Las glorias de Lavanya Mangala dd

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Hare Krsna querido Gurudeva

Mis reverencias

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Disculpe por favor el no haberle escrito antes, la verdad aún estoy conmocionado por la partida de mi esposa Lavanya Mangala dd.

Quisiera compartir con usted, cómo Lavanya vivió su enfermedad y cómo partió de éste mundo.

Durante todo el año que duró su enfermedad siempre mantuvo una actitud positiva y optimista, nunca perdió su sonrisa y dulzura hacia los demás. Ella siempre se mantuvo ecuánime y me decía que todo en la vida incluyendo la enfermedad era por algo bueno, ya que de todo ello se podía aprender.

Con una valentía admirable Lavanya soportó y aceptó el dolor; y, todas las complicaciones que la enfermedad le produjeron y si bien es cierto luchó contra la enfermedad en la medida que pudo ella siempre aceptó la voluntad de Dios, "que se haga tu voluntad Krsna" decía y es que lo amaba y lo ama con todo su corazón.

Los últimos meses ella sabía que se acercaba el final y aún así con lo difícil que es saber esto se mantuvo ecuánime y en paz consigo misma.

El 29 de marzo, día en que dejó el cuerpo me dijo "creo que hoy día me voy a morir", le pregunte si quería que la llevara hospital y me dijo que no. Nosotros ya habíamos hablado de como quería que fuera su partida de éste mundo y ella mencionó: "con oraciones y en compañía de mis seres queridos".

Y así lo hicimos querido Gurudeva la acompañamos en éste momento tan importante nuestros hijos, mis hermanas y yo cantando todos juntos el Maha Mantra y recitando el Salmo 23 el cual le gustaba mucho.

Ahora estoy tranquilo sabiendo que ella está cantando y bailando en el cielo como dijo usted, pero aún siento mucho dolor y tristeza por la partida de mi amada. Estoy aferrandome a Krsna, tratando de cantar mis rondas y estoy llendo al templo de Chosica los sábados para cocinarle a Radha Madhana Vihari y esto me está haciendo mucho bien.

Muchas gracias por su inmensa misericordia, lo quiero mucho.

Su sirviente

Jana-pavana das


Hare Krsna, dear Gurudeva.

My obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Please excuse me for not writing to you earlier, I am still in shock after the departure of my wife Lavanya Mangala dd.

HpS - I think we all are in some way.

I would like to share with you how Lavanya experienced her illness and how she left this world.

Throughout the year that her illness lasted, she always maintained a positive and optimistic attitude, she never lost her smile and sweetness towards others. She always remained equanimous and told me that everything in life, including illness, was for something good, since she could learn from all of it.

HpS - Such a fortunate person. So fortunate those who know her.

With admirable bravery Lavanya bore and accepted the pain; and, all the complications that the disease caused her and although it is true that she fought against the disease to the extent that she could, she always accepted the will of God, "may your will be done Krsna" she said and that is that she loved Him and loves Him with all your heart.

The last few months she knew that the end was near and yet as difficult as it is to know this she remained level-headed and at peace with herself.

HpS - The end of the car ride to the airport. Changing from one vehicle to another.

On March 29, the day she left her body, she told me "I think today I am going to die", I asked her if she wanted me to take her to the hospital and she said no. We had already talked about how she wanted her departure from this world to be and she mentioned: "with prayers and in the company of my loved ones."

And so we did, dear Gurudeva, we accompanied her at this important moment, our children, my sisters and I, singing the Maha Mantra together and reciting Psalm 23, which she liked very much.

HpS - So, nice!

Now I am calm knowing that she is singing and dancing in heaven as you said, but I still feel a lot of pain and sadness for the departure of my beloved. I am clinging to Krsna, trying to chant my rounds and I am going to Chosica temple on Saturdays to cook for Radha Madhana Vihari and this is doing me a lot of good.

Thank you very much for her immense mercy, I love you very much.

Your servant,

Jana-pavana das

HpS - ... Srila Prabhupada... It is like saying good bye to a family member in 1925 when they are taking a boat to work in China for 3-years. We will all meet again. There will be telegrams, but still there is very natural separation.

What service did she want for Krsna. If we help accomplish that we will feel intimate, intimate connection.

[[[Nrsmha Bhoga]]] Sadhana y canciones para Prabhupada

Hare Krishna Gurudeva

please accept my obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

I wish that everything is going well in your sankirtan. I am currently living with my uncles in a place called Villa Alemana, it is an hour from the institute, which is in Viña del Mar. A few days ago my uncle Marco Silva left his body, so I have had to accompany my aunt and Cousins ​​here, life is very harsh when we lose a loved one, that's how this world works, birth and death.

ASA - Hare Krsna!!! Arjuna didn't even want to kill EVIL family members!

I'm fine, I'm happy to read mother Guru Govinda's letter. I don't think my reintegration into the community of devotees will be quick, but I'm sincere and I know that this process is correct. I want to serve, thanks to the association of devotees I have been able to experience drops of the nectar of serving Guru and Krishna and I want to dedicate myself to the process. Away from the devotees it has been very difficult, there is no strength, I need push to continue enthusiastic, I have been very low in my devotion, but I have remained stable with my rounds and my principles after stabilizing myself from my psychotic crisis.

TB - I think maybe Krsna and Radha cry a little hear you effort. Really appreciate how much pain your slip caused others and take it as impetus to pray to Krsna to adjust everything!!!

Yes, "There is no mistake we can make that we cannot rectify", Rama said to Laksmana as we remember.

I don't know how much he resists being so far from the devotees, sometimes I think of living in the Cabildo and preaching there, but nobody is a prophet in his land, said Jesus. The good thing is that there I have the security that my family gives me, regarding my condition, but I would like to return to Santiago to be closer to the devotees, and well, I also have travel karma, so the trips will also come in my life. In short, I have realized that I am very dispersed, the bipolar thinks one thing and then another, we do not know how to find the midpoints.

HpS - By chanting HK.HR at the feet of Srila Prabhupada.

I have distributed books in high school, at a book fair, and also to teachers and classmates. I also recently went to the nearby subway and distributed some books there, and I dedicated that offering to my uncle for his benefit.

A famous singer came to the institute and I went to give her some books, since she is a lover of Indian music, she was very happy with her.

I think my sankirtan is oriented towards artistic expressions, preaching to artists so that they can bring others closer to Krishna with their art (In high school I learned that Kandinsky has a book that relates art to spirituality). Do you think that this be my way to preach?

HpS - You can certainly try it!!! Go ahead.

I am preparing myself to start my musical and artistic career soon, I wish I could be useful to you and Srila Prabhupada with my art.

I am also doing puja on my altar, but I have not been very correct with the schedule, I am not being very regulated.

I am struggling with sleeping and eating, I am a godasa, servant of the senses. I am sleeping a lot and eating a lot. If I can't consume toxic substances, I get drunk with food and sleep, I'm a rogue.

HpS - ... but a civilized rogue!

Of the songs of the Acaryas are ready: Udilo Aruna and Narada Muni Bajay Vina, I chose the latter since you several times name it as a song that Prabhupada has quoted in full in one of its meanings, and I based on that comment for adapt it to the Spanish version.

Could you give me a list of songs that you would like me to work on? Please Gurudeva, it is very important to me.

HpS - ASA - Let us hear these two first, please.

PS: The letter you wanted me to delete is this:

ASA - Puffff! Gone!!!

Thank you very much Gurudeva, I have thought if in 2024 I can travel to see you in India, it is something that I think from time to time, but I do not want to bother whoever is there or bother you.

HpS - Maybe India!! Trip starts here. Paoho. More work to do. We all have so many violent crimes to pay for.

Looking at photo of your Uncle we chant one Maha-mantra!!!!

Try to do more.

Well that, all glories to Srila Prabhupada and you.

Your servant Piyari Mohan das


Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Por favor acepte mis reverencias 

Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Deseo que todo esté marchando bien en su sankirtan. Actualmente estoy viviendo con mis tíos en un lugar llamado Villa Alemana, queda a una hora del instituto, el cual queda en Viña del Mar. Hace unos días abandonó su cuerpo mi tío Marco Silva, por lo que me ha tocado acompañar a mi tía y primos aquí, la vida es muy cruda cuando perdemos un ser querido, así funciona este mundo, nacimiento y muerte. 

Yo estoy bien, contento de leer la carta de madre Guru Govinda, no creo que mi reinserción en la comunidad de devotos sea rápida, pero tengo sinceridad y sé que este proceso es el correcto. Quiero servir, gracias a la asociación de los devotos he podido experimentar gotas del néctar del servicio a Guru y Krishna y quiero dedicarme al proceso. Lejos de los devotos ha sido muy difícil, no hay fuerza, necesito empuje para seguir entusiasta, he estado muy bajo en mi devoción, pero me he mantenido estable con mis rondas y mis principios luego de estabilizarme de mi crisis psicótica.

No se que tanto resista estar tan lejos de los devotos, a veces pienso en vivir en Cabildo y allí predicar, pero nadie es profeta en su tierra dijo Jesús. Lo bueno es que allí tengo la seguridad que me entrega mi familia, respecto a mi condición, pero a mi me gustaría volver a Santiago para estar más cerca de los devotos, y bueno, también tengo karma viajero, así que los viajes vendrán también en mi vida. En definitiva me he dado cuenta que soy muy disperso, el bipolar piensa una cosa y después otra, no sabemos encontrar los puntos medios.

He distribuido libros en el instituto, en una feria del libro, y también a profesores y compañeros. También hace poco fui al metro cercano y allí distribuí algunos libros, y esa ofrenda se la dediqué a mi tío para su beneficio. Vino una cantante famosa al instituto y fui para entregarle unos libros, ya que ella es amante de la música de la India, estaba muy contenta.

Creo que mi sankirtan está orientado a las expresiones artísticas, a predicarle a los artistas para que ellos acerquen a otros a Krishna con su arte ( En el instituto aprendí que Kandinsky tiene un libro que relaciona el arte con la espiritualidad).¿Cree usted que este sea mi camino para predicar? 

Estoy mentalizándome para comenzar pronto mi carrera musical y artística, deseo poder ser útil a usted y a Srila Prabhupada con mi arte.

Estoy también haciendo puja en mi altar, pero no he sido muy correcto con el horario, no estoy siendo muy regulado.

Estoy luchando con el dormir y el comer, soy un godasa, sirviente de los sentidos. Estoy durmiendo mucho y comiendo mucho. Si no puedo consumir sustancias tóxicas, me embriago con la comida y las horas de sueño, soy un pícaro. 

De las canciones de los Acaryas ya están listas: Udilo Aruna y Narada Muni Bajay Vina, esta última la elegí ya que usted varias veces la nombra como una canción que Prabhupada a citado completa en uno de sus significados, y me basé en ese comentario para adaptarla a la versión en español. 

¿Podría usted darme un listado de canciones que a usted le gustaría que yo trabajara? Por favor Gurudeva, es muy importante para mi.

PD: La carta que quería que borrara es esta:

Muchas gracias Gurudeva, he pensado si en el 2024 pueda viajar a verlo a India, es algo que pienso cada cierto tiempo, pero no quiero incomodar a quién esté allí ni tampoco incomodar a usted. 

Bueno, eso, todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada y a usted.

Su sirviente Piyari Mohan das 

[Nrsmha Bhoga] – Class links

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Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja

Por favor acepte mis rendidas reverencias

Todas las Glorias al muy misericordioso Srila Prabhupada

Y todas las Glorias a usted.

Gracias por su respuesta anterior, ahora me permito contestar:

1- Por favor discúlpeme, su sirviente Karuna-Sakti DD no cuenta con ningún “estimado protector”, pero Abhinanda Das Prabhu (Quien es miembro clave de ASA Carnaval) puede recibir copia de los correos que usted envié.

Los correos finales son:

[email protected] | [email protected] |[email protected]

2- Como usted sugiere; Twitter parece ser un buen sistema para publicar los enlaces. (Ya lo hemos probado anteriormente).

Debido a que Goto tarda en procesar el video; Una opción podría ser que al finalizar cada encuentro usted comparta el enlace de descarga de la clase del día anterior, de esta manera estaremos atrasados únicamente por un par de días máximo.

HpS - Thank you so much for this letter. So much. We are having pressure to do so, so, many things now that only those devotees whose Utsahan (enthusiasm) manifest Niscayad (determination) will be able to engage HpS, Tom Brown and Buck White.

a) Yes, we can try to look for the class link of the previous day after the end of the current day!

b) When you write individual notes to us just include a copy to your "Shelter" [picture attached]

*Para nosotros, todos los encuentros iluminan de manera particular el mensaje de Srila Prabhupada, aun cuando en ocasiones el tema central es el mismo surgen preguntas o comentarios muy importantes que nos señalan diferentes perspectivas de predica y aplicación personal. (Quizá podemos hacer una compilación de esas preguntas / comentarios)

3- Preguntaremos por los PPTX después del Kapi Dhvaja. 😊 ¿Dónde podemos localizar los de esta quincena?

ASA-TB - Send us a request in the Blog with notice that you sent one to Whatsapp also on Ekadasi and we and Uncle Gismo's Robot should send them to you. Hare Krsna, HK, KK, HH//HR, HR RR HH!

4- Revivimos al conocer que México fue incluido en su agenda, Muchas gracias.

Gracias por todos sus esfuerzos, para guiarnos en el camino dejado por Srila Prabhupada.

Sus Sirvientes

ASA Carnaval

(Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi)










Narotam's letter

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Hari bool, todas mis reverencias hacia usted y a srila Prabhupada.

Con respecto al viaje aun no me decido si ir a españa o a india, que cree usted que podria ser el mejor lugar a viajar con usted? estaba pensando que quizas podria ir con panchatatva o algun otro prabhu que piense acompañarlo a usted y con respecto a la "career" me gusta mucho la direccion de cine y llevo un tiempo pensando si la estudiare pero aun no me decido, y a todo esto ¿como ha estado usted de salud?

Hari bool, all my obeisances to you and Srila Prabhupada. Regarding the trip, I still have not decided whether to go to Spain or India, what do you think could be the best place to travel with you? I was thinking that maybe I could go with panchatatva or some other prabhu who plans to accompany you and with regard to the "career" I really like film directing and I've been thinking for a while if I'll study it but I still haven't decided, and all this, how has your health been?

Esperando que se encuente bien me despido 

Hari bol!!!


Hari bool, all my obeisances to you and Srila Prabhupada.

Regarding the trip, I still have not decided whether to go to Spain or India, what do you think could be the best place to travel with you? I was thinking that maybe I could go with panchatatva or some other prabhu who plans to accompany you and with regard to the "career". I really like film directing and I've been thinking for a while if I'll study it but I still haven't decided, and all this? how has your health been?

Hoping that you are well, I say goodbye

Hari bowl!!!

HpS - ASA - Thank you Prabhu. AGTSP.... We have only a general memory of you!!! Who are you??? ????? ? Taken time to get to this letter because no Priority Code. They are in the Kapi Dhvaja each two weeks.

Are you going to India?


We will be in both.

Good Night

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Danvadat Pranam Gurudeva,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Have you ever taken a sabbatical?

I was able to talk with Ananta Rupa Das in Boise today. Planning to be there 6/1-6/7. Is there anything i can bring from the bay area? Thank you for your mercy!

your servant,

Loka Bandhu Rama Dasa

HpS - Yes we heard you are coming!!! Super. SUPER. Yes, if you can (?) please visit Loka natha Das and get some photos of him, his puppets etc. of the highest possible density. It will be very, very, nice.

Also any photos of Berkeley Temple and Deities!

I just texted you his phone and address.

Any Radha Gokulananda Prasadam if you can.

If this is not possible that is okay.

Just bring your smile.

HpS - ASA.


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Hare Krishna Maharaja

I want to thank you for inviting me to Nashville last weekend. I have had your mercy for decades last weekend was special.

HpS - AgtSP!!! Special. Intense. Productive.

I will be active here along with Mrs. Rhino 😍

ASA - Mrs. or Miss? 🐘

Looking forward to our 2023 meeting

Jaya Krishna das

HpS - It was especially nice that we could work on our ASA calendar including trip to India, back to Spain, Houston and then India again.

Boise has also been very busy.

In one hour we have our regular Monday night Spanish presentation.

Send us comments on the world from Krsna's point of view.