Introducing Some Devotees and Preaching Report

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Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to you Guru Maharaja.

We have met your family, no?

When did we visit there?

Yes Guru Maharaja, you have met our family members many times in Manipur, Tripura, Radhakunda and Silchar. You have visited our home in 2016, 2017 and 2023. You gave Harinama Diksha and Brahman Diksha to many devotees at my house (Kaptanpur, Silchar, Assam) in 2016 and 2017.

HpS - That, agtSP, was what i thought. it is so vivid in our memory. haridas swami is your cousin?

The inconveniences Guru Maharaja faced during your visit to our home village Kaptanpur at Silchar - Assam, please kindly forgive all of us for that by considering we all are very unqualified and stupid fools.

What other Vaisnavas do we know in Silchar community?

Guru Maharaja has many disciples at Silchar. They are all following 4 regulative principles and chanting 16 rounds. Some of them are –

-        my mother (HG Padmashri Devi Dasi) and we, four sisters – HG Kalpalatika Devi

Dasi (who resides in Vrindavan with her husband), myself – Manjuali Devi Dasi,

HG Ratnavali Devi Dasi and HG Sachimata Devi Dasi

-        HG Krishnasvarupa Das and his family

-        HG Pramodini Radhe Devi Dasi (presently serving Sri Gopalji at Radhakunda)

-        HG Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi

-        HG Brajeswari Radhe Devi Dasi

Hari Das Swami???

His Holiness BA Haridasa Maharaja is doing good. Recently one month ago, he had operation for piles at Bhubaneswar, Orissa. He is ok now. He is going to Mayapur in few days for some meeting purposes.

What you are doing now is best service to us. Don't change it. Grow it.

Yes Guru Maharaja, I will keep it up and try to grow whatever services you told me to do for your satisfaction and Srila Prabhupada. Guru Maharaja, please bless me so that I will never doubt your teachings and I will never negligent in serving your words with unalloyed devotion till the last breadth of my life.

Guru Maharaja, I have made four devotees till date. One has already taken Diksha from you in the year 2016, her name is Brajeswari Radhe Devi Dasi. Another one has taken initiation from HH Jayapataka Swami in the year 2023. And another two are not initiated yet. They are bhaktin Krishna Devi and bhaktin Radharani Devi. They have been following four regulative principles for the last 6-7 years, chanting 16 rounds, doing Mangala Arati, Ekadashi, and reading Bhagavatam and Krishna book daily together with me.

HG Brajeswari Radhe Devi Dasi is a very good disciple of you Guru Maharaja. Sometimes she writes to you to this blog. Her husband is serving in Indian army and his name is Deepak. Even if serving in the Indian army, Deepak has been following 4 regulative principles and chanting 16 rounds, observing Ekadashi, doing Mangala Arati, etc. from the last 13 years. Although sometimes he is compelled to eat Indian army’s vegetarian food which contains onion and garlic because of his work, he takes it out and eat. But he is very sincere and serious. And, Smt. Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi is a very dedicated disciple of yours. She took initiation in the year 2017, but by mistake, her name is not appeared in the list of your disciples ( Her husband Nandalal Singha has been practicing four regulative principles from the last 18 years, following Ekadashi Vrata, eating only Prasad and doing daily Mangala Arati at home.

If Guru Maharaja can give Brahmana Diksha to Brajeswari Radhe Devi Dasi and Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi; and Harinama Diksha to Deepak and Nandalal Singha, and bhaktin Krishna and bhaktin Radharani, it will be a great mercy to me.

They all expressed their desire to serve you in the form of Diksha Guru, many times. They have been following you from many years ago. I am begging this from you Guru Maharaja from my heart. If you bestow your mercy upon the above-mentioned devotees by accepting them as your disciples, it will be a great mercy to me in performing many services together with them for the satisfaction of you and Srila Prabhupada. If Guru Maharaja gives permission for them, we will come through proper channel and HH BA Haridasa Goswami.

With the above-mentioned devotees, every day I read Bhagavatam and Krishna book over conference call. I am continuing my book distribution seva with many new wonderful experiences. Please give me the strength so that I become a good preacher, Guru Maharaja. Thank you very much. Hare Krishna.


Your servant

Manjuali Devi Dasi

Kaptanpur, Silchar, Assam

hps - agtsp!! paoho. we have been trying to communicate that we are 99.999% too old to give harinama diksa now. we certainly hope h. h. haridas swami takes up this work.

we can probably give second initiation with recommendations from h'dasa maharaja.

very nice.


be confident that the religion, yoga, philosophy, culture that you have received from srila prabhu pada is worth the attention of anyone.

be patha pradarshika guru for the whole world.

show them lord caitanya's path.

Asking for your blessings, Gurudeva 🙏🏻

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Hare Krishna, Gurudeva 🙏🏻

Please, accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 🌷

I am writing to ask for your blessings so that I can visit New Vraja Mandala while you stay there.

I contacted Maharaja Yadunandana Swami and he agreed for me to stay in the brahmacarini asrama.

I am going to do service for the Deities and for the devotees.

With the grace of Krishna I hope to be able to buy my ticket next week.

Gurudeva, please grant me your blessings to be able to complete this very important be able to take personal darsan from you again, to serve Radha Govinda Candra and to take the opportunity to improve the quality of my association with my godsisters and godbrothers there.

Please, grant me the strength and intelligence to be able to overcome all the challenges that come my way on this journey and the challenges that arise during my stay in New Vraja Mandala 🙏🏻

Waiting for your causeless mercy..

Your aspiring servant:

Mitravinda dd.

HpS/ASA[tb~] - AgtSP! Yes! Granted..... You see the banks just paid the ticket!

Very nice.

Very nice.

You will be able to see all the places in DTC(UT 3).


Depend on KRSNA

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Giridhari Das - True Gurudev.....KRSNA never let anyone down at any situation if he / she honest for a second, Krsna never forget but we again & again. 

You are at a true state ( 'Para' state ) so only you see the true which is eternal, Which is permanent actual state. That's why you never let down anything which is related to Krsna.

You have a fully realized body inside your material body.

ASA - Hare Krsna! AgtSP! Paoho.

Guess we can claim to be finishing 16-rounds a day with some passion. Following four principles, but still overwhelmed by desire for subji and puri's some times.

Best guess is that we still have material desires but they are diminishing.

We are a practical channel to Srila Prabhupada if you use us in relation to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON and his books!




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Remembered and adored Gurudeva, please accept my respectful obeisances to Your Wonderful and Remembered Lotus Feet! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🌹🌻💐

All Glories Yo Srila Prabhupada!!

All Glories To You my adored Gurudeva 🙏🏻🌷🌹🌻🌷🌻🌹

I was sensing that I should tell you that we changed numbers and I just received Your adorable response to my letter🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🌻💕💗

 I remember that after my accident and in case a "death" happened to me on a bus, I wanted to listen to you and that's why I gave you my number, but it is no longer the same and that's why WhatsApp doesn't work there, please excuse the inconvenience caused 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 My new WASAP number is: 54 9 351 6434 ... and Franco's WASAP number, who recently has a number, is the following: 54 9 351 6434....

ASA/TB - We added yours. Changed Francos and deleted his older ones.

 We were testing which company had the best signal in our area. For this reason, Franco had a previous number that seems to be still his WhatsApp number and it is this:

 54 9 351 239.....

TB - Deleted

 Dear GURUDEVA I truly feel completely and eternally grateful to You.

 Now I am writing to you from a place with Wi-Fi and because they provide us with this service we have given three books by Srila Prabhupada to each of the boys who work here. I hope that at some point they reach out to the devotees!!! We gave them the address!!

HpS - SUper!!

 I hope you had a beautiful Gaura Pournima!! We celebrated a little at home. Very calm, in fact I sing every day but my devotion awakens more when I read his responses to my Gurumaharaja letters!! ! THANK YOU very much!!💗

 Here I send you a photo of Mr. Gauranga carved by Franco, he seems very beautiful to me!! Nityananda still needs to finish... Also a photo of my Krishna Balarama and Ladhu Gopal from yesterday, Monday, April 1.

 I don't consider myself a good mother or wife... I'm really missing a lot...!! I will only keep in mind that I am a good mother and wife when I can see Franco and Gopal playing with Govinda.. !!!! Only there will I say with happiness Mission accomplished!!💗💗💗

 Soon I will send you my letter informing both of my sankirtan here and the books we read... so many good things to tell you... how Srila Prabhupada knew what was going to happen... etc.

 Please forgive any offense in this message.

 Please don't worry, I am sending Your answers copied and pasted as they are to Mother Jambabati. She already received the two answers from her Gurudeva 🙏🏻💖

 Always trying to serve her and please her adorable lotus 💖:

 Radha Japa Prati Jalpa DD.

 postscript: Even if Krishna drives me crazy and whatever with me... I don't care... I can't live happily without him... Just thinking about him, seeing his Photo as soon as I wake up gives me the magic and the happiness that I need to continue day by day... without him... everything dark and empty... with him everything makes sense... thank you GURUDEV all are your unbreakable blessings 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🌹💗💖

 ...He ( Govinda) is too cunning and he knows very well how to steal hearts... Very good...

. The day after the appearance of Lord Gauranga was my birthday... and the most beautiful gift that Krsna could give me was His response to my Postscript where I spoke to you about the first time I saw the photo of Krsna... That You speak to me like this Govinda, you gave me immense happiness... I really thank you very much for your mercy on this fallen soul who rises! to please you and the beautiful and cunning bluish flutist 💖🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

..I could listen to conversations like that, every second, for my entire life🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖

HpS // ASA - Thank you! (All). You are such valuable, valuable jewels to your entire community. Find ways to share your selves.

Preguntas Guru Tattva

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Querido Gurudeva, Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias🙇🌻

Todas las Glorias sean a nuestro muy misericordioso Fundador Acarya AC Bhaktivedhanta Swami Prabhupada y todas las glorias sean a todos los fieles miembros de ISKCON🙇

Querido Guru Maharaja, oramos a nuestros amorosos señores le mantengan eternamente bajo su protección y que su energía sea buena y favorable a su Sankirtan. Gracias por disponer tantos medios para que sus sirvientes podamos conectarnos con Srila Prabhupada.

En cartas anteriores en este Blog, usted ha dicho que no dará más iniciaciones Diksa y en sus respuestas a diferentes aspirantes, usted ha RECOMENDADO o SUGERIDO a SS Yadunandana Swami como “un muy agradable Diksa Guru en España y a Radha Krsna Das en Houston”. Sin embargo; algunos devotos han interpretado esta recomendación como una ORDEN

Recientemente durante un foro público, un devoto dijo a SS Yadunandana Swami: “SS Hanumatpresaka Swami les ha dicho a todos los aspiraban tomar iniciación con él, que ellos TIENEN que tomar iniciación con SS Yadunandana Swami” lo que sorprendió a algunos devotos presentes.

Desde mi perspectiva, la anterior afirmación podría interpretarse como una aparente imposición, que no concuerda con lo que usted ha recomendado o con qué; debe existir una evaluación y aceptación mutua para el establecimiento de la relación guru discípulo, por lo que me he tomado el atrevimiento de escribir al respecto.

Le ruego me disculpe si es que estoy siendo ofensiva y también le ruego, si lo considera apropiado, aclare este aspecto para su torpe sirviente.

Otra pregunta que tengo al respecto es: 

Hay muchos devotos que durante años aspiraron a ser iniciados por usted, pero por distintos motivos, no fue posible. Cuando usted informó que ya no otorgará más iniciaciones, algunos se sintieron un poco perdidos y decían “Yo nunca he pensado en nadie más como Guru, ¿Qué voy a hacer ahora?…”

Gurudeva ¿Cómo pueden ellos, mantener o fortalecer su relación con usted aun cuando tomen refugio formal en un maestro espiritual en particular? ¿Dónde pueden acudir para obtener la fortaleza necesaria, reponerse y continuar en este sendero?

Muchas gracias por su misericordiosa guía Gurudeva, Por favor disculpe mis preguntas tan básicas y nuevamente le ruego me disculpe si he sido ofensiva de algún modo.

Siempre a sus órdenes, su aspirante a discípula.

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi 


Dear Gurudeva, Please accept my humble obeisances🙇🌻

All Glories be to our most merciful Founder-Acarya A. C. Bhaktivedhanta Swami Prabhupada and all glories be to all the faithful members of ISKCON🙇

Dear Guru Maharaja, we pray that our loving Lords keep you eternally under Their protection and that his energy is good and favorable to your Sankirtan. Thank you for providing so many means for your servants to connect with Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - ASA -- Thank you!

In previous letters on this Blog, you have said that you will not give any more Diksa initiations and in your responses to different aspirants, you have RECOMMENDED or SUGGESTED H. H. Yadunandana Swami as “a very nice Diksa Guru in Spain and Radha Krsna Das in Houston.” However; some devotees have interpreted this recommendation as an ORDER…

Recently during a public forum, a devotee told H. H. Yadunandana Swami: “H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami has told all those aspiring to take initiation with him that they HAVE to take initiation with H. H. Yadunandana Swami” which surprised some devotees present.

From my perspective, the previous statement could be interpreted as an apparent imposition, which does not agree with what you have recommended or with what; There must be a mutual evaluation and acceptance for the establishment of the guru-disciple relationship, which is why I have taken the courage to write about it.

I beg your pardon if I am being offensive and I also ask you, if you consider it appropriate, to clarify this aspect for his clumsy servant.

HpS/ASA - Yes, agtSP. Paoho. It is just a general suggestion. Devotees may want to take 1st, 2nd, 3rd initiation from other devotees than Maharaja of Radha-krsna Das. Thank you for asking this question!

Another question I have about this is:

There are many devotees who for years aspired to be initiated by you, but for various reasons, it was not possible. When you informed that you will no longer be granting initiations, some felt a little lost and said “I have never thought of anyone else as a Guru, what am I going to do now?…”

HpS - Just because your Catholic Priest is too old to do marriages or Baptisms, does not mean that your spiritual relationship with him is broken. If it was a material relation, like a family counselor for material social, psycho and religious functions, then it was pretty limited from the beginning.

We are happy if we can act a Siksa gurus for people.

Gurudeva How can they maintain or strengthen their relationship with you even if they take formal refuge in a particular spiritual master? Where can they go to gain the necessary strength, recover, and continue on this path?

HpS - Hopefully they can find us at the lotus feet or Srila Prabhupada!

Mostly anything, or even everything, they have found attractive in us is coming from Srila Prabhupada, Gaura Nitai, Krsna!

Anything particular to us, is still here with us as the lotus feet of Guru.


Thank you very much for your merciful guidance Gurudeva, Please excuse my very basic questions and again I beg your pardon if I have been offensive in any way.

Always at your command, your aspiring disciple.

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi

HpS/ASA - Thank your K. Shakti Devi Dasi.

What kind of body do you want next?