[Gauranga is Coming] - report, Pula March 2022

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Dear Guru Maharaja, Hare Krishna!

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I was asked to participate in a study from a philosophical/sociological university about [as] a follower of religion/faith/spiritual path that is from [an] other religions [religion] than the main one in the country.

I gladly agreed and answered their questions. It was nice to have the opportunity to talk about Krsna consciousness openly, and moreover to ponder about some deeper issues in connection to it.

HpS-ASA - So very nice to hear from you!! I hope you will tolerate our tardiness in answer your blog post. Part of the reason is the pressure from movie production, travel.

We see, and several informed devotees that we contact also see, that it seems more and more, Iskcon, the Hare Krsnas, are being accepted professionally.

It is like you are working on planning the development of some national project and you ask one of the people you are working with, "So, Nicole, you belong to the Mormon church, no?". Nicole answers yes and may make an enquiry about your religion, and you both leave it at that for the time being.

We have established the basic moral standard of the person we are working with, their basic philosophical perspective.

So, more and more people are informed enough to ask, "So, Mr. Nama acharya, you are a Hare Krsna, no?", and they mean it in a respectful and with even practical curiosity.

It seems that more and more we have to know our tradition in good detail in science, politics, family relations, economics, dinning!!!

On our Sunday and Saturday devotee gatherings, I shared about anarthas that are carried into bhakti yoga as a luggage and how they are masked because they seem like "watering the bhakti creeper" but are, to some extent, watering the weed(s). Specifically, the self-righteousness/arrogance/conceit/vanity one. In the presentation I tried to keep myself on the topic, not going to open more of them so that there is enough time to have a focused discussion. It looks that was accepted. Nobody threw rotten vegetables at me.

HpS - Very, very, very nice topic for initiated devotees, no?!!

Blog I read regularly almost every day.

ASA - 😮 Brown and White make up such a fright, with their words of mush and chaos.

We still have a roof upon our heads and a warm room (and water) and warm prasadam food. Thankful for that.

HpS - Yes, here people really feel the threat of a nuclear war right on their doorstep.

The general populace that I meet is not so bad people, though interesting how humans are weird to be killing so many animals which are sentient beings that feel pain, and the killers are ignorant about that.

HpS - They hide the slaughter-houses, no? Also, the package it like it is Burfi or something, no?

Of course, until not long ago, people accepted that black-skinned people are to be kept only as slaves, and it was a big struggle to change that perception.

We are turning 50 in a few months - if that has to mean something in our insane life.

HpS - We heard, read, that Srila Prabhupada said that 30-years is the end of the physical energy in the body and that 50-years is the end for mental strength, that maybe you can push it to fifty-five. That is good because then we have to rely more on our intellectual strength.

Occupation, apart from the main one of trying to become a Krishnaite, is still in school as a teaching assistant for kids with disabilities and the renting (and managing and cleaning and repairing, and ...) of family apartments. Nirgata is continuing with her Iyengar yoga classes. Parents are 86 now and need some assistance too.

HpS - Always funny, Mataji's name translated into Spanish! 😊

Our respects to her. She must be a saint to put up with you.

So, all in all, it looks like we are still alive.

HpS - Furthermore, on the path of becoming a preacher on the level of Narada Muni!!

AgtSP! AgttGP.

Your servant

Namacarya Das

Gauranga is Coming... (KDPC) Presentación de Maca Chile

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Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Por favor acepte mis más humildes reverencias.

Mi nombre es Macarena (Maca Chile, me conecto a los programas de gotomeeting) tengo 37 años,

ASA - Yes, we have seen you there so, so regularly. Your association is very nice. Thank you.

me he desenvuelto en el área de Educación con la profesión de Psicopedagoga y Educadora Diferencial durante 12 años. Siempre me ha gustado apoyar en la educación en el área psicoemocional y espiritual. Desde pequeña he estado ligada al mundo católico y cristiano por mi familia, haciendo diferentes servicios, actualmente coordino la misa de niños los días Domingos y dentro de la semana en grupos de oración, ya que siempre me ha llamado la atención la vida de Jesús y otros santos en especial Francisco de Asís, Madre Teresa de Calcuta y muchos otros.

También conscientemente estoy llevando los 4 principios, cantando al menos una ronda al día y haciendo servicio una vez a la semana repartiendo Prasadam a personas en situación de calle. También en la medida de lo posible realizo Sankirtana (libros). Y participo en grupo de whatsapp llamo Asa Deportes iniciado por Arjuna Das, donde por medio del deporte, contacto con la naturaleza, treking, ciclismo y paseos, se generan relaciones de amistad e intercambio de experiencias entre múltiples personas. Estoy en contacto con las madres Priyasaki, Sruti Priya, también con los devotos Arjuna Das, Prabhu Yamuna y Carlos Rold.

He tenido el honor de participar en Magal Arti y en clases de SB en el templo de Iskcon Chile. Mi interés más grande es descubrir cómo poder aportar en la Educación de Iskcon desde mi profesión de Psicopedagoga.

ASA - That is very nice. Kali yuga is so chaotic that some times we can not be systematically engaged in devotional service according to our normal civil function: Karma Yoga.

Yet, there is one very great benedicition: Just by chanting Krsna's Name in all circumstance we can see how to contribute.

Hope you get enthusiasm to chant more rounds, ultimately 16-for desire of Srila Prabhupada.



HK Maharaja 

Muchas gracias se despide 

Macarena ( Maca Chile)

Gauranga is Coming

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All Glories To Sri Sri Gour Nitay!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

All Glories to You!

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances, I am Danistha devi dasi from Santiago, Chile. Yesterday I read again this paragraph

(...) Los planes son grandes enemigos del Maha-mantra. Planea cantar Hare-Krishna. De otra forma solo rechaza cualquier plan. El Maha-mantra hará los planes que esto necesite. Hay un futuro? Hay un pasado? Son reconocidos como pensamientos. Dejen que el Maha-mantra los reúna como a Él le gusta...encuentra a Srimati Radharani. Ella quiere danzar con Sus Amigas para Krsna y Sus Amigos, pero no lo puede hacer porque a sido raptada por ese bribón de Ravana...

Lee el libro de Krsna 1008 veces...(...)

Del libro "Desde Rusia con amor" de Hanumatpresaka Swami.

and I have a cuestion, why You wrote that Ravana kidnaped Radharani, if Radharani is in Krishna lila, and Ravana in Ramayana?, Sita is Laksmi Devi right?, but also in some way Radharani, right?, Ravana is the same personality that Someone in Krishna Lila?

Thank You so much Guru Maharaja, I hope You are Well,

Your servant,

Danistha devi dasi.

HpS - I don't know what I wrote so long ago!! Yet, as you say Sita is an expansion of Radha. In Vrndavana there is a place, Kamya van, and there Radha and Krsna and all Their friends play Rama lila, forever! Maybe Sridama, Her brother, becomes Ravana and kidnaps Her.

Lord Jagannatha and Carl Jung

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Hare Krishna Maharaja,

I have enjoyed your lectures on Jung and the ways in which Jungian philosophy dovetails with Krishna Consciousness. My question is about Lord Jagannath and how Jung might see him in terms of Archetypes, integration of the shadow, or any of his other core concepts. I am a counselor working with non devotee families and I am always looking for ways to communicate Vaishnavism with the psyche. I would be grateful for any opportunities for service to you.

Your humble servant,

Akincana Bhakta Dasa

HpS - I don't know. Lord Jagannatha is a very specific Lila-avatar. There is Ranchor in another place in India. He is part of the lila of Lord running away from the battle field.

If Jung new more details he might see Lord from his perspective.

What have you read of Jung???

My prayers

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Dear Gurumaharaj :

pamho , AgtSP !!

i am a bit concern , hearing the news that you got Covid-19 . 😞

I offer all my prayers to Sri Nrisimhadev and Lord Hanumanji asking humbly that You Dear Sir , get well soon .

This morning On Ekadasi day I was reading some lines from our Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura , which I am offering to you .

“Without duplicity I will approach a Vaishnava with a straw between my teeth, with folded hands, and with a cloth hanging from my neck. I will cry and reveal my miserable condition. I will beg him for relief from the fire of material existence. After hearing about my miserable condition, the Vaishnava Thakura will profusely appeal to Krishna on my behalf. By his appeal, the most merciful Krishna will become compassionate towards this sinner.”

Ys . Madhvacharya das


Hare Krishna.

Ps. I sent you my report 10 days ago. 🙏🏻

Thank you very much for your letter!!!

Unless you put the FMP or Kapi Dhvaja Priority Code in the Title field you won’t get Tom Brown’s attention and it may be after we are all dead and in Goloka that you get an answer to your letter.

You can find the Priority Code at the seccion Letters to/from the Editor from our blog MkW.

Hare Krishna...Hare Rama...