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This is rupanuga saddhanta das. PAMHO.

HpS - Jaya!!! Super!!

Please send you WhatsApp number as well as news of your Sankirtan. We won't publish the number.

How many gallons of water a day, how many pounds of ice?

Distribución de riquezas - PMD

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

How are you? I imagine ecstatic and increasingly happy in Krishna consciousness!

HpS - 😆

Taking advantage of these tran scend ental Blog posts to keep our mind above our burning mucous.

Today as I write this letter I celebrate Janmastami, yesterday was my solar birthday, my body is now 29 years old. I just made some sweet balls and I plan to share them with my classmates and with the institute officials or with each person who wants to receive them.







I wanted to tell you that I have continued to analyze the nature of my body and mind. There are two points that are very notable within the diversity of this yantra:

1.- Communicator, I include it within the brahminical nature, since it is expressed in the desire to preach in different ways.

2.- Organizer, typical of the Ksatriya nature, which can also help carry out different preaching systems.

I have a question:

How should I distribute my income?

Whenever I can do so, I strive to spend 50% of the profits on issues that deal purely with Krishna consciousness, such as donating to devotees, buying items for the altar, japas to give as gifts, etc.

As I understand it, 25% should be spent helping the family, but in one of your classes I remember that you mentioned that this can also include the devotees.

The other 25% to save for possible emergencies and the remaining 50% should be used in Krishna consciousness activities. In the same class I quoted above, I remember you saying that this 50% percentage included things like book printing and so on.

Is this distribution of wealth based on what we receive from our income or does it refer to what we have left over after paying bills such as rent, electricity, water, etc.?

HpS - Above seems correct. I think it is profit. Rupa Gos applied the above formula to his "accumulated wealth".

We attach some fotos.

CC adi 7.65 +

āpane prakāśānanda hātete dhariyā

vasāilā sabhā-madhye sammāna kariyā

puchila, tomāra nāma ‘śrī-kṛṣṇa-caitanya’

keśava-bhāratīra śiṣya, tāte tumi dhanya

sāmpradāyika sannyāsī tumi, raha ei grāme

ki kāraṇe āmā-sabāra nā kara darśane

sannyāsī ha-iyā kara nartana-gāyana

bhāvuka saba saṅge lañā kara saṅkīrtana

vedānta-paṭhana, dhyāna, — sannyāsīra dharma

tāhā chāḍi’ kara kene bhāvukera karma

prabhāve dekhiye tomā sākṣāt nārāyaṇa

hīnācāra kara kene, ithe ki kāraṇa

prabhu kahe — śuna, śrīpāda, ihāra kāraṇa

guru more mūrkha dekhi’ karila śāsana

mūrkha tumi, tomāra . . .

Thank you very much Gurudeva

Hare Krishna

Your servant

Piyari Mohan das

HpS - Hare Krsna!!!!

Possible to help

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva!

Danvadat pranam

please accept my humble obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

Gurudeva, my father Michael has been diagnosed with dementia for a few years now, and has been losing coherence more and more.

This surprised the family because no grandparents or older relatives had it.

My Mom has to look after him and when he leaves, usually will get a phone call from someone witnessing an odd behavior like him walking in the middle of a road with a cane, or with boots that have the strings tied together.

My Mom, Fay, is Catholic, and is of the paradigm that we live once and then get a pass or fail to heaven or hell based on whether a person has taken shelter of Lord Jesus and avoided harming others well enough or not.

There are a fair number of verses in the bible that state that there is nothing wrong with eating animals. I think there is also the notion that only humans are granted a soul, the animals that are slaughtered for food do not have a soul and that action does not also create consequences for a person.

She prays for the salvation of her Family, and believes that this kind of prayer invokes the Lord’s mercy to forgive us our sins and grant us eternal life in heaven. According to this idea she has faith that her Prayers will be answered and the members of our family will not burn in hell for all eternity.

I believe that we have had many births prior to this one, and that our activities, habits, and attachments, our consciousness all predicate how we continue in our next assignment, what situation we continue in after leaving this body. I hope every living entity escapes/ is delivered from samsara and finds an engagement/ engagements that completely fufill them.

I'm thankful to them both for all they’ve done, giving their best to us according to their best knowledge.

i usually see them once a year around Christmas.

Do you know of a way that i could help my father? Or where I could look for this info?

HpS - Not directly. My constant companion here is Nitai-gaurasundara Das. Dr. Ravi P. Singh. He is just retiring after decades as Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at local hospital.

I will ask him tonight.

We stayed at New Vrindaban for Gaura Purnima. We toured Prabhupada’s palace of Gold there together. They’ve had Prasadam there and at Sadhu Sangha retreat in north carolina. They have a Bhagavatam set and Bhagavad Gita in their home. I've given them all one of Prabhupada’s books each year as one gift for Christmas. I believe we each have a unique relationship with Krishna, and that our journey home will be unique according to our desires and consciousness. My Father’s been a wonderful provider, but due in part to the harsh way my Grandfather raised him, i wouldn't say he is kind to himself or has a great self-image. Also for that reason has not always been as ‘interactive’ with his kids. As his condition worsens, is there a way to help him? I know Krishna as the source , maintainer and destination of all living entities, is our actual friend and benefactor. Can i bring tulsi to live in a home where they are eating chicken and beef?

Thank you for your time, care, and your mercy Gurudeva 🙏

your servant/aspiring to be of service,

Loka Bandhu Rama Das

HpS - I will ask NgD tonight.

Basically as you dedicate yourself more and more to the austerity of serving Krsna rather than you vanity, Krsna can take more and more personal responsibility for your current social connections. Bhisma was old, Drona was old, Krsna's instructions in BG were for how Arjuna could help them.

Sankirtan Montemorelos y monterrey

Por Favor acepte mis Reverencias.

Todas Las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada y al movimiento de sankirtan de Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Gurudeva . estoy muy sorprendido al leer el tava Pache Pache, Prabhu Abhiram nos obsequió 2 copias. texto , 8 SP utiliza la palabra NEGOCIO ( TPP ), estoy leyendo también el libro de OUR FAMILY BUSSINES de ,Vaysesika Prabhu., estamos madurando nuestra comprensión de sankirtan .

  • Nuestra duda al leer Tava Pache Pache ,como un alma condicionada puede experimentar extasis sin seguir los principios regulativo nos sorprendió saber tan grande que es la misericordia de Krishna cuando hay un apego sincero siguiendo vaidhi Bhakti. ISKCON Sri Krsna Bhavana amrta es muy profundo el significado y agradecemos por ampliar nuestra comprensión de las enseñanzas de Rupa Goswami.

.Distribución de los libros 3 días por semana Viernes, Sábado y Domingo. Lo acompañamos con buena asociación sin apego al resultado es nuestra intención. lunes a jueves estamos en casa con la familia

.nuestro principal enfoque desarrollar nueva Goverdan para el servicio de la comunidad vaisnava.

.Tenemos un staff de devotos muy buenos que nos ayudan a tener continuidad en el proceso y tomamos las direcciones necesarias paso a paso y poco a poco , la modalidad de la pasion ya esta mas controlada.

.Ayer nos visito Guru Prasad Swami hablamos sobre nuestro programa de predica y como ser buen ciudadano de la ISKCON - enfatizo la importancia de aceptar siksa Guru con el mismo nivel de importancia del Diksa Guru.también hablamos sobre iniciaciones pidiendo su autorización y consejo.

GPS nos sugirió empezar un NUEVO programa los miércoles en el centro de predica de monterrey .

le presentamos próximos eventos del calendario.

-septiembre. festival EXPOESOTERICA 4 días venta de Prasad , libros y parafernalia .(buen evento grande mas de 5 mil personas visitan)

-octubre. programa con 120 estudiantes UVM universidad valle de Mexico en la finca nueva goverdan.

-noviembre Empezamos cursos en nueva Goverdan

-continuamos avánces diseño e infraestructura (NG) en la huerta gracias a la Gente nativa de la HUASTECA , es una familia de agricultores que están trabajando ellos hablan dialecto TENEK .

- los niños próxima semana todos a la escuela ( estamos cualificandonos para emprender un microproyecto educativo) estudiaremos online pedagogía. ¿esta bien? el tiempo pasa rápido

-Los devotos y devotas hermanos espirituales queremos invitarlo a Mexico Yatra Latino el próximo ,Festival de Vyasapuja en Nueva Goverdan Montemorelos ,esperamos sus indicaciones por favor darnos la oportunidad de poder mejorar nuestro servicio.

-mantenemos el mismo programa y poco a poco se vuelve mas fuerte..

-Bhakta Guillermo ya termino el curso de discípulos y mantiene su Sadhana y 16 Rondas , así como un servicio activo en el centro de predica una vez por semana.

  • hoy estuvimos con la familia en festival Jala Yatra que gracias a su visión este festival se estableció en este Yatra de monterrey.(cada vez que usted viene se establece algún programa increíble)

agradecemos por siempre inspirarnos desde el corazón y ser una guía en la obscuridad de Kali Yuga

att su caído sirviente Gadadhara Gosai Das.

(mi esposa enviara fotos)


Please accept my obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's sankirtan movement.

Gurudeva. I am very surprised to read Tava Pache Pache, Prabhu Abhiram gifted us 2 copies.

text, 8 SP uses the word BUSINESS (TPP),

I am also reading the book OUR FAMILY BUSINESS by Vaysesika Prabhu., we are maturing our understanding of sankirtan.

Our doubt when reading Tava Pache Pache, how a conditioned soul can experience ecstasy without following the regulative principles, we were surprised to know how great is the mercy of Krishna when there is sincere attachment following Vaidhi Bhakti.

ISKCON, Sri Krsna Bhavana amrta, is very deep in meaning and we thank you for expanding our understanding of Rupa Goswami's teachings.

Distribution of books 3 days a week Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We accompany you with good association without attachment to the result is our intention.

Monday to Thursday we are at home with the family

Our main focus is to develop New Goverdan for the service of the Vaisnava community.

We have a staff of very good devotees who help us to have continuity in the process and we take the necessary directions step by step and little by little, the mode of passion is already more controlled.

Yesterday Guru Prasad Swami visited us and we talked about our preaching program and how to be a good ISKCON citizen - he emphasized the importance of accepting Siksa Guru with the same level of importance as the Diksa Guru. We also talked about initiations asking for your authorization and advice.

GPS suggested we start a NEW Wednesday program at the Monterrey preaching center.

We present you with upcoming calendar events.

-September. EXPO-ESOTERICA festival 4 days. Sale of Prasad, books and paraphernalia. (good big event more than 5 thousand people visit).

-October. program with 120 UVM students, University Valley of Mexico in the New Goverdan farm.

-November We start courses in New Goverdhan

-We continue to advance design and infrastructure (NG) in the orchard thanks to the native people of the HUASTECA, it is a family of farmers who are working, they speak the TENEK dialect.

- The children will all go to school next week (we are qualifying ourselves to undertake an educational microproject) we will study pedagogy online. Alright? time goes fast

-The devotees and spiritual brothers want to invite you to Mexico Yatra Latino next, Vyasapuja Festival in Nueva Goverdan Montemorelos, we await your indications please give us the opportunity to improve our service.

-We keep the same program and little by little it becomes stronger..

-Bhakta Guillermo has already finished the disciples' course and maintains his Sadhana and 16 Rounds, as well as an active service in the preaching center once a week.

Today we were with the family at the Jala Yatra festival thanks to his vision this festival was established in this Yatra of Monterrey (every time you come an incredible program is established)

we thank you for always inspiring us from the heart and being a guide in the darkness of Kali Yuga

att the fallen servant of him Gadadhara Gosai Das.

(my wife will send photos)

HpS - AgtSP!!! Thank you for the news. You may see from the other Blog posts and Kapi Dhvaja that we are working here in Nashville for like almost five months now. I think it is similar challenges to what you face. We are looking to get land for our own projects etc.

1st is keep your 16/4 strong, up for Mangala arati, SB, Kirtan daily. Then discuss with your Sankirtan partners and do some Sankirtan.

Very simple.

Best way to work.

If people want our product or don't, that is their free will.

There will always be some nice result, but big results depend on Krsna, no?

We have nice dialog with Bh. Guimo.

He will have been doing 16-rounds a day in December.

We are looking at his initiation about that time.

Fotos, Fotos, Fotos with explanations.

You can see the Calendar developing here and the conclusions published every Kapi Dhvaja.

Right now we only have fixed plans until November. Go to Houston.

Basically every day our body gets more and more delicate so travel is a major challenge.

Same happens to everyone.



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Thank you for your prompt communication,

from which I am trying to understand.

We send the information for the publication of the article for Solaris by mail,

a summary with difficulty in 15 pages,

but there was so much information to put together,

according to the format,

devotional content,

we try to be scientifically possible,

due to the shape and theme of the magazine...

and that made we believe that it was prudent to quote Srila Prabhupada and the work that you have always spread,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . which is the 'light of the bhagavata',

and if it is possible to modify the text

with more Quotes from the book,

the better,

or perhaps photographs with some pages

and text

from the book.

Well I don't know...


Because ...

. . . . . . . . . . finally

.. . . ... agriculture. . . .


the basis

of an advanced and spiritual civilization


maybe it's useless or need an English translation....

About of travels; I don't know which way to go now,

I'm so confused and unenthusiastic with all,

with the system...

Perhaps there are possibilities of being able to travel to Madrid next year.

But our focus right now is on Chile...








Last year i was traveling through Nepal and then Paris and Granada... and God gave us the opportunity to contemplate the Arabic writing on the walls of the Alhambra. .................. ..................... ................ ................... ............ ...There was a group of Nasrid wise men who wrote the name of god on the walls...


asa - KRS-NA . KRS-NA . KRS-NA . KRS-NA . krs-na ' krs-na ' KRSNA... HE!


For mental health i am writing some things,

... maybe i can write some texts.

Sometimes i listen to his preaching and what he talks about some things in conferences, and maybe we can do an essay next time in english and show him... Analyze works and art...

thanks for all ,,, Cynthia.


asa - 🐵 all the people in this world are boring

. .. .except NIMAI and His gang

. . of rascals.


make all mistakes into


. 🔔