Sobre el padre

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Hare Krishna, ¡Todas las glorias sean a Srila Prabhupada!

Maharaja, espero este muy bien al momento de escribirle.

Siempre he tenido problemas con mi padre, yo y toda mi familia, es una persona muy orgullosa como para pedirnos perdon por las cosas que han pasado y simplemente no le guardo afecto. ¿Cómo es posible que, al no guardarle afecto a un padre, pueda tener una relación sana con un Guru, sabiendo que el tambien es un padre?

Reverencias, cuidese mucho.

Bhakta Manuel Gajardo

ASA - Hare Krsna.    AGTSP    pfanrh.    Quien esta Vd, Prabhu???   Muy bien leer su carta.  Pienso el principio es que eso es Kali-yuga y tomar mucho en cuenta de Varna-ashrama Dharma, papel de Padre, Hijo, Rey, no es muy practico.   Mejor trata apreciar el nivel de desarrolla espiritual de cada persona y trata de relacion de esta persepctivo.   Claro unas personas pueden entender no mas que un reflejo de Varna ashrama dhama entonces si Krnsa quiere, como Arjuna, podemas tratar de relacionar en esta etapa. Pero eso es basado en nivel espiritual!       Espera un milagro.

Hare Krsna! Boise visit

8 years, 8 months ago by Kamagayatri

Hare Krsna Maharaj!

Please accept our humble obeisances and All glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada and your humble service.

By the grace of Krsna, my master's program candicacy interview was rescheduled for Friday.  We are in Colorado, but hopefully we can be in Boise Saturday afternoon.  We have been here all week and our family has been very disappointed that the residency/intensive week was scheduled the same week as your visit.  We hope to get a chance to see you Saturday!

We left some milk and cream on Sri Sri Radha Banke Bihari's doorway from my Dad's farm.  It is not pastuerized or homogenized.  We hope Krsna liked.  My Dad and Karla were happy to give.

Mangal arati has wained during this intensive week travelling. Rounds have been okay. Lots of good daily family kirtan though to make the baby stop crying in the car!  Lots of fruit, nut offerings to Krsna.  Jaya prasadam to get us through!  The simpler life has been after Aja's birth, the easier it is to have spiritual life.  But we have important questions, issues that we know you can shed light on and if you have time Saturday, Sunday, it will be nice to visit/discuss how to be of better service to you, Krsna, and our son.

Thank you for yoru tolerance Maharaj.  We look forward to seeing you!

Your aspiring servants,

Kamagayatri, Nick and Aja Narayana  

HpS - ASA  >    Jaya!   AGTSP   pamho.  Of course, this letter was writ before we met in Boise!   Was so nice to see you "fat, white baby"!  <img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />     He looks like a solid American guy from the country, so happy , peacful. He must be somebody with very specific spiritual and material Karma to accomplish.   Thank you and Nick so much for the chance to see you all and Aja.    I think your programs are fine: Aja, Nick, Father, School!     It's a fact though, we love them all the best if we strictly keep the Brahma-muhurta for spiritual stuff, chanting Holy Names!
Because Krsna took Devaki's milk it was transcendental and the other babies of Devaki all became immediately transcendental Dudes just by also taking her milk.  Devaki Mother of God Ki Jai!!!
Main thing is to put down your anchor every day with your Japa, Mangala arat (simple), Kirtana and Class.  Then you can put everything else into proportion and move a head smoooooothly !!!!!!


Madrid Dham

8 years, 8 months ago by bhaktajosemadrid


 Hare Krishna Maharaja, espero que se encuentre bien de salud.  

HpS - ASA >   TlgaSP.   Pfanrh.....  Esta cuerpo no tiene enfermidades, esta cuerpo ES un enfermidad! 


Estamos a la espera de celebrar Ratha Yatra, aqui en el templo Ahora Me he quedado solo con Rupa Ragunatha Prabhu, hago las pujas  a las deidades y las ofrendas pero al final no las visto, la ultima vez que las vio las habia arreglado Totagopinath Prabhu. Ayudo tambien en el restaurante y me acabo de leer el libro de Manual reformatorio de Japa de Sastvarupa dasa goswami. Mis rondas ahora no canto dos horas pero canto siempre que puedo 17 o mas y si no recupero hasta 17, pero siempre minimo 16 (me gusta cantar 17) Ahora por la mañana preparo el desayuno y voy un poco justo de tiempo pero logro 17. Sigo con el curso y tambien con los grupos de musica uno con Jagamohan y otro con un invitado. Voy tambien a retomar el escuchar a Srila Prabhupada cuando friego los platos del Prasadam, ya que ultimamente lo tengo un poco abandonado. Pienso que puedo seguir los 4 principios toda la vida y poder ser siempre un buen sirviente a los pies de loto de el sirviente de el sirviente...gracias a su misericordia y a la asociacion de los momento no quiero salir de el templo y si salgo sería para estar en otro templo. El servicio devocional a veces es dificil pero el mundo material es horrible.

   Espero poder tener pronto su asociación. Perdone por favor todas las ofensas cometidas.



       Aspirante a poder servir a sus sirvientes Bhakta José desde Madrid.

HpS - ASA > Jaya!   Desculpa demurra rsponder....   Viaje de EEUU a Peru, programa en la Universidad National Educativa, La Cantuta, llegado de Jayapataka Swami con 300 devotos!         Mucho!    Esta bien.  Solamente por cantand Maha-mantras podemos navegar en esta oceano de nectar y no causar un kaos!          Poco a poco realizamos todo.          Si, muy bien quedar en el templo pero no estamos muy seguro de nuestra ashrama hasta que ha pasado unos anos de Kirtana.             O.K!      Nos vemos pronto y estamos siempre feliz oir de sus esfuerzas.  No esa solo!!!     Su programa de Prasdam y sankirtana es super.  Estamos ayudando Muchisimos Personas!   Adelante con sus estudios.   Reverences a los devotos!!!

DTC 13 June

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hare krsna  agtsp    paoho.   writing  from   kindle...  health o.k 

if we chant there is much but if we stop then all is hell.

in choseeka until two weeks.  BhVai 1.9

kapidhvaja tonight.  6 letters to answer.

buck white

DTC Monday 13

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of a

 13 June 2011   ---   Choseeka, Peru

AGTSP pamho. It was a long, hard trip: Boise to Salt Lake, to LA Temple, bath, meet many devotees, Sunday feast lecture, run to airport with case of NOIs. Check in. Plane delayed by 2-1/2 hours! All night in the plane. Get through Customs with Oscar's camera and books from LA for only $15! Fifty devotees at the airport. Passed the Camera and all the remaining $$$ to Oscar.

 Patraka had a Chip and Nandulal's phone accepted it!

 51 (Peru) 99 (Cellular) 37 44 57 8

 Now 9.45PM we are in the Temple office above the temple. Very artisitic, rustic, dim light cold, like India. Laksmana is working on the computer and our machine is connected by the W-Fi! Tommorrow Introduction to Indian Classical Literature at Cantuta University.

 O.K. We send more Sankirtana results. Send us yours!
4-letters to answer!

Hanumatpresaka Swami, T. Brown, B. White et al (Piggy et all!).

A humble request for service

8 years, 8 months ago by Rashmin dd

Dear Maharaj,
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!It was super to have met you in person while your stay in Houston. My airfare was so worth it! While you were away in Mexico for the weekend, Nila Madhava indeed have plans for me- I got the opportunity to organize the pujari and room and Radha Nila Madhava's dresses! Krishna is one wonderful, merciful dude :) Yet, I wanted to ask you if I could serve you in any way from where I am in Toronto. It would would be nice to follow some instruction to keep me steady in my sadhana.

I was also wondering about what to prioritize in regards to my services in the temple. The mercy I get blessed with doesn't give me time to go out on Sankirtan as often as I would like to and my reading is suffering as well. My rounds do get done, phew...

Once again, thank you for letting me visit you and I might go again in January- omg... the head pujari's name escaped my mind... anyways, he would look forward for me finishing Krishna's dresses.

Your aspiring servant,
Bhaktin Rashmin

HpS - ASA - AGTSP! Pamho. Here in Boise, Idaho it is 3.28AM. We have chanted 20-rounds since we got up and we are shooting for 37-total today.
1. 16-nice rounds minimum.
2. 4-principles strictly.
3. Full morning and evening program.
4. Sankirtan according to your nature and ability.

<img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />

Why work in the Pujari room? Because in Kali-yuga it is an essential part of the Sankirtana movement, which is the Yuga-dharma. We need the cleanliness and punctuality that deity worship provides. That's before elaborating the rituals and parafernalia. Other people also need these aspects of Deity worship, Arcana, maybe more than we do. Then they can think of Krsna. SB 1.7 beginning describes Vyasadeva's Ashrama, and then he could meditate. Look it up!
Do this stuf and then send us description of our experiences here to the Blog and then should have a little intelligence to maybe give you some more specific advice.
You are accepted into Dental School? <img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />
Head Pujari in Houston, Nila Madhava-dhama is Maha-hari Das! <img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />
O.K. Waiting for your news.
It's Thursday here. Sunday we go to Lima. We will stop over in LA from 11.30AM-9.30PM, so we will go to the Temple and pick up 20kg of BBT books for Lima Sankirtana. We are reading about one article a day for Dr. Samaresha's/NIOS's book and reading our Chapter Study Guides for SB 1.8 today, Prayers of Queen Kunti!!