I wanna die!!! Bless me please.

Beloved Guru Maharaja thank you for answering my letter, I left the temple 4 days ago, I no longer live there, after 10 years. I have distributed 540 large books and 50 Bhagavad Gitas in his 4 days, it was incredible, by force and dedication that comes from your practice and high devotion, I am emotionally destroyed and I have a strong existential crisis, so I occupy all the time in sankirtan, tomorrow we will do Sankirtan Harinama with the devotees of the temple, I found a family that can help me open a Ashram for university students, I travel to Colombia tomorrow and Maha Visnu Swami asked me to return to Mexico to join her group to travel through South America, I really give up Guru Maharaja I don't know how to stay longer in this world, I hate being here in this world Matter Guru Maharaja, please beg me to explain how I can get out of this jail, please help me. I love you more than everything. 

his servant Vrajendra Kumara Das

HpS - Good!!! Very Good! You will go to hell for Krsna!

That is all there is to devotional service.

Serving Krsna in any circumstance.


16-GOOD ROUNDS AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! We hope after two weeks to hear from you.

Dear GM Im relly Need U

4 months, 3 weeks ago by brian tellez in Hot Topics

AgtSP. Paoho. Internet horrible. Your letter lost. Both suggestions seem fine but we cannot give much detailed advice. Suggest that you have a determined partner for any project you start. Two or three would be better but is hard to get.

UGENTE - Radha y su misericordia

5 months, 2 weeks ago by Piero Saavedra Torchio in Hot Topics

Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Todas mas glorias a Srila Prabhupada

La pregunta del día

¿Qué podemos hacer por Radharani hoy?

Gracias Maharaja.

Su aspirante a sirviente

Bhakta Piero.

HpS/ASA = TlgaSP. Pfanrh. Podemos cantar rondas entusiastas, seguir estrictamente los cuatro principios etc. Y aunando hast media dia, entonces buen festival media dia.

Puede cantar, memorizar Radha-stava, "Radha, Jaya Jaya Madhava dayite .." y la oracion en el Brahma samhita para Ella, "ananda cin maya rasa prati..".


Thank you, India,

6 months, 3 weeks ago by Dhruvānanda DAS in Hot Topics, Other

Hare Krishna maharaja,

Pamho, agtsp.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your replies to my letters.

Your point about all philosophy comes from a person is brilliant. I have heard you say it before. But the impact is even bigger when it hits close to home.

The wonderful thing about Krishna Consciousness is that, as we go through different stages, dealing with different impurities in our motivation and consciousness, the Good Lord arranges many things synergistically for our benefit. Two days ago, I heard this wonderful class by Srila Prabhupada, delivered on the 3rd December 1975, in which he completely dismantles māyāvādism. He said (paraphrasing)...

"You love your home because you live in it. You love your body because you live in it; you love yourself - the soul. And, who is the source of your soul? Vishnu, Krishna... mamaivamsa Jiva loke jiva bhuta sanatanah (BG 15.7)... Just like Dhruva maharaja, he wanted so many material things, but when he found the source of everything, when he saw Vishnu, he only wanted to serve Him with love. We do not want to merge with our source, we want to serve. When the child cries for mother, when he finds his mother, he does not want to climb back in the womb. No, the child cries for his mother because he wants to have loving exchanges with his her."

Jai Srila Prabhupada!!! Jai HHHPS!!!

SP Lecture link - http://audio.iskcondesiretree.com/01_-_Srila_Prabhupada/01_-_Lectures/01_-_English/02_-_Month_wise/12_-_December/03/SB_7-06-02_VRN_1975-12-03_Everyone_Is_Dear_to_Krishna.mp3

Dr Mabbett

As mentioned in previous letter, Dr. Mabbett and I are scheduled to meet 9th August. I will keep you posted as that develops.

India October

My (big) little birdie said now's not the time. More time working on qualification is necessary. So, I will not come to India in October. I really look forward to someday being qualified to meet with you in Vrindavan again, maharaja. Please continue to guide me so that I too can sit at the table with Jesus.


I enjoy participating live in the classes... such elevated sanga... But they are very late for me (10:30pm) and, therefore, maybe, my participation is with rajasic and tamasic tones. The recordings are better suited for a person of my qualification, who is too fallen to even enter the temple, yet. Please keep posting the recordings on twitter. Your classes are my caitanya (living force).

Hare Krishna!

Your servant

Dhruvānanda (from down under) Das

HpS - Jaya!!! Hari Bolo! Hari Bolo! How is the Japa Mala. Do you knead your beads, feed your beads and wear them around your kneck all day so they can do great deeds?


7 months, 1 week ago by abhiramdas in Hot Topics

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

All glories to Hanumatpresaka Swami!!

Gurudeva, annex is the official call to write in SOLARIS No.4, the deadline date is August 23 (Janmastami), so far, we have insured 6 articles:

H H. Hanumatpresaka Swami (USA, to be delivered)

Prabhu Radhika Raman (India-USA, to be delivered)

Prabhu Badra-rupa (Switzerland, already delivered)

Juan Dejo Sj (Perú, to be delivered)

Miguel polo (Perú, to be delivered)

Malintzin Pitzahuac (México, to be delivered)

Missing invite to write:

Samaresh Bandyopadhyay (India)

Claudio Naranjo (Chile)

Through local devotees we will try to have articles from Spain, the same from Argentina, Australia and Chile. I have sent the Pdf and Word archive of the call to your email so that you can download and use it the one you want

In addition to the articles, we wait to publish poems, short texts, drawings, illustrations and photographs and all art that can be published that has content or link whith EDUCATION AND THE SACRED (this part of the call is open to all of ages: children, young and adults)

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, his insignificant servant, Abhiram Thakur das


Gurudeva anexo va la convocatoria oficial para escribir en SOLARIS No.4, la fecha final de entrega es el 23 de agosto (Janmastami), hasta ahora tenemos comprometidos 6 artículos:

H.H. Hanumatpresaka Swami (USA, por entregar)

Prabhu Radhika Raman (India-USA, por entregar)

Prabhu Badra-rupa (Suiza, ya entrego)

Juan Dejo Sj (Perú, por entregar)

Miguel polo (Perú, por entregar)

Malintzin Pitzahuac (México, por entregar)

Falta asegurar artículos de:

Samaresh Bandyopadhyay (India)

Claudio Naranjo (Chile)

Prabhu Garuda (USA)

A través de devotos locales trataremos de contar con artículos de España, lo mismo de Argentina, Australia y Chile. Le he enviado a su correo el Pdf y el archivo Word de la convocatoria para que puedan descargarla y utilizarla el que desee.

Esperamos además de los artículos publicar poemas, textos breves, dibujos, ilustraciones, fotografías y todo arte que pueda ser publicado que tenga contenido o esté vinculado a LA EDUCACION Y LO SAGRADO (esta parte de la convocatoria es abierta para todas las edades: niños, jóvenes y adultos)

Hare Krishna Gurudeva, su insignificante sirviente, Abhiram Thakur das.

HpS - ASA --- Articles can be submitted in Spanish or English with a small reading guide in the other language, no? Where should the articles be submitted?

Thank you so, so much for your efforts. We can only think that the results will be eternal.

Solución para todos los conflictos

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva

pamho agrSP

He encontrado la solución para todos los conflictos y me gustaría compartir

su sirviente

murari das

HpS - Si, es un hecho. Canta HK y sea feliz, con la experiencia que Krsna es feliz oir su Santo Nombre. HK, HR - HK, HR. Mas detalles???