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[8/8/2023 9:40 AM] Shiva shakti malhotra (Raktaka Das Sister): Hare krishna guru jii

Hws uh

Gurujii uh have any no of devotee living in bramton Canada plz send me noo

Hare krishna🙏

[8/8/2023 4:41 PM] HpS: Hare Krsna! So nice to hear from you. Where is everyone? No we have no particular connection in Canada. Why?

Wang Pan ,July ,Bali Indonesia

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Dear Guru Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to His Divine Grace!

Yes , we saw Abhimanyu Prabhu couple of times. He seems to be moving temple attendances according to interest. Not particularly attached to some temple.

He actually gave my husband a link of someone who can help me/us with long term Indonesia visa.

When my husband spoke to him he said he retired from teaching. His WhatsApp name stays as Abhimanyu das vanacari.

We don't have that in China.

Yesterday I watched your class on Gowardham Puja and Light of Bhagavata. I feel blissful having your association and my husband is very encouraging in that too.

I was planning long time ago for disciple course in China but it never happened.

They say they needed to wait for 100 members to start one. Half year past the number is not been reached.

My husband talked to Jai Nitai Prabhu from Iskcon Soho London and enrolled me there.

That was nice association. His certificate I will attached.

For recommendation letter since I haven't been in China, we asked our temple president where we spend the most of the time and work under his directions, Sudama Gopa Prabhu.

I am far from qualified, but I am willing to accept struggle to become qualified. With your blessings my chances are higher. If there is any particular service you want me to do, I would be glad to work on that.

Your inspired servant

Wang Pan

HpS - AgtSP. Paoho.

We just feel so, so, much affinity for classical China.

When we think of medieval Bengal, 1486+, and Lord Caitanya, we can feel similar perspective.

Must have been a Chinese/Mexican monk in our last life time.

Thank you for this news.

Political stability in the Age of Kali is like 80% perfect at best, no?

If you got 80% administrative perfection, don't try to improve it?

Yet, developing your friendships in Sankirtan is better than other ages.

Can you esteemed husband write to our humble Blog with suggestions of service that might think for you? He might have great perspective.


Following Jayananda Das, we need to see our infinite faults on one hand, but then we need to see our practical character (by Krsna's Divine Grace) on the other side.

If you have been chanting 16-nice rounds (is the weather 'nice') today, and following the 4-principles strictly (not pork or beer), and following regular temple morning program etc, for one year (and actually even after six months as we understand) with recommendation of Temple President you can be initiated, Baptized, Matriculated.


Thank you for the news!

Gracias gurudeva!!!!!

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No, content, but Sri Gauranga thanks anyone who chants Holy Names.




birth, old age, disease and death

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All Glory to Srila Prabhupada and All Glory to Sankirtan Movement by Sri Gaura Nitay, and All Glory to ISKCON.

Pleace accept my humble obeisances, Dear HPS, Gurudeva:

These days, once again circumstances make us beg to be able to surrender to Sri Nitay Gauranga, we can observe that old age and illnesses are there to make us stop boasting, death awaits us, many devotees have left, or are very sick, last Tuesday my mother left her body, and there are devotees who tell me that they already feel that they are in the final stretch, and even so the mind seeks distractions, and winning good companies is very difficult, material difficulties are undoubtedly allies when you can live simply. and you're the real example, thank you very much for accompanying us on this path, your attachment to Srila Prabhupada and the Sankirtan. I pray become a devotee to serve properly.

Your crew member Aniruddhakrsna Das.

HpS/ASA -AkogtSP! paOho. Was wondering how you were, and here is a lucid letter.

Most people identify with the boat and when they have to leaves they kick and scream and fight, and then demand to be put back into another boat.

It seems that you have come to the point where you can accept death, leaving your body, without undo violence, attachment, and then you can help others do the same.

Yet the next question is, "What do we do once we leave the body, buddy, boat"?

We have crossed the Atlantic, we have docked in New York, but what do we do now?

If we are living normally, we would have been communicating with our future employers, understanding our job, preparing for it and expecting to be met by a particular persona when we arrived.

So, we do Ekadasi vrata. We learn to live a little more in the spiritual world.

We actually begin to remember what is our job.

Then death is nice.

Giving up our handcuffs and chains!


Are you a peanut?

Are you a cow?

Are you a potato?

How do you know how?

🐒🐒 .,🐒🦍🌴.. .

Thank you!

Reverencias gurudeva!

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Todas las glorias a Srila prabhupada!!

Todas las glorias a usted su santidad Hanumat presaka swami!!!

Permitame presentarme,mi nombre es esteban badano,le escribo desde luján,bs as. Me dirijo a usted atraves de su discípulo Adi yagña das quién me dió su contacto.gracias a Adi,pude conocerlo a usted querido y respetado gurudeva!

Hace varios años que visito el templo y estoy muy agradecido a KRSNA por la inmenza misericordia de permitirme la asociación con los devotos.actualmente viajo al templo cada 15 dias para asistir a las clases de Bhagavad Gita y participar de Gaura Arati.

Presto servicio en el templo ayudando a los cocineros cuando hay festivales y celebraciones. También escucho sus maravillosas clases y estoy haciendo el curso de bhakti sastri. Vivo con mi señora,con quien compartimos 19 años juntos. Vivimos en el medio del campo a orillas de un rio muy tranquilo,rodeados de vacas y caballos. Juntos leemos el Srimad Bhagavatam estudiandolo y comentandolo.aquí, diariamente canto mis rondas con mucho entusiasmo y alegria.

Soy dibujante de profeción y como siempre viví en lugares naturales también me dedico a la agricultura.

Le escribo para preguntarle que debo hacer y que requisitos cumplir para poder tomar refugio en usted y para poder ser inciado en algún momento.

Me gustaria que usted sea mi diksa gurú,para poder tomar sus instrucciones formalmente,querido gurudeva. Siento mucho cariño por el señor KRSNA y me atrae mucho la filosofia vaisnava. Siento gran admiración y respeto por Srila Prabhupada y me gustaria agradecerle a todos los acharias prestando mis servicios. Deseo poder avanzar en conciencias de KRSNA y crecer en mi camino espiritual, si es posible a traves de su guía.

Le envío mis respetuosas reverencias y un fuerte abrazo querido gurudeva!!



All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

All glories to you His Holiness Hanumat presaka swami!!!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Esteban Badano, I am writing from Luján, Buenos Aires. I am writing to you through his disciple Adi yagñadas who gave me his contact. Thanks to Adi, I was able to meet you dear and respected gurudeva!

I have been visiting the temple for several years and I am very grateful to KRSNA for the immense mercy of allowing me to associate with the devotees. Currently I travel to the temple every 15 days to attend the Bhagavad Gita classes and participate in Gaura Arati.

I serve in the temple helping the cooks when there are festivals and celebrations. I am also listening to your wonderful lectures and am doing the bhakti sastri course. I live with my wife, with whom we shared 19 years together. We live in the middle of the field on the banks of a very calm river, surrounded by cows and horses. Together we read Srimad Bhagavatam, studying it and commenting on it. Here, I chant my rounds daily with much enthusiasm and joy.

I am a professional cartoonist and as I have always lived in natural places, I also dedicate myself to agriculture.

I am writing to ask you what I must do and what requirements I must meet in order to take refuge in you and to be able to be initiated at some point.

I would like you to be my diksa guru, so that I can take your instructions formally, dear gurudeva. I am very fond of Mr. KRSNA and I am very attracted to Vaisnava philosophy. I have great admiration and respect for Srila Prabhupada and would like to thank all the acharyas rendering my services. I wish to be able to advance in KRSNA consciousness and grow on my spiritual path, if possible through his guidance.

I send you my respectful obeisances and a big hug dear gurudeva!!


HpS - AgtSP! - Paoho.

So nice to meet you.

We are trying to develop ability as cartoonist.

We are looking at lessons given by people like Alphonso Dunn on the YouTube. We like the style of Charles Schultz and Dr. Seuss.

You seem to be advancing very, very nicely!


We have stop serving as Diksa guru.

In some ways it is a formality. Of course, not without meaning, but you take Karma when you do these sacrifices, and our body is too old for that.

This is natural.

Are there nice devotees in Argentina who are doing this function.

Yadunandana Swami is Spain is doing Dika, initiation. He is very nice devotee.

I think Adi or Nikunja can put you in touch with him.

We can serve as Sika guru up to our level of realization, but in general just develop your relationship with Srila Prabhupada as Guru for all of us and you will get personal inspiration from him how to advance in purification, power and beauty.


We will try to share some of your art.

Get your suggestions.

Please share some of yours.

Hare Krishna 🙏

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Hare Krishna again Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. 🙏

In response to your question at the end of my last letter.. I am actually living in Houston at the moment, indefinitely!

I also wanted to thank you for your last letter.. you said that we all really have only one Best Friend, and that we will feel lonely until we have His association again.. So I guess it’s better to try to contact Him again, instead of trying to make temporary arrangements for friendship and love in this material world!

I have heard that you may be coming back here later this year; that is great because the last time you left we were thinking you may not come back to Houston. Looking forward. 🙏

Thank you again Maharaja,

Your servant, Abhaya Dasa

HpS - Awk! We cannot connect your name with your form!!!! A picture? Context!!! Awk!!!

Who is your friend?