B.Natalia, Peru

11 years, 9 months ago

Hare Krsna Maharaja
Please accept my humble obeisances
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Can I have one of Monkey's journal? (my adress is: av.28 de julio 1276, Miraflores. Lima 18, Peru).
HpS - AGTSP!    paoho.  Monkey put your name on the list and in March he will contact you for a good address!

Why I deserve one? I don't know... I wish to read what you are writting, in order to understand better who are you, I belive that throught you I can understand lots about Prabhupada and Krsna. I am trying to serve you in some little way, chanting good rounds in the morning, listening attentively the Bhagavatam class, trying to cooperate in some practical services like sattva and some book distribution, and trying as much as my mind allows me to be a good person and avoid offenses.
HpS -We must have been engaged in devotional service in a previous life. You have been able to take up so much. Make it perfect in this life. How is Gopa-kumar Das?  

This month is so special, we are staying in Shell (Prabhu Puspa Gopa, Prabhu Abhirama, Prabhu Rupa, M. Yugala Kisor, b.Maria and me), the association is wonderful!!! I was tolerating to be at home many months, and this is like nectar! We are going to the buses, talking a little about the books, and many people are accepting to take the Prabhupada's books easily. The mind is always confused about our position, but there is so much help from devotees, book and programs, that the sickness is better controlled.

Gurudeva, we had a nice idea!! It may be posible to rent an appartment with m.Yuagala Kisor and b.Maria. We can live togheter this coming year, practice sadhana, keep enthusiasm for book distribution, I will continue with my studies. My father agrees! So we need to find some appropiate place. In this way it seems it can be a great year! And then the next year (2012) I can go to Australia.

HpS - Your mother can join you.  Haw!   Haw!    She can be a Brahmacari also.  Then your father can organize the trip for all of us to go to India.  Ho!   Ho! 

I don't want to take more of your valuable time!
Thank you very much for your inspiration, it engage me in Krsna's service with better intelligence!

Hare Krsna,
your aspirant servant, b.Natalia
HpS -Thank you.  We see you in just a few days!  Our respects to Mother Mary and Mother Yugala! 


11 years, 9 months ago by PABLOPARIKRAMA

Pamho, tlgaSP.

I hope you are in the best of conditions, both spiritual and material.

Happy Vyasapuja, I envy yours spiritual children, it is a pity that I am not a person more capable.

I am Bhakta Pablo from Parikrama, from spain, the father of Varuna. Your stupid dog.

I just wanted to express that I am still fighting with myself, sometimes, i think, between

life and death, and I was moved and touched by the appoinment of Our Lord Jesus Christ

in the KD, very beautiful. Thanks.

Please, I know I am not anyone involved, but for me it would be a great honor to have a copy of your

journal. A great honor to me, both for yourself and for your work and friendship with The BIggest, Krsna.

If i deserve it for something, I think, that is for be stupid and in need of Prasadam...and for knowing you.

I will try not for disappoint you, Hanumatpresaka Swami.

At your feet.

P.D: Let me bring you a poem, just to try to give youself a birthday gift...based on a song that really like to you.


Canciones,                                 Songs,

palmadas,                                 pat,

risas                                           laughter

con carcajadas.                        with laughters.

Felicidad                                    Happiness

eterna,                                        eternal,

entre la niebla,                         between the fog,

las surabhi                                the Surabhi

pastan.                                       graze.

Jaya Radhe,                              Jaya Radhe,

Jaya Krsna,                              Jaya Krsna,

Jaya Vrndavana.                      Jaya Vrndavana.

Que Sus formas                      That Their shapes

eternas,                                   eternal,

siempre,                                  always,

en estos pastos                     in these pastures

de Vrndavana,                      of Vrndavana,

me permitan,                         allow me,

ser,                                           be,

siempre,                                  always,

un insignificante atomo,     an insignificant atom,

entre tantos diamantes.      among many diamonds.

Jaya Radhe                           Jaye Radhe

Jaya Krsna                            Jaya Krsna

Jaya Vrndavana.                  Jaya Vrndavana.

Vivan Sus Loros,                   Jaya Their Parrots,

y los Lilas                               and the Lilas

que van a contar.                  that they will receive.

Jaya Radhe                           Jaya Radhe

Jaya Gopis                            Jaya Gopis

Jaya Gopas,                         Jaya Gopas,

y el hermoso,                      and the beautiful,

bello y valeroso                 nice and gallant

Syama Sun dara.               Syama Sun dara.

Ahi de mi,                         Oh myself

ahi de mi alma,                 oh my soul,

ahi de mi futuro.            oh my future.

Este tonto, tonto, tonto,      That fool, fool, fool,

ser,                                    being,

sabe que hacer,               know what to do,

y que ver,                        and what see,

para                                 for

ser,                                  be,

un verdadero alma.      a true soul.

Jaya Radhe                   Jaya Radhe

Jaya Krsna                   Jaya Krsna

Jaya Vrndavana,         Jaya Vrndavana,

y si mi alma,                and if my soul,

fluctua                         fluctuate

en Sus deseos,            in Her desires,

que un toro me aste,          that one bull splinter me,

un rayo me parta                one beam broke me

y un torbellino me esparza...        and one whirlwind throw me...

pero                                          but

yo,                                              I,

pido por favor,                        ask please,

que sea por                                that be in

VRNADAVANA,                        VRNDAVANA,

el Hogar                                     the Home

de la Pareja Divina,                 of the Divine Couple,

SRI-SRI- RADHA-GOPINATHA.                                     SRI-SRI- RADHA-GOPINATHA.

Amor, Amor, Amor,                                                          Love, Love, Love,

por favor, por favor, por favor.                                    please, please, please. 

 HpS - Jaya!  Thank you so much.   I think we are together forever on the Vraja mandala parikrama.

The key point is to fix some amount of rounds for some time and then do them.  For example, I will chant four roudns a day for one week. Something that you know you can do, and then defeat your mind.  If it was too much then fix a new vow.

I think with your effort you will be successful in everything. It just takes time and fighting.

I hope we see you in Spain in a few weeks!


Hare Krishna

11 years, 9 months ago by srinivasacarya

Respected Guru Maharāj,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet. All glories to śrīla Prabhupāda.

For some reason I did not recieve kapi dvaja this time. I have been waiting for it for several days and found out today that some one else got it. I checked on jayarama.us as well as on the yahoo groups and it's there! I checked my spam and trash but I didn't have it. I checked my yahoo subscription options and I am properly subscribed to receive all the emails. May be work of the 'demon bugs' in yahoo software.

Your insignificant servant

Srīnivāsācārya das  

HpS - jaya!   AGTSP    pamho.  Yes, others reported problems.  I think it is just a temporary problem with the Yahoo groups.  If it happens again we can check.  I will check your Bounce History at the Yahoo group, but for the others there was no bounce history.  Of course, we have the redundancy of the copy at the Web Site.  We get up the same day as we distribute the Yahoo Group copy.

Radhika says that he likes the BhSastri Examination and that he thinks it is about a 3 hour examination like standar univesity final examaninations. Write short answers and if it gets to long this skip some of the verses if you have to.   We are refining the copy for the regular date of 15th January! 


Sankirtana en Schell- Lima Perú

11 years, 9 months ago

Hare Krsna


Gurudeva tengo buenas noticias del Sankirtana. Aunque todas las madres somos practicamente aficionadas, estamos muy sorprendidas por los resultados, nos justa poder ser las enviadas del Sr. Rama, distribuyendo   Karmas , Volver a nacer y Yogas, y BG.

El día de ayer supere mi recor llegue a 100 libritos y un BG, hoy 80 y otro BG. La felicidad que experimento al distribuir un Gita es indescriptible, y los que lo llevan sienten lo mismo. Entiendo que la magia la hace Krsna y Su misericordia. La competencia es fuerte entre las madres, Nathalia y María hacen un buen duo, son muy entusiastas, nos entendemos muy bien, creo que somos un buen equipo.

Creo que esto es el mejor regalo que puedo dar, como deuda por la eterna gratitud a Srila P´pada. Para que la mrdanga del Señor se escuche por todas partes, en cada aldea cada pueblo, vivimos ciento de nectarios pasatiempos al realizar este servicio. Este es mi regalo, por favor aceptelo, pido sus bendiciones para distribuir muchos más libros.

Sankirtan ki!          Jay

Su hija que lo adora:

Yugala Kishora Dasi

HpS - ASA -

TLGASP  pfanrh.


Partha sarthi Escirbio que era numero 10 en el mundo pero casi se muere del frio en Europa.  Ya faltamos noticias de Jamabavati.  Increible.  Tener esta abilidad relacionar con tan muchos personas de la plataforma espitual!!!        Va a ser mas y mas intenso paso por paso.    Por la fin Sankirtana va a ser nuestra unica occupacion! 


Reporte 2 todas las glorias Srila Prabhupada

11 years, 9 months ago by Cynthia24
Tlg Srila Prabhupada 
Hare krishna maharaja, en Mendoza hay excelentes devotos, yo pregunto por Mar de Plata, ahora estoy en Valparaiso.
Tengo dos caminos después de muchas dificultades, irme a vivir a Argentina con una visa de estudios o estar en Chile.
En ese lugar hay una buena energía Cósmica? gnomos en los arboles?...para conocer terapias alternativas de medicina.Gracias por recordar la meditacion de yapa en la mañana, estoy segura que esto ayudara en la claridad de las ideas. 
Y todos los profetas tales como  Mahoma, con su escalera al cielo, Jesus como  salvador y sanador de pecados,y Krishna nos ayudaran. Mucha especulacion necesaria, mucha vision para predicar, creo que el impersonalismo y el personalismo es una trampa,porque hasta S Prabhupada aparece en los sueños hablando del profeta Aaron, todo es una conexión,el problema no es la asociacion, el problema es sobre el narcicismo de cada movimiento y sus miembros, no es suficiente para mi ser una perfecta devota si no tengo  vision de un todo, esa es mi falla, mi error. Cuando viaje a  Mendoza tuve una discusion con una de  sus dicipulas ,reaccion, y luego entre al purgatorio de las autoridades del yatra de Chile, por una teleserie  engrandecida por el poder, una mentira de humildad. La  lucha para que los niños chinos tomen leche , ,,, esto es bueno?o es una herejia?...no es creible!. Muchas preguntas,,, que piensa usted?
HpS - TlgaSP   pfanrh.  Pienso hablo Espanol como un nino de 8 anos y sus ideas aparece basante esoterica, que es bueno per poco deficil seguir para yo que no habla bien Castellano.  Basicamente cual quiere moviemmento en esta mundo va a tener problemas, pero si estamos fuertes podemos tomar apoyo de estas problemas tambien. Los moviementos material actual son como 85% locos. Y en ISKCON puro la gente son 50% loco (o menos), entonces tenemos que asociar con alguien, entonces es mejor asociar con personas 50%  locos  haw  Haw!  Haw!
Mi reporte total a la fecha es no 16 rondas por una baja emocional, y no principios pero no como carne, con  reacciones graves por mis manchas... Ahora estoy con Claudio aun, el me ayuda y trabajamos juntos en su empresa de pizarras digitales para las universidades,  un disco de mi musica  casi terminado  y pronto servir a Sri Jaganatha para Enero. En luchas filosóficas con un amigo teólogo que escribio dos articulos para la revista utsaha,,, propuso el articulo Cristo el avatar, y nos ha entregado un tesoro de conocimientos de todas las religiones , esperando que alguna vez lo pueda conocer. Me hubiese gustado acompañarlo en kartika en Vrindavan pero veo que no sera posible... muchas gracias por su esfuerzo, por ayudarnos.... 
Cynthia M...
HpS - No deja fe en Krsna. Trata buscar una situacion como vivir con mucho auto-esteema real!!

Meaning of Narsimha prayers

11 years, 9 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams.

Narasimha prayers are recited by devotees everyday which explain the meaning of "vasudeva sarvam". Here is the meaning:

"Narsimha is here. Narsimha is there. Wherever I see, there is Narsimha. Narsimha is outside and Narsimha is in the heart. I take shelter of that Narasimha who has no beginning i.e beyond matter which has beginning."

The self has assumed false affinity with the matter. The true affinity of self is with Krishna. Everyone is part of Krishna. We are Krishna's and only Krishna is ours. This world is not ours but belongs to Krishna. We are supposed to use the objects of this world which belong to Krishna in service of living entities which are manifestation of Krishna.

I think when we accept the above statements, then all doubts, problems etc are resolved. You will find the discussions on guru tattva meaningless or even stupid after accepting above statements. Most people start preaching without accepting or even understanding above statements. That is quite sad as their preaching deviates us from above truths.

Your servant,


HpS - Jaya Hare Krsna.  Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai.  Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita 5.29


Krsna says that He is the enjoyer of all sacrifices. So we can certainly agree that service to Jivas in an enlightened perspective is part of serving Krsna, but Guru and the Deity are also forms that Krsna authorizes to receive service. Otherwise we have the problem that we think that we can approach Rama, Krsna, directly and that Laksmana and Sita are not important.  That was Dvidvida and Mainda's problem, no?  They could appreciate that Rama was God, but they just thought that Laksmana was a person like them who had done a lot of austerities. Then in Krsna lila Dvidvida realized that Guru, Balarama, Laksmana, is just as powerful as God.

We hope you are getting enough rest yourself, as one of the manifestations of Krsna!!!!