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Todas las glorias a Sri Gournitay!!!

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!!!

Todas las glorias a usted , Gurudeva!!!!

Acepte usted mis humildes reverencias : <img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />

Hare Krsna  Guru Maharaja!!! le escribo para reportar mi sadhana : estoy cantando mis 16 rondas tratando de cantarlas cada vez mas concentrada pero distraerse es facil , sigo los 4 principios , siempre trato de asociarme con los devotos del templo gracias a krsna los veo de martes a sabado y siempre escucho krsna katha de ellos y estoy leyendo los hermosos libros de srila prabhupada él es mi autor favorito el mejor de todos soy feliz leyendo los bellisimos libros de srila prabhupada. Tambien me dijeron que usted no vendra a bolivia este año y eso me pone triste pues no podre verlo ni servir a sus pies de loto, confio que krsna hace sus arreglos , krsna es la causa de todas las causas solo dependo de él. 

Hoy es la aparicion del señor balarama y con las jovenes del templo estamos preparando una preparacion somos felices en conciencia de krsna.<img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="26" />

gracias gurudeva por su tiempo y su atencion.

siempre a su servicio angela.<img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />

HpS - ASA -  Jaya!           Bien gracias su carta.   Pero vamos a Hari-kripa  )Arrequipa(.    Unos devotos de Bolivia visitan de alla a nosotros, no?   Si no, estamos en contacto por palabra y media casi transpartent de Lasksm-agra-ja Das!!!!        Esta Cocha o La Paz??


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Todas las gloras a Srila Prabhupada

Mis humildes reverencias querido maharaja

En realidad tan solo queria compartirle un poco del sentimiento que me ha envuelto estas ultimas semanas.

HpS - ASA -  TlgaSP    pfanrh.    Rasa!

Como los devotos del centro de predica salieron a Sankirtan a viajero, las matajis nos hemos estado encargando de los programas del centro cultural, con ayuda de algunos otros devotos; y hemos estado realmente involucradas en la preparacion de los ultimos festivales festivales de Julan yatra y justo hoy preparativos para Balaram.

 Tuve oportunidad de hacer el columpio para Radha y Krishna (esto me lleno de mucha emocion)

HpS - ASA ---  Jaya!  Yo hizo bastante carpenteria antes y es super cuando puede hacer muebles, cajas, mesas...  para Krsna!

y Hoy cocinar Burfi para señor balaram (mientras lo cocinaba pensaba en como hacerlo es tan similar al proceso de avance espiritual, en el que empezamos a veces con mucho entusiasmo, a mitad del camino uno piensa en que no puede mas pero llegar al final es al mejor y mas dulce parte). Estoy cada dia esforzandome por mantenerme fija en lo que usted me recomendo: principios, 16 rondas, mongol artik, sankirtan (prasadam), lectura y apoyar el centro de predica con mi servicio que es principalmente la cocina.

Disculpe mi negligencia y que el señor Nrsimha lo proteja.

Su aspirante a sirviente Govinda DD

HpS - ASA  -   Ahhhhh!!!    Cual Govinda DD????    No podemos recordar.  Somos con cabezas antiguas!

temporary bachelor with love

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Hare Krsna!!

Dear Gurudeva,
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Here we are in the solitude of our ashram, waiting for joining the japa joe meeting. Here is 4.20 amI guess is now 040 am in san Franciscoso 50 min to go.

This time I will appeal to your causeless mercy and I will take some of your precious time to write a long letter.

I can feel so strong your mercy upon me, this particular present moment I,m living has taught me so much, I can sense the hand of krsna behind this situation, so many realizations. Main one is I can see in which platform I am which is my level of kc, now I understand when you say “different people in different levels”. I can see some of my anarthas so clearly. And I accept them, I face them and i.m sure krsna loves me anyway.  that`s why he sent me his pure devotee, to heal me, help me in my way towards him. Today i have read this purport from SB 4.29.55 “…One cannot give up this abominable association through one's own effort, but if one takes shelter of a bona fide spiritual master who is a paramahamsa, he will gradually be elevated to the platform of spiritual life…”  This brought me so much relief, cause is obvious I can do nothing by myself. Today I can say I really accept in which platform I am and from there I establish my relationship with you and with krsna. Today most important to me is to please you and Srila Pabhupada according to my present abilities and capacity being patient and having full faith that gradually following the process everything will come and as you say “ you will get to the uttama adhikari level”

Your instructions are so clear, I understand what do I have to do, I can see more and more that everything we need to know is in SP`s book, we only have to read them and study them. Please gurudeva give me your blessings to study SP`s books in deep.

My present standard is 16 rounds every day and 4 principles.

With this I myself have a big conflict. It is pretty clear to me that the standard that SP and you propose regarding sex for initiated disciples is only after garbhadana samskara, and also is clear that no one can enter in to the spiritual sky without being celibate. But the other day I listened to a lecture by HH Hridayananda das Goswami and he was saying that SP when he speaks about illicit sex he makes a distinction between illicit sex and sex outside marriage, he was saying that for this principle SP established a top line which is only sex after garbhadana samskara and a bottom line which is only sex with one`s wife in a regulated fashion. He was puting the example of an obese person  that in order to cure that person you don’t make him fast until he is ok but you prescribe him a regulated diet, so the same, marriage is a regulated way to cure oneself from the bondage of sex desire.

So personally at the present moment I can reach only the bottom line of this principle, more would be artificial and dangerous. So beloved gurudeva I  humbly pray for your mercy in order to one day overcome this attachment and reach to the highest standard and become a pure instrument in your hands, poison free.

Regarding my relation with my wife, gradually things are going back to its place, I think is a matter of time only for reconciliation, i`m doing my best, the result is up to Krsna.

Medical studies go ok, lately little bit slower but we are very enthusiastic about profounding our ayurvedic studies. I made an agreement with a very good ayurvedic doctor from south India, udupi, Dr Shivkumar Sharma, to make an argentinian ayurvedic pharmacopoeia according to a book called dravya guna vijaña which describes the 20 atributes of every substance in order to mesure its effect in the body, so the idea is to find the argentinian plants equivalent to those in India described in this texts. I feel very comfortable as an ayurvedic doctor, I have more than 650 patients and like 10 of them are regular members of our congregation, so for me I see it as a nice way to preach KC.

My present service in our yatra is to be the treasurer and collect donations and funding for our projects (described in other letter). Due to my pasionate tendency I used to put lot in my shoulders and I was involved in so many services, but nicely devotees seeing my present condition and noticing that it was too much for myself they released me from many of them and gave me this specific service ( I feel like following in your footsteps).

So gurudeva the conclusion is that I feel very happy to be part of this wonderful ISKCON family being guided by our captain Srila Prabhupada and his beloved sons.

Hoping that one day I can render some service to you.

Aspiring to become you servant.

Bhakta temporary bachelor.

HpS - AGTSP      paoho       The real solution is to hear and chant Bhagavata Katha, (Holy Names, SB etc) as well and as often as possible. Then we will live naturally in the material world.     Srila Prabhupada is so , so clear, for initiated devotee we must follow four principles strictly, other adjustments are to bring us to that point.  As much as we are progressive our suffering from stupid activities will be minimal, but if we are trying to take advantage of the situation to indulge in nescient sex, drugs, rock and roll, then we will suffer and maybe slip completely. It seems you know this pretty well.

Of course, so many older disciples of Srila Prabhupada have become lax in these principles and tried to enjoy loosely talking with opposite sex, but so often then it goes to gross fall down and suffering and miserly humiliation beyond human imagination.

So, be progressive.

Carta de Rodrigo Hernández

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Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Querido Gurudeva

Por favor acepte mis más respetuosas reverencias

Hare Krishna! Aquí Bhakta Rodrigo Hernández de Chile. Por la Gracia de Krishna estamos fijos: 16 Rondas diarias y 4 principios.

Mi servicio devocional: Junto a devotos y devotas estamos trabajando en la nueva página web de IKSCON Chile. La meta es tener lista la página Web para Janmastami.

También este año pensamos hacer la segunda versión del Concurso de Poesía Devocional. El año pasado fue la primera vez, muy buena experiencia. Claro, esto fue una instrucción de usted para mí.

Si todo sale bien, para noviembre queremos hacer la premiación del Concurso. Queremos hacer la premiación con Usted!

Esperamos poder ayudar en algo a Prabhu Jagat Guru para organizar conferencias de Usted en Santiago para noviembre.

Este último tiempo he estado muy bien. Sintiendo más fuerza para avanzar espiritualmente. Pienso que es misericordia de Usted, por todas las bendiciones que usted me ha dado. Un poco más de vida espiritual y un poco menos de maya en mi vida.

Hace 10 días trabajamos full time para hacer postulación de poeta amigo (Ludwig Zeller, 85 años, nacido en Chile, pero viviendo hace 40 años en el extranjero) al Premio Nacional de Literatura de Chile.

Ludwig Zeller es surrealista muy importante en el mundo, pero en Chile No muy conocido. ("Nadie es profeta en su tierra").

Ahora estoy trabajando en mis poemas para postular a dos importantes concursos de poesía en Chile.

Estoy leyendo "Néctar de la Devoción", muy muy profundo: La Ciencia del Bhakti.

Una vez terminado "Néctar de la Devoción" empezaremos a leer "Caitanya Caritmrita" por instrucción de Usted.

Hace 10 días tuve la misericordia de poder entrevistar a Maharaja Bhaktibhusana Swami para mi libro de entrevistas. Fue una entrevista maravillosa.

El libro se va a llamar "Conversaciones con grandes almas". El año pasado pude entrevistar a Usted para este libro. En esa oportunidad usted me dijo súbtítulo del libro: "Encuentros con personas Bhagavata". ¿Se acuerda?

Bueno, Querido Gurudeva este es mi reporte. Antes de despedirme le envío dibujo que un amigo hizo. Es un "retrato" mío. El dibujo se llama "Poeta surrealista bipolar".

A sus pies de Loto,

Su aspirante sirviente

Bhakta Rodrigo Hernández Piceros

HpS -  Hmmm!    TlgaSP.....  Estamos super debil.  Casi no podemos escribir. pero muy bien oir de Vd.      Pienso no hay mas gran surrealista que Senor Caitanya y Nityananda.  Puede ser fuetes de trabajo para Vd. como poeto...

Brain surgeon wanted to remove old persona

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Hare Krishna Gurumaharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you for your reply. What i'm up to, after quite a long period of unemployment i started working in the facility department of a bank a two weeks ago. It's a capitalist walhalla, and i try not to associate too much with the people there but be a devotee, so i strive to work by myself as much as possible, listening katha and kirtans on the faithful ipod, my lifeline.

Besides that, still serving Radhadesh congregation dept by helping to publish the bi-monthly magazine for Benelux with translating, editing and content. Now that salary is coming in again i can decide on some course to take to be more equiped in making future livelyhood in the field of publishing. That is my wish and it seems feasible. 

Also, still busy with final paper necessary for the paperwork for residence permit for M. Hope to submit in August. Time consuming! Need time to adjust anyway: old life is over, new life is here. Last but not least is that a brahmacari offered us to use his house while he's serving in Gadeigiri. His desire is to do that for five years. We were happy to receive that offer, and are curious to see how things will work out. That's all things major going on. Perhaps there's something here that pleases you. 

An aspiring servant,

Richard van Dijck

HpS - ASA   - AGTSP    paoho.   We are sick, weak near death, but that's O.K. because we are immortal and after leaving this body we will get a better one for playing with Gopal, maybe.           If you're trying to make money then try to make money for Krsna.

   Then all of your work is devotional service.

Rupa Goswami ki jay!

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Dear Hanumatpresaka Swami,

Please accept my respectful obeisances,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thanks for your answer and detailed purport.
You showed me the main point in this theme (temporary insanity but then api cet su-duracaro) so i have to put things in order in my mind and try to be Krsna conscious and not fault conscious.
When i wrote i miss personal instructions i didn't think about this subject but how can i serve You better and how can i make You satisfied. But maybe it's too early, first i have to prove i'm able to follow You. I'm in big rajas and always want everything immediately :(
Please forgive my offences!

Thank you for your help and compassion.

Your useless servant,
Sri Radhe devi dasi

HpS - ASA - Jaya!    AGTSP.      It's nice when you hear people repeating what you preach it helps you organize your own life.          I am confused, not with any individual so much, right now, but rather my Project Tasks.   We have this projects, this project, this project.              If we are going to do Sankirtan then we have enter into Time and Space for the most part.  Enter the mode of Passion.  Yet, how much of that is our contamination rather than compassion.

We want to destroy overything, but we have to "get into good things consciousness, rather than fault consciousness".        Today, especially, it is Balarama purnima, Happy New Year for our Guru's Guru, so we have to make big reviews and changes.    Thank you.
I guess the way to "please us" is to read the Kapi Dhvaja and then participate in thei Blog!