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11 years, 9 months ago by Cynthia24

Dear spiritual master accepts the mission and thanks for all jivas learning. I'm arguing with the English and Spanish to write the best way.

For some reason I can not even how important dimension has been sharing the movement of Srila Prabhupada and have known him. And while you're getting multipleskills and movements of God sent to preach universal love, I'm sure that somehowserve to enhance their teaching. I can not even find the balance, and spontaneousdevotion, just sometimes I can tell we love strongly Krishna Radharani and strength that is in us. Always end up asking for mercy.

Because I feel I can get good advice writing to ask a specific academic subject since you are in Mar del Plata would be a good reason to go for further studies, I have ascholarship to art school to start studying music and also want to learn the art ofalternative healing therapies.

I hope to keep writing and if he could serve in some way, due to various conflicts I've had in Mendoza, in association with devotees and breaks ideal exile I find it a little, so I can not tell a good sadhana but a daily meditation on the mantra, in the next life wouldbe initiated with you, but in its original form and not in this wretched place. Hoping to see him at least once before his departure,

his servant M. Cynthia.  

HpS - AGTSP  pamho.  Well, here you are!    We were wondering, wondering, wondering, where you are. No longer in Valparaiso, Santiago, in Mendoza. I think that there is good association there if you want it.  Jadupuri, Citra gopi are there.  Sura rama, Murajit, Mataji, Baladeva.  Just get up early and get your rounds done.  Krsna will solve the material problems.  Please do that so we can get some amazing news from you very soon! 


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Opening Ceremony

11 years, 9 months ago by Bhakta David Vinces Report

Hare Krishna dear GuruMaharaja,

AgtSP, AgtYM.

I'm Inaugurating this account as You ordered. Well it is 3:17 pm and I went to Sankirtan in the morning, the streets was harsh but we get to distibuted two books, Perfection of Yoga and Karma. At five o'clock I have an appointment with the dentist and after that I'm going to continuos trying to give Prabhupada small books to people.

I was so happy to reading your answer Maharaja, You are so Merciful! I would like too to see You next time You are coming to Lima too. From time to time we receive Gopa Kumar das phone call, so from time to time we talk. I'm getting up at 3 am for the last three days and the last two after my 6 rounds, when dawn was breaking I was going back to bed because I can hardly keep my eyes open and I sleep for about two hours more. Then I'm doing a translation of a book on Ayurveda by Navayauvana das adhikari, Your godbrother Maharaja! Or like today I'm going out for Sankirtana but most of the days when I went out on Sankirtan it was at the afternoon from 2 to 3 hour. I'm picking up my reading of the Krishna Book where I left it in the long long chapter The Prayers of the Vedas Embodied (don't know if the title if exactly like this).

Well and I'm waiting for the decision of the authorities of Lima to know if I will be accepted in the ashram in Chosica, well we'll see. 

Yesterday in the evening I tried to post a letter here but when I was just to finish it there was a blackout and I lost it!

Please Maharaja accept my humble obeisances and my love :)

Your eternal servant

bhakta David Vinces
 HpS -  Jaya.  AGTSP  pamho.   I don't know what you have done to have your present body, but to go out like Sankirtana like this can only be for a devotee who has some special mercy from Krsna!

We are in Asuncion until Monday, trying to do our small Sankirtana.  Is very nice here.  Just like India.  If you can visit LIma while we are there that is nice, but otherwise call Patraka and we can talk by phone.   Yes, I was with Nava-yauvana Das in San Francisco for a few years!  Go ahead!    We are on the right path.  Tell us what you find!

Cakori Radha Devi dasi, Vrindavana Dham P.S

11 years, 9 months ago by Cakori Radha

Dear Guru Deva, please accept our obeisances!

we forgot one thing!

We think we should get the manuscript diary of a traveling creature  because of 3 things:

1- we are getting blind and we can not see and read very well on the computer.

2- We love to read paper books and touch paper while we read.. allow more concentration for us.

3- we don't deserve it so if we get it that would change our world.

thanks for you very nice letter... we will try to stay in the path. I think we need a map!



Tom Brown (MONKEY)  Hare Krsna!   AGTSP   paoho.   O.K. We send to you when we get to Tennessee, March. Then we will ask, address!

Hare Krsna!  Please distribute some Prasadam to the celebrated Monkeys of Vrndavana for us and aks if we  can come to Vrndavana for Kartika this next year!

Cakori Radha Devi dasi, Vrindavana Dham (until further notice)

11 years, 9 months ago by Cakori Radha

Hare Krsna dera Guru Maharaja, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!


So manly this year was complicated, but we could get throw it.

My Japa was not Good, but thanks to the continuos crying to Lord Narasimhadeva, it seems that we are making it.

We make our best to finish Japa before 6am, because at 6:30am we get completly cover and go back to bed. We are waking up between 2:50am and 3:30am. so every Mangala Aratika we are awake and thinking in Krsna and Guru and the little love that we have.

Service, is not steady becasue I don't have a permanet address yet, so we do what we can get... taking care of the Kids... is a nice service

we promiss to finish the Mahimamrta and we are working on that, good quality but it will take some more time. helping a little in sandipani muni school in Vrindavana, and trying to make senior devotees to understand that any condition can be change and that we must not lose faith, ever...

Principles, well in theory following 4 principles... we are working on the "in theory" part (which is one principle, and we ).have to make the question).

Reading, well we stop reading books and Im reading and studying the song by Bhaktivinoda Thakura, sometimes we feel that he gets us so much.

So every day we simulate that we are giving a lecture (to a non existing audience) yes, that's my way to feed my ego, feel intelligent and in control... its embarrassing, but more embarrassing is when I take the questions. so today I was  "talking" about responsability, so I had an insight (speculation) I was thinking that what is the responsability of us and our authorities on us... so I thought that we are responsable of our life, because we do things and we dicide to fallow or not certain advices... the authorities are responsables for our life as long as we fallow their advices same with the spiritual master, when we dicide not to do what the spiritual master says or not fallow the advices we stop been under his "responsability" in a way... and I was thinking is it like that?

Hope you are well dear Guru Maharaja, although we are in different continents, we never feel you far... we have a nice colection of your lectures and sometimes we hear hours and hours of it.

Have a nice stay, and we hope the brahmacaris are helping you go to bed early  and that they are not overcrowding your room!!!

next life i wish I could be a brahmacary traveling with my spiritual master and patraka :)

My obeisances over and over unto you and your wonderful inspiration,

Hoping one day to be a good disciple, Cakori Radha Dd.


we read in the Brihad bhagavatamrta today that

" But even the devotees of the personality of God-head who still have material desires can enjoy the pleasures they whish and then become fully purified and go to the Lord's abode" Coment ... paraphrasing... the devotee of the Lord has material desires, but even him is more elevated than an impersonalist free from this material desires.

that gave us some some hope! so many material desires, but we cry because we want Love Krsna, we don't love Krsna yet and do service and fallow the process because if we don't we suffer more and more and more... so if we can cry from the heart one day maybe Krsna will hear out lack of love and  he can help us so we  can become a devotee.

Radhe Radhe!!!!!

HpS- Jaya.  AGTSP   paho.  Monkey and Piggy are amazed at your letter.  It is very long but pretty nice.

You are on the right path (and off it (and on it (and...)))))  So by trying and following 40% we come to a taste, knowledge, and then can follow 60%.

So try as much as you can to have FULL MORNING program in ISKCON (the good ISKCON).

That is really the basis of solving your material programs also.  We are waiting for a letter from Radha carana Devi Dasi?  We sent here a letter with an address where we can talk about the more individual topics that she wanted to discuss.

Send us more reports!    They are very nice.  You are like a roaming journalist for may people.

Yamila Sandivara. Of Argentina ; Mendoza.

11 years, 9 months ago by Yamila Sandivara

The programs improved much; we made many celebrations for Krishna and we had the visit of Gunagrahi DAS Goswami and Ajamila Prabhu.

I could not travel to Buenos Aires because it was rendering examinations in the university.

But it was strange to speak to him. I was speaking with Radha Japa Prati Jalpa so that it sent my reverences to him when You were in Peru.

Itself with 25 rounds minimum and 4 principles, as always, since I knew the devotee ones. But now luckily it is different, more and more of a little I am understanding that Krishna is my refuge, can spend long time and It always is.

I have a favourite pastime; watch online the temple Hare Krishna of Los Angeles, always I see mangala-arati live because here they are the 9:30 a.m., when there they are the 4:30 a.m. They were reading all the yesterday mantras of the Bhagavad Gita; realising a ceremony and the reading. Devotee online also we tried to follow them; simply wonderful. Something funny to do a Sunday!

Thank you very much Guru Maharaja to offer its association me <img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/38.gif" title="" />

(I am using Babel fihs, excuses the translation)

HpS - Jaya.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.  Please accept our humbel obeisances.

Babel fish is O.K. if you write with simple grammar and simple words.

It is very, very, very nice to hear from you.

We are in Mar del Plata.  We are doing four days of inter-faith dialog. It is simple but very nice.

In the mornings we are doing a seminar on SB 1.8.18 -43.

What is that???

Next week we will be in Asuncion.  Then 27th-30th we are back in BsAs.  Maybe we can see you then. If not you and Yadupuri should surely call.

I can only hope that the community in Mendoza gets stronger and stronger. We want heavenly pleasures, not gross ones. We want to go to Indraloka so we get eviated by these things and don't get up early for Brahma-muhurta and chant nice rounds etc.

We miss the real nectar of building a Vaisnava community.

In any case I hope this Kapi Dhvaja and our Anjana Suta Academy can always be a home for everyone.

We are chanting our rounds, just like you!

See you in a few days.

Our respects to all the devotees in Mendoza!

reporte de clarita rojas.

11 years, 9 months ago by clara rojas rossell

Todas sus glorias SS Hanuman Presaka Swami gurudeva,

HpS - TlgaSP!  El es el sol, esperamos ser rayos de el.

humildemente me presento ante ud. para informarle mi camino devocional , que sigo los cuatro principios, estoy trabajando con devotos y además  buena asociaci}on con madres entre ellas vanamali  dasi,

HpS -  Jaya, Vanamali devi!   Jaya Vanamali devi dasi!  Jaya

lo cual me ha servido de gran ayuda en mi camino devocional sigo con servicio semanal en el templo hago el aseo al interior y exterior del templo en la fiesta de domingo. y estoy leyendo los libros de prabhupada . bagahavad gita, y upadhesamrita. me despido de ud, su fiel servidora  reciba mis humildes reverencias.                                                            

clarita rojas rossell.  

HpS - Y el libro KRSNA!?    Es bueno cada dia.   Espero que mas, y mas tiene asociacion de devotos. Que la yatra de Valparaiso, Santiago, Chile, flourishes mas y mas y mas a vamos juntos al mundo espiritual para ayudar a Srimati Radharani y las gopis y todos las Vrajavasis.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai.

Que hace diariamente??