thesis update

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Hare Krsna Majaraj, Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay, Gaur Bhakt Vrind ki Jay,
Referring to last conversation , will it be okay to have weekly update of thesis development or it will be better if we do it fortnightly.

Jiva Goswami ki jay,
update: this is link from Sri Aurbindo, which tells limitations of modern psychology...    this person [ Matthijs Cornelissen ] has done nice work.. do you know him /

He also gave seminar in Sans Franscisco  on Isopanishad, aum purnam adam...

Sri Aurbindo has opened   'The Indian Psychology Institute" for doing such researched in psychology

Question: do we have  scholars in our own network  who are working on area of mind, emotion or conciousness...

Comment: Jnana breaks our head.. better chant and dance... :)

HpS- AGTSP  Some like to cook, some like to dance, some like to with mental speculation, make the mind dance.   Thank you so much for the links and news.  We just got back to the USA.  One week in Mexico was with like four intense programs every day. Then trip back was incredible. We can see that this Sadhana Bhakti gives us strength in our heart that we can go through all these things to achieve the goal.  Now we have to finish this letter and go directly to the Temple (1/2 hour drive) meetin with devotees, pick up our bag and go to lecture and the One Love Foundation.

Tommorrow we fly to Miami but Jasoda called to say he had important business challenge so he won't be there as planned but arrangements are to stay in the Temple for three days.