Stimulating meeting in Govardhan Eco-village

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Respected Hanumatpreshaka Maharaj

Dandavats. Jaya Prabhupada.

Having your association at Govardhan Eco-village a fortnight ago was immensely stimulating, intellectually and spiritually.

You embody an ocean of information, insight and vigor that is eager to flood the head and heart of anyone who is perceptive enough to receive.

Hearing about your pioneering outreach in South America was inspiring.

I seek your blessings to do my small part in our glorious movement.

Your servant,

Chaitanya Charan das

HpS - It was maybe more stimulating for us. Thank you. Sorry so slow to answer, continuous travel. What is your Sankirtan area, method, community?

Back Home Back to Godhead

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HpS - Death is going to another world. If it is better world, why stay here? 😎

NgD - But before you go Maharaj you will have to prepare us to follow you.

HpS - Since you asked. 🙂🙂🙂 The most basic lesson we have learned is get up early and get your rounds done. Early is Brahma muhurta, 1-1/2 hours before sunrise.

If we can do that then next we have to make sure that we are chanting ENTHUSIASTIC rounds. NOI Three. It's part of the contract. So we challenge everyone to turn on the recorder on your cellular and record one round. Then skip back through it and listen to the quality of the Acoustical Icon, Mantra, that you are producing.

We tend to chant unclear Names and add an extra Hare.

What about you?

Synopsis for Gaudiya Matha Presentation

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Nimai Pandita – Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Academic Scholarship

When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu returned from Gaya he was a God intoxicated man. His former students saw that now His academic scholarship in logic and grammar was always saturated with Bhava, emotional love of Krsna. We can see this tradition of Prema Bhakti passed down from the Lord to His great disciples such as Srila Rupa Goswami who gave us Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, Upadesamrta and other erudite works. Within this century we then find Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati and our own Gaudiya Acharya, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta, continuing with massive educational efforts. Finally we can share our experiences, challenges and success in continuing with this same line of mixing academic and devotional life in the form of Hamlet and Arjuna, Science, Psyche and Sprituality – The Encounter of C. G. Jung with the Bhagavata of Classical India and Education with ISKCON, developing a global educational initiative based upon Sri Caitanya’s tradition of Bhagavata literature.

PND Earns Golden Banana of Everlasting Fame Award!

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Hare Krsna.

We just used the new photo upload process. It is a little complicated but it works really well. This Blog is a product of Prahlada-nrsmha Das sacrifice! The Supreme Undifferentiated Absolute Commando of ASA has therefor bestowed the Golden Banana of Everlasting Fame upon P. N. Das. May he prosper and go to Goloka ASAP!

Ambarisa DAs

Hare Krsna



all glories to you guru dev.

so long that im not write to the blog, sorry,

ASA-HpS - Monkey and Piggy are even more sorry!

I was wanting to go to Chile and meet you and the devotees from there but I could not go mainly because of health problems and money.

i have many material problems healht, jobs, bulding the house for the family, we dont have to much work Now in our area (audivisual) but we are doing litles jobs seeling prasadam, etc. but i have the priority to solve my espiritual and sadhana problems, i feel so lazy and weak to be healthy in my shadhana and conection with the instrucctions. have problems to wake up early and finish the rounds. i m going to sleep late because many things to do, baby, family, etc. i fell little stupid for that.

HpS - Yes. I always struggle with this too. Maya tries again and again to make us forget that good rounds, early, make EVERYTHING, go better. E V E R Y T H I N G!!

i need to be focus and see in the deep of my heart in otherwise everithings looks crazy, no taste.

However, I feel the enthusiasm to share the mission of Srila Prabhupada with others and to encourage other devotees to study together the books that He has given us.

i m triying to organize that, and if we can mantain this program start other festival for other people to share krshna consciousness.

thank you guru dev for your example and instructions.

the last years a devotee give to me the service to take care and worship govardhan sila at home, it s very helpful and inspiring for my spiritual life. now i fell that i have to take care of two child, Hari vamsi dhari das and Giriraj. 

have a beutiful Vyasapuja Guru dev, hope to see you in Argentina. we can help to organize your visit.

thank you guru dev

triying to be usuful in your service and srila prabhupada mission yours Ambarisa Das

HpS - Thank you!!! It seems that the plans for Argentina are coming very soon.

Stri Dharma Presentation

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Hare Krishna Maharaj. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I just wanted to let you know that I finished making a video of the stri Dharma PPT. Please let me know where can I upload it for your review.

Your servant,

Sundari Radhika dd

ASA - Thank you! AGTSP. Paoho. Can you send it by WeTransfer to [email protected]? Super. One more step toward the sunrise.