Hare Krishna!!! from buenos aires,argentina

8 years, 8 months ago by Madhavendra Puri das


Hare Krishna gurudev!

Here we continue strugling in this material existence; following strictly 4 regulative principles, with some dificulties  to wake up always at brahma muhurta or chant good rounds, body,mind, emotions,psyche  bothering to much many times nd my mind very concernd in that, is a problem.

Continue workin part time in an ofice, givin yoga classes, doin some programs also with yogic people..studying.... nd also doin once a month a program called "encuentro educativo vaisnava",is for new people , for next meeting im prepearing a course called  "Alimentacion yogica"..we are also prepearing with adi yajna prabhu nd yasodamayi(my wife), a meditation course to give in the temple, a teorical course to be given some saturdays ..nd practical japa meditation meetings 2 or 3 days in the evenings during the week everytime,for new people.

Also i think in these weeks we are takin the tickets to india for the begining of october, we are like 6 devotees flying from buenos aires togheter,nd also ptattva nd nikasio from mardelplata, like 8... what is you calendar there in india? do you know good vedic astrologers or institutions to take a course in india?

im tryin to improve the  service every time,to find nice devotees to take asociation, to win to my fears to become a better instrument in gaurangas party....missin so much yr personal asociation...last week jayapataka swami was here it was really really nice nd refreshing...

hope you re super ok gurudev,


madhavendra puri das

ASA - HpS     AGTSP  paoho  SUpe super super.     we are running with Jayapataka swami.s    visit,  Cantuta univesity proggram.   publishing book, bhakti vaibhava,   sastra,  iskcon higher education.  consultations!!     Your courses sound great.   when they are working you can also offer them in different forms at business, yoga schools, nursong colleges!!!....        We plan to pass Kartika based in Vrndavana and next month based in Mayapura.    We are working on more details now.  Like visiting Manipur in route from Vrndavana to Mayapura.    Look for more details in the Kapi Dhvaja.   You are doing super super super well!!!!!!   SUper.   You will conquer maya with in 6 minutes if you keep going like this!      Our obeisances to your good wife!!         We answer one more letter and then look at the Yahoo site then one interview then Gaura arati and Jagajivan,  who is GBC Undersecretary here will give some movies with his good wife.   It is Friday night, again!!!!   With Krsna and the sweet Radha!


8 years, 8 months ago by bhaktanicasio

Dear Gurudeva,
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
All glories to you,

 Everything goes fine here in Mar del Plata, El Loft keeps growing, we are having at least 30 people every Sunday feast. Now 4 devotees are living there (Panca Tattva das,  Bhaktas Juanjo, Guillermo and Gonzalo), they are distributing 100 books a day.  

HpS - ASA -- What happened to Mahajana?   He no more lives there?  Bought the farm???  


Hanuman Prabhu authorized the opening of a BBT branch in Mar del Plata, that means no lack of books anymore, Panca Tattva and I are going to be in charge. I was feeling bad for being so much involved in administration issues until I read in TKG`s diary of  Srila Prabhupada`s final days that administration is a kind of Arcanam.

HpS - ASA -- Oink!   WHoop!

I`m trying also to push forward this interfaith program, I think is going to be held the 15 and 16 of September, hope we can count with you via webex.

HpS - ASA -- Drat!   Gronk!    BliMk!!!    We will just arrive in India on the ???  Look at the ASA Calendar! <img alt="" height="18" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a04.gif" title="" width="18" />

Regarding LOB I would like to know if I can have like 20 copies to distribute, is such a nice book and i think my patients will appreciate it so much and it would be nice to have some copies for the program. If any devotee could take them to chile then Panca Tattva can bring them to Mar del Plata.

Regarding personal life we are very aware that this are the only four PRIORITIES in life

1. 16-nice rounds minimum.
2. 4-principles strictly.
3. Full morning and evening program.
4. Sankirtan according to your nature and ability.

HpS - ASA -- Can we have pizza in your house!  Even Lord Caitanya eats in the house of such a Vaisnava!!!

 I´m chanting 16 rounds although some days I have to finish them the next day due to work. I have consultation 3 times a week only so some days become very intense and we have to recover the next day.
With Alejandra my wife we are having excellent relation. We are doing a morning program. I bring her breakfast to bed and we chant one round together, so in this way she feels inspired to chant, then she is doing like 3 rounds a day. Manu and Benja are growing nice, Benja already knows parts of the maha mantra especially Hare Hare. Manu started studying theatre he loves it. I took him to one class of aikido but he didn’t want to return. I found a karate school where most of the people are vegetarians including sensei and they don’t participate in tournaments so maybe I will take manu there and me also start to practice.
I`m not worshiping the deities every day, it was too much for me alone taking care of the deities in one side and family in the other, I`m waiting for the day when the whole family gather in front of the altar to chant the holy names, so now i`m doing it the days I don’t have to go to work.
I was feeling so much presure to reach the standard for initiation that I was pushing myself to much. After having read your letter to Prahlada Nrsmha Das dated april 11ththat said  “Out of pride we should not take 1st, 2nd or 3rd etc initiation too soon, but just go on with Japa and Kirtana and honoring Prasadam and then it will all occur naturally.”  I felt relieved and realized that renunciation comes after knowledge. It was like I was more concerned of renunciation than acting for the pleasure of Lord Krishna. So now I feel to be more focused in becoming an affectionate husband and father and cooperate as a grihastha with our local center and its residents. Japa, SP`s books, your instructions and prasadam to be our weapons.
I feel so fortunate to have your association, everyday I think about you, lot of time of the day, your humor, your way of preaching, your qualities, Gurudeva you make me realize what Srila Prabhupada have brought to us. Thank you to inspire me engage in his service and to show me that life inside ISKCON is beautiful, really cool. We are having so much fun here in Mar del Plata.
I imagine you are having fun also there in Peru.
Saludos a todos los devotos de Por alli.

Hare Krishna!!

Aspiring to become your humble servant,

Bhakta Nicasio.


 Ps: Some photos attached, family. It seems that little Benja was a yogi in his previous life.

HpS - ASA -- Whatever Murti seva we do, it can be simple.  If we cook then cook for Krsna and offer it to Him.  Can be as simple as just puttng the plate in front of the altar and chant Hare Krsna mantra one time.       Then, read for Krsna, and rest of the family everyday.     That's enough.   Catch nice flowers and bring them home.   If altar is in the center of the house, the more it is decorated the more the house will also look, smell nice.  Nice lamps from time to time.  Ommm.






Visita a Chile

8 years, 8 months ago by rodrigo hernandez piceros

TODAS LAS GLORIAS A SRILA PRABHUPADA Querido Maharaja por favor acepte mis más respetuosas reverencias. Aquí Bhakta Rodrigo Hernández de Santiago de Chile. Espero que usted se encuentre muy bien.

HpS - AGTSP    pamho.          Somos morriendo!    Rapido!   Junta nos!  <img alt="" height="18" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a04.gif" title="" width="18" />

Mi salud está mucho mejor, pero luchando todos los días para poder cantar 16 rondas diarias.

HpS -ASA --  Nosotros lucha para cantar 25!!

-Esperamos que todo salga bien con las Conferencias y su visita en general. Madre Nadia Villar, Prabhu Manuel Poblete, Abhimanyu dasa, Trivikram dasa, Vanamali dd y otros devotos están en el equipo de trabajo. Estamos felices de poder hacer servicio devocional para usted.

HpS -ASA - Es mucho su misercordia.   Muchas, muchas gracias!!

Una amiga, su novio y yo queremos grabar conferencias y clases que usted va a dar en Santiago. Si es posible también queremos hacer un bonito video de 20 o 30 minutos. Un video con música, textos, algo más profesional. 

HpS -ASA - Con nosotros, Monkey & Piggy??

 Ya estoy preparando las preguntas para hacer entrevista a usted. Estoy trabajando en un libro de entrevistas a Gurus y devotos importantes de ISKCON. ¡Espero que sea un libro interesante para todo público! Un amigo devoto tiene un blog de poemas devocionales, es muy bonito. Entonces las personas que escriban poemas devocionales pueden enviar sus poemas! Están todos invitados! El correo es [email protected] y la dirección es http://nitaigaurangablog.blogspot.com/ Me gusta mucho revisar cosas en internet. Aqui hay algunos links que me parecen interesantes y me gustaría compartir con todos: Este video es una animación de Hanuman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KESRPnaLZcs&feature=related Este vídeo es una animación de la película Ramayana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQd5GdVHuqY&feature=fvwrel y este último vídeo es bien especial, habla de las formas de control que tiene la sociedad. Madre Nadia Villar me mostró este interesante vídeo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SfTkdJGF70

ASA - Bizaarre!   Islam and Astanga yoga!!!    We take some technique and Upa-dharma, Pre-religion from this but they are missing a LOT from the first 2/3 that we saw of ultimate cosmology!!!

Un amigo, madre Nadia y yo estamos presentando um proyecto de trabajo al instituto británico de cultura y esta semana tendremos una reunión muy importante, por favor quisiéramos tener su bendición para que todo sea um éxito!

ASA - God bless you.  Hog bless (Sr. Varaha). 

 Si ganamos el proyecto yo podría financiar 50% de la revista Utsaha número 2! Please, Krishna help us! Querido Gurudeva muchas gracias por todo. Estamos muy contentos por su próxima visita. Recuerde que en Chile estamos en invierno y hace mucho, mucho frío (cold). Su humilde aspirante a sirviente, Bhakta Rodrigo Hernández

ASA - Gracias.   Estamos llegando con mas ropa fuerte!     Muchas gracias su associacion.   Es siempre animador para nosotros.   Oink!     Whoop!       Vamos a mas cartas juntos!!! 

Bhaktin Carla - Santiago Chile HK!

8 years, 8 months ago by Bhaktincarla

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai


Hare Krsna dear guru maharajá<img alt="smiley" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/regular_smile.gif" title="smiley" />

first of all, I hope you are in good health, as well as its activities too!!!

We are very happy, very recently we were visited by Dhanvantari maharaja, his classes were very nice and very interesting, talked about the seminar in brazil, and thought it would be a very nice experience of Vedic studies, and advised me  finish university and take the Bhakti Sastri .<img alt="yes" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/thumbs_up.gif" title="yes" />

Also Had the visit of Swami Jayapataka Maharaja Also all very nice, historical Their motivation despite physical disability,your visit helped me much to ponder, That, Whatever Happens We Must not lower the arms and That We Should keep it in the mission of Srila Prabhupada.<img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a35.gif" title="" />

So that a two weeks have been very wonderful with great kindness and beautiful association.

Good, and I can tell I'm singing my 16 rounds of japa, the last few weeks finishing up a little later than usual, the university is very heavy compared to other years, but never stopped singing,  4 principles and reading nectar of devotion, which I have several questions that I will make during his visit to Santiago, and learned to enjoy a lot is a very nice book, and that's what I get up early every day, association with devotees, my service garlands for the altar of the temple on Tuesday, to be with my family and perform in college, and delicate state of health this year, with exams in the head brain, but some faint and had lately that the doctor said I have a very strong stress, so we're resting a bit more, sleep more hours,thanks to Krsna is everything in order in my spiritual life.  !  <img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a36.gif" title="" />

I am drawing strength!!<img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/57.gif" title="" />

good, gurudeva thank you very much for your time in reading this letter association hope to have her pretty soon in July<img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a04.gif" title="" />

my most humble obeisances at your feet<img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a37.gif" title="" />

your servant

Bhaktin carla<img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a38.gif" title="" />

(Graphic Design Student)


HpS -ASA        Hare  Krsna.   AGTSP    paoho.     WOnderful    news.    Thank you.    SOnice to hear about thevisits of Dhaanvanatair and Jayapataka Swami...  IS TomBrown,Monkey, here.... HpS is chantign Jaapa and watching us.   Etasa Krsna from Cordoba is here also!!!!             Your path seems perfect.  YOu just have to keep withthe basic yoga  --   Japa, Brahma muhurta,     SB   and your Karma yoga.   Go to school for Krsna.   As much as possible evening programwith devotees also.   then after some time youwill be sure that youare servant of Krsna and youwill take serious vows of austerities for Him.    Se we seeyou in just a few day!

<img alt="" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/a08.gif" title="" />

Etasa’s Report ( from jan to jun)

8 years, 8 months ago by etasakrsnadas

Hare Krsna, AGTSP, PAMHO Dear Guru Maharaja!!! SADHANA: I have been chanting good 16R, mangala every Sunday in Sushila and Nanda Gopal’s house, and sundararati every day, alone, in my apartment. SOME SERVICES: I’m doing some practical services here in Cordoba Yatra like prepare systematic lectures to present on namahattas or public programs, so I’m reading an studing a lot SP books’s and other world literature too. Besides, I’m practicing bhajans all the time to perform in programs. I’m still working in the office an offering my salary to Krsna. It retakes my piano studies in the conservatory ( Bach, Chopin, Scarlatti) In next Springtime I’m going to continue with my English studies. CORDOBA YATRA NEWS: The programs are getting better and better. New people are taking the KC and We have workers and enthusiastic devotees. I would like invite you, if you can, to Cordoba Yatra, when you visit Argentina on your next big tour. I can organize some public culture program for your visit. LOB? Universal Form? Maybe? Sorry about my bad (dog) english Your servent, etasa-krsna das   

HpS- asa   -   agtsp     paoho. here we are in the internet booth in the jungle in peru.   there are alligators and zebras here also.  thank you for your letter.   this is monkey, tom brown, writing.   hpswami is watching.  he is behind on his 25-day rounds because there were such big programs at canututa university and so forth.  jayapataka swami was here with 200,000 devotees and we were also making a movie with oscar and rodrigo and our abc courses.    do you like the kapi dhvaja....    how can we make it better.    we want to visit cordoba.   but it will be miracle of krsna.     patijalpa is there????     are you   going to present these systematic courses some where????       On to next letter.   come with us!! 


Your recent visit to Los Angeles

8 years, 8 months ago by BhaktaAdrian

Dear Hanumatpresaka Swami,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Hare Krishna Prabhu Hanumatpresaka Swami! My name is Bhakta Adrian. I'm living in the Asrama here in New Dvaraka, Los Angeles, California. I had the great treat of chanting some japa with you in the temple room and listen to you give a fantastic lesson. I was very eager to talk to you, and I was under the impression that you were going to be around the temple for a couple hours after the class had ended. I was sincerely dissapointed to see you and Omkara Das drive away before I had the chance to get your association. I'm not sure if this will spark any memory, but I was the young Bhakta in yellow who sat right in front while you gave your wonderful lesson.

More so than anything else, I'm very eager for your association. I am wondering when you'll be back to Los Angeles, and for how long you will be here? If my memory serves me right, I heard you mention you'd only be here for a few hours just the same as your last visit. If that is the case, I'm wondering if there is any place near Los Angeles you might be staying for more than a few hours? Maybe I would be able to arrange to arrive at another temple you are staying at for a few days to properly engage in conversation. Please let me know! I am sure you are very busy, and must have many people to assiociate with. If you would be so kind to write back to a very humble Bhakta, I would be very appreciative.

Your aspiring servant,

Bhakta Adrian


HpS '   Jaya  AGTSP    pamho.  Now we are in Peru.  Is incredible rush of five things happeing the same tiem.     Jayapataka Swami here with intense fever and 300 devotees.  Big university symposium for the entire week.....     We are back in LAX  for a few hours on like AUgust 1st!     Then catch plane to Seattle.   This blog and  our News at the Web Page  

www.jayarama.us   are   nice chance to associate.  Other wise as we chant we are all conntected!!!     More news!