriously and intelligence for the mission of Srila Prabhupada with my really beautiful family of Vaishnavas which Sri Krishna allowed me grow every day.

Sorry to steal a few minutes of your valuable time, you servant Sathyabama dd.

HpS - AGTSP. You are like fire and Prabhu Marco is like gasoline. Understand? So far in your relations it sounds like you are dealing with the two things very well. If they combine properly it is very nice. Otherwise it is HELL. Ooof. So, so many sad stories.

What is marriage?

Advice to Romeo and Juliet

5 years, 11 months ago by hps in Special Category B, Hot Topics

We so often hear about men and women who get into an informal, accidental relation and then get abandoned and don't know what to do.

Here are some ideas.


AGTSP paoho I guess the basic principle is that this is Kali-yuga. We are all alone, but we take some kind of artificial, cheating shelter by political co-operation with others sometimes and feel protected.

When we formally took Sannyasa then the real situation actually hit us. At first I was just staying and working in my little cave in the Berkeley Temple, but I could feel the subtle politics, so we started to travel and stay with different devotees around the Bay Area. This is Kuticak and then Bahudak. The stages of Sannyasa were so natural.

Then even that was not full surrender to Krsna so in ~January 1990 we took off on Parivrajack. We had just enough money to go and no more. It was frightening, but we were pretty convinced that Krsna was there. This was our duty. So we did it and one thing after another worked out and we have been traveling all over the world since then, ~1990, with no money or shelter except from Krsna.

At one point we arrived in New York in the snows of Winter and could stay with Professor Sankar Sastri for a few days but we really had no place to go after that. We did not agree with the way the BI or other Temples were doing things and we refused to compromise our principles. We finally decided that if there was no option we would just go sit behind some hand-ball board in a public park and freeze to death in the snow and let our body be found in the Spring.

Then, we got invitation to come again to Peru and it was not a long-term solution but it was a wholesome thing to do and then we expected that Krsna would arrange another engagement after that, but... the basic principle is that we have to be ready to leave our body if there is no service for us here. 

Read the verses about when the Pandavas leave:

So that is the real principle. Unless you are ready to give up your body for Krsna you will always have to make compromises with the Witch and She is delegated with the task of causing your trouble.

As a Sannyasi, yes, we can't get into all the details of this, but a general principle is that a lady or gentlemand only has intimate relations with their husband or wife. If one has intimate relations with someone he is she is his or her husband or wife.

You can think like that. Then the embecile left you to look for some other associate, O.K. She's an embecile, doesn't understand what a great person you are (Ha! Ha!).

And your attachment, lamentation etc. is natural, but what can you do? What can you do when your mother dies?

Well, you can do a lot... your mother is not dead, your "wife" is not dead. You can try to understand what to do for the welfare of all, not just your self, given the current situation.


Don't try to be patient more than enthusiastic. Do something nice for everyone.

Vyasapuja offering

6 years ago by Bhakta David II in Special Category B

Vyasapuja offering

Hare Krsna Hanumatpresaka Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada and to you.

I mentioned in my previous post the vyasapuja ceremony we held for you in Denver.  It was very nice.

I very much appreciated how you connected aspects of japa with the homunculus.  I never knew that japa engages the largest sensory areas of the brain in such a way, and that is a practical scientific way to show that japa helps to fix the mind on the names in many ways.

I think it is very valuable how you connect the intellectual and philosophic with the spiritual to make it practical for some to begin to see the spiritual reality from the sankhya platform, so that they may further see beyond it.

As far as I have seen, you have mastered the art of preaching according to time, place, and circumstance.  At colleges, it is Sankhya only and strictly.  At large gatherings including those new to the movement, you preach to what their hearts can accept.  And to close gatherings of devotees, we may hear the mercy of deeper realizations.

I feel very blessed and eternally lucky to have had your personal association and the chance to serve you.  You are indeed the ocean of mercy, and ecstatic prema emanates from you, that is how it feels being in your presence.  As far as this fallen soul is concerned, you are the savior of mankind.

I do not feel qualified to serve you or to do anything good, but somehow or other, by your mercy, I hope that I can someday help people become Krishna conscious -- starting with myself, by your mercy only. I would not be where I am now or as fixed in my mangala arati and service without your mercy and inspiration, but I can only try to express my gratitude.  I met you when I just began recovering from a traumatic experience where I could not eat and nearly left my body.  I am much better now and hope to continue to improve, that is the mercy of guru.

Hoping to remain at your lotus feet to become less fallen,
Bhakta David II

HpS - ASA - AGTSP. We see your descriptions of our qualities as things we should aspire for and maybe manfesting a little now by Srila Prabhupada's mercy.

Thank you.

We hope you are successful in find how the Sadhana can make your ability to follow 4 principles and 16 rounds everlastingly y.