DTC Tuesday 22 Feb -- New Vraja mandala, Spain

13 years, 2 months ago by hps

Hare Krsna, Dudes!
AGTSP    paoho.  Here we are, Monkey/Piggy, in the "farm" in Spain. It's colder than pickles and HpSwami has some fever. He's O.K.  Using yoga to fight it.  There are seven letters to answer on the que but it is 11.48PM so we try to get to them tommorrow.  Got Wi FI.    V.E.D.A.S. / NIOS work is on time.  Murari Das took second initiation today.  Nice community here, nice festival for Srila Bhakti Siddhanta sarasvari today. He is so mercuful.
O.K. We try to get to some more letters tommorrow and then Monday we start to the USA!!!!

HpS -- On the Farm - No Mail

13 years, 2 months ago by hps

Hare Krsna, Prabhus,


Paoho.   We are just headed from Barcelona to Madrid and then next week we will be at the Farm in SPain tnd there may be no internet.   We are fine.  Sankirtana is fantastic.   March 1st we are back in the USA again.    See if we can write!!   HpSwami


13 years, 2 months ago by Cristina Zavala


Please, accept mis mas humildes y respetuosas reverencias.
Dear Gurudeva, thank you very much four your quickly answers! How I want to go to Krsna quickly!!
Right now Im feelling bad, depress, I only can chant 2 rounds, I know maybe Im desapionting you, but is the true, my life, is like a " russian mountain" WHY DEAR GURUDEVA?? WHY??? I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH KRSNA REALLY!!! " TAKE  ME OFF THIS MATERIAL WORLD"- is a George Harrison song. Why I have this KARMA?? KRSNA!!!
2 rounds at the moment, with faith, devotion, and of course your blessins I know, Im gonna be better....
Thank you very much again, and sorry if Im desaponting you, I dont want it!
With all my heart broked, and my mind sick, your eternal sirvient Cristina.

Hare Krsna, TlgaSP  pamrh.  There is a reason why everything happens. So, don't worry too much. God is at least as nice as you. How would you treat Christina if she had done something really selfish to somebody else, something really hard hearted. Of course, she should see what see had done so she would not do it again, but you wouldn't want to hurt your child. If they were trying to understand and change then you would be very pleased and show them the reasons.
So, don't worry to much.
Most likely you are suffering from bad bady feelings.
Get enough sleep. Enough Prasadam. Chant for the good result. Chanting helps the liver, kidneys, brains, everything.

O.K?    Chant Hare Krsna and adjust your situation so that you feel reasonably peaceful.
Of course, sometimes we have to leave a terrible situation or even a terrible body.  I don't think you will have to do that! But if we have to then that also Krsna will make very reasaonble!
Many nice devotees in Peru.  Associate with them.

Bhaktin Cuz Santa

13 years, 2 months ago by Cruz Santa

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Dear Gurumaharaja Please accept my respectful obeisances. I’m Bhaktin Cruz Santa. We introduce ourselves as his would-be pupil in your recent visit to Mexico (August). I'm trying to continue service with 16 daily rounds, Sadhana, and 4 principles. My devotional service is fixed: 5 days by week I'm making garlands in the Temple.  I recently completed the first module of the Bhakti Sastri online with Param Padam Prabhu, I got a grade with honors.
Please give us his blessings to keep us firmly taken from the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. I hope someday will be a true servant of you.
Your aspiring servant
Bhaktin Cruz Santa.  

AGTSP  pamho.  Is so nice to hear from you.  You are the devotee we met in the program in Cueramara? We are in Barcelona. The festival of Varaha-dvadasi has just finished. 


HARE KRSNA- Cristina Zavala, demonds around me.

13 years, 2 months ago by Cristina Zavala


Please accept mis mas humildes y respuetusas reverencias.

Dear Gurudeva, the human demonds are disturbing me, playing with me, braking my haeart, actually Im crying, because I always want to thing that people is good, but is always the same, deceptions, sudness, lonelyness. My relation mith my husband was broked in June, to much problems, I really feel better without him, but I need love dear Gurudeva, im full of love to all the people, but men are very very bad, only you and Krsna can save me of this suffer Im felling. CALM, everything is gonna be alright, I know, Im thinking next year go to India, if you go I would like to go with you, I want to walk always with your hand, I need your pretection and mercy, Excuse me Dear Gurudeva, I dont know if I have to talk with you about this kind of things, but I feel taht only you can help me, I feel so bad, so lonely....

Excuse me again Dear Gurudeva, I dont want to disturbe you with my emocional problems and necesities, I want Krsna send me a good devotee to married him, to help me in my espiritual life, I know Krsna is the best husband, Srila Prabhupada said that, yes, but I need more mercy to go this plataforme of pure love.

With all mY respect and devotion, Cristina.


HpS -   Jaya!   AGTSP    pamho.     How it is 9.53PM.   Next letter was before this one.
Thank you very much for this letter.  I know one Mataji in Brazil, one in Chile and ...  who express the same problem. In the Bhagavatam, Srila Prabhupada explains that the Kali yuga is a hell for women, children, animals and old men.    We fall into categories 1 and 4.  We cannot expect good meditation environtmen, good Deity worship, nor good social situation.   Yet, we can expect very, very, very easy access to Krsna through HIs Holy Names.   So, we make it our first work to get up early and get our rounds done!

Even we don't get proper rest, still up early, clock across the room.   rinnnnngngngn!   turn on the light.  Drink a glass of water.  Sit up and don't stretch out.  Rounds good or bad we chant them.  And there is the result.    The whole rest of the day we get O.K. mind, O.K. view of the Deity and O.K. Social relations. Not great but enough to inspire that tiny spark in our hear to be bigger tommorrow, feeling the real association of Krsna and our return to our situation in the SPriitual world.
[Sannyasis can't hand in hand with Matajis.   Haw!   Ja!    Haw!]
We got a nice letter from Oscar.   He will send our third film soon!     Lord Caitanya had 3-1/2 intimate associates in this world.  Three were men, One-half was sister of one of them.  She never even came close or communicated with Lord but she was very close.   So, we can all associate with Prabhupada and other devotees from this platform of Japa, ISKCON.
Don't be afraid of chanting more rounds, but keep a fixed minimum.
How may a day will you chant until Gaura purnima?
You can talk with Candramukhi dd also.  She is Head Pujari in Wilson Temple!

HARE KRSNA - Cristina Zavala

13 years, 2 months ago by Cristina Zavala


Please, accept mis mas humildes y respetuosas reverencias.

Dear Gurudeva, thank you very much four your quickly answers. Ok, I will do what you say, at the moment 2 rounds, and try to follow the regulative principies.

FARM RADHA KRSNA???!!!! JAYA!!!! I think it must be beautifull!!!!!

I rememeber when we went to Satipo farm, very very beautifull place!! What a good time! every day with your mercy asociation and the devotees!! JAYA!!!

Whay about Chiclayo Mandir?? I want to help in this proyect!! JAYA!!! TEMPLES IN ALL THE WORLD!! ALL THE WORLD FULL OF LOVE TO KRSNA!!! JAYA!!!!!

JAYA GURUDEVA JAYA GURUDEVA!!! JAYA SRILA PRABHUPADA!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.......!!!!!! 4 EVER!!!!!

HpS -  Jaya!   AGTSP!!!!!     We just came back from the Spain Farm #2.  It is 9.48PM.     We must close quick!    There is no Mandir in Chiclayo, but devotees individual efforts.  Specifically Payonidhi Das has been leading the development.   Nothing is very perfect there or fully stable.  It is like the material world in so many places, but it is the best project for all of us that I know in Peru.    It is the rural component that attracts me.   I guess we will make plans to go there in June.  O.K.  You other letter!