Hare Krsna Maharaj

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Hare Krsna dear Maharaj!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please accept my humble obeisances!

Thank you for your reply. I loved it. I very much appreciate the time you spend to reply to each and every message of not only mine, but all of your disciples'. I know gurus have quite the eventful life - never much time to rest, always doing service.

We just attended the Sacred Sounds festival here in the New Govardhan farm. It is a big Kirtan retreat with HH BB Govinda Swami, HH Indradyumna Swami, HG Akincana Krsna Prabhu, HG Balaram Tirtha Prabhu and his wife, HG Dhanya Mataji, as well as our local Brisbane Kirtaniya, HG Janardan prabhu. It was amazing. Just Kirtan and more Kirtan. Also HH Govinda Swami was giving beautiful lectures on the Brihad Bhagavatamrita.

ASA - Oink! Whoop! E=MC*2!!

The festival went for 4 days, during the Easter break. It was simply amazing. And on the Sunday night, the Kirtan was beyond ecstatic; HH Govinda Swami taught us a phrase the African devotees taught him (you must rap it quite quickly) - There ain't no party like the Kirtan party cus' the Kirtan party don't stop. And the Kirtan just kept on going on from there. They would finish the Kirtan and then again, Maharaj would repeat this phrase and Kirtan would begin again.

In your last message, you asked if my father had any news. Somehow it struck me today actually and I would like to share it with you. I can't remember the exact date now, but it was after his passing, perhaps last year or the year before. I was attending Saturday feast and I was standing outside the door during Arati. And all of a sudden, for about a second, I saw him, dancing in the Kirtan so cheerfully. As a spiritual being (if I recall correctly). This is the only incident where my father has 'come' to my dream, or reality, in this case. Rather than me remembering pastimes in my dreams.

HpS - We miss him so much. Well later we will meet. There must be a Fazilka in Goloka. 😀

And it just occurred to me today that, what if he was dancing to somehow tell me to keep on dancing in Kirtan and never stop. At least, that's what I can take from it. Actually, before I never used to dance in Kirtan. Or at least enthusiastically. I believe I started during my father's time, but more so after his passing. I took everything a little more seriously after that. And now, I am always trying to dance in Kirtan. I cannot not dance in Kirtan now. It's almost like a disease. I have to dance hehe. So now that I really think about it, perhaps that vision of my father dancing was some sort of a sign. And if not, I will still continue to dance just as I saw him doing.

ASA - They say that Srila Prabhupada said, that he could tell how advanced we were by how much we liked to dance FOR KRSNA. Of course, we have to push ourselves because we are Learning to Love KRSNA, like learning the piano or tennis.

Besides that, I cannot think of any questions that I need to ask you as of now 😆


Oh, I just remembered another pastime that I may share with you. I was reading the Krsna book. This is while my father is still alive. For years I was reading it, and I never finished... I would start and I would be going very well, and then I would not read it for the next 6 months plus and then I would have to restart the book. This became a cycle and happened quite a few times. And I would always promise Papa that I would finish it 'this year' or by 'this time'. And so, he would always joke with me by mockingly saying, "Papa, I promise with you, I will finish the Krsna book by the year 2000 and such and such." And as my memory serves me, he jokingly said by the end of 2020 one time, if not any longer 😂

. But now, I have read the most without restarting and am almost done. Another 200 pages to go and I will have fulfilled my promise.

HpS - Aaaah! I warn you there is a surprise benediction written at the end.

After I complete this book, I was thinking I would start either the Bhagavad Gita or the Mahabharata. But I think I better begin with the Bhagavad Gita, the essence of our philosophy.

Anyway, thank you for letting me share these pastimes with you Maharaj. And thank you for always showering your mercy upon my fallen self. I very much appreciate it. I wish that you may visit Brisbane sometime this year. Please!!

I hope your health is in best condition.

Your fallen servant,


HpS - Any interesting things about the Yatra. How is the school? Any friends?


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Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Two weeks ago, I sent you a letter about my sadhana, activities, studies, etc. Now, I would like to tell you about an incomplete matter. A year ago, I was associating with one devotee in Loma. He went to Mexico. I used to communicate with him while he was there. However, 2 months ago, I realized that the best thing for everyone is to break up with him. It's good for him, for my family and for me. I feel a lot of compassion for him, and I pray Krishna to help him. But my final decision is not to have any kind of relationship with him.

Hope you are in good health.

Always trying to serve,

Rukmini dd

HpS - Marriage, Varna-ashrama-dharma. These are little things. They may happen. They may not happen. Easiest thing is just to ask Srimati Radharani and Lalita devi if they will share their Krsna with you. He is very nice boy friend.

Big thing is to see all living entities as servants of Krsna. Trnad api sunicena. How can I serve she, he, it?

Then we have happy, happy, happy life surrounded with love and adventure with brothers, uncles, cousins, fathers, sons.

Don't diminish your relationship with anyone. Just purify it.

Thank you. Your austerity is BIG, BIG, inspiration for us.

Follow up

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Maharaja Your Holiness,




Thank you kindly for reply to our last letter.

Phone number - 971 XXX

HpS - Just texted you to try it.

My father was a recieving clerk for 30+ years for Albertson's grocery store. He stuck with the job because it was a job that he got off work at 3:30pm and was able to engage with my brothers and I in sports. He was a good coach. Not the most knowledgeable of the sports, he didn't play much sports when he grew up, but he was creative, structured and put together good systems in a way to have fun and see advancement in my brothers, myself and the other kids on our teams. I believe that I am similar in my father in that he had a very strong since of duty for others, loyal and creativity in how to get to his goals with the resources he had available.

He had a lot of goods idea and some he was able to use and cultivate them practically. I remember him reading a lot of golf magazines to improve his golf game and he would do his best to pass that on to us. He coached baseball and football and was really actually successful with them to the degree. Good systems (use of resources in a positive way), very encouraging/loving to others, and very dedicated/loyal. These things I see in him that I attract to and try to grow in myself.

My mothers family I don't know so well because she doesn't talk about them really and have much to do with them. They where abusive and alcoholics.

I was in college in a psychology class and the teacher was doing a unit on Alcholism and the family dynamics of a family with an alcoholic or alcoholics in it. My parents didn't drink alcohol but smoked marijuana. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the professor was describing my family while he was speaking about an alcoholic family. I guess I am saying this because I believe with out the addiction my father would see a lot more success with his unique abilities and appreciation of things in his life. He would often get very angry and would throw poop like the one monkey demon you described in class. However, I have little realization that this is material since gratification addiction we all have to a certain degree and that addiction is focused on some kind of "drug". We like to throw fits, throw poop, when we aren't getting it. Our addiction needs to refocused to Krsna in a way that pleases him, pleases Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - We heard that Srila Prabhupada said that to get free from intoxication COOK and OFFer nice Bhoga to Krsna, then, if He leaves any, honor Prasad! Better than Bud!

I did see the mention of the acticle on Sunday school. I have been looking on the Ministry of Ed website and it's very interesting. I will look more into it and read the journals. Also I will encourage Alicia to read the sunday school article.

I do have a weed whipper! I'm straight 🤣

Thank you again Maharaja, your association is very dear to me and encourages me to fight for becoming more attached to Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet and serving him kindly. Please bless me that I may become a competent instrument for him and do some nice service for him.


Your aspiring servent,

Bhakta Big Foot (Nathen)

HpS - Hopefully we won't have four Big Feet. In our next life. I don't like ticks and fleas!

Leyendo y surgen preguntas

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Querido Gurudeva. Estaba leyendo en canto 7 acerca del VAD y me quedaron muchas preguntas:

En la actualidad lo que se relata no se aplica, no veo a sannyasis andando con taparrabos o quedándose un día en cada sitio, o vanaprasthas que no se aseen, o brahmacaris que ayunen si el Guru no les dice que coman, o que los grhasthas pidan permiso para reproducirse, entonces como debemos asimilar este conocimiento sin oponernos o alejarnos de lo indicado en el sastra.

HpS - Por supuesto, tenemos los significados que Srila Prabhupada escribe de los versos, y luego están sus comentarios sobre sus propios significados. Por ejemplo, cuando estaban iniciando el Gurukula en el Templo de Bombay, Srila Prabhupada dio conferencias por varias mañanas sobre la sección sobre la vida de Brahmacari en este séptimo canto. Comentó sobre sus propios significados y, a veces, dijo que no eran de aplicación inmediata. Entonces, ¿podemos ver los significados escritos por los próximos 10,000 años y debemos aplicarlos en el momento actual por la asociación de devotos y aconsejar a la Superalma?

Recuerdo que un devoto vanaprastha trataba de tener una dieta estricta, pero si se enfermaba una sopa hervida podría curarlo y no lo hacía. Entonces, tanto en ISKCON como en otras líneas fidedignas, han hecho ajustes? Quien da esas pautas actualmente, siento que hay una brecha que debe unir ambos tiempos. Por favor mate a mi demonio de la incomprensión.

HpS - En esta paragraph hay indicacion como aplicar estas escripturas en modo practico:  https://vedabase.io/es/library/sb/1/9/27/#bb15336.

Cuando hay un situacion specific podomes consultar dios (Canta Hare Krsna), las escripuras (Libros de Srila Prabhupada), y los Brahmanas (seis buen devotos)

Por otro lado, me encontré con otros grupos de neófitos y me manifestaron sus dudas acerca de la ciencia y la teología, es más fácil romper esos argumentos cuando no tienen conocimiento de las escrituras, pero en este caso, aunque su conocimiento evidentemente no era profundo, note que se debía a la 10 ofensa al santo nombre, entonces, ¿Cuál es el mejor consejo para ellos? Tuvimos una discusión acalorada, no toque ningún argumento sástrico. Ellos decían que se cuestionaba a la ciencia cosas irrefutables como el viaje a la luna. Mencione que si eso es cierto porque no viajan ahora más astronautas con todo el avance tecnológico.

HpS - Ellos no puede acceptar la autoridad de los sastras por que no conocen ellos. Claro, so son demonios, no va a acceptar nada, y entonces evitamos ellos. Trata de occupar ellos ser vegitarianos. etc. Primero entoces es poner las palabras de la escripturas en modo contidiano (eg. mi abuelita dijo), y mas que podemos entender ciencia podemos explicar la vision de las escripturas de esta perspertivo. Posible no somoe cientificos. O. K. Podemos explicar un poco a ellos, como entedemos esta espcialidad, y entonces dirigir ellos a un devote quien es expert en esta area. Por mi, puedo explicar un poco a una senorita como es ser una chica en el movimiento Hare Krsna, pero pronto dirigirara ello a una devota mayor quien es experta en esta tema.

Pronto, personalmente le contare el servicio que he estado haciendo, la meta de este año. Si estamos haciendo sankirtan ahora es porque entiendo que es parte del plan de Krsna en este momento. Hay un plan a futuro que involucraría a más personas, con sus bendiciones ojala pueda darse.

Muchas gracias por la asociación por las mañanas, es muy revitalizante.

Hari bolo.

Su hija que lo adora:

Yugala Kishora Dasi

HpS - ASA - Has ayudado a tanta gente. Tu futuro es tan brillante. https://vedabase.io/es/library/sb/1/9/27/#bb15336

Dear Gurudeva. I was reading in song 7 about the VAD and I had many questions:

At present what is related does not apply, I do not see sannyasis walking with loincloths or staying one day in each place, or vanaprasthas that do not cleanse, or brahmacaris that they fast if the Guru does not tell them to eat, or that the grhasthas ask for permission to reproduce, then how we should assimilate this knowledge without opposing or withdrawing from what is indicated in the sastra. I remember that a vanaprastha devotee tried to have a strict diet, but if he became ill a boiled soup could cure him and he did not. So, both in ISKCON and in other reliable lines, have they made adjustments? Who gives these guidelines now, I feel there is a gap that should unite both times. Please kill my demon of incomprehension.

On the other hand, I met other groups of neophytes and they expressed their doubts about science and theology, it is easier to break those arguments when they have no knowledge of the scriptures, but in this case, although their knowledge was evidently not profound , note that it was due to the 10 offense to the holy name, then, what is the best advice for them? We had a heated discussion, do not touch any sastric argument. They said that irrefutable things like the trip to the moon were questioned to science. Mention that if that is true because they do not travel more astronauts now with all the technological advance.

Soon, I will personally tell you about the service I have been doing, this year's goal. If we are doing sankirtan now it is because I understand that it is part of Krsna's plan at this time. There is a future plan that would involve more people, with their blessings hopefully.

Thank you very much for the association in the mornings, it is very revitalizing.

Hari bolo

His daughter who adores him:

Yugala Kishora Dasi

Urgente!! Parte médico de Suklambar prabhu.

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva!

Toda Gloria a Srila Prabhupada!

Gloria al Movimiento de Sankirtana del Señor Goura Hari y Sus asociados eternos!

La noticia del derrame cerebral de p. Suklambar se manifestó unos meses antes con síntomas de pérdida de fuerza en su parte derecha del cuerpo. En ese momento estuvo varios días internado, esto ocurrió en Febrero ya que recuerdo, nos estaba visitando Bhaktibusan Swami, y Maharaja fue a visitar a su discípulo al hospital. Prabhu Suklambar comenzó un tratamiento de recuperación pero el 28 de Abril cae inconsciente mientras hacia servicio en un evento público junto a un grupo de devotos. Por la gracia del Señor Krishna en ese lugar había una ambulancia que inmediatamente lo traslada al Hospital Central de San Isidro donde a las pocas horas es intervenido quirurgicamente. La operación salió bien pero el aún no despierta del coma. Ahora está estable fuera de riesgo de alguna infección, un respirador artificial lo ayuda a respirar ya que él esta muy débil. Su esposa Maha Sundari dd comparte el informe médico a diario. Ella está muy triste debido a la incertidumbre de ésta situación, pero se mantiene en compañía de los devotos y cantando sus rondas.

No hay mucho mas que pueda contarle Gurudeva, nosotros seguimos orando al Señor Krishna para que pronto pueda destrabarse esta situación.

Cualquier otra cosa que pueda hacer por usted Gurudeva, estoy a su servicio.

Disculpe mis ofensas.

Jahnava dd. Ys.

Hare Krishna.

HpS - Muchas gracias!!! Abhimanyu tuvo que volver a su papa, entonces se muere joven en la batalla de Kurukestra. Qual es la plan de Krsna. Investigamos. El es consiente de su devoto!!

West coast yatra

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Any chance of Maharaj coming to the west coast?

ASA - Hare Krsna! AgtSP. Esteemed SacSingh. Who are you? How do we know you!!! Are you a retired Pathan Colonel from the Indian Army? We just did our "West Coast Tour"! Well almost West Coast. We screamed about visiting Boise and devotees came from San Jose, Washington, and Oregon.

What do you offer for lunch/breakfast to your Deities in your house?