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Hare Krishna, Gurudeva!✨🌟🌟✨

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!🔅✨🔅

Thank you so much for mentioning the three levels of Iskcon, I'm interested to know about that!😃

HpS/ASA - Look for "Gopis Attracted by the Sound of the Flute" chapter title in the KRSNA book. Tell us what you find there.


I had an idea about Sankirtan...🍇🍇

I was thinking about writing a book about

the transformation from

matter [ial attachment] to spirit [ual attachment],

and then I was wondering, what about a zine??🥥🪴

Basically this idea is

to take Srila Prabhupada's teachings, as spoken by him,

and as spoken by you,

and transform that from a book into a zine... complete with art from His Holiness Hanumatpresaka Swami, Bhakta Angel, Jaya-hari das, and anyone that wanted to contribute.🌵🌵🪴

HpS/ASA - So, first, agtSP, we make a book and then from that a [maga]zine??

Seems like a more common method is to start with a series of magazines, with articles and then collect them into a book.


What about doing a first issue of a magazine, see how it circulates, what is the response, and then plan from there?

I think it has very good Sankirtan possibility

I could add Hanumatpresaka Swami's poems, recipes and sayings, and favorite books as well if he would allow?🚎🚎

There could possibly be occasional pages for WW9, piggy's parting pearls, "my ol grandpappy used to say", some kind of activity page, and whatever else it develops into. 🍀

It will most likely have the advertisements for upcoming programs like Taco Tuesday and Soulebrate Sunday here in Houston.🥑

My goal is to become a transcendental madman...(cough cough), I mean mailman for anyone who wants this, but maybe the coffee shop crowd is a good place to start?🚎🤺🛸

Because I'm not a very "tech-y" person, maybe this could be a quarterly edition? With possibilities for increasing production?🧘

It might be mostly photo-copied or hand drawn pages. ⭐🐒🐒🌟 I have a book scanner, too.🪷

The idea was that I could distribute Srila Prabhupada's books to interested people using this as a gift to attract people to the table, or to donate for the book on the street...🔥

I could also try to "sell" it wherever zines are sold ..🔅

I think it might be very similar to the kapi dhvaja!! And if H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami allows, then it could even use the art from the Kapi Dhvaja?🔥🔥

Or, if this turns into a continuation of the Kapi Dhvaja then of course I could print it monthly and try to somehow get it online...🐖🐖 (But if that is the case then i need a lot of help...)

What do you think Gurudeva?

Your aspiring monkey,

Jaya-hari das

HpS - I read everything twice. And what we would suggest is try and make 1st issue and see the reaction.


Madre Jambabati Devi Dasi💗

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Respected Gurumaharaja, please accept my obeisances at Your immaculate lotus feet


All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!

HpSwami - We, agtSP, are still struggling with eating too much cheese. Think we have un-hybrid Carnation feet at the best.


I am fortunate to communicate with mother Jambabati and she wants to know if the offering she made for her Vyasa Puja arrived. 

She also wants to know if she received her report from Sadana. 

She told me that wants to know if she has had the mercy that her offering has reached her. She has this concern because last year she did not receive a response either. 

She also told me that apparently she plays something on the keyboard that causes her offering to be deleted and that's why she doesn't know if it arrived or not.

HpS - AgtSP. thank you for helping her with the communication. we feel very sad not to be in touch with her.

Looking at the Report List on the Blog, she is not there. 😕

Also, don't remember downloading her offering from the Personal Sadhana posts!!

Maybe you can collect them and forward to us here.

In general, we were doing five classes a week in Houston Temple, so that there was not time to read the Reports or Vyasapuja Offerings, but they are safe. We hope to look at them now that we are here in Murfreesboro, but... right now, after four days here we are writing with headache, eyestrain and wobbling desk.

Yet, we got water, light, heat, WiFi, car, association of devotees, and class schedule is much reduced.

Packing and travel where five days of intense work! 😅

Guess you, Franco, Gopal, me, Mataji ... we are all in similar situations.

KRSNA is like the sun! 🌅

Thank you. 👍

Thank you very much dear Gurudeva🙏💗trying to serve:

Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi

P.S. Her tryptic of her gaura nitai deities is always on our altar.

Sri Advaitacarya

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Hare Krishna Maharaja, PAMHO AGTSP!

The picture below is an original painting of Sri Advaitacarya, released by 14th generation of his family, still living. It is believed to be made about 500 years ago.

HpS - Amazing. Where did you get it??

To die profoundly

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Still relishing our time with you in Houston. A fire was lit and we are keeping it stoked. Some times there are just red coals and other times there is a lot of light. Maintenance and steadiness is our constant work. Internally crying selfish tears half the time, though. Noticing everyday and sometimes many times within a moment, how I am like a spoiled brat. An ungrateful child in the hands of so much mercy. Not fully taking advantage of what I have been given. A kind of purgatory. And then your voice comes in..Durga has given the reins to Radharani. And your illuminations are remembered. A few things I know by heart and text 3 and statement in the purport of NOI comes to mind/heart: devotional service is so pure and perfect that once having begun, one is forcibly dragged to ultimate success.


I endeavor to be dragged? Enthusiasm is more important than patience as I’ve heard you say. We’ve observed that when most rounds are done before breakfast and there is class then that momentum carries and we are able to actually give to others. Otherwise there is nothing to give really and it can feel like hell or purgatory. I don’t want to waist this life that you have given.

A lot of exciting new projects and pioneering work ahead here in New Biharvan dham. Our dear Kalakantha Prabhu has made Boise his number one focus for Krishna House and Krishna Lunch. Him and his good wife Jita Mitra Prabhu will be living here for a year and they are bringing other angels and experts to give us a strong push to get things going.

The New Biharvan perspective and bonsai tree is growing nicely despite so many challenges and opposition. I think about what you said a lot when I am feeling unhopeful..the temple is Sat Cit Ananda. I try to just lean into that and do my duties. Sing to God in His home, fix things here and there and be the janitor. Pretty good gig! Hope to just keep doing this after I die? Long row to hoe..

Here is a song/poem(it will change to fit music) I wrote for you this morning:

Profoundly Dying 

For you, we are trying 

But there is no try, there is only do? 

Well I know what will be done 

Can be done more for you  

Giant steps, baby steps 

Or a slow and steady crawl 

A leap of faith, an effort made 

or a care free flippant fall 

I want more with you 

And connection to that line 

Disciplic succession 

No more waiting for a sign 

It’s you, the one I will die to follow 

It is me, the false ego 

Many bitter pills to swallow 

To garland your shadow 

What is the need? 

When the root is watered 

And it grows from the seed 

Lighter, brighter days ahead 

And the mercy river flows 

Saintly joyous attributes 

From the crown down to the toes 

Rising above the gunas

Your arms stretched out like wings 

Attention sharpens 

If I can only hear you in the mornings 

Divinity blues sung in the darkest hour 

Preservation, cultivation 

Then the light comes rushing in 

As I offer you a flower 

Now it’s a good day to die, to die profoundly 

Thank you Maharaja for the constant inspiration. Your enthusiasm keeps our fire bright and illuminates Srila Prabhupada’s teachings for us. Praying that you heal quickly from the dental surgery! Transcend~dental

Eternally grateful and indebted, your aspiring servants,

Nitisara das, Anadi and Yamuna

P.S. We got the Improvisations for the Theater book like you suggested and have started trying out some of those exercises/games on our own and at Krishna Lounge. Thank you for that suggestion! Amazing young people coming each week and a very very sincere ex Christian.. hallelujah/hare Krishna!

HpS - The beginning part is very nice, where she talks about the fundamental principles of drama theory. she capitalizes the word Environment.

It think it is Paramatma yoga???

Very nice news.

You see we have been drowning in blood etc.

Yet getting to this wonderful mail, no!!