Vyasa Puja offering, Nitya Kisori dd

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Dear Spiritual Master,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, all glories to your service to Srila Prabhupada!

This special day of your auspicious appearance is an opportunity to express my gratitude to you. I appreciate so much your example, your steadiness, and your commitment to serve the mission of your spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada. I am grateful because you accept the trouble to take care of ordinary people like me who are full of problems and attachments. This is certainly the proof that the spiritual master is the representative of Krsna, as Krsna is merciful and give shelter to all soul that approach Him. You as well gave me an opportunity to make part of this family, to feel part of this movement, and to feel the shelter and mercy, with no discrimination, of the Lord.

It is certainly very rare to find such genuine movement, and very fortunate to get in touch with a genuine sincere devotee as you are, and even more astonishing that such devotee accept you as his disciple. I have no doubt of your are a bonafide teacher that can enlighten me in regard to the Supreme destination back to Krsna, as you humbly follow  the parampara system. You are a true follower of your spiritual master, and mercifully you share your devotion with us to inspire us and help us to also surrender and devote ourselves to Krsna. Such an unselfish and pure endeavor melts my heart, binds me and inspires me to try to become your servant. Thank you so much for all the personal troubles you accept in order to help us, in a sincere attempts to help us to come back to Krsna. You do all this only by the impetus of serving and pleasing Guru and Krsna. I can see that clearly.

I pray I can take more and more seriously the chance I got, that is unique, and that can save me from all miseries. Moreover, it can give me the transcendental gift of reviving my eternal relationship with God, Krsna. This path back to Krsna is only possible under your guidance and shelter. Otherwise, why Krsna would accept me? By following your instructions, by serving without vanity, by inquiring sincerely and submissively, by trying my best to please you. I am like a foolish child, that thought she knew many things, but now understands its poor situation. It is my desire to grow as Krsna's servant under your guidance and shelter. I will use whatever intelligence and sincerity is in my hearts to improve in this path, as there nothing more valuable in my life. I wish to increase my faith in you, in Krsna the Personality of Godhead and in the holy names, as this is my only real opportunity to surrender fully my heart and it is the price to advance. I feel now as wet wood that fire can hardly burn. Although I am a very insignificant person, Krsna has taken me under His shelter, has given me all I need to progress, but I remain attached to so many things. At least I see more clearly my condition, and I don't think I am very "good". So now I wish to humbly progress in this path in which you are my guide and shelter.

Your insignificant servant, Nitya Kisori devi dasi

The photos are from a little altar I did in this aupicious day to remember you. It is small thing because I am the only disciple here, and almost all my friends are at home for Christmas. It is a nice opportunity to have an introspective day.

                                 HpS - AGTSP. So, nice to hear from you from the lands of snow and ice. Please send us news of your Yatra there!!!

reporte anual ¡¡¡¡nityananda!!!!!

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todas glorias a srila prabhupada!!!!!

todas las glorias a sri guru y gouranga!!!!

reciba usted mis humildes reverencias a sus pies de loto :)

            HpS - TlgaSP. Nuestros son mas como pies de manzana.

...mi querido gurudeva, es para mi una gran bendicion toda la misericordia que usted me ha otorgado mi agradecimiento es profundo y mi deuda infinita cada instruccion y minuto de su asociacion para mi es un tesoro que en ocaciones se convierte en una lucha cumplir pero con su misericordia lo logramos cada prueva a cada paso la pudimos superar solo por su misericordia gracias mi amado gurudev .

este año hemos seguido los cuatro principios estrictamente y cantando las 16 rondas  se nos presentaron tropiesos pruebas pero que logramos superar con entuciasmo y confianza ahora estamos cumpliendo con las 16 rondas entuciastas y con asociacion de vaisanavas  en nuestro servicio tratando de hacer sankirtan en las calles almenos hora y media durante los almuerzos muchas realizacones durante la distribucion de libros pidiando la guia de srila prabhupada sirviendo a sus señorias en el templo como pujari sintiendome cada dia mas agradecida a srila prabhupada por su gran misericordia

el precidente del templo es prabhu om kesavaya das en el yatra de bolivia -  la paz

su eterna sirviente apsara gopi dd :3

                          HpS - Gracias, Prabhu.... Gracias su asociacion en Lima tambien (?). Adelante! Canta bueno y lea los libros de Srila Prabhupada como escritos especifcament para Vd y su Sankirtan.

Monkey King Trailer

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On Friday, January 10, 2014 2:56 PM, Haribuddhi (Dasa) HDG (Miami FL - USA) Dearmost Maharaja Hanumatpresaka, 

My obeisances at Your lotus feets. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Please, check this trailer for the new Monkey King  movie. 
Other question: Do You know when is the appareance day of Laksmana (the
brother of Rama)?
Thanks a lot, 
Your servant, 


AGTSP paoho.  Please write to our Blog!!!  www.hps.monkeywarrior.com

We will post your link and letter there. It is super! Hanuman.

No, we don't when is Laksmana's birthday. Maybe in the Ramayana it is mentioned, like same or one day later than Rama. They all drank the Sweet Rice the same day.

one day before Srila Jiva Gosvami's disappearance day

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Dear Hanumatpresaka Maharaja,
please accept my respectful obeisances,
all glories, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to you in your auspicious appearance day!

I'd like to say thank you again for your practical teachings and shared realizations in the path of bhakti yoga.

An old fable (see the link below) came into my mind wherein there is a big-big carrot and granpa wants to pull it out but he is unsuccessful. Therefore grandma joins and they try together and later the daughter and the dog and the cat and finally the mouse... so they made their so called parampara like this.
Fortunately we have a better and not mundane guru parampara and we have more ability than a carrot.
Yes, i know that this example is not perfect, not by a long chalk. But i can say please look after me and pull me out from mud.


Thank you for your instructions on chanting Hare Krsna and all the other things!

Hare Krsna,
your servant:
Kadamba Kanana dasa

the link:

HpS - Ha! Ha! Ha (re)!!!!   I guess we can try to hold our place in the line and whateve little force we can add to the message that will be great!!!  Thank you for the idea we need it.

Vyasapuja Offering

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Hare Krishna Dear Guru Maharaja,
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All glories to you.

Gurumaharaja, You are always very kind to all.

My attendance of mangala-arati was poor for quite some time, but because how much you preach importance of attending mangala-arati, I had always hope and desire to be able to have strong sadhana again. Seems that by your mercy, example and inspiration my mangala-arati is fixed now.

Whenever I raise my hands during kirtan I see you there dancing and jumping, same as when you were here in Mayapur.

You are strong force of vedabase.com project. Without your mercy it will not exist as it is. Whenever there appear some problems in development or maintanance, you and the fact that you are using the website are huge inspiration to continue and overcome all obstacles. Thus we could serve Srila Prabhupada's books to 310,00 people last month.

Thank you for everything. 

Hoping to be able to give you always good news,
Your servant Prahlad Nrsimha das

              HpS - AGTSP!!!!  Hope to see you in just a few days. Vedabase.com is wonderful! We will use it today at the program with Universidad Federico Santa Maria one of , if not, the best engineering schools in South America.

If we dance in Mangala arati, our whole is dancing.

(How long it take you to buy Audi?)

Ofrenda 2014

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Hare Krsna


Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias.

Espero que en el dia de su vyasapuja se encuentre bien en compañia de los devotos.

Nunca es facil empezar una ofrenda, menos buscar algo dentro de mi para ofrecer,¿ que le hace falta a un devoto puro como usted? creo que ya lo tiene todo, pero la mision de Srila Prabhupada es mas grande que todos nosotros, por lo tanto todos somos parte de ella, algunos generales como usted y otros peones como yo, no soy el mejor de los dicipulos ni mucho menos el mejor de los devotos, pero solamente puedo jurarle algo, todo el servicio que he hecho y hago, es con completo amor a Srila Prabhupada y la inspiracion y el entusiasmo es completamente producto de la meditacion en usted, en su determinacion, inteligencia y cariño que como dicipulo recibo de usted, eso es lo que me mantiene en la mision de Srila Prabhupada, sin usted, yo no estaría aquí, no estaría sintiendome feliz, solamente puedo prometer que el tiempo que me queda estaré en la mision de Srila Prabhupada, quizas no sea el mejor, probablemente tampoco el peor, pero independiente a mi nivel, solo le ofrezco mi presencia y ayuda en ISKCON y en la propagacion del santo nombre.

su sirviente

Bhadra Gopal Das


                            HpS - Muchas Gracias, Senor Bhadra.   Muchas gracias.  NOs vemos aqui ayer. Nos vemos mas!  Muchas Gracias.