Learning to prepare for death

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My dear Maharaja,

Namaste! Jai SriRam!

I am struggling to convince my kids about creating regular meditation habit. So these days I have been contemplating a lot on “why one should meditate?”. 

As soon as we are born, it is guaranteed that we will die. But we don’t prepare ourselves on how to die. At the time of death, there won’t be any person or object outside with the person who is dying. Death is totally inner experience. Death means that body and senses have shut down i.e. no outside experience. 

One needs to be comfortable with one's own being at the time of death. For criminals, solitary confinement is the worst punishment. It is because most people are not at peace within their own being. We don't know for how long but we are sure to be without outside world at the time of death. For some, senses and body may weaken for months or weeks or for some it may be hours or minutes. But we will have to rest in one's our being in the end.

Meditation is method by which one rests in one's inner being. Meditation is being comfortable with our own being. It is preparation for death. 

After I was coming with this answer, I was reminded of the purpose of Bhagavatam and the questions of Parikshit. Parikshit asked the same question to Sukadeva about how one should die. Bhagavatam is answer to that question of how to die in right way.

Srimad Bhagavatam chapter 12/5 is the final conclusion of Parishit's question about how to die.


Gaurav Mittal

HpS - ASA - Thank you. AGTSP! I read the chapter summary on vedabase.io. Was very nice, but Sukadeva Goswami's first answer is also very nice: https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/2/1/11/

The verses before it highlight the comment.

"Hare Krsna". Hope the Kapi Dhvaja and our Blog posts can help you in this endeavor!!!

horror , ghastly, chivarly, anger,shock secondary rasas.

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previous letter.... https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/12105/

wrote on 08 feb 2021, 03:11

Hare Krsna Maharaj , PAMHO, AGTSP.

There seems no one else for us to reveal heart even inappropriately in public, even if we are mis understood {who cares if Guru Tattva/Krsna understands you}.

This letter is again inspired by the SPOG......

We saw Krsna enjoy wrestling with Madhumangal ji, enjoying wrestling with Chanura/Mustik.

He enjoyed, being pierced by Bheesma.

He has desire to fight in form Varaha , Narasimha.

So frankly speaking this is what service we think we like to do for the pleasure of lord, if not always, but many memorable times. Anything else as service we dont know what to do.

HpS - So you want to become Kung Fu warrior.

Hence we wrote Kicking Narsimha deva in ribs, it will be tickle, but he might enjoy it, his desire to fight....

HpS - Oh, not a warrior for Krsna, but a demon against Krsna! Strange.... Krsna enjoys material world, Kubja, some times by spiritual world, Radha, all the time.

enough of speculation.....

From NOD and Bhagvatam (1.1.3)-- can you tell/guide/instruct us how does Krsna uses these secondary rasas with his devotees..

raudra (anger), vīra (chivalry), bhayānaka(horror), bībhatsa (shock), śānta (neutrality)

how do we use these rasas in our earthly relationships?

how does anger mentioned here is different anger mentioned in BG 16.21 gateways to hell.

if lord wants to enjoy fighting, we need to use anger in his service, to give him a good fight ?

------ Krsna is great research topic----rel PhD..

HpS - He fights with the other cowherd boys, but that is sporting. No one exactly wants to when, defeat the others.

we asked that you can hit us, because once you hit us in stomach with smile, and we liked it, also responded with smile ( bheesma arrows on Krsna )

when two arrows meet, it seems two people are kissing...

---> <---

hope we are not hallucinating or deluded..

why not Krsna is everywhere.

krsna krsna krsna

even we count kicks by Ram Krsna (even numbers /Left/Up are Rama, odd numbers/Right/Down are Krsna)

and counts are in done in multiple of 16 - exponent (2,4) or 8 exponent (2,3)...

binary logic - 01- RK

011- RRK - 03

now devotees can fight over if 0 is R or K..

lets have tug of war , across Yamuna, which gang you want to join..

why not remember krsna while fight { aha.... the original causeless}

but remember at the end we all are in one team ( Top Gun- 1985 , Viper, dialog)

S-Hare-d our Journal-ism.


HpS - My God, we have finally met someone who is completely mad. Of course, anything COMPLETE is spiritual.

Get "Waves of Devotion" by Danurdhara Swami. That is guide to NoD. Northern part describes the secondary rasas! Lot of work to do.

New Kuruksetra film

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Dearmost Srila Hanumatpresaka Swami Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to You and Srila Prabhupada.

Again India offers us a film inspired by the Pastimes of the Lord. Big budget, no resources were spared in presenting Duryodhana as a hero of the Kuruksetra War. Here Sri Krishna is an overweight middle-aged person. If we are willing to tolerate distortions regarding pastimes, then it may be worth it.


Your servant

Hari Buddhi Dasa

HpS - Why on earth would they do this?????

Deity worship

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Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

pamho Agtsp

Thank you very much for your blessings to worship Gaura Nitai, we will follow your instructions and help you in your worship for Gaura Nitai. But how can we do this? we can just go to Loy Bazaar and buy Deities?, or we need to pray ?could you give some recommendations regarding this. 

Dear Guru Maharaj, I have only one question left,

what should we do with Giriraj?, I humbly ask you to help us understand how to deal with him.

We will accept any decision you make and follow it.

HpS - Ask Mataji's Guru also! I would say that you should pray to GN to appear, but you can looking Loi Bazaar. Ask devotees if they know of a set that are looking for a home.

I would say that you can keep a Govardhana Sila in a clean place on your altar. Keep him clean, but don't worship him separately. Until you have met the standard of purity as described in the last letters.

Thank you.

Thanks so much for your time, and your inspiración

Vrajendra Kumara das and Bhaktin Aleksandra.

URGENT - Calendar Change - Mayapura Classes

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Our classes for Bhaktivedanta diploma,

For the Mayapura Institute,


Will start next Monday, Feb 1st, from 16-18:30 IST, 4.30 - 7AM Nashville Time,

On Mahārāja Sagara and Lord Rama, SB Canto 9, Chapters 8 to 12.

Then February 15-19th will be Canto 9, Chapters 19-24.

We didn't post this first session on our cell phone calendar so we missed it.

Radhika-nagara Das was sharp enough to remind us. He is only 47-years old, young man!

To avoid the Zoom address going public and risking hackers joining, we will give the Zoom address to just a few people individually and most everybody else can watch it on Facebook.

So . . . who wants the Zoom address, especially for Facebook sharing?


Obviously we will have to concentrate on preparing our teaching material. We will not be able to join the FMP during those days, and our voice and mind will be exhausted after 2.5-hours of lecturing daily.

Thank you so much,

HpS, Brown Tom and White Buck

Hare Krsna

TPP Update

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Dear Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

Thank you for sending the Pptx with the cited verses. I’ll cross reference the citations I have with the ppt to see if there are any extra citations we need to add.

I spoke with Radhika Ramana prabhu and he said he’ll add a paragraph to the anvaya explaining the rules of syntax for Sanskrit and how they differ from English syntax order.

He suggested that we should do the index after we finalize the layout. Else it might be lots of rework. He also suggested that we hire some professional for indexing since it is a science in itself. I can try to get started on the index but I agree with him that it will be of good quality if someone who is a professional does it.

HpS - We talked to him for about an hour after you did. It was very nice. Thank you! We should be able to automatically link the Index topics with the pertinent text. Word does that and maybe Indesign. I just want to Index topics that I have found useful.

He also said that you had spoken to him about having Abhirama prabhu do the printing. Once you are done with the editing Gurudeva, I can incorporate those changes in the file and send it to Abhirama prabhu.

HpS - So that he can format it.... and even consider Spanish translation.

With respect to Srila Prabhupada’s biography (comments in our TPP), would you like to add the one in NoI or write something ourselves Guru Maharaja? If we are going to use the one from NoI, we should think about how the copyrights with BBT should be worked out.

HpS - I was just thinking we can make some comments in that part of the Appendices about what a Bh. Vai. should know about SP's life. I think Bh.Vai should have read full Lila-amrta, no?

Please let us know what you think Guru Maharaja and we’ll proceed accordingly. Thank you very much for engaging us in your service in this glorious book.

Your servant

Srinatha Krsna dasa

HpS - I don't think it is too glorious, but hope that it fits in the chorus of SP's Sankirtan. Of course we talke about this but posting it here is super important, because it is an ASA project and the success is the credit of the participation of all the Friends and Members of the Academy.

We are starting to work on the other possible books, consolidations:

  • Sankhya
  • Interfaith Dialog
  • World Classical Literature (Bhaktivedanta Library...)