[Harmonium] Second initiation

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asa[e] vad; initation, second

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:

AGTSP, pamho

Maybe some devotees will like me less. Nevertheless, it seems to me that some devotees are very eager to take second initiation due to you are retiring to India soon.

Maybe I can give some insights here due to I took second initiation in 2006. Elder devotees explained to me that from that point I was going to be on the spot. It was a huge responsibility.

And I took the vow to serve Sri Sri Radha Madana Bihari and every Friday from 2006 to 2013 I performed service there. Krsna then started to tested me, I have some slipps. So I have to say for those who want to take second initiation that is not an easy path ¡¡¡

Some godbrothers and sisters are not in favor that some of the candidates take second initation, but they prefer not to say anything. I am not in favor and also not against them.

However, I just want to say that they need to think very carefully the huge step that they are going to make. Plus, if some of them have some situations that need to be fixed from their past they should try to fix them first. They are going to be consider as ladies and gentlemen.

HpS - Yes, Karuna krsna Das, Chosica Temple Council, have made exactly the same comments, and one of the candidates who had some financial debts to pay has done it.

Also, second initiation is for brahmanas, ksatriyas and higher class vaisyas. All should ne twice born.

Also, even if we do not take second initiation formally, we must be fixed in Brahman and this Paramatma by the informal process of following our Harinama diksa vows.

If we fall from either first or second initiation vows it is about the same, no?

Get back up.

Fallen the process or as Maharaja Bharat, adjust our Bhava.

All of the candidates from the list participate in FMP. That is a very strong point.

Also some godbrothers and sisters are maybe shy or recatados haha and do not try to show of and maybe they are more qualified to take second initiation. But that is another topic.

For instance, if you study to become a teacher you need to know why do you want to be a teacher. And what are going to be your responsabilities.

In my opinion. If you worship Sri Sri Gaura Nitai in Wilson you do not need second initiation.

So sorry Gurudeva if this bothers you or the readers from this blog, and thank you for this blog. Wherein we can express ourselves freely with education.

HpS - CmDD we are all indebted to you for making these points. You will be a great grandmother.

At the end of the day as you say mercy is more important than Justice. KRSNA IS SO MERCIFUL AND SO DO YOU. Nevertheless, we do not need to take advantage of that mercy

Thanks a lot Gurudeva

See you in FMP


HpS - I'm demanding, according to the ISKCON laws that the candidates be presented by the local media and people have a chance to make objections.

Thank you!

Hispanoamerican Symposium Report (The oriental kings)

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Hare Krsna dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept our humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I give you the report of the Symposium, I hope I am not overlooking any important information.


  • To consolidate ASA's efforts in education: the different branches were integrated (ASA Carnaval, Argentina and Chile. Why not ASA Peru???)), who contributed in advertising and transmiting the event in social media / ASA also contributed with their member's dedicated presentations (SS Hanumatpresaka Swami, LAD, Candramukhi dd, Priya Sakhi dd and Gandharva das) / and cooperated with MOE representatives organizing the event.
  • NIOS participated as sponsor and support (mainly in the hands of ARTD, with whom a fluid and effective coordination was maintained).
  • The development [of] the 3 major topics proposed by you (Who is an educated man? What are the Steps on the Educational Ladder? Books are the Basis, The Bhaktivedanta Library, Srila Prabhupada's Four Diplomas. Daivi Varna Ashrama Dharma.

ASA - This is more than three topics! 🐵

  • The presence of the MOE in the region is consolidating, presenting itself as an institution sincerely interested in education development, with initiative and the support of a work team that carried out the project.
  • It has been possible to form a community of educators and devotees committed in education service, as a result of the event, the Facebook page is maintained with 190 members.

Technical information:

  • 20 event days / 19 participants / 4 presenters / 3 translators / between 30 and 60 devotees attending each day

To improve:

  • There were presentations that repeated part of their content (curator error).
  • There was some inexperience in handling broadcasts on Zoom and Facebook (we have learned a lot!).
  • We consider that the event can last half the time for future occasions.
  • Simultaneous translations can be substantially improved to integrate English-speaking devotees.
  • The lack of interest on the part of the authorities was overwhelming. The authorities of Chile and Bolivia participated permanently, but they were the exception.

ASA - This verse is perfect perspective for this situation, no? https://vedabase.io/es/library/lob/21/

What follows:

  • First of all, talk with you and receive your instructions and suggestions in this regard (we will be in Chosica from February 3 to 12).

HpS - Of course, with Pandemic etc this will not happen, but we had and excellent discussion with Bali-mardana Das and now we will work on PanAmerican symposia: Preliminary from Houston (within March 7th-17th) and Robust first week in June from Boise, Idaho.

We need more meetings, maybe periodical, web page.

We will visit Spain July to October.

  • A permanent committee composed of the 4 representatives and 4 education leaders will be created to develop the necessary strategies.

HpS - Super! Please introduce them in the Blog!!!

  • A way will be sought to further integrate the educational community in Latin America, through other similar events, seminars, diplomas and the training of new teachers.
  • The possibility of publishing an online magazine (every three months) that provides information and constitutes a basis for reflection on these issues is being analyzed in order to attract more devotees committed to this service.
  • Find a way to integrate and involve local authorities, who are not very interested in educational development.

Thank you very much for your help

Your servant

Gandharva das

HpS - ASA - Thank you!!! We agree like 97% with you analysis of the event. We heard continuous praises of the program.

If people are reading the books then they must be buying them.

Read to learn. Learn to teach!!!

Spanish Translation of Waves of Devotion

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ASA-e; bhaktivedanta library; nod; wod; spanish


Waves of Devotion by Dhanurdhara Swami, is, to our mind, and essential book for understanding Nectar of Devotion, by Srila Prabhupada, from Bhakti rasamrta sindhu by Rupa Goswami.

We saw to translation into Spanish and asked DS if it existed. He answered, no, and said we could translate and distribute it for free or any income that we needed for our costs.

We asked some devotees to do it but nothing happened.

Mitravinda Devi Dasi asked to help.

LaD said that Param padam has a a copy translated.

We asked him and he sent us translation of the Eastern part of WoD.

As far as I know there was an old version of WoD that was later extensively edited and DS's editors asked us to destroy and copies of that.

Is the Spanish translation from that?

Asked LaD to contact MvDD.

Waiting for their response.


22 01 14

FMP-PC Vyas Pooja

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ASA-e; Kapi Dhvaja; Letters to the Editor

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj

Please accept my humble obeisance in your Divine lotus feet...

HpS - All glories to Srila Prabhupada! We have feet very similar to yours, I think, maybe just a little older!

All Glouris to Shrila Prabhu Pad ji

All Glouris to your wonderful service..

We want to Wish you A Very Happy New year and Very Happy Vyas Pooja Day...

After reading your so many letters and instructions..

Feeling like.. we are so Fortunate to have a Guru like you...

Maharaj I want to share some things about me..

HpS/ASA - ! ! !

When I started reading Shrimad Bhagawatam..some devotees want to listen..

So, we setup a call..

Everyday in afternoon I read in Hindi and 28 devotees listen..

It was the time 2017 Dec to 2019 May...

After that I read so many books ..

Sometimes we read C.C. also..

But I feel I Love Shrimad Bhagawatam..

So, Three months back again I started with my children.

Now they are enjoying.

We read 10 Sholka daily after evening Aarati.. please bless us Maharaj..

HpS - Do you read the Sloka with the Purports by Srila Prabhupada?? Discuss with children et al?

We are following all your instructions..

We are chanting

Following regulative principles..

Listening lecture..

In Temple..

We cooked every Friday 100 devotees for college station..

Every Saturday we cooked sweet for 500 devotees for Sunday feast..

For Sunday..

In morning Mangala Aarati we cooked for 70 devotees..

After that...for evening Sunday feast prasadam we cooked for 500 devotees pooris and pakoda..

And we do packing and serving prasadam also..

HpS - Thus the world changes and people start to act like animals and maybe put away all their atom bombs.

And each and every big or small festival..we help in cooking, packing and serving prasadam..

I am learning so many things from so many senior devotees. ..

But I can not cook for Shri Shri Radha Nila Madhav without your mercy..

HpS - Of course, we cook for Them when the Gopis want us to do it. Me or some else is just one instrument in the big machine.

I am begging your mercy... please bless us so we can do more and more service in temple..

Today is Very special day for you and us..So please bless us...so we can engage birth after birth in Shrila Prabhu Pad ji service..

In Mahaprabhu mission..

Eagerly waiting for your Darshan and association..

Your servants

Sumitra, Devendra Sharma

Houston Texas..

Thank you..


HpS - We did not see your letter. We were looking for it. . . . Little sad, worried. Then we wrote Saranga and Gopinatha, and Saranga told us that you had posted it here about a week ago.

We looked and looked and found it 5-days ago.

Perfect letter. Perfect content, like a well made pakora, puri and sweet... but ... (Small devil smiles)... our Secretaries didn't notice it because it was not packaged and labeled properly.

If the prepartion is for Jagannatha or Lord Nrsmha deva it must have a different label than for Nila Madhava.

Each fortnight (purnima and amavasya) we publish our News, the Kapi Dhavaja in our web-page.

[If you follow us on Twitter as "huber_robinson", the secular name of our body, then you will also get a link each fortnight for the KDH].

There is one section in the KDh titled "Letters to/from the Editor". In there we put a fortnightly Priority Code that you can, must, put in the Title of the Blog Post to get priority attention from our Secretaries.

We, HpSwami/ASA, want to answer all the letters immediately but we don't have time.

Right now we should be spending time with Jagannatha Carana Das, Priya-sakhi Devi Dasi and their children, but we take some very, very important time to explain this communication process (like packaging a very nice cauliflower pakora) for your good self and so that it can also go into our Anjana Suta Academy, Encyclopedia.

What you put in the Title field this time: FMP-PC, is the name of the Priority Code (Full Morning Program - PriorityCode) that we give out during Mangala Arati Japa on line to anyone who asks. Anyone who joins us for Mangala arati, Queen Kunti reading, Japa, can get a Priority Code.

[The ducks that come closer get more bread]

That is like packaging the recipe and distributing the recipes instead of the pakoras. A lot of people do this, so we are trying to make our little system clear.

Is O.K.?

Your letter is very good. Very, very good. Initiation on 12th March?

But, the packaging was not correct: Look at the Kapi Dhvaja at our web page: www.JayaRama.US ... News .... Letters.. before you send the letter and put the PC in the Title of the letter.

The Monkey and Piggyy will give it priority.

Otherwise we may all have to come back for three lifetimes before we get to offer a little lunch to Nila Madhava and the Gopas.


Also... The "Letter Type" is not really correct. Should be "Personal Sadhana" not "Category B". We add Cat B (Meow) for stuff that should go into the ASA Encyclopedia.

In any case, we all found each other because we are all a little bit sincere and SRILA PRABHUPADA really has lotus feet.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so, so much. This work is changing the world!!!!

New Ashokavan / Radha kunda

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Radhe radhe my dear guru maharaja

Just a note to inform you that on December 10th took place the opening of the house of Krsna Svarupa in Radhakund.

HpS - We suggested he call in New Asokavan!

Vanamali prabhu from Imphal was doing the griha prabesh pooja, there were kirtan lead by Vipin prabhu and Indumukhi mataji and Krsna Svarup offered us bal bhoga.

It was a nice program.

HpS - ASA - It sounds like a celestial program! We would be your neighbors.

Tungavidya Devi Dasi

[KD-PC Urgent: Tulasi likes bath] Gita jayanti

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Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja and ASA team.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

All glories to your sankirtana!

I hope your ass brother is fine.

Please Maharaja, I ask a favor, could you send me a video where you say what Bhagavad gita for you, or some passtime with the Bhagavad gita or what BG change your life.

This video is for BBT please .

Your send me the video through whatssap of Abhirama p

Thank you very much

with all aprecitaion and affection

ys Isvari R dd

HpS - ASA ---- AgtSP. We tried to record your clip as part of the class this evening. Here is the link. Will this work?