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Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

Todas las glorias para Sri Caitanya y Sri Nityananda!

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias!


Soy Bhakta Pablo del Parikrama, de España.

Espero que se encuentre muy bien Maharaja.

Solo queria comentarle que estoy en el templo de Madrid ahora, mis padres me han dado sus bendiciones para que intente solucionar mi situacion estando aqui en Madrid. En la granja hay tanto trabajo que no me iria nunca. Espero que todo vaya bien.

Respecto a lo de un capitulo, una pagina, un verso..., estoy intentando ponerlo en practica  en mi estudio. Voy a empezar el Bhagavata-gita, esta vez con una intencion de estudio sistematico, ya le comentare como me va.

La larga introduccion del SB Cap 1, es solo para una semana??...no he podido aun imprimirme sus guias, con solo que pueda lo voy a hacer.

Mis mejores deseos.

Su humilde sirviente.

Bhakta Pablo.


HpS - ASA -  Jaya!  Hari Bolo!    TlgaSP.  Si, porque es basicamente Bio-grafia y simple para leer.  Estamos en Miami.  En ruta a Peru.  No computer access!

Book of Mormon-Bhakta Adrian

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Hare Krishna,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Actually, I never did read the book of mormon. I was thinking about that question, and perhaps it would prove useful if I did know more about what most of the people here believe when I do these preaching programs. Thanks for the good idea. 

Next week!? I would love if you were able to come here by then, however, I don't think I would be able to come up with the money to sponsor your flight out here by then. I am still unemployed. 

We are planning to get married near Tulasi Vivaha this November. I have been told that is an auspicious time for marriage. That is what Revati has set her heart on I think; to get married then. 

Your servant,

Bhakta Adrian

HpS - AGTSP   Of course, to be living together without being married is something about which Srila Prabhupada made strong statements from the begining of ISKCON.  Of course, the best way to adjust these things is to pray to Krsna with the chanting of the Maha-mantra and follow the other progressive rules of hearing and chanting as much as we can.


I have personally experienced this. These moral irregularities then get resolved, of course, we can't be attach to the negative things, but as Krsna makes arrangment for progress we have let the negative things go, other wise it is like trying start a fire while pouring water on it!

Hare Krishna

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Dear Gurumaharaj, I hope you are fine. I am reading Krsna book and resuming my Bhakti Sastri´s studies with Patraka. Principles, rounds and service.

Gurumaharaj, which is the best way to interact with other Vaisnavas? Consult him because I have a close association with Atulananda Maharaja, I consider it a great devotee who has helped in my spiritual life. I have clearly that my home is ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada is our acarya. What think about this?

Your aspiring servant

Bhakta Manuel

HpS - AGTSP   pamho    I have only visited Atulananda Maharaja in Chile one time, so I cannot make any detailed illumination of his situation. Basically we are seeing Srila Prabhupada as bonafide Acharya and his comment is that anyone who is TRYING to avoid his ISKCON and become KC is living in a great illusion. So we may be separated from ISKCON. Some prominent GBC, Sannyasi, Guru devotees have been in that position, but as long as we WANT to reconcile things then we certainly cannot be rejected out right.

Make your decisions about with who to assoaciate based upon good Japa and Kirtan, books of Prabhupada, and association of devotees. In this respect there are nice devotees in ISKCON and our management structure with Temple President GBC et al, Sannyasis and Brahmanas).    With these three sources we can judge everyone and everything!

report: amavasya of feb-2

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, AGTSP , PAMHO

in the letter http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/node/1322  thy  asked us "Are there not any devotees where you are physically situated. They may be Ramanuja Sampradaya. Tha is still fine?"

-there are devotees, from chowpatty temple,  it is handled by Disciples of Radha Nath Maharaj.
we can give his details at ur mail id if  thy need it .he is in movement for about 15 years. he has intiated wife. they have very nice home and deities...
we goto there place for morning prasad...  association is there of  unmarried boys and students, only proff is married for 6 years, it seems he  is just to there to preach inside campus.... as it seems again he does/will not have child.
so difficult to find any grhastha association locally who can help us..with whom we can implement "guhyam akhyati pracchati"

our pyscho physical nature ,situaion and nature are completely and radically  different[ such though could be trick of  mind ], therefore we dont develop thick relation with any one. we have taken small vow of going to SUnday feast [as sabbath day].

we are sorry to privde you details.... but we thought its better to give information then to hide it

thank you for genuine concern. thy are our well wisher indeed.....

regards, unbriddled horse

HpS - ASA -   AGTSP      We see nothing to "hide".   You efforts seem very nice. Just have to keep up with them.  We have been in similar situations from time to time. They are arrangements of Krsna.    We have to become simply determined to follow the iinstructions of Lord Caitany, Harer Nama eva kevalau..., no?    Then little by little our complications will reduce and we wil see our path very scientifically. Of course, materialist or spiritualist that path leads to death! 


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Hare Krishna,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada!

Bhakta Adrian here from Utah.

Tom Brown here from Heaven!      Yes, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Things are moving in a positive direction.

TB:     Hmmm!   Little different here.  Indra is afraid that Bali Maharaja is about to attack!

I just got off of skype with the devotees from Boise, and other places, where we had our first Bhakti Sastri class. I am very excited about it. 

The three of us (Bhakta Tracy, Bhaktin Revati, myself) are going to be moving away from the Spanish Fork temple here in Utah to go live at the Salt Lake City temple. It is very small and very new, but very nice. We just had a Siva Ratri last night. It was a surprisingly big festival. I'm not so attracted to Lord Siva, but I did get to play nice kirtana with other devotees. I didn't know you did the jail programs with Chandra Das from Boise. He is a very nice devotee. I enjoy playing kirtana with him, and he preaches very nicely to me. 

I am excited to be going to the small temple in Salt Lake. Caru Prabhu has asked us to move there to do some preaching. We will be distributing books, Harinama, and will be hosting more college programs! I grew up here in Utah, so I am actually extremely excited to do preaching here. There aren't any other devotees that are doing any sort of preaching programs up in the city, so we will be the first ones. And as far as I know we will be the only ones. I am really fired up about it. 

TB: Read The Book of Mormon?

Our rounds are good. Our reading was starting to dwindle, but is picking up due to Bhakti Sastri. Our home worship is very nice. Jaya!

Maybe sometime I could sponsor your trip to visit the nice temple here in Utah?

Your lowly servant,

Bhakta Adrian

TB: Thanks for the offer. We like to travel. Maybe well get there next week. An itenerary like ours is an instability in the face of The Witch.  Keep chanting!    Get married!

report: amavasya of feb

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, AGTSP , PAMHO

Sadhana dwindled little bit. will try best to retain it. we are not able to convince mind of priority of spi activities. it seems just an activity to him. we dont want to surrender to it, but can not control this fox mind.

one positive thing : on ekadasi we read for 2 hr/25 rounds/ no grains.
Report date                    27feb    8feb       
avg no of rounds            12         14                
mangal arti attended 
in 15 days                      2            2

avg time of finishing
rounds by                      1700      1030     
avg sleep per day          6.5         6.5hr       
SP book avg/day           15          15min    
hear record lect/day      20            30min 

its difficult to make plan [as it manier times cause us headache], implementation of plan is also very difficult.

All we can promise, we would try best to increase the standard, ASA, Japa Joe, PdP are keep us alive.
sorry for disappointing you..will make sure does not happen again,

Horse pranam from bhakta harsh

HpS - ASA - Jaya!  It is also nice to get your assoiation and fine insight in the Japa Jose and PdP, WebEx Meetings.

Are there not any devotees where you are physically situated. They may be Ramanuja Sampradaya. Tha is still fine?