8 years, 8 months ago by b.Natalia Molina

Hare Krsna Gurudeva

Finally you are with us in Peru, we are sooo fortunate! I cannot visit you yet because I am studying, and because the semester is coming to end, it is becoming more intense. I am going to offer my obeisance to you this weekend at Chosica.
About Gopa Kumar, he is doing lot's of service at Govinda Valley, working hard on his service and sadhana . We talk regularly by Skype. I help him (sometimes, when I am able) to wake up at 4am (1pm of the previous day for me), and he do the same for me ( I guest 4am in Peru is 7pm in Australia). We talk, and he also help me to understand things when I feel confused. He is saving money to buy a ticket for me the next year, but we don't know yet what kind of arrangement we will do for the visa and all that. We are thinking about plans: where to live permanently? Country? Australia, Peru,... Mayapura, ...or it could be Chile, Mexico, ......Radhadesh, ...? Where we ca find a nice place to develop, good association, programs, way to mantain ourselves? What community can we take shelter to engage in service with?

My father is ok, pulled by karma to work very hard for us. He is experiencing frustration after many years working on how to make our country a best place, he sees all his endeavor at last is very insignificant, and becomes nothing in the chaotic admosphere of the public administration. He told me he is chanting little Hare Krsna (he even ask me a japa to chant one round), because he "needs help". I don't know if he is steal doing. But he is very respectful with prasada, and he takes it with a nice attitude. 

Gurudeva, I write to you now because I miss not to be there in Chosica. I have many difficulties, bad qualities are coming out this days, I don't know if it is by my association (sleeping at home, no spiritual regulations in the admosphere), or because my prasadam has no a nice standar now (cooked by the person who cooks at home, she is not devotee, not vegeterian, but she likes me very much and she do whathever I ask her -not to taste, not onions,etc- she likes to cook for me, I was fleeing but at last I am sentimentalist and I took "advantage" to arrange like that my prasada. But I think is not good idea). Even if I feel very very convinced about Krsna and everything, I am weak, I cannot remain strong when the obstacles comes, I don't have proper understanding or training, I have many bad qualities not usefull for devotional service. I don't deserve to have your association, but any way I don't trust any other shelter, thank you to be compassionate with me, I will go soon to see you and listen your classes. I wish to improve, to learn, but I feel confused about the path I am taking... I am chanting my rounds every day, some days they are good rounds, others so so. I see there is very close a path wich leads to spiritual success, but I don't know if I am really in that path... maybe in a long long time... But I think I am at least in some way in contact with Krsna, so there is hope for me!? But I feel little lost, maybe steal not good bases to grow. Krsna have a plan for me also?

Thank you Gurudeva, I am really gratefull to be able to have you association, how can I take really advantage?
It is illusion if I try to feel happy in contact with Krsna conciousnees despite my personal situation is mediocre?
Ok, this is too long... ah, I didn't wrote sattva report on bhima ekadasi, I became stupid with the fasting because I had an agitated morning at the school and many things... I am very stupid!! Gurudeva don't kick me away please!!
I have sankirtan results for you, long time I wish to send them, maybe personally? they are not here now...
Gurudeva I wish to receive your mercy, yasya prasadam bhagavat prasadam...

Hare Krsna, your servant, b.Natalia
(excuse me, is too long, it's why I wait some time between each mail, because I take too much of your time) All glories to tour service Gurudeva!

HpS -   AGTSP    Thank you so much for your letter.   Very intense.  Yes, is good to cook as much as you can.    Cook for Krsna.    Offer what is cooked by strict vegetarian people.   I think that if you just make that one change everything will be 90%   better.  Visaya anna kaila, hana dusta mana.  It is from Caitanya caritamrta.     Lord Caitanyta says,   cited in NOI   ----    ONE WHO EATS GRAINS COOKED BY MATERIALY ENTANGLED PEOPLE HE ALSO BECOMES MATERIALLY ENTANGLED, WICKED MINDED!

We are very happy to see you in the programs and when we go to Lima next Wednesday we can talk more maybe.  We will be there until 1st July!!!   Thank you so much for your efforts.   They are helping!!!!   My respects to your father.  Tell him that we are trying to do the same thing as him and experiencing the same frustration at La Cantuta even today.

15 de Junio , Santiago de Chile

8 years, 8 months ago by guru govinda dasi

Todas las glorias a sri sri goura nitai
Todas las glorias a Srila Prabupada
Todas las glorias a Jayapataka swami
Todas las glorias a  usted  y a sus pies de loto

Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias...

 Querido majaraya, sabiendo que falta tan poco tiempo para contar con su maravillosa asociacion, ruego a su misericordia, y le ofresco mi humilde ashram, para que si lo desea pueda compatir en algun programa, para mi su asociacion es uno de los regalos mas maravillosos que krishna me ha entregado. Gracias a krishna,,,no he dejado de hacer programas, aunque no con la misma frecuencia que estaba cuando el templo estaba cerrado, pero sigo con una clase semanal del B.G..... mas los sabados se dan unas clases de danza indu, mas un programa dos veces al mes de namahata o sadhu sanga, lo que me llena de felicidad.

Le cuento que ademas llego a vivir en el ashram Tulsi devi, esta muy bella y crece cada dia mas....la sembre y esta bella bella , es maravilloso y magico a la vez su compañia.

En estos dias me encuentro con gran alegria en mi corazon, por la asociacion maravillosa de mi amado gurudev, aun no he logrado contarle de mi ashram, pero espero que se me de la oportunidad y contarle que ha sido de mi vida.

Esperando ansiosa y contando los dias de su llegada, me despido pidiendole a Krishna que siempre lo protega y lo llene de bendiciones.


Guru govinda dasi.  

 HpS - AGTSP   pfanrh.   Muy bien oir de Vd.   Y estamos recordando su gran esfuerza con su pero  '  tilaka?    Auspiciar los programas.  SUper.   Puede hablar con Ananda shyama acerca del calendario, pero nos gusta visitar.    Despues de llegar tambien podemos planificar cosas! 


dandavat pranams!

8 years, 8 months ago by GauraLilaDas

Hare Krishna maharaj

Thank you for the signed Upadesamrta!! you are so inspiring to me. I would like to be able to contact you through e-mail. is that possible?

HpS - ASA --     AGTSP       paoho.  Who are you????     No name on this fine letter!          In the Kapi Dhvaja there is a link for letters that will take you to some Secretarys who help us with special letters, but this Bog is such a nice place to discuss most things!  Who are you?

todas las glorias a srila prabhupada y el movimiento de sankirtan!

8 years, 8 months ago by radharani devi dasi

Hare Krishna Guru Mahraja.
Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias.

Querido Gurudev: soy Radharani dd. de Mendoza, Argentina. No sé si se acuerde mi, quería contarle que seguimos con harinama todos los viernes, un programa fijo todos los sábados en casa (en la cueva como usted dice) jajaja, hemos empezado a estudiar el BG. todos los jueves hace un par de meses con algunas devotitas nuevas,  mis rondas son pocas pero fijas; mi mente aun no me deja las 16 diarias, los días domingos estamos yendo con prabhu Gadadhara a repartir prasadam a gente de la calle con un grupo de chicos muy favorables de un restaurant vegetariano, cocinamos, cantamos hare krishna un rato y luego nos vamos a repartirlo tipo olla popular, el mismo domingo más tarde estamos llevando también unas viandas a gente de la feria. El es un gran devoto, no me deja desviarme jeje. Estamos muy entusiasmados con estos servicios, son la fuerza para toda la semana. Gracias por su misericordia y paciencia, ojala krishna me deje verlo pronto. Perdone mis ofensas.

HpS - AGTSP   pfanrh     Si, podemos recordar su nombre y pastiempos bastante, pero su forma no...     Es super oir de Vd.    Que pasa con los otros devotos,     Mukunda carana,   Balarama, Yadu puri?????       Vamos a encontrar Vds. in Chile???   Estamos en Peru.   FUerte reunion de muchos paises con la visita de Jayapatak Swami!

su aspirante a disipula.

DTG 20 June 2011

8 years, 8 months ago by hps

AGTSP    paoho

We are in Peru.  Busy as ants.   MOre news soon!

Here is letter we wrote to Dr. Samaresh!

Esteemed Doctors, Professors, Samaresh Bandyopadhyay and Ian Mabbett,

We hope this letter meets you well and in the best of spirits.   We write you from the mystical land of Peru.   This weekend has been typical.  Jayapataka Swami, one of our most senior men has been visiting.  He recently had a brain stroke and was diagnosed to die, but didn't, and to the contrary is traveling and preaching.  His body is practically dysfunctional but his consciousness is so lucid, homourous, determined, that he is a living example of the distinction between spirit and matter.  Of course, with his visit, 300 more devotees from surrounding area have also visited!     Then the city turned off our rustic water supply for two days in its regular function.

Then, simultaneously, we have and obligation of one week of courses with the National Education University, where teachers are trained, with Isopanisad for Philosopy, Light of the Bhagavata (Srimad Bhagavatam 10th Canto, Chapter 30) for Literature, as well as dance, drama, music.

Also, we have a $10,000 contract with two of the very finest geniuses of Peru to make a television documentary on our Indian culure in Peru and they are filming all these things as well as the Murti puja on the altar.

Also, we have our regular curriculum development for Gita, Bhagavata etc. with 150-students/

And, we are producing this WONDERFUL homage, book, for Professor Samaresh!

We are surviving.

Our book designer has been working very hard.  He has done hundreds of books and he is very enthused with this book, but he comments that it is challenging because it is an anthology from many sources.    The first problem was that all was in Word format and Word is not a professional formating tool.  The fonts, location of the pictures and so much more can move, change, when you change computers.

So we were passing everything to In Line with is professional tool.  Five days ago after working furiously on the book, he was going back to home, parked his car at 10PM, was called over to one side by a security guard, a second man came out of the bushes, put pistols against his stomach and took his computer and all the books files!!

O.K.   Back to earlier copies!

However, in these next few weeks, since we can sit together we hope to make much, much more progress.

I want to get a rough general format for the book so you both can make any suggestions for corrections.   Then there are so many details in each article.  For exmple, some articles have lost italics so those need to be replaced.

We want to produce a book that will be esteemed by Vice-Chancellors, all. Then we hope that the majority of the distribution can be at that level.

Please contact us as you see fit, and I hope very sincerely to have some very substantial result in a short time.

Your humbler servant,

Hanumatpresaka Swami

Professor Huber Robinson



8 years, 8 months ago by PABLOPARIKRAMA

AgtSP, pamho. I am Paul's parikrama of Spain. I hope you are well Maharaja. Thanks so much for your instructions. I try to apply them. My brother and I read the KD few days ago and was very intense. Thank you very much for pushing people like us. A better about ourselves. I'm sorry about his spiritual daughter, try to help the `max possible, we are limited financially but something s may (did we mailed the money in cash?). Maybe I could spend the Kd at Temple Spanish authorities if they receive it.

For our part, in any way, we would like to express one thing to Jambavati DD. For what it's worth, our greatest blessings and good wishes. You are an inspiration to us. Thanks. "My House is where you are You, the same nails, the same Cross" Our house is your house, you know that here in Spain will always have a home you need to come to Spain to collect. Delighted. Here in Spain, as in Cuba, health care is free ... no idea is a desperate attempt to serve. Thank you so much for everything. At his feet. PS: Your book is very good, it's hard to follow certain lack of vocabulary words, but I liked it ,     HpS - ASA -  AGTSP    pamho    This robot won't put in a line space!      Thank you so much for you letter.  I always remember you serving Prasadam on the Parikrama.  Thank you also so, so, much for you concern for M. Jambavati!   I think she will read this.  Of course, we have to understand that ultimately Krsna may want us to leave a useless situation and go with Him.mmmm;jm;lm