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AGTSP. Paoho. 9.36PM. We are dead. After week or more we talked with Dr. Samaresh. Adjust India preaching. Then we had nice SB class this morning. We are syncing with the Board of Examiners.

Then ... gardener, local adjustments, and 3.5 hours to get the last Viplavah done and off to the editors. Gave them three days to respond. Was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Walking with NGD and Vijaya ji.

After just two days we have made a lot of progress toward recovering our energy and getting things caught up. Subal called from Richmond and wants to know if we can visit there in May. We looked at tickets and it would be hard. We will have to see how much we recover. Tomorrow we sync with Art Das and NIOS Peru.

Thank you.

Hare Krsna!

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UND writes: Dandavats. Polite reminder. Has anyone been in touch with HH Hanumat Presaka Maharaja recently? I am concerned if everything is okay as I have never experienced such long gaps in response from Maharaja ever.


============================================== . .

Tom Brown/Buck White: Aaaaaah!   We have been fighting The Evil One in the Swamps. On the hills. In the fire. Every day. Every day we try to get to the Viplavah and fail. We are in Boise now. We have been posting regularly at squeals at our Blog. After Houston we hit the Jung congress in Santa Barbara. This was INCREDIBLE. Thirty-five presentations in many cases by double doctorates who have published like 8-books with presses like Yale University and have had their art displayed at the Metropolitan museum of art in New York. Had to get a rental car and drive at 70-years old daily through the rain, wind etc and find the hall. UCSB spent maybe $200,000 to bring Jung's original art from Switzerland. Our contacts were there etc. etc.  Aaaah. This is also the end of our 10-week tour.  Today got 16-rounds done by 7AM but have 8-more to finish which we have been carrying for three daze now. Then we had meeting during breakfast with one disciple couple, then a three hour, intense emotional, valid meeting with the administration about Sastric studies here and in the world. Then a super 7-course lunch which we as travelers had to pick our way through with great care so as not to over eat while another disciple dialog went on between mouthfuls in Spanish and English. All very productive, but we are just struggle with Viplavah (Sadhana, (Latin American GBC (MOE North American Sastric Studies (University Lectures))).  Aaaaah. 🙂  Your letter is like a hello from a boat to a drowning man. Our letter here has taken about 15-minutes and now in 30-minutes we go for evening program and a lecture on "NOI - Delivering Rama's Ring".   Any advice?  We will still push the Viplavah. How are things at your end of the fight???

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AGTSP. Paoho.

It is 6.07PM. At 6.15PM we have to get ready for the FEP. Fool Evening Program.

We had two hours of Latin American Regional GBC administrative meetings and then two hours of Hawaii SB class and preparation. Suniti gives good Niti, advice, to Dhruva. Is she Kanishta adhikari??

Then lunch with peas-porridge soup, powdered milk burfi, pumpkin soup, potatoes pops, plum chutney, misti dahi, another bengal sweet, Bala-bhadras farmers-bread and came back to our ashrama with Apple-Strawberry Juice. It was all nice. Was able to get through it pretty well.

Nap. World classical literature. Correspondences.

Now arati, talk with Natha, home program with 600-devotees at Srinivasa Das ashrama Acrosss the street.

In general, still packed programs.

Low energy - from end of trip.

Health for 70 year old ass is 90%.

Barely maintaining Bh. Sarva bhauma standard.

Barely keeping all our NIOS and MOE and ASA programs afloat.

Hare Krsna. Same for you?

1 - Japa

2- 4-regs

3- FMP

4 - Sankirtan (Distributed two full sets, 50+ Gitas and SSR this last week).

Sugopi radha Devi Dasi Ki Jai! (Jung program at the Univeristy brough Jung followers from all over the region, professors, students, cngregation members). Was intense.

Ananta rupa Das, Niti-sara Das and (good wife). Balabhadra (and very good wife). Srinivasa ach (and very very good wife) and ... Upendra Das (and very, very, very, very good wife and daughter (radhika (becoming a pharmacist)).

We try to be servants. A sublime service in any situation for any community or people is to always chant HK/HR.

6.17 :>>>> FEP!

Thank you.

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paoho... Brown and White here. The first day of the Jungian congress was INCREDIBLE. About 600-attended - seventy percent ladies (21-81 years old). The level of scholarship and artistry was amazing. Jung was amazing. Shonu Shyamdasani was like a giant mountain surrounded by other giant mountains. We felt like a little rat at the foot of the Himalayas.

Beverley Zabrieskii also presented and when it broke for lunch we saluted her and had a short but nice discussion.

So many people have made the connection between Jung's work and their work. Jung and Caitanya-vaisnavism would be one more effort (but the best!).

* * *

We do all this in the middle of a war zone. [BANG! BANG!]

  1. We are still on an Indian time mode so in the after-noon we tend to crash and then wake up like now - 7.40PM-11.40PM.
  2. Our host, Giridari-priya Das (John Patel) is a super, second generation ISKCON devotee, hero, but he is event-organizer for big people in a large retirement community, so he has his schedule and we have to walk softly not to be a burden on him.
  3. Getting around is a challenge. We are a 71-year old ass behind the wheel. The GPS map on our Windows Phone is pretty good, but finding Lot 22 on the U.C. Santa Barbara Campus is a little challenging for it. Fortunately they sent us maps and we can remember them and found the parking garage. The event was programmed into the automated parking system but still we lost $5 on the first round with the robot parking attendant.
  4. We learned a lot about Jung's timeline. We chatted with a few people but no intense connections so far. People ask who we are, dressed as Sannyasis. We say Bengali Vaisnavas.
  5. During the intense Plenary Session in the morning we listened to, contemplated, Prof. Shamdasani and Beverley's presentations but still it does not arouse our heart intensely. Japaiya sada harih. We were chanting on beads the whole time.

Our other ASA and MOE work is greatly reduced. We are trying to find our place in Srila A. C. Bhakti-vedanta Swami's orchestra.

O.K. . . . 12.06AM. Lettuce chant on beads. Vidya-vadu-jivanam. Plans will come from the Name. Bhava, perspective, will come from the Name.


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We just finished a three page long DTC. Pushed the wrong key and erased the whole thing! Here it is again (Niscayad - NOI 3). Got to Santa Barbara after a long, hard trip. We are Tom Brown and Buck White, riding Brother Ass.

Every day in Houston was filled with Temple and MOE work, two to three hours, etc.

On the trip here we met Omir from Pakistan, a flight attendant, university graduate, who dreamed of becoming a Monk last night. To our Trained Ear (AGTSP!!!!) his story was so natural, so we told him our story (SB 1.6) and HAD A LOB IN OUR CMDD's BRIEF-CASE and gave it to him with the Web-page address and changed planes. "Write to our Blog!"

In transit between airplanes we got on The Last Great Window's Phone (LGWF) and booked a car ($243 for four days!) and then met Prof. Angelo and Christina Novokovitch in the Boarding Line. They were also going to the Jung Congress. She was Young, Beautiful, Intelligent, Intuitive (Battle Stations, Battle Stations, Alarms, Alarms, Kingon Cruiser 3,000 meters!). Taking our seat we noticed that all the women on the Executive Jet to St. Barbara were Young, Beautiful, Intelligent and dressed in black! Prof. Angelo came back our seat and ofered us some raisins and nuts from a newly opened bag.

At the luggage pick-up we met Prof. again and he walked us to the Rental Car Counter and hung out with us. We didn't have to say anything: Welcome to the family (Awwwk! Alarms!)

Into the rental car with a 71-year old Ass behind the wheel. Almost ran over three other donkeys on the way to Giri-vara-dhari-priyas Das' home.

He is very, very, very nice Gurjurati body devotee, disciple of Bh. Caru Swami.

Back in the car. Off to the Bank. Almost ran over six other donkeys: Can't send wire transfers to Peru after 1.00PM. Awwwk! The Congress is daily starting tomorrow.

Back to our Campsite: Fruit, nuts, raisins, 1955-historical documentary on YouTube. Crash (As usual, one week later, we still have Jet-lag!) and up at 11.01 PM to bashfully greet GPD going to bed (like a sane man).

12.43PM - Rewrote this DTC. Saved it to PND's Blog three times, mot just the clip board.

We feel guilty that we are not great devotees. Guess we are neither great nor gruesome devotees. Just devotees. We push when the modes are light with our Satsvarupa Goswami like character. AGTSP, we are all becoming great devotees.

CALENDAR - !! Today is Amavasya here, not in Delhi. Kapi-dhvaja goes out today with Viplavha, $$$ etc. etc. Will be time to wire money on Friday. Leave the conference.

Now let us find water. Sri Visnu. Sip it and chant five rounds, review ART Das "Art and the Sacred" video, M. Champaka-lata Devi Dasi's "Gurukula Standards" proposal, nap and FMP.

Hare Krsna. Rewrite. 1.00AM

once and again URGENT

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Hare Krishna Beloved Gurudeva:


Finally U are back to the USA soon yeee, JAY

Well, the thing is, this for me it is really funny, because nowadays I am more mature and with all the things that I had to pass in this life of being a Hare Krsna, for me this is ridiculuos.

The thing is that I just shared on facebook one notification that says: ISKCON Abhisekas en el templo - ISKCON Ministerio de Adoración de Deidades

The article I am going to post here in another letter, but the main thing is that the notification said that just a few qualified Brahmanas must do the abhisekas, and the devotee XX das felt insulted because in Wilson the Abhishekas are in charge of him and he was allowing that non vegetarian people bathe the deities, but I just shared the notification I did not insult or attack him, but he to say that who am I? (well yes I am nothing, I was just sharing one post from the Minister of worship in ISKCON), that I wasn't keeping my initiation vows for some time in the past and bla bla bla , so I was just smiling.

I just want you to inform that, because now they have started again to talk about my past, etc.

HpS - If you have been honest about not being able to keep four principles and chant 16-nice rounds daily for some time in the past, then that is more than many people, disciples, do. They are unable to follow strictly at some time but never communicate it to the proper authorities and then it is questionable if they have purified themselves of the reaction. Vyasadeva was in a fallen condition when his Guru Narada arrived and then he asked how to become purified - Ajamila, Daksa, Diti. We should not fall down, but if we do we should apologize and get up. Not that we publicly broadcast these problems, NIO-5, but communicate them with the proper devotees. Jaya!

Well if I see something that is not good I am not going to be an accomplice, well if people do not like me in Wilson Ramanavami is coming I will go there. Gaura Nitai is also there.

HpS - In many temples general public is allowed to bathe the Deities of Gaura Nitai and even Jagannatha. I don't know what standard the Ministry is presenting. Certainly we adjust according to their instructions.

My mom is much better it seems to be a miracle, the power of prayers. JAYA RAMA!

HpS - Better! Haw! Haw! Only better is when we give up this body, no?

Hope to see U soon

Trying to be your disciple

Candramukhi dd

HpS - Thank you for this letter. We know that it is tough in Kali yuga for girls, boys, cows and old men but . . . because of that Krsna personally takes care of them! Jaya!