Gaurava - Agreement

11 years, 9 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams. Ram Ram.

Yes, basically I think we are in agreement.

Thank you. I appreciate your responses.

do you plan to continue contemplating the advice and meditations of great Saints as part of your effort to realize the presence of Lord everywhere?

Obviously yes. It is not easy. Only good thing is that I am born in Kaliyuga and have the knowledge of bhakti. Such birth is even rare for devatas. Hopefully, I will utilize this opportunity.

There are places where he makes translations that differnet groups would feel are distortions.   I can't explain all these things.

Gosvami Tulsidas accepts that his writings are full of faults. He asks the readers to fix the faults in their minds while reading his writings. I apply the same to Prabhupada. I don't have any doubts. I also don't need any explanation. If Krishna inspires from within, I fix the writing and continue reading on.

Read the whole Caitanya caritamta, and that is the best way I kow of to consider these philosophical points in depth.

yes, I continue reading on. I read pastimes of Ram and Krishna. I don't read them for philosophy. I read them for ananda (bliss). I experience ananda when I give up philosophy. There is just pastime of Ram, there is just love of Ram and there is happiness in meditating on Him. No need to analyze it. No need to go in detail. Just enjoy the beauty of His form, beauty of His lila, beauty of His love for His devotees.................. There is love, happiness and beauty everywhere.

One more thing is that I have simplified my life. I don't go into philosophical details. Actually, philosophical details seem simple. More difficult thing is to realize those concepts. I am more focussed on realizing topics. For example - "Everything belongs to Krishna." This statements contains all the philosophy. I  need to realize it. Now, I don't even need philosophical books etc.. Don't need philosophy also. I just want to realize basic principles of bhakti. Don't want to become great devotee. I am happy to be a simple devotee with simple philosophy.

Your servant,


DTC Piggy 2010 Feb 9 - Madrid

11 years, 9 months ago by hps

AGTSP   pamho.   Here we are in Madrid.   Things are pretty good.  We are planning our work and working our plan.  Guess well see what letters there are and andwer quick.  The gotta prepare for the Japa Yoga seminar tonight! The cute heaven link seems cool!


DTC Monday 7 February

11 years, 9 months ago by hps

  D I A R Y   O F   A   T R A V E L I N G   C R E A T U R E
     By Buck White (PIGGY)

Hare Krsna Dudes!     AGTSP    paoho.     Here we are in Madrid.    It was a mad ride to Madrid from Radhadesa.
Ha!    Ha!     Ha! Re!          Seriously, it's like 9.39PM and HpSwami has just finished talking with Partha-sarthi Das on Skype and answering about 7-letters or something on this blog.   In the middle of it he gave a class on The Secrets of Japa.
We are in the middle of Madrid.  It is very very old streets, building, butcher, beer, book, accordion shops here. We went walking with Yasodananada Das, Jayanta Das, Bhaktin Maite, and Sa-nanada Devi das (a few days ago she was Susana), and got a new little carry-on roller bag for HpS.  The one he has is too big for the limits here in Europe!
He likes it.
We're here for one week.  Then on to Barcelona.
The Internet is good. We are giving seminar in the morning on summary of cantos 4-6 and evening on Japa. We can use all these in our Bhakti vaibhava work. We want to finish it all by 1st March and submit it with the BhSastri tests to Bhakta rupa.
So, much stuff, but basis for us always staying close to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and chanting the Maha-mantras.  More and more we have no other shelter. Our body energy is small, our hair has a lot of white, our body energy is not fixed, it would not surprise us if at any moment it would just flow off center and leave the body.
If that happens, what do you have????
Better have a real fine connection with the Holy Names!
What is your transcendental relationship with Krsna?      How do you dance with the blades of grass in the field of Goloka?
(If you hold down the "shift" key when you hit the "enter" key you dont get two lines advance, just one.)
Now it's 9.49PM.  Our bed time.  Clock wakes us up at 1.15AM.    We got 22 rounds done.  We missed the last three because we though class was at 7PM but it was 1/2 hour earlier.    O.K.    We will chant them tommorrow morning.
Hare Krsna.    Please help us stay in the most intense place for helping Krsna in His pastimes!
Good night to everyone!!
Oink!    Oink!      (Whoop!    Whoop!)   (E=MCxC)

Vraja-mandala Pablo, WELLCOME, PAMHO.

11 years, 9 months ago by PABLOPARIKRAMA

Paoho, agtSP, ki jaya.

WELCOME Maharaja.
I wished I was on arrival, but it has been impossible. Nor can I go to Madrid as desire, but I have no money. But I've become very happy to know that you're going to Avila, and we see how we can organize to come see you ... call back tomorrow to see if they know when you come to the farm.
Now I am with my brother working the land and are a bit tight in every way.
I would love to talk with you by phone if possible still, when you say Maharaja. Tomorrow will call the temple to ask the trip and try and talk to you, but the next day or when you tell me the answer.
These last days vrata japa has been horrible, I have succumbed again ...
I have really wanted to see Maharaja.
You know if you're traveling less?

HpS AGTSP   pamho.     We are in Madrid.   It is 8.58PM.      Sorry also you can't come here. I don't know wherer is Avila??   But Saturday we are going to the Mother Earth Project.   Maybe that is Avila.    Really we don't have much to contribute in a very intense personal fashion.  These letters are Really very very nice.   But please call the center here in Madrid.  We always want to be of service to you.     You are not an ordinary human being.   You have to get free from the Witch and do you service more and more!.
Hare Krishna.   kkkkk

HpShhhkjjkn  n

Gaurav . SB 7.9.28

11 years, 9 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,
Dandavat pranams. Ram Ram.
I went through your letter again. I understand what I wrote earlier is what you are saying.
I like the verse SB 7.9.28.

I have to modify the translation while reading it.
bhṛtya-sevām refers to the service of devotees of Krishna. It does not refer to serving only Narada or spiritual master.
It appears from the translation that the verse states that it is foremost duty to serve guru. The verse talks about the devotees of Krishna (not just guru).  Actually, it is our duty to serve Krishna's devotees.  Guru is included in this verse because guru is Krishna's devotee.

Like Prahlad Maharaja, we should not leave the service of His devotees. From absolute perspective, Krishna loves everyone and everyone is part of Krishna. As a general rule, we should serve and help people around us.
If I make above statement in temple's Bhagavatam class, I will be banned from the temple.
Your servant,

HpS - Jaya!   Hare Krsna.     We just finished the evening program.  Like 15 very nice devotees here for disussion on Japa.  Cold.  Madrid is in Winter.  I think, that if you bring up honest doubts then most devotees of ISKCON are going to respect your challenges.  Of course, there are fanatic EVERYWHERE.   My only effort was to show how Srila Prabhupada translates and takes the verse.  He quotes it very purposefully in the song he wrote when he came to the USA.
There are places where he makes translations that differnet groups would feel are distortions.   I can't explain all these things. I have a very specific service, but my conviction is based on dealing with ideas like you are presenting, as well as 35 years of practicing the ideas. Also, of course I come from a Christian, Episcopalian, tradition which has a certain idea about Guru, Christ, also.
So, following the previous conclusions, all I can suggest is that if you find value in Srila Prabhupada, you continue to associate with him, and if you have honest doubts about his statements, then keep them. Continue reading.  Read the whole Caitanya caritamta, and that is the best way I kow of to consider these philosophical points in depth.
As far as I understand, it is not only that there is right and wrong, Vaisnava and non-Vaisnava, ideas. Even with Nimbarka Swami himself, Lord Caitanya was discussing these ideas of Guru, Radha, Rama and Krsna in contrast, etc.    So, there is much to understand, and I can only suggest that for the most part you just do something like read the whole Caitanya caritamrta step by step, and then you can see the Acharya.  You can make your first decision if he is actually presenting the ideas of the previous Acharyas as they would want or not.
Hare Krsna!    Jaya!      8.54PM

Little more letters then I will read the Krsna book!!!

HARE KRSNA - Cristina Zavala

11 years, 9 months ago by Cristina Zavala


Mis reverencias Dear Gurudeva

Well, my book have about 100 pages, is not to big, is just the necesary, cause I dont like to talk very much, I like to " sintetizar" my ideas and write exactly what I want without look for words complicated, but , of course ussing a beatifull and poeltry lenguage. Is very eassy to read and understand. I think is ok. The format is A4 at the midle, with nice pictures inside, I insiste, the last chapter  is all about Krsna is very good, I hope people like it.......?????!!!!!!!.

Why you said I have the devil inside????? Im a good person, but, yes, maybe sometimes, or always, without my true dessire come to me. GO OUT!!!

2 rounds! OK!!! JAYA!!!!
Thank you very much. HARE KRSNA!!

 HpS - Hare Krsna, Senora!     Thank you so much your letter!    I don't remember that we said that you have a Devil inside. Maybe the Devil put it into our letter when we weren't looking.  Of course, we all have some devilish desires in our hearts or we wouldn't be in the material world, but you certainly seem to be on the right path. Your book is in Spanish, no?    Some day also English???     How is Anna and Oscar?    No, news from them for long time!  We have reached Madrid!   More news in the other Blog posts!!!  Jaya!