URGENTE - Invitación a participar en Molinos de Viento 6

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Hare Krishna Dear Gurudeva

Please accept my respectful obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

The next edition of Molinos de Viento closes this first stage, following its instruction that after the sixth edition the magazine begins to have more weight, more readers, etc.

The theme of this future edition will be education.

We respectfully ask you if you can write an article for the international section. There you can talk about the project "Education and the Sacred".

The guidelines are simple, it must have a maximum of one Legal flat with Arial 12 and single spacing.

We want you to be able to write, if not, no problem, we can do something related to it with one of your NIOS disciples for example.

We also thought it would be super good to link to Solaris in this issue, as it will be about education.

Thank you very much Gurudeva

Your little servant

Piyari Mohan das.

HpS - ASA -- Sorry little slow to answer. Eyes failing. Just did one hour editing Tava Pache Pach, Text 3.


This is the address of an article that you might use. We don't have the resources to write anything new now, but your can edit this linked article or include in several issues as you like.

Thank you.


Hare Krishna Querido Gurudeva

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias 

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

La siguiente edición de Molinos de Viento da cierre a esta primera etapa, siguiendo su instrucción de que luego de la sexta edición la revista comienza a tener más peso, más lectores, etc.

La temática de esta futura edición será la educación.

Queremos pedirle con todo respeto si usted puede hacer un artículo para la sección internacional. Allí usted puede hablar del proyecto “La Educación y lo Sagrado”. 

Los lineamientos son sencillos, debe tener un máximo de una plana Oficio con Arial 12 e interlineado simple. 

Deseamos que pueda escribir, si no, no hay problema, podemos hacer algo relacionado a ello con alguno de sus discípulos de NIOS por ejemplo. 

También hemos pensado que sería super bueno hacer un link con Solaris en esta edición, ya que tratará sobre educación. 

Muchas gracias Gurudeva

Su pequeño sirviente

Piyari Mohan das. 

Visit to Patalaloka Urgent

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Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva:


I am very pleased that you enjoyed the Youtube video I sent.

HpS/ASA - 🐮 🐦🐦🐦


I have read the letter that Lad sent, we were discussing the topic of your visit to Peru before he send it.

We thought it is a risk that you came, but if it is your desire and you are going to be apart from the civilization I think this will be ok. Nevertheless, you need a servant, etc. I talked with ARTD yesterday so we are going to have a meeting with Palika, AMD, and so forth to see some details.

HpS - A lot of work to do. New Ashokavan. So nice prospectus that many people want to join. Government gives support.

It is a pity but we can not gather as we did in the past. I have a special concern about the devotees who want to come. The temples are closed, and if in a place too much people gathered the police may come and we can go to jail and pay a hefty fine. Devotees can not pernoct in Abhiram's place anymore. It is too risky for the safety of you and all the devotees.

HpS - Yes, we know that, although we may be immune now with the vaccine, but not others. Idea is to live in Krsna village and if anyone wants to visit they must stay in the Garden House outside the village gate in quarantine. Then they can enter, but not go out where they can get infected. Plan on staying for one month at least.

I think they have the impression that the situation in Peru is similar to their countries. In Chile for instance. The temple is open, they have yoga classes, etc. Here all these activities are forbidden. Parasurama told me that the contagions are increasing due to the liberty that they have.

Whether we like it or not we are living in the middle of a Pandemic. On the other hand, I guess Krsna never leave us alone, and everything is working based on His divine plan. We need to be responsible for our own health and others. You have your vaccination but if you are in a place in which the contagions are high there is a probability that your vaccine did not work.

HpS - Oh! Why is that?? 😎

I have some suggestions: We need to establish some protocols in order to have the fortune to get some darshan from You, not too much people around, the place in which you are going to stay needs to be fumigated, we may take a test in order to see if we have the virus, specially your personal servant.

I hope to be useful in some way and see You at least from afar.

Your eternal servant CMDD

HpS - We have different idea. Village outside of the civic area. Not "civilized". This is Krsna's design for the material world. Every village 90% basically self sufficient. Every county 100%. The Karuna virus is His push and nice people will take it.

You and your sister and others can grow carrots and Ulysesses can chase away the rabbits.

sound mundane and transcedental

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, PAMHO, AGTSP,

As our movement and Kaliyuga is based on chanting.

can you kindly elaborate or guide for difference between transcendental and mundane sound?

how is ether involved in both case?

Robot Harsh

Every thing is under control.

ASA - https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/3/26/32/ and the subsequent verses(s) might help??? More??? Thank you for all of your association.

Canakhya Pandita said that poverty cannot stay where there is constant endeavor, ignorance cannot stay where there is constant recitation of the Vedas, and sinful reaction cannot stay where there is constant repetition of the Holy Name of Hari.

Deities workiship

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Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We took care of an elderly couple, they were from Argentina and had served in the temple of Krsna Balarama for 25 years.

Advaita Prabhu left the body a month ago and yesterday, his wife Subhadra Mataji. We already borned [burned] her body today.

She asked after her death to take care of their Deities, Lord Nrsimhadev and Hanuman. And Saranga Thakura gave to us for her desire. Can we take care of them?

HpS - Seems fine to me. Love, cleanliness, punctuality and ritual.

Could you please give your recommendations about this? About the Giriraj issue, dear Guru Maharaj, we still don't understand clear how to take care of Giriraj. Don't bathe Him, don't offer bhoga and puja, don't dress Him? just put him on the altar? For one year? And what about waking Him up and putting Him to bed, could you please give some recommendations about this.

HpS - If you are in Vrndavana He is being cared for by Mother Yasoda. Wipe Him with a clean, damp cloth each day and put in in a nice place on the altar where He can see what is happening, until you have been 16/4-with enthusiasm (= FMP, Sankirtan, FEP) for one year then you can worship Him as long as you keep that Brahmincal standard.

Thank you very much for your time and care.

Your servants

Vrajendra Kumara Das and Bhaktin Aleksandra.

HpS - Thank you for giving your life for Guru and Gauranga.

Learning to prepare for death

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My dear Maharaja,

Namaste! Jai SriRam!

I am struggling to convince my kids about creating regular meditation habit. So these days I have been contemplating a lot on “why one should meditate?”. 

As soon as we are born, it is guaranteed that we will die. But we don’t prepare ourselves on how to die. At the time of death, there won’t be any person or object outside with the person who is dying. Death is totally inner experience. Death means that body and senses have shut down i.e. no outside experience. 

One needs to be comfortable with one's own being at the time of death. For criminals, solitary confinement is the worst punishment. It is because most people are not at peace within their own being. We don't know for how long but we are sure to be without outside world at the time of death. For some, senses and body may weaken for months or weeks or for some it may be hours or minutes. But we will have to rest in one's our being in the end.

Meditation is method by which one rests in one's inner being. Meditation is being comfortable with our own being. It is preparation for death. 

After I was coming with this answer, I was reminded of the purpose of Bhagavatam and the questions of Parikshit. Parikshit asked the same question to Sukadeva about how one should die. Bhagavatam is answer to that question of how to die in right way.

Srimad Bhagavatam chapter 12/5 is the final conclusion of Parishit's question about how to die.


Gaurav Mittal

HpS - ASA - Thank you. AGTSP! I read the chapter summary on vedabase.io. Was very nice, but Sukadeva Goswami's first answer is also very nice: https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/2/1/11/

The verses before it highlight the comment.

"Hare Krsna". Hope the Kapi Dhvaja and our Blog posts can help you in this endeavor!!!

horror , ghastly, chivarly, anger,shock secondary rasas.

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previous letter.... https://monkeywarrior.com/detail/12105/

wrote on 08 feb 2021, 03:11

Hare Krsna Maharaj , PAMHO, AGTSP.

There seems no one else for us to reveal heart even inappropriately in public, even if we are mis understood {who cares if Guru Tattva/Krsna understands you}.

This letter is again inspired by the SPOG......

We saw Krsna enjoy wrestling with Madhumangal ji, enjoying wrestling with Chanura/Mustik.

He enjoyed, being pierced by Bheesma.

He has desire to fight in form Varaha , Narasimha.

So frankly speaking this is what service we think we like to do for the pleasure of lord, if not always, but many memorable times. Anything else as service we dont know what to do.

HpS - So you want to become Kung Fu warrior.

Hence we wrote Kicking Narsimha deva in ribs, it will be tickle, but he might enjoy it, his desire to fight....

HpS - Oh, not a warrior for Krsna, but a demon against Krsna! Strange.... Krsna enjoys material world, Kubja, some times by spiritual world, Radha, all the time.

enough of speculation.....

From NOD and Bhagvatam (1.1.3)-- can you tell/guide/instruct us how does Krsna uses these secondary rasas with his devotees..

raudra (anger), vīra (chivalry), bhayānaka(horror), bībhatsa (shock), śānta (neutrality)

how do we use these rasas in our earthly relationships?

how does anger mentioned here is different anger mentioned in BG 16.21 gateways to hell.

if lord wants to enjoy fighting, we need to use anger in his service, to give him a good fight ?

------ Krsna is great research topic----rel PhD..

HpS - He fights with the other cowherd boys, but that is sporting. No one exactly wants to when, defeat the others.

we asked that you can hit us, because once you hit us in stomach with smile, and we liked it, also responded with smile ( bheesma arrows on Krsna )

when two arrows meet, it seems two people are kissing...

---> <---

hope we are not hallucinating or deluded..

why not Krsna is everywhere.

krsna krsna krsna

even we count kicks by Ram Krsna (even numbers /Left/Up are Rama, odd numbers/Right/Down are Krsna)

and counts are in done in multiple of 16 - exponent (2,4) or 8 exponent (2,3)...

binary logic - 01- RK

011- RRK - 03

now devotees can fight over if 0 is R or K..

lets have tug of war , across Yamuna, which gang you want to join..

why not remember krsna while fight { aha.... the original causeless}

but remember at the end we all are in one team ( Top Gun- 1985 , Viper, dialog)

S-Hare-d our Journal-ism.


HpS - My God, we have finally met someone who is completely mad. Of course, anything COMPLETE is spiritual.

Get "Waves of Devotion" by Danurdhara Swami. That is guide to NoD. Northern part describes the secondary rasas! Lot of work to do.