Peru - NIOS Budget and Expenses

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HpS - NGD, what do you think of the following Expenses and Budget. I think that it is very, very minimal and NIOS should certainly pay these, but also hope we can get our accounting more organized so that we can contribute even more in the future!!

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva, please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

All glories to Hanumatpresaka Swami!!

This is the budget up to the stage of signing the Agreement between San Marcos and NIOS and the contribution of NIOS to the publication of JAYAM No 3:

1. US 300 for the editing and finishing the video of THE ART AND THE SACRED Bilingual.

2. US 600 secretary, stationery, transportation and communications (this covers 4 months: January, February, March and April 2019).

3. US 150 contribution of NIOS for JAYAM No. 3

TOTAL: 300   600   150 = 1050

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, your insignificant servant, Abhirama Thakura das.

Japa for Ladies

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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

All Glories to you

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Gurudev, this year was so hard for me, so emotionally. This year my plan was to improve my Japa, I began with 8 rounds per day, the goal is to reach again the 16. I have to revert. I am going to hell for not send you this information before your Vyasa Puja. Je Je

Like always say 4 principles Ok, with the guide of our Grihasta Guru Srila Virabahu Maharaja. 

My life goes well, my husband is a good person and takes care of me. We buy a Home, we are demolishing the ruins to construct something new, it is not far from my parents home, my wish is to take of my mom. We call it Radha Krishna's home because they need a fixed place. 

I keep on in my Job in the municipal transportation division. Going on in my Astrologic studies. Trying to participate in spiritual programs, and giving classes to new devotees.

We have had our civil marriage and now we will have a Vedic wedding. We see this is a necessary Sanskara for having good kids.

hope see you soon.

My obeisances.

Your disciple, who want to serve you.

ABC Devi Dasi

HpS - Thank you for your report and your austerities for Srila Prabhupada's Sankirtan!   Thanks to your esteemed husband. He is a real hero in Kali-yuga! Please start sending news of your Yatra, nation, to the Blog. Sangat sanjayate kamah. Your esteemed husband is chanting 16-nice rounds a day? Make Japa yajna a, the, central part of your Ashrama, how you measure and define your marriage. You will see VERY quick change in your life.

What better thing for a lady to do while giving birth to a baby than chant 16-good rounds.  Ha!   Ha!   Ha!

Or while feeding her kids.

Grhastha Ashrama means guests, no? Show them your Deities and all Their paraphernalia. Receive Deities of other Grhasthas and have festivals for Them.

Marriage and Four Principles and Sixteen Rounds / Matrimonio y cuatro principios y dieciséis rondas

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AGTSP paoho and bw

We have communication with several initiated and not yet initiated married devotees who have problems following the four principles and chanting 16-rounds.

One problem is that one of the partners can follow, but the other can't. What to do? We took the route of being strict and it seemed to lead to divorce. That was in 1972 and if we knew then what we know now we may have been able to adust things for the satisfaction of our family. Our wife was and I guess still is, a very nice person. She tried, I tried, but especially in 1972 following these four principles was a lot of stress on ordinary family relations. She got remarried after six years which Parasara, Prabhupada, say is Dharmic in Kali yuga if the husband takes Sannyasa, and that is basically what I did.

Of course, it maybe better for the wife to indulge the husbands attachments for some time, but in terms of the formal postion of Diksa guru we have to say that the four principles must be followed and we must chant 16-rounds to be formally connected to Krsna. Again Krsna is a person and he can see your sincerity and He will help in different ways.

We cannot discuss this in great detail because we are in the Sannyasa ashrama, so Grhasthas need to consult with senior Grhasthas and many others and get good advice. Canakhya Pandita says: Victory comes from good advice and good advice comes from many advisors.

What do you think?

Sastric Ed - SLD

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Hare Krishna Maharaj, 

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Thank you for your update. I pray to the Lordships here and in Mayapur as well that They please give you good health for you have a great desire to see that the education system is established on firm and positive grounds that will be greatly appreciated by all. And if They are already satisfied with your efforts then who am I to pray for anything else.

My health is as it was when we last met. My ear is still having a ‘mind of its own’! But I will manage.

I believe Srila Prabhupada’s system is not only practical but is also the solution for almost everything that needs to be revived in positive Krishna consciousness. 

I do pretty much attend all the Bhagavatam classes – if I cannot physically attend, I am listening either online or listen to the classes later. At least I will try to listen to a Bhagavatam class in some form or fashion. And having heard the classes does enthuse us to preach in our own ways.

So, yes I do agree with your analysis.

We will await your arrival end of March and speak to you what other things we need or fix or change. 

Your servant,

S L das

Message to North American Sastric Education Leaders

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TO - Radha-krsna, Hari-lila, Srivasa Pt, Bali-mardana Das et al.

Hare Krsna, AGTSP

Esteemed North American Sastric Education Development Leaders, Paoho,

Here we are in Room 103 of the Gada building in Sri Dhama Mayapura. It is 1.51PM. We are walking around a headache. It is cool and overcast. For 71-years old our health is good, which is to say death is staring us in the face but we are diminishing in a balanced fashion.

We have 15-rounds done and are chanting HK/HR right now!!!

How are you?

We had a lot of Bali-mardana and Anantarupa Das' association in the MOE education symposium. It finished yesterday, was very, very, hard work, three days, for 24-hours a day but good results. Now we will have four days break and the SGGS meetings start. Of course, break means Spanish classes, Latin American GBC Meetings, disciple counseling, but also time to wander around the campus and chant.

In the middle of all of these things, that we guess are also facing you, we come back to the basic principle of Sastric education for us which is that chanting Maha-mantra at the feet of Srila Prabhupada within the core of our heart is the best service, and then to reach that level, and as a result of that austerity, to preach, read his books.

Preach - Read His Books

How?  To read His Books???

He instructs - Daily Srimad Bhagavatam class.

Do we all have that habit?

Have we learned that habit?

Only if we have learned it can we teach it and that is the essence of BhS, BhVai et al?

Correct? ?   ?        ?

While traveling we usually attend the local class

as teacher or student. Today Vaisesika Das gave

class and there were maybe 1000 devotees in the Temple room.

It was nice hearing him. It was 9th Canto, history of Parasurama. We want more depth in the classes. We want more realization of the context of the verses within the SB's structure. We want more realization of the practical application of the verses.

Hmmm. Many challenges arise in our minds, but the basic principle of devotional service, everyday going to class, seems to be the most important, the fastest way to a solution.


So, waiting for you thoughts.

We will be back in Houston from the 27th March to the 3rd of April, and then Boise from the 8th - 15th of April.

HpS - ASA. 

Stimulating meeting in Govardhan Eco-village

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Respected Hanumatpreshaka Maharaj

Dandavats. Jaya Prabhupada.

Having your association at Govardhan Eco-village a fortnight ago was immensely stimulating, intellectually and spiritually.

You embody an ocean of information, insight and vigor that is eager to flood the head and heart of anyone who is perceptive enough to receive.

Hearing about your pioneering outreach in South America was inspiring.

I seek your blessings to do my small part in our glorious movement.

Your servant,

Chaitanya Charan das

HpS - It was maybe more stimulating for us. Thank you. Sorry so slow to answer, continuous travel. What is your Sankirtan area, method, community?