DTC Th/1

7 years, 3 months ago by hps in DTC

 Hare Krsna, Prabhus,

AGTSP   Pamho   Buck White here.   HpS and Monkey had some chest pains and now that is almost gone and now they have moderate headache and robust stomach pains.

Ha!    Ha!    Ha!     They need to find some Prasadam.

It's 5.55PM Here in ISKCON Miami, New Naimisaranya.  Peaceful.  Jasoda had change in work plans so couldn't be here so devotees at Temple have given us there association all the time.

Just finished all the e-mail, blog stuff for the last two days.  Was Traveling.

Tough connection for internet.   We are trying.

Tommorrow is Friday.  We found a Bank of America just 0.14 miles from here. We will trot on over there and deposit checks. At 12.30 EST is our Hawaii ISKCON class on Skype.

O.K. That's about it.  Problems with the Banks, Tickets, Ha!   Ha!  Ha!  Some resolved. Still working on the others. Sun is setting. We want to read our BhVai chapter (SB3.4) and do our memorizing and witing.  Arati 6.30PM with Siddha-vidya Prabhu.  Super Dude!

O.K.  See you soon.

DTC 25/Saturday

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Hare Krsna, Prabhus,

AGTSP    paoho  &  bw.    Still in Mexico.  Still alive. LIke three heavy programs every day. So much practical progress with the Sankirtana.  We have 20-rounds done. Walked back to our Ashrama after Mangala-arati for 24-minute nap and now the Blog and next TPP-CANTO 3.
O.K. We hope to see you at WebEx for the Weekly Pada-padma class.


DTC Wednesday/22

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Hare Krsna,

AGTSP      paoho    We just got to Mexico City from Monterrey.  We are tired but moving on.  We do Blog now and then go to the Temple.   Monterrey was packed with work.  Super, Super University program and three lectures in the Temple. Some personal consultation but also doing all of our Internet work!

Sunny with little smog everywhere.