Hare Krsna Maharaj

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Hare Krsna dear Maharaj,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please accept my humble obeisances!

I am not sure if you've read my last message. You responded to 2 parts but not the entire thing. I have copied and pasted it to the end of this message just in case. I had some questions there. Sorry for any inconvenience Maharaj. I know I am very annoying XD.


I have begun Uni now. We are 6 weeks in and I utterly dislike like my course.. I have had as many breakdowns as you can think of 😆

. Mainly because I don't really enjoy the course content - I am studying the Bachelor of Business Management. I actually got accepted into the dual degree with Bachelor of Arts but I dropped that before my course begun. I thought I didn't really need it (since I don't really know what I'm doing anyway) and any extra time at Uni is seen to me as quite unnecessary.

Anyway, I have talked to so many people about my dilemma. They've either suggested me to change courses or do this or that, but none of it seemed to really appeal to me. I'm a very confused person. But, as of last Friday after Harinam, I had an epiphany and I thought, perhaps I should just stick out my course (even though I may dislike it) and just accept all the opportunities that Uni offers me. And on the side, I can do all the activities I am passionate about and hopefully everything will fall into place. I hope this thinking will last me the next 3 years of my course 😂

HpS - ASA --- To us studying business seems crazy. Seems to us you have a female machine. You should pray to Krsna to send along a great prince on a white horse who will be overwhelmed by your beauty, wonderful voice, clever mind and carry you away to his castle in the sky (and also have place for your mother and sister and brother and aunt and.... so visit). So you should study Nursing at the Uni so that you can bandage his and his soldiers wounds when they come back from fighting dragons.

Of course, this is probably the worst advice you have got so far, but in general look and see if there are any good teachers there and take whatever courses they have.

. Assignments have already begun and I am not very enthusiastic about them.

Besides that, I also attend the weekly 'Urban Monk' program at UQ for students. It's a great program and hopefully that, Harinam and Saturday Feast can keep me sane throughout my course, as did Harinam during Year 12.

I won't blabber on much else for now. I'll save you the sanity.. I know you have much more significant issues to deal with than to read my complaints.. Sorry Maharaj. Anyway, anytime I have a question, I tend to ask you so I'll definitely be messaging some point soon hehe.

HpS - ASA --- Your questions are for a lot people in similar situations. Many people will read these dialogs.

As per my sadhana, I am chanting 12 rounds everyday as of now. Sometimes I do not complete them and I record these so I can catch up later. I know it's not ideal but I'm trying to improve. I hope, by your mercy, I will be able to chant 16 rounds soon with complete faith and conviction, and after that, officially take your shelter.

ASA - At 12-rounds you can marry a Baron. At 16-rounds a prince.

I also went to a Japa retreat recently run by Mahatma Prabhu. He's so sweet and humble and I was really inspired. It was amazing. Sometimes I believe if I could just drop my studies and join the Ashram, then I can concentrate more on Krsna Consciousness. But, since I must study, I have to figure out how to think of Krsna at all times and see how everything is still connected to him and how I may serve him doing my required duties.

I hope your health is in the best condition Maharaj and I pray that you visit Brisbane some time soon. We need some mercy down here (mostly my fallen self actually).

Please guide me. I am too lost.

Your servant,


HpS - We answered two more questions below. Thank you. Any news from Sriman Raktaka Das?

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Please accept my humble obeisances!
I haven't written to you in a long time..
HpS - We are slow to answer this letter! AGTSP.
Sorry Maharaj. We just came back from India around 3 days ago. All of us got sick within the one week that we were there. I myself am still recovering a little bit. Pity that we got sick there so we couldn't enjoy as much. We were in Vrndavan for 3 days and before that in Ludhiana, Punjab. All of papa's relatives wanted to meet us.
HpS - Yes, people were talking about your visit.
Vrndavan is always nice. Even in 3 days, you can fall in love. I would love to spend more time there but we always have these short trips. Perhaps in the future I may go myself or with some friends and stay in India longer, do some tapasya.
In Azerbaijan, the temple is also very nice. The devotees are very welcoming and everyone is so ecstatic. The mood is quite different there. I can see. Here in Brisbane, the devotees seem dull in comparison. I mean everyone meditates differently so I can't really speak on behalf of anyone but when I saw basically the entire temple jumping up and down during Arati in Azerbaijan, I thought there is something different here. Kirtan should be most jubilant experience, no? Why just stand when you can dance? It really is so nice when you see other devotees dancing in ecstacy.
My mother's family is beyond loving. They're so sweet and kind. We had quite a nice time in Azerbaijan. We spent 3 weeks there. We even drove up to some mountains where it was snowing because all of us kids had a burning desire to see snow. It was soo fun.
Anyways, I hope your birthday/ Vyasapuja was spent nicely with LOTS of Prasadam and wonderful Kirtan. One day, we would all like to attend personally. Hopefully your health is in best condition, Maharaj. We are waiting for your visit to Australia again, please. It will be so nice. We need some awesomeness :) That has been lacking lately!
I am now high school free. Well I have been for more than 2 months now. But it doesn't end there :( I am forced to go to uni and study more. yay. Uni will start in less than a month and my course will go for 3 years - Business. I actually got accepted into a double degree with Business and Arts. But now, I really don't see the point. In fact, I don't even see the point in studying business because it all seems to be basic knowledge and common sense. But, I have to study something at least and Business seems an easy route. I hope that I can achieve something fruitful with this. And somehow dovetail it to Krsna Consciousness... I really need to get my sadhana in check. Right now, I am chanting 12 rounds a day. I'm not sure about the quality but I'm trying to improve. And the timing.... Definitely not in the early morning XD. I need to start rising early. Soon hopefully I'll be chanting 16 rounds Maharaj. Please bless this fool and give her some intelligence so that she may know what is good for her actually.
As usual Maharaj, I have some questions ;)
What happens to the animals that pass in Vrndavan? Are they reborn or do they go to the higher planets?

ASA - We don't know. We think they go to Goloka.

Also, the Brijbasis? Do they go to the same Goloka Vrndavan that ISKCON devotees go to? Becuase their love for Radharani and the Holy Dham is unmatched. Perhaps even greater than some of us, due to their simplicity and generosity.

ASA - We don't think all ISKCON devotees go to Goloka immediately. There are Life Members who eat chicken and initiated devotees who have problems like Daksa.

I had so many questions in mind but that is all I can remember at present XD. Sorry for the trouble. I know I can be very annoying at times (if not always lol).
I wish your health and well-being is in the best condition always. Hopefully your stay in India is pleasant and uplifting :) GAURANGA!
Please accept my most humble obeisances.
Your most fallen servant,

Check in & Boise Visit

Maharaj Dude,

Joking about the dude part but I thought it was quite funny when you mentioned it last letter. :) Probably inappropriate on my part.

HpS - We appreciate it from a sincere person!




I hope your health is well and you are in good spirit.

HpS - We are dying of old age. It started about 71-years ago. We are in good spirits because we hope to have a better body for Sankirtan in Srila Prabhupada's Sankirtan in the future.

Currently I am 2 months following Hari nam initiation requirements. Waking at 3:30am, Mangala Arati, Kirtan, 16 rounds as nice as we can in the morning, SB class (Srila Prabhupada lecture), 4 regs. Finishing up reading YEW. Listening to Amala Bhakta Swami's Krsna book narration and in the 51st chapter. I have read now the SB intro of Lord Caitanya and NOI. Next either Science of Self Realization or LOB . Trying to get in at least 1 hour of reading in each day, goal of 2 hours daily. Trying to please Nitai-Guaranga and Srila Prabhupada (photo attached).

We are currently going to Iskcon Hillsboro (Suburb of Portland) every Sunday. The Temple President there is JaiSacinandan Prabhu and he is very nice. We come an hour early, start Kirtan with the family and encourage other devotees to come. Alicia is doing Sunday School very nicely and kids really enjoy her as a teacher. JaiSacinandan Prabhu is engaging us in helping with events. Right now I am helping find a venue for a youth Kirtan seminar where Bada Hari Prabhu and Amala Harinam Prabhu will be attending in June. Its a simple task but we hope to do it nicely, maybe Krsna will give us more service. Inspired by your book distribution we talked to JaiSacinandan about starting book distribution where we encourage devotees to take a BG and distribute it any way they are inspired to. Then each week we encourage them to get another at the temple and distribute it. The books are already sponsored or the temple will pay for them, so no pressure on the devotees to sale but just try to be inspired to get Srila Prabhupada's books out. Then we can try to find ways to inspire devotees to see more books being distributed if it goes well.

The whole family we are visiting Boise March 27-April 1st. Alicia and I are discussing moving back to Boise or to a community. Something with some more association for her and the kids. Where we are now in Salem we are about a hour and 20 mins from the temple and there is 1 devotee family anywhere close. She thinks it will help her KC and the kids. I believe my position is support our wife and kids in their KC so I am just trying to be encouraging, engage them in KC activites and not stick my foot in my mouth (which I do a lot, a lot lot). Trying to learn to control the tongue. Mostly trying to get out of Krsna's way so he can do his thing and we can make advancement doing our things for him.

Then during your visit there I will likely come for a 4-5 days with just myself if it is alright.

HpS - Sounds great.

I would like if it isnt trouble to attend with you any programs that allow, or anytime that allows. For instance lunch home visits to devotees and such. I wont be a bother,

HpS - Seems fine.

O. K. I will do my very best not to be a bother, but I would like to be there in your company if possible. I can even sit out side the door or where ever I can be within ear distance I hope. Or whatever way I can be in service please. Your assoiciation is very inspiring for us in desiring to be apart of Srila Prabhupada's mission.

Thank you for your association Maharaj and please forgive me for my offenses.

Your aspiring servant,

Bhakta Big Foot (Nathen)

ASA - Dear Mr. Big foot. What was your father like? Like you? Mother's Grandfather. Your activities in Portland sound very, very nice. Make a program you can maintain for a planned time eg. readering standard for one month, two weeks.

What is your phone number. We will not publish it.

Do you own a weed whipper? Respects to your family. Did you see the article on Sunday School teachers in the Viplavah mentioned in the last Kapi Dhvaja?

Viasa puja

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Nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale srimate Hanumatpresaka-svamin iti namine.

Querido Gurudeva:

En este día tan importante de su Viasa puja, es para mí un privilegio poder dirigirme a Usted.

Colmado de misericordia sin causa la Verdad Absoluta, lo envió a guiarnos de vuelta a casa, con sus consejos y su ilimitada tolerancia ante nuestras faltas, nos inspira a ser cada día mejores almas, mil gracias por todo lo que nos da día tras día.

Atte. Su humilde y eterno sirviente a sus pies de loto, Jiyada Nrsmha Dasa.

HpS - Gracias! Por favor una resumen de sus actividades en el Sankirtan d Srila Prabhupada despues del Sankirtan de Deciembre hasta Gaura-purnima? Hare Krsna / Hare Rama! Planes???

ABOUT RODRIGO 2 + bonus track

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Hare Krishna dear Guru Maharaja ! PAMHO... AGTSP!!!

Ansewering your questions in the letter I sent to you yesterday https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/10035/

I forgot to told you that they made a Sraddha ceremony on sunday February 17, I did not participate because I was in another city. But I know family is so grateful with devotees and they were amazed with the perspective about the death that the Hare Krishna people have. I read a message that Catalina sent to the devotees and Arjuna sent to me and said the family is feeling better after that day.

HpS - Jaya!! Is good for Rodrigo also. He is not dead and he needs help from everyone here also!

Changing the subject, I really want to receive diksha by you... and I want to receive any thing you want to give to me. I'm doing things good, but I just need to be permanent in doing things right. I just want to be able to please you and I know, and I feel, that I will do that being a good boy... my main problem in life is that I am messy and undisciplined, crazy mind. But now I'm bracing myself.

HpS - Yes. It is like attending classes in the university without being registered.

In a letter you reply to Jagad GD about his feelings about Rodrigo's departure... in your answer you said "I meet Carlos's Guru in Vrindavan..." XD what do you meant ? I think was a very crazy vrajabhasi monkey you saw! XD

HpS - I don't remember exactly, but I think I met one devotee while I was in Vrndavana who came up to me and was very animated to tell me that he had met you while you were in India. You make an impression on people.

I read your letter about marriage... very interesting for me to know some details about your previous life before divorce and before you took sanyasa. I also think that a good advice comes from many advisors, I always ask advices to my trusted people, because I think I can use their orientation to get my victory. But I think that is pretty good, even better, to receive your point of view, because your vision is too much better than mine. I always live in a kind of inner contradiction, because I want to get married but, at the same time, I want to stay single and bracing myself to be a vaishnava monk in the future, when my daughter get married, for example... west paradigm is very very crazy about it. Anyway, I'm not single right now... Krishna sent to me a very nice woman, very connected with Him.

HpS - Prabhupada says that a regulated householder is a married Brahmacari. I've seen that in many cased the lady also appreciates the culture.

Thank you very much, because you are so good with me, I think about you every day in many different moments of each day... and it feels so pretty good, it's kind of like I feel safe just because you exist. I feel safe just thinking about you, it's a very beutiful feeling... All glories to Srila Prabhupada !!

What about FMP?

HpS - We do it wherever we are. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Then we try each Saturday to join the online workshop and communicate our results and hear those of others. Now in Manipura we are reading from CC Adi about Lord Chaitanya's Appearance.

Your aspiring disciple and servant,

Carlos Rold


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Hare Krishna dear Guru Maharaja !

Please accept my humble obeisances...

All glories to Srila Prabhupada !

I'm writing to you by the instruction of your disciple Arjuna Das. He asked to me that I write this letter to you about our dear friend and brother, your servant, Rodrigo. Arjuna Das wants to let you know the details we have recopilated from Rodrigo's family about his departure from this world. So, I will make a chronological relate about the events. First at all, I want to ask apologizes to Rodrigo, Arjuna and to you, for my delay in writing this letter; please, you all, please forgive me.

ASA - AGTSP paoho Nothing to forgive from us.

Wednesday, February 13, first Rodrigo's fainting around 4 pm (same day Arjuna and me had a meeting about NIOS, ASA, etc., I had to travel to Santiago specially for the meeting Arjuna asked me. We finished this meeting around 1 pm. and very near to Rodrigo's home, but we didn't knew anything).

The first Rodrigo's fainting was in his home (parents home). The ambulance delayed in arriving. Even cops came and give it to him first aids, Rodrigo looked purple colour. Before the ambulance came, Catalina (Rodrigo's favourite cousin, a young woman, and a very importan person into his departure process) and her mother they came to stay with him and accompany him. This aunt was like another mother to Rodrigo, because she helped into his upbringing and growing. When ambulance came, they had to wait, cause at the time they wanted to pick up Rodrigo to get him upon the ambulance, he suffered several heart attacks, so they had to wait. Once into the hospital, they connected him to machines, cables, oxygen, etc.  

Thursday, February 14, around 9 am. the pulse machine stopped dialing, Doctors said "he died". Since this moment, Catalina, Rodrigo's favourite cousin, she took the japa, started to chant the Maha Mantra and, also, reading Bhagavad Gita aloud. She did this at least by 2 hours, since Rodrigo was pronounced dead by doctors, during the journey to his parents' house, while they dressed him and until they finished. Catalina told me later (when she shared all these details with me), after doing this (Maha Mantra and BG) Rodrigo's face changed expression and he looked relaxed. Catalina put his japa in his right hand, and his Bhagavad Gita in the left one, as well a Goura Nitay´s garland before they closed the coffin. 

Around noon. My sister, Gita Vali DD, called me by phone and told me, crying: Rodrigo left the body. I cried a lot, I was in shock because I thought was a kind of suicide, according to what some devotees had told to my sister... but now, I know that this did not happen this way. I tried to calm down and I went out to make my daily tasks... I called Arjuna... I visited some customers, as quickly as I could, and later went to the church where they made the wake: "Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus", a convent of nuns, just in the back of Rodrigo's parents home. Once there, with Arjuna and ohter devotees we chanted Maha Mantra around the coffin and sharing the afternoon talking about Rodrigo and remembering him. Catalina caught my attention from the moment I saw her, because she was the person who cries the most and suffer for Rodrigo; later I knew she is the favourite cousin of Rodrigo, like a little and loved sister, so by the end of the day I got close to talk to her and she told me about her close relationship with Rodrigo since she were a little girl and, also, details about his departure. This day it was supposed that I had to come back to the beach I were working, but Krishna helped me with some arrangement and I could stay for the next day ceremony from the church to the cemetery. 

Friday, February 15. I arrived to the church at 9 am. (time they open the doors to the public), Rodrigo's family was arriving at the same time. Later, your disciples and aspirants came: Arjuna Das, Jagad Guru Das, Ananda Vardhana Das, Sripati Das, Danhista Devi Dasi, Piero, Miguel, Juan Elgueda... and also a lot of devotees and a lot of Rodrigo's friends from his different areas of work. So, once inside the church and next to the coffin, Catalina told me about her close relationship with Rodrigo and also the details I've shared with you in the first paragraphs of this letter. Listening to her, I realized that Rodrigo was training her all this time in Krishna Consciousness and he left the body in company of one devotee, the same devotee he trained. AGTSP! And suddenly she told me "Last night, I had a dream with Rodrigo: I appears in a very beutiful place, an open field, big trees, flowers everywhere, mountains, a river, and everything was shining: the grass, the flowers, the sky, everything... and Rodrigo very very effulgent in the middle of this sitting in the lotus position with his japa in the right hand. I ran towards to him and he said -Catalina, please, tell my parents they don't have to suffer for me, I am very well, because I am in the place where I always wanted to be, and tell to my friends that I have accomplished it-." Waw! Was amazing to me heard this! I said to Catalina "that not was a dream", and we start chanting together a Maha Mantra round dedicated to Rodrigo. She has got her own japa, a Rodrigo's gift. Since this talking, I feel no more pain about Rodrigo, even I started to feel some joy because I know he is very very well right now. Catalina started to eat only vegetarian food since Rodrigo departure, it is an offering and sacrifice in honor of her beloved cousin/brother, and she said this is forever. 

She and the family told us that on Monday of that same week, Rodrigo received some results of medical tests, and he had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so he should have injected insulin every day, and also they found a heart disease.

11 am. starts the mass. A few minutes before, the priest came and heard the Srila Prabhupada's voice chanting the Maha Mantra through a mobile phone upon the coffin, and he said to us "you must to turn off that", so Arjuna grabbed his phone and kept it. After the mass, I was one of the men who took the coffin to get it into the funeral car, also Arjuna. Once outside the church, all devotees chanting Maha Mantra with instruments. Before leaving the church, I wanted to say goodbye to a nun who always looked at us with beautiful eyes, without fear or anything like that, and I told her a story as if it were mine, but it's a story I've heard from older devotees here in Chile. .. so I went to her and said "Thank you very much, you all are so nice... Many years ago a nun came to our congregation and finally get initiated without abandoning his Christian faith and when she meditated on the Maha Mantra she does it this way "Hare Kristo, Hare Kristo, Kristo, Kristo , Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Hare Hare"... and her eyes started to shine! And she said to me, looking deep into my eyes and quietly, "these days, I've been chanting the mantra..."  and her smile was shining! I felt she was talking trully! AGTSP!  

A long caravan of cars, leading by the hearse. Arjuna, Piero, Juan and Carlos Rold in the second car. The cemetery its called "Parque del Recuerdo" (memory park or park of remembering), very big and greeny. Another priest, another mass, brief this time. Later, family and friends give their final words, also I had to talk and the first I said was "Rodrigo is a Vaishnava, this means a person who follows the teachings of Lord Krishna..." I read some poetry of his last book and some verses of Bhagavad Gita (2.12, 2.13, 4.24, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.13, 9.27, 9.28), only the verses, and I tried to highlight the pure heart and giving attitude that Rodrigo teached us always through his example. Later, some of your disciples gave other words. Finally, the coffin get inside a big door opened from into the ground while Maha Mantra sounded beautiful from devotee's hearts and lips. 

A few days later they turned the body into ashes and the family divided the ashes into 2 parts, 1 for them and another to take to India.

Since one week later, ASA Chile, Dharma Comunicaciones (Rodrigo's enterprise) and Derrame (surrealist group founded by Rodrigo) are working toghether producing the launch event of the book "Dreams, Visions and Mantras". I read it twice. His book is amazing. Rodrigo was a genius. I recieved his book the same day he left the body, February 14th, Catalina gave it to me, and Rodrigo put my name into the thanksfull area... I recieved it in Saint Valentine's day, I never care for this comercial dates, anyway my heart was broken. I haven't got the book with me right now (I had to gave it to some person cause the launch event), but I send to you some graphics of the event this march 26, it is the same art.

I feel sorry for myself for not having had enough intelligence and heart to have appreciated Rodrigo while he was still among us. I was not a good friend with him. I am not a good friend with my friends. I have realized that I do not know what love is, I do not know how to love. 

Mister Raul Zurita was advised about Rodrigo's departure, I personally communicated with him, but he will not participate in the event because he is not in Chile. He has a copy of the book in his hands.

Tuesday, March 26, 7 pm., will be the launch of the book and the tribute to Rodrigo. I will not participate because that day I will be in Lima, Perú, I'm going this wednesday March 20 to make some bussines, I've got to buy Pima Cotton to create some clothes. I will travel with my fiancee and we will stay in María and Abhirama's home. With Abhirama will talk to join forces for this year events "Education and the Sacred". We want to get the slide show that your disciple (Samaresh Prabhu?) exposed a few days ago through Gotomeeting from Boise. I'm just waiting another oportunity to serve you again, please, Gurudeva, let me serve you just one more time. 

Your aspiring disciple and servant,

Carlos Rold.

HpS - Thank you very, very much. It is nice if there is formal initiation, like a boy and girl getting formally married, but if there are complications, such as a crazy body, then Krsna makes adjustments, no? Like you say, Rodrigo has gone up. Maybe we can work to translate, rewrite, his book into English, some of the poems, publish here and in NIOS. We hope the book launch is a great success. Thank you to everyone. Did you have a Sraddha ceremony? Like 10 days afte he left his body? At the Sunday festival you have a picture of him, devotees talk about him and offer him plate of Maha-prasadam.

Civil wedding Sergio and Sita

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Hare Krsna Gurudeva,

Please accept our humble obeisances

We hope and pray for Your wellness Gurudeva. Here my husband Sergio and I would like to thank you for many things but this time for giving us the approval for our civil wedding. We asked some astrologers about the date and hour, then we did the arrangements with the municipality and everything went good, the date was on January 30th at 1:30pm. So with the help of our parents and god-brothers ans sisters everything was ready for that day. Here we have many pictures. My amorous (loving) mom Karuna mayi and Bhibatsu Arjuna cooked an amazing prasadham, my dad Anandamaya das was in everything, this time giving us more than good advice, he made us cry with his beautiful words.

Our witnesses were Puspa Gopal prabhu and Caturatma Goura prabhu, Abhirrama prabhu and his wonderful wife Maria helped us a lot in everything, we had an special guest disciple of Srila Prabhupada, Arcita prabhu who took a lot of nice photos. Sergio s parents and siblings helped us too, especially his loving mom and younger brother!. Mother Palika did a delicious wedding cake, and like that I would like to thank every person, they were 45 who assisted, everybody seemed to be one family, everybody helped with somethinng. We are very thankful. Then with sadness in our hearts we said goodbye to our family and devotees. Now we are in Cusco again, staying at the house of Asthavarga prabhu and his wife just for some days.

Starting to chant rounds together everyday, a little bit more conscious. Receving the mercy of Goura Nitay in Cusco, we traslated a class of two of Your god-brothers in the temple, nice experience. Our desire is to have a fire ceremony wedding with Your presence. Before that, we will try to be a help this year so You Gurudeva can come to Cusco, otherwise we will try to travel to the place you go, here in Peru. We hope You like the photos. Hare Krsna Gurudeva.. may Lord Nrsimhadeva protect You always. 

HpS - Very nice! AGTSP. We have been trying to get to this letter for weeks, but so much pressure from travel. Thank you very much. Now you are both a very old, experienced married couple and can start giving advice to others. We will see you in a few months.