Propositions for the programs in Valparaiso 3.0

All Glories to Sri Sri Goura Nitay
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
All Glories to H.H. Hanumat Presaka Swami Maharaja <o:p></o:p>

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, I hope that my letters doesn´t bother you. I also hope that your health is strong and your desires are fulfill by Krsna and vice versa. I thought that maybe the Aleph couldn´t be so helpful because the Aleph was just another rhetorical resource to disapprove Carlos Argentino and his poetry. I will keep searching topics to develop new analysis!<o:p></o:p>

Plato is a great author! I have read three and a half dialogues (Apology, Euthyphro, Laches and a half of Lysis) and it`s been really helpful to learn how to make questions and go deep into the different concepts. I will read Phaedo to try to help you, if I can. 

HpS - AGTSP   Paoho....   Yes the Phaedo seems like good idea.  Hamlet and Arjuna was so popular. We can deeper with the Paedo and the Light of the Bhagavata.      On the contrary your letters are very enlivening.

Your idea is to make a comparison between the dialogue and the LOB? Or make two different presentations? 

HpS -   Our idea is to use it many times.   We need to read the text, commentarys and then give the perspective from our Bhagavata tradition. The specific texts of BG and SB etc.

Maybe, if you like, we can do a first presentation of the LOB with the paintings, the movie and the book. And, in a second presentation make this comparison, so we can go deeper and deeper. Do you like this idea? We can do both presentations in Carlos´s university (UTFSM) with a day of separation so you can rest between the conferences.

<o:p>HpS -  I think the art presentation can go up for like one week before the workshops.   Then Phaedo might be best first (??)  because they are familiar with Shakespeare.   Then they go to the new thing, LOB, next.       Hanuman is printing like 10,000 LOBs!    What does Carlos think?   Rodrigo, the poet?   Vanamali and her father??</o:p><o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p>

Trying to serve you…

HpS - Jaya!   Let us all try to servie Srila Prabhupada!

Proposition for the programs in Valparaiso 2.0


All Glories to Sri Sri Goura Nitay
 All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
 All Glories to Hanumat Presaka Swami Maharaja

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, I´m Ignacio González from Viña del mar. I write on behalf of the spiritual brothers here in Valparaiso (3).

In the last letter you were asking about Carlos Bustamante, he works in Santa Maria University.  We were thinking that since we work last year with Carlos Bustamante in comparative literature (Hamlet v/s Arjuna) we can do something in the same line, which could be the “Aleph”. If you prefer we can prepare the full presentation of the Light of the Bhagavatam (Paintings, video and symposium) to do it in this university instead of the Aleph.

What did you think about the aleph? it`s a good material? If you liked we can prepare some first version of power point presentation that you can, later, improve. Good idea? If you like it we will work this year in Valparaiso with The Aleph and the Light of the Bhagavatam.

Keep following the 4 principles and chanting 16 lousy rounds
Trying to serve you!


HpS - AGTSP!    Paoho.   We read the Aleph.  It has very strong feel of Argentina and the time and place.   It is like celestial sense gratification of some painters we know.  BBT artists copy their work.  But the comparisan with the Virata rupa is not much.  The "Aleph" is like Virata Rupa Darshana but without service attitude it will have very little effect on the person.  Borges is like a like a Mayavadi, Brahmavadi, who may become a devotee (we have this contamination also), but he is attached to celestial sense gratification, and that is about all there is to say.  More productive might be the Phaedo and the Light of the Bhagavata!  Have you read it?  The St. Bernard's commentar on the Song of Solomon and the LOB.  Have read that...?

Rasa-mandali devi dasi

Dear Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I can't remember where you are now. South America perharps? You seem to be in many places at once.

HpS - ASA   -   AGTSP    paoho.   We are in Ferrenafe, Peru, with fan roaring and sill be bitten three diferent places by one determined mosquito.   Takes the blood. Shares with a female and produces more mosquitos!  Hare Krsna!!

In regards to your reply from last post, Yogendra and I started reading about Devahuti and Kardama muni. We found out some interesting things. In one of Prabhupada's purports, it is described what the roles of a husband and wife are. Something about one taking care of household affairs and another controlling some sense gratification. I have a difficult time remembering things I read. But we're slowly moving along with the pastime.

HpS - ASA - Jaya!   We remember things within the heart when we actually have to apply them!

Our Toronto Ratha Yatra is on the 14 and 15 of July. It would be so nice to have you here and all the devotees would appreciate your visit very much. 

ASA - Drat!   That is exactly in the middle of our visit to Houston.  Planned for two months now!!!

Also, Yogendra and I would like to ask for your blessings and your permission if we can get married in September. To be exact, the 15 of September. We have been taking some guidance and advice from Mother Praharana dd who is a god sister of yours and is part of the Grihastha vision team. She's very kind and super amazing. We trust her words and has experienced a lot in her life. You are invited to the wedding, of course!!

HpS - ASA  -   Jaya!   Please go ahead as necessary.  It is on our calendar!

I will keep this short. 17 rounds, 4 regs, some reading( I really need to regulate it), some sankirtan (althought any kind of preaching counts- as I have been told), temple seva.

Please forgive any offenses I have comitted.

Your aspiring servant,

Rasa-mandali dd

HpS - ASA --  Very nice...   Will you be doing puppet shows soon?


Todas las glorias para Srila Prabhupada!

Sri Sri Goura Nitay ki!!!  Jaya!!!

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias Maharaja, Hare Krsna.

Soy Bhakta Pablo del Parikrama, de España.

Yo estoy aqui en Madrid Mandir. Bhakta Jose ya esta estudiando en Nueva Vrajamandala, se le echa en falta.

He estado ahora en Semana Santa unos dias con Varuna, mis padres y mi hermano pequeño. Ha sido muy bueno.

Hoy hemos empezado a salir Bhakta Jorge y yo de Sankirtana, extatico estar acompañado. Yo soy muy malo, jajaja,  en unas horas solo di uno, Fantasia soy muy bueno, pero me gusta mucho las Realizaciones de Sankirtana. Saldremos siempre que podamos, ya le daremos informes.

Estoy empezando a realizar algunas terapias aisladas aqui en Madrid, y espero que pueda ir poco a poco organizandome mejor y acabe el proyecto que me gustaria hacer aqui en Madrid sobre Terapias-Educacion-Meditacion, su nombre comercial es " Amalaki Babaji; Terapias y Enseñanzas Espirituales e Interiores ", en el que quiero incluir Rishi Technology Proyect, estoy intentando darle forma.

Ademas estoy investigando centros culturales o parecidos para hacer exposiciones o seminarios 1 vez cada mes o cada dos meses, esta poco desarrollado pero algo ya he hecho.

En Balarama Loka, con mi ausencia, va lenta, mi hermano solo no puede sacar el trabajo pero estan tranquilos y van para adelante. Hemos estado terminando estos dias las cuadras para la vaca, caballo, gallinas y gusanos. El trigo esta terminando de madurar, los arboles estan terminando la explosion de flores y todo tiene la belleza de primavera. Muy bonito.

Mi alma explota

quien sino Tu?

luces en la acera,

en los coches,

en los giros,

quien sino Tu?

Destellos en las palabras,

en las conversaciones,

quien sino Tu?

HpS - ASA . . . . . . .    Hari Bolo.   Esperamos seguir sus pasos!!!        Su sendero es maravilloso.     Esta haciendo una vida memorable!


7 years, 10 months ago by candra108_mukhi in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


Hope this report meets  U In very good health

Here we are in front of our deities taking our cup of hot milk and some bananas jay ¡¡¡¡¡

We have absolutely non communication with LAD .... buuu his tour must be really ecstatic ¡¡¡¡

Our NIMSAR group in LIma continues all fridays but the last 2 fridays they couldn't join it seems that just LAD can use the computer from chosica... nevertheless Yugala and I were together in chiclayo and had the meeting along with Hanuman Swami

Hanuman Swami was very responsible and while He were in the country He continued with His regular classes JAY ¡¡¡¡

The secretary (Candramukhi dd)  has corrected the BV exams from HpS, Sri Hari, Srinivas, LAD, tattva vit and vamsi govinda, but she has to correct some more ¡¡¡¡ she is also going to present the minutes in our next meeting... by the way U arrived on MOnday right?? please Gurudeva tell us the time of your arrival so we can scheduled our meeting....

That's it thanks a lot ¡¡ You are a great example and inspiration for all of us

YOur eternal servants


HpS - ASA   -  Jaya!    AGTSP   Paoho   We are trying to do so many things.   We have to keep a few priorities in line.  We get our rounds done early.  We write each morning, SB each morning and then we are doing this Blog each day in the morning (the end of our working day (we work from 1AM - 9AM)).  Then we gradually see what other things we can add in.  Is very nice.  This is going from Vaidhi bhakti to prema bhakti!

Hare Krishna Mar del Plata!!!

AgtSP, Pamho;

Hare Krishna Dear Gurudeva;

I feel very greatful to have the oportunity to write in this blog and to be able to listen the Krsna Book by webex on sunday. Here we are, in The Loft  Mar del PLata with the bramacaris that came back from India with prabhu Mahajan with a lot of good ideas to  preach... We are chanting the japa early in the morning and doing Mangala arati, Tulasi arati, Govinda, S.Prabhupadas arati some prasadam and book distribution in the streets of the city....Collecting Laksmi for the asram in the future farm comunity in the Sierra de los Padres .MDP Studing S.Prabhupadas book´s...Milk and fruits....WHAT ELSE WE NEED!!!!!

Always trying to serve you and Srila Prabhupads mision..

Thank you very much for your precious asos¡ation..

your eternal servant....    panca tattva das

HpS - ASA --  Jaya!   Mas, mas, but what happened to your auto after it's interfaith dialog with the auto driven by the Jehovah's Witness?